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  • Hello Writers!

    Now that is what I am talking about! The last two weeks were interesting and moving right along. I was even waiting the next day to see what will happen next. The only thing is you are moving back into the same old grind with this story line that we all already know that is going to happen with Dante and this chic. Please surprise us, that you will keep at least one couple together without "having sex" with someone one else, you all are better writers than that!


    A group of us said that if the writers allow Dante and Valerie sleep together, we are through with GH because there is nothing left of any kind of family value on the show! This was one of the reason a lot of us hug in there was because of this union. Take a look back and see that when everything else fail, let them have sex. Come on writers fix this PLEASE!

  • smartassbitch

    some of you women are so fucking stupid! good looking men also have sex with other men. learn how to share these good looking men you fucking jealous ***ed BITCHES! not all gay men are ugly or effeminate!
  • come on already with the jake storyline!!!

    I'm really tired of it already. get it done. don't the writers have something else to write about? Let jake know he is jason already. I'm ready to move on and not watch gh anymore. it's getting so stupid with the writing.
  • Brad & Lucas

    Please stop with these two. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. What are we teaching this upcoming generation. Ryan Carnes is a very Handsome young man and he should be with a woman. I have watched General Hospital for years and I am really loosing interest in this because of story lines like these. It is refreshing to see man and woman together. That is the way God wants it. Word or warning, people are loosing interest in the show because of storylines like these. There I said it. I should be able to stand up of what I believe in.
  • Sleezy....

    Disgusting! Just unbelievable that a mom goes behind her daughters back and sleeps with her daughters boyfriend! And Morgan--can he not make up his mind! From mom, daughter, back to mom. Makes me ill to watch! What does Morgan's character do anyway?? Can you give him a JOB? Or is his job being a gigalo! You are making this a sleezy, low-class show. As said in a post below.. There are NO MORALS!! Please stop!
  • what are your values

    all this love in the afternoon with the WRONG partner is teaching our teens that being true to one person is not the in thing to do. it looks as if they will put LuLu with Dillion, Dante with Valerie and Morgan with the Ava on writer, lets have SOME morals, and then Liz way out of character for staying with Jason, and while talking about him, come on, a dummy would know it was him. Everyone is getting away with crimes, there is absolutely no morals in this show. I've watched from day one and will continue, but I'm groaning all of the way.
  • Feeding the racial tensions

    Enough is enough we have to see this racial tension played out in the media every day. When I tuning the General Hospital I don't expect to have to watch it there as well. If this story line continues you will lose a 20+ year viewer.
  • general hospital

    Gh isnt realistic to jail, the dock, etc. It makes me see it as a farce instead of a good I quit watching it.
  • Enough of Ava!

    I have had enough of Ava. This new storyline is ridiculous and is only dragging out the inevitable - Ava needs to just die and never come back. To have her come back pretending to be a long lost daughter is an insult to fans of the show. Writers, if you cannot exercise a little creative intelligence, please don't insult our intelligence by continuing with this, again, ridiculous storyline. Having said that, I love where you are going with Nicholas, just please do not let him stray too far from the good man we know and love him to be.
  • Let children be children

    I really hate the storyline with these children (Spencer,Emma,Cameron and Jasmine). Let these children be children get rid of the ridiculous romance that these children are going through. Kids this age do not really act like this in real life.

    The crazy Luke storyline is getting old.

    Michael Corinthos Quartermaine is a jerk. There is no way he would get custody in any court.

    The fake Jake wife is also ridiculous. It would be so easy to find out who she really is. And for Elizabeth to fall right back into Ricks is so phony.
  • enough is enough

    General Hospital is the only soap opera on ABC,but this back and forth with Jason's character is has it not come out to everyone about jason. It's taking to long and to tell you the truth people are talking and they feel the same way I do,it's making us not want to watch!!!! And why can't it be happy times with drama and PLEASE REVEAL JASON TO HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!
  • Needs old writer back

    Tired of them turning the sweet Elizabeth into I got five baby daddy's tramp! The love of her life was Rick, not Jason. Rick may have done some rotten things but no more than Sonny (except Sonny is 20 x's worse in my book). They both have family & ties to the show but she constantly keeps getting bounced around like some kind of tramp! Stop trying to hook her up w/Jason. He & Sam have always been the ratings catcher on this show since the lose of all the good characters (Quartermaines, Robin, Rick, Jason. I can get the gay story line because there are gay people in the world & they can't be ignored. What I can't get w/is the three-way thing. Way to racey for daytime television even if it had bn w/multiple genders. Hurry up & hook Franko & Nina up bcuz I think they can actually give us some excitement on this soap. Sam & Patrick seem to be s good pairing but since Jason's return..... Brit & Nicholas need to stay together. They have a lot in common. They crazy a** family! Please find a good man for the gay black nurse (Sabrina friend). He's one of a few characters on the show that I don't despise. I could go on forever but the 1st thing this show needs to do is go to Y & R & get their writers back!

