General Electric Theater - Season 7

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • The Indian Giver
    The Indian Giver
    Episode 32
    In the season finale, Henry Church arrives in the small western town of Vulture Vista with his wife, Amy, in tow. He's a charming charlatan who intends to fleece the residents with a scheme to build a statue of a local hero. The town's newspaper editor is more suspicious of him than most.moreless
  • Nobody's Child
    Nobody's Child
    Episode 31
    Society woman Maggie loves Paul, the owner of a small record shop. Paul is quite attached to a mischievous young girl in his neighborhood whose mother has abandoned her. A jealous Maggie demands that Paul choose between her of the girl.
  • Nora
    Episode 30
    Nora believes her husband, a politically active district judge, is above reproach. Her opinion changes when he fires his campaign manager prior to the election.
  • Robbie and His Mary
    Robbie and His Mary
    Episode 29
    This romance story dramatizes the love between Scottish writer Robert Burns and a young woman from the highlands. She provides the inspiration for some of his best poetry.
  • Caesar and Cleopatra
    In this adaptation of the first act of Shaw's play, Cleopatra's court deserts her, frightened by the thought of Caesar and the Persians invading. The queen takes refuge in a front paw of a sphinx. One of her subjects finds her and suggests that, if she shows some dignity, perhaps Caesar will display some compassion towards her.moreless
  • The Flying Wife
    The Flying Wife
    Episode 27
    Tired of her husband and teenage kids regarding her as little more than an out-of-touch housekeeper, Martha Allen decides to give them a jolt. She takes flying lessons to prove them wrong.
  • Beyond the Mountains
    Chico, a young boy in a small Mexican town, idolizes the engineer sent to reopen the village's silver mine. The boy thinks that Ben is sent from Heaven.
  • The Lady's Choice
    The Lady's Choice
    Episode 25
    In this comedy, an Eastern woman travels to the Wild West and suffers culture shock.
  • Train for Tecumseh
    Train for Tecumseh
    Episode 24
    After being discharged from the Army, an ex-GI settles in Los Angeles and sends for his wife, a shy, mute young woman from the Tennessee backwoods. Her trip westward proves frustrating, as does the doctors' news that she may remain mute for life.
  • The Incredible Jewel Robbery
    In this comedy in pantomime, the two brothers think they've concocted the perfect scheme for pulling daylight jewel robberies. Harpo, disguised as a cop, arrives at the site of Chico's crime with a vehicle painted like a police car and carts him off to safety.
  • Deed of Mercy
    Deed of Mercy
    Episode 22
    Reporter Mike Hackett tries to clear a scientist's name. He doesn't believe incriminating accusations of a 16-year-old hitchhiker after an auto accident.
  • The Family Man
    The Family Man
    Episode 21
    Clete Weber is a young lawman for the railroad. His boyhood pal, Billy, draws four months pay to go out west and gives it to Clete for safekeeping. Clete's spoiled wife finds the cash and promptly spends it without so much as mentioning it to her husband. Billy, panicked of his missing cash, robs the Express office.moreless
  • I Was a Bloodhound
    I Was a Bloodhound
    Episode 20
    Private detective Barney Colby receives a visit from the Prime Minister to his Highness, Price Fahan of Puranjab. The Prince is worried about the safety of his pet baby elephant and wants the private eye to offer protection. Colby takes the job just to have the elephant kidnapped and held for ransom. Blessed with an incredible sense of smell, the detective tracks down the odorous pet and its captors.moreless
  • The Last Lesson
    The Last Lesson
    Episode 19
    Monsieur Hamel is considered a strange old man by his students in a small French village. His daughter and grandson, however, revere him. During the World War II occupation of the country, he is ordered to substitute German for French in his classroom, but he refuses. Facing his final day of teaching, he debates what lessons he should impart on his students.moreless
  • No Man Can Tame Me
    No Man Can Tame Me
    Episode 18
    In this musical comedy set in the 1870s, Silas Haley wants his daughter to marry a city slicker. Matilda, however, has her eyes on a good looking trapper.
  • Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home?
    Trumpeter Bill Baily breaks his hand so, with several months of down time, he takes a music teaching job at a small Texas college. Soon, he's fallen in love with Sara, the head of the department. She encourages him to put together a band and compete in the annual Dixieland festival. Bill's band wins the contest and are invited to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. As the offers start to pour in, Bill must decide whether to go back to show business or stay at the college with Sara.moreless
  • The Stone
    The Stone
    Episode 16
    In this adaptation of the biblical story, David goes to the camp site of King Saul's Israelite army and is shocked to find no one willing to stand up to the Goliath. To show his faith, and with the permission of of the King, David engages Goliath in battle.
