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      Episode 20150206
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      Episode 20150205
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      Episode 20150204
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      Episode 20150130
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      Episode 20150129
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      Episode 20150128
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      Episode 20150127

      Episode 20150126
    • 2015/01/23
      Episode 20150123

      Ava has a dream of Kiki bringing Avery to see her, but wakes up and gets a visit from Madeline. Franco overhears Sonny and Julian and wants to be apart of the prison breakout. Fluke tells Michael and Lucas about a fund raiser party for the new waterfront property. Nina makes a new friend in Heather. Shawn tells Jordan he thinks that Bill Eckert is very much alive and is her boss. Dante asks Kiki if there's something more going on with her and Morgan. Michael is against the idea of Morgan working at the Haunted Star. Ava is approached by a guard with a knife, but is saved when he's then called away. Franco reaches out to Nina. Shawn digs until he reaches the coffin and starts to open it. Fluke visits Luke saying he invited everyone he cares to a special gathering.

    • 2015/01/22
      Episode 20150122

      Fluke makes threats against Michael and Lucas, and Sonny blurts out he knows who he really is. Carly asks "Jake" to explain the gun and other stuff inside the bag, but has no idea and makes her promise not to tell anybody. Sam fills in Alexis that Patrick spent the night at her place. Maxie explains to Nathan her sordid history with Johnny. Jordan follows Shawn to the cemetery as he plans to dig up Bill Eckert's grave. Sonny tells Julian the only way to protect their loved ones is by busting out of Pentonville. Fluke calls Michael and says he wants to meet both him and Lucas at the Haunted Star.

    • 2015/01/21
      Episode 20150121

      "Jake" is found on the pier, by a cop who calls 911 and has him brought to the hospital, Elizabeth then notifies Carly. Alexis serves Shawn with a restraining order against Michael, as well as the Elm street property. Sam realizes the phoenix statue is missing from her bedroom. Sonny calls Michael to warn him about Luke, but he refuses to listen. Anna tells Jordan she might face indictment charges, and for her to keep staying undercover. Sam walks along the pier having memories of searching for Jason in the water, just going right past the phoenix statue. Fluke makes a call to Sonny warning him about interfering in his business have consequences.

    • 2015/01/20
      Episode 20150120

      Lulu goes home after having a fight with Dante, and Olivia lets it slip that she slept with Julian on New Year's Eve. Maxie has a run in with Johnny at the Haunted Star. Sonny explains his theory of Fluke being Bill Eckert, and thinks he has a way to prove it. "Jake" has constant memory flashes while pointing the gun at Sam and Patrick. Nikolas asks "Luke" if Lulu approves of him meeting with Helena in secret, he then says that Lulu is not to know about this. "Jake" quickly leaves Sam's place and goes down the pier and collapses. Dante brings Lulu flowers and humble apologizes to her.

    • 2015/01/19
      Episode 20150119

      Dante tells Lulu to sell her half of the Haunted Star to Johnny, so she won't have to deal with him anymore. "Jake" begins to go upstairs, but then he envisions Robin who suddenly appears. Sonny and Julian are approached by more of Johnny's men in Pentonville. Carly and Elizabeth realize "Jake" lied to them both as to where he was going. Michael catches Shawn about to break into the basement, and threatens to have him arrested for trespassing. Dante gets into it with Johnny when he brings up Olivia. Helena orders "Jake" to kill both Sam and Patrick. Shawn tells Sonny he saw the Luke impostor meeting with Helena in Luke's old house. "Jake" slowly opens the door to Sam's bedroom.

    • 2015/01/16
      Episode 20150116

      Lulu informs Dante that Johnny bought back his share of the Haunted Star. Helena arrives as Shawn quickly hides, and Fluke thinks there's someone in the house. "Jake" hides the gun as Elizabeth spots him on the pier, and asks if they can still be friends. Michael brings Rosalie to the hospital, and asks Lucas to come and work at the clinic he's building in A.J.'s memory. Sam tells Alexis of her planned romantic evening with Patrick. Sonny tells Julian that he can count on Shawn to report to him if Luke is still alive. Shawn waits for Helena and Fluke to leave before investigating whatevers in the basement. "Jake" secretly lets himself into Sam's place after she goes upstairs with Patrick.

    • 2015/01/15
      Episode 20150115

      Fluke is livid when Johnny says that Sonny came to Julian's aid and prevented him from being killed. Helena instructs Rosalie to think of something to get Michael out of the house. Sonny fills Shawn in on the Luke Spencer impersonator not being Faison and is still out there. Agent Sloane questions Dante and Nathan if they have a problem reporting to him instead of Anna. Anna tells Jordan that Sloane knows nothing about her and feels that he can't be trusted. Lulu is angry when Johnny said that Dante threatened him, and told him to stay away from her. Anna tells Jordan that she can still report to both Dante and Nathan. Shawn follows Fluke and sees him going into a house.

    • 2015/01/14
      Episode 20150114

      Anna tells Agent Sloane she will prove that he and Mayor Lomax rigged the election in order to secure her job. Patrick finds Sam hiding in Kevin's office and finds out she was digging information on Jake Doe. Helena is delighted when Nikolas shows signs of being a true Cassadine, she in return tells him of her plan in progress. Rosalie confesses to Michael of her not being a nurse, he then hires her as his new assistant at E.L.Q. Patrick and Sam make plans and hope not to be interrupted again. Maxie tells Nathan the idea of them start dating. "Jake" leaves his room with a gun in hand with instructions to kill Sam.

