General Hospital

Season 43 Episode 185

Ep. #10941

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 20, 2005 on ABC
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Ep. #10941
Unwilling to accept that Sonny may move on, Carly does her best to make Emily feel bad that she is developing feelings for Sonny, but Emily scores points in Sonny's eyes after she steps in to save Sonny from Michael's difficult questions. Jason stops Sam from killing Manny as Patrick prepares to do surgery on the mobster. Patrick is confident that with the tumor removed Manny will no longer be angry or violent, as the part of his brain affected by the tumor was part responsible for aggression. Alexis watches as Kristina plays with Morgan and Michael at Kelly's, but she is unable to control the children when Michael starts barking out orders.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Christmas is bustin' out all over- Not!

    For a woman who hasn't spent a second on-screen working on her mental problems, Carly needs to back off of her Alexis-bashing. Because women who aren't excessively permissive and have children with heart conditions should let their kids do eff all, according to the ex-Mrs. Corinthos/currently Mrs. Alcazar.

    See how well the assumed-murdering son, Michael, is doing? Eating ice cream at Kelly's whenever you see him not at home. Ice cream apparently makes the imaginary friend and IF's mom go away like magic.

    That the local hitman talks his fiance out of murdering theman who's attempted to rape her and has terrorized her repeatedly seems a bit skewed to me.

    That that same woman agrees that the local mobster is correct in deeming a doctor as on her "moral high horse" because she's not gonna let said mobster try to buy a "death" is also skewed. Thankfully the delightfully snarky surgeon has his surgical record he wants to keep perfect, so off you go, you short weird man.

    That Alexis was shown no respect by the bodyguards, after being roped into watching Sonny's boys, or Sonny, Emily, Michael, or Carly makes me roll my eyes so hard they almost fall out. Sonny [i]had[/i] to go see about buying a hit in the hospital, can't take the kids along on that!

    This show is showing bright spots (Liz and Lucky in the hospital, worried about each other's safety-aw!), but the rest of the show sucks like a black hole. Why I still watch? I don't know. A bit of hope and optimism I guess. I remember really great acting day in- day out, so I have a bit of hope for the future.moreless
Ming Lo

Ming Lo

Dr. Bradley Kim

Guest Star

Robert LaSardo

Robert LaSardo

Manny Ruiz

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Drew Cheetwood

Drew Cheetwood

Milo Giambetti

Recurring Role

Derk Cheetwood

Derk Cheetwood

Max Giambetti

Recurring Role

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