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Season 2017 : Episode 20170724

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    • Ep. #8929
      Ep. #8929
      Season 35 - Episode 32
      Lucky finds Liz after she has been raped.
    • Ep. #10651
      Ep. #10651
      Season 42 - Episode 152
    • Ep. #10000
      Ep. #10000
      Season 40 - Episode 13
      Alan presents Audrey with a special pin as her friends and family gather to help her celebrate her 10,000th day of service with General Hospital. After the lights go out thanks to Alan's attempt to help, Laura and Bobbie coax Luke and Lucky through helping Phoebe give birth in an elevator. Maxie and Zander become friends when Maxie explains to Zander about her cousin B.J. and how she ended up with her heart.moreless
    • Ep. #10233
      Ep. #10233
      Season 40 - Episode 246
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #10601
      Ep. #10601
      Season 42 - Episode 102
      Brooke, Sage, Trent, Dillon, Georgie, and Lucas contact Lila through a device used to contact the dead. She relays a message to them that tonight, one of them will die. While fooling Bobbie, Sonny allows Carly to look for her father. Faith gets Justice in bed, while Courtney apologizes to Jason for her outburst at Kellie's. Jax continues to tell Courtney that she is infatuated with him. Nikolas breaks Emily out of the room that Helena has been keeping her in, telling her that he has remembered his past life afterwards.moreless
    • Ep. #10221
      Ep. #10221
      Season 40 - Episode 234
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #10160
      Ep. #10160
      Season 40 - Episode 173
      Courtney's day is troubled as she suffers frustrating nightmares.
    • Ep. #10149
      Ep. #10149
      Season 40 - Episode 162
      A.J. finally realizes that Coleman set him up.
    • Ep. #10170
      Ep. #10170
      Season 40 - Episode 183
      Jason agrees when Sonny asks him to take Brenda out of town.
    • Ep. #10735
      Ep. #10735
      Season 42 - Episode 236
      Rachel asks Bridgette to steal some meds off the med cart at general hospital. She does and then calls Courtney. Since Courtney is away from Jax, Rachel calls him asking for help. She has gotten her big toe stuck in the faucet while she was taking a bath. Courtney makes Bridgette return the meds, and returns to her apartment to find Rachel and Jax together on the couch drinking whine and talking. In Louisiana, Detective Reese gets a call about 2 young kids about to get on a plane. The kids were going to be taking to a foster family in Arizona. Everyone arrives at the airport just in time to catch them. It was Morgan and Kristina but no Micheal. In the hospital Lorenzo talks to Faith right after she regain conciseness. She tells him that she shot and killed Micheal then dumped his body in the swamp.moreless
    • Ep. #10733
      Ep. #10733
      Season 42 - Episode 234
      Michael called Sonny on a cell phone Friday and before he could tell Sonny where he was, a gunshot rings out. Sonny fears that Faith has killed Michael. He smashes a window and purposly cuts his hand on a piece of glass. Ric fears that Faith took the kids to get back at him for using her when he knew she loved him. Lorenzo tells Jason where to find William Peavy, Faith's assistant. Sonny, Jason and Reese go to Peavy and hold him at gunpoint until he tells them where Faith is. They all go to an abandoned church. In the church they search the rooms but don't find any kids. There is a shootout between the two groups and Faith is shot.moreless
    • Ep. #10732
      Ep. #10732
      Season 42 - Episode 233
      Sam and Jason find out where Michael, Morgan, and Kristina had been held, but they were already gone. Faith escapes from General Hospital after fighting with Sonny and Alexis in the stairwell. Emily tells Nikolas she wants a divorce. Lucky wakes up from a coma.
    • Ep. #10737
      Ep. #10737
      Season 42 - Episode 238
      Justus catches Faiths confession on a recorder. He lets Mac hear it, then when Faith tells Mac that Justus tried to smother her, he is asked to leave the room. Mac himself asks Faith where Micheal is, she tells him he's dead. Luke gives Jason the transfer records from Faiths account. Skye tells Detective Reese and Ric that she broke Faith out of Pentonville alone. They both know that Luke helped her, but Skye begs them to leave him out of it. Lorenzo and Carly go to a church and pray for Micheals safe return. Jason and Sam start looking through the files Luke gave them.moreless
    • Ep. #11232
      Ep. #11232
      Season 44 - Episode 219
      Seven hours before the Metro Court explosion. Emily, Elizabeth and Carly are able to stop the bleeding in Robin. Jason and Spinelli get ready for their mission. Sonny professes his love to Carly after telling her he was wrong to trick her into marriage. James plays another round of musical hostages.moreless
    • Ep. #11355
      Ep. #11355
      Season 45 - Episode 87
      Jax is seen being tied to a chair and being held prisoner by Jerry's supposedly dead girlfriend Irina. Carly searches for a way to be allowed into the courtrooom. The jury watches footage of Jason gunning down his victims. Maxie tells Lulu to get the away from Coop as she sees them together in his room. Jerry calls and wants an update on Jax. Lulu lays into Logan for making Maxie believe there's something going on between her and Coop. Carly announces that she is going to be a witness, but she gets nervous when the guard asks to see a copy of her subpaoena. Mayor Floyd tries get Ric to reconsider having Elizabeth testify since she was once married to him. Spinelli wants to know why Lucky won't help Jason, since he's the one that gave him his son. Spinelli tells Jason that maybe Lucky will be lenient if he knew the truth. Ric offers Jason a plea bargain and if he doesn't he'll ask Elizabeth under oath if Jacob Martin Spencer is actually his son. Spinelli quickly goes and tells Lulu exactly what Ric is planning to do.moreless
    • Ep. #11266
      Ep. #11266
      Season 44 - Episode 253
      Robin gets a sample of Nikolas' blood to be analyzed. Lulu tells her troubles to Spinelli. Mr. Craig wants Nikolas and Robin to have a fake romance. Sam tells Amelia that she doesn't want Jason involved in the show Everyday Heroes. Patrick tells Alexis that Robin moved in with Nikolas. Monica tells Noah that she is determined to be appointed Cheif of Staff at General Hospital. Alexis tells Nikolas what is his deal is with Robin. Jason tells Spinelli to go ahead and delete Elizabeth's paternity test Jason runs into Elizabeth at the park with Cameron and she lets him push him in the swing. Scott comes by the hotel and asks Coop if the cops that where there asked about him. Lulu tells Milo, Spinelli and Dillon that she will go on trial dates, seperatly with all three of them. Logan and Maxie send Scott another e-mail. Dillon, Spinelli and Milo each draw numbers the one with the highest gets the first date, and Dillon gets the highest one.moreless
    • Ep. #11078
      Ep. #11078
      Season 44 - Episode 65
      Anna Devane returns to Port Charles for a very important assignment. After their little love spat Lulu and Dillon start to make love and Georgie plants a kiss on Diego.
    • Ep. #10875
      Ep. #10875
      Season 43 - Episode 119
      Jesse and Maxie come up with a possible plan to help Dillon. Meanwhile, Georgie arrives with bad news for Dillon. Ric confronts Ruiz and then Sonny. Sonny realizes Carly's condition is going worse. Mac wants answers from Dillon. Jason's memories continue taunting him.
    • Ep. #11261
      Ep. #11261
      Season 44 - Episode 248
      Lulu overhears Luke tell Laura about his remarriage to Elizabeth. Lulu then confides in an unresponsive Laura that Lucky is not the father of Elizabeth's baby. Scott breaks down during his confession that he killed Rick Webber to Laura. Sam asks Spinelli that she needs his help. Lesley comes to help Lucky and Elizabeth prepare for their wedding tomorrow. Carly is at loss for words when Michael invites Jax to join him and Morgan for breakfast at Kelly's. Lorenzo puts another plan in motion, while Skye remains in the dark about his condition. Bobbie tells Luke to back off Scott or he'll tell Lulu that he raped Laura.moreless
    • Ep. #11262
      Ep. #11262
      Season 44 - Episode 249
      Emily tells Elizabeth if she wants to back out of the wedding now is the time. Carly asks Jason if he would escort her to the wedding. Lulu tells Spinelli that she is going to tell Lucky the truth. Mr. Craig tells Nikolas to go to his brother's wedding or else something bad will happen. Patrick offers to help Robin move back in with him but says that she doesn't want to. Tracy finds Luke and he asks her to accompany him to the wedding. Spinelli tells Jason that he's worried that Lulu might tell Lucky the truth. Elizabeth tells Lulu since Emily won't be here, to be her maid of honor. Alexis runs into Mr. Craig at Wyndemere as says that he is one of Nikolas' associates. Luke senses something is wrong, by the look on Lulu's face. Robin realized that Patrick arranged for Georgie to walk in on them.moreless
    • Ep. #11263
      Ep. #11263
      Season 44 - Episode 250
      Spinelli interupts the wedding and Lulu gets him out of there by saying that she's his girlfriend to keep him from spilling the beans and Maxie overhears them talking about Lucky finding out the truth. Ric tells Sonny that he is putting him out of business. Robin tells Patrick that they are doomed and that they shouldn't be living together at all. Max still can't figure out where he's seen Coop before and then he stops a purse snatching at the newly renovated Metro Court. Alexis and Jax reminisce about their past when she gets stuck in the rain and ends up on his doorstep. Elizabeth and Lucky are pronounced husband and wife. Max tells Sonny that Cooper Barrett was Number 3 of Mr. Craig's henchman, Sonny then says that he needs to be dealt with, so Max has Coop deliver a note to Sonny at his office. Sonny tells Coop that he knows that he worked for Mr. Craig and that he has no intention of killing him and he may be useful to him. Nikolas comes home to find Robin tending to Mr. Craig's wound.moreless
    • Ep. #11335
      Ep. #11335
      Season 45 - Episode 67
      Lucky has Jason arrested for jumping bail. Kate witnesses Sonny's concern for Carly.
    • Ep. #11284
      Ep. #11284
      Season 45 - Episode 16
      Sonny gives Carly one last kiss before letting her go. Lucky offers Jason to be the godfather of the baby which surprises Elizabeth thinking he was considering Nikolas. Jason and Sam fight off Cortez and Ochoa. Amelia then ducks for cover as Jason fights them off. Jane tells Jax why he is marrying Carly so quickly. James tells Patrick to go to the hospital and cautions him that if the truth comes out Robin will pay dearly. Noah tells Patrick and Robin to put their animosity towards each other aside and do their jobs. Amelia tells that it would be best if Jason not to come by the studio anymore, she then tells Mayor Floyd that she is considering moving Everyday Heroes back to Manhattan if he doesn't make Port Charles safe. Emily walks in the locker room and sees Patrick and Robin kissing.moreless
    • 2014/12/12
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141212

      Sonny loses it on Johnny when he brings up the missing baby. Franco tells Ava and Morgan that the baby is upstairs with Nina. "Jake" proves himself when Carlos starts harassing Carly, she immediately offers him a job. Sam tells Elizabeth she thinks "Jake" is the one who grabbed her at the police station. Alexis confronts Julian about Ric being alive and if he knows where he is. Silas manages to talk Nina into letting him hold the baby, before giving it to Ava and afterwards Dante arrests her for Connie's murder. Johnny tells Sonny he has Ric and will hurt him if he doesn't hand over his territory. Carlos visits Julian saying he's gonna make sure he gets released.

    • Ep. #11286
      Ep. #11286
      Season 45 - Episode 18
      Carly fears the wedding will be jinxed if Jason isn't there and thinks it's all Sonny's fault the Jason left town. Logan thinks Sonny can get him what he wants. Alexis offers to ask "Mr. Brosnan" to escort him to Jax's wedding, but Nikolas immediately says that is a bad idea. Sonny tells Coop to be a model police officer and to arrest him if necessary otherwise Ric will suspect something. Maxie wants to know why Coop is coming out of Sonny's office. James watches as Nikolas explains to her that he doesn't love her anymore and wonders if Robin and Patrick messed up at work to have gotten Emily to come here. Logan overhears Lorenzo and Ric discussing the hit that was put out on Sonny and Jason and Maxie says that he is trying to score points with Sonny. Sonny tries to get Sam's location, but Amelia brushes him off. Spinelli arrives to give Carly away at the rehearsal, which surprises everyone. On the bluffs Nikolas sees Emily and he tells all about Mr. Craig and that he injected him with a poison.moreless
    • Ep. #11123
      Ep. #11123
      Season 44 - Episode 110
      Lulu wants to believe Dillon hasn't turned into Edward. Sonny tells Jason to find who took the files and shut them up permanently. Alexis tells Lainey if Sam overheard her say something about her and Ric but luckily she didn't. Patrick wards Alexis that he was exposed to end stage aids, but Alexis allows him to do the surgery. Jax apologizes to Carly and tries to convince her that they have a future together. Edward informs Lulu that he'll do whatever it takes to make sure she carries the baby to term. Lulu goes to Carly for advice and stuns her by telling her that she's pregnant. Det. Rodriguez gives Alexis' copies of Sonny's files which he got him to steal for her. Lucky tells Maxie that once he gets Lulu straightened out he'll leave Elizabeth for her. Elizabeth wonders is she pregnant when she overhears about defective condoms. Jason tells Sonny that he doesn't know how to forgive and Sonny suggests that he start.moreless
    • Ep. #11254
      Ep. #11254
      Season 44 - Episode 241
      Nikolas tries to persuade Alexis to leave town with her kids because the legal system failed her, but she tells Nikolas that she doesn't plan on taking Molly and Kristina away from their fathers. Sonny tells Carly on the pier that he doesn't want a divorce. Lulu says that Dillon and Spinelli are still biding for her affections to keep Spinelli from telling Luke the truth. Sam returns from New York and tells Jason that everything went fine in her interview. Logan eavesdrops on Dillon and Lulu talking on the pier. Luke is irate as he learns that Scott is looking to have himself made Laura's guardian. Ric comes by to pick up Molly and Alexis gets all emotional. Amelia tells Sam that they want to do a follow up. Carly gets Sonny and Jax together and says that she can't be with either one of them.moreless
    • Ep. #11237
      Ep. #11237
      Season 44 - Episode 224
      Two hours before the Metro Court explosion. Alan regains consciousness after his heart attack. Maxie is still trapped in the vault and gets to know Three better. Georgie is convinced that everything is her fault because of the way she treated her sister. Carly and Sonny figure out the electronic code for the briefcase. Alcazar remains in the hospital, his memory still spotty.moreless
    • Ep. #10916
      Ep. #10916
      Season 43 - Episode 160
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #11105
      Ep. #11105
      Season 44 - Episode 92
      Everyone surprises Lulu at Kelly's with a birthday party. Jason realizes Emily set him up when Jason realizes she wants him and Edward to make peace. Nikolas informs everyone that he named his Spencer Cassadine which pleases Lucky and Lulu. Edward tells Jason that he wants him to kill Lorenzo Alcazar. Elizabeth tells Patrick to join in the fun at the party which really annoys Lucky. Georgie walks in to see Dillon at Lulu's party, Dillon then convinces Geprgie to stay for Lulu, Georgie then warns Maxie to keep her distance from Lucky. Carly catches Lucky and Maxie kissing and hides before they see her and follows them back to Maxie's room, she then tells Elizabeth that Lucky is sleeping with Maxie. Lulu goes to see her mother and tells her that she's pregnant. Georgie and Dillon come to terms and agree to get back together. Ric walks in on Alexis and Mayor Floyd embracing.moreless
    • Ep. #11013
      Ep. #11013
      Season 43 - Episode 257
      Sonny worries that his mob connections could come back to hurt Emily if they continue their relationship.
    • Ep. #10984
      Ep. #10984
      Season 43 - Episode 228
      Sonny and Emily move to the guesthouse and take their relationship to the next level as they have sex. Jason and Carly return to Port Charles, and put off searching for the antidote shipment. Carly demands that Sonny tell her if he slept with Emily. Sam begins to get sicker. Courtney gives birth to a premature baby boy, and names it John Michael, after her father and Jax's, The epidemic continually gets worse, and as Monica, Alan, and Noah begin to lose hope. Patrick plays motivator to them all, just as Robin becomes infected. Luke and Robert receive another mysterious phone call at the hospital, revealing the appearance of Holly Sutton Scorpio.moreless
    • Ep. #10978
      Ep. #10978
      Season 43 - Episode 222
      Sonny is told by Emily that due to his profession, he is lowest on the list to recieve a dose of the serum. While his sheets are being changed, Nikolas overhears Sonny and Emily's discussion, and hears Emily tell Sonny that she loves him. Patrick then commissions Emily to decide whether Sonny, or Nikolas will get the serum, as there is just enough left for one of them, due to Luke performing the process once again. Emily cannot decide, and the fate of both Sonny and Nikolas is left to a coin flip. Tony contracts the disease, and becomes fatally sick in a short amount of time. He says his good-byes to Lucas, Bobbie, and Luke, in a dramatic scene, and then he dies, leaving the whole hospital heartbroken. Jason and Carly concoct a plan to save Lucky, but things go terribly wrong, as the cure doesn't work on Lucky, and Carly is injected with the virus, as Jason kills the madman and his lackies. Meanwhile, Jax recieves more clues to Courtney's whereabouts, as Mike comes down with the virus and tells Jax that he has been in contact with her.moreless
    • Ep. #11185
      Ep. #11185
      Season 44 - Episode 172
      Nikolas and Emily realize that Alfred had set them up again by getting them trapped in the barn. Sonny explains to Skye that he knows that she had told Lorenzo that Jason is alive and that he and Ric are working together. Dillon goes to Mike and Kelly's to see if he's heard from Lulu. Lulu and Jason try to figure out how to get away from Alcazar's men. Lucky finds Sam at Elizabeth's loft and wondering what she's doing there. Sonny, Max and Milo rescue Lulu and Jason from the warehouse by taking out their captors. Emily realizes that Nikolas and Alfred where involved in getting them trapped together on what would've been their second wedding anniversary. Alfred then cautions Colleen not to disturb them. Sonny and Jason need Lulu to lead them to Spinelli. Goergie goes to Jax to get info on a hostile takeover to give to Dillon as a present. Prof. Marquez explains to Dillon and Carly about Lulu's ordeal and wonders why he cares so much. Jax wonders if Carly is marrying him to make her feel safe.moreless
    • Ep. #11220
      Ep. #11220
      Season 44 - Episode 207
      Dillon and Lulu suspect that Alan and Monica have something to hide.
    • Ep. #11235
      Ep. #11235
      Season 44 - Episode 222
      Four hours before the Metro Court explosion. Luke and Lucky attempt to save Alan who has collapsed in front of the hotel.
    • Ep. #11233
      Ep. #11233
      Season 44 - Episode 220
      Six hours before the Metro Court explosion. Elizabeth starts to have cramps as Sam puts a knife to Mr. Craig's throat. Lucky agrees to help Luke embark on a mission to save Lulu and Elizabeth. Carly, Sonny and Lulu's escape attempt goes sour when they get caught. Emily gorws concern for Alan cause he'll die if he doesn't get help soon. Mayor Floyd orders Ric to send in the SWAT team. Spinelli and Jason work out a strategy to get the hostages out. Mr. Craig threatens to shoot Elizabeth if Ric doesn't call of the helicopters. Jason sees the hostages through the air duct. Mr. Craig debates whether of not to release Alan or Elizabeth.moreless
    • Ep. #11231
      Ep. #11231
      Season 44 - Episode 218
      Eight hours before the Metro Court explosion.
    • Ep. #11230
      Ep. #11230
      Season 44 - Episode 217
      Nine hours before the Metro Court explosion. Patrick demands to be let in so that he can save Robin's life. Epiphany is introduced to Dr. Russell Ford who ends up criticizing her nursing methods.
    • Ep. #11227
      Ep. #11227
      Season 44 - Episode 214
      Twelve hours before the Metro Court explosion. Craig's mercenaries storm Metro Court. Scott talks with Bobbie and learns about Laura's brief return. Spinelli hacks into the hotel's computer.
    • Ep. #11551
      Ep. #11551
      Season 46 - Episode 282
      Emily visits Nikolas in the park and he says that he's having the surgery. Claudia calls Jerry requesting that they meet as soon as possible. Alexis tells Jason who Ian's accomplice is, Diane walks in and says for Jason not to say another word. Anthony tells Claudia that he sees and hears everything and knows she hired the hit on Sonny, Johnny asks Claudia if their father said anything that upset her. Lulu tells Spinelli not to videotape Jake's birthday party and that Jason has nothing to do with Jake ever. Alexis questions Jerry about his association with Ian Devlin. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want to wed. Nikolas bids Emily farewell as her prepares to undergo a risky surgery. Diane tells Jason that he did a good thing by killing the person that shot Michael. Jerry tells Claudia that running could be the only way to save her life. Carly brings Morgan to see Michael in his room, she later sees Morgan trying to wake Michael up..moreless
    • Ep. #11354
      Ep. #11354
      Season 45 - Episode 86
      Kate accuses Sonny of setting her up so she can be his alibi. Carly goes to Alexis and wants her to be her attorney so she can get into the courtroom after she was turned away by the guard, Alexis tells her to find some other way. Robin tells Patrick that she is convinced that Noah is going to hook up with her mother at the Metro Court. Sam takes the stand as Jason's murder trial starts as Elizabeth watches from the witness room. Kate wonders if Elizabeth will perjure herself in order to save Jason. Logan tells Lulu that why she hadn't returned his calls and that she's avoiding him. Logan asks Coop if he told Lulu to stay away from him. Amelia goes to Sonny to interview him on Ric's biased vendetta against him, Sonny then learns that Ric subpoenaed the footage of Jason being transfered and is showing it to the jury. The judge orders a recess and then he'll decide if the jury should watch the video. Logan attacks Coop which, Lulu thinks that Coop was right to warn her about him. Ric wins the argument and the begins playing the video for the jury.moreless
    • Ep. #11386
      Ep. #11386
      Season 45 - Episode 117
      Trevor cautions Sonny to stop harrassing him. Sonny orders Jason to get rid of Trevor. Emily asks Elizabeth if she's still attracted to Lucky. Nikolas tells Lucky to go and have an affair with Sam. Jerry tells Sam to fill him in on what happened with Trevor. Jason goes to Kate and says that she can help him protect Sonny's family. Tracy is desperate to get the DNA report to prove that Logan is Scott's son, but Epiphany tells her that her name won't get it done any faster. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want Leyla around. Monica wonders where the sincerity from Tracy is coming from. Robin says that she thanks Patrick for being honest and she'll send for the rest of her things. Jerry tells Jason not to kill Trevor Lansing.moreless
    • Ep. #11385
      Ep. #11385
      Season 45 - Episode 116
      Jerry advises Sam to seduce Trevor to get information. Sam lies to Jason about needing his help. Monica tells Edward that if he wants E.L.Q to survive that Tracy should be brought home. Scott tells Tracy that Edward asked to meet him here at Shadybrook. Logan tells Lulu that she shouldn't have gone to Jason behind his back. Nikolas puts a knife to Jerry's throat when he comes to Wyndemere. Alan tells Tracy that Edward is going to be mad when he finds out the she faked the crash at E.L.Q. Diane gives Jason an order for him to stay away from Trevor Lansing. Alexis asks Nikolas what is wrong with him after his actions towards Jerry. Robin comes home to find Patrick and Leyla play with his race car track and tells Leyla to leave. Lucky goes to Nikolas and tells him that Elizabeth has been distant with him.moreless
    • Ep. #11351
      Ep. #11351
      Season 45 - Episode 83
      Diane breaks up the fight between Carly and Sam. Sonny orders Max to go find Logan cause he wants answers. Tracy tells Nikolas that Logan is Scott's son. Coop stops Cody from assaulting Maxie. Scott continues to let Logan know that he isn't his father. Sonny thinks that Logan could be useful after all, so decides to keep him around. Jason tells Elizabeth to tell the truth. Ric tells Sam that she is a witness for the prosecution. Maxie tells Logan that their arrangement is off and to stay away from Lulu. Coop warns Lulu that Logan can be dangerous.moreless
    • Ep. #11392
      Ep. #11392
      Season 45 - Episode 123
      Trevor tells Ric to prosecute Kate to full extent of the law. Sonny challenges Ric to stand up to Trevor. Jax reunites with Carly and the boys, Carly wants Jax to tell her everything that's going in Port Charles. Johnny tells Jason to go ahead and kill him. Mike breaks up the fight between Logan and Coop outside Kelly's. Nikolas stuns Emily when he says that Logan deserved what he got after what he did to Lulu. Someone is seen lurking outside as Carly and Jax share a romantic moment. Lulu learns that Johnny has mob connections, Lulu then swears she had no idea. Logan makes an attempt to apologize but Lulu tells him to leave. Jason thinks that something is off and goes back to check out the barn for himself. Nikolas lays into Alexis on her taste in men and her attraction to Jerry Jacks, Alexis leaves and Nikolas then throws a glass at the wall. Lulu apologizes to Spinelli for yelling at him. Elizabeth and Jason run into each other at the barn and admits that Sam knows that Jake is his son.moreless
    • Ep. #11384
      Ep. #11384
      Season 45 - Episode 115
      Sonny and Jax disagree about who is best to look after Carly and the boys. Jerry attempts to assure Jax that he will be there to protect him and his family. Lucky gets an eyeful when Sam gets out of the hot tub. Elizabeth starts to worry when she hears someone outside. Emily asks Nikolas if there's something that he isn't telling her. Kate approaches Trevor and asks him if he had anything to do with Leticia's death. Sonny explains to Jax that the enemy is watching. Spinelli and Logan each welcome Lulu home. Nikolas offers Sam to stay at Wyndemere but she refuses his offer. Jax cautions Trevor to leave his family out the war with Zacchara. Coop tells Maxie that if she can forget about Logan then maybe they have a chance.moreless
    • Ep. #11383
      Ep. #11383
      Season 45 - Episode 114
      Mac questions Carly on who would want to kill Leticia. Jason and Carly try to help the first murder victim. Ric targets Trevor and accuses him of being behind the murder. Trevor introduces himself to Skye when he comes to see Ric at his office. Sam comes home to find her apartment ransacked, and discovers Jerry in her apartment. Jax avoids being hurt when his car explodes. Sonny thinks they he's being sent a message after learning of Leticia's death. Jax holds Jerry at gunpoint in his hotel room, Jerry is then brought in for questioning for Leticia's death. Emily asks where Nikolas really went tonight.moreless
    • Ep. #11387
      Ep. #11387
      Season 45 - Episode 118
      Kate ends her relationship with Sonny. Lucky walks out after having an argument with Elizabeth about Jason. Patrick and Robin deal with their breakup at the hospital when the two start to argue. Nikolas wonders why Sam is interested in Lucky and is sleeping with him to get back at Jason. Jerry tells Jason that they are alike in some ways. An angry Sonny demands that Jason kill Trevor and Jason tells Jerry that he isn't making a deal with him. After thinking that Luke will divorce Tracy because Lulu is moving in with Scott's son Logan, Edward gives them his blessing. Nikolas tells Lucky not to come crying to him when he's lost everything. Sonny wonders why Trevor let Kate blackmail her instead of letting him help her. Lucky decides to join Sam in the hottub. Robin talks with Jason about her problems with Patrick and someday wanting a child. Jerry goes to Sonny thinking that he has to find Kate thinking she was drugged.moreless
    • Ep. #10980
      Ep. #10980
      Season 43 - Episode 224
      Georgie and Dillon are married in the chapel. While having their first dance as husband and wife, Dillon collapses to the hospital floor, and is then unresponsive. Carly hallucinates, believing that she and Jason are still lovers, and then finds herself again, and she and Jason discuss whether they are better being off friends or lovers. The helicopter soon arrives, and Jason and Carly set off for the island where Lucky is being held. Due to the serum, Sonny is getting better, and admits to Emily that the kiss between him and Carly was a lie. They then both admit their true feelings for one another. Kelly informs Jax that the safest thing for both Courtney and the baby is for Courtney to risk the baby being stillborn. However, when Courtney learns that she could have a ceseran section and save her baby's life, she persistently sticks to that, thinking nothing of her own life. While wheelchairing Nikolas back to his room, Maxie collapses in a broken elevator, having a heart attack. Ric hallucinates that Alexis is his mother, and he confronts her.moreless
    • Ep. #11125
      Ep. #11125
      Season 44 - Episode 112
      Sam confronts Jason, demanding to know if he can still love her after she has slept with Ric. Jason's control finally slips and he blasts Sam for sleeping with his enemy. The two decide to try their romance again. Luke is shocked when Sonny confronts him with news of Lulu's pregnancy, and offers him only grape juice to wash it down with. Luke seeks out Carly after Sonny tells him that Lulu went to see her, and she tells him to just stand by her. Edward is attempting to pressure her into signing away all rights to the baby once it's born, but Luke arrives before she can find the papers. Concerned about her symptoms, Elizabeth takes a home pregnancy test after hiding it from Lucky.moreless
    • Ep. #11388
      Ep. #11388
      Season 45 - Episode 119
      Sonny is tempted to shoot Jerry on the spot. Lucky and Sam move the passion on the chaise beside the hottub. Robin and Jason discuss their love lives that are no more. Georgie asks Spinelli for help in his computer for locations around Greece. Jax finds Kate in her car and calls 911 right away. Sonny learns from Jax that Kate was in an accident and that Jerry was right. Sam and Lucky don't regret with what they've done. Trevor checks out Kate's car and sees that she is gone. Sonny asks Jason when did he stop working for him and begin to take orders from Jerry Jacks. Georgie apologizes to Spinelli for taking off and admits that she went to see Logan and Lulu. Jerry sees Trevor by Kate's car and begins to think that he was responsible. Emily tells Jason to go ahead and be with Elizabeth. Lucky returns home to face Elizabeth after being with Sam.moreless
    • Ep. #8832
      Ep. #8832
      Season 34 - Episode 15
      No synopsis available.
    • Ep. #11372
      Ep. #11372
      Season 45 - Episode 104
      Jason says that the picture of the men will lead to whoever threatened Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Sonny that she won't call him anymore and won't ask about Jason. Anna steps in and saves the day when Noah is unable to sing. Lucky asks Sam what she really wants from him. Kate's former boyfriend offers to help her solve her legal problems. Nikolas and Emily try to relax and enjoy the rest of the day together. Trevor reveals to Kate that Ric Lansing is his son. Elizabeth comes by Sam's apartment and see her with Sam. Noah gets ready to perform and hopes that what Anna did works.moreless
    • Ep. #11190
      Ep. #11190
      Season 44 - Episode 177
      Patrick takes his frustration out on Epiphany which she tells him to leave his personal problems at home. Lulu tells Jason not to feel sorry for her after telling him about her abortion. Sonny wonders if Robin feels guilty of falling in love again and with Patrick. Dillon goes back to Kelly's to apologize to Georgie about the way he acted earlier. Noah thinks his son has no idea how his life fell short after his wife died. Nikolas tells Colleen that he wishes her all the best and leaves. Colleen then goes to Helena and says that she'll be gone before they find her body and bringing Spencer into her life. After talking Lulu sees Jason in a whole new way cause he knows how she feels. Lulu then apologizes to Abigail for snapping at her earlier and Jason offers Lulu is she wants to drive. Alexis comes home to see Sonny and Ric in her living room visiting with Kristina. Jason and Lulu are pulled over by the police for speeding. Patrick gets into a fight with Coleman at Jake's while attempting to take Robin home.moreless
    • Ep. #11373
      Ep. #11373
      Season 45 - Episode 105
      Anna steps in when Noah can't sing by making a declaration that she is proud of her daughter living with HIV. Jason and Spinelli hunt down Elizabeth's attacker. Jax confirms that he and Irina had sex. Elizabeth the Sam got Lucky to be her bodyguard. Carly realizes that Irina raped Jax, Jerry then arrives. The vocals are fixed and Noah performs for the crowd. Kate asks Sonny if he is spying on her. Sonny is shocked to learn of Kate's connection to Trevor Lansing. Maxie looks on as Elizabeth and Lucky have it out at the hospital. Jason wants answers when he confronts one of the attackers as Spinelli looks on from outside. Patrick is stunned when Noah wants to fill in for Eli whenever he needs it. A chopper comes and picks up Anna, cause she says she has an assignment in London. Jason and Spinelli are stunned when the men say that Sam McCall hired them to scare Elizabeth.moreless
    • Ep. #11374
      Ep. #11374
      Season 45 - Episode 106
      Spinelli asks Jason if he believes that Sam did this. Lucky and Sam embrace in a kiss. Jax tells Irina that if she wants to kill someone kill him instead. Trevor tells Sonny that he's in town to see his girlfriend Kate Howard. Sonny then accuses Trevor of helping Anthony Zacchara. Jerry is able to embrace Irina and then shoot her dead while Carly and Jax watching. Lucky tells Sam that she needs a bodyguard she can trust. Jax tells Jerry that he and Carly don't ever want to see him again. Amelia is surprised when she learns of Sam's latest stunt. Ric warns Kate not to get on his father's bad side. Jason learns that Ric's father represents Anthony Zacchara. Trevor goes to Kate and asks her if she is involved with Sonny. Jax and Carly head back to Port Charles. Jerry tells Irina that he loves as he put her in a bag and drops her in the water. Sam comes home to find Jason waiting for her.moreless
    • Ep. #11375
      Ep. #11375
      Season 45 - Episode 107
      Ric tells his father to go back to the city. Carly asks Jax if he slept with Irina, he said he did to keep Irina from killing Carly. Trevor tells Ric that he will drop the charges against Kate or he'll make sure that he loses Molly. Jason confronts Sam for hiring men to terrorize Elizabeth. Sam tells Jason that he should be thanking her for keeping Jake away from the real danger him. Sonny wants to know why Kate trusts Trevor other than him. Lucky asks Elizabeth why she's at the Metro Court with Emily, Amelia then encourages Lucky to go and have a drink with Elizabeth but passes on the idea. Jason tells Sam that if she goes anywhere near Elizabeth of her kids and hurts them, he will kill her. Spinelli is relieved when Jason didn't harm Sam, but is speechless after he tells Jason what'll he do if she doesn't listen. Amelia tells Jason that Sam hired Lucky as her bodyguard. Sonny tells Diane to dig up every case that Trevor ever tried with Anthony Zacchara.moreless
    • Ep. #11376
      Ep. #11376
      Season 45 - Episode 108
      Spinelli learns from Maxie that Lulu and Logan had sex last night. Ric wants Trevor to tell him why he's really in Port Charles. Carly tells Jason that Jax slept with another woman and doesn't think that they'll make it. Jason warns Carly that she and the boys could be in danger. Jax tells Jerry that he doesn't know him anymore.moreless
    • Ep. #11164
      Ep. #11164
      Season 44 - Episode 151
      Jax gets trapped going trick-or-treating with Carly and her kids. Jason tells Sam that he planned an evening with her on Halloween. Diego catches Maxie with a cup of beer and warns her that her pregnancy will be at risk. Ric explains to Rodriguez that the 'evidence' that they have on Sonny and Jason shouldn't be tainted. Nikolas gets to thinking that Alexis wants him and Emily back together so they can raise Kristina and Molly. Rodriguez almost catches Ric leaving the station with the evidence he was going to plant on Sam. Dillon stops Lulu from drinking too much at the party and shares the news of her mother's return. Carly and Jax surprise Alexis by bringing the kids to see her at the hospital. Diego and Maxie start kissing and head back to his room, where he then realizes that Maxie was never pregnant to begin with. Pete Marquez turns out to be the one following Lulu all evening. Rodriguez arrests Sam in front of Jason.moreless
    • Ep. #11371
      Ep. #11371
      Season 45 - Episode 103
      Noah tells everyone that he won't be performing on stage tonight. Kate tells Sonny that she can no longer know him. Jason tells Spinelli to help find the persons who threatened Elizabeth. Sam pays the men off and says that if Jason finds out that he will kill them. Maxie tells Sam that how long before Jason figures out that she hired the men to scare Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Emily that she is ending her friendship with Jason. Lucky thinks that Sam has something to hide after telling Nikolas something and stops after seeing him. Kate tells Ric that she believes that she can give him what she wants. Jason goes to Sonny with the idea that Ric is behind the attack. Ric tells Kate that there will be no community service and she will have her day in court. Patrick tells Noah that he is proud of him. Sam schemes to get closer to Lucky by hiring him as a bodyguard. Kate gets an unexpected visit by someone named Trevor who is waiting in her hotel room. Noah hurts himself after tripping over a microphone and hurts his throat. Spinelli manages to get an image of the men from a camera near the park.moreless
    • Ep. #11159
      Ep. #11159
      Season 44 - Episode 146
      Skye delivers a healthy baby girl which she names Lila Rae. Alexis admits to Ric that she knew all along that he slept with Sam. Helena meets with Emily on the pier and warns her about Colleen and admits that she got her hired as Spencer's nanny.
    • Ep. #11107
      Ep. #11107
      Season 44 - Episode 94
      Alexis tells Jason that Carly is trying to get him and Sam back together and wants him to stop her. Elizabeth informs Lucky after catching him with Maxie that their marriage is over. Bernie tells Ric that Jason ended negotiations with his deal with Sonny. Sonny says yes to Carly taking Michael and Morgan to Africa and says if Jax is worth it. Audrey tells Elizabeth to try to work things out in her marriage to Lucky. Sonny wants answers from Lainey why she's seeing Lorenzo Alcazar. Lulu lashes out at Lucky for his treatment of his wife and behaving like their father. A frustrated Alexis tells Sam to get out of her house and blasts Ric for defending her and storms out. Carly convinces Jason to follow his heart regarding Sam and he agrees to talk to her. Alexis comes back to the house and sees Ric and Sam having sex.moreless
    • Ep. #11108
      Ep. #11108
      Season 44 - Episode 95
      Patrick returns to Robin's hotel room to pick up where they left off earlier. Jason takes Alexis to the hospital after she starts coughing again. Elizabeth wants Georgie to tell her how long she knew about Lucky and Maxie. Lulu confides in Sonny that she's pregnant and offers to help when she needs it. Patrick and Robin decide to share their dinner with April to cheer her up. Jason sees Ric and Sam having sex and is immediately hurt. After and outburst at the hospital Epiphany tells Elizabeth to go home. Sonny spends an evening with, until Alexis shows up and and the power to the Metro Court goes out. Dillon tells Lulu that he and Georgie are getting back together, before telling him about the baby. Sam begins to regret making love with her mother's husband. A frustrated Jason takes his anger out by breaking things until Elizabeth shows up.moreless
    • Ep. #11109
      Ep. #11109
      Season 44 - Episode 96
      Jason and Elizabeth comfort one another after telling each other about those who cheated on them. Dillon is certain Lulu is hiding something, she tells him she's leaving Port Charles. Lucky tells Nikolas and Emily the reason that Elizabeth left is because of the affair with Maxie. Sam wants to know if Ric feels any remorse for what they just did. Sonny insists that Alexis tell him what's wrong with her. Nikolas tells Lucky that he won't help him this time he'll have to fix it on his own. Lulu is concerned when she sees Lucky's eratic behavior caused by his addiction. Sam comes to the conclusion that Ric will use the information that they slept together against her. Elizabeth wants to leave but Jason insists that she stay with him.moreless
    • Ep. #11370
      Ep. #11370
      Season 45 - Episode 102
      Carly thinks that Irina is lying when she says that Jax is dead. Lucky asks Sam if these are the guys that threatened Elizabeth, but lies and says that they are workers from Everyday Heroes. Sonny tells Kate that she won't go to jail if she does what he says. Jason decides to walk away from Elizabeth and Jake. Diane strikes a plea bargain for Kate. Logan and Lulu have sex. Irina tells Carly to leave her and Jerry alone. Jason and Elizabeth admit their love for one another, and the two share a kiss. Sam blames Ric for Elizabeth being targeted. Carly is reunited with Jax as she finds him battered on the floor. Jason tells Sonny that he isn't going to see Elizabeth and Jake again. Maxie goes and tells Lulu that she is breaking Spinelli's heart.moreless
    • Ep. #11113
      Ep. #11113
      Season 44 - Episode 100
      Elizabeth sees Lucky at the hospital in a Narcotic Anonymous session. Sam admits to sleeping with Ric and Jason that he knew and admits about his tryst with Elizabeth, she also learns that Jason says he was wrong to push her away. Alexis wants Sonny to tell her why Sam didn't tell her own mother that she's leaving town. Dillon decides to support Lulu and the child she then gets frustrated after Dillon suggests they get married. Lucky wants to know if Elizabeth will fight for them, she says she will if he doesn't see Maxie anymore. Sonny enlists Bernie's help to find out what's wrong with Alexis. Lulu confides in Georgie that she's considering getting an abortion. Sonny tells Kristina that he'll be spending more time with her. Alexis confifes in Sam that she has Stage 2 lung cancer and that she may die. Lucky meets with Maxie on the pier and says that he is fighting for his marriage.moreless
    • Ep. #8741
      Ep. #8741
      Season 34 - Episode 2
      No synopsis available.
    • Ep. #11128
      Ep. #11128
      Season 44 - Episode 115
      Dillon and Lulu continue to disagree on what to do about her pregnancy. Carly wants to tell Alexis the truth about Sam and Ric.
    • Ep. #11377
      Ep. #11377
      Season 45 - Episode 108
      Logan sees Maxie looking at him and Lulu about to have sex, and immediately takes her out before Lulu can see Maxie. Ric tells Sonny that his father and Kate have been sleeping together for years, as she overhears them from the terrace. Maxie blackmails Logan into sleeping with her. Lulu turns to Carly for advice about Logan. Emily sees a side of Nikolas when he yells at Dr. Russell Ford for treating her too harshly. Coop catches Maxie spying on Logan and Lulu. Jax tells Jerry that he's capable of protecting his own family. Emily manages to calm Nikolas down and says that they'll go on the trip another time. Spinelli tells Jason that Logan forced a kiss on the lips.moreless
    • Ep. #11378
      Ep. #11378
      Season 45 - Episode 109
      Jason asks Spinelli to explain once more about Logan forcing a kiss on Lulu. Sonny spirals out of control after seeing Kate kiss Trevor. Elizabeth tells Sam that she wants her to stop seducing Lucky to get back at Jason. Sam and Jason engage in a heated argument after seeing her kiss Lucky in the park. Carly asks Lulu what she really knows about Logan. Maxie and Logan's sex intensifies. Carly sees to it that he doesn't hurt Lulu and if he does he'll get hurt. Spinelli confesses to Lulu that he may have sent Jason to make Logan disappear, Lulu tells Spinelli to fix this and if harm comes to Logan she will never forgive him.moreless
    • Ep. #11258
      Ep. #11258
      Season 44 - Episode 245
      Nikolas is forced to do Mr. Craig's bidding while lying helpless. Lulu wants an explanation when she learns that Jason knew that he was the father. Scott tells Lucky if Lulu needs to know that her father raped her mother. Georgie catches Maxie before she can click on the icon. Jax wonders if the kiss that Carly planted on him was for Sonny's benefit. Spinelli realizes that Maxie was looking through his computer and lets Maxie have it. Sam sees Amelia meeting with Ric and tells her and Sam tells her that whatever he says about her is a lie. Sonny tells Carly that he is taking her someplace real nice. Lorenzo continues to keep his full recovery in the dark from Skye. Mr. Craig meets Spencer as the nanny brings him in. Jax goes to Jake's where he sees Carly and Sonny dancing.moreless
    • Ep. #11247
      Ep. #11247
      Season 44 - Episode 234
      Sam tries to console Jason. A blissfully happy Lucky and Elizabeth announce to Lulu and Nikolas that they are moving into the Spencer family home. Edward blames Sonny for stealing Jason and taking adavantage of his injuries. Jax tells Carly that he doesn't think they can move forward now that she slept with Sonny. Alexis blows up at Ric when he says he doesn't want Molly living with her. Jason tells Sonny that he failed Alan in the end he wasn't there for him. Alexis tells Sam that they are gonna work together to get past their differences.moreless
    • Ep. #11248
      Ep. #11248
      Season 44 - Episode 235
      Scott what Dillon and Lulu are curious about as he arrives at the house. Carly tries to ease Jason's guilt about Alan. Robin tells Patrick that if she hadn't gotten shot Alan might still be alive. Mac hears a noise come from Maxie's room so she goes to check on Coop. Sam goes to see Father Mateo and apologizes for the way she treated him and says that he is not like Manny. Sam runs into Jason at the hospital and tells him that Edward asked her to get Jason back to the Quartermaine's. Someone is constantly watching the news conference with Sam's interview. Sam is sad that she's going to miss Alan's funeral to go to New York for an interview. Maxie takes Coop to the Metro Court hoping Jax will hire him in security. Lulu and Dillon receive a letter from Alan revealing who killed Rick Webber and they almost get to the bottom of the letter and Scott returns.moreless
    • Ep. #11249
      Ep. #11249
      Season 44 - Episode 236
      Jason makes the ultimate sacrifice. Patrick shares his good news to Robin that his HIV test came back negative. Maxie gets Coop a job as a security guard, but Max seems like he's familiar to him. Luke once again tells Scott to stay away from Lulu. Dillon reads the remainder of the letter and finds out that Scott killed Rick Webber.moreless
    • Ep. #11250
      Ep. #11250
      Season 44 - Episode 237
      Alan's friends and family gather to say an emotional goodbye to a man they all loved.
    • Ep. #11251
      Ep. #11251
      Season 44 - Episode 238
      Tracy is furious to learn that Alan has left everything to Emily, and she teams up with Luke to get her hands on the Quartermaine fortune. Jason tells Carly that he'll keep his promise and take her to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce from Sonny. Russell tells Monica that he's throwing his name in the rank for Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Lucky tells Cameron that he and Elizabeth are getting married.moreless
    • Ep. #11252
      Ep. #11252
      Season 44 - Episode 239
      Carly struggles to handle the realisation that she loves both Sonny and Jax, but she decides that Jax is the man she wants to be with. Spinelli rescues Lulu from being bothered by Logan. Alan's will is read and Edward thinks it's a fake. Stan lets Spinelli know that he is to no longer use Sonny's computer again until further notice. Sam is interviewed for her heroics and notices a watch on the woman and recognizes it as one she lost. Tracy sees Alan's ghost as he abolishes her for forging his will.moreless
    • Ep. #11246
      Ep. #11246
      Season 44 - Episode 233
      Carly tells Michael that Alan died. Elizabeth tells Jason that she and Lucky are getting married, he then breaks the news about Alan. Jax helps Michael deal with Alan's death. Luke wants to know why Scott chose to relocate to Port Charles as he catches him in Laura's house with Lesley and Lulu. Alexis tells Jax about her situation with Ric suing her for custody of Molly. Edward agrees to let Carly bring Michael to the memorial service. Lucky tells Sam about his impending nuptials to Elizabeth. Jax goes to Mayor Floyd and Ric and tries to get them to drop the possession charge against Alexis or he'll go to the press about how Ric handled the hostage situation. Cruz tells Sam about blood found in the Metro Court restaurant and wonders if Jason was there recently. Jason tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want to be a friend to his own child.moreless
    • Ep. #11245
      Ep. #11245
      Season 44 - Episode 232
      Skye honors Alan's memory by checking in on Edward. Jason tells Dr. Ford that Alan is his father and says goodbye to him. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she forgives him and agrees to marry him again. Jax learns that Carly was involved in a hostage situation and that she slept with Sonny and married him.moreless
    • Ep. #11260
      Ep. #11260
      Season 44 - Episode 247
      Sonny reaches out to Alexis as she suffers the effects of the chemotherapy. Lulu resolves to keep the truth to herself. Carly tells Jax to choose either Amelia or her has to leave. Elizabeth insists that Nikolas go to the hospital but he says no to keep her from seeing James. Alan continues to haunt Tracy as Luke sees her arguing with the chair again. Monica and Edward tell Tracy that they plan to take her to court to prove that she forged Alan's will. Nikolas tries to get rid of Emily and Lucky by saying that he and Emily need a break from each other. Jason tells Lulu that he doesn't know exactly how he is going to give up his child. Carly tells Jax that now that he slept with her, he's even with Sonny. Sam accuses Tracy of sending her the letter of Angela Monroe, she then says that she didn'tmoreless
    • Ep. #11382
      Ep. #11382
      Season 45 - Episode 113
      Sonny insists that Kate go back to Manhattan. Spinelli shares his feelings with Georgie. Trevor tells Jason that he set up a meeting with him and his client. Ric tells Alexis that Trevor could have Molly taken away from the both of them. Sam tells Lucky that he belongs with Elizabeth and that she's getting another bodyguard. Jax and Carly take Michael and Morgan to the Metro court in order to keep them safe. Emily is curious of what mystery project that Nikolas is working on. Carly learns that Jax has a meeting with Anthony Zacchara. Jason and Sonny arrive to take the kids back to his house. Elizabeth and Lucky vow to make their marriage work. Jason and Carly find Leticia dead in her living room.moreless
    • Ep. #11265
      Ep. #11265
      Season 44 - Episode 252
      Jason walks in on Carly and Sonny making out and then leaves without a word. Patrick wants to know why Robin is moving into Wyndemere. Maxie and Lulu get into a fight when Maxie brings up her abortion and Logan and Coop break up the catfight. James tells Nikolas to give him the syringe or else he will die. Sam tells Amelia that she is not interested in doing that show. Carly is against Sam being interviewed, Jax then tells her that she's being paranoid. Jason tells Sonny that Carly slept with Jax. Spinelli and Milo realize that Lulu each considered them both her boyfriend. Jax tells Carly that she doesn't want things to end between them. Robin finds an unconscious Nikolas on the floor and tells James to call 911. Sam swallows her pride and tells Amelia sh'll do the show. Lulu goes to Carly for advice on which guy to choose, Dillon, Spinelli or Milo. Coop goes to the PCPD and asks Ric for an application for the Police Academy. Patrick goes to Mac and tells him that something is wrong with Robin and how does he get through to her.moreless
    • Ep. #11234
      Ep. #11234
      Season 44 - Episode 221
      Five hours before the Metro Court explosion. James wants Emily to make a decision either her father of Elizabeth. Luke tries to slap some sense into Lucky by telling him their going to get the people the love out of the Metro Court. Alan persuades Emily to let Elizabeth go and to the hospital. Sonny is taken back to the lobby by James' orders to keep Carly and Sonny apart. Max is shot when Emily hasn't made up her mind yet, she chooses her father. Russell Ford threatens to have Patrick's license revoked if he doesn't return to the hospital. Dillon confesses to the Quartermaine's that he had Lulu steal Alan's PDA cause he thought he was paying off Rick Webber. Jason knocks out a guard and takes his uniform. The police take aim at the second story window to take out the sniper. Patrick returns to the hospital to perform surgery on his bigot landlord. Alan collapses in front of the hotel clenching his hand to his chest.moreless
    • Ep. #11264
      Ep. #11264
      Season 44 - Episode 251
      Sonny gives Coop his first assignment. Elizabeth begins to have pains. Jason tells Lulu that if he tells the truth he would be hurting his child. Mr. Craig threatens to harm Patrick if Robin doesn't co-operate. Jax and Alexis put on a show for Carly by making her believe that they slept together. Jason goes to Alan's grave and apologizes that he never got to be a father to him. Nikolas' attempt to overpower Mr. Craig by pretending to be weak.moreless
    • Ep. #11390
      Ep. #11390
      Season 45 - Episode 121
      Jason asks Lucky if he has spoken with Lulu last night. Lucky notes Elizabeth's reaction when Jason informs them of Lulu's disappearance. Johnny's yellow car is shown to be empty. Spinelli tells Milo that Logan cheated on Lulu which makes him very mad. Milo literally tears into Logan for what he did to Lulu. Jax asks Alexis why she never left Port Charles. Georgie asks Maxie what she did this time. Nikolas and Emily go to the Quartermaine's and tell them about Lulu. Spinelli manages to locate footage of Lulu getting into a car and Jason and Spinelli learn that the car belongs to Johnny Zacchara. Lulu is seen locking herself into the car to keep her safe from Johnny.moreless
    • Ep. #11236
      Ep. #11236
      Season 44 - Episode 223
      Three hours before the Metro Court explosion.
    • Ep. #11389
      Ep. #11389
      Season 45 - Episode 120
      Sonny promises to stand by Kate. Nikolas says to Sam that even though she and Lucky slept together it would ruin their marriage. Lucky comes home and tells Elizabeth that he was with Sam. Emily tells Jason that Elizabeth needs him. Jason tells Spinelli that drinking away his problems isn't a good idea. Maxie tells Lulu about the bet and that she and Logan had sex and realizes that she's been a fool and storms off. Logan lays into Maxie for not keeping her mouth shut. Trevor gets a call and learns that Johnny Zacchara is coming to Port Charles. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she is here and ready to save their marriage, unless it's already too late. Logan stops by Jason's and Spinelli punches him and wants to know what he did to hurt Lulu.moreless
    • Ep. #11369
      Ep. #11369
      Season 45 - Episode 101
      Logan tells Maxie that he can have Lulu in bed whenever he wants to, Lulu almost overhears them as she walks into Kelly's. Irina shows herself to Carly and Jerry and points a gun at them. Emily tells Jason that Elizabeth really wants him, Jason then admits that he's been thinking about a life with Elizabeth and the boys. The gunmen tell Elizabeth to come with them and if Jason does what he's told nobody will get hurt, Sam then points a gun at them and tells them to back off. Spinelli is envious when he watches Lulu with Logan. Robin can't stand the fact that Patrick offered to go running with him and that he didn't invite her to go along. Sam gives a description of the gunmen to Cruz and Lucky. Epiphany cautions Leyla to focus on her work instead of making eyes at Patrick. Kate overhears Diane tell Sonny that she could get 6 months in jail. Jason tells Elizabeth that he wants to make a life together, and to be Jake's father, but takes it back after hearing what happened to Elizabeth. Sam congratulates the gunmen on a very convincing performance, Lucky then asks what's going on.moreless
    • Ep. #11103
      Ep. #11103
      Season 44 - Episode 90
      Lulu buys a pregnancy test at the hospital pharmacy. Alexis sees Jason and Sam together and has Jason brought into the station. Lainey tells Sonny that she plans to increase his Bi-polar medication. Lorenzo wants to know how much Carly overheard on the pier. Alfred makes sure Emily comes across a picture of her and Nikolas. Lulu runs into Elizabeth and Cameron on the pier and tells her if she regrets getting pregnant. Colleen is mad to see Emily back thinking it'll ruin her plans with Nikolas. Sonny attends the meeting with Alberto Rosales in Jason's place. Emily confides in Nikolas that Colleen may have a crush on him. Alexis tells Jason to stop running into Sam all the time. Carly and Jason watch as Alexis begins to cough in front of them.moreless
    • Ep. #11506
      Ep. #11506
      Season 45 - Episode 237
      Marianna is grateful to Ric for getting her a green card to stay in the U.S. Patrick says that Jason shouldn't go back to work period. Scott barges in the house and talks to Lulu, Luke then says that he should've kept Logan away from Lulu in the beginning. Nikolas tells Diego that he's going to pay for taking Emily away from him. Diego is finally thwarted. Spinelli is amazed when he breaks a bar off in order for Maxie to get free. Diego strangles Nikolas causing him to pass out. Jerry tells Alexis that he'll get Diane to sue her for breach of contract. Sam is puzzled by Ian's behaviuor. Spinelli passes out from smelling the chloroform, Maxie then sees Diego. Diane arrives to save Alexis from burning the midnight oil. Luke tells Alice to throw Scott out. Sonny sees Johnny writing music on the wall in the padded room. Det. Rodriguez arrives to question Jason and Elizabeth, but Patrick tells him to leave. Emily tells Nikolas that it's not his time to go yet, he then goes and tells Diego to let Maxie go, Maxie stabs Diego with a knitting needle and Nikolas then goes for him. Diego gets his neck caught and goes over the railing and dies. Luke tells Lulu that she wouldn't keep anything about her mother from him.moreless
    • Ep. #10962
      Ep. #10962
      Season 43 - Episode 206
      Manny catches on to what Sam is trying to do and destroys her cell phone before grabbing her and ripping her blouse. Sam tries to convince Ric and Alexis of what happened when she was alone with Manny, but while Ric considers her tale, Alexis doubts her. Courtney says goodbye to Nikolas before leaving town. Jax pumps Carly for information about Courtney, but by the time he manages to get to Courtney's hide-out she's gone, and Jax realises she's in danger. Jesse tries to set up a sting to capture Frank, but it's Lucas who finds him at Jake's and takes a swing at him.moreless
    • Ep. #11361
      Ep. #11361
      Season 45 - Episode 93
      Monica and Edward reveal to Lulu that they has a birthday party planned for her, but cancelled due to what happened in the courtroom. Edward asks Lulu if it's possibility of Jason is little Jake's father. Skye warns Ric not to cross her and tries to remain vague during her testimony. Carly tells Jerry that she didn't come all this way just to help him steal Lorenzo's money. Diane tells Jason to keep his anger in check. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Ric is calling her back to the stand, Lucky asks her if there's going to be any more secrets that she's keeping from him, as Sam overhears from the window. Jerry tells his plan to see if Lorenzo has made any transactions recently. Noah tells Patrick and Robin that Anna bailed out on him last night. Tracy and Alan get an earful when Logan says that he would like to date Lulu, which they both laugh at the idea. Noah has his first drink in a long time. Logan surprises Lulu with a private birthday party, and the two share a passionate kiss. Ric asks Skye if Lorenzo has had any threats made to him, Skye then lies under oath by not seeing Jason anywhere on the property. Noah backs out of operating and keeps that he had a drink from Patrick. Lulu is touched when Logan gives her a charm bracelet.moreless
    • Ep. #11362
      Ep. #11362
      Season 45 - Episode 94
      Carly throws a vase at Jerry when she actually believed that it was Lorenzo on the phone. Carly realizes that she got the wrong idea when and that wasn't him on the other end of the phone. Elizabeth comes home to find Sam holding Jake. Diane begins her arguments for the defense. Sonny tells Skye that Ric is going to stab her in the back. Lulu tells Logan that she hears alarm bells when she kisses him. Elizabeth tells Sam to get out and that she finished what she came here to do. Epiphany lays into Kate after hearing she's been asking the hospital orderlys to run errands for her. Skye says that it's possible that Lorenzo could be alive somewhere. Lulu tells Georgie that she doesn't want to be afraid of having sex again. Morgan thanks Kate for saving him. Elizabeth talks with Alexis and tries to get her to get Sam to back off. Jerry and Carly put together some footage of Lorenzo leaving his compound. A witness testifies seeing Jason put Lorenzo's body in the trunk of an SUV.moreless
    • Ep. #13017
      Ep. #13017
      Season 51 - Episode 237

