General Hospital

Season 46 Episode 414

Ep. #11684

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on ABC
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Ep. #11684
Maxie brings Kate back to her place thinking she should've been Mrs. Corinthos by now. Sam explains to Elizabeth that Jerry abducted her and Jason saved her. Sasha tells Sonny that they're gonna wipe him and anyone else out. Lucky reveals to Nikolas that Jake isn't his biological son and that Jason is the father, Nikolas then understands what his brother must've been going through. Sonny tells Mike that he was released after they didn't have enough evidence, Mike says that he just missed Morgan and Mercedes. Carly justifies her actions to Jax, but he says he can't deal with her right now cause Jerry might be dead. Nadine tells Nikolas that she was delighted to meet Laura and that they should all have lunch sometime, Nikolas says that they might when she gets back from France. Nikolas gets a call and tells Nadine that he maybe deported back to Greece. Elizabeth tells Jason that they told Luke and Laura that he is Jake's father and not Lucky. Jax comes to see Kate and asks if she's spoken with Sonny, he says that he was released from jail and Carly said while Karpov was killed Sonny and Carly were having sex. Kate tells Sonny that she doesn't want to hear any more excuses and that it's over between them. Sam tells Lucky that it was never about Jerry and that she never would've slept with him at all. Nadine tells Leyla that it's staring him in the face and thinks that Nikolas wants to marry her. Jason tells Elizabeth that he'll come to the house tonight. Mike is the target of mob violence when they start to trash Kelly's, Maxie witnesses it and one of the guys sees her. Cody tells Jason that Karpov's men is moving in as retaliation over his death. Jason tells Elizabeth that he can't make it and she hangs up on him and in anger throws the phone. Sonny gets a call from Sasha saying that it's all beginning.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Ron Hale

    Ron Hale

    Mike Corbin

    Recurring Role

    George Juarez

    George Juarez

    Morgan Corinthos

    Recurring Role

    Sandra Hess

    Sandra Hess

    Sasha Donev

    Recurring Role

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