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    Sorry, I didn't see a "General Questions" thread so I figured I'll just make a threat to ask a few questions in. I turned on General Hospital yesterday for the first time in a long time (have had any time to watch daytime TV lately.) The last time I used to watch it was when the characters of Lucky, Sarah Webber, Elizabeth, and Nicholas were all in a love triangle thing. So I just had a few questions on some character I did not see in the episode, mainly are they still alive, why/how did they get written off the show, and any rumors if they might be returning soon:

    Characters: Lucy Coe and Kevin Collins, Sarah Webber (Played by Jennifer Sky, I loved her and Rebecca together, thought they played off of each other well), Amy (I don't remember much about her, only that my mom loved her and she appeared randomly behind the desk at the hospital, I think I was told she used to be a major character), Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames.), and Stefan Cassadine.

    Just curious about what happen to them.

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    Lucy and Kevin went off to a spinoff show called Port Charles which died and they died with it (not like died, just left...they could come back...). Amy just sorta got written out over time. Audrey still gets mentioned a lot, but never shown, Idk if Rachel Ames has health problems or what, but they used to show her like annually, I don't think they've done that even, maybe she just isn't willing to come on. Stefan was killed off though, he's on an NBC soap now I believe, plays a character named Patch or something.
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