Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • It's NOT another failed attempt at a clever "star" reality show (Gotti, Osbournes, Simple Life, etc)

    I have a general dislike of real-life-turned-mini-series shows like the one's mentioned in my summary. I tune into these types of shows like a guilty voyeur and feel even MORE quilty after watching such debacles, UNTIL I saw the Gene Simmons Family Show. It might be true that some of it is scripted, or whatever some of the bad reviews say, but they certainly pull it off better than other reality shows! Every show has to be scripted to a degree or we would all be watching useless nonsense. I feel like they take the topics and then do their best to improvise or put thier own spin on it. You can tell by facial reactions by all four of them as to what they think is a load of BS, or if they are really into the topic at hand. It doesn't get more "real" then what Gene and Shannon went through with the facelifts.

    If anything, I sometimes feel bad for "outsiders" of the family because of the sarcastic reactions they get from the family (good example is Nick-he doesn't hold back the "could this be more retarded" facial expressions about others like at the roller skate birthday party, or at the poker game during college freshman weekend).

    I started watching this show mid-season, and was quite happy to find reruns available with my "OnDemand" service because I really liked it right from the start. I can see that this show might have started off as one of Mr. Simmon's One Billion Ways to market himself-LOL, but he's a decent business man (obviously), and this turned into a little pile of gold for them. I totally enjoy this guilty glimpse into thier lives-they are an interesting family! If you would take away the reason most of us started watching (our LOVE of KISS), they would still be an intersting family to watch. I can't say that about ANY of the other "Star Family" reality shows. Good job!