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A&E (ended 2012)





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  • Gene and the family head to GB for Nick's 18th.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this show is becoming less and less a "reality" one and more of an actual sitcom, except that it's attempt at such isn't funny? Did it not seem that the whole 'record exec' BS was just that? Where is this show going? The kid was obviously a failed attempt of an actor, and isn't always ironically funny that someone in Gene's family always (wink, wink) seems to ask the 'right' question at the right time to take that particular show where it's ultimately going? Case and point: When both Nick and Sophie ask Gene what the British guy's job "really is" with the record company and of course it turns out that he's a mail flunkie. C'mon. The whole thing was far too staged and far too unfunny to even attempt. Again, is this a peek into Gene's life with his family or a glimpse of Gene's sub-par version of comedy? C'mon Gene, let's call a spade a spade. If you're going to get into writing comedy and NOT just acting out your lives on camera, give us a little bit of a heads up before doing so. Like you said to the "record chump", you didn't give us a chance to say "no", you just assumed that we'd be entertained b/c it came from you. Wrong. It was neither a choice nor funny. Unfortunately for all of us.