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  • I waited so long for season two just glad i was not dissapointed

    I was so happy to see the return of night shift.... The storylines are so interesting that i just can't seem to get enough..I love Robins stoyline with her mom and dad and with patrick great stuff....And i mean as a fan of GH as well i was so excited to see Jagger and the story with his son "STONE" I love there for Dr. Leo Julian boy does he get on my last nerve at times... I also enjoyed the stoyline that reavled that kyle was les brother and how all that played out up until Leo and Clair slept together... but all in all I love the story and can't wait for another season
  • I've been eagerly awaiting for Night Shift to return... and now that it has, I'm totally stoked!

    It's actually a lot better than General Hospital these days, which says tons about this new season. It's much better than last season, and I'm really interested in where the Robert storyline is going to go. They better not kill him off! He's interesting; if Anna does a cameo, it'll be interesting to see them in a scene together. Robert and Anna, reunited after a few years apart. How interesting.

    I think one of my favorite parts about it are the new interns. Kyle and Claire are totally hilarious; in my opinion, they are a lot better than the nurses from last season.
  • SOAPnet goes after hours with our favorite General Hospital characters and some new faces on the network's first one-hour original primetime drama. This is also the first time a soap opera has shown more than what we get to see in daytime.

    I love this new series based off one of the greatest soap. I have ever seen. So a new season have come and I can't wait to see what happens next in this series. There is a whole new group of characters now on the cast and I hear they creating web episodes based off of two new members from the cast. Anyway, I am glad that the series is back and I hope they keep this show going for a little while long because now I am hooked and looking forward to seeing a new episodes every week at the time.
  • Started/ended well -- middle needs help.

    Not a bad first season. The very first episode is excellent and established an excellent fact paced show. The middle episodes lag substantially from there. For anyone who watches General Hospital, some of the characters are not true to themselves in these episodes or are exaggerated versions of themselves and it doesn't work well for the show. The show also doesn't not do a good job of developing the other characters we are suppose to be vested in. The last episode of season one is another excellent episode just like first one. For the second season, I am hoping for some more consistency throughout the episodes rather than a great beginning and ending.

    The daytime GH will always be "the GH" greatest show of all time but i think Night Shift is a good little bonus that we get to see for one hour more a week. I think it is a great add on for soapnet and that personally i wouldnt mind at all if the night shift came back for another season. It's dramatic, funny (Spinelli), erotic (Dr. Lee). It is faster paced then the original GH but it shows GH in a whole diff way. Love that they use a lot of the original cast but its great with new faces mixed in. It definetly is a good show to watch.
  • This really needs some work if it's going to last past episode 3.

    I was really looking forward to this. I love GH and couldn't wait to see what happened. The Spinelli shooting himself in the foot fit in with what has happened on GH, but when Jason showed up with him I thought: Did I miss something? I thought Jason was supposed to be in jail. Then on the next GH episode, Jason is still in jail and no bandages on his hands. In order for this to work as a series the show needs to either completely distance itself from the other characters on GH or work with GH and get it right. The inconsistencies will make GH fans turn the channel, or just go to bed since it's on at 11:00.

    It's fine if they use Robin and Patrick working in the ER at night but bringing in the other characters and not having it follow through on the real GH is just lame. I'll watch a few more times but if these things aren't fixed my rating will go down to 1 and I'll stop watching. It's down to a 1. Too many inconsistencies with GH and it doesn't make sense.
  • Getting to see General Hospital for 6 hours a week instead of 5! What a good idea!

