General Hospital

Season 43 Episode 114

Ep. #10870

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 08, 2005 on ABC

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  • The Teens' Stalker is still at large; a Diego sighting; Lorenzo being all upset, mobby, and stubbly-handsome; Durant and Alcazar bringing some truths; and Sonny not knowing which way to turn with his ex-wife melting down and his hitman with amnesia.

    The best part of the episode, the most soapy part, was the beginning section with Georgie and Dillon checking out what caused her dizzy spell. Their reaction to Bobbie's news was very true, real, soapy, and in-character for the duo. I wish they had one of the big stories- love them to death!

    As to the other teens, when did Maxie ever display slut tendencies? Yes, I remember her deflowering on the live 'Net feed (and I try to forget that), but she was (rightly) embarrassed and hurt by that sort of emotional betrayal. She wouldn't go around throwing herself at an on-duty cop and wonder- outloud!- about why he is so concerned about the case and not her body! *sigh*

    I cannot talk about the "Carly Melts Down" story without ranting and getting upset. I have been a mental health client and take huge exception to how this is playing out. This soap used to bring intelligent handling of it's medical stories, as one would hope from a soap called General Hospital. I could be ok with Sonny ignoring what needs to be done, but there is no balance to his opinion. Everyone else lets this woman's ex-husband make medical decisions for her when her current-tho' separated- husband or her mother would be the legal final say.

    It's just a more blatant episode showing how far the show has fallen. It makes me sad. Yet I refuse, currently, to abandon the few actors I adore still who manage to scrape out a couple of minutes a week and hit it outta the ballpark.