      Lulu has a dream that she is Ben's mother. Tracy tells Luke to own up and apologize to Monica. Sabrina realizes Carlos may have been the one who shot A.J. but swears that he didn't. Ava asks Carlos if in fact she could trust him. Patrick abruptly takes the egg from Emma and smashes it after Spencer got it from Victor. Kiki has another uncomfortable encounter with Luke. Ava enters A.J.'s room. Spencer asks Emma to accompany him to his father's engagement party.

    • Ep. #13024
      Ep. #13024
      Season 51 - Episode 244

      Alexis tells Ric she thought he was meeting with Julian. Luke tells Julian they need a legitimate company like E.L.Q to bring down Sonny that's why he had to propose to Tracy. Elizabeth gives Lulu proof that Ben is her son and not Britt's. Dr. Obrecht pushes Brad off the turret and says it could've been a lot worse if he promises to keep quiet. Ric tells Sonny he's not helping Julian to bring him down. Spencer overhears Luke and Julian's conversation while hiding in the stables. Elizabeth tells Ric that Lulu knows the truth. Lulu storms in telling Britt to get her hands off her son.

    • Ep. #10977
      Ep. #10977
      Season 43 - Episode 221
      Lulu, suffering a seizure, begins to knock on death's door. However, Robin's brilliant plan manages to save her, as she suggests to Patrick that instead of dividing up forty doses of serum per patient, they can split it into eight, and save five patients, allowing Lulu to get a dose. Carly and Jason fly to the Maarkham Islands, and are as close to Crylium Industries as ever. However, they stay in the same hotel Luke did, and unknown to them, they are being spied on. Lucky looms ever closer to dying, as a sinister man tells him that he must be near-death in order for him to test the cure. As Sam has a nightmare about her mother degrading her, Georgie and Dillon plan to marry in the hospital. However, Tracey puts a stop to the makeshift wedding by revealing that Georgie is underage.moreless
    • Ep. #11363
      Ep. #11363
      Season 45 - Episode 95
      Coop walks in on Logan and Maxie in an embrace. Kate wants to leave Port Charles and run away from her problems. Elizabeth tells Alexis that she thinks that Sam is going to go after Lucky. Sam shares a tender moment with Lucky by saying that he daughter changed her. Sonny summons Spinelli thinking he could be of some use to him and learns that Carly and Jerry are in Caracas together. Jason tells Diane that the witness lying to have seen him, she's then tempted to break the witness and then file charges against Ric. Sonny tells Kate that her running away proves that one thing of her has changed. Mac arrives and places Kate under arrest. Diane tells the judge that they have new evidence that Lorenzo Alcazar is still alive.moreless
    • Ep. #11360
      Ep. #11360
      Season 45 - Episode 92
      Jason refuses to accept a plea bargain. Robin is sad to see Anna and Noah hooking up as she walks in on them together. Sonny calls an ambulance for Kate. Jerry subdues the man with the gun and he and Carly tells the police a story about seeing Lorenzo Alcazar alive in Caracas, Jerry then applauds Carly on her performance. Sam tells Lucky that she knew about Elizabeth and Jason. Patrick tells Noah that him pretending to be Eli Love has completly taking him over, and he thinks that he's drinking again. Dr. Julian finds a snake bite on Kate's leg, Sonny says that they have to inject her with something that will counteract the venom or else she'll die. Elizabeth comes home and finds Sam and Lucky talking. Lucky walks out after hearing Elizabeth say that she went and saw Jason. Anna assures Robin that her work takes her all over the globe, and she has no plans to fall for a neurosurgeon. Noah goes to Anna's hotel room, and the two start to make out. Diane tells Jason that Ric can order a DNA test on little Jake and that Elizabeth can be charged with perjury.moreless
    • Ep. #11359
      Ep. #11359
      Season 45 - Episode 91
      Sam tells Jason what she really thinks of Elizabeth, which results in an angry confrontation between the two. Lucky continues to ask Elizabeth if Jake is his son. Logan and Lulu salvage their outing after it stops raining. Sonny tells Ric that Jason is more of a brother than he is. Carly treats Jerry's wound, by giving him some alcohol. Michael tells Kate that Morgan is drowning in her pond and that he is stuck. Patrick tries to get Robin to get her mind off of Noah possibly hooking up with Anna. Lucky then asks Elizabeth if she is in love with Jason. Emily goes to see Jason and tells him not to take the plea bargain and not give into someone like Ric. Sonny to Kate that she was there to save Morgan's life. The door to Jerry's room is kicked in and someone starts shooting. Sonny tries to revive Kate as she passes out.moreless
    • Ep. #10958
      Ep. #10958
      Season 43 - Episode 202
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #12738
      Ep. #12738
      Season 50 - Episode 208

      Lucy overhears Todd on the phone and wants in on his plan on busting out. Monica visits A.J. who is enjoying his first day as C.E.O. Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Tracy tells Sonny that A.J. won't be in his cozy little for much longer and Michael will have to suffer the consequences too. Kevin arrives telling Alexis, Sam and McBain that Lucy has been delusional for a long time about him having a daughter name Livvie he doesn't have, also her obsession with angels and demons. Olivia learns from Sonny that Kristina tried to kill Connie cause of Trey's untimely death. Alison Barrington arrives back in Port Charles telling her son Rafe and Lucy being their only ally. Tracy rushes to stop Connie from printing the story and realizing she is too late. Starr threatens to expose Todd's plan with past evidence she has on him. Alexis tries to get Kevin to realizes that he must stay for Lucy's sake. Connie tells A.J. that Sonny gave her the story. Alison sees John and calls him "Caleb".

    • Ep. #11358
      Ep. #11358
      Season 45 - Episode 90
      Elizabeth perjures herself on the witness stand by saying that Lucky is Jake's father. Carly demands that Jerry tells her if the phone call that he got had anything to do with Jax and if he's alright. Sonny looks on as Michael and Morgan get to know Kate by spending time at her house. Logan takes Lulu somewhere for their date and Lulu tells him some of the things that Lucky and Luke did when they and Laura where on the run. Jax dodges as Irina shoots and misses him. Elizabeth tells Ric that nothing he says that will change her statement. Lucky asks Nikolas how long he has known about Elizabeth and Jason sleeping together. Sonny tells Jason that if he is convicted he will do anything to set him free. Elizabeth tells Ric that he isn't sorry for the way he treated her on the stand. Carly sees a wound on Jerry's back and realizes that he was stabbed. Lucky goes to Elizabeth and demands to know if Jake is really his son.moreless
    • Ep. #10918
      Ep. #10918
      Season 43 - Episode 162
      Courtney rests at the hospital while she cuddles Molly while they all wait to hear word on Alexis. Carly thanks Lorenzo for bringing the boys to see her. Sonny assures a weakening Reese that help will be there soon and turns as help arrives, but when he turns back to Reese, he realises she has just died. Alexis and Ric are taken to safety and reunite with Molly and Kristina. Emily feels that Reese's death is her fault because she didn't realise how serious her condition was. Mac arrests Manny as Jason realises that the detonator is about to go off.moreless
    • Ep. #10919
      Ep. #10919
      Season 43 - Episode 163
      Emily's guilt increases after learning that Reese had a punctured lung, but Alan tries to convince her that even the best doctors lose a patient sometime. Lainey tries to warn Carly against romanticizing the past, but Carly sneaks away from Rose Lawn to return to the site of the wreck. Luke and Sonny agree to try a dangerous plan to get Jason out even though Sam objects. Lucky and Liz realise the bill collectors are catching up wtih them. Jax overhears Courtney telling Nikolas she should try it again with her baby's father, but gets the wrong idea.moreless
    • Ep. #10922
      Ep. #10922
      Season 43 - Episode 166
      Liz and Lucky refuse to let Lulu live with them and advise Nikolas to do the same in the hopes that they can spur a reconciliation between Lulu and Luke. Lulu is shocked when Luke tells her he loves her. Jax refuses to consider the possibility of a divorce, and warns Dr. Meadows that she had better keep him up to date on Courtney's pregnancy. Michael and Morgan are both happy to have Carly home, but after she tucks them in, Sonny warns her that it's not fair to make them think she's home for good when he knows she hasn't been released. Sam is furious to learn that Robin deliberately withheld the truth about how serious the treatment was so that Jason would go through with it.moreless
    • Ep. #10924
      Ep. #10924
      Season 43 - Episode 168
      Lainey tries to convince Carly that she needs to build a life for herself without men, but Durant's hints that Sonny and Emily are getting involved send Carly over the edge again. Sam wants to end the treatment after Jason has another setback but Robin again insists on continuing only to be halted by Monica, who demands the treatment stop immediately. Brook Lynn is furious with Diego for being the stalker, and he tells her it was all about getting revenge for his cousin Sage and the way they all treated her. Jax saves Courtney from the water and revives her with C.P.R., leaving Nikolas trying to keep Helena away from Courtney.moreless
    • Ep. #12786
      Ep. #12786
      Season 51 - Episode 7

      Britt's announcement about her being pregnant with Patrick's baby shocks everyone, as Dr. Obrecht watches from the suite with delight. Ellie confronts Maxie about what she overheard her and Frisco discussing and offers to help her. Lucy resumes the Nurse's Ball with Olivia and Max doing a pyschic skit. Britt asks Patrick if he can walk away from his own child. Molly sings a song she and T.J. wrote together. Epiphany along with Monica and Tracy perform "Jump For My Love". Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that she promises Patrick will come to her. Ellie tells Spinelli that it's possible that Britt knows something more about Maxie's pregnancy. Michael gets a call from Starr and is heartbroken that she won't be coming home to Port Charles after all.

    • Ep. #10957
      Ep. #10957
      Season 43 - Episode 201
      Luke is determined to make Tracy think he's out to kill her, and Lulu, Dillon, Skye, Alice and Georgie all help him. Sam worries about her future with Jason after talking to Alexis. Luckily for Jason, Justus is able to get him released from jail. Carly swears she can make Courtney reunite with Jax.moreless
    • Ep. #12893
      Ep. #12893
      Season 51 - Episode 114

      Sabrina tells Patrick they can focus on each other now, and that Britt is no longer a problem for them. Maxie tells Anna she wishes she could be more like the way Robin used to be. Olivia does her best to keep Sonny from finding out about A.J. Britt tells Nikolas that she'll be a terrible mother to her son. Monica tells A.J. he pretty much threw away the opportunity for him to start over, Michael shows up saying he'll stand by his father. Sonny attacks a reporter and finds out A.J. pleaded not guilty and Diane implicated him in Connie's murder. Maxie goes to Britt wanting her silence and gives her advice. Monica is told in light of her son's arrest to step down as Cheif of Staff. Sonny is touched when Dante and Lulu say they named their daughter Connie.