  • Man on a Bicycle
    Man on a Bicycle
    Episode 15
    In this comedy, a wandering rogue, Paul, uses a little deception to set himself up in a French villa while its owner is away. Visiting the town, he meets Elsie, an attractive orphaned woman who's had to turn her home into an orphanage to survive. She refuses his help but, when he disguises himself as an elderly patron, she accepts his offer. With Elsie clueless that Paul is really two people, some of his friends are attempting to blackmail him and the gendarmes are closing in.moreless
  • And One Was Loyal
    And One Was Loyal
    Episode 14
    Ann Howard is an amateur artist living in the jungles of Malaya with her husband, a British overseer. Due to an accident, she loses her voice. A British researcher comes to stay at their plantation for a while and becomes attracted to Ann. Police are suspicious of the pair when her husband is killed by a snake in his bed.moreless
  • The Odd Ball
    The Odd Ball
    Episode 13
    Bert and Erma are about to doze off when they hear a someone being serenaded by a guy on a guitar. It's the son of a prominent doctor outside the window of their daughter. The two fathers team up to put an end to the romance.
  • The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
    A department store accountant, Alfred Boggs, is madly in love with a co-worker, but he's too painfully shy to ask her to the company dance. Alfred comes up with an idea to put himself more at ease: he borrows a mannequin from the store that looks like her and practices talking to her for hours.moreless
  • The Last Rodeo
    The Last Rodeo
    Episode 11
    The girlfriend of a longtime rodeo cowboy begs him to retire while he's still uninjured and on top. She delivers an ultimatum: retire from riding or find another girl to marry.
  • A Turkey for the President
    John and Susan Caldwell are Native Americans who run a family turkey farm in California. Their son, Steven, wins the grand prize at the annual turkey growers convention and is chosen to present his bird to the U. S. President for Thanksgiving dinner. The boy is upset by the thought of his pet becoming a meal and turns down the offer.moreless
  • The Falling Angel
    The Falling Angel
    Episode 9
    Angeli talks to the owner of a small circus about joining its aerial act. He's told there is no opening but Angeli insists on proving himself. His exhibition makes for dangerous moments high about the circus tent's floor.
  • A Question of Romance
    A woman who's incredible knowledge of baseball statistics allows her to be a big winner on a TV quiz show. But it also threatens to break off her engagement. He fiance greatly disapproved of her going on the show and becomes more irritated as she succeeds. He even throws a punch at Pee Wee Reese of the Dodgers.moreless
  • Battle for a Soul
    Battle for a Soul
    Episode 7
    Ray Milland plays a man who's doing time for stealing jewels. He maintains his innocence, claiming he was framed by his ex-fiancee and her boss.
  • At Miss Minner's
    At Miss Minner's
    Episode 6
    Laurel and Chris are in the process of moving into an old country home when he's called away on business. Chris accepts the invitation of reclusive neighbor Miss Minner to spend the night, having no clue that she's in for a night of terror.
  • The World's Greatest Quarterback
    Years after his success on the gridiron, Sam Lund returns to his hometown to find he's still a hero. His wife, Mary, is more concerned about their 18-year-old daughter who wants to marry a high school football player. Mary has her hands full trying to stop Sam from acting like he's a sports legend and talking her daughter into waiting until her boyfriend graduates.moreless
  • The Castaway
    The Castaway
    Episode 4
    The captain of a wagon train must decide how to punish a young practical joker. His offer to trade a girl for some horses with Indians backfires and results in an attack on their group.
  • Auf Wiedersehen
    Auf Wiedersehen
    Episode 3
    Pvt. Spider Johnson is serving in post-war Germany with a Negro Signal Corp company. A brooding, bitter man, he has few friends. Spider begins to open up thanks to a young boy, the only Black child in an orphanage, who actually takes a liking to the troubled soldier.
  • One Is a Wanderer
    One Is a Wanderer
    Episode 2
    This story of loneliness follows a divorced writer on a Sunday afternoon. Seeking companionship, he wanders around Los Angeles, eventually ending up in a bar.
  • Blaze of Glory
    Blaze of Glory
    Episode 1

    Lou Costello is a mild mannered plumber who is called out on a night emergency by a sexy-sounding woman. She was just a pretense by "the Boss" of a gang of robbers.  One of the thugs lost most of the diamonds they'd just heisted down the bathroom sink.