General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 1 Episode 11

Fools in Love

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Sep 20, 2007 on SOAPNet
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Fools in Love
Robin tells Jason that she isn't going to abandon Stacey's baby. Lainey tells Cody that she doesn't know if she can let go of her father. Patrick tells Toussaint that one of the blood vessels in his brain is leaking. Robin is shocked to learn that Patrick is sleeping with Leyla after he admits it.

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  • Robin says goodbye to Stacy's baby and learns of Patrick's affair with Leyla; Cody performs a mercy killing on Lainey's father; Kelly & Andy deal with their addictions; Jolene rejects Spinelli; Jolene tries to kill Andy; Toussaint is seriously ill.moreless

    "Night Shift" has been uneven but this episode delivered (for the most part). The scenes with Robin saying goodbye to Stacy's baby and giving him back to the birth father were heartbreaking, as was the death of Lainey's father. I think Kimberly McCullough and Kent King are the best actresses on the show and they were given the chance to shine in this episode. Toussaint's storyline was poignant, especially when Epiphany sang "Broken Hearted." The only possible distraction was Spinelli - who after losing his virginity to the murderous Jolene the week before now thinks he's a sex addict?! Worse yet, he stumbled and bumbled his way across the hospital seeking advice from Jason and a bed-ridden Tousaint. Well, at least I felt bad for the guy in the end when he realized his "Angel of Mercy" just wasn't into him.

    All in all another satisfying installment. Can't wait for the finale.moreless
Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson

Curtis Reitzel

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Marilyn McIntyre

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Billy Dee Williams

Billy Dee Williams

Toussaint Dubois

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Rick Fitts

Rick Fitts

Roger Winters

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Richard Gant

Richard Gant

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    • Robin (to Stacy's baby): Have an amazing life. Anna Rebecca "Charmed One" Sloan. Believe in yourself. Learn from your mistakes. And don't be afraid to give your heart. And if it gets broken, don't be afraid to give it again. In other words, do as I say and not as I do. Oh, God, now I really do sound like your mother.

    • Kelly: You're sick, Andy. And there's no way in hell I'm going to let you treat my patient. You could nod off and paralyze some poor woman.
      Andy: While you're sleeping with her husband in the waiting room?
      Kelly: Fine. Go back to your room. Hook yourself up for another dose. When they find you dead, I'll be sure to get laid in your honor.

    • Spinelli: Sex is... sex is better than orange soda and BBQ chips. I didn't know that. It's, it's better than level 15 of Demigods of Doom.

    • Patrick: Using your position to pick on Leyla is beyond petty.
      Robin: Using yours to favor her is just sleazy.
      Patrick: Robin, what the hell is wrong with you? You're running around this hospital like a 10-year-old on a sugar high. You've got no objectivity, no professionalism...
      Robin: I'm not the one sexing up student nurses in the locker room.
      Patrick: Don't punish Leyla because I'm sleeping with her.
      Robin: Wow, until you just said it, I didn't actually... Forget it. As soon as Leyla is finished cleaning out the supply closet, you two can put it to good use.

    • Andy (to Kelly): You stripped in the middle of the hospital and invited anyone who was interested to line up for sex. In case you missed it, that's not normal.

    • Spinelli: Greetings, Stone Cold. The Jackal stands ready to assist you in all of your labors, um, while using you as a handy excuse to roam freely around the hospital without fear of being escorted from the premises by less than amiable security.
      Jason: Do you smell something?
      Spinelli: Uh, the pungent aroma of disinfectant?
      Jason (sniffs): Is it... is it you? What is...?
      Spinelli: Once again your Stone Cold senses have proven to be accurate. But how you can discern The Jackal's cologne from a variety of cleaning products, that remains a mystery. Huh.

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