    • Ep. #10979
      Ep. #10979
      Season 43 - Episode 223
      Dillon talks Tracy into giving him and Georgie his blessing as Maxie takes up Georgie's case with Mac. Mac finally signs the consent papers, and Georgie tells Dillon they're getting married, and reminds him that it's Valentine's Day. Carly takes ill after being injected with the virus by Dr. Cassius and when a doctor comes to help, Jason soon realises he's working for Crylium. Jax refuses to leave Courtney's side when she's brought in by ambulance, and later listens as she and Nikolas talk about how much they love each other. Monica brings Danny back in to see Sam, and Sam tries to reassure him that Alexis didn't mean what she did. Nikolas refuses the serum and tells Sonny to take it for his son's sake, and Patrick pretends that Sonny's condition has worsened to force him to take the serum.moreless
    • Ep. #10983
      Ep. #10983
      Season 43 - Episode 227
      Jason and Carly, with the help of Luke's old chimp, find Lucky, whose condition has improved due to the antidote. Carly, whose condition subsequently worsens, injects herself with a drug that could be either more of the virus or its cure. As Sonny, who has made a full recovery, leaves the hospital with Michael, Kristina, and Molly, Emily collapses, and is taken to a room, but it turns out it is just fatigue, and Monica orders her to leave. As Courtney refuses to believe that she may lose the baby, Lulu begins to beg Luke to give more serum to help Nikolas, who is worsening as well. Robert is quite surprised when Elizabeth tells him that there is a cure for the virus, and that Lucky is still alive, causing Luke to trick Robert into doing something to help track down Lucky, while Alexis fears she may be worsening.moreless
    • Ep. #11364
      Ep. #11364
      Season 45 - Episode 96
      Sonny is shocked when Kate is arrested for a drunk driving incident. Diane presents a photo of Lorenzo Alcazar that was taken a couple days ago. Spinelli tries to convince Lulu that Logan is no good for her. Lucky tell Sam that she doesn't need Elizabeth making things worse. Coop walks out on Maxie after not believing her about her kiss with Logan. Kate tells Sonny that the charge against her is true and that it was just an accident. Jason scolds Carly for joining forces with Jerry. Coop tells Logan to stay away from Maxie, Logan asks Coop not to tell Lulu about what happened. Spinelli overhears Maxie admit to letting Logan kiss her, he then tells Lulu but she accuses him of lying to her again, and that it could ruin their friendship. Mayor Floyd tells Ric to do some damage control.moreless
    • Ep. #11082
      Ep. #11082
      Season 44 - Episode 69
      Anna returns Lorenzo's phone and Robert spies on them at the Metro Court. Jason had a nightmare that Manny killed Sam, he wakes up to find Sam at his side. Alexis says to bury the evidence that proves Lucky didn't shoot Manny. Alan questions Maxie about the stolen Hydrocodone from the hospital. Anna wonders if Robert is jealous of Lorenzo spending time with her. Lucky says that he doesn't need Maxie's help anymore, and plants a kiss on him. Robert tells Skye that Anna has been assigned to Lorenzo and Skye admitted that he pulled strings to keep Diego from going back to prison. Skye informs Lorenzo that she's leaving town to have the baby and not to follow her. Jason tells Sam that they have no home or future together.moreless
    • Ep. #11083
      Ep. #11083
      Season 44 - Episode 70
      Patrick thinks Lucky is still hooked on pain medication, and tells Elizabeth how well she really knows her husband. Ric thinks Alexis wants Jason free so that he can run the business and not Sonny. Geprgie wants Lulu to tell the truth that she didn't sleep with Diego, Dillon then shows up and tells Georgie not to blame Lulu for something that she did. Sam tells Jason that if she walks out the door she's not coming back, she takes off the necklace that Jason gave her and drops it in a janitor's mop bucket. Georgie asks Diego out on a date, Diego asks Georgie that if they get closer that she would have to be with him and only him. Ric attempted to look at Manny's file but was interrupted by Det. Rodriguez. Sam apologizes to Alexis for using her as a scapegoat, as a way for making her pay is to get on her good side.moreless
    • Ep. #11357
      Ep. #11357
      Season 45 - Episode 89
      Jax pushes Irina's buttons. Sonny thanks Kate for what she did for him earlier for making Ric look like a fool. Michael and Morgan get Kate to show a different side to her. After Jason stands up and yells at Ric, Ric suggests that Jason be shackled for the trials duration. Spinelli tries to convince Logan to stay away from Lulu. Lulu tells Georgie that Logan does have his moments. Amelia stops by and tells Sam that Ric is questioning Elizabeth on whether or not she slept with Jason. Jerry has a dream of him being tortured and watching Irina die. Lucky is shocked to learn that Elizabeth says under oath that she had a sexual relationship with Jason at one point. Ric then asks Elizabeth that if baby Jake is Jason's son.moreless
    • Ep. #11088
      Ep. #11088
      Season 44 - Episode 75
      Emily shows up to take Sonny to see Lainey, he says that he'll go later. Lucky prepares to receive a medal, he then turns to Maxie and asks her for another score. Lainey questions Carly's feelings for Sonny. Carly makes a last attempt to Nikolas to be apart of Little John's life but he says no. Sam is denied a job at "GH" by Iris Sneed after telling her about her personal life. Lucky tries to hide the pain as he receives a medal by Mayor Floyd. Ric warns Jason not to compromise Sonny's thereapy, Jason tells him to mind his own business. Maxie is upset when Lucky didn't thank her at the ceremony and threatens to tell Elizabeth how he's been getting the medication. Sonny admits to Lainey all the wrong thing he's done and all the people he's hurt and not wanting to do that ever again, especially the women in his life. Lucky gets agressive with Maxie when she drops the bag of pills off the pier and the two end up in a kiss. Ric sees Sam in a bathing suit out on the porch and immediately sees Ric looking at her.moreless
    • Ep. #11089
      Ep. #11089
      Season 44 - Episode 76
      Lucky tells Maxie that he's ending it before someone gets hurt. Sam tries to persuade Ric to come swimming with Kristina and her. Sonny can't believe the way he treated the mother of his children which doesn't excuse the choices he's made. Carly tells Jason to do anything to keep her from going back to Sonny. Helena warns Colleen not to disappoint her, Carly shows up at Wyndemere and nearly catches them together. Nikolas then warns Carly that she's not welcome and asks her to leave. Maxie almost learns the truth about Jason killing Manny and not Lucky. Worried the Carly might be a problem Helena instructs Colleen to keep her away. Nikolas tells Emily that she looks beautiful holding Little John as Colleen watches from afar. Sam tells Jason that she's hurting and she wants him to feel the same way she does.moreless
    • Ep. #11090
      Ep. #11090
      Season 44 - Episode 77
      Maxie looks on as she sees Lucky and Elizabeth, thinking he's telling her about kissing her. Sam wants Jason to give her a reason to stay, when he doesn't she leaves. Colleen immediately takes Little John from Emily's arms worried that he might get attached to her. Dillon pulls Lulu into a kiss on the pier to get her to stop talking. Sonny considers quitting therapy, by admitting that he has diffuculty answering personal questions. Lulu goes to Carly for advice with dealing with telling Dillon her true feelings. Alexis wants Sam to come and work for her at the station as her assistant. Jason is deadset against Elizabeth telling Lucky that he killed Manny and not him. Sonny admits to Jason that he's scared that he'll be a different man if he takes the medication.moreless
    • Ep. #11098
      Ep. #11098
      Season 44 - Episode 85
      Alan informs Patrick that he should be tested for HIV immediately. Nikolas thanks Alfred for getting him and Emily together, Colleen is worried that Emily will be spending too much time with Little John and not her. Sonny tells Carly that he may not be the kind of man that Emily should be with. Patrick says that he could use Robin's company instead of being alone. Sam and Jason end up trapped in an elevator alone together. Carly tells Sonny why his mother didn't stop his stepfather from beating him. Lucky goes home and tells Elizabeth the he found out that Jason killed Manny and not him. Colleen wants Emily gone by making Nikolas believe she shouldn't be around his son. Elizabeth finds a bottle of pills in Lucky's pocket.moreless
    • Ep. #11099
      Ep. #11099
      Season 44 - Episode 86
      Lucky accuses Elizabeth of setting him up so that she can bust him for drug use. Carly reminds Sonny of the love they once shared together, she then admits that Lainey called her to talk which frustrates Sonny. Lorenzo informs Skye that he will track her to the ends of the earth to be with his child. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Lucky maybe addicted to pain pills. Lucky continues to lash out at people he thinks are trying to help him. Sam and Jason remimisce while still trapped in the elevator. Skye gives Lorenzo the slip at the hospital, Lorenzo demands that Robert tell him where she is. Sam gets a phone call from Ric to come to the hospital, that Kristina had been hurt. Sonny tells Emily that he doesn't need her anymore and that he has to do it alone. After seeing Patrick and Elizabeth hug, he goes off with Maxie.moreless
    • Ep. #11100
      Ep. #11100
      Season 44 - Episode 87
      Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Lucky maybe addicted to pain medication. After making out with Maxie, Lucky's patrol car crashes into Edward's car. Emily wants to know if Sonny is breaking up with her, and tells her that he is and she leaves. Carly offers to help Jason get back together with Sam, but he tells her no to interfere in his life. Bernie warns Jason of a possible retaliation if he doesn't meet with them soon. Nikolas confronts Lucky about his problem and the brothers end up fighting. Emily tells an overjoyed Edward that she's moving back into the mansion. Colleen tells her plan to Little John that she plans to win over Nikolas' family. A shocked Georgie finds out Maxie and Lucky have been sleeping together.moreless
    • Ep. #11081
      Ep. #11081
      Season 44 - Episode 68
      Jason is rushed into surgery after suffering a bullet wound to the shoulder. Sam lashes out at Alexis and Ric, thinking they don't care if Jason lives or dies. Sonny apologizes to Sam for not taking care of Manny sooner. Patrick tells everyone that Jason's surgery was successful, thinking that Jason died on the table Sonny pulls a gun on Lorenzo thinking he's the reason Jason died Lorenzo tries to tell Sonny that Jason is alive and that he's not thinking clearly. Lucky asks Maxie for Hydrocodone. Alexis learns that Manny was never shot by Lucky and doesn't want it to be made public. Diego wants his father to take over Sonny's territory and run Port Charles. Alan finds out some pills were taken from the medicine cabinet. A man with the same tattoo's as Manny identifies his body in the morgue.moreless
    • Ep. #11080
      Ep. #11080
      Season 44 - Episode 67
      Tracy tells Robert that he's fired from the Haunted Star and evicted from the Quartermaine Mansion. Jason bursts in with a gun pointed at Manny, he then tells Jason to lower his gun or he'll shoot Sam. Anna makes her move towards Lorenzo by bumping into him at the Metro Court. Alexis is overwhelmed with guilt about Manny abducting Sam in her own home. Manny fires and hits Jason and escapes after Lucky gets toppled by Manny. Tracy and Robert reach a compromise he keeps his job, and to find Luke. Robert confronts Anna about being on an assignment. Robin, Kelly, Lainey agree to live with each other as roommates. Manny and Jason square off on the roof of the hospital, Lucky shoots Manny and Jason throws him off the roof. Sam is shocked to learn that Alexis arrested Jason for real to get Manny to release her. Jason sees Manny's dead body lying in the pavement and then collapses in Elizabeth's arms.moreless
    • Ep. #11079
      Ep. #11079
      Season 44 - Episode 66
      Robert questions Anna's motives for being back in Port Charles. Robin tells her mother that she and Patrick are not seeing each other anymore. Manny puts Sam on a stretcher so that he can put his mark on her. Sonny tells Carly to get out after kissing her thinking that she wants him to cheat on Emily. Lorenzo tells Diego to come home with him where it's safe and that he can keep an eye on him. Dillon realizes that it was Lulu's first time having sex with him. Epiphany tells Jason that Manny's probably in one of the sub-basement's of "GH". Georgie overhears Dillon on the phone and learns that he slept with Lulu shortly after their fight. Lulu tells Diego on the pier that she feels guilty for breaking up Dillon and Georgie.moreless
    • Ep. #11365
      Ep. #11365
      Season 45 - Episode 97
      Jax chooses to sleep with Irina when she threatens Carly. Rick makes a proposition for Sam and promises to make it worth her while. Spinelli goes to Jason for some of his wisdom and tells him that Lulu broke his heart, Jason tells Spinelli to stick by Lulu no matter what. Noah is caught in the middle of an argument between Patrick and Robin. Sonny tells Kate that she had better brace herself of the ramifications of her actions. Sam learns that Ric wants her to lie under oath that she heard Jason admit to killing Lorenzo Alcazar. Carly tells Lulu not to let a good friend like Spinelli get away. Sonny manages to get Kate put into his custody and manages to get her away from the press by borrowing an outfit from a prostitute. Spinelli and Lulu each apologize, Lulu then tells him that she still wants him to be her friend. Robin admits to Patrick that the reason she's so uptight is because she thinks that she's pregnant.moreless
    • Ep. #11016
      Ep. #11016
      Season 44 - Episode 3
      Jason warns Emily that Sonny will destroy her, then turns his back on her when she refuses to stop seeing him. Georgie yearns for a normal marriage with Dillon, but he reminds her they aren't just any other couple. Lorenzo promises Skye that he will make sure that no danger ever touches their child. Liz encourages Lucky to get his job back, even though he still feels guilty about Jesse. Alexis tells Sam that the daughter she gave up for adoption died years earlier. Diego is upset at the bond between Georgie and Dillon.moreless
    • Ep. #11025
      Ep. #11025
      Season 44 - Episode 12
      Georgie tells Dillon that she's willing to agree to an annulment if he cannot accept that she is friends with Diego. Jason nearly kills Sonny after Emily is knocked down, but Emily and Max stop him. Nikolas tries to convince Robin to give Robert another chance. Jax pays off the lab technician to keep quiet.moreless
    • 2014/06/30
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140630

      Franco intends to tell Michael the truth about A.J. hoping to get Sonny away from Carly. Sam tells Patrick that the car used in the accident belongs to Silas. Slade cuts off Rafe for drugs until he pays his tab. Ava introduces Sonny to her mother Delia. Levi starts a sit in to stop the revitalization project on the waterfront. Carly lashes at Franco cause he was about to tell Michael that Sonny was the one that shot A.J. Patrick confronts Silas saying the accident concerns himself.

    • Ep. #11366
      Ep. #11366
      Season 45 - Episode 98
      Irina tells Carly that she can't speak to her husband and that she just slept with him. Logan goes to the Quartermaine's and asks if he can date Lulu. Edward and Monica tell Logan that Lulu is not going to date Lulu and has Alice throw Logan out. Amelia tells the court that Ric wanted to use Jason's conviction for publicity. Tracy tries to tell Scott that he knew that Logan is his son and that Luke would be mad if he found out that Lulu is dating him. Patrick tells Robin that they will deal with this situation together. Maxie tells Lulu to stay away from her boyfriend. Ric and Diane each do their closing statements to the jury. Epiphany tells Elizabeth to go to the courthouse to be there for Jason. Tracy insists that Logan and Scott take a DNA test to prove paternity. Robin's pregnancy turns out to be a false alarm much to Patrick's relief. The jury comes back with a verdict.moreless
    • Ep. #11075
      Ep. #11075
      Season 44 - Episode 62
      At Jake's, Lulu has trouble believing Carly doesn't seem to want to help Sonny, especially after witnessing his strange behavior. At his apartment, Jason tries to convince Liz that in order to save Sam he needs her to relive the night that Manny kidnapped her.
    • Ep. #11076
      Ep. #11076
      Season 44 - Episode 63
      It's the day of Justus Quartermaine's funeral as both Lainey and Edward mourn the man they lost. Luke goes to see Laura in the institution. Lorenzo warns Skye that he plans to be part of his child's life. Diego and Lulu manipulat Georgie and Diego. Patrick suggests to Carly that they have casual sex. Colleen scrambles to cover herself after Nikolas finds her and the baby with Helena.moreless
    • Ep. #11077
      Ep. #11077
      Season 44 - Episode 64
      Manny catches Sam as she tries to escape from his clutches. Lulu and Diego put their plan to break up Dillon and Georgie into action.
    • Ep. #11368
      Ep. #11368
      Season 45 - Episode 100
      Lucky warns Jason to stay away from Elizabeth and his kids. Carly arrives in Turkey in search of her supposedly cheating husband. Jerry gets proof that Irina is still alive. Irina tells Jax that she expects Jerry here today. Kate is considered going to Paris, Sonny thinks it isn't a good idea jumping bail. Elizabeth tells Emily that she thinks that she and Lucky are through. Spinelli tells Jason that there is plenty of room for Elizabeth and her boys since Sam is not living there no more.moreless
    • Ep. #11101
      Ep. #11101
      Season 44 - Episode 88
      Elizabeth tells Jason that Lucky knows that he killed Manny. Alexis approaches Sam about some other missing files on Manny Ruiz. Robin tells Noah that Patrick could be infected with end-stage aids. Maxie scores Lucky another batch of drugs and gives it to him. Ric wonders if there's something in Manny's autopsy report that Alexis doesn't want made public. Robin explains to April about her condition as well as her own. Lulu wants to know why Maxie isn't yelling at her for sleeping with a married man. Bernie tells Jason that Lorenzo Alcazar has contacted the people in South America. Alan informs Patrick that his latest blood test showed no sign of HIV. Lulu wonders if she could be pregnant with Dillon's baby.moreless
    • Ep. #11353
      Ep. #11353
      Season 45 - Episode 85
      Jason saves Amelia's life as he pushes her out of the way. The shootout is broadcast all over television. Carly is irate when Ric threatens to add more murder charges since the guards turned up dead. Sonny assures Ric after he accuses him of trying to help Jason escape. Maxie tells Sam if she's really planning on testifying against Jason. Alexis tells Ric that she filed a motion to get Sam taken off the witness list. Carly threatens to turn Jerry in after she lashes at him for almost getting Jason killed. Patrick thinks his father pretending to be Eli is turning him into a monster. Jerry tells Carly that he had nothing to do with the shooting at Jason. Max tells Jason that he had Sam followed to the Tv station and that she and Elizabeth shared a heated argument. Mayor Floyd thinks that Ric is emotionally involved and should excuse himself from the case. Amelia tells Jason that she is going to keep him from going to jail. Sam tells Alexis that she still plans on testifying against Jason.moreless
    • Ep. #11334
      Ep. #11334
      Season 45 - Episode 66
      Sam questions Alexis about the repercussions about walking away from a crime scene. Jason and Amelia go in search of Maureen and Jake.
    • Ep. #11488
      Ep. #11488
      Season 45 - Episode 219
      Max tells Sonny that a meeting was ordered with the five families and it wasn't Johnny that arranged it. Logan tells Scott that he wouldn't have pushed if he had known that Luke raped Lulu's mother. Elizabeth admits to Jason that she might be the one who ran Sam down. Carly runs into Claudia at the Metro Court and start to get friendly. Ric and Marianna return from having fun at the beach. Spinelli tries a little experiment with Maxie. Michael goes to his room and gets his gun and then goes to those boys to buy bullets. Mac explains to Maxie that the Text Message Killer case is closed. Logan angrily watches Johnny and Lulu kiss. Spinelli tells Jason that Monica, Carly and Nikolas where driving on that road that night and any one of them could've hit Sam and possibly not Elizabeth. Marianna brings up Trevor, Ric asks her what he has to do with this. Mike asks Michael what he bought from those kids and makes him toss the bullets away, but keeps one. Sam wakes up to find the killer in her hospital room. Sonny is shocked to learn that the woman that he was with is the one that called the meeting.moreless
    • Ep. #11336
      Ep. #11336
      Season 45 - Episode 68
      Robin surprises Patrick on the rooftop. Tracy asks Ned to delay his big opportunity.
    • Ep. #11337
      Ep. #11337
      Season 45 - Episode 69
      Carly halts Jerry's embezzlement. Jerry approaches Sam at the Metro Court. Ned tries to persuade Dillon into letting go and taking the job, but Dillon says that Tracy is still in the way.
    • Ep. #11338
      Ep. #11338
      Season 45 - Episode 70
      Carly asks Elizabeth's help in blackmailing Ric. Lulu and the rest of the family bid Dillon farewell.
    • Ep. #11339
      Ep. #11339
      Season 45 - Episode 71
      Scott tries to explain to Lulu why he can never forgive Luke, but Lulu defends her parents. Ric forces Logan to get him the dirt on Sonny while Sonny convinces Coop to find out what Ric has on Jason. Robin tries to smooth the waters between Patrick and his father. Carly and Sonny both blast Sam. Elizabeth can\'t understand why Lucky arrested Jason after he saved their son.moreless
    • Ep. #11340
      Ep. #11340
      Season 45 - Episode 72
      Lulu and Logan make plans for a date, but first Logan has to finish his work for Sonny. Ric recruits Coop to work as a liaison between the district attorney's office and the police station. Elizabeth and Robin both blame Lucky for Jason being arrested. Carly sneaks in to see Jason.moreless
    • Ep. #11341
      Ep. #11341
      Season 45 - Episode 73
      Russell reprimands Patrick and Robin after they operate on a patient against his orders. Coop warns Sonny about the shipment, but Sonny decides to go through with it anyway. Both Carly and Ric confront Alexis about her relationship with Jerry. Stan's date with Lainey doesn't go well. Lulu waits for Logan at the club as he oversees the shipment.moreless
    • 2014/11/18
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141118

      Kiki tells Ava that once she told Michael the truth he ended their relationship. Sonny instructs Shawn to give Michael the recording. Patrick tells Dr. Obrecht that he's been reinstated at the hospital. Michael tells Monica that A.J. will be vindicated for Ava's crime. Spencer lets it slip to Nikolas someone else knew about his whereabouts after running away. Jordan and Shawn begin to tell T.J the truth about his father. Britt decides to help Agent Sloane bring down Anna for Faison's murder, after Dr. Obrecht threatens to destroy her relationship with Nikolas. Michael hands the recording over to Anna, she goes to talk with Ava, but isn't in her room. Alexis tells Sonny he's bringing everybody down with him who was involved in the cover up.Patrick and Sam overhear Larry talking on the phone with Jerry.

    • Ep. #11333
      Ep. #11333
      Season 45 - Episode 65
      Kate hears Sonny threated to cut Jerry's heart if he goes anywhere near his kids. Logan admits to Lulu that he knows that Scott was his father all along. Carly asks Jason politely to put his shirt on to cover up his muscles on his body and that she is a married woman. Sam says no to Lucky and Elizabeth making a plea to the kidnapper to give back Jake. Patrick tells Robin that he thinks that she gave his father the case to get back at him. Scott tries to assure Tracy that he does not have a son, Logan and Lulu then arrive and Scott threatens Logan with extortion if he doesn't stop with this con. Jason and Carly are rescued. Kate tells Carly she should be concerned that Sonny might kill her brother-in-law, Carly then tells Kate that it's best to stay away. Amelia calls Maureen and she then hears a baby crying in the background, she then tells Jason this when he comes to question her. Jerry locks him and Carly in the boiler rooom. After having a drink Sam remembers the day Jake disappeared and seeing Maureen near him at the time.moreless
    • Ep. #11332
      Ep. #11332
      Season 45 - Episode 64
      Tracy and Lulu are determined to find Scott's son. Carly is shaken to find Jerry in her living room with Michael and Morgan. Jason tells Sam that he knows that she is hiding something and wants to know what it is. Sonny sees Logan talking to Maxie when he should be working. Scott goes to Sonny thinking he helped Luke escape. Carly calls Jason and tells him that Jerry is back in town. Patrick and Robin have a disagreement, he then finds out that Robin gave Noah the surgery that he was supposed to do. Amelia tells Kate that she will not disclose her relationship with Sonny to her magazine. Lulu asks Spinelli to do a background check on Logan to see if he's Scott's son. Sam opens up to Maxie when there's no one else that she and Jason are falling apart. Carly and Jason get locked in the boiler room of the Merto Court. Scott tells Tracy that the offer is still on the table, Tracy then tells her an offer of her own. Lulu tells Logan that Scott could be his father.moreless
    • Ep. #11331
      Ep. #11331
      Season 45 - Episode 63
      Amelia goes to the station to tell Jason that Sam is going to paint her as the victim and to think that she's crazy. Diane gives Jason news that he's been granted bail. Tracy discovers Lulu is the only one on her side when she comes and visits her. Logan comes to see what Maxie wanted when walking in on her and Coop. Carly assures Michael that she and Jax aren't getting a divorce. Alexis tells Sam what Amelia told her about Sam marrying and killing her father. Maxie tells Coop that nothing is going on with Logan. Scott goes to see Tracy and offers her a deal that if he tells him where Luke took Laura and he'll drop the kidnapping charges, she refuses and Scott tells her he hopes that she rots. Sam approaches Amelia about setting her up since day one. Jason asks Spinelli to follow Amelia and Sam in order to find Jake. Lulu brings Tracy an envelope and learns from the information that he has a son.moreless
    • Ep. #11322
      Ep. #11322
      Season 45 - Episode 54
      Jax tells Carly that the dead body that was found was not Jerry. Sonny protects Kate's secret in front of Carly, after telling her real name as she comes in the room. Kelly tells a devastated Sam that he eggs are barely viable and she has a 10% chance she'll get pregnant. Nikolas swears to protect Emily from Jerry and asks Alexis to prove that Emily was set up. Elizabeth tells Jason that she wishes that he can be apart of Jake's life. Mayor Floyd commends Ric on Jason's arrest, and offers to give Ric all the resources to help put Sonny away. Lucky lays into Jason on why his wife is visiting him in jail. Jane tells Jax that she wishes Jerry would stay away from Port Charles. Diane tells Lucky to leave and asks Jason what Elizabeth was doing visiting him and is worried if she's called to testify. Jason tells Sonny that Amelia told him that Sam knows that he is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Sam realizes that Maureen's story is similar to Jason and Elizabeth's. Sonny then tells Jason to claim his child.moreless
    • Ep. #11323
      Ep. #11323
      Season 45 - Episode 55
      Kate pushes Carly's buttons. Ric thinks he can use Logan to his advantage after learning from Georgie that he works for Sonny. Jason tells Sonny that he will not let his own son's life to be put in danger. Elizabeth tells Lucky she still wants to thank Jason for getting her to the hospital. Nikolas is still hellbent on getting revenge on Jerry. Alexis tells Jax that he better find Jerry before Nikolas does cause she's afraid of what he'd do. Diane tells Jason that he could be out of here tonight. Elizabeth gives Spinelli permission to hold Jake, Sam then shows up and then goes, Sam then spies on Elizabeth after Lulu and Spinelli leave. Carly explains to Jax that he can come over for a Father's Day barbeque at Sonny's house. Sonny invites Kate and her guest after hearing that her food was sabatoged. Diane tells Jason that his bail hearing was denied. Elizabeth puts Jake down to help Cameron tie his shoe laces and then notices that Jake is gone.moreless
    • Ep. #11324
      Ep. #11324
      Season 45 - Episode 56
      Kate realizes that Carly will also be at the party. Elizabeth becomes hysterical when Jake goes missing. Amelia becomes concerned when Sam is late coming into work. Sonny begins to get jealous when Jax gets a better Father's Day present then him. Mac and Lainey suggest to Lucky that ELizabeth is suffering from post partum depression and did something to Jake without realizing it. Spinelli almost spills to Lucky that he isn't Jake's father but Lulu shows up and gets him out of there. Cruz goes to question Sam on Jake's disappearance.moreless
    • 2014/08/27
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140827

      Franco starts to wonder after to talking with Scott, that Carly may have lied to him. Silas questions Nina about a Chrichton Clark business card found among Rafe's belongings, and if she had given him money. Mac informs Anna his theory about where Maxie and Lulu are, and Frisco is somehow involved. Patrick and Sam make a bet while playing pool. Franco cautions Sonny to stay away from Carly. Nina tells Silas that she wants to make love to him. Scribner reveals Levi's real name, and Felicia recognizes it as the same as that of her old fianceé.

    • Ep. #11325
      Ep. #11325
      Season 45 - Episode 57
      Sam thinks Amelia is accusing her of abducting Jake. A tearful Elizabeth tells Jason that someone took their son. Lucky tells Spinelli and Lulu that he thinks Elizabeth did something to Jake. Jason then promises that he'll do whatever it takes to find their son. After watching an Amber Alert she learns that he nephew Jake was taken. Spinelli goes to Sonny hoping to get his help. Elizabeth can't believe that Lainey suggests that she has post-partum depression, the same with Lucky. Carly tells Jax that maybe Jerry took Jake. Logan listens to Lulu after explaining thta she's looking for Jake, Logan then admits that he's one child that never should've been born. Mac suggests that someone followed Elizabeth to the park and waited to take him. Sam keeps Spinelli from looking into surveillance footage of the time Jake was abducted, Spinelli then sees Sam open a package containing baby's clothing. Jason tells Sonny to tap Sam's cell phone and put a tail on her, Sonny tells Jason if he thinks Sam took his son.moreless
    • Ep. #11326
      Ep. #11326
      Season 45 - Episode 58
      Amelia tells Sam to tell Jason the truth and support him until his son is found, she then tells Sam if she wants Jake to be found. Elizabeth tells Lucky how can he accuse her of not loving her son enough to keep him safe. Emily tells Lucky and Elizabeth that they shouldn't be fighting and that they should be finding their son. Jason tells Spinelli to keep an eye on Sam, and ask Jason if he thinks Sam stole his son, Spinelli tells Jason that he saw Sam with a package with a baby's clothing. Carly thinks Jax is on the phone with Jerry, but assures her that he wasn't. Carly then leaves after Alexis shows up. Edward secretly has Lainey watch as Tracy talks to an empty chair, she also says that she thinks Alan is sitting there. Jason tells Diane to get him out of jail now, Lucky then interrupts them by telling Jason that they have no leads to finding Jake thanks to him. Tracy tells Edward that the only reason he brought Lainey here is to have her declared imcompetent. Spinelli leaves in a hurry after seeing something on the computer, and goes to Jason and tells him that Sam lied about getting a smoothie.moreless
    • Ep. #11327
      Ep. #11327
      Season 45 - Episode 59
      Carly is kept in the dark on where Jax is taking her. Elizabeth can't believe that thinks she could do something to their son. Sonny tells Spinelli that there's alot he doesn't know about Sam. Amelia flat out asks Sam if she kidnapped Jason's son. Tracy is put in a straight jacket and taken away. Sonny tells Diane in confidence that Jason is Jake Spencer's real father and it's possible that Sam took him. Dillon learns that his mother was committed to Shady Brook. Ric brings Logan in and offers to give him a deal to give him information on Sonny in exchange for immunity. Alan tells Tracy if she admits to forging his will she will be rid of him forever. Edward tells Lainey that he wants Tracy to be there indefinately. Jax gives Carly a deed to an old mansion to be turned into a boutique hotel, Carly thinks Jax is going to leave her to go after Jerry. Logan attempts to tell Sonny about what Ric told him but he tells him to leave.moreless
    • Ep. #11329
      Ep. #11329
      Season 45 - Episode 61
      Carly arrives and saves Jax from being shot by the bartender by pretending to be Jerry's wife and that Jerry paid the bartender to hold his brother there. Sam learns that Amelia is the daughter of Bill Monroe, a man she was married to. Spinelli refuses to break Jason out of jail. Kate uses Sonny's lighter to set of the smoke alarm, while Sonny and Amelia are in his office. Spinelli tells Jason that if he escapes from jail, the cops are going to shoot to kill. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Jason is the person that she can count on right now. Alexis finds one of Kate's earrings and figures out that Kate set off the fire alarm. Elizabeth goes to see Jason at the station after her argument with Lucky. While visiting her daughter's grave, Sam then announces she's going to tell Jason that she knows that Jake is his. Sonny confronts Kate and says that she forgot her earring when she set off the fire alarm. Sam goes to see Jason and admits that she knew for weeks that Jake was his son.moreless
    • Ep. #11330
      Ep. #11330
      Season 45 - Episode 62
      Jason defends his decision to Sam. Maxie seems genuine when Lucky reads what she left on the door, Lulu arrives and wonders what Maxie is doing there. Amelia reveals her plan that she was going to make Sam a star and the expose her sordid past. Carly tells Jax that he is walking away and not to blame Jerry. Sam wonders why Jason never told her the truth about Jake to begin with. Lucky and Elizabeth share a tender moment together when they go to bed. Lulu goes to Maxie and tells her to stay away from Lucky, she then calls Logan. Elizabeth dreams that Jason finds Jake and brings him home to her.moreless
    • Ep. #11342
      Ep. #11342
      Season 45 - Episode 74
      Coop allows Logan to escape. Sonny is furious to learn that Carly is still spending time with Jerry. Stan and Lainey agree that they're not meant for each other, but Stan remains intrigued by her. Lulu is horrified to realise that Logan was shot. Georgie tries to offer advice to Spinelli after Carly shoots down his help. Bernie assumes Sonny and Diane are more than they are.moreless
    • Ep. #11489
      Ep. #11489
      Season 45 - Episode 220
      Trevor tells Marianna to just see what happens if she doesn't come through for him. Claudia introduces everyone as Anthony Zacchara's daughter. Spinelli tells Maxie that Logan has his hand on his side and that he could be the killer. The killer warns Sam and then leaves the room, Dr. Devlin comes in and catches Sam as she falls. Lucky tells Jason that it's convenient that he was walking by the accident the morning after. Alexis learns that Sam was targeted while she was in her hospital room. Claudia says that she this close to acquiring Lorenzo Alcazar's waterfront property. Maxie moves in and kisses Spinelli on the lips. Dr. Devlin sees Jerry talking to Sam in her room and gets nervous and leaves. Spinelli realizes Maxie kissed him cause a cop was coming. Ric walks in on Marianna setting fire to the deeds to the piers. Claudia goes ballistic on someone when he insults her brother Johnny. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Sam is in the hospital after being hit by a car, Nikolas then wonders if he was the one that hit Sam. Alexis defends Jerry to Diane.moreless
    • 2014/12/29
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141229

      Nathan tells Maxie he'll be in Port Charles in time to ring in 2015, and takes the time to meet Georgie. "Jake" tells Elizabeth that he's moving out of her house. Patrick asks Sam out at the Metro Court the celebrate the new year. Agent Sloane tells Anna that his investigation is being questioned by the new WSB director Frisco Jones. Jordan tells Julian that she's under the protection of Duke Lavery. Lulu helps Maxie choose and outfit and quickly heads to the airport so she can meet Nathan's plane and sees that it hasn't landed yet. Duke invites Lucy to spend New Year's with him. Jordan tells Anna and Dante she'll go and work undercover in Sonny's organization, cause Julian managed to track her down.

