General Hospital

Season 43 Episode 137

Ep. #10893

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on ABC

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  • Stuff happens

    Tracy shows up in Luke’s bed instead of Skye, who is kidnapped in her place. Skye tries to threaten Vinnie with the wrath of God and he prefers it to the wrath of Tracy. Luke and Tracy have a pleasant breakfast together, exchanging insults. She admits to having Vinnie kidnap Skye in her place. Tracy reveals that Luke must convince a reluctant shareholder in ELQ to give Tracy all his shares. Skye and the bookie discuss his mistake in kidnapping Tracy. She threatens him with her connection to Lorenzo.
    Alcazar goes to see Manny Ruiz and leaves. Manny opens his eyes.
    Tracy comes to visit Skye. They have a fabulous cat witch conversation, mainly about Alcazar signing over his ELQ shares to Tracy.
    Luke offers the deal to Alkie and promises to help him get them back afterwards. Alkie refuses. Alkie admits to Luke that Skye is replaceable—he’s not in love with her.

    Somehow, it’s the next day and Courtney is magically again at Sonny’s though she never really left. Can’t stand Guza’s sense of timeline. She’s there to plead the case to Emily now. That makes three people pleas so far. Emily proclaims them as over. She tells Courtney she’ll move out if Sonny asks her to. Courtney tries to force her way into the Corinthos family. He again expresses his desire to keep Emily instead to stop the boys from having too much change. He again sees right through Courtney’s motives—hiding the pregnancy from Nik. Sonny tries to talk sense into Courtney. She blah blahs about it being a miracle baby. Sonny says she’s being ridiculous and she is. More arguing about who should take care of his kids. Emily walks on and overhears that Courtney is pregnant. Courtney tries to compare it to Sam’s pregnancy and Sonny won’t buy that either. Emily ducks out. Sonny thinks that Nik treats women like garbage but he has the right to know if the baby is his. Courtney can raise it on her own. Sonny tells her she will be a good mother no matter what. Courtney leaves. Emily comes out from hiding crying. Sonny asks her if she’s okay. She is but somewhat dumbshocked. Emily is hurt that Courtney’s pregnant. Sonny explains that parents can be good parents without being married. He exemplifies the perfect child-rearing of himself and Carly. Boy would I find that encouraging! Sonny talks about how no one should have the right to withhold paternity knowledge from someone else. And I laugh, cause I remember when Robin was reviled by the Corinthos clan for telling AJ that Michael was his. And I was all alone, cheering her on. How differently Sonny sings now.

    Sonny and Michael are at Kelly’s and Grandpa Mike brings them some coffee with breakfast. Ruiz watches from afar and Sonny comes out to speak with him. Sonny tells him to go home since it’s colder in NY than Miami. He replies that he’s not done with Sonny yet. Sonny and Ruiz exchange threats. Sonny almost sounds convincing.

    Jesse and Maxie discuss the case. Dr. Winters analyzes a paper by Lucas that implies a harboring of a great secret. Now Lucas apparently is the suspect of the drugging. Don’t know how that happened. I think I missed something. Lucas is very defensive about the charges. Cos, you know, I wouldn’t be if someone accused me of drugging young women and taking nude photos. I think that GH is tired of even spreading time between storylines because “Lucas the suspect” sounds exactly the same as “Dillon the suspect.” Leave me alone, don’t analyze me, blah. Georgie is Lucas’ closest friend. Aww. He feels like he’s going to explode because he’s always faking it. He tells Georgie that……..da da dum….he’s gay. Which we, the collective audience has known for years, even without a Lucas on screen.

    Dillon’s hot alibi makes Georgie jealous again.

    The older Ruiz comes to talk to Alexis and Ric pulls him away. Rick jumps to Alexis’ defense. More threats are thrown around. But at least Ric is being protective of Alexis. Alexis tells him to get used to it or come home with her.

    Lucky and Nik talk about Emily and Nik. Lucky says they should be together and Courtney is right. Nik defends his choice to be with Courtney while Lucky claims it was just an affair. Why is she trying to push Nik away then? She must be holding something back.

    Brook Lynn invites Diego to a party and he says no. Brook Lynn tries to bring up Diego’s suspicion in the case to stop Diego from picking up another girl. Jesse barrels into him once he slightly tugs on her wrist. It’s rather a lot of overreacting. Maxie gives Jesse a hard time as well. Brook Lynne finds something rufie like on the floor.

    Alexis has a flashback of her wedding to Ric. Courtney comes over to her and they discuss pregnancy. Alexis jokes that she’ll bring her own epidermal if the hospital doesn’t have enough. Alexis expresses that Ric may have been promoted in Sonny’s family. Much better than her whining. She goes off on the horribleness of love and men. It’s quite entertaining.

    Ric sees Sonny. Discusses the threats. Sonny tells him to stay out of it. They will be guarded and Ric is to concentrate on his own family.

    Manny tears off his medical tubing and starts spouting angry threats.

    Emily meets Nik in a gazebo and we believe she will tell him about the pregnancy.