General Electric Theater - Season 9

CBS (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • Louie and the Horseless Buggy
    Early in the 20th century, the owners of the only two automobiles in the valley compete in a cross country race. One of the participants has his future riding on the outcome.
  • My Darling Judge
    My Darling Judge
    Episode 30
    Judge Cyrus Dunn wants to get away from his responsibilities just long enough to enjoy a fishing trip, but his absent-minded wife complicates matters.
  • The Joke's on Me
    The Joke's on Me
    Episode 29
    A bitter nightclub comedian brings nothing but unhappiness to his agent, a gold digger he's dating, and his estranged wife.
  • Sis Bowls 'Em Over
    Sis Bowls 'Em Over
    Episode 28
    A successful career woman tries to be both mother and father to her younger, hod-rodding teenage brother. She goes so far as to fill the male bowling shoes as half of a father-son bowling match.
  • The Red Balloon
    The Red Balloon
    Episode 27
    The Oscar-winning 1957 French film is shown in this Easter treat. A lonely young boy in Paris discovers a balloon caught in a street lamp. Freeing it, the balloon becomes his friend, following him everywhere. The is no dialogue in the film, only street sounds and a musical score.
  • Labor of Love
    Labor of Love
    Episode 26
    A couple has had a couple of years of preparation for the daughter they wish to adopt. When the child arrives in their home, they find they are anything but ready.
  • Love Is a Lion's Roar
    A New York talent agent goes on a blind date with a French dancer in this romantic comedy. He kisses her, so she's determined to uphold a family tradition by marrying him.
  • The Small Elephants
    The Small Elephants
    Episode 24
    A man named Pegosi tries to con a young actress into buying a small elephant for a publicity stunt. A magician overhears him he tells Pegosi that he wants one, too. Pegosi now has to conjure up a miniature elephant.
  • Open House
    Open House
    Episode 23
    A New York captain of detectives' is after an underworld figure who is marked for death. His job is a welcome relief from the chaos of his Brooklyn flat that's inhabited by his excitable son and loud mouthed, freeloading brother who live with him.
  • Image of a Doctor
    Image of a Doctor
    Episode 22
    A female doctor who became paraplegic because of an act of heroism, fights tremendous odds to return to her profession.
  • A Possibility of Oil
    A former Texas beauty queen, Linda Stacey, makes a return to her small hometown with smooth-talking Jock Petrie on her arm. Having failed to make a splash on the New York social scene, she's returned home with the scheming Jock to check the family property for oil and get her last chance at fame and fortune. The two try to pull a fast one on Lynda's mother by offering to buy the land for "commercial speculation" but the elder woman refuses, infuriating the desperate Linda.moreless
  • The Legend That Walks Like a Man
    Washed-up movie director Matty Moran encounter Sari Sanine, the glamorous movie starlet he met, married, and turned into a star a decade earlier. Moran sees his chance at making a showbiz comeback if he can direct his volatile ex-wife in a huge film.
  • A Little White Lye
    A Little White Lye
    Episode 19
    A newlywed couple move into the house in suburbs that they bought at an incredible price. The wife finds out why it was so affordable: it was the site of a murder and the killer tried to hide his handiwork by using lye. She becomes panicked when discovering her husband fits the description of the never-captured killer and finds he's bought various tools and some white lye.moreless
  • The Drop-Out
    The Drop-Out
    Episode 19
    There's a major difference in opinion between a father and the son who dropped out of school to help him run the family business.
  • The Devil You Say
    The Devil You Say
    Episode 17
    The Devil is quite the gourmet and tries to woo a woman away from her husband in this comedy. She's won a prize for her devil's food cake and he wants her for himself. Her surprisingly self-confident husband welcomes the challenge.
  • The Gershwin Years
    The Gershwin Years
    Episode 16
    Adapted loosely from the book The Gershwin Years by Edward Jablonski, this 90-minute extravaganza attempted to tell the story of life in America between World War I and 1937 through the music of George Gershwin. Richard Rogers hosts this taped program which incorporates over 40 of Gershwin's compositions, with Rogers tying together the various segments from the "sights and sounds room" where paraphernalia from the era is displayed. One segment satirizes women voters and features Ethel Merman singing songs from "Let 'Em Eat Cake", "Of Thee I Sing" and "Strike Up the Band". Another highlights the early days of Hollywood and the movie industry. Along with Merman, the stars include Frank Sinatra, Julie London, Florence Henderson, Maurice Chevalier (who sings briefly and plugs his new autobiography), Ron Hussman and dancer Alvin Ailey.moreless
  • Memory in White
    Memory in White
    Episode 15
    With the help of a sympathetic gym owner, a battle-scarred ex-boxer fights ridicule and abuse to achieve his goal of becoming a ring announcer.