    Also rover 1899 you must be a million years old to say people don't want to see all these interracial couples. Have you been outside because there are nothing but mixed children running around. Nobody's caring except old school KKK members. For a minute I just figured everybody thought it was the cool thing to do but just because people mark that box that says African American doesn't mean they are all black. They were taught that if you had a drop of black in you, your black! Most of them are only half because no one cares except for you!!!

    And the woman who said something about Jordan's hair (kayleejones 148), is a racist. The comments on how Jordan wears her hair is unnecessarry. Its what we call our hair texture & a natural. How would u like it if African Amerian people called white people hair oily, smelling, & stringy? Just know that my hair is natural & loved by many men including my white husband. & Jordan walks around like she's the stuff bcuz If she doesn't think it no1 else will. U sound so jealous. I see bishes like u every day. Mad bcuz girls like Jordan exude charisma, intelligence, & sexuality & you just seem to be the flower on the wall. Glad I'm a Jordan. Oh & we are not stupid because we don't like the same things you like. Its called individuality, thinking for yourself, & dare I say; using that brain that God gave us!
  • GH will eventually lose ratings

    I also have been watching GH since the early 1970's. GH was okay until this last couple years. The acting is bad, the fake scenes of being shot etc are really really poorly done.

    The story lines are so fake that I even cringe when the Police force is shown on a segment and they are totally projected as a joke, completely unrealistic, not even close.... and Dante as a police officer that never works and is always doing personal totally unrealistic. I don't care if it's a soap or not that is just not acceptable.

    Now when James Franco was on that was a whole different ball game, he was fantastic for the show.. The new Jason is awesome, really good actor, but to connect stupid stupid stupid. Should have made Jake a cousin or brother or something.

    GH also has the dumb recaps from the prior shows right in the middle of a are we stupid we can't remember? Maybe GH is targeting today's dumb people that don't know any better. Those recaps just seem to cut in on the actors time, it's free to recap throughout the show. etc.

    How could GH put children in those adult don't think they will remember this crap grown up? Children can't differentiate at this age....

    Dumb, Dumb, boring, borning story is one thing, but this is ridiculous.

    5-20-15 Olivia says baby is dead she she is showing FULL FLEDGE Pregnant???? How unrealistic GH is just crazy. I won't be watching anymore I can't stand the poor writing and scripts and BS on this show. Good Bye GH forever..

    Keep it up GH and your watching audience will slowly trickle away like the other soaps that have gone bye bye.
  • GH forever fan

    I've read some of the comments below. If you hate Carly so much, or are tired of Olivia, why do you watch GH? I love the show. I've been watching since 1978. I think Carly is great. Elizabeth has been on the show for a long time. Love her, also. It's a soap opera, folks. That's what makes it so good. The characters are just that. Go with the flow and just enjoy the show.
  • Olivia

    I cannot stand to listen to Olivia shriek anymore!! She yells all her

  • Carly is wayzzz to nosey!!

    Carly has gotten on my last % nerve the o righteous biotch.. Elizabeth is a hoe that always sleeps with unavailable men that doesn't deserve should get a belongs withe Sam and their looks good with Brit but if she's not staying. .the new character Hayden might have some potential. Carly has to keep her ugly nose out of business that has absolutely nothing to do with her and pay attention to her kids. had to come bk and write some watching this past weeks msg and my blood is I lover the new one. UT cmon acting like a pussy cat letting Carly control things in his life. .than her for her good intentions and set her straight to where he makes her cry and if Elizabeth still goes after shake knowing he's Jason i'm gonna punch her myself!! Oh and don't get me started with Michael please u didn't even k ow ur father .and if we must me Sonny isn't your father Avery isn't your
  • Jason and Sam

    Put Jason and Sam back together. He deserves to be with his family not Elizabeth. Jason and Sam dont deserve that, they belongs together.
  • I want Jake to know he's Jason

    Ok Elizabeth! She's no better than Rick. She needs to tell or better yet let it come out. So she can be found out for being just as wicked. I want Jason to be with Sam and his son! Elizabeth stinks right know. Please stop whining and let Jason be with his family.

