Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • Gene Simmons from Kiss and his family on a reality TV series. I never thought I'd see the day.

    As a long time fan of Gene Simmons and Kiss, I was unsure about this show previous to it coming on the air. These reality series’ were good at first when ‘The Osbournes’ ruled the airwaves a few years back, but since they have grown stale. The rock star and family shows have been overdone and I can hardly stand them anymore, but this one is different. Gene is a very interesting man and there is more to him than you might think. And he has a very fascinating family on top of that. I started watching this show when there was a marathon on and was completely hooked. For a reality series, this is one of the better ones I have seen. I’ll say that it is probably the best reality show of this style to hit TV since Nick and Jessica were Newlyweds. No, this show is not a amazing display of television making, but it is a fun and addictive guilty pleasure that the whole family will enjoy. So as a Kiss fan, I was surprised at how good this show is. For any fans of Gene or fans of reality TV this is a must-see. It’ll keep you entertained, that is for sure.