General Electric Theater - Season 3

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • The Day He Got Fired
    In the season finale, Boyd Hayes is a credit manager for a precision parts firm. He's bored with his job and the routine suburban life he leads with his wife and child. On the day he's fired, he heads to a cocktail bar where he meets a young woman he dated before he got married.moreless
  • The Half-Promised Land - Restaged
    This is a re-staging of an episode presented live two weeks earlier. An older Italian bartender in Capri has been trying unsuccessfully for 30 years to make his way to America. The old man's convinced it was telling him to play the lottery, win a fortune, and improve his odds of getting into the USA. He asks two young American tourists to help make his life-long dream come true. He dreamed about America and asks the couple to help interpret it for him.moreless
  • Star in the House
    Star in the House
    Episode 34
    Joan Preston, one-time film star, plans for her anniversary to be as romantic as her honeymoon.
  • The Half-Promised Land
    An older Italian bartender in Capri has been trying unsuccessfully for 30 years to make his way to America. The old man's convinced it was telling him to play the lottery, win a fortune, and improve his odds of getting into the USA. He asks two young American tourists to help make his life-long dream come true. He dreamed about America and asks the couple to help interpret it for him.moreless
  • When in France
    When in France
    Episode 32
    In this romantic comedy, a shy young man takes a night course in French and becomes enamored of a plain-looking woman in his class.
  • A Man with a Vengeance
    A has-been actor looking to make a comeback falls prey to a bitter director intent on getting revenge on everyone who's ever slighted him. He makes an example of the actor, destroying what's left of the former star's dignity.
  • Into the Night
    Into the Night
    Episode 30
    A young couple heads towards Palm Springs on their first vacation since their two kids were born. It's anything but relaxing when they're kidnapped by a wanted criminal. After several attempts to escape, they're helped by a "deaf" farmer.
  • Mr. Blue Ocean
    Mr. Blue Ocean
    Episode 29
    In this fantasy, elderly Mr. Blue Ocean has his eye on the most beautiful girl in the province, the much younger Rain Drop. However, he finds he's in competition for her affection with two young men, Earth Quake and West Wind.
  • The Windmill
    The Windmill
    Episode 28
    A poor rancher needs $500 to build a windmill to pump water for his livestock. The bank won't lend him the money, but he could win it in a rodeo shooting contest. The rancher who has a past as a deadly gunslinger risks being recognized if he participates in the match.moreless
  • O, Lonely Moon
    O, Lonely Moon
    Episode 27
    An Irish steeplejack who lost his wife during childbirth remains bitter and finds it hard to love the daughter. His caring housekeeper works to repair his life.
  • It Gives Me Great Pleasure
    Now that she's widow, a lecturer wants nothing more than to be at home with her kids. Her agent, who loves her, tricks her into a lecture tour of Texas. She gets even by marrying a Texan.
  • Clown
    Episode 25
    Henry Fonda stars in this autobiographical story of the legendary circus clown Emmett Kelly . It begins in the 1930's when Kelly was performing a trapeze act.
  • The Bitter Choice
    The Bitter Choice
    Episode 24
    Lt. Edith Johansen is a harsh disciplinarian who generates hatred among the G.I.'s she treats. Behind her tough exterior was a compassionate individual who cared deeply for the welfare of her men and her son who died in combat. Sgt. Hancock, a bitter soldier who'd put up a wall between himself and the world, comes to her hospital for treatment.moreless
  • War and Peace on the Range
    A producer of B-movie westerns has grand plans for his next film. He's going to stage War and Peace in the Old West and star a famous actor's relative in his epic.
  • The Blond Dog
    The Blond Dog
    Episode 22
    A seemingly insignificant car accident involving a dog results in a photographer becoming involved in a murder.
  • The Bachelor's Bride
    A young author visits Vermont and falls in love with 19-year-old girl with marriage on her mind. He tries to dissuade her by making up a story about having a wife back home. The girl follows him back home to New York City, forcing him to quickly find a "wife".
  • Love Is Eternal
    Love Is Eternal
    Episode 20
    Abraham Lincoln had the words "Love Is Eternal" inscribed in the ring he gave Mary Todd when they married. Those words are put to test in their famous relationship in this adaptation of Irving Stone's novel.
  • The Return of Gentleman Jim
    A modern-day fight promoter is sure that the boxers of old were better than those in the ring today. Through a magic trick, he brings Gentleman Jim back from the early 1800's and has him fight the current champ.
  • The Big Shot
    The Big Shot
    Episode 18
    Singer Johnny Pulaski goes on an important audition and impresses. There is one condition that makes him want to refuse their offer: they ask him to change his last name. His girlfriend convinces him that the name is unimportant if he can sing.
    Johnny Ray, as Pulaski, introduces a new single, "Path to Paradise".moreless
  • The Martyr
    The Martyr
    Episode 17
    Set during the Irish Civil War, Hartnett is the leader of the Sinn Fein, the group fighting the Irish Free State over having made peace with England. To save his own skin when he's accused of committing an ambush, Hartnett becomes an informer.
  • The Yankee Pedler
    The Yankee Pedler
    Episode 16
    In days past, the peddler lived a nomadic life, traveling from town to town to sell his wares. Jackie Cooper plays one of these wandering men. The peddler's sales skills so impress one merchant that he's asked to retire from travel and work exclusively for the store owner.
  • D.P.
    Episode 15
    A tough sergeant in an all-Black Army unit in Germany is "adopted" by a young boy from a nearby orphanage.
  • Amelia
    Episode 14
    Eminent pediatrician Dr. Amelia Morrow is married to a Wall Street stock broker who refuses to be known as "Mr. Amelia". Trouble arises between the two when Amelia is honored at a dinner and the husband is virtually ignored.
  • The White Steed
    The White Steed
    Episode 13

