General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 1 Episode 9

Gutter Ball

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Sep 06, 2007 on SOAPNet



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    • Robin: I believe in Fate. I believe that something bigger than you and I put this child into my life. She shouldn't even be here right now. She should be going home with her mother, a single woman who's HIV positive. That's what Stacy wanted. You know what? Maybe I'm second best but I am the closest thing that little girl has to her mother's dream.
      Patrick: You're nobody's second best.
      Robin: I'm not ignorning your feelings. I didn't think I was ready either but I held that little girl in my arms and I knew I couldn't walk away. I don't want to change you. I don't want to force you into something that doesn't make you feel comfortable. But I honestly... I don't think I could live with myself if I let Anna go into foster care when I'm here ready to love her.
      Patrick: Then you know what you have to do.
      Robin: I'm not choosing her over you. I just know that... you'll get along fine without me. But I'm not sure that Anna should... or can.
      Patrick: Robin... you're going to be a wonderful mother.

    • Regina: I should have just listened to you instead of risking my whole future.
      Jolene: You wanted to help.
      Regina: I wanted to stick it to Miss Ice Queen Princess Leyla. You know the worst part about it is? She's as good as she thinks she is.
      Jolene: It's because she doesn't care. Same with Patrick Drake. They're all about being the best. The last thing they think about is the patient or the patient's family. People like that don't belong in medicine.

    • Epiphany: "The Saints" were on top of the world. 10 platinum records.
      Toussaint: Oh, ho, you do your homework, don't you?
      Epiphany: I still have every one. I would stand in line and buy them the day they were released. I just couldn't believe it when I heard that you'd left the group.
      Toussaint: "Creative differences."
      Epiphany: I read somewhere that Leland McCoy pulled a gun on you.
      Toussaint: Creative differences.

    • Regina: Why are you spying on Jolene?
      Spinelli: Um, uh, heh... I'm not spying, Pink One. The Jackal was merely watching from afar trying to uncover the cause of, uh, the Fair Jolene's mood swings.
      Regina: She yelled at you?
      Spinelli: She called me a stalker.
      Regina: And your solution is to follow her around some more?

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