    • Ep. #11560
      Ep. #11560
      Season 46 - Episode 291
      Sonny's temper flares when Carly asks him to renounce his legal rights to Michael and Morgan. Kate tells Jax that she in fact wanted to kiss him. Jason pushes away from Elizabeth's kiss and says that he can't do this anymore. Luke is impressed on how Tracy would result in playing dirty. Trevor is told that everything is in place for Luke's fallout. Nikolas tells Alfred that he is determined to turn Claudia over to the police. Lucky and Det. Harper arrive on the Haunted Star and say that they're shutting him down on suspicion of money laundering and places Luke under arrest. Carly that Jax has come home and immediately rushes into his arms and says that she needs him. Jax wakes up to find Carly missing. Kate runs into Sonny and says that he shouldn't give his rights to his children. Alexis says that she plans on releasing Luke. Carly ends up at Jason's and tells him she did something he's not going to like.moreless
    • Ep. #11552
      Ep. #11552
      Season 46 - Episode 283
      Nadine goes into see Nikolas as he wakes up and she notices the ring in his hand. Carly is mad that Sonny told Morgan that Michael is not gonna wake up. Alexis tells Jerry if he knows Ian Devlin, Alexis tells Mac that she's gonna find the truth. Jason tells Claudia that he wants proof that Anthony ordered the botched hit on Sonny before he retaliates. Sonny gives Carly an ultimatum and threatens to petition the court to get guardianship of Michael. Carly is relieved when she realizes Jason doesn't know what she's done. Luke tells Tracy that she's jealous of what she saw with him and Anna. Sonny enlists Diane's help in getting him guardianship of Michael. Kate overhears and tells Sonny that taking Michael away is the worst thing he could do. Nikolas tells Luke how he dealt with losing the woman he loves. Jason sits beside Michael and vows that what happened to him will never happen to Jake. Carly comes to see Sonny and says that she agreed to have Michael taken to the facility.moreless
    • Ep. #11493
      Ep. #11493
      Season 45 - Episode 224
      Carly and Jax are shocked when Michael orders them out of his room. Maxie and Spinelli discuss the who the Text Message Killer is. Lulu asks Logan where he was last night as Maxie and Spinelli eavesdrop on them. Sam overhears Nikolas telling Elizabeth that he had a blackout while driving. Claudia has a talk with Johnny about their mother. Dr. Devlin has disturbing information for Maxie. Sonny tells Jason that Mike caught Michael on the docks buying bullets and that he doesn't want Michael to be like him. Sonny goes to check on Kristina after hearing what happened and runs into Kate who's visiting Alexis. Nadine tells Nikolas that sooner or later he's going to have to make a choice. Spinelli tells Lulu that Logan could be the one killing people. Carly and Jax go through Michael's room thinking he's on drugs. Logan catches Lulu snooping in his room. Nikolas tells Robin that the drugs she gave him didn't work. Spinelli shows a picture of Anthony Zacchara's daughter to Jason and that he already met her. Kate and Carly are seen on the pier, Michael goes to throw the gun out and drops it and it goes off. Claudia arrives at Sonny's office.moreless
    • Ep. #11550
      Ep. #11550
      Season 46 - Episode 281
      Jax tells Carly why she didn't consult him that she was planning on bringing Michael home. Alexis tries to hies as Jerry comes into the Metro Court and they end up kissing. Diane then appears and calls Alexis on her staying away from a bad boy. Spinelli and Jason arrive to rescue Maxie from Ian. Ian holds Maxie with a scalpel to her throat, Jason then tells him who hired him to shoot Michael. Robin tells Anna that won't marry Patrick cause he doesn't want to marry her. Carly arrives and sees Bobbie at Michael's bedside. Claudia tells Sonny brought this upon himself that Michael was shot. Robin tells Anna the time where she fist met Patrick. Alexis tell Diane that she's making a fool of herself. Jason shoots Ian and dies before he can tell who hired him. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't need any of them. Jason is arrested by Det. Harper and Mac rushes to check on Maxie, and asks that Jason be taken to the station. Carly sees as Morgan trying to get Michael to wake up.moreless
    • Ep. #11548
      Ep. #11548
      Season 46 - Episode 279
      Anna has trouble believing she'll be a grandmother. Patrick tells Robin that what she heard him say about Anna was out of context, he then blurts out that Robin doesn't have to be hot while pregnant. Diane says that Claudia flat out lied on the stand in order to protect her father. Sonny asks Jason why he would save Claudia's life. Lulu assures Anthony that she wants nothing to do with Johnny. Carly tells Elizabeth that it must be hard looking after Michael everyday, and realizes why she kept Jake's paternity a secret and apologizes to her. Maxie goes to Spinelli to acquire his help in locating Kate's missing money. Luke tells Lulu that he didn't believe what she just told Anthony. Tracy is thrilled that Lulu is cutting of her ties to Johnny. Anthony thanks Ric and Trevor for getting him released. Spinelli tells Jason and Maxie that Kate's money was wired into Ian Devlin's account in the Cayman Islands, Maxie then takes the keys to Jason's vehicle. Anna arrives at the Haunted Star looking for some action. Carly gets upset after getting Michael's latest test results about him never waking up. Maxie hides in the back as Jason and Spinelli head to find Ian.moreless
    • Ep. #11547
      Ep. #11547
      Season 46 - Episode 278
      Tracy wants Luke to sever all ties with the Zacchara's if he loves her as he says he does, Sonny says that Tracy is right about that. Nikolas and Emily have their last dance together. Claudia lies on the witness stand by saying that her father had nothing to do with her car being tampered with. Lulu tells Spinelli that he's gonna get hurt and that Maxie is using him and doesn't care about him at all. The judge rules that Anthony be released from protective custody. Spinelli saves Lulu and Maxie's jobs when he's retrieves the deleted e-mail. Ian blackmails Kate by threatening to tell Sonny that she paid him to leave town, Sonny then arrives at her office. Trevor tells Ric to end his association with Anthony. Lulu caution Maxie not to hurt Spinelli or she'll answer to her. Emily tells Nikolas that stopping his life isn't honoring what they shared together. Sonny learns that Anthony was released. Claudia tells Johnny the reason she set him free was only to get him to trust her. Anthony pays Luke a visit on the Haunted Star. Maxie goes to Kate thinking they're gonna need Spinelli and that a million dollars is missing from the corporate account.moreless
    • Ep. #11542
      Ep. #11542
      Season 46 - Episode 273
      Robin tells Patrick that she hasn't told her mother that she's pregnant yet. Johnny has a confrontation with Sonny. Spinelli is thrown when both Maxie and Lulu are delighted to see him. Johnny goes to see Anthony and demands that he tell him where Claudia is. Jason fires a warning shot hoping it can buy them some time. Sonny insists to Diane that she can no longer see Max, Alexis admits to Diane that she's a little jealous of her. Claudia opens up to Jason as they wait for the gunmen to make his next move. Nikolas tells Ian that he's cancelling their business. Emily tells Nikolas to have the surgery and be there for Spencer. Diane gives Spinelli advice about women which he finds inspiring. Anna arrives and Robin tells her that she's going to be a grandmother and she is overly joyed about her forthcoming grandchild.moreless
    • Ep. #11536
      Ep. #11536
      Season 46 - Episode 267
      Nadine has a dream that she was being romanced by Nikolas. Lulu is amazed and tells Luke how good the place looks for the opening. Ric goes to see Anthony and says he's close to having him released. Jax's concern for Carly deepens as she is determined to be there when Michael wakes up. Jason tells Spinelli that they're going to find who shot Michael. Epiphany asks Elizabeth if she would like to have someone else tend to Michael in the I.C.U. Lucky invites Elizabeth to his escort to the re-opening to keep an eye on Luke. Luke doesn't think that Johnny would be foolish to hire someone to take out Sonny. Ric leaves and Anthony moves his hand to scratch his nose. Alexis tells Jax that he doesn't think Carly can accept the truth about Michael never waking up. Ian tells Jerry that he'll be the last person Sonny and Jason would ever suspect. Jason tells Spinelli, that it makes him mad that Michael's in a coma and whoever did it is walking around free, Claudia arrives wanting to discuss Michael's shooter. Logan realizes that he Lulu and Johnny are gonna be attending the same event. Spinelli shows Jason some footage, someone with doctors tags being on the pier.moreless
    • Ep. #11508
      Ep. #11508
      Season 45 - Episode 239
      Patrick tells Elizabeth about taking Lucky's son to see Jason without his permission. Spinelli and Cassius look at a clue that Stan left behind in case something happened to him. Claudia goes to see Anthony and asks for something for Sonny to trade. Sonny tells Kate that Michael is missing, and has been ever since she was shot. Nikolas wants Alexis to look after Spencer when he dies. Lulu visits with Logan but quickly leaves as she hears Scott coming. Jerry asks the mysterious person where he works. Epiphany tells Scott that it's okay to want revenge for his son. Milo tells Johnny that Sonny is letting him have something to eat. Cassius tells Epiphany that Spinelli has a lead on Stan's killer. Alexis refuses to accept Nikolas's decision of not having the surgery. Lucky tells Sam that he regrets asking her to leave the night Diego attacked her. Randy keeps a watchful eye on Ric and Marianna outside Kelly's. Emily tells Nikolas that if he truly loves her he would have the surgery.moreless
    • Ep. #11649
      Ep. #11649
      Season 46 - Episode 379
      Jason asks Elizabeth to go to Italy with him, she humbily says yes. Lucky tells Johnny that Lulu has been hallucinating having conversations with her mother for the past several weeks. Carly is thrilled when she learns of Kate's real name and her secret past from Olivia after checking in to the Metro Court. Nikolas asks Nadine why she's returning to work so soon after the fire. Sonny and Kate get ready for the rehearsal dinner and insists she change her dress. Olivia and Carly both agree that it's gonna be one heck of a wedding. Lulu learns that Lucky is the reason that Johnny left, defends her relationship with Johnny to him. Kate is reunited with Olivia and realizes it's her surprise from Sonny, Kate tells Olivia that she wants her to come to the wedding. Sonny receives an ominous visit from Anthony saying he regrets saying those things about Kristina to Alexis. Jax tells Carly that why should one of Sonny's guests get a free ride at the hotel. Nadine snoops on the docks and winds up in trouble by Sasha. Nikolas meets with Jax saying he wants to but the hotel but he says the Metro Court isn't for sale. Lulu calls Johnny asking him to come to see her tomorrow. Carly tells Jason that he has to take her to the wedding, Jason thinks that Carly has something planned and wants to know what it is.moreless
    • Ep. #11347
      Ep. #11347
      Season 45 - Episode 79
      Spinelli sticks up for Carly when Jerry gets mad at her.
    • Ep. #11700
      Ep. #11700
      Season 46 - Episode 430
      Mac tells Maxie that she forbids her to see Spinelli anymore and if she does he threatens to cut her off, and Maxie says that she's not and is moving out of his house. Elizabeth is reunited with Jake and tells Jason that she has a lot of gratitude in her heart for him, Jason says it's Sam that she should thank. Carly tells Jax if it's really over between them then why is he still wearing his wedding ring. Claudia asks Sonny why is he letting Olivia stay in his house, Olivia tells Sonny the reason that she asked Patrick to bring her here instead of Kate's is because of her son Dante freaking out if he were to learn what happened to her. Jason thanks Sam for saving Jake's life and blames himself for the unfortunate series of events. Mac tells Robin that he had it out with Maxie and that he called his bluff, and if he can try to persuade her from not moving out. Sam and Jason explain did what they thought was best in getting Jake out of the roadhouse safely. Maxie arrives and Mac says that he doesn't have to leave, but Maxie says that it's best that she moves out. Lucky is glad that Sam made it out okay, and is happy that Jake is home. Mac gives Maxie her car back and tells her to go out and find herself in her career that she so wants and if she wants to be with Spinelli then he can't stop her. Jason asks Sam if she's okay, and after he hopes that Jake doesn't remember who he is cause he put Jake in danger and says no more. Carly looks at a picture of Michael and says that her life is coming apart at the seems. Olivia tells Sonny that Claudia is right and that he has enough on his plate as is.moreless
    • 2015/01/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150113

      Felicia and Mayor Lomax are brought to the courthouse, cause a missing ballot box suddenly turned up and Scott says those votes are going to be counted. Spencer tells Dante he saw Shawn and Jordan toss the box into the harbor. Mayor Lomax turns out to be the winner and her first order of business is firing Anna and replacing her with Agent Sloane as police commissioner, she thanked for switching the real ballots for the fakes, and Nikolas is shown burning the votes in his fireplace naming Felicia as the rebundant winner.

    • 2015/01/14
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150114

      Anna tells Agent Sloane she will prove that he and Mayor Lomax rigged the election in order to secure her job. Patrick finds Sam hiding in Kevin's office and finds out she was digging information on Jake Doe. Helena is delighted when Nikolas shows signs of being a true Cassadine, she in return tells him of her plan in progress. Rosalie confesses to Michael of her not being a nurse, he then hires her as his new assistant at E.L.Q. Patrick and Sam make plans and hope not to be interrupted again. Maxie tells Nathan the idea of them start dating. "Jake" leaves his room with a gun in hand with instructions to kill Sam.

    • 2015/01/19
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150119

      Dante tells Lulu to sell her half of the Haunted Star to Johnny, so she won't have to deal with him anymore. "Jake" begins to go upstairs, but then he envisions Robin who suddenly appears. Sonny and Julian are approached by more of Johnny's men in Pentonville. Carly and Elizabeth realize "Jake" lied to them both as to where he was going. Michael catches Shawn about to break into the basement, and threatens to have him arrested for trespassing. Dante gets into it with Johnny when he brings up Olivia. Helena orders "Jake" to kill both Sam and Patrick. Shawn tells Sonny he saw the Luke impostor meeting with Helena in Luke's old house. "Jake" slowly opens the door to Sam's bedroom.

    • 2015/01/20
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150120

      Lulu goes home after having a fight with Dante, and Olivia lets it slip that she slept with Julian on New Year's Eve. Maxie has a run in with Johnny at the Haunted Star. Sonny explains his theory of Fluke being Bill Eckert, and thinks he has a way to prove it. "Jake" has constant memory flashes while pointing the gun at Sam and Patrick. Nikolas asks "Luke" if Lulu approves of him meeting with Helena in secret, he then says that Lulu is not to know about this. "Jake" quickly leaves Sam's place and goes down the pier and collapses. Dante brings Lulu flowers and humble apologizes to her.

    • 2015/02/16
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150216

      Spinelli tells Maxie maybe Ellie was right about him still loving her. Nathan tells Dante the break in was just a cover to protect Maxie. Sonny surprises Carly with a fireside Valentine's celebration. Franco tells Kiki for her not to pursue custody of her sister. Julian is delighted when Alexis says she wants to be with him. Michael tries to think of ways to destroy Sonny, but Sabrina says not to let revenge control him. Ned is thrown when Olivia tells him she's pregnant with Julian's child. Sonny gets served and discovers that Michael is suing him for custody of Avery.

    • Ep. #11734
      Ep. #11734
      Season 46 - Episode 464
      Luke tells Ethan he has no idea who he's messing with. Johnny and Maxie continue to keep out of the blizzard. Claudia collapses before she can tell Sonny about Anthony's part in Kate's shooting. Anthony warns Ric if Claudia spills the beans, he'll die. A mysterious person comes in and steals one of the spheres of poison. Jax comes to the hospital, Jason says he can't come in cause it's under quarantine. Mac explains the situation to Lucky about a toxin spreading throughout the hospital. Jax offers to Mac his resources to have this thing expidated, Lucky then goes off the be with Elizabeth. Luke and Ethan play a round of cards. Everyone decides which one should be taken out next. Epiphany tells Elizabeth to leave the oxygen mask and to focus on breathing, Jason wants to know what's happening to Elizabeth and is shocked when Epiphany says that the toxin she inahled is around her lungs and is suffocating. Patrick asks Matt what he remembers in the O.R., he fills him in on what was inside Earl Bragg and that the poison took out the whole operating team. Claudia tries to tell Jason about what Anthony did, but passes out. Luke realizes he and Ethan share the same need to cheat with an ace up their sleeve. Carly is thrilled when Jax came back to town for her. Anthony asks a nurse where Claudia's room is, and goes off when she walks away. Lucky stays by Elizabeth's bedside, causing Sam to become jealous. Spinelli finds out that Maxie's car crashed somewhere on the highway. Tracy, Ric and Edward are taken from the boardroom and cleaned off. Jason tells Sam he wants to make sure that the O.R. is how Patrick left it. Leyla wakes up asking Patrick what happened to the other ones, and has something to tell him, that she's happy for the happiness that he found with Robin, she then flatlines. Anthony says to an unconscious Claudia that he has to shut her up once and for all. Jason sees as a vile of poison goes missing from the hospital.moreless
    • Ep. #11345
      Ep. #11345
      Season 45 - Episode 77
      Nikolas tells Sam what Amelia told him about her past. Carly questions Amelia about there being more to the story of Jake's rescue than she's telling. Alexis tells Sonny to behave himself when he meets the Head of the school that she wants Kristina to attend. Logan tells Lulu that since he's feeling better that she can leave. Noah continues to let Anna show him to behave like a rock star. Robin thinks that she'll get a call and leave with unfinished business. Kate's arival just may have saved Kristina's admittance into the Winston Academy. Anna convinces Eli to have surgery, if she keeps her end by making sure Noah rocks the house at the concert. Nikolas confronts Jerry and tells Carly that he tried to have him killed in Russia.moreless
    • 2015/05/01
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150501

      Britt and Brad watch the red carpet arrivals to the Nurse's Ball hoping to see some embarrassing moments. Spencer is shocked when he sees Cameron and Emma together. Carly hides Pete backstage and to wait for the right moment. Nathan and Ellie realizes they need to keep up their charade a little bit longer to make Spinelli and Maxie. Molly thanks Duke for everything he's doing for T.J. Ric takes the stage and performs "Marry You" but the photo of Hayden and Pete appears on the screen and Carly busts him causing Elizabeth to run away. Brad surprises Lucas with an impromptu marriage proposal after performing. "Jake" demands answers from Hayden and Ric. Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that "Jake" is actually Jason Morgan.

    • Ep. #11710
      Ep. #11710
      Season 46 - Episode 440
      Spinelli comes home to find a man sitting in the chair and he's amazed when it turns out to be Santa, Maxie and Spinelli then team up with Santa give the people of Port Charles what they want. Robin thinks everything is gonna go wrong cause her parents will be over in a little while and that apartment isn't cleaned. Robin's wish comes true. Nikolas, Lulu and Lucky find themselves all alone on Christmas Eve, so they decide to spend it together, Luke then arrives with a tree for their living room. Edward asks Monica why she isn't at the Hospital reading the Christmas story cause she's the Chief of Staff at the hospital. Diane and Max have an argument about where they're going to be spending Christmas together. Spinelli gives Lulu a key hoping it'll give her what she wants. Diane opens up to Bernie who's celebrating Hanukkah about her argument with Max, Bernie says it's a celebration of light. Robin and Patrick look for a pearl necklace, Robert and Anna arrive, Spinelli and Maxie continue their quest and gives Robin a bag which contains cookies everyone tries one and are taken back how they taste like Philomena's. Spinelli comes by the mansion and pulls out a pair of glasses out of the pocket. Robin tells Patrick to try one of the cookies, he drops it and Patrick finds the necklace under the rocking chair. Luke answers the phone and it's Laura, Luke tells her that the children where just thinking about her. Monica puts on the glasses and turns around is then thrilled by a visit from Alan. Bernie thanks Spinelli and what he gave him is exactly what he wished for. Max calls Diane and the two share a reunion on the pier. Bernie lights the Mennorah and recites the Hebrew prayer as he lights the candles. Santa is grateful that Maxie helped Spinelli and he prepares his long night journey. Spinelli and Maxie wake up the next morning and sees their photo with Santa, and they both wish everyone a Merry Christmas.moreless
    • Ep. #8340
      Ep. #8340
      Season 32 - Episode 4
      Lucky convinces Emily to stick with the Qs & she decides to let them adopt her. Em asks Bobbie if she and Alan are lovers & Bobbie tells her nothing happened & it's over. Bobbie offers her apologizes again to Monica, who isn't ready to forgive & forget. Damian tells Sonny someone is investigating their bank accounts. Damian tries mixing business with pleasure with Lucy in Buffalo, but Kevin comes to her rescue and carries her away. Luke tells a saddened Lucky that Stone is facing death gracefully. Sonny tells a dying Stone he's the brother he always wanted. Mac feels sympathy for Sonny while watching Robin sleep in Stone's arms.moreless
    • 2014/08/12
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140812

      Lulu asks Maxie if Nathan's feelings for him change her decision to marry Levi. Felicia tells Dante that Nathan was asking questions about her necklace. Patrick asks Sam if she'll help her find the person who targeted his family. Robin watches as Victor injects Jason with the drug, and to see if it works. Levi arrives and Nathan is shown tied up in the state room. Agent Scribner arrives to make sure the wedding is legit. Victor orders to have Robin removed admitting that he used her. Dante thinks something is wrong when he sees blood on Levi's shirt collar.

    • Ep. #11276
      Ep. #11276
      Season 45 - Episode 8
      Amelia continues to work her agenda against Sam by setting up a familiar living room for another photo shoot. Milo and Spinelli learn the whereabouts of where Dillon and Lulu are meeting. Georgie sees Dillon's preparing for his date with Lulu on the gazebo. Spinelli goes to Jason and asks him what the secret of his mojo. Carly calls Sonny and asks him to get rid of the reporters that are in front of her house as Jax arrives wondering what's going on. Maxie brings brownies to distract Mac and Cruz as she steals a copy of the test answers to give to Coop. Spinelli interrupts Lulu's date with Dillon when he crashes Jason's motorcycle, and Lulu agrees to help Spinelli deal with Jason's bike much to Dillon's chagrin.moreless
    • Ep. #11277
      Ep. #11277
      Season 45 - Episode 9
      Sam is bombarded by reporters while with Jason and Mike forces them out of Kelly's with a baseball bat. Carly drops Michael and Morgan off with Sonny to go to Montreal with Jax. Skye almost overhears Lorenzo give orders for his men to open fire at Sonny and Jason at The Cellar and to make sure they don't survive. Lulu tries to persuade Spinelli to tell Jason the truth about his bike. Maxie tells Logan why he's dependant on Coop to give him a job at the Metro Court. Maxie goes to Jason to persuade Sonny to give Logan a job. Amelia gives Sam a choice whether or not she wants to do this show or not. Ric tells Skye that Lorenzo is faking his brain injury and he is lying to her to take the fall. Sonny is confronted by reporters infront of Michael and learns from Diane that Sam never signed the restraining and that her career is becoming a liability to him. While in Montreal Jax once again proposes to marriage to Carly. Skye hears Lorenzo order the hit on Sonny and Jason. Jason and Sonny duck for cover as shots are fired. Elizabeth starts to have contractions.moreless
    • Ep. #11278
      Ep. #11278
      Season 45 - Episode 10
      Elizabeth faces a tough decision. Coop and Logan help in and Logan is shot in the. Coop risks his life to save Maxie as she is taken hostage. Kelly tells Lulu that Elizabeth is on medication to stop the labor pains. Jason tells Spinelli to make to cover if Sonny says anything incriminating. Skye demands answers from Lorenzo on how long he's been faking his injuries after Ric tells him that his plan to take out Sonny and Jason failed. Carly tells Jax that from this point forward he comes first. Skye goes to Ric and tells him that he was right about Lorenzo and wants to protect Lila Rae from her father. Robin and Patrick put aside their differences to treat Sonny. Jax and Carly return from Montreal and learn from Mac that Sonny was taken to the hospital with a head injury.moreless
    • Ep. #11280
      Ep. #11280
      Season 45 - Episode 12
      Sonny tells Amelia that Sam's career has become an embarrassment to his family and to tell Sam not talk about her private life. Jax challenges Sonny to do the right thing by giving Carly a divorce. Mr. Craig is told by Nikolas that the paperwork is coming through. Nikolas becomes alarmed when Alexis says that "Mr. Brosnan" took her to the hospital and looked after Kristina while being treated. Lainey tells Luke that he has no legal right to see Laura and she put Nikolas in charge of her care. Carly tells Jason to try to persuade Sonny to sign the papers. Luke discovers the Tracy knew that Laura picked Nikolas to be her gauardian. Nikolas and Luke fight to be Laura's guardian. Patrick once again wants Robin to tell him the truth about her and Nikolas. Spinelli confesses to Jason that he borrowed his bike and put a dent in it, Jason says that he believes him when he says that he'll never take it again without asking. Sonny comes over to sign the divorce papers even though he doesn't want one.moreless
    • Ep. #11281
      Ep. #11281
      Season 45 - Episode 13
      Carly worries on her decision to divorce Sonny. Tracy joins forces with Scott by making a deal with him. Mayor Floyd wants answers from Ric on why he hasn't arrested Lorenzo Alcazar yet on the attempted murder of Sonny and Jason, Ric says that he can still be useful to them. Sonny signs the divorce papers and Carly is free to marry Jax. Lulu goes to see Logan in the hospital and wonders if his vigilante was just to impress Sonny. Jax asks Alexis to be his best person to stand up for him at his wedding. Michael asks Carly that it's not too late and to tear up the papers. Carly asks Lulu how can she leave a man that she loves. Nikolas contemplates signing over Laura's care to Luke. Patrick eavesdrops on Robin's conversation with a lab technician and Maxie catches him and Maxie distracts him so he can get the file to Patrick. Coop is summoned to Ric's office and says that he is PCPD material and he needs him on the field team as soon as possible.moreless
    • Ep. #11282
      Ep. #11282
      Season 45 - Episode 14
      Amelia ruins Jason's visit to Sam's set by having a reporter come in causing him to leave. Carly tells Jax that she is hesitant to sign the divorce papers. Carly then makes a decision about her future. Patrick realizes the person he's listening to is the person in charge of the hostage crisis, and that Robin and Nikolas are pretending to be together, and gets away before James catches him. Tracy tells Luke that she is scamming Scott and to make sure Luke gets Laura in his care. After insulting Laura Nikolas tries something and James pulls a gun on him. Elizabeth takes Cameron outside and run into Jason on the pier and he realizes that they walked all the way out here. Tracy tells Mayor Floyd to fire Scott Baldwin but refuses. Luke tells Tracy that if he loses Laura their marriage is over. Lulu becomes concerned when Spinelli won't let see what he is doing on his computer, but he's only checking on Jason's baby. Patrick attacks James outside of Wyndemere but James gets the upper hand on him and Robin stops James from throwing Patrick off the cliff. Amelia reveals that Sam was married to her father, Sam is then nearly hit by a falling light.moreless
    • Ep. #11283
      Ep. #11283
      Season 45 - Episode 15
      Sonny is shocked by Carly's decision to marry Jax in one week. Jason offers to stay out of Elizabeth's life if it makes it easier for her. Robin tells Patrick that if he calls the police Nikolas dies and Patrick has no choice to but to join in the party. Sam is able to get away from the falling light. Amelia finds out that someone loosened the cable causing it to fall. Some associates tell Lorenzo that they know that he is faking his condition and Lorenzo assures that it's important to take out Jason and Sonny. Sam gets nervouse when Amelia says that if she has ever been to Phoenix. Jason tells Spinelli that he wants him to break into Alcazar's so that he can monitor his whereabouts. Lucky wants to know why she keeps running into Jason. Carly goes to Sonny and tells him Happy Birthday. Lorenzo's men goes to Sam to give a message to Jason, Jason arrives and takes Sam away as one of the men shoots.moreless
    • Ep. #11285
      Ep. #11285
      Season 45 - Episode 17
      Emily tells Robin if she and Patrick are back together again, but she tries to convince Emily otherwise. Noah lays into Dr. Ford about treating patients who can afford it, and Monica intervenes when he mentions Alan's failure in getting just that. Lulu winds up with three dates for Carly's wedding, when Milo, Dillon and Spinelli each ask her. Jane calls Jerry and tells him to come to the wedding. Sam tells Amelia that she doesn't want to leave Jason after Amelia tells her it's bad for her career. Luke tells Tracy that marrying her was the best thing he ever did. Emily looks to Nikolas for answers after thinking something is wrong with his "relationship" with Robin. Max tells Coop to do the job at the PCPD or he knows what will happen. James spies on Jax and Jane at the Ballroom.moreless
    • Ep. #11348
      Ep. #11348
      Season 45 - Episode 80
      Anna presents Noah as Eli to the party at the Metro Court.
    • Ep. #8378
      Ep. #8378
      Season 33 - Episode 5
      Mac, Katherine, Felicia & Det. Napoli go to Damian's lakehouse to look for clues to Katherine's innocence but being there freaks Katherine out. Lois returns home to Ned and learns Mary Mae passed away. Justus recounts to Luke, Simone & Keesha how he found Mary Mae dead. Justus & Simone postpone their wedding. Upset over Mary Mae, Edward tells Ned & Lois he loved her & then remembers her torch singing days. Brenda tells Mike she accidentally burned Lily's wedding dress. Mike advises her to accept the fact that Sonny's getting married. Sonny & Lily find her burnt dress but vow not to let Brenda upset their wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #8379
      Ep. #8379
      Season 33 - Episode 6
      Simone tells Tom and Felicia that Tommy wrongly assumes that because Simone and Justus have postponed their wedding because of Mary Mae's death, the wedding has been canceled. Tom agrees to set Tommy straight. A hospitalized Jason squeezes Robin's hand and then verbally but weakly responds to Alan. Ned suggest Lois book the Idle Rich in Port Charles. She's worried that Edward might sue, but Ned disagrees. Lucy lets Mac and Katherine know she saw Katherine the night of Damian's "death," thus providing Katherine with an alibi. Port Charles residents remember the life of Mary Mae Ward at her memorial service.moreless
    • Ep. #11274
      Ep. #11274
      Season 45 - Episode 6
      Jax learns from Morgan that Carly is with Sonny. Michael tells his parents that they are to stay in the basement and not to get a divorce. Spinelli is hurt by Lulu's harsh words against him and she the regrets saying it after he leaves. Mr. Craig overhears Alexis and Ric's discussion about all the men in her life while outside on her porch about her health issues. Amelia that her appearance on the show and asks if she was planning to get pregnant, Sam then says that she can't have children period. Sonny thinks that it's his fault that they're trapped by tricking her into marrying him and that Michael learned how to fight for someone he loves and the two decide to make the best of it. Lucky and Elizabeth make a deal, he picks the name if it's a girl and Elizabeth picks if she's having a boy. Milo and Dillon go in search of Lulu and thinks she's with Spinelli. Lulu apologizes to Spinelli for what she said to him earlier. Mr. Craig returns Alexis' medication and she asks him if he can drive her to the hospital. Lucky and Sam end up trapped in an elevator together. Dillon and Milo see Lulu and Spinelli embracing each other and Milo pulls out his gun.moreless
    • Ep. #8330
      Ep. #8330
      Season 32 - Episode 2
      After Alan breaks the news that she's HIV+, Robin seeks comfort from the spirit of her late mother Anna, who consoles her with the fact that she'll live a long life & make a difference in the world. Before Mary Mae's concert, Justus punches out Tom (who's pretending to be drunk) after Tom kisses Simone in front of the Ward family. Ned & Steve berate Tom for his behavior. Ned & Lois try keeping a lonely Brenda away from Sonny. Damian thinks Lucy's hiding something because she hasn't mentioned Kevin once during their trip together. Trapped in the cave, a scared Emily faces & kills a rattlesnake, as Lucky comes to & digs her out.moreless
    • Ep. #8337
      Ep. #8337
      Season 32 - Episode 3
      Prior to Stone's early Christmas celebration, Robin receives comfort from the spirits of her late parents. Anna advises Robin not to give up hope & Robert tells her that Mac & Luke are there for her. Mike & Sonny argue while cooking Christmas dinner. Edward blames Lois and L&B for distracting Ned, who botched a deal for ELQ. Mac urges Katherine to mend fences so she pays a compliment to Lois, who's suspicious of her motives. Luke gives Garcia info on Damian's bank accounts for further investigation. Luke then reunites with Robert's spirit, then offers support to Robin. Stone celebrates his last Christmas with loved ones.moreless
    • Ep. #11269
      Ep. #11269
      Season 45 - Episode 1
      Lulu is trying to convince Scott that she is not blackmailing him, Logan comes to Lulu's rescue by pointing a gun at Scott. Lulu then slaps Logan when she learns that he is blackmailing Scott. Robin and Nikolas don't think they can convince everyone that they are a couple. Amelia stands up to Sonny and Diane. Alexis refuses help from Mr. Craig but Kristina insists. Jason tells Sonny that they should use Carly's old club under Kelly's to store their product. Carly says to Jax that she will stay and that she can't be with Sonny and is still getting a divorce from him. Lainey offers Patrick therapy sessions to deal with Robin after hearing him lash out at Epiphany. Mr. Craig offers Alexis to stay at Wyndemere but Nikolas says it not a good idea. Logan checks on Lulu on the pier after going at it with Maxie. Carly tells Jax that she wants to fall in love with him again.moreless
    • Ep. #11270
      Ep. #11270
      Season 45 - Episode 2
      Sam suffers nightmares of her disturbing past and Jason shows up to calm her down. Sonny is taken aback by Carly's new relationship with Jax. Jax offers to take Carly to Montreal for dinner. Alan tells Tracy that he won't stop haunting her until she confesses to forging his will. Sonny tells Stan that he going to use a labor dispute to get back Carly. Lucky and Maxie remember the anniversary of Jesse's death when a cop in brought in with a wound to the head. Jax comes by the Quartermaine's to talk to Tracy about Alan's will and that Edward, Monica and the rest of the family are contesting it. Cruz tells Elizabeth that if it wasn't for Lucky the cop would've died for sure. Dillon walks in the study to see Tracy arguing with Alan's empty chair, thinking her mother is guilty of something. Epiphany asks Stan if he had anything to do with the cop getting shot. Jax overhears Skye's plans to go up against Sonny. Maxie tells Coop that she sill remembers the day Jesse died and the two share a passionate kiss. At the photo shoot Amelia gets pictures of girls that look like Sam. Lucky sees Jason with his hand on Elizabeth's stomach.moreless
    • Ep. #11271
      Ep. #11271
      Season 45 - Episode 3
      Maxie stops the kiss and walks away and Coop finds her in his room and the two end up making love. Emily learns that Robin has moved in with Nikolas at Wyndemere. Carly once again tells Skye that she doesn't want her in her hotel. Jason and Elizabeth spot Lucky and Lulu looking at them. Jax tells Skye that running Alcazar's business is not the answer. Sam wonders why Amelia won't let her see that pictures thinking it's her test shots. Milo asks Spinelli if he can dig up some dirt on Logan Hayes, and Dillon decides he wants to help them. Robin tells Nikolas that Emily knows about their living arrangements and Nikolas is surprised when he realizes that she wasn't angry. Emily tells Patrick that she doesn't believe what she overheard and goes to see Nikolas. Spinelli trashes Lulu for Logan's benefit to get his fingerprints and Milo takes it seriously and tells Spinelli to take it back. Elizabeth her ultrasound photo couried over to Jason and he is affected by the picture. Emily walks in on Nikolas and Robin on the couch kissing.moreless
    • Ep. #11352
      Ep. #11352
      Season 45 - Episode 84
      Carly walks in on Kelly and Jerry in a compromising position and asks him to find someone off the street to say that they shot Lorenzo Alcazar. Robin confronts Noah about what's going between him and her mother. Jason tells Sonny that he is being transferred back to Port Charles. Patrick thinks his father is getting used to acting like Eli Love. Carolyn warns Ric that Jason not be harmed during the transfer. Sonny tells Jason that Sam's testimony will bury him. Ric goes to Amelia and says that she can use Sam on the witness stand to her advantage. Gunmen open fire as Jason walks towards the police station.moreless
    • Ep. #11272
      Ep. #11272
      Season 45 - Episode 4
      Lulu decides that he brother can never learn the truth about Elizabeth's baby. Dillon gets punched by Logan when he tries to break up the fight between him and Coop. Jason prevents Carly from finding the ultrasound photo. Michael goes with Max to his father's office and tells Sonny that he can still have Carly by fighting for her. Emily demands the truth from Nikolas, Mr. Craig watches closely for him to choose his words, Emily tells Nikolas that she will never give up on him. Carly lets Jax stay when she can't admit that she doesn't love him. Sam prepares to face the executives and the photographers. Noah learns from Patrick that he and Robin have broken up and that she is with Nikolas. Jason burns the photo of his baby. Michael and Morgan overhear their mother agree to have dinner in Montreal with Jax. Amelia reveals her plan to tear Sam down once her popularity builds up.moreless
    • Ep. #11273
      Ep. #11273
      Season 45 - Episode 5
      Sonny tells Stan that he's going to have a strike at the Metro Court he doesn't want to do that to Carly and goes and tells about it. Sam is close to discovering Amelia's plot. Alexis thanks Mr. Craig for helping when she collapsed while picking flowers. Elizabeth and Lucky prepare to find out if she's carrying a boy or a girl. Sam asks Jason to let her in to whatever's bothering him, but Jason can't put it into words to tell Sam. Ric has Lorenzo's medicals records supeonaed from the hospital. Lorenzo calls an associate and tells him that he can't leave Skye in charge for much longer. Jason overhears Lucky and Elizabeth say that they are going to wait until the baby is born to learn what the sex of the baby is. Michael locks Carly and Sonny in the basement as Jax arrives for his date with her.moreless
    • Ep. #8441
      Ep. #8441
      Season 33 - Episode 18
      No synopsis available.
    • Ep. #11287
      Ep. #11287
      Season 45 - Episode 19
      Sonny learns from Michael and Morgan that they aren't going to the wedding, but he insists that they do. Lulu tells Carly if she still is upset with Sonny. Jason thanks Spinelli for standing in for him at the rehearsal. Alexis and Ned share a friendly moment. Sonny tells Luke he can't guarantee Skye's safety if she gets herself in harms way. Jax leaves a message for Jerry to come to his wedding. Carly asks Jason how is she supposed to do this when he arrives at her house. Robin wants to know why Nikolas explained the truth to Emily. Milo, Dillon and Spinelli see how beautiful Lulu looks as she walks in the ballroom. Emily tells Patrick that she knows the truth about Mr. Craig.moreless
    • Ep. #11288
      Ep. #11288
      Season 45 - Episode 20
      Carly and Jax's wedding begins. As Sonny shows up, Carly tells Jason that she still wants to marry Jax. Mr. Craig continues to watch from outside. Lulu tells Spinelli, Milo and Dillon that today should be about Carly and Jax and they all agree not to bother her throughout the ceremony. Jax and Carly are pronounced husband and wife. Amelia sohws up at Sonny's hotel room. Jax thinks that Jerry is nearby ready to surprise him.moreless
    • Ep. #11289
      Ep. #11289
      Season 45 - Episode 21
      Amelia accepts Sonny's offer to join him for a drink. Nikolas tells Emily that he thinks that Mr. Craig was talking to family on the phone. Lulu saves Logan from getting killed in a shoot out in an alley. Jane thinks she sees Jerry standing in the wings outside as Jax and Carly leave for their honeymoon and goes after him and he tries to cover by saying that he is James Brosnan and after looking in his eyes he tells her that it's Jerry . Lulu tells Logan that if he wants to throw life away for someone he's trying to impress than go right ahead. Sonny and Amelia make love in his room, he then says that it can never happen again. Spinelli, Milo and Dillon apologize to Lulu for their behaviour at the wedding. Jason thinks something is wrong when Sam hints that she was married before, but she says that she wasn't. Nikolas and Emily share a dance in the empty ballroom.moreless
    • Ep. #11309
      Ep. #11309
      Season 45 - Episode 41
      Jax tells Mac that he can't let him take Jerry downtown. Jason remains conflicted about his choice and tells Elizabeth that he will not Jake away from her. Carly asks Sonny just how well does he know Kate Howard, but Kate doesn't let on that she is from Bensonhurst. Jane is irate when she realizes that the things they accused Jerry of doing are true and that she isn't going to turn him in just yet because of Jax. Ric wants to know why Skye isn't interested in what happened to Lorenzo Alcazar, Ric then gets a phone call saying they have apprehended James Craig. Sam plans a romantic dinner for her and Jason and asks him that they have to be honest with one another, Jason is about to tell Sam about him and Elizabeth, Spinelli comes home ruining everything and Sam refers to him as a freeloader. Mac is infuriated when others insist Jerry isn't James Craig. Ric tells Mac to let Jerry go, Jax then assures him that Jerry will not leave town. Ric breaks into Lorenzo's house hoping to find the evidence that, but comes across the taped shooting of him by Jason.moreless
    • Ep. #11310
      Ep. #11310
      Season 45 - Episode 42
      Sam confides in Amelia that she has the perfect way to get Jason to admit he is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Jax and Carly continue to lie for Jerry. Ric puts the tape recorder back as he and Mac come to search Lorenzo'a house. Edward and Monica confront Jerry in his part in Alan's death. Sonny wants to know why Jason is putting his faith in Spinelli. Sam takes Jason by the park and they "happen" to come across Elizabeth and Jake. The guardianship hearing regarding Laura starts. Sonny gives Logan a chance to work in his organization with a warning not to let him down.moreless
    • Ep. #11311
      Ep. #11311
      Season 45 - Episode 43
      Lulu learns that her father raped her mother years ago. Jason asks Sam if she had them stumble on Elizabeth in the park on purpose. After making love Coop tells Maxie that he is concerned for her safety thinking that if James Craig is going to go after the two of them. Sam is hurt that Jason is still lying to her. Nikolas attacks Scott in the courtroom after he attempts to explain to Lulu what he just said. Carly wants to know if they'll be covering for Jerry indefinately. Logan shares with Coop and Maxie about his current employment with Sonny. Lesley tells Scott that she will never forgive him for what he just did to Lulu. Lulu goes looking for Spinelli with no luck and asks Jason why her father would do it to her mother. Jerry asks Coop to somehow fake the DNA results to make sure that he isn't James Craig and that Maxie could be useful and not to think about breaking up with her. Bobbie gets her shot by slapping Scott and saying that Laura wasn't there to do it herself. Sam tells Amelia that he is giving Jason another chance to come clean about the baby. Lulu breaks into tears down by pier and Luke finds her.moreless
    • Ep. #11312
      Ep. #11312
      Season 45 - Episode 44
      Sam offers have a baby by using a surrogate but Jason refuses to give Sam a child. An emotional Luke talks to Lulu about the night he raped Laura. Sonny pulls out all the stops to get Spinelli to tell him about Jason's secret pain and threatens to hurt him if he doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Carly has it out with Jerry by saying that there is no way that he is going to ruin her life with Jax. Jason walks in and asks Sonny why he is questioning Spinelli. Lulu tells Carly to tell Dillon, Milo and Spinelli to forget about her and that she isn't going to fall in love. Sam opens up to Amelia about her recent fight with Jason. Elizabeth shares with Lulu that time that she was raped and it took some time, and tells Lulu how Laura felt after forgiving Luke. Luke runs into Scott and thanks him for spilling everything out in the open. Spinelli is able to make Lulu feel better when she's at her lowest.moreless
    • Ep. #11313
      Ep. #11313
      Season 45 - Episode 45
      Jerry puts the pressure on Skye. Sam believes a baby will be the answer to her problems she then goes to Kelly for answers and thinks surrogacy is a good idea. Jax tells Jerry that he wants him to leave town. Sonny orders Jason to shoot down that crate containing an antique statue. Kate then comes over and tries to get Sonny to admit what he has done. Robin looks on as Patrick mentors a young intern. Scott goes to the hospital looking for Laura's medical records, Patrick then tells him that he won't let him have them. Carly is worried when the DNA results come back and ID's Jerry as James Craig. Ric orders Lucky to arrest Jason for Lorenzo Alcazar's murder.moreless
    • Ep. #11314
      Ep. #11314
      Season 45 - Episode 46
      Coop tries to convince Jerry that he doesn't know where his DNA sample is, Jerry tells Coop why he is keeping him alive. Sonny and Kate argue just as Det. Rodriguez arrives to question Sonny about Alcazar's murder, and asks Cruz to arrest Sonny for destruction of property. Elizabeth is unfriendly towards Lucky as he arrests Jason infront of their son. Ric tries to get Skye to open up about Lorenzo and to think about Lila Rae. Lulu lets Spinelli know that she can't go through with this and that she chooses no one, Spinelli then offers to be her one and only loyal friend. Kate is arrested for assaulting a police officer. Ric tells Jason that there is no way he's going to walk away from these charges. Logan and Spinelli get into it after telling that he's going to replace Jason, he then punches Spinelli and forces a kiss on Lulu. Jason picks up the picture of Elizabeth and Jake that he dropped earlier.moreless
    • Ep. #11315
      Ep. #11315
      Season 45 - Episode 47
      Coop arrives and manages to hold Logan as Spinelli gets Lulu out of harms way, Coop then warns Logan to stay away from Lulu. Sonny takes delight in pushing Kate's buttons. A man offers Maxie money in exchange for the whereabouts of Jerry Jacks. Lucky storms off after an argument with Elizabeth. Jane tells Jerry that she doesn't want him to ruin Jax's happiness by getting him to rescue him everytime he gets in trouble, Jane then washes her hands of Jerry. Maxie sees Coop and Lulu at the coffee shop and gets jealous. Elizabeth tells Emily that Jason was arrested for Alcazar's murder. Sonny manages to get Kate released from the station. Maxie agrees Logan's terms to sleep with him if he gets Lulu into bed.moreless
    • Ep. #11316
      Ep. #11316
      Season 45 - Episode 48
      Jax tells Jane that Jerry's room is empty and that someone broke the window, Jane tells Jax to put his foot down regarding Jerry. Tracy tells Lulu that it isn't a good idea to go to the hearing, but insists on going. Laura brings Jason some food and asks if he had Jerry killed last night. Luke confides in Tracy that he thinks that Scott is up to something. Georgie makes it easy on Milo and Spinelli by agreeing to go to talk to Lulu for them. Milo goes after Logan after Spinelli tells him that he forced a kiss on Lulu. Spinelli offers to help break Jason out of jail and Jason says no and to delete whatever he has planned. Ric threatens to arrest Spinelli as an accomplice to murder. Everyone keeps their emotions in check as the Judge makes his ruling and appoints Scott as Laura's guardian.moreless
    • Ep. #11924
      Ep. #11924
      Season 47 - Episode 150
      Sonny exposes Claudia for all that she has done. Carly is in dire straits when Claudia takes her hostage at gunpoint and leaves the Metro Court. Kristina is horrified to see Sonny's dark side, and Alexis realizes that her daughter heard Sonny yelling. Michael tells Lulu that he knew the truth and didn't tell anyone and now his mother and baby are now in danger. Claudia makes a desperate move.moreless
    • Ep. #11482
      Ep. #11482
      Season 45 - Episode 213
      Luke returns home, but he isn't welcomed as great as he thought he would. Jason tells Max where Milo took Sonny, he says that he dropped him off at The Red Room bar. Sonny runs into Claudia, after learning that the bartender wants to buy him a drink. Nikolas asks Jason if he thinks that Cooper was the one who strangled Emily. Michael overhears Carly saying that she should have killed Coop when she had the chance. Kate's life is in danger. Kate is approached by Daniel and offers to buy her a coffee but goes away when Jax shows up. Emily tells Nikolas to re-enact what happened at the Baccanalia to see if something comes back. Claudia learns that Sonny took care of her drinks. Sam tells Lucky that she wants him to trust her and they can be together. Tracy thinks that Luke is crazy to give the money back that Alan left in the will, she then pushes him. Claudia shows up at Sonny's room. Kate reveals a secret to Jax about who she really is. Michael overhears Jason tell Carly that he doesn't think that Cooper Barrett was the Text Message Killer. Nadine once again sees Nikolas talking to himself again outside Elizabeth's room.moreless
    • Ep. #11308
      Ep. #11308
      Season 45 - Episode 40
      Sonny tells Ric to back off Spinelli as he grills him about Lorenzo. Nikolas remains intent on revenge. Sonny senses something is going on between Elizabeth and Jason after seeing his reaction to Sam holding the baby. Alexis assures to Nikolas that she does not feel anything for Jerry. Kate lays into Carly and not to let Michael and Morgan around the construction of her house next door, and Carly says not to insult her kids and the next she'll shove her fist in her face. Jerry has Jax, Nikolas, Emily and Alexis meet him at the Metro Court and Marty calls the police. Ric shares his theory with Skye that Lorenzo vanished without a trace and thinks it was foul play and thinks she should file a missing person's report. Jason tells Elizabeth the he wants to tell Sam that he is Jake's father. Sonny sees Carly and Kate having it out on his terrace. Mac arrives and arrests Mr. Craig and learns that he is Jerry Jacks.moreless
    • Ep. #11307
      Ep. #11307
      Season 45 - Episode 39
      Spinelli overhears Jason on the phone and tells Spinelli to knock and not to mention Alcazar and to focus on helping Emily with the espioage that Jerry has on her. Nikolas kicks Jerry out of Wyndemere. Ric shows to talk to Alcazar and wants to know where he is, Skye tells him that Lorenzo is in Venezuela and not to worry about the evidence that he had over his head. Carly tells Jason that he can't kill Jerry. Jason gives Jax a dose of reality regarding Jerry by revealing that he has been poisoning Nikolas and hiding out in his house. Alan tells Tracy that he is haunting her for her own good and to heal her. Luke tells Tracy that he isn't going to sit back and let Scott get custody of Laura. Carly figure out that Jerry sent Jax on a wild goose chase so he can come to Port Charles. Mr. Craig introduces himself to Alexis as Jerry Jacks. Skye tells Edward that she wants Lila Rae to him and the rest of the Quartermaine's and asks if he can give them another chance. Logan tries to get Spinelli to get Sonny and Jason to trust him. Maxie tries to get Coop not to tell Logan about him being blackmailed and his arrangement. Edward tells Skye that he can't forgive Skye and that it's not his forgiveness that she needs.moreless
    • Ep. #11291
      Ep. #11291
      Season 45 - Episode 23
      Spinelli tells Jason that Elizabeth's baby is due on May 8th. Lulu thanks Dillon for telling her about him going after guardianship of her mother she then threatens Scott to drop the whole thing. Nikolas answers Mr. Craig's phone and hears a woman's voice but James grabs the phone before he can get her name. Jason asks Elizabeth is she knows whether or not it's a boy or girl. Luke tells Tracy about his plan for her to dress up as Laura so he can get the real one out. Amelia tells Sam that Sam will eventually drop the injunction. Patrick and Robin continue to brainstorm to figure out how to counteract the poison in Niklolas' system. Nikolas attacks James when he threatens to put his mother out of her misery and injects James with what he thinks is poison but turns out to be harmless. Alan tells Tracy to tell Luke that Scott killed Rick Webber. Jason throws Scott out after hearing him harrass Lulu. Spinelli then cautions Scott to stay away from Lulu. James/Jerry stops by to say goodbye to Lady Jane. Luke wants Dillon to tell him what he has on Scott Baldwin. Nikolas tells a horrified Emily that if he doesn't get the counteragent in 5 hours he will die.moreless
    • Ep. #11292
      Ep. #11292
      Season 45 - Episode 24
      Jason assures Elizabeth he step up as the father of the baby if something happens to her. Sam worries as she is being blackmailed by someone Amelia told to call her, who threatens to expose her if she doesn't pay him $500.000 dollars. Sonny arrives and Jerry/James hides so he doesn't see him. Robin and Patrick hurry as Nikolas has 5 hours left to live. Lulu lies to Luke and says that Scott didn't kill Rick Webber. Skye tells Ric that Lorenzo is in South America getting a second opinion on his "brain condition", Ric then asks Skye if Lorenzo is planning a counter attack on Sonny and Jason. Patrick tells Nikolas that it will take a day to make a counter agent, a day that he doesn't have. Patrick injects something hoping it'll save his life. Michael and Morgan meet Jax's brother Jerry. Lorenzo hears Skye on tape offering to help Sonny kill him. Elizabeth notices that she is bleeding and passes out on the floor.moreless
    • Ep. #11294
      Ep. #11294
      Season 45 - Episode 26
      Jason watches as Kelly and Epiphany struggle to save Elizabeth and her baby. Sonny tells Kate that he knows that her real name is Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst. Patrick, Robin and Emily attempt to revive Nikolas. Jerry gets pulled over by Lucky, but then gets an emergency and lets him go and to be careful. Patrick bought Nikolas some time when he gets stabilized for the time being. Kelly is able to save the baby and Elizabeth as Jason looks on from afar. Amelia tells Sam that if she doesn't go to Manhattan now, she will be in breach of contract. Epiphany tells Jason that Elizabeth is going to be fine. Elizabeth then wakes up to see Jason getting emotional while holding his son. Patrick tells Robin that Mr. Craig gave him the counter agent for Nikolas. Lucky spends quality time with Elizabeth and the baby. Lulu learns that Elizabeth gave birth to a son.moreless
    • 2015/07/14
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150714

