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  • No Love in the Afternoon

    Do you remember back in the 80's when the soaps were advertised Love in the Afternoon? Bring those storylines back. And stories about the doctors. What's with all the crime mob families. How boring! The only storyline that is good is with the crazy women Nina. Even the actors looked bored having to repeat the storylines over and over and over.
  • Angry

    The writing and story-lines are being dragged out too long. The absurd writing keeping Maxie and her child apart is appalling. Please don't let it be another damn sneak visit. This is painful to watch. Are they writing these soaps in hope that people will not watch so you can replace them with a cheaper to make banal talk show? Come on. Give us a reason to tune in.

  • Bored

    I am about to stop watching. These storylines are going on too long. I can go a month without watching and tune in and not have missed a thing.
  • Bored! Tired of Luke/Fluke

    This is taking wayyyyy to long. As a stay at home cancer patient, I want things to move along faster. Helena also needs to go away and new characters need to come on board. If you are going to stick with this "bring back characters" theme, then bring back Lucky. Since the name of the show is General Hospital, how about bringing in some new doctors. Please consider not dragging things out so long.
  • Kill Sonny Corinthos

    I find Sonny Corinthos Completely repelling, He's not what he use to be,

    He is a tramp, How is it that Brenda is the love of his life, then Carly is the love of his life,

    Then Brenda is the love of his life again, Then Connie, then Carly, Who is it Sonny? who are you in love with? Your not in love, it's disgusting how you keep claiming you in love just so you can have a hot fling.

    and their is no chemistry, Sonny seeing you toggle women is disgust, at least just admit it's for sex.

    Your probably going to get back with Olivia when you done with Carly, then she we'll be the complete love of you like. This show is completely ridiculous, and Nina and her mother trying to still Ava jeromes baby? Has anyone heard of adoption? Nina has the money, This pathetic, it would be more understandable if the baby was born. If you hate Keke so much, Aka Ava Jeromes daughter, why the hell do you want to rise her kid? why don't you kill Ava's baby and adopt a new one,

  • Perspective

    I find it interesting that the main complaints so far on this page involve gay 3-ways, little kids acting like grown ups & Elizabeth's hair or Bobbie's about the EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE?

    What is going on with this show? Unfortunately, the mob has been around GH since at least the 1970's, but never this bad. I counted one 4 days of the 5 that week had shootings! That's INSANE! This is not The Soprano's! Not long ago Obrecht kidnapped a baby at knife-point then carried it around w/a gun for days! Too much! Sonny's knocking off people left or right or planning it, and it's so bad, the scenes are so corny, I laugh out loud. I actually believe we are supposed to laugh. Surely they aren't SERIOUS with all of this. Hitmen, hitmen getting mowed down in the park, no arrests. Hitmen blowing Jeromes door to pieces and killing all of his guards. Nobody heard a thing. Nobody else in the building called 911? Nope. Helena blowing people away in a hotel room, still nobody heard it. She just blinked and the body disappeared. I guess when super-spy Anna got back to her room (where Helena was) she doesn't see a wet spot in the carpet where a cleanup of blood would've taken MUCH VIOLENCE!!! It seems like the writers are letting out all of their childhood fantasies of playing cops and robbers. The mob blankets every story all of this almost and it's tooooo much!

    I actually like the writers. I think they are funny and fun, witty and sharp. But there is almost no balance with the bad or the crazy people and the good guys. There's almost more bad people on this show than good guys. Tell me, if they target demographic is 18-49 yr. old women, what women wants to see all this mob wars and all of their favorites getting caught in the crossfires and getting shot, ect. Then 1 week later they are all healed and never speak of it again. So what's the point with all of this?

    Sonny is a clown. A shell of who he used to be. Can't believe MB signed another contract. Surely he knows he's a joke!?

    The gay storyline doesn't bother me. Not sure how they got away with the 3-way talk at this point and time. The writer's always push boundaries. I have no problem with that, but when they cross the line and make good people bad, like such a turn-off. First she was a naive, sweet virgin nurse with a crush on Patrick, and a year later she just loses her mind and tries to kill a baby that hasn't been born yet. But it's okay, because the next week she felt bad. Nothing to see her. The baby didn't die yet, so she will just clock back in at GH with all of the other criminals running the Britt, Brad, Nina's physical therapist, Jake's orderly is working for Helena (please!), Franco is teaching art therapy, Sabrina's now a wannabe baby killer, but Patrick, a moral, upstanding super-skilled doctor gets fired from GH for having a bad thought for 5 seconds about something he never acted on. It just ran through his mind, so boom, he's fired! STOPPPPPPPP IT!!!

    The writers have talent and they did a good job at OLTL, but they need to get some romance in this show. They have all of these couples brewing, but not really. Almost none of these couples are together. They either have sex then fight and breakup, or just have sex, or want to date but have obstacles in their way. No happy people. Stop this. We want romance!!

