General Hospital

Season 47 Episode 12

Ep. #11787

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on ABC
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Ep. #11787
Claudia tells Johnny that her being pregnant with Sonny's baby is the only solution. Sonny overhears Johnny and asks why he thinks Claudia needs protection. Robin slaps Patrick after telling her that he saw her and that Brad guy kissing. Jerry tells Ric that he shouldn't have played his game when it was intended for Claudia only. Helena is amazed and says that the only way that she could look like Emily if she was designed that way. Carly explains to Jason that Jax is the only possible father of her baby, if she's indeed pregnant. Alexis tells Helena that for once she agrees with her. Robin tells Patrick that she only went and had a drink and went to the movies with Brad and didn't have sex. Spinelli tells Jason he has proof that Jerry is alive cause he's the one siphoning money from Devlin's account. Jerry warns Ric that he'd better not betray him or else. Helena tells Nikolas that he has something of hers locked in a bank, and Nikolas realizes that it's a painting. Jason tells Sam that Jerry is still alive. Sonny wants to know what angle that Claudia is working this time. Johnny goes to Ric and tells him not to point the finger at his sister anymore and that he stays alive and Claudia stays safe. Robin tells Patrick said that what Carly said is true and she destroys everything and hates what this has done to them. Helena tells Nikolas that until she gets her property his life will be miserable. Alexis accuses Rebecca of being Helena's plant. Claudia is shocked when she sees Jerry alive and on the pier, and he says that he found all the DVD's and they were destroyed all but one. Sonny tells Jason to find Jerry and get the truth out him anyway he can. Carly starts to walk up the stairs and feels dizzy and falls.moreless

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