    I agree with Let Children Be Children, they are supposed to play and have fun and not a three way romance at their age, they are not teenagers yet, there is still time for that..... Also have Spencer drop some attitude, this is when I am thankful for taping the show so that I can forward scenes like these.

    I have always liked Elizabeth and most of the time I am on her side, but not this time, if she keeps the

    SECRET about Jake being Jason, she is not better than Rick.

    By the way is it the NURSES BALL or LUCY's FASHION SHOW???? Please make some changes!!!!!!

  • Crap on a stick

    I watched GH for many years with my mom. For a long time I was hooked on the storylines and the characters. Then Jason and Robin left and of course I was upset. So I decided to start watching other shows. Unfortunately, my mom still watches the show and I still see it every once in a while. And today I can see it for what it really is. Trash.

    The actors are absolutely horrible and can't act worth a damn. The storylines are absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic. And the actors get on my last nerve at how pathetic and unconvincing they are. It's sad, really. I personally can't stand that new girl that plays LuLu, how cutesy and wimpy of a girl she is. Ugh, just shut up already. Also, the dumb actress that plays Nina, what a freak, she looks like she has no idea what's she's doing and just drinks a whole lot of red bull or something. And that woman that plays Jordan? Is that her name? Anyways, I'm sick of her crazy hair and her "I'm so hot, I've got so many juicy secrets" attitude. It's creepy and I hate her ugly face. God, sorry I just can't stand these horrible actresses. I mean, it's sad because they aren't going to get any other decent offers or jobs down the road.

    But seriously? The storylines are just awful. Ava Jerome pregnant? Luke is crazy? What!? And of course the reused, someone's lying again about who are the actual parents of a baby! Wow, never heard that one before..

    Ok, so, I really did like this show at some point. But it's meant for idiotic housewives that can't think for themselves. It's a sad show, and I'm suprised they haven't cancelled it yet. It's repetitive, there are so many bad actors, and the writing is atrocious. Like shutup already, the show sucks. Alright, well I'm done. If you watch this show and get into it, you really are unintelligent. Let me suggest some other shows like Lost, Mad Men, The Office, or Parks and Recreation. All well written and don't include imaginable amd weird scenarios like the pitiful, sad, GH.

  • Lots of tidbits!

    PLEASE let Carly figure out this Hayden/Ric story arc quickly. I would enjoy Jake/Jason and Elizabeth getting together finally. I know there's the Liz haters, but I adore her. And I've always wanted her to be with Jason, and hoped that would have happened when they had baby Jake. Maxie/Spinelli/Nathan, move on with it. You finally had Maxie has a stand up, confident head on straight woman and now she's right back where she was? Honestly I don't care who she picks, but move on with it already. Decide, and move forward. Luke, I understand Anthony is retiring, or is the rumor, so I will enjoy seeing this storyline not take up SO much of daily play. But for a person who has starred on the show for 30 years, I think we all need to take a step back as fans and give the man his shining spot and go out with a bang! The gay stuff someone else was griping about, it's 2015. Get the H over it. Lucas and his bf barely have any screen time, so shut it. If you're so offended by it, go watch something else bc there are plenty enough fans of the show that one person changing the channel won't matter. In fact, GH has probably gained MORE fans by showing some good actual relationships with these guys. Michael, interesting to see him have such vengeance, and I hope it bites him in the butt. He needs a good knocking down off of his high horse. The whole Jordan/mob thing, I honestly am not paying much attention to that. I usually just FF through those, but it would be nice for Jordan to finally be able to come clean to her son. She keeps saying for the past years on the show.

    Get on with the STORY LINES, everything is going so slow and it getting no where fast.

    You have hinted to COUPLES getting back together, NOT HAPPENING. Are you really

    going to have LUKE/FLUKE go on the run again, get on with the family secrets. Your writers

    need some help they appear to be stuck, and cannot get on with soap moving forward.

    Are SAMANTHA & JASON ever going to be reunited, so they can raise DANNY. Just get rid

    of ELIZABETH, she is always butting in to everybody's business, and taking someone else's man.

    I couldn't stand Elizabeth with Jason then, and especially now. Elizabeth whines to much!!!!!!!!

    Also have been a fan for over 30 years!!!!!!