    A young zealous priest takes over a parish from Canon Matt Lavelle who's suffering from crippling paralysis. The new priest goes on a crusade to clean up the moral laxity of the city while the old priest prays for the strength to stop his campaign.

  • Music for Christmas
    Music for Christmas
    Episode 13

    Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians perform a selection of Christmas favorites as scenes of the season are performed.  Dance numbers are included.  Songs include "O Holy Night," "O Come All Ye Faithful," "The Carol of the Bells," and "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies."

  • The Dark, Dark Hours
    Two juvenile delinquents, one who is injured, hold a New England doctor and his wife at gunpoint in their own home.
  • Committed
    Episode 11
    In his TV debut, Alan Ladd plays a reporter who seeks adventure and finds more than he expected. The writer is drugged and awakens to find he's been committed to a mental hospital. He also fingered for a murder.
  • The Rider on the Pale Horse
    In this fantasy, a young woman contacts Mr. Death, hoping to convince him not to take her sweetheart. She does not accomplish her goal, instead she falls in love with Mr. Death.
  • The Face Is Familiar
    In a comic episode, a mild-mannered waiter tries to turn himself in to police after unintentionally helping bank robbers commit a heist.
  • I'm a Fool
    I'm a Fool
    Episode 8
    The young man is working as a stable boy at an Ohio racetrack when he encounters the beautiful and rich Lucy. He begins saving his money so that the next time they meet, he can face her as an equal. When that time arrives, he presents himself as the son of a wealthy stable owner and the pair has a wonderful day together. Twenty years out, he looks back, wondering what might have been had he told her the truth about himself.moreless
  • The Road to Edinburgh
    While driving to Edinburgh to cover a news story, an American reporter's car breaks down. She receives help from a man and, in return, gives him a lift. It's an offer she soon regrets.
  • Edison the Man
    Edison the Man
    Episode 6
    In honor of the 75th anniversary of the electric light, Burgess Meredith stars as Thomas Edison in this adaptation of the M-G-M film. The story concentrates on the early part of Edison's life and career.
  • The Long Way 'Round
    A wife is so intent on helping her husband recover from a nervous breakdown that she almost drives him back to the hospital.
  • The High Green Wall
    An explorer becomes lost in the jungle during an expedition. He is saved by a local who is determined to keep the man around so he'll continue reading Dickens aloud. An escape attempt is foiled, forcing the explorer to realize that he is trapped there, forever re-reading Dickens.
  • Nora
    Episode 3
    Nora has spent eight years married to Thomas, a pompous man who has not allowed her any degree of self-expression. Finally, she rebels and leaves behind a marriage based on insincerity and repression.
  • Too Old for the Girl
    A young woman must make a decision that will impact the lives of three men who are dear to her. Issues become complicated and involve an old family friend, coded messages, and someone behind the Iron Curtain.
  • Pretending Makes It So
    A young blonde naturalist arrives on the Fiji Islands on a wildlife expedition. She meets up with a would-be author who'd given up on life--until he laid eyes on her.
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