Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Season 5

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Scaredy Cat
    Episode 26
    Gene gets an offer to turn his comic book into a paranormal stage show. To see if the idea has a future, Gene agrees to spend the night on a haunted ship.
  • 1/2/11
    Nick travels to Europe to accompany Gene while on tour but he soon finds that it is a lot harder to keep up with his dad's schedule than originally thought.
  • My Fair Lady
    Episode 24
    While Gene is in Mexico, Shannon's hometown friend comes to visit and soon goes from Plain Jane to Diva.
  • Three's A Crowd
    Episode 23
    While in Madrid, Gene gets jealous when Shannon sees the sights with a sexy tour guide. Back at home, Tracy's Nanny is injured which leaves her to plan Jake and Hunters party.
  • God Of Thunder
    Episode 22
    Shannon sends Gene to a sleep clinic when his snoring finally becomes too much to live with.
  • Gene's Handicap
    Episode 21
    Gene wins a mini-golf game over Shannon and believes that he has what it takes to play in Tommy Thayer's charity tournament. Of course, he soon finds out that mini-golf and regular golf are different things.
  • 12/12/10
    Gene and Shannon go to see a show in Vegas while Nick prepares for a big birthday night with his friends to celebrate him turning 21. But when Nick's plans fall through, Shannon steps in to take him out on the town. Sophie is left home to find Nick the perfect present.moreless
  • Face Your Demons
    Episode 19
    Gene and Shannon travel to Amsterdam and meet a young boy writing a report on Gene. But rather than focus on KISS, Gene and the boy explore some painful moments in Genes past and that of his mother when they vist the house of Anne Frank.
  • 8/24/10
    Gene joins forces with the Ludacris Foundation to help bring music to some troubled kids.
  • Gene's Evil Twin
    Episode 17
    When Gene is too ill to go on a press event for the band, Nick has an idea that gets him in a bit of trouble. Meanwhile, Shannon must come to the rescue again when Tony accidentally destroys a homeowners favorite possession while househunting.
  • 8/10/10
    In a twist, Gene tags along with Nick when he goes to promote his new comic book at Comic Con. Meanwhile, Tracy and Shannon try to show that they are still young enough to handle a 5K run.
  • Pest Control
    Episode 15
    Gen goes on the hunt for an animal in the house that only he seems to be able to see or hear. Meanwhile, Sophie has to call in Nick when one of her babysitting jobs gets to be too much to handle
  • 8/3/10
    The night before KISS goes on tour, Gene discovers word of a hot female band that he wants to sign to his own lable but is amazed when he finds out that the band is made up of middle aged mothers. Meanwhile, Shannon meets an all girl KISS cover band named PRISS.moreless
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 13
    With some time between tour dates, Gene returns home only to find that Shannon has been keeping busy having a pool house built. The family has to make nice with the neighbors when they learn that all of them must sign the permits for the house to be built legally.
  • Hunks With Hammers
    Episode 12
    Sophie has to create a business as part of a school project and of course Gene wants to offer his experience.
  • 7/20/10
    Shannon and Tracy decide to go on a road trip to see KISS play out of state. But things take an interesting turn when they, the kids, and Gene all end up separated with only hours to go before the show.
  • KISSteria
    Episode 10
    In this special episode, the band travels to Aultralia for a tour. but run into problems
  • Smarty Pants
    Episode 9
    While Sophie prepares for her SATs, Gene prepares to compete on the game show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" while also also trying to develop an idea with a college marketing class.
  • 5/2/10
    Gene and Tony go on an adventure in the hopes of securing a deal to manufacture gator skin demon boots. Meanwhile, Nick gets ready to perform with former KISS member Bruce Kulick on the Sunset Strip
  • 4/25/10
    Shannon and Tracy host a Tazer Party to promote self defense. Meanwhile Nick spends the day with the son of one of Genes clients and gets wound up in a wild adventure including a girl, surfers, and a high speed chase.
  • Gene Gets Punked
    Episode 6
    For years, Gene has played his share of pranks on his friends, especially his band manager Doc. Finally, Doc sees his chance to get Gene back and enlists Shannon and a cast of characters to make Gene think that he has been put under a Voo Doo curse while in New Orleans and has to go through an drawn out ritual to cure himself.moreless
  • 4/11/10
    Nick finds himself in a similar situation than his father usually is in when he his girlfriend Rose tells him that he no longer spends enough time with her because of his commitments to his band, comic book, and school. Meanwhile, Gene boards a plane to Singapore in the hopes of gaining funding for a KISS Vegas show.moreless
  • KISStastrophe
    Episode 4
    Shannon surprises Gene by meeting him in New York for his big concert with the band but finds out that Gene has to spend the day with a reporter. Gene instead sends Shannon for a day on the town with his friend Tony, a native New Yorker.
  • The Demon Turns 60
    Episode 3
    Gene tries to convince Shannon that he does not want to make a big deal of his upcoming birthday but is subsequently ignored when Shannon and Paul Stanley decide to throw him a huge surprise party. But the surprise may be ruined when Gene decides to go on a business trip on the day of the party.moreless
  • 3/28/10
    After her trip to the doctor, Gene and Shannon await the results of the Shannon's biopsy. Meanwhile, the two try to keep the situation secret from the kids.
  • Shannon The Brave
    Episode 1
    Shannon is concerned when she discovers a lump on her breast and goes to the doctor to have it checked. The health scare causes Gene to question whether he should leave his current tour.