General Electric Theater - Season 6

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • The Young and Scared
    A young sailor in a train station witnesses an old man striking a crying teenage girl. He intervenes, learning later that she is trapped in the home of the heartless foster parent who slapped her. Believing he's doing the right thing, the sailor brings the matter to the attention of the police. He's horrified to realize that authorities might send her back to live in that same home.moreless
  • Bold Loser
    Bold Loser
    Episode 32
    Adam has been entrusted to take a wagon-load of his Morman community's flour to Virginia City and sell it. Joining him for the ride is the schoolteacher he wants to marry. Mesmerized by the wild frontier city, he loses his town's income from the flour in a poker game.
  • Ah There, Beau Brummel
    The dull life of Benedict Arnold Brummel is disrupted when it's written in the paper that he's dating a movie star. His co-workers are stunned and the boss' daughter, his secret crush, is now showing him some attention. The actress calls to say she picked his name at random when her publicist wanted to plant a story about her love life. So save face, she agrees to join him for a public dinner and act like they're an affectionate couple.moreless
  • Stopover
    Episode 30
    Stella Rutledge spends the night with a joyless, drab western farm family when her coach breaks down. Knowing nothing of her background, the take her for a Southern belle of fine upbringing. She infuses the sad family with happiness and love of life before she heads on her way.
  • God Is My Judge
    God Is My Judge
    Episode 29
    A woman returns to a small Arizona town to confess to the murder of her husband 13 years earlier.
  • The Cold Touch
    The Cold Touch
    Episode 28
    Frank and Christine Marlowe arrive in Hong Kong, the final stop on their second-honeymoon. Frank is called away to take a phone call but fails to return. Christine reports his disappearance to the local police and returns to her hotel room. There she finds a man with a startling resemblance to her husband wearing his clothes and carrying his identification papers.moreless
  • No Hiding Place
    No Hiding Place
    Episode 27
    On his way to the bar, Skid Row derelict Vincent encounters the faces of all the people he's harmed, each telling of the bright young man who destroyed his life with alcohol. Shaken by the vision, he vows to give up drink and help his fellow drunkards. A businessman believes in his work and finances his efforts, helping to rescue people throughout the neighborhood.moreless
  • The Unfamiliar
    The Unfamiliar
    Episode 26
    A staid New England farm community receives a quaint, oddly garbed visitor from the Old World. A farmer had rescued him from the sea and put him to work on his spread. Unable to speak English and confused by modern ways, many think he must have come from another planet.
  • Strange Witness
    Strange Witness
    Episode 25
    A middle-aged woman is in love with a younger man, and it's not her husband. Her spouse returns home early from work, finds her with her lover, and a fight erupts. When it's over, one of the men is dead.
  • The Coward of Fort Bennett
    Captain Jeremy Davis is the lone survivor of a Cheyenne attack on the fort he commanded. At his court-martial hearing, he tells how when his executive officer became ill, another officer angry over not having gotten the job, starts a panic with the rumor that the plague has broken out. Davis kicked out of the fort by the mutinous soldier and picked up half-dead later by a patrol.moreless
  • Angel in the Air
    Angel in the Air
    Episode 23
    A philosophical peddler passes through a backwoods town in South Carolina and is heartbroken by the sad lives of Lulie and her family. He concocts a fanciful story about magical powers attached to a regular coin and presents it to the family. Their renewed faith brings about a major improvement in their lives.moreless
  • A New York Knight
    A New York Knight
    Episode 22
    Henry, an old derelict with a soft heart, buys an old, rundown nag of a horse to save it from the glue factory. Eleanor earns her keep by pulling Henry and a ragged old cab around Central Park in New York.
  • The Last Town Car (2)
    The second of two parts. Edith Miller develops an obsessive fear following a series of unnerving events involving an ancient limousine and its driver. She tells her psychiatrist about people from an earlier time who appear int the vehicle and horrifying menace she senses from its driver. Her doctor urges her to confront her fears and take another ride, and resolves her problems with an unusual explanation.moreless
  • The Last Town Car (1)
    The first of two parts. Edith Miller develops an obsessive fear following a series of unnerving events involving an ancient limousine and its driver. She tells her psychiatrist about people from an earlier time who appear int the vehicle and horrifying menace she senses from its driver.
  • Incident
    Episode 19
    During the Civil War, the lives of two men on opposite side intersect. Yank captures Tennessee and brings him him as a prisoner, only to arrested with desertion. Tennessee helps him to escape. Yank is later sent on a mission across the lines; his orders are to kill Tennessee.
  • All I Survey
    All I Survey
    Episode 18
    A wife has spent five years caring for her pitying, bedridden husband. An ex-sweetheart offers to take her away and give her the freedom and affection she craves.
