General Electric Theater - Season 5

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • A New Girl in His Life
    A bachelor uncle finds himself in custody of an orphaned niece. When the young woman is asked to her first dance, he gets carried away and buys her a gown far too elaborate for the occasion. Kelly, the niece, tries to find a way of breaking the news to him without hurting his feelings.moreless
  • The Man Who Inherited Everything
    After being banished for over 20 years by his uncle for scandalous behavior, Everett Conklin-Smithe is summoned to England for a huge inheritance. Accompanied by his fiance and manservant, he suffers a fatal heart attack. The erroneous death certificate names and describes his valet as the deceased, allowing the servant to assume the identity of his master.moreless
  • A Question of Survival
    A cavalry officer who's nursed a bad arm since the Battle of Shiloh blames the company surgeon for his affliction and consider him a coward. When his company is face with overwhelming odds in a Comanche attack, he must choose between treating the son of the Chief or himself.
  • Angel of Wrath
    Angel of Wrath
    Episode 29
    The investments of a famous actor unwittingly include a printing firm that makes obscene material. He's caught in an ugly scandal and is faced with the options of confessing to a capital crime or fleeing.
  • I Will Not Die
    I Will Not Die
    Episode 28
    The infamous World War I German Intelligence agent Mata Hari has been sentenced to death by a French court. A sympathetic French officer enters her cell hours before her execution and gives her false hope of making a daring escape to Switzerland.
  • Bitter Choice
    Bitter Choice
    Episode 27
    An Army nurse has devoted her life to removing the shell of apathy from patients, something she regards as a barrier to recovery. Maj. Edith Johansen is not gentle in her method, generating hatred among some, including Sgt. Hancock. He despises her so much he strikes back, showing his first real emotion since arriving.moreless
  • Cab Driver
    Cab Driver
    Episode 26
    Virginia is a New York taxi driver who finds a dead man in her cab. Sergeant Kelsey, who's sweet on Virgina, believes it was a mob hit and that she's in danger since a newspaper named her as a link to the crime.
  • Too Good with a Gun
    Too Good with a Gun
    Episode 25
    Russ Baker is known as a peaceful man trying to live down his reputation as a gunslinger. His boss, rancher Mack Duncan, is completely against violence; that's why he's infuriated when Russ shows his son how to use a gun. But knowing how to use a gun becomes useful when it's needed to defend another rancher.moreless
  • The Victorian Chaise Lounge
    A woman buys a Victorian chaise with strange powers. She she falls asleep on it, she's transported back 100 years where she lives as another person. The whole while, she's aware that she really belongs in the 20th century.
  • With Malice Toward One
    An accountant by day, novelist by night, Miss Burrows has grown tired of rejection notices from publishers. Her latest submission is about an author who shoots an editor after his book is rejected. When Miss Burrows' novel is ridiculed publicly by a famous editor for being unbelievable, Miss Burrows buys a gun to prove him wrong.moreless
  • The Fenton Touch
    The Fenton Touch
    Episode 22
    Friendly Harold Fenton is about to retire after 30 years of dedicated service to a large department store. Before going, he pulls an almost-perfect crime: stealing $50,000 from the store's safe without even being suspected. His boss, Mr. Cartwright, discovers his scheme and blackmails Fenton into stealing another large bundle of cash.moreless
  • Flight from Tormendero
    Set during World War II, a Eurasian woman is forced into a marriage by a domineering suitor and held captive by him on a remote Mediterranean island.
  • The Big Shooter
    The Big Shooter
    Episode 20
    Salesman Bill Baxter has dreamed since childhood of heading up a big safari through the jungles of Africa. A wealthy temptress, Gloria van Dine, promises that she'll make his dreams come true. In actuality, she's interested in putting his skills as a marksman to personal use.
  • The Town with a Past
    Townspeople try to force an old eccentric to sell a worked-out silver mine to the railroad. She refuses to give it up, and receives support from an unexpected stranger who arrives.
  • No Skin Off Me
    No Skin Off Me
    Episode 18
    An ex-boxer is now training a young fighter. Despite a series of easy matches, the trainer tries to keep the boxer from becoming overly confident. That's because Wonder Boy's crooked manager had fixed the fights with his opponents ordered to lose.
  • The Doctors of Pawnee Kill
    The local sheriff is trying his best to clean up a Western town. There is one bandit who has an odd hold on the locals. To get rid of this menace, the sheriff recruits his peace-loving brother, a doctor, into the battle.
