General Hospital

Season 45 Episode 248

Ep. #11517

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC



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    • Johnny: In the end I think I knew she was gonna go. And I was right.

    • Claudia: (to Johnny) Oh, so you picked her up? Great!

    • Dr.Kelly Lee: Let's do that ultra-sound.

    • Jason: Can you stall them?
      Diane: Yes.

    • Diane: This whole thing could land on Carly's head.

    • Diane: (to Jason) Now, you and I have some legal matters to discuss.

    • Scott: (to Logan) Don't let Lulu destroy your life. Cause she will.

    • Sonny: I don't know what's gonna happen with my son. But his mother and I will figure it out.

    • Kate: When I asked what happens next, I meant Michael.

    • Sonny: I know who shot you?
      Kate: Oh. Okay. I want you to promise me that you're not going to retaliate.
      Sonny: It was Michael.

    • Jason: Why were you in there?
      Claudia: I wanted to talk to Carly. Dont, you know, don't look at me like that, I'm not, standing next to her isn't gonna make her lose her baby?

    • Claudia: I just wanted to go over some business, but I can come back.

    • Sam: Do you even care that you almost killed me?

    • Sonny: (to Jax) I called the hospital, and Carly's doing better and I spoke to Michael this morning, and he's happy to be home.

    • Lulu: (to Johnny) And then one day the man that you love is unrecognizeable.

    • Carly: I'm really scared.
      Jax: We're not gonna lose this baby. We're not.

    • Sonny: (to Max and Milo) I just got a declaration of war from Johnny Zacchara. He's gonna lose.

    • Johnny: Sonny started it, but I'm finishing it.

    • Lulu: Well I can't be with you if you're gonna be like this

    • Jason: I want you to stay away from Carly.

    • Sonny: We're not finished, where are you going?
      Jax: I have to take care of my family, something you should do.

    • Sonny: (to Jax) I'm betting that Carly didn't sign off on this conversation.

    • Lucky: (to Alexis) I get why you want to help Sonny, but why do you want to protect the Zaccharras?

    • Sam: Fine, great, let the truth come out. Especially the part where Jason is Jake's father.

    • Diane: Knock, Knock
      Alexis: (talking on the phone) Hey, alright, Commissioner thank you I'll wait for the file. (hangs up phone) Well, Hi, Oh, shoes.
      Diane: (laughs) Oh, necklace!
      Alexis: Oh, this yeah I got this in an outlet store on the way to Philadelphia, you wanna go?
      Diane: Anytime, if you can stop for drinks afterwards?
      Alexis: You're not gonna take me to a place where the fireman hang out again are you?
      Diane: You love the place where the fireman hang out, because fireman are strong and brave...
      Alexis: And good with their hoses.
      Diane: I'm gonna forget you said that, all I know at some point I have to get lucky.
      Alexis: When are your clients coming in for questioning?
      Diane: No dice.
      Alexis: They're material witnesses.
      Diane: Jason Morgan was out of town, and Sonny Corinthos was a victim of the blast, (looking at Alexis' outfit) Is that suit Paula Jackson?
      Alexis: It's a Monachain. Did you know that tensions are escalating between Sonny and the Zacchara's?
      Diane: Your current investigation has nothing to do with my client.
      Alexis: I'm not gonna stand here why a mob war breaks out, I have to up hold the law. Where did you get your earrings?
      Diane: Online.
      Alexis: Cheap?
      Diane: But good, and it doesn't uphold or support any laws when you violated my clients rights.
      Alexis: They're material witnesses.
      Diane: Simple do process.
      Alexis: They're people of interests.
      Diane: Then get a warrant? Shopping tomorrow 3 o'clock I'll pick you up?
      Alexis: I'll drive?
      Diane: I'll drive?
      Alexis: I'll drive?
      (Alexis and Diane play rock, paper, scissors)
      Alexis: (laughs) Whoooo!

    • Lulu: You threaten someone's life and you call it business?

    • Carly: (to Dr. Kelly Lee) Its beyond cramps, its like a sharp pain.

    • Carly: It hurts so bad, Jason.

    • Sonny: (to Jax) You may be married to Carly, but you don't make decisons on my kids.

    • Jax: Don't cover up the truth. Allow Michael to admit to the authorities what he did.

    • Jax: You trashed your boy's life.

    • Jax: Your family's already hurt, but not because of Johnny Zaccharra.

    • Elizabeth: (to Sam) I did a little research of my own and you could get up to 25 years for aiding in the kidnapping of my son.

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