      Sonny tells Carly that Lulu didn't cheat on Dante after all. Luke finds Tracy and explains to her his reunion with Laura was all a lie. Elizabeth introduces "Jake" to her son who was returned to her. Dillon is surprised that his father Paul is back in town. Lulu is irate that Dante called Valerie to tell her she knows about the kiss. Nikolas makes a confession to Lucky that the person Elizabeth is seeing is in fact Jason. Tracy tells Luke there's no place for him in her life, but he vows not to give up on her. Lucky walks away after seeing Jason playing with Jake deciding he's in a good place.

    • Ep. #11295
      Ep. #11295
      Season 45 - Episode 27
      Mr. Craig hides as Carly and returns from her honeymoon early while she tells Jane that Jax is checking the Metro Court. Elizabeth is rushed to the E.R. again after starting to bleed out. Jason tells Lulu on the roof that he will do what's best for his child, Lulu tells him that he can't step forward as the baby's father. Nikolas thinks that he has family living in Port Charles. Luke asks Tracy if Alan is still in the room with them. Kate admits to once being Connie Falconeri along time ago. Bobbie tells Carly that there where complications and that Elizabeth is in surgery. Lulu tells Spinelli to find Jason and tell him if Elizabeth dies Lucky should leave with the baby. Luke tells Lucky that Elizabeth is a fighter and will be alright. Spinelli tells Jason to do what he thinks is right. Carly runs into Kate as she leaves Sonny's office.moreless
    • Ep. #11299
      Ep. #11299
      Season 45 - Episode 31
      Michael confirms that the picture of Mr. Craig is that of Jax's brother Jerry. Luke and Tracy go to the Metro Court for dinner thinking Alan won't follow her there. Sam is heartbroken when she hears Jason and Elizabeth discussing the baby's paternity. Scott warns Tracy that things could get ugly if he doesn't get what he wants. Coop learns that Mr. Craig is Jax's brother. Sam admits to Amelia that Jason and Elizabeth have a kid while drinking at the bar. Kate goes back to Sonny for her flash drive, but he refuses to give it to her. Mr. Craig goes to Lorenzo at gunpoint about him not telling that it was a equinox briefcase. Carly tells Jax that his brother Jerry held 14 hostages at the hotel under the name James Craig and then blew up the lobby.moreless
    • Ep. #11300
      Ep. #11300
      Season 45 - Episode 32
      Jax is unhappy to learn that Jerry is guilty of despicable crimes. Sam doesn't let Jason know that she knows the truth about him and Elizabeth having a baby together. Sonny tells Kate that he will give back the flash drive if does some hop scotch. Carly can't believe that Jax is defending the man who held her hostage at gunpoint. Carly then fears that Jerry will always come between her and Jax. Skye overhears Lorenzo and Mr. Craig talking about the botched Metro Court exchange and how to eliminate Jason and Sonny. Lucky is eager to hear the name that Elizabeth picked out to name their son, she tells him about the name Jacob. Michael and Morgan come down to see why Jax and their mom are fighting, Jax then asks Michael and Morgan not to tell their dad about Jerry's visits. Alexis runs into Mr. Craig in the park and asks if he can keep her company. Jason learns from Spinelli that Elizabeth named her kid Jacob Martin by using his initials J.M. as Sam hears from the top of the stairs. Luke tells Tracy that she'll been taken away by white coats if she continues to talk to Alan.moreless
    • Ep. #11301
      Ep. #11301
      Season 45 - Episode 33
      Jason goes to Sam after hearing that she had a nightmare but doesn't tell him what it was about. Skye overhears Lorenzo order a hit on Jason and Sonny. Mr. Craig blackmails Coop into doing his dirty work, and Coop keeps Maxie from seeing Mr. Craig. Elizabeth wants to know why Amelia is so interested in her child and Lucky tells her that they don't want their son on TV. Carly tells Jax that she wishes that if Jerry disappears not to bring him back. Sam tells Amelia not to mention anything to anyone about her knowing the truth about Elizabeth's baby. Maxie goes to Logan and tells him she thinks that Coop is lying. Skye nearly gets caught by Lorenzo and she quickly moves before she sees her. Elizabeth and Lucky name Nikolas and Emily Jacob's godparents. Emily tells Elizabeth that Jacob Martins initials are that same as Jason's. Skye warns Jason that Lorenzo is planning to have him and Sonny killed by Mr. Craig. Carly goes to Lorenzo and asks him for information on James Craig.moreless
    • Ep. #11306
      Ep. #11306
      Season 45 - Episode 38
      Sonny tells Jason to wait till Lila Rae is in Skye's arms to take out Lorenzo. Skye then gives Sonny the signal to go after Lorenzo. Robin and Epiphany watch as Patrick is whisked away by three gorgeous women. Sonny agrees to compromise with Kate after learning that she bought the house next door to Carly's, but his offer comes with strings attached. Sam learns that Amelia is quitting because she can't deal with Jason and his dangerous lifestyle. Brandon tells Sam to find a way to get Amelia back or Everyday Heroes is cancelled. Lucky brings Cameron into see Elizabeth and his new brother Jake. Skye lets Jason in so he can get into position. Amelia reveals to Wes that she had no intention of quitting the show, and is so determined to getting Sam exactly what she deserves.moreless
    • Ep. #9811
      Ep. #9811
      Season 38 - Episode 140
      Preview:Sonny is strapped for his meeting with Sorel. Recap:Luke held Tony at gunpoint on Helena's yacht and begged his ex-brother-in-law to give him information about Helena. Luke was certain that Tony had been coerced into working for Helena somehow. Tony asked Luke if he could make a promise that no one would be hurt if he told the truth and when Luke couldn't promise, Tony said he couldn't talk. He did reveal that Luke was headed in the right direction when Luke asked about the freight elevator. He also let Luke know that the maze was a part of things. Laura was unaware that Stavros was behind her on the stairs. She tried to turn on the lights and call for help, but all of the power was off. She screamed when a shadow loomed at the front door, but was relieved when it turned out to be Stefan. He checked the house for her and turned the power back on. Laura showed him the photo of Stavros and the ring and rose and she accused Helena of messing with her mind. Stefan wasn't sure what his mother's motives were, but couldn't disagree that she might be behind it. He changed the subject by telling her that he had come to make amends for all of his past misdeeds. He knew that she couldn't offer him a blanket forgiveness, but he wanted her to know that he was trying to change because of his love for Chloe. Laura was pleased that he was making such an effort and agreed to give him the benefit of the doubt. On the steps, a hidden Stavros smirked at his brother's words. Helena stunned Nikolas with her demand that he give up Gia to return to the Cassadines. Nikolas refused to let Helena have that much control of his life and reminded her that his father had been the same way about Laura. Helena used that relationship as an example as to why Nikolas needed to leave Gia behind. When Helena left, Nikolas held Gia close and promised to never let her go. They made love and he pledged his love to her, but he was clearly tortured by his grandmother's words. Mike banged on the lakehouse door and demanded that Sonny come out and talk to him. Angel opened the door and told Mike that Sonny hadn't come back. Mike deduced that not only had Sonny gone to rescue Carly after all, he had also lied to Mike to protect him. Mike wanted to call the police, but Angel refused to let him. She said that Sonny needed to fight this battle with Sorel and it wasn't their place to interfere. Mike was incredulous at her temerity, but Angel wouldn't be moved. She later tossed her cards and came up with the card of death. Sonny arrived at the Penthouse and calmly told Sorel to let Carly, Alexis, and Zander leave. Sorel wouldn't hear of it and told Sonny to get rid of his weapons. Sonny said he didn't have a gun, instead, he revealed a bomb strapped to his chest. A nervous Sorel wanted to believe that Sonny was bluffing, but Sonny was convincing in his willingness to die. He forced Sorel to let the others leave so they could settle things one on one. Alexis took everyone to her place and called the police, but Carly didn't want to wait for them. She ran back to Sonny who yelled for Alexis to take her away. Alone again with Sorel, Sonny gave him the choice of dying when the police caught up with him, or going straight to hell when the bomb went off. Taggert showed up at Alexis's door and they told him what was going on. Just as Alexis said that Sonny had a bomb, an explosion rocked the building.


    • Ep. #10765
      Ep. #10765
      Season 43 - Episode 9
      After having another nightmare about the rape, Emily is convinced that she and Nikolas will never be together, but keeps her feelings hidden when she talks to Lucky. Carly goes to see Jason and after asking Sam to leave, tells Jason about the trap she laid for Alcazar and why she's certain he didn't kidnap Michael. Rachel insists to Courtney that A.J. is alive and well in the Bahamas, but Jax refuses to listen to anything she has to say. Ric, Alexis and Kristina make plans to go to the circus.moreless
    • Ep. #12684
      Ep. #12684
      Season 50 - Episode 154

      Connie talks Johnny out of going to kill Todd. Carly is spooked by A.J. and passes out comes to and tells what she saw to Sonny and they have to go and find him. Michael tells Starr that the person in the grim reaper costume was his biological father and he is alive. Duke tells Anna that Luke has reason to doubt him. Tracy catches Monica and Alice sneaking out and knows they're lying to her, and explains to Luke she saw Monica earlierlooking at an old Halloween picture of A.J. wearing the same mask when he was a kid. Alan appears to Monica and then to A.J. telling how he feels about them. Sonny brings Carly to the Quartermaine crypt as A.J. hides, Carly then realizes she could've paranoid. Luke decides to investigate Duke's past by going to Turkey to check out his story. Tracy receives a touch on the shoulder from Alan. Johnny and Connie have a touching moment.

    • Ep. #12671
      Ep. #12671
      Season 50 - Episode 140

      Starr sees that Trey is signing papers ending his marriage to Kristina and commiting his mother. Alexis, Molly and Kristina can't wait to meet Sam's baby. Téa visits Todd in jail asking if he knew the whole time that Victor wasn't her son. Duke points a gun at Joe Jr. and says the person that needs to die is him. Anna tells Luke that today is what would've been her wedding anniversary to Duke. Connie punishes Johnny for researching on ways to have her committed. Starr tells Trey the sooner that Kate gets help the better. Monica asks Jason will the last name of the baby will be McCall or Morgan and if he is getting back together with Sam. Sonny goes to see Connie hoping to get through to Kate. Téa tells Todd to face up to what he has done. Luke tells Anna to do some forensic research to prove that Duke is who he says he is. Starr learns Todd was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. Duke surprises Anna for their anniversary. Joe Jr. pays an unexpected visit to Trey. Jason offers for Sam and Danny to come and live with him.

    • Ep. #12707
      Ep. #12707
      Season 50 - Episode 177

      Anna screams in horror after seeing Faison and Robert was right about him being alive. Sabrina tells Elizabeth if Lucy is the one that can save the Nurses's Ball. Michael tells Starr that A.J. had to take care of a few things first. Faison denies having pretended to be Duke and then brings him in the room shocking Anna and tells him to let him go. McBain tells Alexis that Robert thinks Faison is mascarading as Duke Lavery. Robert tells Dante that the clinic where A.J. saw Faison at was the one where Anna was told Robin was there too. A.J. suggests to Sonny that they make ammends for Michael's sake. Felix steps in telling Sabrina he knows how to find Lucy cause she is his boss and will introduce them but he wants something in return. Faison drugs Anna not before taking out a gun shooting his own man Klaus. Michael and Starr arrive at the arenasee thatSonny is beating up on A.J. Anna wakes up to find Duke unaware that it's Faison.

    • Ep. #10906
      Ep. #10906
      Season 43 - Episode 150
      Emily and Nikolas inform Lucky and Elizabeth of their plans to throw them the perfect wedding on Spoon Island. All their family and friends are there (including Helena), and Luke finally shows up to support his son, even though Lulu isn't happy to see her father. Ric heads to the hospital to see Reese, who tells him that Sonny knows about the night they spent together. Sam continues to work on Jason to convince him to get the surgery or try Robin's experiemental procedure. John informs Sonny that Manny's plane went down. Courtney tells Jax she's pregnant, and he's the father.moreless
    • Ep. #12676
      Ep. #12676
      Season 50 - Episode 145

      Alexis, Molly and Kristina offer their condolences to Sam, but she says that Jason is alright. Connie goes to Todd and asks him for a job. Sonny comforts Carly after telling her the news of Jason being dead. Monica is beside herself with grief after Michael tells her what happened to Jason. Trey comes home and ends up rejecting Starr's affections. Elizabeth goes down to the pierseesJason's blood andfinds Spinelli coming out of the water saying he is searching for him. Carlyslaps Connie after she makes a reference about Jason. Trey asks Sonny why isn't he jumping for joy now that his father is dead. Monica goes through some family pictures and then makes a mysterious phone call. Sam enlists Spinelli's help to go search for Jason. Elizabeth crumples up the DNA test and throws it in the harbor. Starr walks in as Connie is making a play for Michael. Todd goes to his safe and takes out the paternity test results naming Jason as the father of Sam's baby.

    • Ep. #10915
      Ep. #10915
      Season 43 - Episode 159
      Lucky crashes at the hospital; Carly finds Jason unconscious while Sam is looking for help. Alexis and Ric's baby is born, but complications follow for both mother and child. Jax and Courtney have upsetting news for Emily about Nikolas.
    • Ep. #10782
      Ep. #10782
      Season 43 - Episode 26
      Alexis is pleased to learn that Michael was a witness to Carly murdering A.J., but Ric doesn't want to make his half-nephew testify against his own mother. Nikolas is devastated as Emily recounts to him what Connor did to her then flees. Carly pushes Sonny to tell her how close he and Reese are, and Sonny reminds Carly that Reese has been there for Michael. Helena takes Emily hostage as she attempts to flee.moreless
    • Ep. #11290
      Ep. #11290
      Season 45 - Episode 22
      Jax and Carly enjoy their honeymoon and while surfing Carly gets bitten by sea urchins. Sonny dislikes the attention he's getting from the media. Tracy discovers Alan's ghost continues to haunt the mansion. Jason tells Sonny that Logan Hayes is starting to become a problem and asks for Logan to be brought to him. Georgie tries to warn Maxie what will happen to Coop if Mac finds out that they're sleeping together. Luke continues to ask Tracy to help him in his quest for guardianship of Laura. Lulu goes after Logan thinking he's being abducted by Alcazar's men and finds him at Sonny's office. Scott says that he will do whatever it takes to keep Laura safe and Dillon comes in and almost admits to the Quartermaines that Scott killed Rick Webber. Logan lashes out at Lulu for making him look like an idiot in front of Sonny, after Sonny says that he will never work for him. Diane approaches Amelia with an injunction to stop production of Everyday Heroes.moreless
    • Ep. #11028
      Ep. #11028
      Season 44 - Episode 15
      Robert pumps Lulu for information after realising that she has been in contact with Luke. Robin breaks up a chat between Elizabeth and Patrick for Lucky's sake, but Patrick assumes she's jealous. Milo and Max manage to get Sonny to the house, where his friends and family surprise him with a birthday celebration. Robin stops by the Quartermaine manse to see Robert. Alexis accepts the job as assistant district attorney. Sonny is put on the spot when Michael wants to know what's up between him and Jason. Jax has furniture for John dropped off at Carly's place. A mysterious person looks at photographs of the Port Charles citizens on a computer, then takes pictures of Sonny's birthday party from outside the window.moreless
    • Ep. #11226
      Ep. #11226
      Season 44 - Episode 213
      Thirteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. Alexis worries that Ric will use her recent experience with pot to take Molly away from her. Sonny goes looking for Carly. Elizabeth and Sam have words about Jason.
    • Ep. #11393
      Ep. #11393
      Season 45 - Episode 124
      Alexis is worried when Nikolas doesn't remember throwing a glass at her. Elizabeth tells Jason that now he's telling her that Sam and a lot of other people know that Jake is Jason's son. Lulu decides to move in with Jason and Spinelli. Kate tries to get Sonny to give the information on Leticia's murder to the police. Trevor warns Sonny to leave Johnny Zacchara alone. Carly and Jax realize that they aren't alone in the bungalow and discover that Jerry is in there with them. Elizabeth and Jason share a kiss and then he tells her that he loves her. Epiphany warned Robin not to get involved with a co-worker. Ric sees Trevor talking on the phone and he wonders who it is. Edward and Tracy come to take Lulu home but Jason says that she is welcome to stay with him and Spinelli. Sonny instructs Spinelli to try and figure out where that text message came from. Jax and Carly decide to take Michael and Morgan back to Port Charles. Lucky tells Elizabeth that they should end their marriage. Lulu receives a text message from Johnny.moreless
    • Ep. #8963: 35th Anniversary Special
      Ep. #8963: 35th Anniversary Special
      Season 35 - Episode 66
      This hour-long primetime special was hosted by Anthony Geary (Luke) and featured past clips and current interviews with current and former castmates. Among the selected scenes were early clips of Steve & Jessie; the triangle of Rick/Monica/Alan; the triangle of Laura/Scotty/Bobbie; the love story of Luke & Laura; the romance of Duke & Anna; the love story of Frisco & Felicia; the tragic love story of Stone & Robin; Monica's breast cancer; B.J.'s heart-donation to cousin Maxie; Ned & Lois's courtship; the Quartermaine family feuds; the love/hate relationship between Bobbie & Carly; the triangle of Sonny/Brenda/Jax; and the Spencer/Cassadine war.moreless
    • Ep. #11380
      Ep. #11380
      Season 45 - Episode 111
      Kate is forced to choose between Trevor and Sonny. Coop sees Maxie in a whole new light and wondered why he ever bothered with her. Nikolas has a way for he and Emily to spend more time together. Logan warns Maxie to keep their fling a secret. Nikolas tears into Jerry when he asks how Emily and Spencer are doing. Jason needs Spinelli to find information if he's going to protect Carly and her kids. Spinelli tells Jason that something gruesome could come to Port Charles. Trevor tells Sonny to back off as Kate overhears. Carly asks Jason what is going on. Nikolas learns that Alfred cancelled the lease for the office space at the Metro Court. Max and Milo escort Logan to Sonny, Sonny lets Logan have it for not guarding his kids like he was supposed to and threatens to have him killed. Ric comes home to find Trevor with Molly.moreless
    • Ep. #11356
      Ep. #11356
      Season 45 - Episode 88
      Sonny tells Kate that Ric is calling him as a witness hoping that he'll incriminate Jason. Kate takes the stand and Ric asks her about the phone call, and Kate makes Ric looking like a fool. Irina tells Jax that she plans to kill him and let Jerry watch. Nikolas goes to Jerry that he closed his accounts and his access to Cassadine Industries, and that if goes through with bringing down Emily for him to be prepared for a retaliation. Jax tries to make a deal with Irina, but she turns him down. Diane refuses to let Carly testify cause she knows Ric will tear her apart, Jason then tells her to go home and appreciates that she wants to help. Ric asks Sonny if he ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo Alcazar. Jerry points a gun at Nikolas after their scuffle, Jerry then fires a shot and Carly almost gets hit in the process. Lulu tells Spinelli that she can never fall in love with him and they should stay friends. Sam enlists Maxie to help her in wrecking Elizabeth's life. Carly asks Spinelli about Alcazar's business holdings as to Jerry's request. Logan apologizes to Lulu for the way that he's been acting lately.moreless
    • Ep. #11026
      Ep. #11026
      Season 44 - Episode 13
      Lulu gives Dillon advice on how to keep his marriage with Georgie strong. Carly asks Emily to walk away from Sonny for his sake and Jason's. Ric is convinced that Alexis is up to something, not knowing that Durant has asked her to be the assistant district attorney again. Emily tries to convince Lucky not to overwork himself.moreless
    • Ep. #11394
      Ep. #11394
      Season 45 - Episode 125
      Lucky and Elizabeth make a difficult decision of getting a divorce. Nikolas tells Emily to call him a liar if he doesn't believe him when he says he didn't throw a glass at Alexis. Spinelli tells Jason that there is no way of tracing the text message, Spinelli says that there is but it's going to take some time. Lulu gets another message from Johnny requesting her whereabouts. Nikolas apologizes to Emily and she then tells him that Lulu is home safe. Jax tells Carly that he will make the house safe for her and Michael and Morgan. Carly says that she doesn't want to move in with Sonny's. Coop tells Logan to stop going near Maxie. Skye has a proposition for Ric to help regaining some control of Lorenzo's money and that she'll give some of it. Jason tells Spinelli that he shouldn't have invited Lulu to stay without his permission. Lulu tells Logan that she doesn't want a second chance with him. Jax tells Trevor to give Zacchara a message to leave Carly and the boys alone, by threatening to take over his companies.moreless
    • Ep. #11279
      Ep. #11279
      Season 45 - Episode 11
      Lucky wants to why Spinelli is video recording the birth of Elizabeth's birthday. Elizabeth realizes that the tape is for Jason. Amelia tells Sam that now that everyone is okay to get back to the show. Carly tells Sonny of her recent engagement to Jax. Sonny then says to Carly not to leave him. Spinelli proves to be a good friend to Lulu. Skye wants Ric assurance that her daughter will be safe away from Lorenzo. Carly then shows up with Jax and tells him to arrest Skye for trying to kill Sonny. Tracy tells Monica that Alan is haunting her, Monica is then shocked when Tracy tells her and Alan's favorite bed activity was "Oopsie Daisy". Scott tells Ric that Mayor Floyd hired him as the prosecutor for the shooting at the Cellar. Alan realizes that Tracy really does love Luke.moreless
    • Ep. #11293
      Ep. #11293
      Season 45 - Episode 25
      Elizabeth collapses as she tries to leave the house. Amelia stands up to Sonny by threating him if he doesn't lift the injunction and to let Everyday Heroes hit the air waves. Lorenzo plays for Skye her and Ric's taped conversation about helping Sonny and Jason kill him, Lorenzo then wonders if she plans to take Lila Rae and skip town. Jason finds and unconscious Elizabeth and rushes her to General Hospital. Jerry, Michael and Morgan get to know one another by sharing some of his childhood memories growing up. Kelly tells Epiphany that Elizabeth needs a c-section or her and the baby will die. Emily brings Spencer and Nikolas shares a moment with his son. Skye goes upstairs and notices that Lila Rae is missing, Lorenzo admits to putting Lila Rae someplace until he can regain Skye's trust again. Robin, Patrick and Emily watch as Nikolas begins to gasp and has a hard time breathing and then flatlines. Jason watches as Elizabeth is in surgery and the baby's heart rate is dropping.moreless
    • Ep. #11115
      Ep. #11115
      Season 44 - Episode 102
      Jason comforts Sam about finding out Alexis has cancer. Sonny thinks that if something were to happen to Alexis that Kristina will stay with Ric. Robin remembers being in Stone's arms one last time as she's dealing with April's death. Lucky fights to make sure he doesn't give in to temptation to take any pills. Elizabeth says that Maxie took advantage of Lucky while he was chemically unbalanced. Patrick finds Robin on the pier trying to cope with people dying of aids and never finding a cure. Sonny wants Alexis to start chemotherapy after the surgery cause Kristina, Molly and Sam need her. Elizabeth tells Jason that Lucky should never know the slept together. Alexis tells Kristina that she's going to have surgery to remove something but doesn't go into details. Maxie buys another score thinking it'll get her closer to Lucky.moreless
    • Ep. #11483
      Ep. #11483
      Season 45 - Episode 214
      Mr. Vaughn tells Trevor that Claudia was nowhere to be found. Claudia and Sonny have sex in his hotel room. Kate tells Jax that her real name was Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst and then changed. Logan asks Lulu to move back in with him now that she isn't living at the Quartermaine's anymore. Sam begs Lucky for another chance, but he's done with her. Carly asks Jason who he thinks is the Text Message Killer. Sam calls Lucky to say that she got a text message, and refuses to believe her, she then gets attacked by the killer on the pier but knocks him down and runs. Michael goes to his room and gets his gun but drops it, he then hides it as Carly comes to check on him. Tracy tells Monica that she had her surgical privileges suspended. Sonny tells Claudia that if he needs her again he'll know where to find her. Robin is certain that Patrick knows. Carly goes to the hospital for an examination. Sam is in fear of her life and the killer continues to chase her. Claudia turns out to be Anthony Zacchara's daughter when she comes to see him. Carly, Elizabeth and Monica each drive in the rain. Sam is stuck on the road with the killer.moreless
    • Ep. #11485
      Ep. #11485
      Season 45 - Episode 216
      Jax receives good news that Carly is pregnant. Jason asks Elizabeth if her dream was about Sam. The killer starts to move but Sam is remains immobile. Maxie teams up with Spinelli, Jerry overhears as they discuss something possible evidence being in Coop's room. Sonny tells Lulu to stay away from Johnny. The killer then walks away leaving Sam on the road. Sonny goes to visit Anthony in the hospital and asks if he wants to die. Lucky tell Alexis that Sam doesn't live here anymore. Ric goes and tells Marianna goodbye. Logan wants to know what Spinelli and Maxie are doing in Coops room. Logan catches Lulu and Johnny on the pier. Tracy intervenes as a cop asks why Monica waited an hour to report her car was stolen, and if she was drinking while driving. Anthony tells Sonny to go ahead and kill him. Sam is brought to the hospital and that Jerry found her. Alexis tells Lucky that Sam was in a hit and run accident. Johnny watches as Lulu treats Logans wounds from outside. Ric and Marianna share a passionate kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #9585
      Ep. #9585
      Season 37 - Episode 171
      Is it really her?
    • Ep. #11544
      Ep. #11544
      Season 46 - Episode 275
      Lulu goes to check on Sonny, she then notices that the bullet hit his holster. Jason risks his life and faces the gunman. Jax sees Morgan making a phone call to the hospital to check on Michael. Mac tells Ian to help Spinelli, Jerry insists that he not break the hypocratic oath. Claudia tells Jason that her father sent the shooter to take Sonny out. Lulu wonders why Sonny is out in the open waiting for someone to kill him. Jax tells Alexis that Sonny ruined Michael's life and he's not gonna let him to the same to Morgan. Max and Diane "conveniently" meet each other at the Metro Court. Jason tells Claudia that he wants proof that Anthony ordered the hit. Lainey and Kelly overhear Robin tell Patrick that he's hot for Anna. Maxie knocks out Ian so that he can figure out to do with him, Maxie and Spinelli then put Ian on a gurney so they can hide him.moreless
    • Ep. #11228
      Ep. #11228
      Season 44 - Episode 215
      Eleven hours before the Metro Court explosion. Sonny tries to make a deal with Craig. Lucky and Cruz try to clear the guests out of the hotel. Maxie is at risk.
    • Ep. #11317
      Ep. #11317
      Season 45 - Episode 49
      Carly is jealous when she sees Kate with Jax. Logan begins to seduce Lulu. Spinelli agrees to tell Ric what he wants to know. Kate goes to Sonny and shows him what his kids did by having a fish put in her purse. Bobbie assures Luke that Alexis will appeal the judges decision. Sam tells Amelia that she is going to try surrogacy in order to have a baby. Ric warns Spinelli that he'll every piece of information that he has and it will in the law's hands. Spinelli tells Jason that the computer that Ric confiscated isn't his real one. Sam goes to see Jason and wonders why she didn't call her when he got arrested. Lucky learns that Elizabeth came to see Jason. Sonny comes across a file and asks Amelia why she is collecting information on Sam.moreless
    • Ep. #11124
      Ep. #11124
      Season 44 - Episode 111
      Alexis goes in for surgery, secure knowing that Sam has promised to stay away from Jason. Jason offers to wait with Sam, but she tells him about the promise she made her mother. Lulu is upset that Carly can't tell her what she wants to hear, but Carly tells Lulu that although she will support whatever decision she makes, she can't make it for her. Sonny promises Alexis that he will not take Kristina away from Ric if she dies, but admits to Carly that he lied because that's what Alexis needed to hear. Robin and Patrick meet up at the docks after the surgery and talk about love and children, and Robin admits that her biological clock is ticking. Lulu is getting odd phone calls from an unknown area code that don't come through, then tells Dillon that she'll have the baby. Jason notices that Elizabeth seems uncertain on her feet, and wonders if she is alright.moreless
    • Ep. #10938
      Ep. #10938
      Season 43 - Episode 182
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #11349
      Ep. #11349
      Season 45 - Episode 81
      Kate realizes that she took some of her boss sexual stimulant pills by accident. Patrick nearly gives his father away after discovering that Anna has been serving Noah water all evening.
    • Ep. #11395
      Ep. #11395
      Season 45 - Episode 126
      Elizabeth comes by to pick up some of her things. Nikolas begins to get more agitated when Emily cancels their plans again. Alexis says to Nikolas that there is something with him. Jason tells Spinelli that he needs to find who killed Leticia, Lulu overhears that Sonny is getting text messages from her killer. Carly is impressed by Jax's plan. Lulu continues to get weird text messages, Spinelli reads the text and asks Lulu if she's sending Johnny messages. Nikolas attacks Jerry and later argues with Alexis. Kate's trial starts and Trevor says that the judge isn't going to be lenient. Nikolas asks Alfred on why he lied to cover for him and asks if he thinks that something is really wrong with him. The judge prepare to make his ruling. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want her to leave.moreless
    • Ep. #11344
      Ep. #11344
      Season 45 - Episode 76
      Sonny tries to convince Kate that she can't always run from her past as Connie. Carly has a proposal for Jerry. Amelia makes a confession to Nikolas.
    • Ep. #11244
      Ep. #11244
      Season 44 - Episode 231
      Carly explains to Michael and Morgan that she's going to marry Jax after divorcing their father. Alan goes into cardiac arrest as Dr. Russell Ford tries to revive him. Edward refuses to believe that Alan is dying. A tearful Emily breaks the news that Alan has died. Jason comes to the hospital too late and sees Alan lying there and apologizes to him.moreless
    • Ep. #11126
      Ep. #11126
      Season 44 - Episode 113
      Alexis wakes up and wants to know who Sam was talking to on the phone. Anna overhears Lorenzo telling Ric that now is the perfect time to get rid of Jason Morgan. Carly is fed up and tells Jax to stop bribing her for her affections. Elizabeth covers when he almost hears that she could be pregnant by saying she was called into work. Alexis plays mid games with Sam and Ric by getting them to go to Mayor Floyd's party together. Michael tells Jax that he has to try harder if he wants his mom to like him again. Lorenzo agrees to give Anna what she wants if agrees to help him locate Skye and his baby. Carly offers to buy out Jax's part of the hotel. Elizabeth prepares to retake a pregnancy test which proves to be accurate. Maxie announces to Lucky that she found an apartment for them to share when he leaves ELizabeth. Alexis admits to Lainey that even though she's angry she feels Sam and Ric will protect her children.moreless
    • Ep. #11015
      Ep. #11015
      Season 44 - Episode 2
      Jason believes Sam is siding with Sonny and sends her away from him. Sonny and Carly try to ensure that Michael and Morgan won't be touched by what is going on with Sonny's business. Lucky quits the force, blaming himself for Jesse's death. Durant attempts to manipulate Jason. Patrick, Robin and Epiphany break the rules to use Patrick's liver for Noah, and Robin struggles to save Patrick when things go south. Nikolas admits that he is still in love with Emily, but will not stop her from being happy with Sonny. Luke goes after Lorenzo when Liz confirms that he switched the charts during the epidemic, but Skye intervenes.moreless
    • Ep. #11367
      Ep. #11367
      Season 45 - Episode 99
      Sonny tells Coop that if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict he will break Jason out of police custody. The jury reads the verdict and Jason is found not guilty. Spinelli tells Sonny that Jason has been acquited. Lulu tell Coop what he is doing in Sonny's office, Sonny then covers. Max tells Carly the good news that Jason is a free man. Carly demands that Jerry tell her what happened to Jax. Irina tells Jax that his brother will be joining them very soon. Carly heads to Turkey to look for Jax. Sam tells Elizabeth in a stern voice that this isn't over. Lucky and Sam almost kiss but she stops and then leaves the house. Elizabeth is approached by two gunmen in the park and that her child is linked to Jason Morgan.moreless
    • Ep. #11397
      Ep. #11397
      Season 45 - Episode 128
      Carly talks with Lulu about bad boys and to stay away from them. Elizabeth tells Emily that Lucky isn't going to contest the divorce. Lucky objects to Diane handling the divorce. Sonny explains to Kate that her troubles are far from over. Logan attempts to apologize to Nikolas for the way that he treated Lulu, Nikolas then starts beating on him again. Scott gives Logan some advice and to stay away from Lulu. Lucky asks Alexis to look over the divorce papers that Elizabeth had drawn up. Kate reports to the hospital and Epiphany says that she is to be an orderly, something Kate wasn't expecting to do. Trevor asks Alexis how his granddaughter Molly is doing. Sonny tells a stunned Diane that it's up to her to get rid of Trevor but is relieved when it's only through the legal channels. Carly asks Trevor just how nuts Johnny Zacchara is. Nikolas tells Alfred that he has no recollection of the fight with Logan at the Metro Court. Trevor tells Kate that she is relieved of her duties at Couture Magazine. Carly makes a bold choice in texting Johnny by pretending to be Lulu.moreless
    • Ep. #11154
      Ep. #11154
      Season 44 - Episode 141
      Pete tells Lulu about a drinking and driving accident when he was a teen that killed a girl. Cruz warns Liz about Ric's knowledge where her baby is concerned. Mac refuses to support Maxie's plans to sue ELQ for the defective condoms.
    • Ep. #11553
      Ep. #11553
      Season 46 - Episode 284
      Jason asks Spinelli to help him figure out why Kate paid Ian. Claudia tells Johnny that Jason was waiting for her in her bedroom. Diane asks Max if he's following her wherever she goes. Kate worries Sonny will find out what she did, after being determined to find out who was involved. Epiphany tells Sonny that people who work for him end up dead and his business is dangerous. Spinelli tells Jason how Sonny's gonna react when he finds out that Kate paid Ian off. Anthony's men take Lulu on the pier. Carly and Jax visit the facility thinking it'll be good for him. Sonny breaks down and tells Michael that he's so sorry. Anthony pressures Lulu to co-operate and if she doesn't Luke will pay the price. Jerry exerts his control over Claudia. Carly breaks down while trashing Michael's room, then she and Jax share a moment together. Jason goes to Kate and asks her why she paid Ian a million dollars, Sonny then arrives and says that Kate would never give him anything.moreless
    • Ep. #11464
      Ep. #11464
      Season 45 - Episode 195
      Diane and Alexis a forced to put up with each other while en route to Philadelphia. Jason tells Elizabeth that now that Sonny is back they can meet at their place, Elizabeth calls someone to see if they can watch Cameron and Jake. Carly tells Kelly that she wished she could get pregnant. Ric calls Skye over when Kristina refuses to behave and Ric watches and sees how good Kristina is around her. Mac tells Johnny that they found his skin under Georgie's fingernails. Maxie asks Mac and Felicia about bringing Georgie back. Sonny brings Michael home and Carly learns that he got into a fight at school. Jax sets Michael straight by saying if Morgan acted like he was doing. Felicia tells Mac that she sees something in the footprint like a "dice" logo. Coop is seen tying his boots with the same logo on the bottom. Lulu is taken somewhere by one of "Moreau's" thugs men. Alexis and Diane are forced to leave the plane after complaining numerous times. Sam goes to Carly and says that she has information about Jason and Jake's father.moreless
    • Ep. #11396
      Ep. #11396
      Season 45 - Episode 127
      Lucky says that Elizabeth doesn't have to move out. The Judge says that he doesn't see the maximum sentence as possible request and gives her 6 months of community service at General Hospital. Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu is in serious danger. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't think he'll take it if something happened to her. Diane objects to the idea of Kate wearing an akle bracelet. Nikolas goes to Robin and asks her if she can do some bloodwork to see if somethings wrong and asks to keep it private. Emily helps Elizabeth get settled at Audrey's house and brings up the idea of being with Jason. Georgie learns from Spinelli that Lulu is living with him and Jason. Carly finds Jason in her living room as proof that she and the boys need protecting. Kate reports for community service and Epiphany laughs at the idea of her working there. Carly crosses the line when she forbids Jason to get involved with Elizabeth, and Jason tells her not to talk like that about Elizabeth again.moreless
    • Ep. #11144
      Ep. #11144
      Season 44 - Episode 131
      Audrey tells Elizabeth that Lucky called from Shadybrook and tries to get her to call him. Alexis sees right through Sonny's scheme to get her to have chemotherapy. Prof. Marquez tries to get through to Lulu bu getting her to open up to him. Carly thinks her relationship with Jax is doomed when he confesses his love to her. Jason assures Sam that he knows that Ric is putting on a show for him. Elizabeth lets Maxie know exactly what she thinks of her for ruining her marriage. Carly and Sonny put on a show for Alexis that if she dies Carly would help raise Kristina. Carly then goes to Jax and tells him what Sonny and her did. Alexis announces to Ric and Sam that she's doing the chemotherapy. Carly gives Jax her "heart" with the diamonds that he gave her to give to him when she's ready. Elizabeth tries to call Lucky but hangs up after remembering her and Jason's tryst.moreless
    • Ep. #12940
      Ep. #12940
      Season 51 - Episode 161

