Gene Simmons' Rock School

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Gene Simmons' Rock School
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AIRED ON 1/28/2006

Season 2 : Episode 1

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Wild KISS frontman Gene Simmons has just six weeks to transform prim and proper thirteen year-olds from Christ's Hospital boarding school on the outskirts of London into hardcore rock n rollers. Are the students ready to transition from classically trained musicians into headbangers? Can Gene handle the stress of tutoring the straight-laced students? The students must audition and learn to deal with the pressures of writing and recoding a song. For their final exam the rockers will open for heavy metal gods, Motorhead, in a concert for 5000 fans!
Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons

Rock N Roll Teacher

Josh Bell

Josh Bell

Lead Singer

Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland

Deputy Head and Mentor to Gene Simmons

Fiona Musson

Fiona Musson


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  • The second series of this show focuses on tough public school kids instead of private school ones this time around.

    This show is about creating a band. Gene Simmons (lead singer of Kiss) is the creator, choosing and guiding the young people that are in the band. In this series I would say the most talented and most carasmic teen stands out by a mile. Little Chris is multi talented and is therefore at the center of a fewa arguements. Other members of the final lineup for the band include, Little Chris is the lead singer, Ssammie is the drum player, Lindsay and Samanie are the guitarists and Jess is the keyboard player. There are other members of the class that also appear in the series and the competetion t get a place in the band change these teens for the better.moreless
  • Gene Simmons teaches some kids how to rock, the thing is they go the a preppy boarding school and could be the furthest thing from rockstars ever...Tune in to see whether or not these prep school kids will rock out, or if they fall flat on their face on vmoreless

    This show was quite the guilty pleasure. I enjoyed watching Emperor's rise to being cool and the manager fighting with Gene Simmons. Simmons got a reality check then... the kids were so lovable and the show was one enjoyable ride, yet I think they should never sequel it, it'd be lame.

    Show is given an 8.3 by me...
  • Its o.k., cant believe that they actually opened for Motorhead thou.

    This show is original but not original at the same time, the whole music style reality t.v. is way to overused and overrated (american+canadian idol, rockstar inxs, r u the girl etc.) however it is not a bad, show, good to watch if nothing else is on, although it is way to overplayed on much-music (canadian version of MTV)
  • Gene Simmons, the legendary blood-spitting demon of Kiss teaches a few children from Christ's Hospital, an English Boarding School, just what rock 'n' roll is about, and how it can be appreciated by everybody. He leaves them with a whole new outlook on romoreless

    Well, definetley not what I expected but in a good way. Gene delivered. I'm happy that he converted more people to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, because it really is a great one to live. These kids had it in them all along. They learned fast and their performance blew me away. I couldn't stop singing it in my head afterwards. Camilla's voice added the perfect touch to the rock 'n' roll feel, being angelic and chaotic, had the coolest sound. The way the driving rock music toned down for her to sing beautifully added freshness and somthing unusual but I loved the sound. In the same way as Gene was affected by this girl, Camilla had the biggest impression on me because of her reluctance and refusal to give in to rock. In the end, she had a new outlook on rock and appreciated it more. A great show! Two thumbs up and 100% recommended.moreless
  • Gene Simmons teaches a bunch of stuck up british kids what rock and roll is all about.

    The show is decent but I can't wait for the spin off, when these kids go home and show their parents what they learned in their expensive boarding school.

    Gene simmons didn't use the kids to the kids to the best of their abilities, but then again the way he ran things sure makes for an interesting show.

    Although there are some immensly talented students in Proffesor Simmons class don't expect any hit albums from the crew.

    With a lead singer that can't hold a tune, and the rest of the band thinking they are the queens gift to the masses, their 15 minutes of fame should end with season one.moreless