    Getting to see General Hospital for 6 hours a week instead of 5! What a good idea! A show that is based on only the hospital... I like it. Plus no Luckey and Sam. What a good deal. The romance is great and the storylines are crazy good. You get to see more of the people that you do not get to see all of the time. Like the nurses. I really like the new ones that are floating around. Also there is a mystery of who is messing with the machines. General Hospial: Night Shift is a good show and people should watch it.
  • i been loyal fan gh they been the besti love to watch it everyday....i like they got something to continues from are they going replace gh with night shift..

    night shift is getting very interesting and have more action alot of actor are leaving gh and going to night shift.... i hope they continues this show night shift and stay and have more than once a week .... a like this show alot ...... this very got my eye caught..... alot of us love this show so much already.... every week when time to watch i cant wait to see the next episodes..... i wish they can have more than once a week this soap opera.... they need put more than once aleast twice be bette for us loyal fan....
  • Addictive!

    I have watched like every repeat airing and I like it more and more each time. Its pretty different from GH. Yea it shares the name and some cast members but the tone and atomsphere is completely different.
    Im liking the new interns. Regina, Jolene, and Leyla bring a freshness to the series. Im not sure Im liking where the whole Leyla/Patrick things is leading though. Regina is my new fav. Right now she seems to be a little uncomfortable in her surroundings but I think her character will grow into a fan-favorite. Im very intersted in where her s/l with Jase and Spinelli leads.
  • Jason out of jail? I have been a loyal GH fan for many, many years, and I think that Night Shift could be fun, and cutting edge, but I feel insulted as a viewer!

    As far as a review...I watched General Hospital at 10PM on SoapNet, and Sonny is trying to figure out a way to get Jason out of jail, and then I watched Night Shift directly after that show on Thursday night, and Jason is a free bird? Come on...your audience expects better from the writers of an outstanding drama! If this show is to be a success with many of the same characters from GH, then there has to be some consistancy here. Otherwise, I for one will never watch Night Shift again! If Jason were still in jail on this show, and Spinelli who had been playing with Jasons gun on Thursday's GH episode had been a little more plausible, I would have given this show a better review...

    As I saw it...C-

    A very loyal fan who tivo's gh, all my children and one life for many years...
  • For SoapNet's first scripted series it did well....

    For SoapNet's first scripted series it did well.... The ensamble cast worked well together...the only thing that I think people may find annoying (I know the people I watched it with did) is the fact that on GH Classic Jason is suposed o be in jail. For GH Die Hards I think the best possable ting to do is think of the two shows a compleatly diffrent entities...I mean sure some of the storylines interacted (like how on Thursday's GH it showed Spinelli wanting to use a gun then on night shift finding out he shot himself in the foot) but for the most part the storys WILL be diffrent.
    I am on the edge of my seat to see what will happen next...
  • Soapnet came up with an interesting premise. Take a bunch of known characters from GH, add a bunch of newbies and stir in a dash of Billy Dee Williams. GH-NS tries to be a cross between GH and night time Grey's Anatomy and does justice to neither.

    I was highly disappointed with GH-NS. It is a bit disconcerting watching different plot lines utilizing the same characters. It is like stepping into the Twilight Zone. During the day Jason is in prison, but at night he's rushing Spinelli to the hospital. I only recommend this show to persons who do not watch the original GH. I think I'd much rather watch Grey's (now there is a true night time soap!) and get to bed earlier than stay up and be confused by entering a parallel universe.
  • Its a mixed bag, but as a GH fan, I'm giving it a shot.

    I just watched Night Shift, and I Mean the whole show, and I think its a mixed bag. The Greys Anatomy stuff is obvious, but this is going to be hard for non GH fans to get into (maybe thats nots an audience).

    On the bad side, the (new) intern characters are an unashamed Greys ripoff, and I barely noticed them. (Spinelli noticed one.)

    On the good side, Jason is still acting like Jason. Although they're going to need explain in Friday's ep how he manages to get out of Pentonville, get a haircut, and get to Spinelli when he shoots himself.

    In the middle, NS tries to prove its edginess with Patrick and Robin in the shower, and Coop and Maxie having sex in a hospital closet. But Maxie handcuffed while stepdaddy Police Commish Mac catches her made me laugh.

    Anyway, its the first show, and there are always some kinks to work out. Its the first show, so maybe they'll sort them out.
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