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  • is Tracy related to Hayden?

    Has anybody noticed how much Hayden looks like Tracy! R they related in real life or general hospital cleverly picked her for this role! I think there's is going to be a shocking news! Hayden is a Quardemain after all ! And I have a feeling the old Jason will return in the future and current Jason will realize he is not jason after all! And he will end up with carly for a short period! The chemistry between sam and the old Jason was unbeatable! Morgan is a great actor but shouldn't wear wig! He should simply shave his head and not worry about losing his hair! What is up with men and wigs in this show? First, Patrick and then Morgan and now Jullian! Carly is a great actress!! Same goes for Tracy but I hope she upgrades her wardrobe!

  • Long time fan

    I never saw that special bond between Sam and Jason, I like him better with Liz. My opinion, and I'm entitled to it. Sometimes you aren't meant to get your memory back to extend the show somewhat. And in previous comments Sam wasn't always on the up and up either. Only when it works for you, huh?
  • After 25 years this is getting old.

    Being a fan of GH for twenty five years, I'm finding it very difficult to watch this show anymore. I realize and understand that soap operas are about living a fantasy through the soap stars, but there comes a point and time in which you feel as though your intelligence is being insulted. Jason comes back, and its taken almost two years to get his memory back or remember his wife Sam, yet when he thought Hayden was his wife, and what did Jason do? He moved in with Hayden right away. Jason now knows who he is, and knows that he has a wife, so wouldn't you move back into your home with them, and even if the writers wanted to prolong the fans misery, it would be for the sole purpose of regaining his memory. What human being wouldn't want his memory back, yet when Jason was going to marry Liz, and think oh well I really don't need my memory. Now this week crying, and whiny Liz child gets hit by a car again, and Liz feel at fault, and Sam is fighting a gas leak. Yet Jason feels guilty, but as a hit man, how could they make him such a wimp. A stone killer who kills at will, is now a wimp. Every time I read these posts, its always Jasam, yet the writers try to force Jason and Liz down everyone throat. Please do us all a favor writers, if you want Liz and Jason together, then just do it, and lose whatever fans that decide to leave. After 25 years I'm done watching.
  • Lulu with A feeling...

    I know my opinion may be I have been a fan of GH for 42 not counting playpen hours and prenatal. I love the there a few of the 'younger' cast that need a boost in heart. I really am not thrilled with the current casting of find her line delivery consistently flat and just matter of factly. even the scenes with Laura, her well loved mother. The tears in the breakup just seemed pushed out. Please do are the only scenes me and a few friends are fast forwarding through. I am sure the actress would be well suited, even for other roles on the as Luke and Laura's beloved getting hard to swallow. The Spencer fans that are still not even in their 50s need to feel that same love for the offspring. Lucky was the wish Mr. Jackson would come back for a longer stint. being an old dude complaining on the my quota for most of the year. Still hanging on GH
  • Dante and Lulu

    I'm so mad that they are breaking up Dante and Lulu
  • What happened to general hospital

    First I hate Sam and always have. Yes they screwed Elizabeth up but can someone please remind Sam she was not always such an honest person. Jeez she kidnapped Jake when he was a baby. Also how can Ava get away all her crap give Avery back to Sonny. And last what happened to Nicholas and how stupid is he when it comes to that idiot he is with now. I have watched this show for 30 something years and I really don't want to anymore.
  • Just want to enjoy the show

    Why do they have to start with the whole breastfeeding in public controversy. Want to enjoy the drama and intrigue. Not a place for all the issues. It's a soap opera, make believe. Guess I'll watch something else till this dies out.
  • My Favorite Show

    Love General Hospital more than I did in the 80's with Luke and Laura. The actors do an amazing job. I'm not a fan of murder yet am amazed at how they are able to add comedy to such situations along with each episode. Forever Fan.
  • This WAS my favorite show

    I watched GH since I was really young. My mom was a huge fan as well as my grandmother. In fact I was named after Holly Scorpio. I used to run home after school to watch the rest of the show everyday. I would even tape the ones I had to miss. I think I was the only 6 yr old who knew every character. My point is it was my favorite show ever and I am so dissapointed where it has gone. The continuity is not there, it's confusing, abd frustrating. I understand things can't always been perfect but what a disaster. It's gotten beyond ridiculous. Which really sucks when you love a show, so I tried to watch it again and I'm done. It has been ruined which is a shame a show that old has taken such a negative turn.
  • Hate Liz and Jason together

