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  • Really?

    So Oscar is sick, did a treatment to try and shrink his tumor, AND No one thought to call Robin!! Like come on! She did it already. Why is no one even thinking of her. I am so sick of this!!!

    Aport7 --Cam isn't Lucky's son, he's Zander's son. GH has there history right, but you don't
  • It's me again Writers....


    Everything is moving along well, I know you have to something let actors go, but remember in all the scenes even on TV, letting the killer go on and on get very boring and start to drag down the show.

    Please don't allow him to play the roll of fooling the main actors for weeks and weeks, over and over.

    End the killer soon and keep it moving. Thanks


    You are starting to drag all of your stories again. Please pick it up before bringing in old or new actors. It started moving pretty good up til now, and if you don't pep these stories up,

    it will start to get boring. Go for it writers!


    I hope that the writers are not going to do the baby

    switch thing, and then we have to go through a whole year

    of Michael's baby died and the two guys will be raising

    Michael's baby until it all come out in the wash. :>{


    You have been doing great not allowing each short story to last to now you are starting to allow them to go overboard, which start to make them boring, allowing your characters to get picked on again. This Nelle thing making her smarter than Carlie is getting old, and the Sam thing about her two men, need to go one way or the other. You are doing much better, just don't allow your story lines to last so it
  • Check the history

    I feel the writers need to check the history, isn't Cameron, Luckys son and Jasalyn, Carlys daughter that would make them cousins because Luke is both Luckys father and Carlys uncle PLEASE DON'T GO THERE
  • Long conversations

    This is a show for the not-so-busy-person. Anyone with lots of things to get done would probably become irritated with the characters long drawn out conversations. Sometimes the same things are repeated in multiple scenes. Not everyone has time for that. GH needs to 'get a move on' and get some action going, quicken the pace.
  • Ava and Kikki

    Why is it OK for Ava to do to Kikki with Morgan the things that she did, and yet Kikki sleeps with Griffin once (drunk) and she goes out of her way to ruin him? WHY is no one saying anything??
  • Why is Sean Butler still in jail?

    Why is Sean still in jail? He wasn't the one who fired the shot? They need to bring him back and shake things up.
  • The writers missed a perfect opportunity

    I can't believe the writers never thought of having Nelle be Nina's long-lost daughter. We already know that Frank (her supposed father) will do anything for money, why not have Nelle be adopted and have her real mother be Nina. It would be a lot of fun to write and watch (especially the whole nature/nurture attempt to explain the similarities between Nelle and Grandma Madeline Reeves)
  • What's with the reruns?

    What's up with the dam reruns? Last new episode was Tuesday August 28, 2018. And it says the next new episode is Tuesday September 4, 2018. What happened was there an accident or something else? Cause this show never takes this long of a break. Turns out it's Trump's fault for the reruns. What happen is that Trump didn't interrupt the show enough, and they needed time to make up the difference.
  • The alzheimer's story line is ...

    Why are you distorting Sonny's mental illness thread??? People!!! C'mon, speaking from 30+years of experience... you CANNOT drink Scotch, or any other alcohol or drugs for that matter, and be healthy when you are on Lithium for a bipolar disorder. Its WRONG on so many levels to show that it is ok.
  • Not again

    Can you please not do the baby switch thing. It's a reoccurring plot line. other than this i love this show

  • Love the Show. Just Some Feedback.

    Hey my whole family has loved gh since the beginning. We agree on most things i will say. Really this show needs a big bad guy again! A need. In my personal opinion i just wish nelle had a happy ending. I want her to pay but still happy ending. I hope peter turns out ok and i dont hate the idea of him and maxie but still i mean he did kill his brother/her husband. Griffin and ava? HAS TO GO. Just no. I think he should be with kiki. And anna with the doctor? No. I love anna. Personally i want her with robert but i know why that can't happen. But i would rather have her with valentine then him! Anyway love the show!
  • Worse Couple Ever

    Just have to say that the Anna Devane and Hamilton Finn coupling is the worst one ever. They are horrible together
  • Carly & Nelle

    General Hospital is a great show! But Nelle, tormenting Carly, who lost her son, is not a good storyline. Telling her that her son is alive in ghost form is evil. It took two weeks for Nelle to drive Carly crazy. It's just so horrible. If a happy conclusion is not reached within a couple of weeks, then I'll say, "Enough Already!" and I'll stop watching, and will tell others to do the still find this storyline terribly disturbing stop the madness .End this evil Nelle story the torment on Carly . How horrible you writers give evil people a reason to have to see Nelle for who she is .You underestimate human's no Carly is going to look like she pushed Nelle down the Nelle and give us Justice for have to stop watching to the soon hope for Carly please it already

    I started watching General Hospital in 1980, my line-up was All my Children, One Life To

    Live and General Hospital. Yes I lost two of the best stories on tv, but I still had General Hospital

    You are about to loose one of your most loyal fans, I will fin something to replace it. Where in the

    world do your writers find these story lines? The brother and sister that want spend time

    in jail and that crazy b*** you brought in to f*** with Carly. Please find something we can

    believe. Oh give me a break really you brought one of the old Carly back to play a doctor

    It's good to Jason back.

