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General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 1 Episode 6

Love's Labors

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Aug 16, 2007 on SOAPNet
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Episode Summary

Love's Labors
Stacey goes into labor in the hospital elevator and must rely on the most unlikely of people to help her and unborn child. Regina opens up to Jolene that she aborted her baby before she started the program at General Hospital. Toussaint tells Stan that he discovered the elevator shutting was no accident.

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    Ray Proscia

    Ray Proscia

    Mr. Sanders

    Guest Star

    Billy Dee Williams

    Billy Dee Williams

    Toussaint Dubois

    Recurring Role

    Richard Gant

    Richard Gant

    Dr. Russell Ford

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Spinelli's computer reads: The Saga of Stone Cold
        Stone Cold Word on the Street is The Cackling Clown is in Town!!!
        Cackling Clown

      • Apparently, in Port Charles, in the middle of the night, you can not get any electricians or anyone to come and fix a broken hospital elevator with a HIV positive woman going into labor trapped inside, but you can get a lawyer.

      • The video game Spinelli made for Jason, "The Saga of Stone Cold" now includes a new archenemy for "Stone Cold," the "Cackling Clown", who was featured in the previous episode.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • (Robin sets down two cups of coffee on the nurse's station)
        Jolene: Thanks. Yum, nectar of the gods.
        Robin: Uh, you've been hanging out with Spinelli too long.

      • Spinelli: I guess, I wanted to introduce you to your new cyber-enemy. It's the, uh, the new uber-villain of "The Saga of Stone Cold."
        Jason: I thought I told you to erase that video game.
        Spinelli: You know, I tried. But I-I thought about trying. Maybe. But anyway, he's called, "The Cackling Clown."
        Jason: What? Are you and the clown friends now, you two?

      • Stan: So, my Mom didn't let you answer the question. Do you know anything about elevator repair?
        Toussaint: Not a damn thing.
        Stan: Well, then, just what the hell are we doing down here?
        Toussaint: I know a little something about electricity.
        Stan: Man, you better be Thomas Edison's half-brother, man, 'cause I don't mess with electricity.

      • Leyla: Dr. Scorpio. It's my fault. You're mad at me. Take it out on me. Don't punish the poor man by letting him die.
        Robin: All right, let's just punish Stacey instead.
        Leyla: It's not my fault the elevator broke.
        Robin: But it is your fault that she is in there without a living soul that knows anything about medicine. You took off on your patient.
        Leyla: To help another one.
        Robin: How convenient that it had to be Dr. Drake's. I hope you earned a few gold stars for that one.

      • Jason: Do you have anything to sterilize this with?
        Spinelli: Uh, I got my, uh, trusty fire-starter, I mean... Never leave home without it. You never know when you're gonna... (Jason gives Spinelli a stern look) ...want to make some delicious S'mores.

      • Spinelli: Oh! Stone Cold how fortuitious to run into you like this.
        Jason: You know I work here.
        Spinelli: Yes, but guessing what floor you may be on at any given time is a constant mystery to the Jackal...

      • Spinelli: (to a screaming Stacey as they are trapped in the elevator) So, how long has the Innocent One been in your womb?

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Spinelli: Wax on, wax off.

        When Spinelli calls Toussaint "wise one" and says, "Wax on, wax off", this is an allusion to the 1984 film, The Karate Kid.