    I absolutely detest Jason and Liz together, but endured it because I love Jason anf Sam toghether. If the spoilers are correct, putting Jason back with Liz I will have to drop GH like a bad habit. Please stop this boring tom-foolery and kindly put Jason back with Sam ASAP!!!!!!!
  • can Valerie please be the first victim in the next serial killer mystery on GH

    A skinny body does not a pretty girl doesn't make a woman a good actress either! I cannot stand this actress she has about as much talent as a piece of celery! I hate the story line. I can't stand Dylan, and I can't stand Lulu. Please bring the original actors back. I truly cannot stand the actress that plays Valerie. Her story line is actress that plays her is so flat and untalented it makes me cringe every time her fugly face shows up on the screen. T he fans hate her and she needs to go! Go be a fitness model and stop trying to act!
  • Jason Morgan Character

    I am confused as to why they would bring back such an important character and make such a mess out of it. Jason and Sam Morgan are one of the most beloved couples in daytime. I know that there are new writers - so why does the storyline seem to be headed in the same direction as the previous writer. I see chemistry there between Jake & Sam. Liz is not his true Love & the writers should be true to the character. They want to know why their ratings are low.
  • Show is awful

    I feel that the show is not exciting anymore. It is boring and rather a huge disappointment. They have ruined what Jason and Sam are with the reveal and Elizabeth storyline. I used to love to watch Jasam, Sonny, Carly and the adventures. Now it's like watching a bad version of Days of our lives. How many storylines can these writers repeat or ruin for the fans. I have watched this show for 30 years and I can't stomach it.
  • Elizabeth makes me cringe! GH Needs new exciting relationships or it will die along with All My Children!

    Wafey, pale, anorexic Elizabeth is making me not want to watch GH anymore. She makes me sick! She is so whiney, wimpy, slutty, and selfish. Why Jason finds her attractive is beyond the viewer's imagination. It isn't a good fit. I agree with others that the new Jason is BORING! He is no replacement for the old Jason. I wish you'd bring him back. He and Sam were exciting to watch, like the old Luke and Laura. GH needs to get some exciting relationships clicking again. Robin and Patrick need to find their way back to each other, they were awesome together. Glad Sonny and Carly are back, but let Sonny get out of his wheelchair, he's boring now. Michael is great! Dump Elizabeth, she is tired, boring, and sickening! Ihave been watching GH since I was in high school in the 70's. There needs to be more exciting things going on with dynamic love relationships again or people are going to stop watching GH, including old fans who have been watching for decades.
  • jake and jason

    How is it that Jake don't want to go back to being Jason but he wants Jason's money?
  • Tired of Lulu & Elizabeth - Jason Needs His Memory

    I am so tired of GH. I have been watching since I was child with my Mother. The only reason I continue to watch is because of Sonny and Carly.

    I am giving GH 1 week to get its act together about Jason's memory, Lulu whining for being a stupid wife and not see her part in the issues with Dante. Also, Elizabeth has annoyed me. She is so needy. Please write her a male character specific for her. Who is needy. Please let Jason find out who Elizabeth really is and make Jason leave Elizabeth.

    In fact, bring the OLD JASON BACK!!!!!! Pay him whatever he needs to live and stay in LA and raise his family. Sonny needs his right hand man back.

    I am serious, 1 week to fix these crappy story lines or I'm done watching GH.
  • bad writers now

    I'm so sick and tired of the writers of General Hospital. I'm so tired of Liz, I've gotten to the point where I haven't watched the show in two weeks because the sight of Liz makes me physically sick. I will not spend another second watching all of this horrible stuff happening to Sam while Liz is getting all of the good. I'm so tired of Liz being seen as a saint. It makes me throw up a little every time I think of where the writers are going with the show. I really cant stand Valerie either, she is an ugly, pig faced, awful person. No one in their right mind would pick her over Lulu. I will not watch another episode until I get a little hope that things will turn out okay for Sam and Jason as well as Lulu and Dante.
  • The worst reveal ever

    The reveal was the most anti-climactic, lack luster reveal in daytime history. This new Jason was a very poor choice. Even with his new personality, implies he should at least have a personality. He's dry toast.