      Diane brings up to Lulu that she killed Logan Hayes as well as her unborn child. Robin quickly hides as Patrick enters the lab. Carlos tells Sabrina that he's determined to spend the rest of his life with her. Duke tells Dr. Obrecht that Faison is keeping him alive in order to get close to Anna. Lulu lies under oath, but Diane calls Dante to the stand. Britt and Nikolas closeness ends up in them sharing a kiss. Robert and Anna manage to escape.

    • Ep. #11431
      Ep. #11431
      Season 45 - Episode 162
      Nikolas cries as he holds Emily's lifeless body. Jason, Jax and Carly race to find Nikolas and Jason sees Emily on the floor dead. Jason demands that Nikolas tells her what happened to Emily. Jason goes and breaks the news to Elizabeth that Emily is dead which devastates her. Anthony and Jerry engage in a shootout thinking it's Johnny he's firing at. Jerry collapses infront of Sonny and Kate. Johnny tells Lulu a story of what happened when he ran away as a kid. Logan goes to Lulu and take her back to Luke. Sonny is saddened when learns that Emily is dead. Kate goes missing and is at the mercy of a madman. Spinelli tells Lulu the bad news about Emily. Carly tells Jax that she feels helpless and can't help Jason.moreless
    • Ep. #11321
      Ep. #11321
      Season 45 - Episode 53
      Amelia tells Jason that Sam is taking steps to hang on to him, also that she can't stand that he had a son with Elizabeth, Jason lets Amelia know that Sam it's not the woman that she is desribing. Tracy is taken away by the police. Carly and Jax get ready to go out to a Casino opening, but is stopped by Michael telling them that Morgan is sick. Patrick asks Robin if she ever wants to have a child. Logan tells Maxie that after she sleeps with him she'll no longer want Coop. Carly begins to have phone calls and the person hanging up whenever she picks up. Alexis tells Amelia exactly what she stands to gain by making her daughter a star. Logan punches Scott after he grills her about where Luke took Laura. Jason begins to realize that Amelia is right when Sam tells him that she'll do anything to have a family with him. Amelia spies on Jake with Elizabeth and Lucky.moreless
    • Ep. #10798
      Ep. #10798
      Season 43 - Episode 42
      Sam reaches her breaking point with Carly. Michael is upset to catch Sonny and Reese kissing. Jax and Courtney decide to take the plunge and get married. Maxie promises Diego and Georgie that they are not responsible for her heart troubles.
    • Ep. #11204
      Ep. #11204
      Season 44 - Episode 191
      Robin pushes Patrick into finally 'moving in' to his new place by unpacking. Lorenzo and Skye briefly stop in with Carly when their car is stuck in snow, and Skye and Carly have words over Lorenzo. Liz is affected when she has to help a young mother who lied to her husband about the paternity of her baby. With Spinelli's helpful interference, Sam tries to get ready for New Year's.moreless
    • Ep. #11229
      Ep. #11229
      Season 44 - Episode 216
      Ten hours before the Metro Court explosion. Monica confronts Skye aobut Lorenzo's part in the Metro Court hostage crisis. Luke is determined to save Lulu but is arrested before he can go any further.
    • 2015/07/10
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150710

      Luke introduces Laura to Jake, and Lucky confirms it's him. Dante explains to Valerie he was wrong about why Lulu and Dillon were together in Canada. Sam asks Nikolas how convenient it was that Hayden got shot just as he was gonna tell "Jake" who he was. Dillon fills Monica in on Luke and Laura's lie in order to rescue Lucky. Carly lets something slip to Lulu tells Dante she knows all about him and Valerie . Elizabeth gets an unexpected visit from Lucky.

    • Ep. #11381
      Ep. #11381
      Season 45 - Episode 112
      Alexis learns from Sam that Ric's father Trevor is in town. Ric tells Trevor not to go near Molly again, Trevor then tells Ric that he could lose Molly. Carly asks Jason if she has to move her kids away in order to keep them safe. Nikolas cautions Alfred not to over step like that again. Alexis is caught off guard by Ric's suggestion concerning Molly. Lucky tells Nikolas if he and Elizabeth will make it. Jax tells Jerry that he doesn't want him here, Jerry says that he needs him now more than ever. Nikolas plans something big and doesn't want anyone to discover what it is. Carly learns that it was Logan who was supposed to show up. Georgie lashes out as Maxie for treating Spinelli badly. Jason warns Spinelli that he could get caught in the crossfire. Elizabeth tells Emily that she and Lucky are going to give their marriage another try. Sam gets an eyeful of Lucky when she stops by the house.moreless
    • Ep. #11224
      Ep. #11224
      Season 44 - Episode 211
      Fifteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. Robin tells Patrick to leave and that she's not going home with him. Carly learns from Sonny that there was no reason to marry him after all, she then confronts him and he admits it. Patrick begins to make a spectacle of himself at the PCPD by saying the he loves her. Sam snaps at Spinelli when he brings up her having Jason's baby until Jason comes home. Mac encourages Patrick and Robin to work things out before it gets worse. Elizabeth learns Maxie has taken a job at the Metro Court boutique. Patrick tells Robin that they have the results of his HIV test. Sonny instructs Diane to stop Carly from divorcing him.moreless
    • Ep. #11239
      Ep. #11239
      Season 44 - Episode 226
      The PCPD attempt to rescue the people trapped inside the Metro Court.
    • Ep. #10811
      Ep. #10811
      Season 43 - Episode 55
      Courtney is devastated to realise she cannot have children of her own, but Jax tries to comfort her with Liz's offer to carry a child for them. Evan threatens to expose Reese to Sonny, who decides to take his lover under his protection. Georgie needs a risky surgery after her fall, and Monica wants Felicia and Mac to consider giving Maxie her heart if she doesn't make it.moreless
    • Ep. #11240
      Ep. #11240
      Season 44 - Episode 227
      With Jason and Elizabeth still stuck in the elevator, Elizabeth reveals that Jason is the father of her child. Robin is in the hospital. Luke runs in to find Lulu. Sonny and Carly meet Craig for a second time. There's a fight, Carly gets the electronic briefcase and Craig leaves empty handed. Outside, Skye is there with Ric. Carly and Sonny hand over the briefcase. Skye lies to Ric about Carly and Sonny telling the wrong code to open the briefcase saying that the code is 7-6-7-6-7-6. Luke finds Lulu with her leg cut and carries her out of the building.moreless
    • Ep. #11256
      Ep. #11256
      Season 44 - Episode 243
      Carly tries to get the upper hand on Sonny. Max asks Stan to dig into Coop's past. Carly thinks that in order to get her marble from Sonny she'll have to spend time with him. Jason tells Sonny not to play games with Carly. Sam wonders why Amelia is interferring in her life. Maxie and Logan plan on making Scott think Lulu is blackmailing him and not them. Spinelli tells Lulu that Jason is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Luke spots Logan at Kelly's and wonders why Lulu doesn't want him around her.moreless
    • Ep. #11305
      Ep. #11305
      Season 45 - Episode 37
      Jerry tells Sam that wants to have a chat with Jason. Amelia prevents Sam from shooting Jerry. Jax tells Carly that he doesn't think Jerry will go anywhere near Jason. Lorenzo tells Skye that if she leaves the house Lila Rae and he will be gone when she comes back. Skye goes to Sonny and tells him to wait till Lila Rae is in her arms and then he can kill Lorenzo.Sonny tells Jason that killing Jerry can wait and that they have other priorities, Jason says that he doesn't. Jerry spoils Spinelli's attempt to knock him out. Alexis offers Jax her services if Jax is arrested for helping Jerry. Jason then comes home and Jerry tells him that Emily could be in trouble and that she accepted an illegal wire transfer. Jason once again mentions to Robin about her moving in again. Jerry exposes his true identity to Nikolas and Emily.moreless
    • Ep. #10838
      Ep. #10838
      Season 43 - Episode 82
      Courtney remains upset that Jax seems to be more focussed on Elizabeth and the baby, but when Jax wants to give her some relaxing time in a spa, she begins to soften a little. Sonny listens as EmIly talks about the rape, and her feelings that she is no longer the woman that Nikolas married. Durant is convinced that if he can prove that Michael killed A.J. he can save him from Sonny. Reese surprises Sonny when she tells him that while she will never compromise her morals for him, she will do whatever she can for Michael. Jason is unable to act like he believes Jodie is real, but when Sam is picked up by the police in North Carolina while getting supplies, Jason is all Michael has left.moreless
    • Ep. #11297
      Ep. #11297
      Season 45 - Episode 29
      Lucky remains in denial about the seriousness about Elizabeth's condition. Jason is faced with a tough decision regarding his son. Kelly tells Lucky to prepare to prepare for the worst if Elizabeth is unresponsive. Lulu wonders if Lucky heard her tells Elizabeth that she knows that Jason is the father. Ric wonders what is so interesting on the computer screen and tries to see what's on it, Jason then throws it at the wall. Carly wants to know why Jax is telling Michael about Jerry and not to visualize him as a hero and mentions that Jerry was in the house and Carly thinks that Jerry is out to destroy their marriage. Patrick tells Nikolas that if they inject him with a high dose of their counteragent it could kill him, but goes against discussing it with Emily first and tells Patrick to do it. Sonny tells Jason to stay focused and eliminate Alcazar when he gets the chance. Skye tells Lorenzo that she needs to be with him but he doesn't mean that he will bring their daughter home. Skye goes to Sonny and tells him to hold off on killing him until she finds her daughter. Elizabeth wakes up when she hears Lucky and Jason talking.moreless
    • Ep. #11173
      Ep. #11173
      Season 44 - Episode 160
      Ric and Cruz race to get to Jason and Sam, Jason then locates the tracking device on Elizabeth and they hurry to get out of there before Ric does. Robin insists that Luke tell the family that the experimental drug is only temporary and that Laura will revert to the way she was. Ric threatens to arrest Elizabeth for aiding and abetting if she doesn't tell him where they are. Jax's mother Jane arrives for her son and Carly's wedding and is amazed that Carly is living at Sonny's house. Sonny and Jason wait for Stan to I.D. the person who put the false evidence on that flash drive. Prof. Marquez is I.D'd as his computer was used. Jane tells Carly that she doesn't want to see her son get hurt again as he has in the past. Jax is shocked as Carly graciously gives Luke and Laura their wedding date. Jane confronts Sonny about Carly staying with him, Sonny then tells her that he and Carly always end up together. Tracy gets mad at Luke for arranging for his and Laura's wedding in her mother's rose garden.moreless
    • Ep. #11158
      Ep. #11158
      Season 44 - Episode 145
      Luke unties Lorenzo so that he can help deliver Skye's and his baby. Helena catches Colleen in bed with Nikolas and says to take her hands off him. Nikolas is surprised when Emily suggests that Helena could be telling the truth.
    • Ep. #8434
      Ep. #8434
      Season 33 - Episode 17
      No synopsis available.
    • Ep. #11114
      Ep. #11114
      Season 44 - Episode 101
      Ric wants to know why Sonny is spending time with Kristina. Robin offers for April to live with her when she leaves the hospital. Sam says that Alexis should have the surgery, but Alexis is worried about Kristina and Molly. Elizabeth wants to know how Jason feels about Sam leaving town. Ric hears Sam and Alexis talking and learns that she has cancer. Lucky says to Elizabeth that he's committed to the Narcotic Anonymous meetings. Sonny tells Jason that Alexis has lung cancer. Patrick and Robin receive devastating news that April Gilbert passed away. Sonny says in order for Jason to convince Sam to stay he has to forgive a little. Maxie runs into Elizabeth on the pier and wants to talk to her about Lucky.moreless
    • Ep. #11178
      Ep. #11178
      Season 44 - Episode 165
      Lorenzo is determined to make Sonny and Sam pay for Diego's death. Laura's children are heart-broken that her condition will soon cause her to deteriorate. Sam is arrested for the murder of Diego Alcazar and worries that her Jason is dead. Elizabeth rushes to remove the bullet from Jason's leg.
    • Ep. #11242
      Ep. #11242
      Season 44 - Episode 229
      Cruz is able to get Lucky out of the line of fire as Mr. Craig shoots. Robin tells Patrick not to leave her side just yet and that he agrees to take his HIV test. Luke tells Milo, Dillon and Spinelli that the only person who's going to see Lulu is him. Number #3 introduces himself to Maxie as Cooper Barrett. Lucky learns from Cruz that Elizabeth and the baby are at General Hospital. Monica is glad Jason is alright as he comes to see Alan. Spinelli is able to get past Tracy and Luke and in to see Lulu. Jason then tells Spinelli to track down Mr. Craig. Sam makes a heartbreaking confession to Jason that she can never get pregnant. Georgie over hears Dillon tell Lulu that they share a special connection, Dillon spots Georgie and goes after her and the two realize that there relationship is over.moreless
    • Ep. #8824
      Ep. #8824
      Season 34 - Episode 7
      Sarah visits Emily at home. Emily introduces her to the family. Alan keeps bugging Monica about why she seems so concerned about Emily and he tells Monica he thinks Sarah might be good for her. Ned and Monica still argue about whether they should go to the police to help out Brenda. Alan eavesdrops on Emily and Sarah. He hears Emily tells her that she's worried she'll lose Monica so he confronts Emily about it. She almost blurts out the reason. Jason meets Robin for dinner. He brings her flowers. They don't know that the Tin Man is waiting outside with a gun. They dance, kiss, tell each other they love each other. They don't go to dinner because he's so late they lost their reservation. The Tin Man shoots and hits the vase, which shatters. This gives Jason time to throw Robin to the floor, but then the Tin Man shoots Jason. Bobbie tries to get Nikolas to like her again but he asks her to prove it by telling him why she drugged Stefan. She can't. Bobbie tells him Stefan "is not what he seems". Later, Bobbie asks Luke what he told Nickolas. He won't tell her but says she should go back to GH so the Spencers won't be blamed for what's about to happen. Luke shows Lucky how he can tap right into Stefan's computer with the help of the WSB software. Lucky is miffed that he has been out of the loop. Luke tells him he has started a fire in the Windemere stables by short-circuiting everything. Luke gets annoyed at Lucky's petulant attitude. As he is about to go outside, he tells his son, "This adolescent thing is a drag. Drop it!" Alexis drinks champagne while Stefan waits for the final countdown on his computer. They reminisce about their childhood and discuss Stavros and Helena. He tells her he had Helena moved off the island and that he plans to take Katherine and Nikolas back there. Alexis notices the barn is on fire. Stefan can't leave his computer at this crucial time so he tells her to call security and then go out there to supervise. She goes. Nikolas rushes in and tells Stefan the barn is on fire. Stefan seems a bit unconcerned. Nikolas gets angry and rushes toward the computer so Stefan pushes him off. Nikolas falls and hits his head. Stefan runs over to him, concerned, his plan forgotten. He holds Nikolas' bleeding head in his hands but then the computer beeps asking for him to enter his "equation".moreless
    • Ep. #8828
      Ep. #8828
      Season 34 - Episode 11
      Sonny worries about Jason. Brenda and he prepare to pull into port. She shows him her disguise, a blond pony-tail wig, baseball cap and dowdy clothes. He also wears a cap and dresses down. They wonder why Laura had a blond wig when she is a blond. Sonny phones Robin so she fills him in. He tells Robin to tell Jason "the Tin Man job is no longer his". He fills Brenda in on what happened. Sonny is determined more than ever to get the Tin Man. They hide while the ship docks. Someone comes in and takes their cell phone, not knowing it's theirs. Sonny and Brenda have lunch on the shore. Sonny thinks that the "Tiger Key" clue is a setup but says they must follow it anyway. He sees a moving truck headed toward Florida so they plan to jump in the back. One of the truckers goes into the restroom so Brenda goes to distract the other one. She dumps a shake on him so he has to go to the restroom to clean off. They head toward the truck but two men with guns stop them, saying they are cops. Mac helps Robin change her dressing on her arm. She's concerned about Jason waking up wondering where she is. Jax drops by and Mac tells him Taggert isn't getting any answers with the sketch because he thinks Taggert only wants to pin the murder on Sonny or one of Sonny's friends. The cell phone rings so Robin answers. Sonny asks what's wrong. Mac and Jax agree to pressure Jason for more information. Ruby, Lucas, and Bobbie have a little going away party for Luke and Lucky. Lucas asks silly questions. They tell Ruby about Lucky's returning. Sarah walks in and Lucky rushes over to her like a dog in heat. Luke tells Bobbie what the rules are concerning how she should treat Lucky. Mike comes in and asks Luke how Sonny is doing. Luke reassures him and asks him to look in on Lucky for him. Sarah's glad Lucky's staying. Lucas takes their order and flirts with Sarah. Luke asks Bobbie again if she can handle Stefan. She replies that if Stefan gives her a hard time at work she'll threaten to sue for a lot of his money. She realizes that Laura and Lesley can come home now. Lucky and Sarah hug goodbye. Lucy rushes in, babbling, and gives Luke a present for Lulu. They all hug Luke and Lucky. Carly visits Jason. He starts coughing so she rushes outside for a nurse. AJ and Keesha are there. Keesha gives her a quizzical look. The nurse chews her out for giving Jason water instead of ice chips and for visiting when she's not family. AJ goes to see Jason so Carly chats with Keesha. Keesha asks her about her relationship with Jason. Carly apologizes again for setting her up with AJ the other night and they make plans to get together again. Jax shows up but Carly tells him he can't visit Jason. He sits down and Ardnowski shows up. He is surprised to see her out of uniform. She glumly tells him she has been suspended and blames him for it. He denies having anything to do with it. Robin visits Jason and tells him what Sonny said. They have a little tiff but he makes up with her. He tries to phone Sonny but can't get to him. Mac comes in and asks Jason for information. He also tells Jason that he doesn't like Robin being in so much danger. Mac passes on to Jax what Jason told him about Tiger Key. Mac goes to fax something so Jax gives him the slip and rushes off to use his plane to go down there. Ardnowski follows.moreless
    • Ep. #11074
      Ep. #11074
      Season 44 - Episode 61
      Jason goes to see Sam at the house and realises that she has been taken by Manny. Ric tries to take care of Sonny, who suffers a complete mental breakdown. Robin and Patrick manage to work things out.
    • Ep. #11328
      Ep. #11328
      Season 45 - Episode 60
      Carly is devastated when Jax receives a phone call from Jerry and is going to rescue him yet again. Sam almost tells Jake's paternity to Lucky until then Jason comes in. Cruz gets a lead to Jake's whereabouts and then Elizabeth is crushed when it turns out not to be him. Amelia lies to Ric by saying that Sam was in the studio when Jake was kidnapped. Jason requests Spinelli to help him break out of jail immediately. Carly gets Leticia to look after Michael and Morgan and says that she is going after Jax. Spinelli cheers up Lulu when this ordeal is tearing Lucky and Elizabeth apart. Sam comes across a file containing photos of her and Bill Monroe. Kate comes in and hears him and Amelia in his office. Jax arrives in a bar and shows a picture of Jerry and points a gun at him.moreless
    • Ep. #11255
      Ep. #11255
      Season 44 - Episode 242
      Carly tries to settle out the situation with the two men in her life. Sonny takes advantage of Alcazar's illness by getting ahold of all his shipments. Skye tells Lorenzo that she will deal with Sonny. Maxie overhears Coop and Logan talking about Lulu and Laura. Tracy continues to see Alan everywhere she goes. Bobbie tries to persuade Scott to drop the assault charges against Luke. Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli put their heads together to keep Luke from finding out Scott let Laura take the blame for him killing Rick. Alexis tells Rick not to talk about Molly staying long enough to ride a horse. Lorenzo hides his full recovery from Skye and plots against Sonny behind her back. Jax admits to Carly that he doesn't just want to be her business partner.moreless
    • Ep. #11433
      Ep. #11433
      Season 45 - Episode 164
      Tracy gets Robin to tend to Luke and is able to revive his heart with the defibrillator. Jason shoots Anthony, as he jumps off the balcony. Sonny shoots the person before he can harm Kate. Lulu watches as Johnny revives Carly, Johnny tells Lulu and Carly that whoever tried to strangle her and killed Emily wasn't his father. Nikolas tells Emily that he was the one that was supposed to die. Anthony asks Trevor to help him, but says he's not useful anymore and that it's time to die. Mac and Det. Harper are determined to get everyone out of Wyndemere especially Robin, Maxie and Georgie. Dr. Ford enlists some doctors to go to Spoon Island to tend those who are injured. Robin notices that police helicopter is heading towards the house. Anthony dies as Johnny watches, Trevor tells Johnny to say that he never saw his father at the house. Jason wants to make sure that Zacchara is dead, Mac tells Jason to drop his weapon. Mac then learns from Georgie that Emily died. Lulu sees Trevor and Johnny and she wonders what he wanted with him. Det. Harper asks Carly and Jason who found Emily. Nikolas tempts to throw Emily's engagement of the Turret.moreless
    • Ep. #11268
      Ep. #11268
      Season 44 - Episode 255
      Alexis walks in on Nikolas and Robin making out on the couch, Mr. Craig tells them that they have to be more believable to pass as a couple. Jax wants Carly to admit that she in fact still loves him. Sonny tells Lorenzo to drop the act and come after him like a man. Kelly responds to Patrick's dinner invitation by saying that she doesn't want to do that to Robin. Alexis collapses while picking wildflowers on the grounds of Wyndemere. Scott tells Lulu that they have some unfinished business and Lulu is unaware of what he's talking about as Logan overhears them, Logan reports to Maxie and Coop that the plan is moving smoothly. Ric tells Sonny that he wants to be a better person and he won't use his position as D.A. to further his vendetta against him.moreless
    • Ep. #11177
      Ep. #11177
      Season 44 - Episode 164
      Lorenzo's people open fire on Sam and Jason in the alley and quickly avoid gunfire. Elizabeth collapses at the Quartermaine's and says that her baby is okay. Lorenzo cautions Diego to stay away from the alley and let it run it's course. Luke admits to Laura that her recovery is only temporary. Alexis lets Lorenzo know that she can't wait to arrest him herself when she gets better. Kristina goes after a puppy outside Kelly's and goes into a warehouse and screams when she sees Sam kill Diego. Laura tells her children that her condition will in fact deteriate. Sonny gets a call saying that Jason was shot and went into the river, Carly then refuses to believe that Jason is dead. Lorenzo cries as he holds Diego's lifeless body and vows revenge for his killer. Elizabeth finds Jason in the church and unconscious and confesses that she's carrying his baby and not Lucky's.moreless
    • Ep. #10781
      Ep. #10781
      Season 43 - Episode 25
      Reese is able to calm Michael when no one else can. Alexis and Durant team up to bring down Sonny even though Alexis has overheard Michael saying Carly killed A.J. Emily tells Nikolas about Connor raping her.
    • Ep. #11118
      Ep. #11118
      Season 44 - Episode 105
      Lucky dreams of catching Elizabeth and Patrick together and accidentally shooting her. Kristina and Sam walk in on Alexis making a tape for them in cas she's not there anymore. Robin can't stop dealing with April's death and how it's effecting her life. Sonny's worried that Ric will use being D.A. to come after him and Jason, so he decides to tell Alexis about Sam and Ric. Nikolas doesn't believe Lucky when he says that the worst part is over. Sonny cautions Iris not to treat aids patients poorly or he'll make sure she's fired. Maxie overhears Elizabeth telling Emily that if Lucky takes pills one more time she's leaving him. Robin reads a letter that April wrote to her and it changes her whole outlook on life. Patrick tells Alexis that she may not survive the surgery. Alexis tells Jason not to put Kristina or Sam's life in danger.moreless
    • Ep. #11189
      Ep. #11189
      Season 44 - Episode 176
      Noah scolds Robin for scaring his patient into not having surgery and leaving the hospital. Alexis notices that Kristina is smiling and whatever Jax and Sam did is working. Jason tries to persuade Lulu to realize that time is of the essence and that they have to find Spinelli. Colleen tells Spencer that it's a shame she's going to have to ruin Emily and Nikolas' Christmas. Emily realizes that Elizabeth is trying to get a shift at the hospital to keep from going home to Lucky. Dr. Trent tells Alexis that she doesn't need the stress and is against having her defend Sam in court. Robin's truth telling gets the best of her when she sides with Dr. Trent about Alexis. Patrick then lets Robin have it by taking her to the roof. Jason becomes concerned when Lulu snaps at a motel night clerk for keeping her baby up. Maxie tells Georgie that after she 'has' Lucky's baby that he'll begin to love her. Elizabeth calls Lucky after her car won't start and comes to her rescue. Colleen tells Nikolas and Emily that she's resigning effective immediately. Jason tells Lulu about his experiences about losing a child more than once.moreless
    • Ep. #11191
      Ep. #11191
      Season 44 - Episode 178
      Patrick injures his hand after punching Coleman and Robin wonders his hand could be broken. Edward arrives and tells Skye that he doesn't want her living with Lorenzo and offers to take her and Lila Rae home. Jason and Lulu avoid getting caught by the cops thanks to Jason's phony driver's license. Skye tells Lorenzo that there's going to be some ground rules for her staying at his house. Georgie tells Maxie about Dillon being so wonderful to her earlier. Lulu asks Spinelli's grandmother where Damien and is stunned when Lulu hears her assumption. Alexis asks Sonny if it's worth his freedom by killing Ric, he says as long as it protects his family. Sonny walks in on the pageant rehearsal with Michael and Morgan. Ric shows up to talk to Lorenzo and Skye wonders what he is doing here. Colleen dyes her hair so that she can return to Port Charles undetected. Noah tells Patrick his hand is broken and realizes he was defending Robin's honor. Sonny vows that Carly will be his forever.moreless
    • Ep. #11486
      Ep. #11486
      Season 45 - Episode 217
      Alexis thanks Patrick with what he did for Sam. Luke walks in and sees Logan half dressed in Lucky's house. Epiphany tells Leyla and Cassius that she's fine and to get back to work. Ric and Marianna wake up in each others arms, Ric tells her that they did nothing wrong. Claudia tells Trevor that she'll leave when she's good and ready. Lucky tells Det. Harper that he told Mac to put him on this investigation. A cop tells Monica that her car was found, Tracy thinks that she was driving drunk. Jason tells Elizabeth that he found blood on her bumper. Lulu believes Logan is sincere in his feelings for her. Claudia reaches out to Johnny. Det. Rodriguez tells Jason that Sam was involved in a hit and run last night. Elizabeth begins to wonder if she hit Sam after learning that she was in a hit and run. Claudia lets Trevor know that he is going to work for her.moreless
    • Ep. #10772
      Ep. #10772
      Season 43 - Episode 16
      Things come to a head at the mansion. Emily confronts A.J. with her disgust at his actions and when he turns on her, Alan steps in, finally realising that A.J. needs help. When Alan tries to get him that help, A.J. shoots him in the back, then confronts Jason. The two brothers both go over the stairs. Carly and Sonny plead with Michael to believe that they love him and would never given him away, but Michael still insists that Morgan is more important, and takes off. Courtney is upset when one of Jax's former flings show up in the Dominican Republic, but his philandering ways help her get the divorce she wants.moreless
    • Ep. #11438
      Ep. #11438
      Season 45 - Episode 169
      Scott catches Luke trying to leave the hospital. After learning that Johnny's last name is Zacchara, Michael tells Carly that he's the enemy. The people of Port Charles remember Emily. Johnny tells Carly that he's positive that Emily's killer is still out there. Elizabeth makes a heartfelt emotional eulogy at Emily's funeral and notices that Jason is listening from the vestibule. Dr. Julian tells Luke that he isn't going to change his lifestyle to go ahead and shoot himself. Sam sees Jason listening to Elizabeth's eulogy. Jason agrees with Elizabeth that they don't want to fight anymore, but says that he can't forgive with what she did. Epiphany breaks down when she sees a chart that was signed by Emily. Leyla sees as Robin and Patrick share a tender moment. Lucky asks Nikolas a lift to Wyndemere but he says that he wants to be alone. Lucky tells Sam that he wants to be with her. Nikolas begins to see Emily's spirit. Elizabeth comes home to find Jason sitting there and the two embrace each other.moreless
    • Ep. #11225
      Ep. #11225
      Season 44 - Episode 212
      Fourteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. Georgie is thrilled when Dillon changes his major back to film. Robin thinks Patrick is worried about his test results being inconclusive so she gets him to the hospital. Carly tells Jason that Sonny tricked her into marrying just to keep her away from Jax. Emily is wondering if Elizabeth is not too thrilled about going to the benefit with Lucky. Nikolas tells Lucky to be patient in his relationship with Elizabeth. Carly is livid when Sonny made sure that she could go to the Dominican Republic. Spinelli and Lulu look into Alan's bank records to see if he was paying off Rick Webber or not. Alan tells Robin and Patrick that the test should be redone to determine the outcome. Sam tells Kelly that she wants a second opinion but Kelly concurs with Dr. Reed that she could never have kids. Scott Baldwin arrives and checks into the Metro Court under an assumed name.moreless
    • Ep. #11243
      Ep. #11243
      Season 44 - Episode 230
      Alan is desperate to talk to Jason and tell him that he accepts him for who he is. Elizabeth tells Sam that if she were to marry Lucky they would be living a lie. James Craig goes looking for the PDA in the lobby of the Metro Court. Jason tells Spinelli he's going after Craig by himself because he hurt the wrong people. Carly tells Sonny she still plans on divorcing him and marrying Jax. Jason and Craig engage in a shoot out and Craig tries to persuade Jason to let him go. Lulu tells Spinelli that she thinks Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber as Scott overhears them.moreless
    • Ep. #11427
      Ep. #11427
      Season 45 - Episode 158
      Nikolas manages to get away from Anthony thanks to Johnny showing up. Kate notices that Sonny has passed out from the transfusion. Luke opens his heart to Tracy and says that being married to her has changed him. Lulu continues to tell Spinelli that she's glad that she's has him as a friend. Sam tells Jason that she wouldn't take him back if he came back crawling. Patrick tells Trevor that Ric's condition is improving. Carly tries to persuade Sonny to wake up and says that she can't lose him, Sonny wakes up and wonders what's going on. Nikolas he has another blackout and yells at Emily and wants to know what's happening to him. Nadine tells a stunned Lulu that Spinelli knocked her out. Luke runs into Anthony he says that he has plans for Lulu, Luke threatens to kill him if he so much as lays a hand on his daughter. Skye tells Ric that Sonny gave him the transfusion, Ric wonders why Sonny would risk his life for him. Sonny tells Carly that he loves Kate. While fighting with Zacchara Luke has a heart attack. Sam says that she has kept her mouth shut long enough and Jason stops her before she can reveal the truth.moreless
    • Ep. #11253
      Ep. #11253
      Season 44 - Episode 240
      Carly tries to convince Sonny to agree to the divorce, but Sonny refuses to let her go. Ric gives Alexis one more chance to give him custody of Molly. Luke thinks Tracy is crazy when he sees her talking to an empty chair. Lulu is able to get away from Scott thanks to Logan. Sonny takes the stand and Ric tears him to shreds when brings up his criminal past. Patrick surprises Robin with a romantic picnic in a gazebo. Alan tells Tracy that he can't cross over till she admits to forging his will. Spinelli tells Lulu and Dillon that he has proof that Scott killed Rick. The judge awards full custody of Molly to Ric.moreless
    • Ep. #11320
      Ep. #11320
      Season 45 - Episode 52
      Jason is shocked when Amelia gives him all the stuff on Sam's past, Jason tells Amelia that it has nothing to do with him. Robin overracts to Patrick's statement. Edward is on cloud nine to hear from Tracy that Luke is gone. Lulu tells Tracy that she is not moving back in the Quartermaine Mansion. Scott shows and demands that she tell him where Luke took Laura. Bernie drops by and sees Sonny entertaining Kate in his living room. Edward then flat out asks Tracy if she helped Luke kidnap Laura. Diane walks in and sees Jason talking to Amelia and Jason tells Diane that she's talking about Sam. Robin and Patrick make amends, and then head back to their place and they have sex. Scott returns and has Tracy placed under arrest. Amelia tells a stunned Jason that she knows that he is Jake's father.moreless
    • Ep. #11039
      Ep. #11039
      Season 44 - Episode 26
      Jax remains convinced that keeping the truth about little John's paternity is the right move and invites Carly and her sons to go to Australia with him. Lucky is convinced that Liz is cheating on him with Patrick, but Nikolas tries to convince him that he's just imagining things. Alexis finally believes Jason that she is Sam's mother and goes to the hospital to see her. Patrick, Robin, Dillon and Lulu head off to find Luke and Robert.moreless
    • Ep. #11424
      Ep. #11424
      Season 45 - Episode 155
      Sonny tells Trevor that Anthony Zacchara is loose inside Wyndemere and taunts. Carly hides when she hears footsteps coming. Jax, Jerry and Sam take out those who where keeping them from escaping. Spinelli comes to Nadine's rescue before Anthony can do something to her. Johnny tries to convince Lulu that he is telling the truth, but choose to believe Logan and sides with him. Sonny tells Trevor that he thinks that Zacchara is after him. Robin and Patrick that if they don't operate on Ric soon that he could die. Jason takes Elizabeth to the stables, she then tells him that she and Sam got into a fight, Jason assures her that he will deal with Sam. Nikolas tells Emily that he had another blackout and possibly attacked Lucky. Coop tells Luke that he doesn't know who knocked him out. Anthony continues to terrorize Spinelli and Nadine. Carly manages to find a cave and falls and hits her head on a rock. Sonny finds Johnny and they point a gun at one another. Georgie is worried about Spinelli and what's keeping him. Spinelli is relieved to see Jason and not Zacchara. Sonny yells for Zacchara to show his face or he kills his son. Anthony finds Carly in the cave.moreless
    • Ep. #11426
      Ep. #11426
      Season 45 - Episode 157
      Robin says that where losing Ric. Trevor tells Sonny to go and help Ric, Carly still thinks he should let Ric die. Nikolas has another blackout when quarelling with Logan. Elizabeth tells Nadine and Spinelli that the person they found is dead. Skye tells Alexis to tell Patrick that she's in pain, Alexis says to wait after they save Ric. Maxie comes face-to-face with Anthony and he asks her to play a game of Russian Roulette with him, she breaks a vase over his head and gets away. Sonny agrees to do the transfusion. Jason tells Johnny if he knows how to stop his father. Robin tends to Alexis when she screams in pain. Zacchara's reign of terror continues at Wyndemere. Sam and Jason rush to Carly's side when she's in serious danger. Coop tells Jerry to leave Carly alone, Georgie asks Coop why Jerry called him Three. Maxie is glad when she runs into Lucky in the hallway. Spinelli knocks out Lulu and hopes that she can forgive him. Emily and Nikolas duck for cover when they hear a gunshot and Nikolas then tackles Anthony to the floor. Emily puts a gun on him when he has a phone cord wrapped around Nikolas' throat.moreless
    • Ep. #11425
      Ep. #11425
      Season 45 - Episode 156
      Carly manages to tame Zacchara's wild temper as they sit in a cave. Emily doesn't want Nikolas with a gun cause he might have anoter blackout. Patrick insists that Trevor find someone who is a donor for Ric. Nadine thinks that Jason could use a little help from Spinelli. Luke tells Jerry that his way off Spoon Island is not safe and that that boat will break into pieces on the rocks. Elizabeth is relieved when it was a tree branch that was hitting the side of the barn. Sonny puts the gun down and lets Johnny live for know. Patrick, Leyla, Robin and Emily begin Ric's surgery. Sonny enlists Luke's help in keeping the guests calm and that he will stop Anthony Zacchara once and for all. Tracy arrives at Wyndemere and wonders what's going on and falls down the staircase. Spinelli, Nadine and Elizabeth find an unconscious person outside. Trevor tries to persuade Sonny to give Ric a blood transfusion, but Carly says to let him bleed to death.moreless
    • Ep. #8827
      Ep. #8827
      Season 34 - Episode 10
      Audrey gets stressed out getting ready for work when Sarah tells her she's not working today. Audrey beats herself up for being clumsy and forgetful until Sarah reminds her it's the one year anniversary of Steve's death. They reminisce; Audrey talks about their wedding and how nervous she was. Later, Audrey looks at photo albums and we see a montage of clips of them together. Bobbie asks Alan and Monica about Jason so they fill her in. Monica admits that Robin is Jason's "family now". Luke comes by and gives his support. Luke and Bobbie chat about what the Quartermaines are going through. He reminds her he's leaving tomorrow and invites her to see him off at Ruby's. He tells her Lucky is coming back for the summer. Mac comes by and fills Luke in on who shot Jason and why. Later, Luke asks Bobbie if she can handle Stefan while he's gone. Stefan walks by looking for Nikolas. He looks out of sorts because he's so upset and hasn't had a lot of sleep. Bobbie asks about Nikolas but he is hostile. Stefan walks away and makes a call so Luke makes rude loud comments. Bobbie goes back to work so Luke walks over and asks Stefan, "How does it feel to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?" Stefan snaps at him about making such remarks about Nikolas but Luke claims he was talking about the breakup of his marriage to Bobbie. Luke visits Jason to tell him Sonny and Brenda are fine and that he got them out of town. He also tells Jason he's leaving town for awhile. Robin fills Jason in on what happened after he wakes up. He's a bit disoriented and concerned about her. He tries to get up but she tells him to let them take care of him. He wonders if she's mad at him but she denies it and talks about how concerned she is. She vows, "I'm not going to let this happen to you again". She asks if Alan and Monica can visit but he doesn't want to see anyone but her. While he sleeps, she tells him she *is* mad at him and worried. She says she learned how to act by watching Anna with Duke. She feels helpless and begs him not to live this way anymore. He wakes up abruptly and wants to call Sonny. She assures him she'll go get his cell phone. She goes out of the room and tries to get rid of Mac and everyone so she can slip off to get the phone by herself. Katherine comes in and can tell something is wrong. They hug and Robin fills her in. Katherine offers her sympathy and support. Robin tells Kath where she's going. Monica and Alan visit Jason while he sleeps. Monica blames herself for what happened. Kath tells Mac where Robin went so he rushes off to help her. Stefan searches for Nikolas, giving Amy a hard time. He runs into Katherine and fills her in. She keeps asking him what really happened but he won't tell her. Stefan keeps calling around to look for Nikolas. Nikolas shows up at Katherine's door and asks if he can stay with her.moreless
    • Ep. #8829
      Ep. #8829
      Season 34 - Episode 12
      Ardnowski reminds Jax that he can't leave the area since he's on parole. She gets in his way. He claims he's not leaving, only taking his plane up to check some things out. She doesn't believe him and they continue to argue. He tells her to watch him if she doesn't believe it. She follows, suspicious. Later, she overhears him tell his secretary on the phone that he's leaving town and how he gave her the slip. Jax flies his plane but she pops out, a stowaway. She insists he turn the plane around. Alexis and Stefan continue to search for Nikolas. He blames himself and she reminds him it was "an accident". He tells her he's got an interview with Veronica Bowles to talk about Bobbie stealing the drugs. He says he might just threaten Bobbie with it. Bobbie comes by and asks him how Nikolas is. He berates her and tells her about the interview.He hands her a document that he wants her to sign. It says that she'll give back the $6 million he gave her when they got married. She refuses to sign without a lawyer so he reminds her about the interview. He also threatens to go to court and dredge up her past, and he reminds her that it wouldn't be good for Lucas. Veronica walks up for the interview. His bluff didn't work with Bobbie, so he tells them that their family will be donating $6 million to the hospital. Afterwards, Bobbie agrees to sign his document if he makes a memo to Audrey saying that the drugs were missing due to clerical error and that the investigation is closed. He agrees to her stipulations. Katherine leaves a message for Stefan. Nikolas returns so Katherine nags him again. He talks about how awful Stefan is. She doesn't want to keep the news from Stefan that he's okay. She tells him she phoned and left a message for Stefan. Finally she gives up. He picks up the phone and starts to dial, then changes his mind. He goes to Kelly's and starts to use the pay phone outside, when he spies Sarah sitting down to eat a sandwich. He greets and when he goes to get it, their fingers touch. Later, he is at Katherine's when Stefan drops by to see what she wanted. Meanwhile, Alexis runs into Sarah and asks if she's seen Nikolas. Emily is nervous. The orderly that helped Monica search for Emily and Dorman the night of his murder stops by and says hi, mentioning that that night was the last time he saw Monica. He expresses sympathy about Jason and then leaves. Emily quizzes Monica about Dorman that night but she's evasive. Monica claims she wasn't looking for Dorman. Emily accuses her of trying to hid something about that night but Monica claims she's not. Emily yells at her. Alexis interrupts them, looking for Nikolas. Ned and Lila come out. Emily goes into Jason's room. Monica takes Lila down to the car. Alexis and Ned flirt. Katherine comes by for a moment and asks about Nikolas and Jason. Inside his room, Jason asks Emily to help him escape. He gets dressed while Emily watches the door. Then he falls down and it looks like his wound has reopened. She runs to him and, seeing the blood, has a traumatic flashback to the fateful night and seeing blood on Monica's clothes. Alexis and Bobbie exchange sharp words. Bobbie tells Katherine it's time they had a "chat". Bobbie says Katherine doesn't really know Stefan.moreless
    • Ep. #11304
      Ep. #11304
      Season 45 - Episode 36
      Carly pleads with Jason to spare Jerry's life. Lorenzo offers Skye to come with him to Caracas saying that she can see Lila Rae, someone then comes in and tells Lorenzo and says that his men are detained and they will question him soon. Sonny tells Jax that he doesn't care who's brother Mr. Craig is he still has to die, he then suggests that Jax be the one to kill Jerry. Sam thinks that Amelia knew about Bill Monroe and that's why she staged this whole re-enactment of when he abused her. Alexis tells Luke that he should tell Lulu that he raped Laura all those years ago before she hears it from Scott. Maxie apologizes to Georgie about the way that she's been treating her recently.moreless
    • Ep. #11162
      Ep. #11162
      Season 44 - Episode 149
      Skye brings Lila Rae over to Lorenzo's and Diego meets her for the first time and holds her. Luke is ecstatic that Laura has come back to him, she asks to see her children, but when she sees Lulu she breaks down crying and asks how long has she been like this.moreless
    • Ep. #11379
      Ep. #11379
      Season 45 - Episode 110
      Elizabeth says to Lucky that if they can't be honest with each other then she is leaving. Sonny questions Kate about her relationship with Trevor, and where does it leave him. Patrick tells Robin that he gave up his career in race car driving to become a doctor. Emily tells Nikolas that there is no such thing as a happy ever after. Jax tries to to repair him and Carly without having a fight. Spinelli confides in Georgie that Logan is no good for and he and Lulu should be together. Carly and Jax vow to fight for themselves. Elizabeth and Lucky decide to give their marriage another chance.moreless
    • 2014/11/26
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141126

