General Hospital

Season 40 Episode 192

Ep. #10179

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 28, 2002 on ABC

Episode Recap

Skye sheepishly admits to Coleman that she was too drunk to remember if she did in fact push Alcazar from the balcony. Felicia reports success to Sonny but reminds him that no harm must come to Ida. Meanwhile, Jason crouches outside the Quartermaine mansion, waiting to snap incriminating photos of A.J. with his bogus "eyewitness." Faith invites Ned up to her hotel room for further negotiations and the mood soon turns passioniate. Outraged to learn about A.J.'s latest slimy maneuver, Courtney yearns to help Jason but Carly advises her to steer clear and let her capable brother handle things. On the island, Brenda explains to an irked Jax why she can't dissolve her marriage just yet, being so she won't have to testify against Jax. Lucky meets Summer while contemplating enrolling in a class at PCU. Ric suggests to Carly that her husband could go completely legit and leave organized crime behind once and for all. Jax plans a romantic surprise for Brenda, who after talking for a brief second with the PCPD, slips away and boards a flight for Port Charles instead. Courtney asks her ex-husband to bribe Ida into changing her story. Ida comes to Coleman's bar after escaping from protective custody and spots a familiar face.

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