General Hospital: Night Shift

Season 1 Episode 12

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on SOAPNet

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  • Lovell instructs Jolene to kill Toussaint, who's reunited with "The Saints" before his life-and-death surgery; Jason & Spinelli investigate Jolene as the cause of the hospital's many "accidents"; Cody takes the heat for pulling the plug on Lainey's dad.

    Finally, Billy Dee Williams ("Toussaint") gets a chance to shine in an episode centered around his character, Toussaint. Too bad the show will be ending its first season soon because I would have liked to have seen more shows like this one delve into the past of the mysterious Toussaint while they still had Billy Dee in the cast. Anyway, it was a nice departure to see Billy Dee do something other than push a mop around. This episode was a good example of when the show gets it right. Emotions were high as Toussaint went into surgery and Jolene plotted to kill him. Even the usually stoic Epiphany showed some humanity. The end music montage was a welcome departure from the usual ones, in which various hospital scenes are played out with a song playing. This "dream"/"afterlife" performance by "The Saints" was poignant and upbeat, including the surprise appearances of the recently deceased Roger Winters, Stacy Sloan and Mrs. Storch. The back and forth between the younger "Saints" and the old men they become was a nice touch, as was the appearance of the mysterious Michelle who lead to the break up of the group. The good thing was all the characters were smiling and enjoying the music (even the murderous Jolene). Well, except for Stone Cold who seemed a tad embarrassed by Spinelli getting his groove on. The white light at the end was a nice touch too. Did Toussaint make it to the afterlife of will he be revived in time? Tune in next week to the season finale.