General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 1 Episode 2

Skin Deep

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Jul 19, 2007 on SOAPNet

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  • The Drama Keeps Rolling

    After Patrick gets caught fondling and being fondled, the possibility exists that he has committment issues. Dr. Robin Scorpio wants to have a baby but can she trust Patrick to stay by her side?

    The drama keeps rolling in this fast-paced soap. Keep your eyes glued so you can keep up!

  • Another night in the Night Shift, but not a lot happens, an older woman with breast implants comes onto Patrick, Cody tries to score some more drugs, Stan tries to initiate a strike, Maxie has a staph infection, Spinelli creates a video game.

    I really enjoyed the first episode and was anxiously looking forward to the next. Unfortunately, the second installment did not deliver. It was pretty boring and uneventful. The most ridiculous was the older lady with the "boob job" who wanted Patrick to "examine" her. I didn't quite get the point of this. To make Robin jealous? To show that Patrick has changed from his womanizing days because he turns her down? Or just to be titillating (pardon the pun)? It seemd kind of silly.

    Other missteps: Epiphany's son Stan tries to get the hospital workers to strike for better wages. The problem is Stan doesn't work there, what does he care? So he dresses up like an orderly and tries to inspire some kind of revolution. I don't get it. And Toussaint comparing him to a modern day Martin Luther King, Jr. Ummm, NO!! Stan's just a punk and hooking up with Kelly in the shower was just another attempt to be outrageous but without bringing anything to the table.

    Mrs. Storch. I felt sorry for her in the first episode, but quickly lost any sympathy for her when they portrayed her as an old lady in heat panting after young Jason and commenting on how the hospital is full of "hot" men.

    Cody should be locked up. He attacked Lainey in the parking lot and she gives him drugs. HELLO, doesn't GH have a psych ward? The patient snafu. Leo almost does a bypass on a patient who need an appendecomy. He catches it in time but is blasted by Dr. Ford, who also blasts Regina for a clerical error that almost cost the patient his life. OK, I get that Dr. Ford is a pompous ass, but he does have a point -someone is to blame for this. Imagine you were that patient and everyone involved is saying, "It's not my fault." And the total lack of respect Leo gives Ford is unrealistic. As the newest addition to the hospital staff, I don't think Leo would last very long giving that attitude to his superiors - acting like he owns the joint and is God's gift to medicine, who's actually doing the hospital a favor since he really wants to be a rock star. Sure, just don't give up your day job.

    The Spinelli thing was kind of lame. He shows his gratitude to Stone Cold by creating a violent video game in Jason's image. Yeah, why not give Jason something he actually wants, like a video of his newborn kid.

    The only things I liked about this episode was Maxie's staph infection. Although it was brief, it played into her history of heart problems. Hopefully, they delve more into that in future episodes.

    All in all, this episode was pretty uneventful. Hopefully future episodes turn this show around.
  • Last week I got hooked....

    Last week I got hooked....and this week kept me on the edge of my seat...though I didn't feel like the sub-plots geled as much as last week I was still left on the edge of my seat.... Spinelli was just adorkable like always and I loved him makeing the game about 'Stone Cold'...Also his crush on Jolene...Priceless....and Cody is insane...I can't believe after grabbing Lainey like that he asked her for a date...and SCRUBS love them but Patrick needs to man up and quit flirting with Leyla and vise versa....also when the pacient said Jason....oh it so is Brenda...I can't wait to see what other twists and turns happen during the Night Shift in the coming weeks