Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • Not many people like these type of shows but this one caught my eye.

    I watched this show for 3 hours straight at first i wasn't expecting much just some dumb family and them swearing at each other like the Osbourne's show... but i was dead wrong. Genes family is the best for TV. I also love the catchy intro: and that why its good to be.... me (random things next to gene).

    When the parents got plastic surgery it was funny when the daughter was like. "hmmm maybe we should blend the meat". and the son was like "OMG yhats a good idea!" and gene was like "no fing way" haha!

    Best episode ever was when genes son when to collage. and the daughter bought stuff to pimp out his new room. but when he got back he was like this isn't mine? U con artist! daughter *snicker* get out of my room! *laughs* to awesome!