General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 2 Episode 4

We'll Always Have Paris

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Aug 12, 2008 on SOAPNet
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We'll Always Have Paris
A French woman attacks Patrick; Robin gives her dad troubling news; Saira evalutes Jagger's son; Toussaint and Epiphany go on their first date; and Kyle teaches sex-ed to some unlikely students.

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    • QUOTES (7)

      • (Kyle and Claire are doing paperwork)
        Claire: Who knew being an intern was so much work?
        Kyle: You didn't?
        Claire: Well, yeah. Hypothetically.
        Kyle: It's kind of great, isn't it? The rush. I don't know, it's like sex or something.
        Claire: Okay, someone needs a refresher on what sex is like, 'cause it doesn't look like this.

      • Kyle: It's kind of like a high, you know? I mean, we're actually doing it, saving lives. I've been waiting to do this ever since I was like, I don't know, six.
        Claire: Really?
        Kyle: Yeah. You haven't?
        Claire: I may have been playing doctor when I was six, but it had nothing to do with saving lives.

      • Robin: Do you think it's true? That you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
        Saira: It depends on the dog you're talking about.
        Robin: Okay, take a wild guess.
        Saira: Patrick.
        Robin: Every time I think we're in a good place, something else comes up. Some skeleton in his closet. Usually a tall blonde skeleton with big boobs.
        Saira: They're the worst kind.

      • Robert: (about Patrick) Look, let me ask you this: how does a career feminist like yourself wind up with a lounge lizard like him?
        Robin: I don't know. You know what they say: Girls fall in love with men exactly like their fathers.

      • Danielle: You know, I moved out here to Paris right after college. I, I just wanted to have fun, you know, see some art and travel. And then Jean hit me like a, a hurricane. He sent me love letters, flowers. He even wrote me a song on his guitar.
        Claire: Men can be so cruel.
        Danielle: Yeah, which I quickly realized when I came out of my room in my hostel one morning and he was coming out of some Algerian girl's room.
        Claire: There's always an Algerian girl. Always. I mean, or, in my case, a Poughkeepsie girl.

      • Kyle: I am so sorry. Here I am chatting you up when I should be asking what seems to be the problem.
        Estelle: It's my kitty.
        Kyle: Is it sick?
        Estelle: I'm afraid so.
        Kyle: Well, we don't treat animals here, but I can refer you to a wonderful veterinarian.
        Estelle: No. My kitty, you know, down there.
        (Estelle looks down)
        Kyle: Oh.

      • Toussaint: I'm not the man who stopped your heart back in those days years ago. I'm just plain old Toussaint, creaking by.
        Epiphany: Ha! You know that little fourteen-year-old girl... she didn't know any better. She was just... dazzled by all the flash. But the woman that is sitting here with you today... she just wants the man, the real man, that's sitting here across from her right now, creaking by.

    • NOTES (1)

      • The song playing as Robin looked at Robert through his hospital room's window was by an uncredited female artist. The lyrics were: "How to return? When the arrows are broken, but stuck in the womb. How many years has it been?"

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Toussaint: Did I happen to tell you how lovely you look tonight? That color brings out the best tones in your skin.
        Epiphany: I saw it, too.
        Toussaint: You saw what?
        Epiphany: Lady Sings the Blues. (both laugh) Now just because it's been a while that I've been out on a date, doesn't mean that I sure as hell don't recognize a line when I hear one.

        Lady Sings the Blues is a 1972 film that told the story of Billie Holiday (played by Diana Ross). Billy Dee Williams (Toussaint) starred in the film as Louis McKay, Billie Holiday's lover.

      • Episode Title: "We'll Always Have Paris"

        This is an allusion to the classic 1942 film, Casblanca, in which Humphrey Bogart's character, Rick, uttered that famous line to Ingrid Bergman's character, Ilsa, "We'll always have Paris."

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