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General Hospital

Season 47 Episode 22

Ep. #11797

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Ep. #11797
Maxie goes to Jason attempting one more time to try to get him to get Spinelli to forgive her and if so then he'll get her off his back, Jason says that she really hurt Spinelli. Jax tells Patrick that he wants him back on Michael's case. Lucky tells Nikolas that he's not fooling anyone with that kiss he planted on Elizabeth and knows that it was to get to Rebecca and him. Ethan tells Luke that if him and Holly are his parents then that means that he abandoned him, and since Lucky didn't turn into the son he always wanted. Lulu goes to see Spinelli at the P.I. office and says that she and Johnny broke up cause of their own problems and should consider taking Maxie back. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that the "kiss" was a brilliant move and then what do they do next. Rebecca makes a mysterious phone call and says that she's doing her best, Lucky then comes and ready to take her out on that boat. Nikolas takes Elizabeth to Jake's and that his plan to make Rebecca jealous completely backfired. Patrick tells Jax that it's not his call to have him back on and only Michael's parents can authorize that. Jason says to Spinelli that he told him before he's not going to need to carry and concealed and weapon and is good enough to do his job without one. Tracy arrives and says that Ethan better be sincere and if he doesn't want to know that Luke is his father then to get on that plane. Jax goes to Jason and asks for Carly's sake not to go after Jerry. Luke offers Ethan a compromise that he takes the DNA test and is his son, and if he wants to leave he'll buy the ticket himself. Spinelli returns to the office and sees Maxie waiting for him, she says that she's being stalked by someone who seen her at one of those publicity appearances. Winnifred tells Spinelli that it's pretty convenient that Maxie is being stalked just shortly after he washed his hands of her. Luke and Ethan go to the hospital and ask Epiphany that they would take a test, Tracy says they want to see if they're father and son, Epiphany then has a good laugh. Jax tells Jason that once Carly is okay then he can track Jerry down and do whatever he does.moreless

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