Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels- a pleasant surprise...

    I must say, after only catching 10minutes of the Ozzborns, and flipping the channel in disgust, I was leary of checking out Family Jewels. But one night, when nothing else caught my eye, I figured I'd give it a shot....

    Well... low and behold, I realized the show was a true gem....

    I thank Gene, Shannon, Nick and Sophie for bringing respect to the lifestyle of big time rock stars and for giving us a glimpse of their amazing family.

    Gene- an egotist, who's filled with self importance, knows the score. He has a knack for business and, despite his constant chest puffing, he is a fine mate and dedicated father. *favorite scene* Gene dragging the family outside to show off the airplane pulling the banner announcing Nicks band.

    Shannon- a woman who knows her man well and how to keep him grounded. She has raised her children well and keeps a classy eye on their progress *favorite scene* Shannon bringing Sophie to a fashion show and gracfully chases away two men hitting on her 14 year old daughter.

    Nick- a charming, fun loving handful. Gotta love a kid who respects his mother and can drive his father up the wall. *favorite scene* the clip of Nick, with a straight face, asking Gene what he thought of Nick becomming a hot dog vendor.....ROFLAO....classic!

    Sophie- although quiet most times, is able to get a dig in with her daddy. A beauty and a classy girl who could make it big one day.*favorite scene* Sophie entering the kitchen all dressed up, and causing Gene to realize his little girl is growing up.