Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • I really enjoyed this show in the beginning... now I am not so sure...

    I wish I could write a great review about this show, but I just can't do it. I have mixed emotions about this. I mean I love everything about the Simmon's -Tweed family. The dynamics of the family are great... They appear so normal and down-to-earth for multimillionaire's. You can tell Gene and Shannon think the world of each other and their children and I think that ROCKS.... However my biggest issue is that this show is that it is billed as a reality show, but more and more it seems staged and it gets me wondering how much is really reality? Okay sure all reality shows have staging issues, but this is really out there... for example, the episode with Rich's nephew being a virgin- come on, maybe he was, but ending up at a sex therapists and then turning it all around on Gene... the nephew just wasn't that good of an actor... Another episode was when the family went camping in the RV and ended up with a huge snake inside.... I've camped all my life and have never ended up with a snake inside my tent/camper... seems hard to do... the trip to Britian with the young kid doing all the publicity, really wouldn't they have questioned that sooner?

    It seems ironic that the whole reason why I like the Simmon's-Tweed family (they seem normal- almost boring) must be the same reason they feel the need to "spice up" some of the episodes...