    • 2015/01/13
      Episode 20150113

      Felicia and Mayor Lomax are brought to the courthouse, cause a missing ballot box suddenly turned up and Scott says those votes are going to be counted. Spencer tells Dante he saw Shawn and Jordan toss the box into the harbor. Mayor Lomax turns out to be the winner and her first order of business is firing Anna and replacing her with Agent Sloane as police commissioner, she thanked for switching the real ballots for the fakes, and Nikolas is shown burning the votes in his fireplace naming Felicia as the rebundant winner.

    • 2015/01/12
      Episode 20150112

      Carly let's it slip to Sam that "Jake" probably was wondering if he in fact did it or not. Alexis tells Nikolas that Tracy was tricked into handing over shares of E.L.Q. to Jerry Jacks. Fluke comes upstairs and lies to Bobbie he came to the house to get some kind of closure, Michael tells him about the clinic and the house being in Bill Eckert's name. Julian tells Sonny that his boss with Luke's face is still out there, and is the one who before put the hit out on Michael. Lulu is shocked to learn from Tracy she has an other aunt that she's never heard of before. Nathan and Maxie spend another romantic morning together. Helena instructs "Jake" to kill Sam.

    • 2015/01/09
      Episode 20150109

      Helena tells Fluke that Sam is close to discovering the truth about their soldier. Sam goes to Dr. Obrecht demanding answers to the person is who took her hostage. Carly insists that "Jake" make an appointment to see Kevin at the hospital. Sonny unwittingly comes to Julian's aid in the work out area killing one inmate and injuring another. Bobbie and Michael enter the house, they hear a noise, Michaeo goes to see what it is, Fluke who is unaware they're people upstairs while visiting Luke. Nikolas discovers some E.L.Q. stock certificates among Helena's things. "Jake" goes to see Kevin, but instead sees Helena at his desk.

    • 2015/01/08
      Episode 20150108

      Nathan and Dante give Johnny a warning to stay away from both Lulu and Maxie. Tracy overhears Fluke on the phone, she asks who he wants dead. Lulu tells Maxie that Dante wasn't thrilled finding her with Dante yesterday. Sonny is confused when Julian says he's in prison for killing Anthony Zacchara. Ned calls Jenny, and informs Michael she has no idea why Luke and Bobbie's old house is in Bill Eckert's name. Carly tells "Jake" the idea of him kidnapping Sam at gunpoint is ludicrous Sam tells Nikolas she believes Helena sent the person to abduct her so Faison can go free. Julian is questioned by some fellow prisoners as Sonny watches as to why he confessed now.

    • 2015/01/07
      Episode 20150107

      Lulu is stunned when she runs into Johnny at the Metro Court. Carly figures out that Olivia spent the night with Julian on New Year's Eve. Michael informs Bobbie he's turning her old Brownstone into a clinic. Anna informs Dante of the release of Johnny Zacchara from Pentonville. Carlos tells Julian there is a way to spare his life. Fluke gives Luke clues to where he's being held, and remembers he's in the basement of the place where he was abused by his father. Luke begins to wonder if the person holding him is in fact his cousin Bill Eckert. Dante arrives at the Metro Court and sees Lulu together with Johnny. Julian goes to see Anna and confesses to killing Anthony.

    • 2015/01/06
      Episode 20150106

      Agent Sloane presents to Anna evidence that Johnny didn't kill Anthony, and accuses her of fabricating evidence. "Jake" invites Carly to have breakfast with him in his room. Alexis apologizes to Olivia that things didn't work out for her and Ned. Fluke informs Carlos that a plan to release Johnny is in motion. Julian tells Lucas he was forced back into the business. Fluke orders Carlos to take out Julian once and for all. Johnny tells Sonny he's going to be getting out of Pentonville, and might pay a visit to some people he cares about. Carlos visits Julian and points a gun at him. Fluke pays a visit to a still tied up Luke in the basement.

    • 2015/01/05
      Episode 20150105

      Julian and Olivia both have dreams of being with the ones they love. Ava requests to hold her baby before being taken off to Pentonville, Kiki and Silas assure nothing will happen. Olivia wakes up, realizing she never should've went to bed with Julian. Nathan takes it upon himself to surprise Maxie with breakfast in bed. Bobbie tells Ned that Luke became unsettled when she mentioned Bill Eckert. Morgan visits Sonny and says he is the father of Ava's baby. Ava runs into Sonny while arriving at the prison. Fluke makes a phone call to his partner saying they need to meet right away.

    • 2015/01/02
      Episode 20150102

      Sam asks Patrick to spend the night with her. Ric and Elizabeth head back to his hotel room. Anna goes in search of Agent Sloane to set the record straight about Faison. Olivia only agrees to go Julian's room, to further making Ned and Alexis jealous. Patrick and Sam's night is ruined after getting phone calls about their kids. "Jake" tells Carly he moved out of Elizabeth's house cause it was the right thing to do. Nathan and Maxie continue their celebration at the apartment and make love for the first time.

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