  • Let Sam the man take a leave


    I like Jason so much I hope Sam the man chooses him but I could care less what she wants .she has 2 acting expressions and god awful clothes . Is she ever gonna dress hip?
  • Boo hoo GH haters.

    GH is better then it been in a long time. The only time I had to tune out was when Ron C was writting, if you can call it that, it was a fluff GH was not GH but OLTL 2.0. There was no dialoge and barely any hospital, hence the name of the show, character never really spoke the just restated the crazy great Ron c storylines that we going in. GH is s soap but it has always been more than just that but a place that u go to to see characters that u love and hate. There is actual use of the hospital now real dialoge. And s perfect mix of old and new. And as for someone on this site whining about people wanting rights as alternative gender. Good for GH in showing things like that. Wake up. Look into sceintific facts about genes chromosones what not. Because u are born with a penis or a vagina there are alot of other thing that come in to play when how you identify with a gender, not everything is black and white. Chris van Etten is doing a great job as head writer. If your not a fan jump over to Days where you can enjoy a show with a fluff and no dialouge, sorry days fans but you will see soon enough that your show is unrecognizable soon enough.

  • GH shoving alt lifestyles down our throats

    So the strict dress code is "Not fair to gender fluid students". Now there's an ALT Dance. I'm done. You wanna try to bolster that failing rating with this political "correct" crap Shove it down my throat ? I'm history. Hope your new demographic is big enough to keep you on the air ... not.
  • Jasam crappy story line

    OK I want to make this clear. I'm a huge fan of Billy, Sam and Steve. HOWEVER this story line is NERVE WRECKING. Sam act so bitchy and entitled. She won't give Jason the time of day, BUT she still use him as her lap dog and he come running. She keep asking him for favors taking advantage of him. If she want to be with Drew FINE let her be. I want Jason with someone else anyway. And when Drew remember who he is, and leave her for Kim who drew probably do love I will be so happy. Because she deserve to be ALONE. And GET OUT OF JASON HOUSE. The nerve of you. Ugh I hate her. She don't even know Drew how could she love him? Drew don't even know Drew. You trust that uncertainty around your children? He can wake up one day and remember he is a maniac and forget Jason memories and kill Sam. Yes great story that will be. And Jason need to grow some balls and stop letting drew diss him. He should punch drew right in his whiny face
  • Nathan

    How do you kill off a good guy like that in his prime in a manner he can't come back. Nathan was definitely someone that I looked to seeing on the show. Do what you have to do but give him some chance to reappear. Thanks for bringing back Jason. Want to add back off Sam!! She is not a teenager that can run on whines of emotion any parent or person who cares for children would understand, true love is more then excitement and lust it is stability and security.
  • The Sam triangle

    The Jason who returned is not the one so many of us loved. Alas Stone Cold is no more.. the writers seem determined to write scripts where Jason is humiliated by Sam over and over and over again... and I loathe the new Sam, and I detest Billy Miller. I would love to see them go off in the sunset together never to return and leave Jason in peace . They deserve each other!!
  • No longer will watch

    Agree. The Sam Drew Jason story is stupid. I hate Sam's character. Writers are doing a terrible job on this. Today I have deleted my email subscriptions and DVR of 20 years no longer
  • Sam and Jason Storyline

    I too am disappointed in the storyline with Sam and Jason! It is depressing to watch. It's like Sam has lost her mind and it isn't ringing true how they are letting this play out. I hope the writers have a clever plan, because right now it feels like they are stringing us along trying to figure out what to do. I quit watching GH around the time Jason left before, and just got interested again when they brought him back! Please GH only logical storyline is, for Drew to regain memories that draw him back to his former love, and Jason and Sam end up together, but the longer you portray Sam like you are, the more depressing this gets!!!
  • Sam & Jason Storyline

    I don't understand what the writers are doing with Sam & Jason. This is so far off from what their history and what they mean to each other is all about. Immediately, Sam should've known, acknowledged who Jason was and jumped into Jason's arms when he came to see her in the hospital. She should've right away recognized Drew was a person she didn't know and cling to Jason until they found out what was going on, for all anyone knew, Drew could've been a Helena plant but instead she chose a complete stranger over Jason, HUH??? That makes absolutely no sense. This entire time she's been with this guy (Drew) thinking he was Jason. All the love she was feeling for this man (Drew) was the love she has for Jason. All the memories she has and the man she wants to spend her life with is Jason, always have been, not Drew. Therefore, her love, loyalty, commitment, and life is all about and for Jason not Drew. All she knows is Jason. So I don't understand how you go from completely and totally being in love with Jason and as soon as he shows up, all of sudden that doesn't matter anymore and now the new love of her life is a man she doesn't know. Heck, he (Drew) doesn't even know him self!

    This is such crap! Then the writers makes her cold and stand-offish with Jason, as if HE'S the stranger, as if he never meant anything to her? I am so not feeling Sam right now. I'm starting to want to fast forward through her and drew scenes. So not interested. Jason needs to speak up and say something. It makes no sense. This is really bad writing.

