General Hospital

Season 43 Episode 114

Ep. #10870

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 08, 2005 on ABC



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    • Sonny Corinthos: Okay, I know shrinks work for some people. That's -- that's fine. But last time Carly was in Shadybrook, she was terrorized, she was drugged. That place is like poison to her.

    • Lorenzo Alcazar: Yeah, I find this so fascinating -- a former F.B.I. agent and a former D.A. stonewalling for a mob boss. Ric I can understand -- the shunted-aside younger brother desperate for attention and approval, but you? I thought you'd be tougher to crack.
      Reese Marshall: Well, why don't you mind your own business? Or don't you have any since Carly dumped you?
      Lorenzo Alcazar: I'm surprised you're taking such a superior tone, Agent Marshall. You took the same path as Carly -- from an occasional night in Sonny's bed to becoming a fixture in his home, this place where he manages to convince women that they're royalty when all they really are is the new flavor of the month, the next cheap contender who are willing to trade their dignity and morals for a hop in the sack.

    • John Durant: Oh, what? So she's going to be better off with you in, what, your perfect little world, which this year so far, what -- had three of your children kidnapped, your son traumatized. He's convinced that he killed his real father. Carly just went careening over the edge into a mental breakdown, and that's wiped out what's left of Jason's little bit of brain matter that he has. You're not the cure, Corinthos. You are the problem, and I'm not going to leave my fragile daughter to your insensitive mercies.

    • Dillon Quartermaine: I mean, we were careful, right? We were.
      Georgie Jones: Yeah, Dillon, we're always careful, but there's no guarantee. Mac's going to kill me.
      Dillon Quartermaine: No, no, you're going to have time to run while he's killing me first.

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    • Dillon: Just the facts, ma'am.

      This line references the signature line from the classic TV police procedural, Dragnet.