  • Lady of the House
    Lady of the House
    Episode 16
    Congresswoman Margaret Baylor faces repeated criticism from a newspaper columnist who refuses to speak to her. Finally, she finds him in his favorite hangout, a pool hall. She gets his attention by beating him at pool and displaying her knowledge of baseball. After taking him on a tour of her district, he accepts that a woman can be a competent member of Congress.moreless
  • The Earring
    The Earring
    Episode 15
    The wife of a prominent lawyer is blackmailed by a former lover. He's selling some old love letters to her and holds on to one of her earrings as collateral.
  • Never Turn Back
    Never Turn Back
    Episode 14
    A man on a New York business trip encounters an attractive woman in the lobby and a romance begins. Their budding relationship is stopped in its tracks when the man is arrested as an accomplice in shoplifting.
  • The Shadow Outside
    The Shadow Outside
    Episode 13
    An 18-year-old daughter to a New Mexico miner begins dating the town bully who proceeds to intimidate her entire family.
  • The Chess Game
    The Chess Game
    Episode 12
    Mr. Graham, a somewhat cynical gentleman, gives refuge to a 15-year-old who's escaped from the police. Graham understands the homicide charge leveled against the teen and believes his side of the story. A young seminary student who lives in the apartment below keeps Graham's the secret out of respect for the older gentleman.moreless
  • The Breach
    The Breach
    Episode 11
    Emily Marsden, a writer, moves to a small town following her divorce. She's approached by a Persis Hughes who asks her to write a book detailing her unhappy romance. As Emily listens to Persis' story, she sees parallels to her own situation and vows to turn her sorrow into happiness.
  • Orphans
    Episode 10
    Hilda is a young woman in Northern Ireland who has everyone's blessing for her upcoming marriage to a longtime friend. Her finance is aware that she once loved an American who died fighting in a war. The nuptials become questionable when the dead man's twin brother arrives and stirs up old memories in Hilda.moreless
  • The Road That Led Afar
    A shy hillbilly girl immediately falls in love with a man she's only admired from afar. Phoebe and Brad elope the very day they first meet. The widower brings her back to his rustic cabin and his four children. Phoebe faces the challenges of having a new husband and four kids who are still grieving over the loss of their mother.moreless
  • The Charlatan
    The Charlatan
    Episode 8
    A slick-talking quack doctor armed with phony medical equipment peddles "painless" miracle cures for cancer, getting rich from his desperate patients. The doctor learns he has the very disease his miracle treatments claims to cure.
  • The Rider on the Pale Horse
    In the Old West, headstrong Maude Applegate hounds Mr. Death, pleading for the life of her boyfriend Billy, who was shot in a poker game. She follows Mr. Death to his cabin in the clouds and discovers he's really a rather good-hearted individual.
  • The Second Stranger
    The citizens are curious about the occupation of a stranger who's come to town. He's job is to conduct a hanging, but the prisoner escapes.
  • The Invitation
    The Invitation
    Episode 5
    A mother, unable to accept that her child was still-born, remains in her own fantasy world. Her husband fabricates an invitation to a tea party in a desperate try at jolting her back to reality.
  • The Enemies
    The Enemies
    Episode 4
    Northern troops take over the home of a Southern belle and her sick mother. Also in the house: a Confederate deserter.
  • The Pot of Gold
    The Pot of Gold
    Episode 3
    Ralph has worked his his whole life but never met with success. His wife has stood by his side through thick and thin, encouraging him all the way. Finally, through the help of an uncle, Ralph believes their "pot of gold" is finally within sight.
  • Professor, Beware
    Professor, Beware
    Episode 2
    In this comedy, college professor George Carroll is quietly sipping a cup of coffee in a diner when a drunk staggers up and begins heckling him. Prof. Carroll has soon had enough and, completely out of character, decks the inebriate. He then heads to the home of the college president and hurls a brick through the front window. The professor's daughter, George's fiance, urges him to apologize to her father for his behavior. When he enters Dr. Jerome's office to make nice, he's shocked to again encounter the drunk.moreless
  • The Glorious Gift of Molly Molloy
    The season premieres with a fantasy/comedy. A first grade teacher tells her students stories that are scientifically impossible. Her unorthodox methods confuse scientists as she works her magic, courtesy of a four inch tall leprechaun named Danny McDuff. A solution is agreed upon where Miss Malloy promises not to use the leprechaun in the presence of children. The officials do not realize that she has no control over the whims of the little man.moreless