    I can't stand to watch the Sam and Drew scenes. Before it came out Drew wasn't Jason, I could never watch him and Sam interact, it makes me cringe. Either Drew needs to remember his past and realize all the feelings he though he had for Sam is actually Jason's feelings that was programmed into him and not his own (because after all, all his memories & feelings are Jason's so how do he know how he really feels about anyone) and so he move on with his life, then Sam goes back to Jason OR when Drew moves on with his life Sam tries to go back to Jason but Jason sees her cold shoulder as unforgivable and he finds another love and leave her in the cold with no one OR just simply writers, correct this wrong and let Sam realize what Carly said is true, she can't stop loving Jason and it's not fair to Drew to be with him and go back with Jason. If not, I don't want to watch anymore! I'm already almost to that point now so if this storyline is not fixed soon, I'm out!!!
  • General Hospital

    I'm so disappointed how they are casting this show. I hate the way they are going with the Jason and Sam part. They did it all wrong they have Sam a Cold ice cube with the real Jason and Jason as a WishyWashy. What's going on with this Picture if they don't end up together I'm not watching It anymore!!!!!!! I hate it. I give this show right now a 0
  • Writers really screwed up Sam's characer

    I have been watching this show for about 40 years. I am so disgusted, more by the day, watching Sam. Seriously, for the writers to not have had her fall right into Jason's arms and thank God he is really alive and back is beyond ridiculous. Do they not even know their past story lines and characters' roots. They are making her a cold heartless bitch and I can't stand it.

    I hope they read these because I watch in disgust everyday since she failed the first time she saw him. The only 'true Sam" reaction was when she was half conscious on the docks after he got her out of the harbor.

    The writers are going to lose me for good soon if they don't make this stupidity stop soon. How can they go against every fiber that is Sam and Jason in this story line??? Seriously I was thrilled to hear he was coming back, the real Jason because this fake Jason with a new face thing was irking me. Now I am ready to ditch the show all together keeping him with Sam. They brought in Sam to wake up and Drew to go with Kim.

    And Nelle, Michael better not be stuck with her. It's bad enough they made him out to be an idiot for even falling for her. She needs to die in childbirth.

    What's the chance Nicholas comes back? With the story routing back to him it's possible.

    Again I hope the writers actually see these sites because to lose someone after 40 years is pretty sad and shows horrid writing.

    Thanks for letting me vent - this drives me crazy!.
  • Disappointed

    I'm truly happy that the real Jason Morgan is back on the show. I luv his character & hope he never leaves the show again. I am truly disappointed in how the story line has Sam staying with Drew & I really don't care for her right now. Jason lost five yrs of his life & he was suppose to be the luv of her life, but now Sam acts as if he means nothing to her. I hope you bring another beautiful female character on the show for Jason because he deserves better than Sam.
  • Ava and Griffin

    I hate this pairing, it is the worse. Also - I love Billy Miller, I am going to stop watching if everything gets all ruined for Steve Burton return
  • In For a Penny in For a Pound

    In light of the absurd story line of twin Jasons, I say take it all the way and have whoever this woman is/was to have given birth to twins, make it sextuplets ! Can have 2 more identical, or even fraternal brothers (who cares at this point), and have 2 daughters, preferably Carly and Kim. Can have Franco as 1 of the sextuplets, and perhaps even Andre and Curtis as 2 of the sons. This way, the entire cast can be related to each other, and eventually all can move into the mansion where Nicolas and his family (hey even Valentin is related) together, and the inbreeding can continue forever. Forever in a place, where in 1 year all the children are 5 or 6.

    Difficult to watch GH w/out eventually questioning your sanity for watching something that apparently is being written by children.

    Seriously......6 Jasons. haha

    Oh yeah, Helena Cassidine will return from the dead, just as Jason did, and Robin did, .........

    Eventually these . soap operas bring the dead back so all the idiots at home can root for them again. haha

    Just some Once Upon A Time for every day addicts who love lala land.
  • I can't take it anymore!!!

    I have watching since the summer of 1970. This is the first time that "I can't take it anymore". This Amy character is driving me crazy. The voice, the acting, the storyline . Nothing against the actress but this character is awful. I have to fast forward through all the Amy scenes
  • Losing interest in GH with this stupid story line now.

    We are all so sick of this stupid Man Landers story and nurse Amy. First off.... this makes no sense and bores all of your viewers. Why is this stupid story line going on for so long? Also nurse Amy, is not a good actress. Her acting skills are not at par with the rest of the cast. You also have turned us to hate Carly , with her hatred and consent nastiness towards Ava. She herself is no angel and Sonny... well.... he is also a murderer yet she always goes back to him. So much hate in this show now, when the world has enough of it already. Why not bring back some happier stories? You dropped the beautiful story line that was happening between Hayden and Dr. Finn. That was a story we all were looking forward bring her back and do some damage control here. Maybe it's time to let Carly go and bring Hayden back. Sick of Carly's ugly, nasty face. She needs a haircut as well. She looks cheap!

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