  • Don' Let It Throw You
    Felix Franklin is a good-natured song plugger who decides to try his hand at the tables in Vegas. Beginners luck strikes and he's soon amassed $75,000 in winnings. Elated, he plans for an immediate flight back home to marry his girlfriend. Before he leaves, the hotel manager arrives with complimentary champagne and an attractive chorus girl. When his head stops spinning from the bubbly, he finds he's "loaned" the woman $4500 and missed his flight home.moreless
  • The Other Wise Man
    The Other Wise Man
    Episode 13
    In this famous tale, wealthy Persian nobleman Artaban sells all of his possessions for a sapphire, ruby and pearl to use as tribute to the new King who's birth is near. Along the way, he helps an ill elderly man and uses the sapphire to insure his safety. In Bethlehem, he uses the ruby to save a woman's son from Herod's soldiers. Years later with only the pearl left, the 70-year-old Artaban learns of the teacher Jesus of Nazareth. His attempt to finally present the jewel is again altered when he uses it to save a girl from slavery.moreless
  • The Money Driver
    The Money Driver
    Episode 12
    A harness racing driver is so preoccupied with winning races that he destroys his relationship with his son. The daughter of a stable owner uncovers the driver's secret which explains why he treats the boy so badly.
  • Strictly Solo
    Strictly Solo
    Episode 11
    A total "square", a yacht salesman, falls in love with a beatnik teacher of modern dance he meets at a hip Greenwich Village party.
  • Learn to Say Goodbye
    Tom Parkes' new bride, Jo, soon realizes her husband he is still clinging to the happy memories of his late spouse. Jo also find's her new teenage son's devotion to his prize pet steer quite worrisome. When the boy's steer is named winner of a livestock show, the young man childishly refuses to turn the animal over for auction. The embarrassed father plans to chastise the boy for his lack of manly behavior, but Jo says something that forces Tom to reevaluate his relationship with his son.moreless
  • Journey to a Wedding
    A woman who's just been released from prison puts an ad in the paper look for a husband for herself and a father for her young son.
  • The Playoff
    The Playoff
    Episode 8
    An old golf pro has his eye on winning a championship and then retiring.
  • The Influential Americans
    The regular program is preempted to present this filmed documentary on education produced by the staff of CBS Report. (It is still, however, presented as a special of General Electric Theater.) Teachers pioneering new approaches and methods in teaching are examined, including the use of an airplane in the Midwest which transmits videotaped education programs to 13,000 schools in six states.moreless
  • The Graduation Dress
    In this comedy, a sexy backwoods beauty needs a dress for her high school graduation. A fast-talking traveling photographer is hot for the young beauty and trades out favors to get her one.
  • The Camel's Foot
    The Camel's Foot
    Episode 5
    Backstatge, actress Debra Stone is visited by ex-vaudevillian Rosie Conners who offers her nothing but compliments. Feeling sorry for the obviously homeless woman, Debroah invites her to spend the night in her Manhattan apartment. With her foot in the door, the old lady moves in and takes over, even throwing a party for her old show biz cronies. Desperate to get her home back, Debra has her fiance get the old trooper a part in a show, so she'll be financially independent and able to move out. Rosie, however, has other ideas.moreless
  • Goodbye, My Love
    Goodbye, My Love
    Episode 4
    A successful writer with a weakness for booze gets some serious news from his doctor. One more bender could be more than his weak heart can handle. He's also urged to reconcile with his estranged wife.
  • Hooray for Love
    Hooray for Love
    Episode 3
    An all-star cast headlines this special one hour musical/comedy program poking fun at the eternal quest for love. Along with various musical numbers and vignettes on the topic, the showcase sketches are: "Two by Two" about love among Americans; an action/adventure romance titled "Passage to Paradise"; and a take-off on pretentious Scandinavian art films called "Strange Strawberries".moreless
  • Journal of Hope
    Journal of Hope
    Episode 2
    A frontiersman marries a young Native American girl after she nurses him back to health from an injury.
  • The Man Who Thought for Himself
    In the season opener, an easygoing bank clerk rebels against suburbia the conformity practiced by his wife, daughter, neighbors and stuffy boss. He wants to paint his house in red, white and blue stripes, so he does.