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  • Terrible relationships

    Please don't stay with the Eva/Griffen relationship. It is such a mismatched relationship.

    Also, the relationship between the professor and Christina is upsetting. The professor is way too old for Christina. Give her a younger girlfriend. This one reminds me too much of teachers taking advantage of their students even though Christina is not a minor.
  • Really another rerun?

    Really you took GH off yesterday, August 21, 2017 for the stupid Eclipse? It wasn't a big deal you didn't have to cover it.

    Another rerun today September 04, 2017, cause of the holiday.

    Steve Burton is going to be returning soon, but not as the Jason we know. Looks like he's Jason's twin, Drew.
  • Ava and Griffin

    I hate this pairing, it is the worse.
  • Franco and Elizabeth

    I think it's sickening how they glorify a relationship like Franco and Elizabeth's. Franco raped and hurt alot of people on that show and for a beautiful and nice woman like Elizabeth to fall for him is outrageous and disgusting. I don't know why they would carry on with this story line. She should be with a better man than him. He is a lame ass lunatic and they should not make him look like he is a good man after all the terrible things he done to people especially Samantha.
  • Lose Lulu's attitude!

    I literally cringe when Lulu has a scene. She is so annoying, mean, and pushy. And Laura is becoming that way too whenever she's all up in arms in support of her snotty daughter. And Dante is so submissive to her which makes him boring now. I much prefer Valentin Cassadine as Charlotte's more loving, and yes... more likable parent!
  • The buttinskis of GH

    I am so sick of Anna. She has gotten worse and worse. She acts like Nina is so unimportant and she just dismisses her. As a Cassadine he is smarter than this. He wouldn't fall for her act. It is so very disappointing to watch this. And then we have Laura the buttinski. Just like Lulu but Lulu was always a know it all but now Laura is the biggest of them all. Stop with the boring between Anna & Laura the smirks on their faces make me fast forward.
  • Kill Ava and Kiki

    So you got rid of John Mcbain made Todd manning completely disappear and brought in a new Kiki who couldn't shed a tear if her life depended on it. Who the hell is writing this crap? I have watched off an on since I was 14 and I'm 60. You allowed Starr manning to change characters and become Kiki then leave and brought in someone who sucks! For awhile I so missed OLTL but am watching the young and restless where the writing makes a little more sense. No more Good guys! What the hell the best good guy is Sonny and he just murdered someone. you have completely changed the characters of lets count them 1. Nikolas 2. Michael. 3. Morgan. 4. Elizabeth. 5. Dante.6. Starr or Kiki And Franco who was Todd is just sad. I guess I'll start watching another soap
  • It's a miracle Maxie got pregnant hours after loosing Lulu's baby.

    I have really been wanting to tell the writers that it was so stupid to have Maxie pregnant by Spinelli when she lost Lulu's baby. She wanted to use an egg of Lulu's so she wouldn't have to tell Lulu. When the Dr did test she said she Maxie was already pregnant . Now that's a miracle jus hours of loosing Lulu's baby she had sex w/Spinelli and got pregnant. The writers must think we are a bunch of dumb people jus cuz we watch soaps. Thisis the 1 story line that has always bugged me. kandi
  • General Hospital has become boring and disappointing.

    Since GH has won the best soap on tv its become quite boring and disappointing. I have been watching this show for years and sad to say, but the best of GH were in the past where most of the characters are gone.

    The character that played Jason Morgan departing of the show began its decline. The way he left brought attention to that something is wrong within the show for someone like him to go to another show especially if GH won best soap of all soaps.

    The new guy they replaced him with does not play the character as well as the other and the fact that the character never regained his memory of being a Quartermaine does not make sense.

    There are many dislikes of this show I can touch on but the problem is I no longer like it.

    The way the show is going with how things are being written and the fact that it has too many days off when other shows still view live. For example breaking news will cancel the show for the day. Every holiday the day before the holiday they show a rerun while other shows are live.

