General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 1 Episode 1

Frayed Anatomies

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Jul 12, 2007 on SOAPNet

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  • An Explosive Start

    Drama unfolds on the night shift when a patient dies outside the hospital doors in an ambulance explosion.

    Cooper and Maxie get caught in a supply closet in a sticky situation.

    Toussaint mops the floors and spills advice.

    This soap is explosive and easy-to-follow from the get-go. Seeing this premier episode makes the viewer hunger for more!
  • the pilot

    General Hospital is the greatest soap opera of all time, no one will argue differently, but its primetime weekly show General Hospital: Night Shift is absolutely terrible.

    The series is slow-moving and anti-climatic. It is just not at all like the daytime version of the show.

    Patrick and Robin are good in small doses on GH, but they cannot be the standalone stars of a series. This came off as nothing more than a cheap attempt to try and replicate the popularity of Grey's Anatomy at the time. At least Grey's Anatomy was interesting though, this surely was not.

    Just a pilot, but this was really bad.
  • Off to a great start...

    Off to a great start...I can't wait to see how the series moves on...I love how the regulars and the new docs interacted. My favorite newbie is Jolene I can't wait to see how her character not only develops but her futer interactions with both Jason (who she seems to have a crush on maybe) and Spinelli (who has taken a likeing to the nurse)
  • In the pilot episode, while working the Night Shift with Robin, Patrick is blown away (literally), Jason's arrested, the student nurses get a crash course in the ER and a mysterious woman named "Barrett" arrives...

    I really enjoyed this show. I've been watching "GH" for years and I also watched the 1st spin-off, "Port Charles." The new spin-off is a return back to the hospital's roots. It's completely refreshing with a likeable cast, mostly known to "GH" fans. Kimberly McCullough ("Robin") & Jason Thompson ("Patrick") prove that they have the goods to carry a whole show by themselves. The episode itself was mixed with drama (exploding ambulances, HIV positive pregnant woman, post-traumatic stress disordered vet looking for a fix, old woman ignored in the waiting room almost dies), humor (Maxie & Coop in the linen closet, Spinelli) and mystery (was the mysterious "Barrett" woman really Brenda?). Plus, the addition of Billy Dee Williams as the ever so cool janitor. How cool is that!! I'll be back at the Night Shift every week.
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