      Carly tells Sonny that Michael is changing his last name to Quartermaine. Helena quickly leaves before "Jake" brings Elizabeth in the room. Duke informs Anna he knows what she did to Faison, and she still won't forgive him for what he did for Sonny. Alexis works on getting Luke out of the straight jacket, as Julian apologizes and explains that Fluke threatened his family. Helena stops Faison from entering Wyndermere, and reminds him he has a job to do. "Jake" runs into Sam as she arrives for dinner at Elizabeth's. Alice comes to the rescue with pizza, as the food prepared is no good. Dr. Obrecht is shocked when she sees Faison. Alexis surprises everyone by bringing Luke to the mansion.

    • Ep. #8825
      Ep. #8825
      Season 34 - Episode 8
      Alexis and Stefan bring Nikolas into ER, his head and neck immobilized. Stefan tells the doctor that Nikolas has been unconscious for awhile. Alexis fills Bobbie in on the fire. Nikolas wakes up and the doctor orders tests. Stefan tries to reassure Nikolas, who tells him to go away. The doctor tells Stefan he must wait outside with other non-medical personnel. Stefan goes outside and tells Alexis that Nikolas is awake. She asks what happened and he fills her in, although he never actually says he pushed Nikolas. He tells her he had no choice but to rush Nikolas to GH rather than finish the virus countdown. She tells him, "of course" he made the right choice. She also tells him they saved Nikolas' favorite horse from the fire. Stefan says the program is "gone" but she says they can "develope another one". He doesn't think it will be so easy. Later, Alexis runs into Ned and they exchange stories about why they're there. The doc tells Stefan and Alexis that Nickolas has a concussion but he'll fine, but he has to spend the night. Stefan tells her to go home, so she does. He goes in and stands by Nikolas' bedside. He says, "I can lose anything, Nikolas... except you". The next morning, Rebecca tells Nikolas where he is and says they're moving him to a private room. He doesn't want to see Stefan, even though he hears he's been waiting there all night. Monica tells Alan that Emily is afraid of losing her because so many people she's loved have died. Emily listens in on their conversation. Alan still thinks Emily's hiding something important. They argue and Ned helps defend Emily. Alan feels like Ned and Monica are in cahoots against him. Monica pleads for them to give Emily room but Alan's not sure. Ned answers the phone. A hysterical Robin tells him that Jason's been shot. Emily yells "No!" in the other room. Sarah tells Lucky about Nikolas stopping to help her when the car overheated. They joke about him. Lucky tells her he's not going to be gone all summer so they make plans, then they say goodnight. Bobbie visits Luke and chews him out for Nickolas getting hurt. He convinces her that it's no big deal. Luke tells her that he and Lucky are going to Switzerland for the summer. She thanks him for saving her from Stefan and they hug and exult over beating Stefan's plan. At General Hospital, Jax asks Mac if the sketch of Tin Man has helped any. Mac says no. Jax worries about Brenda and says he's going to talk to Rebecca again. Mike rushes in and fills Mac in on Jason. He's shocked. Robin comes in with Jason, who's on the stretcher. She's hysterical and upset about Jason's bleeding so much. She says she couldn't touch him for fear of getting her blood on him (she has a small cut on her arm). Mac and Jax comfort her. She is sort of in shock still but fills them in. Mike shares his sympathy and experience of waiting around in the ER for Sonny. Mac tells Jax that the Tin Man shot Jason. The Quartermaines rush in to find out about Jason. Mac tells them Jason was shot in his living room. Jax tells Ned he's there to help Mac clear Brenda. The doctor says they need to operate on Jason. No major organs were injured but they have to stop the bleeding. Alan goes into a tirade about how it's all Sonny's fault, causing Mike to defend his son. They argue so Robin yells at them to stop. Then she defends Sonny to Alan and everyone else, saying Jason chose his lifestyle. Later, Ned tells Monica that he though she did a great job lying to Alan about Emily. Alan takes more pills. Meanwhile, Jax tells Rebecca that the same man that she saw after Dorman's murder might have shot Jason. He shows her the sketch and she recognizes him as the same man.moreless
    • Ep. #11648
      Ep. #11648
      Season 46 - Episode 378
      Olivia gets on a plane and heads to Port Charles to see Kate marry Sonny. Jason wants Spinelli to do some research for him. Jax tells Carly that she's not serious in attending Sonny's wedding. Lulu calls Johnny wanting for him to come and see her, Nikolas stops by and brings some cookies from Bobbie and says she hasn't had any conversations with Laura or seeing Logan and says Johnny's coming to see her, Nikolas tells Lulu that Johnny visiting her is a bad idea. Johnny tells Claudia that he needs to be with Lulu. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he and Sam are gonna take Cameron and Jake to someplace where they won't see them together. Kate's superstitious ramp up just in time for her wedding. Ric tells Lucky that Johnny is planning on visiting Lulu at Shadybrook. Jason calls Elizabeth at the hospital and asks if she can come and meet him. Maxie arrives and says that something terrible has happened. Diane and Alexis clash over what outfit to wear to the wedding. Lainey tells Lulu that further contact with Johnny will interfere with her recovery. Lucky warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Maxie gives Kate some proper flowers and she and Sonny start the rehearsal. Olivia arrives at the Metro Court and Carly overhears her tell Marty that Sonny made the reservation.moreless
    • Ep. #13023
      Ep. #13023
      Season 51 - Episode 243

      Alexis and Sonny set out to prove that Ric is in fact Julian's business partner. Nikolas is appalled by Luke's behavior and asks him to leave. Elizabeth unfolds the paper heart and reads the letter that Britt wrote for Lulu. Dr. Obrecht stops Brad as he was about to confess everything to Lucas and reminds him of the consequences. Sam tells Silas the sordid details of her past so that he knows something about her. Sonny comforts Spencer when Emma chose Cameron over her. Alexis thinks she caught Ric and Julian together, but sees him with Cameron. Julian meets his partner in the stables which turns out to be Luke.

    • 2014/05/07
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140507
    • 2016/01/15
      Season 2016 - Episode 20160115

      Johnny takes Valerie to a secluded place and ties her up. Jason tells Elizabeth he's here to ensure Jake's safety. Sam tracks down a witness who saw what happened between Nikolas and Jason. Dillon confirms to Dante that Lulu was helping Johnny. Tracy pressures Hayden to move forward with their plan to take back E.LQ. Dante comes across some incriminating photos of Valerie and Johnny. Lulu listens to Johnny's voice message. Sam finds out that Elizabeth is staying with Jason. Valerie struggles and knocks over a candle setting the place on fire.

    • Ep. #10992
      Ep. #10992
      Season 43 - Episode 236
      Port Charles prepares to attend the memorial for Courtney Matthews. Lucky and Elizabeth show up at Wyndemere to see that Nikolas has trashed the place. Nikolas shows up at the service, but he's drunk. Lorenzo takes Skye to the hospital and refuses to let her leave until she's checked out. Alexis takes Ric's advice and starts searching for her daughter.moreless
    • Ep. #12977
      Ep. #12977
      Season 51 - Episode 198

      Lulu tells Bobbie if anyone can find Carly it's definitely Dante. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he missed her over the holidays, but says she didn't come over cause of Britt. Franco returns to his suite to find Sonny waiting for him saying he's having him watched very closely. Heather explains to Carly her plan to frame Franco for her "murder". Julian tells Ava that this so called Lucas is in fact his son. Nathan, Anna and Dante go over their theory and think if Franco did kill Carly where is her body. Bobbie calls Lucas asking him to come to Port Charles.

    • Ep. #12962
      Season 51 - Episode 183

      Sonny and Shawn realize that Carlos has taken T.J. has a hostage. Julian asks Bobbie who Lucas is when she gets an incoming call from him. Molly goes to Morgan saying that T.J. thinks Sonny had Carlos at his coffee warehouse. Felix tells Sabrina that Patrick will make his choice. Patrick tells Robin he'll be staying at the hospital so she can stay at the house while he figures everything out. Silas tells Ava he got a call from a cop and she realizes he doesn't want Sam knowing his secrets. Carlos is thrilled when Julian and Morgan come to his rescue. Molly sits and prays that T.J. will be okay.

    • Ep. #12800
      Ep. #12800
      Season 51 - Episode 21

      Maxie asks Ellie what she's looking at on her laptop, she covers by saying she is skyping with Spinelli. Carly overhears A.J. leave a heartfelt message for Elizabeth. Connie goes and tells Sonny that Morgan is in danger, he then tries to get in contact with his son. Dante goes to Max asking if he knows anything about the person that Lulu went home with. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he isn't going anywhere until he knows that Lulu is okay. Milo tells Lulu that she is going to have to face Dante at some point. Carly asks A.J. what he's afraid of after learning he has panic attacks. Sonny tells Dante that Morgan maybe in trouble. Nikolas answers Elizabeth's phone, A.J. is livid and pours himself a drink. Max goes and tells Dante that Lulu is with Milo at his place. Ellie opens Maxie's medical file and learns she had a miscarriage. Nikolas tells Elizabeth he never got over her and kisses her, the same happens with Carly and A.J.

    • Ep. #8831
      Ep. #8831
      Season 34 - Episode 14
      No synopsis available.
    • 2016/05/09
      Season 2016 - Episode 20160509
    • Ep. #11172
      Ep. #11172
      Season 44 - Episode 159
      Helena tells an orderly about the current status on Laura Spencer and hides when she sees Nikolas. Laura remembers killing her stepfather and Luke is amazed that she didn't deteriate back into a vegatative state. Jason enlists Elizabeth's help in getting Sam out of the hospital. Ric realizes that Carly created a diversion and detains her, Sonny and Jax at the hospital. Jason takes Epiphany "hostage" as he escaped the hospital. Helena vows to be apart of Luke and Laura's wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #11110
      Ep. #11110
      Season 44 - Episode 97
      Patrick cuts his finger and refuses to let Robin look at it or touch it. Georgie presents Dillon with divorce papers which Dillon forgot that they were even filed. Sam almost walks in on Jason and Elizabeth and Jason almost catches Sam. Ric wants to know why Alexis went to Sonny and Alexis explains that he was actually good to her. Georgie and Dillon toast to new beginnings and to a new life together and they both sign the papers. Jason offers to send Elizabeth away to figure out things out between her and Lucky. Alexis decides to submit her resignation as D.A. which surprises Sam and Ric. Georgie says no to Dillon's re-marriage proposal saying that she wants to love him first. Patrick and Robin end up at Kelly's where they enjoy the food that Dillon left for Georgie.moreless
    • 2015/12/01
      Season 2015 - Episode 20151201

      Sam tells Laura she overheard Jake telling Danny about a secret they're keeping. Patrick tells Jason he can't wait for him to be out of Sam's life for good. Alexis is grateful after Nikolas tells her about Helena's passing. Maxie helps Nina by improving her image with a makeover. Franco cautions Julian he'd better not do anything to hurt Nina. Elizabeth and Carly have a confrontation about Jason. Nina comes up with a concept that Maxie says will save Crimson. Laura tells Nikolas that Sam is close to figuring everything out.

    • Ep. #8442
      Ep. #8442
      Season 33 - Episode 19
      No synopsis available.
    • Ep. #9250
      Ep. #9250
      Season 36 - Episode 94
      Lesley brings Lulu over to GH for her check-up, then tells her daughter she'll be happy to babysit while Laura dines out with Stefan that night. As Carly's shower gets underway, Emily makes a surprise appearance just in time to watch the bride-to-be open her gifts. Tony brings Laura some devastating news about one of her young outreach clients. Horrified to learn that Tripper was stabbed to death in an alley, Laura tearfully wishes she could have reached the boy before tragedy struck. Carly eagerly rips into her presents but can barely hide her disappointment when everything turns out to be stuff for Michael. After opening Emily's inappropriate gift last, Carly finally loses her temper and screeches at her startled guests to take their presents and shove them.moreless
    • Ep. #11208
      Ep. #11208
      Season 44 - Episode 195
      Lorenzo tells Skye his only choice is to eliminate Sonny after she overhears a conversation. Alexis questions Ric's motives when he offers to take her home after having a chemo session. Sonny tells Jason that it won't be long before Lorenzo makes his move. Nikolas is beside himself with concern when trying to locate Colleen. Carly tells Sam that to save her relationship with Jason she must get pregnant. Alexis comes home to see Spinelli teaching Kristina how to be a hacker and immediately throws him out when he gives her marijuana. Georgie tells Maxie that she has no intention of becoming just like her. Skye refuses to leave with Lila Rae and decides to stay with Lorenzo. The mystery woman calls Lorenzo and says the the package was delivered. Jane tells a stunned Carly that Jerry is involved with gangsters and realizes Sonny maybe involved. Ric arrives and tells Alexis and Sam that he doesn't want to drag her through a messy custody battle. Lorenzo points a gun and Carly walks in and Sonny grabs his gun and fires it.moreless
    • Ep. #11647
      Ep. #11647
      Season 46 - Episode 377
      Jason stops Spinelli from measuring him and says he isn't going to the wedding. Maxie bring Lulu a little goodie bag to keep herself kept up at Crimson. Jax wants to discuss the divorce proceedings and wants to hire Alexis, Carly that she against the whole divorce thing period. Kate asked Sonny where he was last night and to tell her the truth. Lulu explains to Maxie that seeing her mother lucid, was a hallucination she had in her head, Maxie then quickly embraces her. Vito tells Olivia that Sonny is dangerous and she should stay away from him. Jax tells Carly that the divorce isn't exactly easy for him either. Johnny goes to Carly when she visits Lulu to see how she's doing, Scott tells Johnny that just cause he's free doesn't mean he won't pay for killing his son. Jason lays down the law to Anthony not to dock any of his shipments, Jason leaves and Anthony gets up and throws something at the wall. Anthony puts Ric in charge of shipping and receiving. Trevor gets a chance to redeem himself to Anthony by doing what he asked in breaking up Johnny and Lulu. Patrick challenges Matt. Maxie insists that Carly be at that wedding. Carly snags Jason for a date to Sonny's wedding. Lulu goes back into Laura's room, thinking she is crazy, and someone overhears her confess to killing Logan and the person walks away, Lulu then kisses her mother and leaves and Laura shows signs of a response.moreless
    • Ep. #11612
      Ep. #11612
      Season 46 - Episode 343
      Jason faces off with Sonny over his dealings with Karpov. Lulu makes up something to hide the fact that she saw a vision of Logan. Nikolas tells Nadine that something could go wrong and she could get hurt. Patrick and Robin encounter Anna and Noah in the supply closet, Anna explains that she's known Noah forever, Patrick and Robin says that it's okay. Nadine and Leyla go to Mac's house and to distract him so can some investigating. Lulu confesses to Johnny that she did see Logan and that's why she screamed. Leyla talks to Maxie about Spinelli while Nadine sneaks around Matt's room, Nadine hides and almost catches her. Robin tells Anna that her falling for Noah is cause he resembles Eli. Carly warns Kate that she's coming after her after trying to wreck her marriage to Jax. Cody gives more information about Karpov being at Sonny's house, Jason thinks that Karpov sent Cody to help turn Jason against Sonny. Sam goes to Nikolas and thinks that Jerry could be a suspect in the counterfeit drug ring. Scott tells Nikolas that the F.B.I has added Lulu to their list as Johnny's accomplice. Johnny comes home and discovers that Lulu has vanished.moreless
    • Ep. #11487
      Ep. #11487
      Season 45 - Episode 218
      Tracy tells Luke that their marriage is over, when she comes by the Haunted Star. Jax asks Carly if she hit something or someone last night. Nikolas tells Emily on the pier that he has no recollection where he left his car, and that parts of it was found in a chop shop. Sonny tells Jason to track down Mr. Moreau. Sam tells Elizabeth to leave her room and to get Lucky. Luke asks Tracy that they can live their life on the boat together. Claudia tells Trevor to set up a meeting with the five families. Elizabeth is saddened by her meeting with Sam. Nadine realizes that she interrupted Nikolas talking to Emily. Claudia overhears Johnny and Trevor talking about her. Lulu asks Logan to stop when he starts getting aggressive. Sam tells Lucky what happened from the moment she got the message from until she got hit by the car. Scott arrives as Lulu leaves and asks Logan what happened with them. Sonny tells Michael that he doesn't want him anywhere near a gun ever, there's another way to protect Carly. Logan says to Scott that he came on strong with Lulu, Scott then tells Logan that years ago Luke raped Laura. Lulu runs into Johnny.moreless
    • Ep. #10914
      Ep. #10914
      Season 43 - Episode 158
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • 13760
      Season 2017 - Episode 20170310

      Curtis finds Jordan who was knocked out. Griffin confronts Finn about his Zen-Zen addiction. Elizabeth and Hayden are told that Finn is an addict. Alexis goes to Jason and Sam's hospital room to meet Scout. Liv surprises Ava by showing up at her place. Dante tries to convince Anna not to leave her hospital room but Anna wants to find Robin.

    • 2017/01/09
      Season 2017 - Episode 20170109

      Kiki and Dillon return to Port Charles together. Scott helps Franco out with the Tom murder case. Elizabeth talks with Laura about her relationship with Franco. Jason and Curtis get some information from Buzz regarding Winston and his boss. Julian stages an intervention for Alexis while she has more flashbacks of her night with Tom.