    I can't stomach Elizabeth's sappy sweetness and someone give her a drink of water. Listening to sticky cotten mouth deliver lines, is like nails on a chalk board.

    Patrick and Samantha, never bought it. No chemistry at all.

    Let me reiterate, the new Jason sucks in this role. He's not the right actor for it.

    Drive him and Elizabeth off a cliff. And have a NEW new Jason show up and it be a power house show again. I've been watching for 30 yrs. its the only Soap I watch. it's turning into a snooze.
  • Not true to reality

    I am getting tired of Elizabeth getting away with so much under handed stuff. It's time she be exposed for the sneeky, skank, that she is. She needs to get a beat down from Sam or Carley for her deceit in the Jason affair. You want us to identify and connect with this show, we try to make it real, however in reality she would get her ass whipped.

    Millie -- a fan for 25 years
  • Not happy

    Valerie- she is gorgeous and she has been made out to be the bad guy from the door making fans dislike her without giving her a chance. I don't like that.

    Jason- if you're going to write about how Sam can't get Jason out of her head- you recast Jason and take a year to reveal him- Why would you not reunite them and why would you not write about him getting his memories back? You're making the fans mad and ratings will go down if you don't reunite them soon. Not 6 months to a year from now but this year!

    The writers need to take the time and visit some of the gh fan pages on Facebook. If there is not a Jason and Sam reunion, fans are going to leave. Simple because it makes no sense to bring him back and make us wait a year for you to keep him with the Jake personality that's attached to Liz.

  • Fish and LONGGGG Story Lines begin to smell if they are drawn out too long~~~~

    They are dragging out the Jason reveal too long! Also, Carly's had too many blunders with the car wreck scene that prevents her from calling . It was a bit of overkill and made it less realistic. I thought she did an amazing job with her acting when it shows her finally getting the DNA that indicates it is really Jake! Kudos to her for that performance. It was a very realistic response and she played it so well. The car wreck and blunder after blunder she did a good job on that but you put too many blunders into that scene for it to be realistic. Overkill, so to speak. Friday, Jake needs to know he's Jason. People are getting sick of waiting because the story lines for Sam and Patrick and for Jake are getting too corny. Everyone LOVES a deep, unending romance and it will be fun watching Jason and Sam find that again. They were just made for each other with their personalities and poor Patrick is just not the Sam type. Bad paring for her other love have been someone else or even a stranger. Also, don't like the Ava story line. It's getting or has been too corny too. GH needs to get back to having more realistic story lines. I don't know if the writers are trying too hard or if they have simply ran out of stories but the current stories are simply too phoney. They did a good job of not letting us know if Sonny would make it or not. Just long enough with the not knowing. Any longer and it would have been like a bad written soap opera acted out. LOL Also, Lulu is doing over acting with her lines. They are too straight forward. Don't the writers realize for a love like she and Dante had to end like this would make her confused and she would not want to be confronting him over and over right now. She should be withdrawn and wanting to bury her head under the least for a couple of days. Then it's still TOO aggressive of her to have her mind made up. I mean, she loved him so very much. It's not so cut and dry about ending it with him because you can't turn your love off. It's still there, you just so hurt you want it to be a bad dream! hang onto a little story for too this Jake discovering who he really is. When those stories go on too long, people begin to lose interest because they are there rooting for the lovers to KNOW. When you keep letting them down, they start to lose interest because the story become too unreal. Too many blunders to prevent or slow down the reveal make it appear like the old soaps and you think you suddenly hear that organ Thanks for allowing me my opinion! ;)

  • Jayson must be revealed before the wedding or we are done watching this show!

