General Hospital

Season 40 Episode 193

Ep. #10180

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 30, 2002 on ABC

Episode Recap

Outraged to see A.J. manhandling Courtney, Jason bursts into the living room at the mansion and attacks his brother. Ida threatens to tell the police how she saw Skye on the balcony with Luis unless Coleman coughs up more cash. Carly gently prods Sonny to at least consider the possibility of walking away from a life of crime, which he seems unwilling to do. Finding Brenda gone, Jax hops the next plane back to Port Charles to search for her. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Brenda tells Scott she's come to turn herself in. Ned and Faith succumb to mutual lust during their "business" meeting. Alexis presents Cameron with the file she has assembled on him and asks the mysterious doctor about the four year gap in his personal and professional history. Sonny reminds Carly that the "Life" got him out of Brooklyn and made him richer than he ever believed it could and that's why he's fully committed to the path he's chosen. Ida is intrigued to realize that Skye has no memory of her last few hours in Alcazar's suite. Jax assures Brenda he understands why she came back. Cameron berates Alexis for compiling a dossier on him. Faith fires a warning shot when Ned tries to leave her room following their session of lovemaking. Ida forces Skye to fork over her diamonds plus a hundred grand in exchange for maintaining her current story. Later, Skye's day hits rock bottom when she receives divorce papers from Jax. Against Bobbie's better judgement, Carly and Ric break down the wall in Kelly's basement and are shocked at what they find.

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