    • Ep. #11127
      Ep. #11127
      Season 44 - Episode 114
      Dillon grows concern when he can't find Lulu in her room, she then returns with her father and Luke threatens a lawsuit for defective condoms. Ric brings Kristina and Molly to see Alexis which lifts her spirits up a bit. Elizabeth confides in Nikolas that she is pregnant and that she hadn't told Lucky. Helena overhears Colleen telling Spencer that she thinks that Nikolas is starting to like her, Colleen then sees him on the pier and pulls a knife on Helena before Nikolas puts two and two together. Lainey tells Alexis that what if she survives and Ric and Sam reach a whole new level of intimacy.moreless
    • Ep. #12597
      Ep. #12597
      Season 50 - Episode 66

      Kate returns to her office to see that it was taken over by Todd. Molly calls T.J. and arranges to be together for the 4th of July festivities. Sonny has Joe taped to a chair and seeks revenge for raping Kate all those years ago. Starr tells Trey the reason he has no clothes is cause she and Michael threw them out the window last night. Kristina asks Sam if she still loves Jason. Joe tells Sonny he doesn't remember raping Kate cause the sex was consensual. Michael invites Starr to come out on the boat with him to watch the fireworks. Kristina along with the camera crew and catches Molly and T.J. in a lip lock. Kate unleashes her anger on Trey when he suggests she give him an exposé on Sonny. Sam goes into work and opens up to Todd that the child she lost was her last chance, Todd says that there's something he has totell her. Trey asks Kristina they pay a visit to Sonny this time at his coffee warehouse

    • Ep. #10802
      Ep. #10802
      Season 43 - Episode 46
      Sonny brings Reese as his date to Courtney's wedding and an infuriated Carly interrupts Jax and Courtney's wedding. Sam and Jason decide to have Dr. Thomas treat Michael.
    • Ep. #11432
      Ep. #11432
      Season 45 - Episode 163
      Kate tries to calm Anthony down by bringing up the Rose garden at Wyndemere. Anthony and Sonny play a twisted game for Kate's life. Jason is suspicious of Nikolas after hearing him say that he killed Emily. Jerry warns Jax and Carly that Trevor might eliminate anyone who has spoken with Anthony Zacchara. Lulu thinks that Nikolas doesn't know what he's saying and that Zacchara killed Emily. Anthony says that Kate can leave, he then shoots Sonny. Spinelli tells Maxie, Georgie and Coop that Emily was killed. Kate sees as she realized that Anthony shot Sonny and tends to him. Sonny passes out and Kate tells Zacchara's men that he's gone. As Nikolas cries while holding Emily Anthony takes Elizabeth hostage. Luke has another attack as he attempts to see Nikolas. Anthony tells Jason to join Elizabeth on the ledge. Someone grabs Carly.moreless
    • Ep. #11167
      Ep. #11167
      Season 44 - Episode 154
      Elizabeth stops Lucky from opening the envelope, thinking it contains the pictures of her and Jason on the pier. She is relieved when they're not. Laura arrives at the Haunted Star and Tracy threatens Luke that she will tell Laura that she and Luke are married. Alexis is determined to come back to work, but Mayor Floyd is hesitant to reinstate her. Patrick and Robin do something spontaneous to make sure that they are not boring together. Luke begins to tell Laura about Rick Webber and she begins to remember. Luke changes the end of the story to make Laura think Rick died in a car accident. Sam tells Jason that she wants to stay and fight, and to not let Ric get away with this. Luke and Laura go to Beecher's Corner to where it all began for the two of them and Laura asks Luke to marry her again. Nikolas shares the news that his mother is awake with Emily and she, too, is happy for him. Jax announces to everyone that he and Carly have set a date to be married on Nov 16th. Jason and Sam enlist Det. Rodriguez's help in proving that Ric set them up.moreless
    • Ep. #11222
      Ep. #11222
      Season 44 - Episode 209
      Emily offers to trade herself for Spencer when Helena threatens the little boy.
    • Ep. #11174
      Ep. #11174
      Season 44 - Episode 161
      Jane tells Carly that he marriage to Jax is a mistake and that they should rush into it. Prof. Marquez refuses to give Jason the name of the person, Jason then vows to use force if necessary. Luke admits to Tracy that he likes being her husband and tells her that he loves her. Tracy then wonders how Luke is gonna tell Laura's kids that Laura's condition is only temporary and the he's known all along. Ric is worried that his alliance with Lorenzo will be revealed and that Jason and Sam will walk. Diego still insists that Maxie is faking her pregnancy in order to trap Lucky into a relationship. Maxie is thrown for a loop when the name she picked for her baby is the same one he choose for his and Elizabeth's baby. Jason and Sam bring in Spinelli and grill him into telling them what they want to know. Helena confides in Nikolas that Luke hasn't been completly honest about his mother's condition. Diego overhears his father and Ric talking about them being in some serious trouble.moreless
    • Ep. #11223
      Ep. #11223
      Season 44 - Episode 210
      Sixteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. After things go wrong with Alcazar's plans, an explosion blows through Metro Court.
    • Ep. #8740
      Ep. #8740
      Season 34 - Episode 1
      Lucky visits Nikolas and asks him to find out what drugs Stefan gave Lesley. Stefan overhears and tells Nikolas the Spencers are lying to him. Nikolas asks Stefan to hand over Lesley's medical files to prove his innocence. Laura remembers her past affair with Stefan and telling him she was pregnant. Luke & Laura are surprised by Lesley's miraculous signs of recovery. Tom asks Felicia for another chance, but she's tired of playing second to his vendetta against Stefan. Then Luke comes by and tells Tom about Lesley and Tom leaves Felicia again. Lucy's worried when Kevin meets with Alexis to discuss his contract with Stefan. Kevin tells her she'll have to accept the fact he's working for the Cassadines. Lucy goes to Felicia and asks for her help. Tony tells Katherine she's going to be released from the hospital. Katherine subtley asks Tony about Stefan's marriage to Bobbie. Tony rebuffs Carly's offer to accompany him to pick up Lucas. Stefan threatens Laura to leave town with Lesley or he'll spill her secret to Luke. Stefan visits Katherine before she's released. Luke comes home to find Laura packing.moreless
    • Ep. #11059
      Ep. #11059
      Season 44 - Episode 46
      Lulu turns the tables on Diego, Luke and Coleman when she takes the money Diego stole from him. Emily and Alexis both end up dealing with Sonny as Emily worries about his gardening habits and Alexis confronts him about threatening her.
    • Ep. #11151
      Ep. #11151
      Season 44 - Episode 138
      Luke returns from Paris and tells Robin that he agrees with the doctors treatment for Laura. Carly announces to Sonny that she's moving back into her house cause the repairs are finished. Skye fakes labor pains to give Lorenzo the slip but it backfires. Sam wants to know what Jason will do if the baby is indeed his. Lulu blasts at Elizabeth for not mentioning she was pregnant and preaching to her about abortion. Robert and Luke learn of Skye calling Alan could lead Lorenzo to her. Nikolas sees Sam and Spencer and notices that she likes holding him. Luke goes to see Sonny and Diego is brought in and Luke asks him where his father is. Sam accidentally tells Nikolas that Jason could be the father of Elizabeth's baby. Lorenzo tells Skye that he'll take her by force if necessary.moreless
    • Ep. #11163
      Ep. #11163
      Season 44 - Episode 150
      Lorenzo tells Ric that the false evidence against the Corinthos organization was planted in a flash drive and Ric will make sure it makes Sam look like she 'stole' evidence. Laura is distraught when Luke tells her that she's been catatonic for four years and shares a moment with Lulu. Jax wants to know why Carly is moving in with Sonny; Alexis then explains her seperation from Ric. Nikolas shows Laura a picture of her grandson, Spencer. Jason sees Elizabeth and she's sitting and thinking about her first wedding anniversary to Lucky. Lucky tells his mother that he's married to Elizabeth Webber and is expecting their first child, Lulu then gets sad when Laura talks about having children and holding them for the first time. Luke wonders of his marriage to Tracy and tells Robert that he may fall in love with Laura all over again. Carly learns that she is being spied on by everyone in the house while getting cozy with Jax on the couch.moreless
    • Ep. #11171
      Ep. #11171
      Season 44 - Episode 158
      Carly tells Jax that their wedding preparations are all wrong and convinced the wedding is jinxed. Laura tells Luke that she wants to get married in Lila's rose garden and Luke tells her that Lila passed away. Sam is shot at the cemetary but the bullet grazed her arm and accuses Ric of trapping Jason.moreless
    • Ep. #11186
      Ep. #11186
      Season 44 - Episode 173
      Nikolas says Happy Anniversary to Emily as they reconcile and make love in the barn. Sonny tells Jason that Lulu isn't going with him. Alexis thinks she went to see Jason ans wants Sam to stop acting like a child. Lorenzo tells Ric the situation could get worse if it's not handled properly. Colleen interupts Nikolas and Emily and she think that Colleen did it on purpose and Nikolas tells Emily that she has information and Colleen goes to find it before Nikolas. Carly says that she wants to marry Jax, Jason then calls her saying that he wants to see Sam. Sonny wants to protect Lulu and when she tries to leave she is stopped by Milo. Prof. Marquez tries to get Patrick to go and have fun with him but refuses. Nikolas says to Emily that he's considering letting Colleen go thinking that Emily might be right about her. A distraught Colleen tells Spencer that she'll do anything to make sure that she doesn't lose Nikolas. Lorenzo finds Lulu shortly after leaving Sonny's and says running is a bad idea. Ric arrives at the Metro Court with a search warrant hoping he'll find Sam and Jason together. Lorenzo warns Sonny that if he makes a move Lulu dies where she stands.moreless
    • Ep. #11117
      Ep. #11117
      Season 44 - Episode 104
      Lorenzo holds up Robert on the pier and says he won't stop looking for Skye and the baby. Emily lets Lulu hold Spencer while she goes and checks on something. Alexis tells Lainey that she saw Ric and Sam having sex and says that she can't tell them. Jason is stunned when Sonny tells Lorenzo where he can find his shipment, Sonny then says that they have other things to worry about then fight with Alcazar. Nikolas learns from Alexis that she has cancer and he then tells her to fight. Mayor Floyd tells Alexis to go home and get ready for her surgery. Robert insists that it's Luke fault that Lulu got pregnant cause he's never around for her. Elizabeth and Jason don't feel any guilt about what they shared that night. Ric tells Alexis that Mayor Floyd offered him the jod of interim D.A. Lainey says to Sonny during their session that maybe he should tell Alexis what happened between Sam and Ric.moreless
    • Ep. #10769
      Ep. #10769
      Season 43 - Episode 13
      Carly tries to convince Sonny that Reese is just using him, but he accuses her of being jealous. He initially resists when she tries to tell him Michael is alive, but finally accepts the truth and vows to bring the boy home. Alan is happy to see A.J. alive, and agrees to hide him and Michael in the attic. A.J. warns Alan that Jason'll kill him if he finds him, and begs Alan to help him and Michael leave the country. Georgie tries again to convince Dillon to go to film school. When Morgan is fussy, Reese takes him from Max and calms him down.moreless
    • Ep. #11494
      Ep. #11494
      Season 45 - Episode 225
      Jax finds Carly passed and is concerned when he heard a gunshot, thinking she was hit, but she just collapsed. Nikolas is close to seeing the person who killed Emily. Jason tells Spinelli that he identified Logan as the killer without proof, Maxie says that Logan could be the killer. Logan tells Lulu that he maintains his innocence of not being the Text Message Killer. Claudia goes into Sonny's office, but Sonny stops Claudia before she can go any further. Michael realizes that Kate was hit. Dr. Devlin condones Patrick on his behaviour towards treating Nikolas. Elizabeth calls Jason and tells him that Nikolas had a seizure and he's seeing who really killed Emily. Emily knew all along that Nikolas couldn't kill her. Alexis lashes at Jerry who left Sam's room, and says that she was then attacked, Jerry says that he was burying someone. Max tells Sonny to escort Claudia her car and says that he doesn't want anywhere near him. A frightened Michael hides on a cargo ship and tosses the gun into the water. Claudia finds a wounded Kate on the pier and walks away. Logan explains he had the stuff cause he intended on framing Johnny. Nadine tells Nikolas to ask Emily what she remembers. Sonny screams when he sees Kate shot.moreless
    • Ep. #11257
      Ep. #11257
      Season 44 - Episode 244
      Jason and Liz worry about how the truth about her baby's paternity will affect those they love. Jason wants Spinelli to tell him why Lulu just lied to him about police records. Patrick tells Robin that it's too early to come back to work. Carly thinks that Jax is competing with Sonny for her affections. Luke tells Lucky that he thinks that Maxie is out for revenge. Monica lets Dr. Russell Ford know that he's not Chief of Staff and can't order Robin to go home. Jason tells Elizabeth that seeing her happy, he then realizes that he did the right thing. Maxie puts her plan to blackmail Scott into action by getting Coop to distract Spinelli so she can get on the computer. While on the phone James knocks out Nikolas and then injecting him with something. Lulu confronts Jason about him Elizabeth having his baby. Scott goes to Lucky saying that Lulu's life maybe in danger.moreless
    • Ep. #11241
      Ep. #11241
      Season 44 - Episode 228
      Elizabeth says to Jason that she can't marry him because of Lucky and Sam. Monica is worried that if Alan has another episode it could kill him. Tracy and Monica each tell Skye that she's not welcome around Alan. Jason and Elizabeth learn that they are going to be rescued. Sonny tells Carly that Jason is alive. Lucky learns of Mr. Craig's whereabouts and sets off to find him. Alan tells Skye that he forgives her and not to blame herself. Luke meets Spinelli and introduces himself as Lulu's admirer. Mr. Craig knocks out Lucky and tells him that Elizabeth is dead. Number #3 goes to Maxie and tells her he needs her help.moreless
    • Ep. #10949
      Ep. #10949
      Season 43 - Episode 193
      Sam and Jason agree to attend Carly's New Year's party to save her from herself. Nikolas shows up at the Quartermaine party to find only Emily in attendance. Bobbie is happy to find that Noah has remained sober. Lucky and Elizabeth end up having car trouble and spend New Year's alone in their car. Luke threatens to reveal that Jax switched the original paternity results to have him show as the father.moreless
    • Ep. #11038
      Ep. #11038
      Season 44 - Episode 25
      Jason learns that Sam's condition is not improving and makes the decision to go tell Alexis the truth while Monica stays with Sam. Dr. Meadows retires from service at General Hospital but, as her last official act, she requests to have little John's paternity test re-run. Luke and Robert try to convince Holly why she should save one of them and turn the other in. Ric is furious to realise how much Sonny still values Jason and starts a plan of his own. Mayor Floyd manipulates Alexis into taking over Durant's position.moreless
    • Ep. #11415
      Ep. #11415
      Season 45 - Episode 146
      Robin tells Kelly that she is having flashes of her own death when someone is brought into the E.R. Robin is detemined to have another baby. Jax tells Carly that for the time being their family is safe. Diane tells Alexis and Elizabeth that Lucky wants sole custody of Jake. Epiphany tells a janitor that he's not going to get anywhere by singing When The Saint's Go Marching In. Sam arrives and tells Carly that she wants to talk to Jax. Lulu tells Luke and Tracy that she's still going out with Logan and it has nothing to do with the bet. Ric tells Skye that he's going to be releasing some of Alcazar's funds for Lila Rae. Epiphany is told by Spinelli that he's here to see Kelly. Lucky doesn't want to hurt Elizabeth like this anymore. Nikolas tells Lulu that she can invite anyone to Bacchanalia, Lulu complies if he doesn't beat him up again. Spinelli has a surprising answer to Robin's request by saying that he'll be honored to father her child.moreless
    • Ep. #11043
      Ep. #11043
      Season 44 - Episode 30
      Noah and Patrick have it out over whether or not the operation would save Sam or kill her. Milo and Max admire the Maserati, but Sonny drives off with Emily, leaving Max worried that Sonny is too happy right now and it could only lead to danger. Luke and Robert battle each other to distract the bounty hunters. Carly introduces Jane Jacks to baby John Michael. Elizabeth agrees to help Patrick do the surgery despite the injunction. Alexis worries that she's making the wrong decision by not allowing the surgery.moreless
    • Ep. #11343
      Ep. #11343
      Season 45 - Episode 75
      Anna stops by to see Robin, and is thrilled to learn that Eli Love is around as she is a huge fan. Liz sneaks into Pentonville to see Jason, using Lucky's badge.
    • Ep. #11175
      Ep. #11175
      Season 44 - Episode 162
      Carly is angry at Sonny when her alarm clock didn't go off and hurries to meet Jax at the airport. Nikolas tells Helena that in order to prevent her going to the wedding he's transfering her to and facility in Arkansas. Jason urges Spinelli not to leave because Lorenzo will probably kill him. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he was released from Shady Brook and ready to live his life. Alan and Monica tell Jax to rethink Carly and that she'll use him and dump him. Luke grows concern when Laura begins to forget the details of their first wedding. Carly shows up with the kids and say that she has to babysit. Nikolas brings Spencer and Laura sees him for the first time. Spinelli says that he'll give Jason and Sam the info they need to clear their names. Sonny goes to Mac and tells him that Jason and Sam will turn themselves in and that Ric set them up. Helena tells her men that they did a good job and gets ready for the wedding. Lorenzo tells Ric that Jason, Sam and Spinelli have to die before they can surrender.moreless
    • Ep. #10961
      Ep. #10961
      Season 43 - Episode 205
      Emily gets angry with Courtney, who is later able to clear the air with Jax before she leaves goodbye notes for the men in her life. Lucas tells Maxie that Frank attacked him because he was gay, leading to Jesse going undercover to catch the other guy. Skye offers Lorenzo a shoulder to lean on after Carly attacks him for his testimony towards Jason on the stand. Jason doesn't appear in court, and the judge says he'll be arrested if he doesn't show up soon. Sam is able to successfully goad Manny into getting violent.moreless
    • Ep. #10913
      Ep. #10913
      Season 43 - Episode 157
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #11168
      Ep. #11168
      Season 44 - Episode 155
      Ric orders Det. Rodriguez to shoot Sam and Jason, but they escape and Ric questions Cruz's loyalty. Lorenzo tells Skye that he will see that Lila Rae is safety will come first. Laura wonders if Luke doesn't want to marry her again, Luke then puts her at ease when he says yes to her proposal. Carly receives a phone call from Michael as she and Jax are out on a date. Luke tells Lulu that he and Laura are getting married again. Jason and Sam scramble to hide as Lorenzo returns home with Skye. Robin tells Patrick not to operate on an aids patient until he knows he's not infected. Luke tells the whole family that if Laura remembers killing Rick they could lose her forever. Robin is thrown for a loop when Patrick admits that he loves her.moreless
    • Ep. #11193
      Ep. #11193
      Season 44 - Episode 180
      Skye tells Sonny that it's safe for Lulu to come home. Kelly tells Lucky that she hasn't seen Maxie in weeks which Lucky confronts her about it. Sonny explains to Max to contain Carly and to get on it immediately. Lorezno confronts Ric about putting Lucky on his tail and worries that the truth might come out. Jason tells Carly that he and Spinelli are going to the police station. Cruz calls Lucky saying that Jason is ready to surrender. Sonny makes sure Ric is out of his office so Jason and Spinelli can show Mac the proof. Carly gives Lulu some love advice and wonders if she's comparing her love life to hers. Prof. Marquez offers Georgie the job of his research assistant which she accepts. Maxie steals a sonogram from the hospital to pass off as her own. Georgie wonders why Maxie is going to Lucky's room, Maxie then gives her some lame excuse. Lulu enlists Spinelli's help in hacking into Rick Webber's file at the PCPD. Skye is surprised when Lorenzo has the flash drive and evidence to put Ric away.moreless
    • Ep. #9248
      Ep. #9248
      Season 36 - Episode 92
      Laura nervously reports for her first day of work at GH. Felicia brings Chloe to the Quartermaine mansion to meet Lila at last. Waiting alone in the foyer, Chloe is startled when a cluster of quarreling Quartermaines suddenly bursts through the door, hurling insults at one another at the top of their lungs. Spotting Hannah emerging from Kelly's, Jax rushes up, calling Brenda's name. Realizing his mistake, Jax apologizes profusely and tells Hannah how much she resembles his late fiancée. Ned introduces Chloe to Edward, who rapidly switches into charm mode to greet his wife's newly arrived cousin. As Lila warmly welcomes Chloe, Edward is rattled to learn that the young fashion designer is in possession of several letters written during his courting days.moreless
    • Ep. #9243
      Ep. #9243
      Season 36 - Episode 87
      Laura sadly begins boxing up Lucky's things and asks her estranged husband if there are any mementos of their son that he would like to keep. Alexis warns Stefan that he and Nikolas are still standing in Helena's direct line of fire. Katherine has suspicions about Jax double after he offers her twice the amount that her ELQ stocks are worth. Upon hearing his cousin's news, Ned dryly congratulates A.J. on finding the one woman in the world who will make him the perfect mate. Fresh from her brush with death, Alexis explains to a skeptical Stefan why she~s done fighting for her rightful place in the Cassadines clan. In a fit of blind rage brought on by inconsolable grief, Luke throws most of Lucky's belongings out the window while Laura begs him to stop.moreless
    • Ep. #8382
      Ep. #8382
      Season 33 - Episode 9
      After visiting Jason, Keesha tells Lois he's not himself anymore. Jason tells Lois he doesn't know his family and feels nothing for Keesha. After Tom tells Tommy to accept the fact that Justus is marrying Simone, Tommy runs away. Lily urges Lois to reconcile her differences with Sonny, then Lois urges Brenda to let go of Sonny. Lucky "borrows" money from Luke's duffle bag, then gambles with adults. Mac asks Luke for info on Frank Smith's contacts to find Damian. Edward advises Ned to stay focused on ELQ, but Ned says he'll continue being "Eddie Maine." Edward and Lois square off over "Eddie's" upcoming concert.moreless
    • Ep. #11169
      Ep. #11169
      Season 44 - Episode 156
      Skye sees Sam holding Lila Rae and tells her and Jason to get before Lorenzo sees them. Robin tries to tells Patrick that he doesn't love her. Jax tells Carly that Michael schemed to get her and Sonny alone tonight. Tracy explains to Luke that it'll be hard to marry Laura while still married to her. Robin goes back to the loft and tells Lainey and Kelly that she shares the same feelings for Patrick. Sam nearly shoots Carly as she enters the room and both she and Jason explain their situation. Patrick shows up in the courtyard with a bouquet of flowers for Robin and she tells him she loves him.moreless
    • Ep. #11150
      Ep. #11150
      Season 44 - Episode 137
      Elizabeth tells Jason that she's going to be raising her children on her own. Edward is impressed with Dillon's theory of how to handle the press and is acting like a true Quartermaine. Skye contacts Alan and he tries to persuade her to try a different way to deal with Lorenzo. Alexis begins her chemotherapy treatment at the hospital with Ric at her side. Lorenzo receives Skye's whereabouts and rushes to get to her before she escapes. Georgie is appalled at Dillon for lying to the press about the Enduro defective condoms. Sam tells Jason that she can't live without him in her life. Skye is shocked to see Lorenzo at the house. Maxie arrives at the Quartermaine's and announces that she's suing them. Diego tells Lulu that he heard about her pregnancy and her abortion. Jason admits to Sam that Elizabeth is pregnant and that he could be the father.moreless
    • Ep. #10911
      Ep. #10911
      Season 43 - Episode 155
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #11092
      Ep. #11092
      Season 44 - Episode 79
      Diego and Georgie go into the boathouse to have sex. Sonny tells Emily not to worry about him and not to walk on eggshells. Robin says that she misses Patrick, Patrick says that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Ric meets Lainey at the Metro Court in order to get her to tell him about Sonny's progress. Diego stops and tells Georgie that he doesn't want anyone but her, Georgie admits that she's not over Dillon but she wants to be. Dillon tells Georgie that he knows Lulu lied, Georgie tells Dillon that she can't trust him anymore. Milo helps Carly by telling her where the dress is and is determined to find out if Ric bought it or not. Emily then warns Carly not to tell Sonny that Ric set him up. Dillon tears into Lulu for lying to him about Diego and Georgie. Robin and Patrick head back to his room for a romantic interlude. Noah says to Patrick that Robin is good for him and reminds him of the time his mother loved him.moreless
    • Ep. #11112
      Ep. #11112
      Season 44 - Episode 99
      Ric says to Sam that leaving town would be the best thing for her. Lorenzo wants Alexis to issue a warrant for Skye's arrest for kidnapping his unborn child but refuses. Georgie tells Lulu that she knows that she's pregnant. Robin tells Anna what a wonderful night she and Patrick has together. Elizabeth wakes up with no regrets to sleeping with Jason. Sonny offers Sam some advice that leaving town would be a huge mistake she would regret. Anna wants Patrick to tell her if she's in love with Robin or not. Lulu tells Dillon that she's pregnant which completely shocks him. Elizabeth comes home to find a not from Lucky.moreless
    • Ep. #11085
      Ep. #11085
      Season 44 - Episode 72
      Patrick sees Lucky and Maxie in an embrace on the pier. Sonny tells Jason can he accept Emily and him together now that Manny's dead. Tracy questions Dillon on whether or not he loves Lulu, Lulu is saddened when Dillon admits that he loves Georgie and not Lulu. Robert tells Lulu from his experience that rebound relationships never work. Jason informs Ric that he is not needed to help with Sonny anymore. Georgie tells Diego to keep kissing her, Diego says that he doesn't want to rush things and that he'll wait as long as it takes. Sonny defending Ric shocks both Jason and Carly. Lulu stuns Diego when she admits that she is in love with Dillonmoreless
    • Ep. #11411
      Ep. #11411
      Season 45 - Episode 142
      Carly tells Robin to go to a sperm bank and tells Jax to tell her that he is not doing this. Diane tells Elizabeth that Lucky applied for sole guardianship of Jake. Kate goes to Jason and tells him that if he doesn't do something Sonny's going to end up dead. Robin confronts Patrick about sabotaging her plans. Luke is told that nobody is off limits when it comes to Johnny Zacchara. Skye tells Ric that she doesn't have an agenda and that she wants their children have a playdate. Nikolas tells Lucky that if putting Elizabeth through this is a good idea. Kate tells Jason of an estate that she once visited, and that Zacchara could be holding up there. Jason quickly leaves when Spinelli tells him that Lulu went with Johnny again. Johnny returns to the cabin to find Jason and asks where Lulu is. Lucky comes by to talk about Jake, Alexis stops by and Elizabeth wants her to say what the judge decided about the petition. Lulu finds herself in a difficult situation as Johnny handlers take her prisoner.moreless
    • Ep. #11421
      Ep. #11421
      Season 45 - Episode 152
      Johnny tells Trevor that his father won't stop until he's killed Lulu. Nikolas says no to Robin's request to father her child after telling her that the Cassadine's genes are tainted. Nikolas yells at Emily for defending Elizabeth and later has no recollection. Maxie continues to make Coop jealous by dancing with Johnny. Carly sends a text to meet Leticia's killer in the study. Emily tells Elizabeth the truth about Nikolas' condition. Sam tells Nikolas that he yelled at Emily. Georgie and Maxie tell Robin to stop mooping aroung should find a guy. Skye interrupts a conversation between Ric and Trevor, and wonders what was it all about. Georgie asks Spinelli to share a waltz with him. Maxie rips off Leyla's necklace and said that was for Robin. Nikolas apologizes for his behaviour and asks Emily to reconsider her promise to marry him but refuses and will stand by him. Johnny warns Lulu that his father is after her. Diane tells Jason that someone is going to wind up dead. Carly points a gun at Coop after seeing him enter the study. Kate encounters Sonny outside Wyndemere. Alexis screams at what she sees in the study.moreless
    • Ep. #11435
      Ep. #11435
      Season 45 - Episode 166
      Patrick tells Robin that Mac invited him to Thanksgiving dinner, Robin thinks that he shouldn't come. Monica abolishes Ned for coming home only for holidays and funerals. Tracy tells Luke a happy Thanksgiving which he doesn't seem to pleases. Nikolas tells Alfred that if he can't have Emily nothing else matters to him. Carly realizes that she couldn't tell Michael and Morgan about Emily. Dillon surprises everyone when he arrives to be there for his family. Nikolas tells Lesley to keep Spencer for the boy's own good. Luke asks Lulu where Lucky is. Georgie lays into Maxie for saying that Felicia is never coming home. Carly, Jax, Mike and Bobbie plan to give Michael and Morgan a perfect Thanksgiving. Scott arrives at Logan's hoping they can have dinner together. Georgie tells Spinelli that if he wouldn't mind having dinner with her family. Coop admits to Maxie that he indeed misses her. Edward arrives atthe hospital and gives the hosppital a dinner to remember. Skye arrives at the house and Monica asks her to stay to have pizza with the family. Logan and Lulu eat chinese takeout after burning the chicken. Dr. Julian, Kelly, Lainey and Epiphany enjoy a feast in the staff lounge.moreless
    • Ep. #8820
      Ep. #8820
      Season 34 - Episode 3
      Carly talks to AJ at the gym and tries to get him back together with Keesha. AJ acts protective when Carly picks up some weights, because of her condition. AJ mentions that night he can't remember because it was his last night of drinking. She is nervous. Tony comes in so they cover what they were talking about. Later, she phones Keesha to ask her to meet her at GH. She tells Keesha that AJ is still smitten with her. Keesha is not enthusiastic because she doesn't feel that way about him anymore. She realizes she was on the rebound from Jason. Carly keeps pushing, saying AJ's lonely, but she doesn't convince Keesha. Again Tony comes in and wonders what's up. They don't tell him the truth but he warns Carly not to "play matchmaker". He grows sad when he sees a toy elephant that was once BJ's. Carly is sympathetic but he tells her he's happy to be having the new baby. Audrey confronts Bobbie about taking the drugs. Bobbie's lie to her but asks her to trust her for now. She says no one got hurt and asks her to wait a little while before she tells anyone. Audrey agrees to wait. Later, Audrey is mum when Alexis questions her about how the investigation is going. Luke goes to an orthodox priest to have him translate the message. Despite the late hour, the priest agrees and translates it. Luke is shocked at the what the message reads. Stefan assures Katherine that she had nothing to do with his marriage breaking up. They start to kiss when Bobbie shows up. Katherine leaves. Stefan and Bobbie argue about their situation and then she goes. Katherine tries to cozy up to Alexis. Carly watches while Keesha and AJ chat at the gym. She thinks they're getting friendly again but really they're just putting a close to their relationship. He tells Carly that he's not ready for a relationship. She invites him over for dinner, then she phones Keesha and invites her, too. Luke talks to Laura on the phone, smoking his cigar. He tells her that the message says "final activation on June 28th at 20:00". He is bummed that they are too late to stop Stefan.moreless
    • 2016/03/08
      Season 2016 - Episode 20160308

      Paul's arrival at Anna's scares off the person lurking outside. Andre surprises Jordan with dinner in her office. Nikolas admits to Hayden that he was investigating her. Curtis offers Jordan a deal to keep quiet about her business. Lulu and Dante reconcile. Elizabeth encourages Sam to continue checking into Hayden's past.

    • Ep. #8823
      Ep. #8823
      Season 34 - Episode 6
      Stefan and Bobbie argue again. He says he wants a quick divorce. She asks Luke's advice but he has no answers. Luke plans to make his move that night against Stefan.Stefan and Alexis grow confident that the fruition of their plan is growing near. They share a toast.Robin worries about Jason. Mac wishes she's date someone at college and warns her that Jason is even more involved with Sonny than he was before. Katherine drops by and chats with Robin. Jason looks for the ponytail man who makes origami, now dubbed The Tin Man. He calls Sonny on the cell phone to tell him he found a matchbook from Tigre Key, Florida. The Tin Man aims his gun at Jason.Rebecca finally tells Jax that she saw Pierce after he was stabbed and she didn't help him. That was when he pulled off her button. She says she passed a man with a ponytail in the hall. Jax tells Mac what he found out and Mac wonders if it was the Tin Man. Luke and Sonny say goodbye as Sonny leaves town on the run with Brenda. He puts them in a boat with champagne and gives Brenda a special present. She is touched because she didn't think Luke liked her. He and Sonny share a touching goodbye. Sonny promises to keep in touch.Carly, faced with the wrath of her dinner guests, claims she was just having friends over, not fixing them up. Tony has to go back to work so Keesha leaves, too. AJ chews Carly out for her plan. Carly remembers the night with AJ again and rubs her stomach.moreless
    • Ep. #11298
      Ep. #11298
      Season 45 - Episode 30
      Sonny learns some concerning news. Mr. Craig gives Emily some hard truths and threatens her with espionage if Robin calls the hospital security. Jax tells Jane to arrange a meeting with Jerry and Carly. Sam and Amelia are that the show is going to be a hit. Lucky tells Jason that he doesn't have a say how long his son should stay in the hospital. Sonny tells Jason to leave Lorenzo alone until Skye finds Lila Rae. Spinelli still insists that Lucky should know that Elizabeth's baby isn't his. but Lulu disagrees. Jax punches Jerry and tells him the real reason why he's in Port Charles. Morgan sees the picture of Mr. Craig and recognizes him as Jerry. Kate walks in on Sonny and Amelia in a compromising position. Sam overhears Elizabeth thank Jason for giving up his child.moreless
    • 2016/04/11
      Season 2016 - Episode 20160411

      Anna fills in Sonny about her history with Carlos. Anna catches on to Paul's plans. Nikolas tells Laura about his troubles. Nikolas makes a crucial decision. Sam accompanies Jason back to Wyndemere to make an offer to Nikolas. Hayden updates her progress with Tracy. Tracy's plan backfires. Maxie tries to pry more information from Nathan about Claudette. Sonny searches for Carlos and finds himself in a tough spot.

    • Ep. #11238
      Ep. #11238
      Season 44 - Episode 225
      One hour before the Metro Court explosion. Father Ruiz is shot by Six after killing one of the guards. Sam is able to slip out without anyone noticing. Everyone watches in horror as the Metro Court lobby blows up.
    • Ep. #11195
      Ep. #11195
      Season 44 - Episode 182
      Sam is delighted when Jason stops by the house and the two then embrace. Michael tells Carly that his dad won't be in town for the pagaent and won't be back till New Year's. Spinelli finds something about Rick Webber and what's in his autopsy file shocks Dillon and Lulu. Lucky wants to know why Elizabeth's feelings are so important to Ric. Max tells Carly that if she where to call Sonny in the Islands he wouldn't take her call. Jason gives news to Sam that the charges against her maybe dropped. Jax stops Carly from leaving to get Sonny and says that if she gets on that plane they won't be getting married. A bag of pills appear in Lucky's desk hoping that he'll get addicted again. Lucky stuns Maxie by suggesting she give their "baby" up for adoption and Maxie says that Elizabeth should give up her baby too. Lulu and Dillon re-enact what happened in the attic the night Rick died. Prof. Marquez is glad Georgie is serious about being is assistant.moreless
    • Ep. #11346
      Ep. #11346
      Season 45 - Episode 78
      Edward enlists Skye's help in finding Lulu. The Quartermaine's then question Lulu's whereabouts as she arrives at the mansion.
    • Ep. #11183
      Ep. #11183
      Season 44 - Episode 170
      Lucky thinks Sam is making it up to make him doubt Ric. Lulu is shocked by what she finds out the Lorenzo had her and Spinelli abducted. Sonny and Robin remember Stone Cate's death by bumpipng into each other. Lorenzo stops Lulu from leaving the warehouse. Ric tells Alexis that there's absolutely no way she can defend Sam in her condition. Epiphany tells Patrick about an incident in the E.R. concerning a patient of Robin's that's in ICU. Sonny begins to wonder if Robin blames herself for Laura's recovery not being permanent. Lucky lashes out at Maxie when she comes to the station for crashing his parents wedding the way she did. Skye goes to Sonny and says what she has to say effects his kids and Lila Rae and to keep the peace. Georgie and Dillon go to the police station to report Lulu being missing. Sam calls Jason and he vows to prove her innocence. Spinelli and Lulu overhear Lorenzo order his men to kill them by making it look like an accident.moreless
    • Ep. #11161
      Ep. #11161
      Season 44 - Episode 148
      Laura calls out to Luke as he leaves her hospital room.
    • Ep. #11095
      Ep. #11095
      Season 44 - Episode 82
      Sonny is worried that the effect of the medication will have on him. Jason is surprised when Elizabeth confesses to stealing the file and destroying it. Carly meets with Lainey at the hospital, Lainey tells Carly that Sonny is bipolar. Ric and Sam go to Jake'ss for a drink and a game of pool, but she then starts thinking of Jason. Sonny asks Jason what would he do if the situation were reversed and he was bipolar. Elizabeth prepared a romantic evening for Lucky but he doesn't show interest when he gets home. Georgie is stunned when Maxie says the guy she's seeing is married. Emily says that she will walk away if Sonny decides he doesn't want to be with her. Sonny takes the first step and takes a pill and wonders the outcome.moreless
    • Ep. #11213
      Ep. #11213
      Season 44 - Episode 200
      Epiphany talks Elizabeth into finding out whether or not Maxie was ever pregnant. Skye continues to put James off when he demands more answers about when he'll get his shipment. Tracy is upset when Edward praises Sam, and works hard to get the proof she needs that Sam is no good. Carly finally agrees to marry Sonny. Nikolas learns that Colleen's car went into a ravine and that they couldn't have survived the cold water. Helena is seen holding a very much alive Spencer aboard an airplane heading to parts unknown.moreless
    • Ep. #11084
      Ep. #11084
      Season 44 - Episode 71
      Jason tells Sonny that he'll offer to get him help. Tracy walks in on Dillon and Lulu in the boathouse having sex. Mayor Floyd wants to know why Alexis won't prosecute Jason for the murder of Juan Escobar. Sam moves back in with Ric and Alexis at the lakehouse. Carly tells Michael that Jason is going to try to get Sonny better. Sonny tells Jason why he doesn't hate him for trying to have him killed, Jason says that he regrets going up against Sonny. Robert talks to Lulu about her and Dillon's relationship but figures out Tracy sent him to talk to her. Maxie lies to Lucky that Elizabeth left the hospital and possibly meeting Patrick and Lucky and Maxie embrace in a kiss. Jason admits to Sonny that he feels responsible for his breakdown's.moreless
    • Ep. #11205
      Ep. #11205
      Season 44 - Episode 192
      Sonny, Carly, Michael and Morgan ring in 2007 and Sonny is worried when Carly calls Jax and the kids tell him that they miss him. Elizabeth continues to lay on the street and begins to dream about a life with Lucky and Jason. Robin makes her New Year's Resolution to be open and honest with Patrick. Jason tells Sam that he wants to have a child with her. Nikolas and Emily prepare to head for Colorado to look for Colleen and Sspencer. Lucky explains to Maxie why he would've been with her in another life, but is committed to Elizabeth. Jason finds Elizabeth and rushes her to General Hospital. Lucky is told of Elizabeth's condition and goes to be with her leaving Maxie at Kelly's. Sonny tells Carly that if she marries Jax in Port Charles he will not interfere.moreless
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