General Electric Theater - Season 4

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • A Man with a Vengeance
    A has-been actor looking to make a comeback falls prey to a bitter director intent on getting revenge on everyone who's ever slighted him. He makes an example of the actor, destroying what's left of the former star's dignity.
  • Emergency Call
    Emergency Call
    Episode 38
    A woman is forced into searching for the husband who left her because their injured daughter keeps calling for him.
  • Alien Angel
    Alien Angel
    Episode 37
    A young girl is more than determined to get a statue of an angel, despite the obstacles thrown in her path by adults.
  • Exits and Entrances
    Exits and Entrances
    Episode 36
    Naive and gullible Howard moves to New York City and into a boarding house with other young show business hopefuls. He wants to be a successful singer, but runs into nothing but ridicule from the other jaded residents. Howard keeps his chin up and soon stumbles across an idea that will lead him to his goal.moreless
  • O'Hoolihan and the Leprechaun
    Terrence and Meg has just become man and wife when a leprechaun appears to take the husband to the land of the little people. Terrence argues that it's his wedding night, not his wake. Wife Meg comes in and shows such an ill temper over the matter that Terrence briefly considers leaving with the magical figure.moreless
  • The Golden Key
    The Golden Key
    Episode 34
    Comic performer Joe E. Brown plays an elderly railroad man in this drama about a retiree who develops a friendship with a young boy.
  • The Hat with the Roses
    A lonely school teacher has little success making friends. One spiteful student sends her a ridiculous-looking rose-covered hat, hoping to make her the laughing stock of the school. Things change when the teacher ends up spending a holiday with that very student.
  • The Shunning
    The Shunning
    Episode 32
    Before getting married, an Amish girl decides to spend a day living out in the world. She's enjoying her adventures in the big city--until her fiance spots her.
  • H.M.S. Marlborough Will Enter Port
    During World War II, an aging British warship is heading home for the Christmas holiday when it's attacked by a German U-boat. Suffering heavy casualties and damage from the submarine, the crew fights valiantly to get their ship into port before it sinks.
  • The Lord's Dollar
    The Lord's Dollar
    Episode 30
    Harry Tate, professional gambler, moves back to his hometown to settle down. At church, the minister gives each member of the congregation one dollar and asks them to turn it into more for the church. The gambler promptly uses it in a poker game to clean the pockets of three of the local high rollers; they lose their insurance policies, homes--everything. this brings about a change in Harry.moreless
  • That's the Man!
    That's the Man!
    Episode 29
    Model citizen Russell has returned with his wife from a party when she realizes she left her purse behind. He returns to pick it up and, rather than disturbing the hosts, he simply goes into the bedroom, grabs the bag and then goes for a walk. Later, police change him with robbery when a handbag is reported missing from the party.moreless
  • Judy Garland Musical Special
    The usual format is jettisoned as Judy Garland performs in her second concert special. Concert pianist Leonard Pennario accompanies Judy as she performs a selection of tunes she's never sung publicly. Pennario will play a solo rendition of Ravel's "Bolero".
  • The Easter Gift
    The Easter Gift
    Episode 27
    With Easter just ahead, a minister deals with a crisis of faith as the holiday coincides with the anniversary of his late son's death.
  • Reflected Glory
    Reflected Glory
    Episode 26
    Stage star Muriel Flood feels she should marry and retire from the spotlight. A wealthy suitor has come into her life and the opportunity of a rich retirement is appealing. Her manager believes leaving the theater would be a major mistake mostly because he's madly in love with her.
  • The Night Goes On
    The Night Goes On
    Episode 25
    A bitter spinster and her sister move to their brother's Mexican ranch following their mother's death. The older woman attempts to attract a young ranch hand and when that fails, she steals money and frames the man with the crime.
  • Steinmetz
    Episode 24
    In this biography of world-famous scientist Charles P. Steinmetz, the young man arrives from German with only a watch to his name. His genius at math is soon put to work in the United States where, as a scientist, he made major strides in "figuring out" electricity. Posessing a diminished body, he feared he might not gain acceptance but gained much love.moreless
  • A Letter From the Queen
    Senator Ryder is left with only memories of his former glory as a respected statesman and advisor to Queen Victoria. Among his souvenirs is a priceless letter from the queen which causes him conflict with a young woman.
  • Try to Remember
    Try to Remember
    Episode 22
    Detective Murphy comes home to discover his wife is the prime suspect in a murder.