    I think GH has gotten so boring and predictable that im starting to stop watching it all together. I use to watch All My Children and One Life To Live but they cancelled those shows. GH maybe its their time to be cancelled as well cause now that the competition is gone GH can be as boring as they want to be and predectable. Well not with me. GH sucks and need better writers and material.
  • Dante goes dark

    Police department a joke. Dante joins forces with Sonny. Nathan becomes police chief. Good friends, great divide. Huge potential. Franco does not work. Todd does. New Jason sucks with Sam. Get real. More Laura. Valentine superb. Bring some form of Nick back, please. Let's give Liz some money already. Haden and Liz good.
  • Elizabeth Weber Rape

    This Elizabeth Weber storyline with Tom whom raped her and now is stalking Kiki is the dumbest storyline ever, kill it GH
  • Hello Writers!


    The writers are falling down again. Surprise us without us assuming that

    Michael and Neil will get together,

    Jacks and Carly will get together

    KiKi and Dillon will get together

    Nina and the killer will get together because of her wanting (a baby) the little girl,

    and most of all we are very tired of Ava getting away with all her crimes,

    has gotten soooo old. Now Sony will be left out in the cold for a season, if Neil can't

    get Michael she will go after Sony. Just saying!


    Ok, Writers, you were doing good and now you got stuck on stupid again. You are starting to prolong the different situations again, week after week after weeks, You cannot make up things that would not happen in the real world and put on GH, for real?!!!

    and it makes for boring and unbelievable situations like the court system that keep allowing killers

    to go fix this! You are killing off the wrong people and bringing

    back the wrong people. Let's get back to keeping things real and moving, not stuck on stupid, our

    regular TV shows keep it moving why can't you?.


    Came back for a month to see has improved so much, I enjoy the now fast moving pace of each story line. They are not stuck on stupid for months! Each day leave me on edge for the next day's episodes. Please keep up the great story lines and keep it moving!

    Now that is what I am talking about! The last two weeks were interesting and moving right along. I was even waiting the next day to see what will happen next. The only thing is you are moving back into the same old grind with this story line that we all already know that is going to happen with Dante and this chic. Please surprise us, that you will keep at least one couple together without "having sex" with someone one else, you all are better writers than that!


    A group of us said that if the writers allow Dante and Valerie sleep together, we are through with GH because there is nothing left of any kind of family value on the show! This was one of the reason a lot of us hug in there was because of this union. Take a look back and see that when everything else fail, let them have sex. Come on writers fix this PLEASE!


    OK Writers, You all can have General Hospital. After allowing the only decent married couple to be destroyed by cheating in order to keep a story line going for the future I could have wrote better than that without again using sex as a tool, we all are through with GH!

  • What's going on???

    Why would you let Tyler Christopher go!!! The new guy isn't anything like him and he's not good for the part. Tyler has been doing this for so long it's like replacing Sonny. Not to mention why didn't Ana, Robin, Patrick, and Emma go to Sabrina's funeral. Your writer's don't deserve the seats they sit in.
  • Bring Sabrina Back

    What was the point of bringing Sabrina back to Port Charles just to have her killed off so briefly? The writers might as well let her been killed when she was on the run. I think this is another one of the most stupidest things that has been done on the show. Who suppose to raise her child and she had just lost one. Let her and Michael be happy. General Hospital is getting so boring now. Paul has done enough killings. Ava and Julian has done enough to get rid of them both. Sabrina's death should have been faked so that she could identify the killer or he should have killed Ava since she knows who he is. If they could bring back Michael Easton with 3 different characters I know they should bring Sabrina back as herself. What a talented and beautiful young lady they got rid of for no they bring Sabrina back my family and I will no longer watch GH.
  • "What the Hay"

    Why in the world did the writers bring Sabrina back in the show? Just to kill her off!! They should've just let her in-law kill down there! Makes no sense. Poor Michael will never be happy!! I think I'm finished with General Hospital, they need new writers. They should've let that little dumb nurse Amy get killed instead of Sabrina!!
  • bored but hopeful

    Sam and jason are so boring. they are always brooding and acting like bad asses. enough already. make them go away

    I love the newest cassidine. fond memories from all my children. hope he says on for awhile.