    Soooo tired of all these delays and car accidents, head injuries and all the other BS delaying Jakes real identity. Too predictable and becoming unwatchable. Things need to change or I'm finding a different show to watch at 2pm (Gave it a rating of 5. Used to be a
  • Jason and Sam forever

    It's been a crazy ride watching jake doe and to know he is jason and Elisabeth is keeping that from him and when he has memories she pushes them away I thought he jason revel would be jason going back to sam he has had memories of her now he can make sense of them I wouldn't be able to watch him display sam to be with Elizabeth that's not what we waited for all this time JASON= SAM
  • Best show on television

    It is amazing you have some really great actors like Michael omg he is such a good actor or Carly the only two people I HATE are Valerie and Liz other than that it is amazing

  • We want this to end!

    Writers stop using the same story lines. Now another car accident to stop the known identity of Jason, because you writers can't write well enough to come up with new story lines. Okay I can go back to doing other things at 2:pm. THIS IS NOT INTERESTING!
  • Needs old writer back

    Tired of them turning the sweet Elizabeth into I got five baby daddy's tramp! The love of her life was Rick, not Jason. Rick may have done some rotten things but no more than Sonny (except Sonny is 20 x's worse in my book). They both have family & ties to the show but she constantly keeps getting bounced around like some kind of tramp! Stop trying to hook her up w/Jason. He & Sam have always been the ratings catcher on this show since the lose of all the good characters (Quartermaines, Robin, Rick, Jason. I can get the gay story line because there are gay people in the world & they can't be ignored. What I can't get w/is the three-way thing. Way to racey for daytime television even if it had bn w/multiple genders. Hurry up & hook Franko & Nina up bcuz I think they can actually give us some excitement on this soap. Sam & Patrick seem to be a good pairing but since Jason's return..... Brit & Nicholas need to stay together. They have a lot in common. They crazy a** family! Please find a good man for the gay black nurse (Sabrina friend). He's one of a few characters on the show that I don't despise. I could go on forever but the 1st thing this show needs to do is go to Y & R & get their writers back!

    Also rover 1899 you must be a million years old to say people don't want to see all these interracial couples. Have you been outside because there are nothing but mixed children running around. Nobody's caring except old school KKK members. For a minute I just figured everybody thought it was the cool thing to do but just because people mark that box that says African American doesn't mean they are all black. They were taught that if you had a drop of black in you, your black! Most of them are only half because no one cares except for you!!!

    And the woman who said something about Jordan's hair (kayleejones 148), is a racist. The comments on how Jordan wears her hair is unnecessarry. Its what we call our hair texture & a natural. How would u like it if African Amerian people called white people hair oily, smelling, & stringy? Just know that my hair is natural & loved by many men including my white husband. & Jordan walks around like she's the stuff bcuz If she doesn't think it no1 else will. U sound so jealous. I see bishes like u every day. Mad bcuz girls like Jordan exude charisma, intelligence, & sexuality & you just seem to be the flower on the wall. Glad I'm a Jordan. Oh & we are not stupid because we don't like the same things you like. Its called individuality, thinking for yourself, & dare I say; using that brain that God gave us! Another thing when other races stop tanning (to look darker), getting lip injections (to get those big lips that you talk about on dark girls), stop getting booty implants (like the same women y'all call monkeys), stop getting breast implants (another of our natural attributes), & stop putting hair extensions in (we know only colored girls do that, just ask the women on the Talk), I will stop saying the reason you comment negatively about us is because you are jealous & want to be us (the proof is your paying thousands to look like us). Stop hating we do not care about those African American men. We love all men. You guys grab your black men when we walk by & we are all laughing @ you because it's so funny!
  • Jayson needs to reveal soon or I'm done watching this show for a while after so many years

    I am so tired of this nonsense with the Jayson and Elisabeth relationship not only that sam and Patrick sucks! I know there are 6 million viewers or fans that think just like me. Please remove this nonsense of relationships! I at the point to stop watching it till that is over and he comes out as Jayson.
  • Jerome, Julian & Ava

    Please put some clothes on Julian he looks so foolish always half naked. I really don't see what Alexis sees in him.

    I am disappointed to see Ava back on the now that she has Avery back. What kind of judge would let a low life like Ava has custody over someone like Carly? What a stupid story line.

  • Please put your clothes back on Mr. Jerome

    He may think he has the body of Adonis, but he is just the average joe. He needs to stop paradeing around like he is all that because he isn't. He actually turns my stomach when he goes around without clothes on. Alexis may like it, but many of us do not.
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