General Hospital

Season 46 Episode 412

Ep. #11682

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on ABC
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Ep. #11682
Lesley is thrilled to see Laura, Nikolas suggests that they celebrate, but Laura doesn't want anything big. Elizabeth calls Jason and tells him that Robin is stabilized and asks him to come to the studio, but he says he can't. Jerry tells Sam that it won't be long before he leaves and she dies. Jax tells Carly that maybe he believes her that there was no romance between her and Sonny last night. Sasha is told to go ahead and move in on Sonny's territory. A doctor comes and says that Laura should go to France to undergo some testing. Sonny tells Olivia not to volunteer any information. Diane tells Sonny that he needs an alibi for the time that Karpov was murdered. Jax tells Carly not to be Sonny's alibi. Lesley tells Laura that it's her choice whether or not she goes to France. Lulu is thrilled to see Johnny and meets Laura, she then is glad that she's fallen in love with such a great guy. Spinelli sees Jerry and he demands to know where he took Sam, Jerry then renders Spinelli unconscious. Sasha comes to see Sonny and he insists that he didn't kill her boss. Edward thinks that he's finally rid of Luke, Luke asks to speak to Tracy alone and says that Laura is going away and he wants to stay with her. Laura meets Nadine and after talking with her for a while she thinks she's perfect for Nikolas. Spinelli impresses Jason with his investigation skills after hearing that he planted a tracking device on Jerry. Elizabeth comes by and says that Lucky isn't the father of her son, and that he loves him anyway, Laura gets a call from the institute and learns that he was a fake. Jason attempts to get Sam free and he and Jerry engage in a fight. Laura confronts Tracy thinking she was the one who sent the fake doctor. Jerry gets caught in a net as Jason and Sam manage to get off the boat as it explodes.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Denise Alexander

    Denise Alexander

    Lesley Webber

    Recurring Role

    Genie Francis

    Genie Francis

    Laura Spencer

    Recurring Role

    Sandra Hess

    Sandra Hess

    Sasha Donev

    Recurring Role

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