  • Silent Ambush
    Silent Ambush
    Episode 17
    A candidate for sheriff in a frontier town has unexpectedly lost his hearing on the eve of the election. He tells no one except his girlfriend and her father, a doctor, fearing it it would work against him with voters. His opponent becomes suspicious of his behavior and think this is the perfect time for a deadly ambush.moreless
  • Time to Go Now
    Time to Go Now
    Episode 16
    Lady Beth of Arbist is engaged to marry Jamie of Creigh Castle. In keeping with Scottish Highland tradition, the two families gather and celebrate on All Hallows Eve. During the festivities, the bride is to climb the stairs of the castle tower and gaze into the ancient mirror at the top; it will show her the reflection of her true love. What Lady Beth sees is not what she expected.moreless
  • Letters from Cairo
    Letters from Cairo
    Episode 15
    Heartbroken over the death of her husband while traveling in Cairo, the wife receives three letters that her husband wrote before his accident. She gives them to a friend to read and he learns of the late husband's love affair abroad.
  • Kid at the Stick
    Kid at the Stick
    Episode 14
    When his father becomes ill, 11-year-old Frank Morgan must assume the controls of the small plane they're traveling on. Herb, an airport employee, must give him the boy a very quick lesson in flying a plane and then try to talk the boy down to a safe landing.
  • Bargain Bride
    Bargain Bride
    Episode 13
    Colin McCullough, a stubborn single rancher in the Old West, is visited by a circuit rider preacher who offers him a span of white mules. The condition: he must assume responsibility of a circus wagon and its contents. The contents include Nanette, the orphaned daughter of a magician.
  • The Young Years
    The Young Years
    Episode 12
    19-year-old Sarah refuses to move into adulthood, preferring to lose herself in the children's books given to her by the father who abandoned her. Sam tries to coax her out of her out of her shell, knowing that equates love with rejection. The shock of her mother's death finally awakens her from her dreamworld.moreless
  • The Trail to Christmas
    Little Johnny runs away from home, disillusioned about the holidays. He encounters Bart who tells him the famous Dickens story, except he moves the tale to their present time and place (the West of the 1870s) and substitutes local characters into the roles.
  • Eyes of a Stranger
    Eyes of a Stranger
    Episode 10
    Dr. Mark Andrews encounters a hateful society woman, Katherine Belmont. He thinks her nastiness is caused by her fear of losing her eyesight. To remedy that, he convinces her to have a cornea transplant.
  • Imp on a Cobweb Leash
    J. Willingham Bardley is a rigid, unwavering businessman with an obsession with punctuality and things being "just so". In this comic fantasy, an imp is placed in his custody and it proceeds to turn him into an unpredictable practical joker. Having no control over his behavior, Bardley's goal of being promoted is jeopardized by his sudden change in personality.moreless
  • The Iron Rose
    The Iron Rose
    Episode 8
    After killing a man with his bare hands in a drunken brawl, wagon-maker Joe Turner swears off liquor. He and his wife move to a Nebraska frontier town to start over, but the city is run by ruthless and greedy Vince Beagher. Turner refuses to pay extortion fees to the crook, so Beagher does everything he can to run the couple out of town. Eventually, Turner is pushed too far.moreless
  • Love Came Late
    Love Came Late
    Episode 7
    Jack Evans is an Army veteran struggling with his college grades. Tough Professor Barris refuses to accept that Jack needs help adjusting from military to campus life. Jack's mother, Allie, uses a little candlelight and charm to give the professor a lesson in humanities.
  • Cornada
    Episode 6
    Mario Galindo is a Spanish matador who was known for his fearlessness in the bullfighting ring--at least until he was almost fatally gored. With his return to the ring nearing, he has a nightmare in which he's killed by a Senor Montano. As he enters the ring, he's shaken to learn the name of the first bull he will fight: one named Montano.moreless
  • Mischief at Bandy Leg
    To purchase the rights to a play, a movie star travels to Ireland to meet its author. The playwright agrees to sell on the condition that Kathleen Magee, a barmaid, is the star.
  • Mr. Kensington's Finest Hour
    Arriving in Houston, Texas, a dignified British diplomat befriends a young boy who plays Little League Baseball. Mr. Kensington works with the child to help him overcome his fear of the ball. In the process, the diplomat is called upon as an emergency coach of a losing team.
  • Thousand Dollar Gun
    The Kansas frontier town of Broken Lance is paralyzed by fear because of a group of killers staying in area. The city council attempts to protect itself by hiring a "thousand dollar gun", professional gunman Buchanan Smith. Idealistic teacher Marvin Potter is opposed to the hiring of Smith, believing the public wants vengeance, not justice.moreless
  • Father and Son Night
    A former world middleweight champ loses the respect of his son. The father refuses to be goaded into a fight by the current champ, a known bully.
  • The Questioning Note
    In the season opener, a successful novelist begins to doubt his own talents, launching him towards a nervous breakdown.
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