    I love the chemistry between Ashley Jones & Lexi Ainsworth. Don't kill this storyline off for another she tried being with a woman and now she is going back to being with a man. These 2 actors really click and the camera shows it!
  • Bring Back Ron Carlivati

    I enjoyed GH more with Ron C as head writer. The ratings this month are the exact same as they were a year ago when he was blamed for them and fired. I think the cast is stellar. The new doctor/priest guy is a great addition and so is Haley. Really the only actor who I think is just AWFUL is Jason--he needs to go ASAP!

    I should also say that I am at least a month behind on my . because there were several months last winter when I just couldn't bear to watch GH because it was so bad. I am happy to say things are improving since then. But...

    I hate that they turned Julian back into a bad guy. The writing for him and Alexis just seems off to me--the chemistry Ron C created is gone. I would like to see more of a storyline for Lucas and Brad but they have zero chemistry. Nothing like the As The World Turns gay storyline of Noah and Lily's son--so complex and interesting. Brad is simply not believable as the choice of such an attractive man as Lucas. The Nathan/ Maxie storyline has been back-burnered and the writing is uneven and not consistent with their history. Nina/Franco and Dr Obrechdt are getting a fraction of their old airtime and they are 2 very entertaining characters whom I greatly miss. Overall it's still a good show, and I am thankful it is still on. And I can honestly say that the show has improved greatly since last winter, so maybe some new writers have been hired. But adding Ron C back into the mix would be a good move--even if not as head writer. He had very fresh ideas and was very funny--Nina,Spencer and Obrechdt were never better. But honestly, get rid of Jason already--he can't act and Sam deserves someone more interesting.
  • Enough already

    Too many stories at one time, too many new faces. Get back to the GH people we love and have watched for years. Franco needs to go now that he's not with Nina. You're making Liz look stupid. Amy needs to go, she's stupid and she's the killer. Have no use for Curtis, Valerie, Jordan or TJ, boring! If we have to have Kiki, she needs to be with Dillon. Morgan needs to go away and never come back. Storylines are stupid. Want to see more of Tracy, Monica, Epiphany, Diane, Max, Mac, Felicia. I, too, have been fast forwarding through the show for awhile now.
  • Enough with the gay thing

    It was one thing to have the guys but now the parker/kristina thing, it feels like I am having the gay thing crammed down my throat, I know I am only one person but if it continues then I am done with General Hopsital. I watch a show to enjoy it and watching that is NOT enjoyment!!!
  • Going too far

    Too many social issues on GH. Breastfeeding in public. That was so poorly handled and lame. The dialogue seemed forced and unnatural. The only interesting part to see was that Shari Belafonte is still around. Pretty soon everyone will be gay or bi. The Parker/Kristina episodes are really going to far. But I'm sure the actresses love it because it "challenges me as an always say that. Everyone boycotted the only department store because someone wasn't attended to a department store? Get real. I remember when GH was about love and mystery. Now every chance they get, they throw in the latest social issue... and be careful which side you're on.
  • Been watching way too long

    I just turned my series recording off for General Hospital. I've been fast-forwarding through the shows so much lately it just doesn't seem like a good match. I'm really sorry but I just don't believe all this "experimenting" bs and I don't relate to that subject. Based on television and movies, you make it look like most people are homosexual. I'm sure most of the viewership is but I'm not one of them and I just don't enjoy those story lines. Watching two men in the sack was bad enough but now having to watch a young lady and an older woman has put me off this show totally. There are other reasons like such ridiculous stories now. Boring!!! Goodbye.
  • Please fire the writers!