  • Bad hair

    I've been watching GH for years and I've been a stylist for 20yrs. For the last week or so the color on some of the characters has been awful!!! I'm not sure if you have a colorist on staff but you need to fire them and hire someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Sick of Patrick and Nicholas

    How could Patrick pretend he loves Sam and know that Jason is Jake. and Nicholas after what happened to his son, how could he sit there knowing. After fluke/Luke ugh
  • Children

    I've been watching for years an ive been wondering why is it that all the kids born on general hospital have all grown up except camon he's still a kid an dating Emma really Morgan even joselin grew up an camon still a kid really
  • Kiki Replacement

    Kristen Alderson (Kiki) replacement of Hayley Erin ( Kiki) new sucks, she sucked as Abby Newman on are better replacements for the part of Kiki like: Eden Riegel (Bianca Montogemery) AMC, Alexandra Chando (Maddie Colemen) ATWT, Melissa Archer(Natalie Buchanan)OLTL,Erin Torpey or Bree Williamson they both played (Jessica Buchanan)OLTL,Natalia Livingten or Amber Tamblyn they both played ( Emily Quatermine). All of these actress are way more talented then Hayley Erin their are reasons why Y&R dropped her. Sticking with Kiki, Maura West ( Eva Jermore) dying of cancer and Kiki is not a match for her so called mother but is Kiki really Micheal Easton ( Sialis Clay ) and Michelle Stafford ( Nina Clay) since she was pregnant when she went into her coma. And Eva got her baby from Donna Mills( Madeline Reeves) since she has lied about everything else that she gave the baby to Eva to make her say it was her and Sialias together to get him away from Nina. Hopefully this cancer storyline solves this mystery but I like Eva do not kill her off. Like her on ATWT as well. Switching gears Chad Duell ( Micheal) his storyline is beyond bad this is not the Micheal we all felt in love with fix it. Rebecca Herbst ( Elizabeth) needs a new man not the same men she has be with before fix this storyline. Anthony Geary (Luke/Fluke) man please finish up this storyline if you need to bring back Genie Francis ( Laura) or Jonathan Jackson or Greg Vayghar they both have played ( Lucky) to help out somehow to get the old Luke back that we all love. Billy Miller (Jason) needs to go back to Y&R and play Dylan and Steve Burton ( Jason) old needs to come back there is only one Jason. Speaking of Jason since Constance Towers ( Helena) is on Cassadine island which is located in Greece and noone else can figure out that Jake Doe is really Jason they need to bring back Kimberly McCullough( Robin) from upstate New York where Helena has her to tell everyone that Jake is really Jason, since Tyler Christpoher ( Nickilos) is taking his sweet out time telling Kelly Monaco ( Sam) about the ring and Jake is Jason, he also needs to find something to tell him that Robin is being hold by Helena still and safe her. For kicks bring back Lindsey Morgan( Kristina) and Vanessa Marcil ( Brenda).
  • ghisajoke

    GH writing has gone from bad to worst. The whole Luke/Fluke thing was a big joke. Fans enjoy and look forward to mystery and suspense, but this didn't come close, it rated under stupidity. The kind that make you not want to watch the show anymore. It's as if the writers forgot what they wrote and how the scenes played out, so as the show progressed, they just wrote stupid stuff assuming the fans wouldn't remember the storylines either. Clean up the show please. Its one thing to have gays on the show, but do we have to see all the sex scenes. Remember your audience and loyal fans who have been watching the show from the beginning. Understand you want to reach other targeted audiences, but at the expense of losing much more than you gain. Used to look forward to watching, now cringe and change the channel. Please write a decent storyline for Elizabeth. Its the same storyline with every single man. Elizabeth is always pinning for the man she is not with, nothing new, exciting or different. When the opportunity arises for her to get the man, she never wants him and always has her sights set on the next. She is like a love sick puppy never finding love. So boring! Wont be long before I stop watching altogether. Get creative writers to do their job instead of jumping on the bandwagon!
  • So Gross

    According to The Williams Institute, only 2.2% of men in the United States are gay. So why must you show men kissing, hugging and in bed having sex? This is completely so gross to watch! I don't have anything against gay people but do you really need to show this crap? Is GH so desparate they need that extra 2.2% of gay men to watch everyday??? Everytime you show a scene like this, I turn the channel. So gross.
  • Michael

    I can't stand watching the show because I can't stand him no more he getting on to stupid
  • Michael

    I I am so over this attitude of Michael's. I have loved GH for many years but I'm starting to get really angry at how Michael is treating his whole family somebody needs to knock him out or he needs to go.
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