  • The Honest Man
    The Honest Man
    Episode 21
    Gangsters hide the spiols of their recent jewel heist in the bag of an Sheldon, an honest-looking piano tuner. His lazy future brother-in-law tries to blackmail them out of him, the gangerster are on his tail, and a countess can't keep her hands off of him.
  • Prologue to Glory
    Prologue to Glory
    Episode 20
    Moments prior to Abe Lincoln becoming president are dramatized. He loses and election and the woman he loves.
  • The Song Caruso Sang
    The legendary singer Caruso gave a personal recording to Papa Alberghetti which included a personal message.
  • Summer Promise
    Summer Promise
    Episode 18
    A widowed Italian countess visits the Ohio town where she grew up and falls for a much younger man. Though he wants to marry her, the future husband is concerned about the difference in their ages.
  • The Muse and Mr. Parkinson
    Mr. Parkinson's 20 years of service at a brokerage firm is about to be rewarded with a promotion to vice-president. When his "secret" is uncovered, that's he's a famous poet, the company rescinds its offer, and his wife and friends turn on him. They quickly change their tune when he wins 100,000 bucks in a limerick writing contest for a soap company.moreless
  • The Ballad of Mender McClure
    A lazy, self-centered man could care less about others, including his wife and ten children. A mysterious stranger gives him the magical ability to cure the ill, disrupting his way of thinking.
  • Esteban's Legacy
    Esteban's Legacy
    Episode 15
    A carpenter in a small Mexican town spends more time at the cantina than working. He finds a gold coin but learns that to spend it, he must prove he can afford it.
  • Portrait of a Ballerina
    Set in 1882 Paris, a mother has sacrificed much for her daughter's dancing career. Young Helene finally gets her big break when she auditions for the Paris Ballet.
  • A Child Is Born
    A Child Is Born
    Episode 13
    Bernard Herrmann composed the music for this telling of the nativity story, adapted from Steven Vincent Benet's blank-verse play. Dialogue and music mix what vocal accompaniment from the Roger Wagner Chorale. The story of Christ's birth is told through the eyes of the Innkeeper and his barren wife. She feels that "something strange" will be happening very soon.moreless
  • Let It Rain
    Let It Rain
    Episode 12
    An author finds love in a small southern town that likes to keep its Civil War history alive--along with its very real ghosts.
  • The Seeds of Hate
    The Seeds of Hate
    Episode 11
    Set in the Southwest following the Civil War, a rancher kills the Indian friend of another man.
  • Feathertop
    Episode 10
    In this fairy-tale, a witch magically brings a scarecrow to life as a human. He finds that people are liars and cheats and brings about problems for these sorts of people. For a young boy and girl, he brings happiness.
  • From the Top
    From the Top
    Episode 9
    A popular singer has gotten to the top through hard work on her part, and that of her fiance, who's also her manager. He's so busy arranging performances that he doesn't see that she's about to collapse. When she suffers a nervous breakdown, he works to restore her health.
  • Prosper's Old Mother
    An old lady is brought into a mining town because the local boys need a motherly influence. She's not your average role model as she smokes, drinks and plays cards with the best of them.
  • Farewell to Kennedy
    A young policeman, Joe, follows a shady character into a movie theater and watches him hand a roll of cash to Kennedy, his boss and future father-in-law. Joe confronts Kennedy who claims its the first time he's taken a bribe in his long career. The next morning, Kennedy and the man who bribed him are found dead.moreless
  • Winner by Decision
    Winner by Decision
    Episode 6
    An ambitious boxer has been victorious in top amateur matches. He sees himself grabbing some fast bucks by going professional and staying in the ring, but he could pursue a long-term medical career.
  • Shadow on the Heart
    A young woman is anxiously awaiting surgery that will hopefully restore her eyesight. She is romantically involved with a Coast Guardsman and, if the operation is a success, will finally get to see her love.
  • Outpost at Home
    Outpost at Home
    Episode 4
    An Army doctor is serving in post-war Germany and discover that his teenage son is hiding an AWOL soldier.
  • Lash of Fear
    Lash of Fear
    Episode 3
    A city dandy and a cavalry officer compete for the favor of a young woman who's traveling across the west with them in a stagecoach.
  • The Bounty Court Martial
    The famous story of the 1792 courtmartial is presented. Captain Bligh is on the stand to testify against the men who staged a mutiny on his ship three years earlier.
  • Tryout
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, an once-starring stage actress is losing her vision. She is determine to make one final stage appearance and tries to convince a young producer into casting her in her farewell role.