    First we have Nick shooting Hayden to keep his

    Iie Going then he marries her finds out she stole diamonds and is over her. Tries to set her up with his murder. Please she is 100 lbs at most she threw him out a window. Then he steals diamonds and plans to live on them. Brings his 10 year old kid in the mix plans on him joining him ya like no one is going to look for Spenser. Then u drag all to island and bore us to tears. No romance for Jasam. Ugh bout ready to quit.
  • good script writing with more complex subject matter !!! plEEEEZZZZZ ! ! !

    every day i hate myself for watching this show . some one like valentini or whatever his name was; come save this pathetic show. fire these morons who love 4 and 5 word sentences and longer brooding ends to scenes. visuals are not what keep fans. these actors and actresses deserve so much better. oops, i checked and i think it was Ron Carlivati that wrote more interesting dialogue and funnier scenarios , and all round better scripts. if it was valentini and he is sitting back producing this crap when he could help the show with better writing, then shame on him. but something needs to change fast.
  • Nathan and Maxi break up!

    About time, she is a selfish spoiled brat. Nathan now could have a normal life, he does need to step it up and not let her manipulate him.. She has a standard for herself and another for others. Thanks for releasing him from that idiot.
  • Too Disjointed

    I have been a an for years. I find recent shows disjointed; each segment seems to go from one situation to the other like the final segment of daily show usually does. Spend some time with each group of characters to develop interest in story lines. Do not drag out situations so long. I find that this is a recent

    Phenomena for . Probably the "new writers" ANNOYING!
  • New writers are awful

    I realize that to watch a soap , one must suspend disbelief but these are some of the worst story lines I have ever seen on this show. Do the writers think that to bring back old characters is enough? There is no depth to the stories. As much as I may like the actors involved, Hayden and Nicolas are just a ridiculous couple. Why are we spending so much time on Tracey's demise? I loved her as a comedic character but this is just not in a good convinced myself to stop watching since I just realized that the show is imploding.
  • the story with sonny daughter

    why is it that the show pick sonny daughter to be in love with a woman? i just don't understand that she is to young to be trying to explored herself with the same sex. why her it like watching my young daughter with another woman? what is the reason to have another gay character on the show? it bad enough watching two grown-men kissing which i would turn when they are together specially if the are in bed but come on let the girl be in love with a man. hate the story line
  • GH writers need to be fired

    I was so excited when the new writers started. I had such high hopes for my only soap left on ABC. I started watching soaps very young, about 11, I'm now 46. My mom is a soap fan and she has also been watching them pretty much from the beginning. She is almost 70. We both watch GH every day. We love the show and the cast. But, what in the world are these writers thinking? Who wants to wait a year for a storyline to get to the point of the story! Such as the current storyline of Hayden or the Jason storyline. Its just not worth watching when storylines drag out. It ruins the story and the characters. The storyline of Jason took so long that it was stale before the conclusion. Same with the Hayden storyline. I love Rebecca, I use to watch her on AMC. But her character on GH makes me feel bad for her. Her storyline is also stale and still almost a year later, we still don't know anything about Hayden, really? Is it gonna take a whole year to find out whats wrong with Tracy and Jake? What about the way they treat Micheal Easton? How many characters has he played, also stale. Should have kept him as Caleb. I don't want my only soap left to go off air! Please do something with these writers! Make the storylines shorter, maybe 6 months at the most. Who wants to wait a year or longer to find out who the characters are and the purpose of them being on the show. What about the characters that just disapear, like TJ and Rosalie? Speaking of Rosalie, what happen with her storyline with Brad? Are we suppose to forget that they are married? So now we also have unfinished storylines! Why have a storyline if we don't get to see it happen? Like with Molly losing her virginity to the never seen TJ ? What was the point of that? Come on ABC! Fire the writers if thats what you have to do. They are running my only soap left into the ground! These actors and actresses deserve better!
  • New writers ruined GH

    After many many years of being a devoted fan I can't bring myself to watch anymore. Stupid boring story lines. Is Paul Hornsby a bad guy or a good guy? The writers must think the fans are really stupid. This will be the next soap to go. Show must bring back the old writers or get better ones before the show is gone for good.