Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • I wouldn't have guess it, but I actually liked the show and the family!!!

    I've never been a fan of Kiss. To be honest, I probably know more about Shannon Tweed than whoever Kiss is, which I kept getting confuse with other "Dark Demon" bands because its not my style of music, but this show demonstrates that you just never really know what goes on behind the scenes in people's family especially in the entertainment industry. I've seen the Osbourne's and I must say that the Gene Simmons show is my favorite out of the two. His kids seem so normal to me and Nick is very cute and I love Sophie's attitude and just how she is. It's a fairly normal family as far as the eye can see. They probably do things that I would never do or say since I come from a conservative background, but regardless I love watching the Simmons' family. Everybody should tune in @ least one time.