    Still, it has it's moments. But it must have more human Human moments!!! Relationships, friendships...
  • Needs old writer back

    Tired of them turning the sweet Elizabeth into I got five baby daddy's tramp! The love of her life was Rick, not Jason. Rick may have done some rotten things but no more than Sonny (except Sonny is 20 x's worse in my book). They both have family & ties to the show but she constantly keeps getting bounced around like some kind of tramp! Stop trying to hook her up w/Jason. He & Sam have always been the ratings catcher on this show since the lose of all the good characters (Quartermaines, Robin, Rick, . I can get the gay story line because there are gay people in the world & they can't be ignored. What I can't get w/is the three-way thing. Way to racey for daytime television even if it had bn w/multiple genders. Hurry up & hook Franko & Nina up bcuz I think they can actually give us some excitement on this soap. Sam & Patrick seem to be s good pairing but since Jason's return..... Brit & Nicholas need to stay together. They have a lot in common. They crazy a** family! Please find a good man for the gay black nurse (Sabrina friend). He's one of a few characters on the show that I don't despise. I could ho on forever but the 1st thing this show needs to do is go to Y & R & get their writers back!

    The story line on General Hospital has gotten absolutely ridiculous. It is so farfetched from the reality of normal life that it is of NO interest to people like myself who have been followers of the series for more than 30 years since childhood.

    How many times are they going to bring back Helena Cassadine and the rest of her over-the-top family? ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Bobbi Spencer's plastic surgery makes her look SO UGLY and ARTIFICIAL that I can't stand to even look at the television when she is on the screen. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Carly and her POTBELLIED self, wearing clothes that are obviously too young for her current middle-aged figure. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Epiphany Johnson, with her DISGUSTING fat loud-mouthed self, reprehensibly reinforces EVERY Aunt Jemima stereotype of 50 YEARS ago!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

    ALL OF THE CURRENT STORY LINES ARE TAKING FOREVER TO GET TO THE POINT and REACH RESOLUTION. They DRAG-OUT the unfolding of this MESS of BORING, RIDICULOUS plots & subplots for SO LONG without FINALLY resolving Eva Jerome & her insanity, Jason's return, Robin and her pitifully spineless insanity, the truth of Allen Junior's murder.

    It's gotten SO BAD that I now TIVO the show and when watching it, in addition to fast-forwarding past the DELUGE of commercials I ALSO fast-forward past of MOST of the daily episode as well. In that manner I view the entire daily show in 15 minutes each day, only looking with one question in mind----IS General Hospital GOING TO FINALLY GET PAST THIS AWFUL PLOT STORY LINE AND GET TO A BETTER ONE TODAY, OR AT LEAST GET TO THE POINT OF RESOLVING IT??

    It would be FAR BETTER for the writers to do fewer simultaneous story lines and GET TO THE POINT regarding their unfolding, than to do a plethora of story lines that then TAKE FOREVER to GET TO THE POINT!

    The producers of General Hospital REALLY need to do something, because the current series of shows is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

  • Solve Something Soon

    Please solve or bring to an end some of the situations that has been piling up for months on end. In doing so this it will allow you to create new problems with more energy and not be so boring. Also the women in the wheel chair (example) is all over the place, and in everyone's am board with her already.

    Bring her secret to a quick end and let her start on some other Me? Keep it moving.


    Writers please hire me, because I can always tell what is gonna happen next! We are getting bored with the same problems never being solved (NEVER). We already now that Jason is the one that was hit by the car etc, bring an ending to one of the situations instead of adding on a never ending problem over and over, it is getting so
  • The Good Ole Days

    What happen to GH begin about love,lies & secrets. Give me the old GH when everyone one was looking for love. Bring back the writers that wrote stories like Luke & Laura, Sonny & Brenda, Alan & Monica, Edward & Lila, Jason & Robin. LOVE that's what GH representative to since I was 12. I'm 43 now & I just don't watch GH anymore. I watch the old classic's on You Tube! Love the oldies!
  • Sickening

    3ways are not appropriate on daytime television no matter who wants one. I have watched GH since 1979 and I am heart brokenly sad to say that I won't be watching anymore. At 2pm in the afternoon my grandson asked what was a 3way game? Sick. Absolutely sickening. I under4stand the writers being angry with all of us in the beginning with some kissing. But then to KNOW that the viewers were turn around like small children trying to "one-up" us by throwing in the disgusting slobbery tongue and showing love scenes. YUK I am taking all actresses and actors off of my twitter as well as boycott the show. I hold ABC 100 % responsible for all of this.
  • nina storyline

    Why does she get so much air time? She must be cheap? I have watched GH. For 40 years but I think I have finally seen the end. Watching Nina is like watching Nina is like watching nails on a chalk board. The story line is ridiculous. What happen to silese he use to be a bastered? Now he's a milk the stories are crazy.. partnering the J eromes and Sonny to gang up against the Luke lookalike now thats a story.
  • be realistic

    I only watch for Sonny. Hate the gay the way it used to be before new MORE REALISTIC-

    It's bad enough the shows that are out there these days, what has the world come to that they have to spend days talking about 3ways between gays & everyone then mentioning it?, it's purely uncomfortable & disgusting! we wind up fast forwarding 1/2 of the show, don't know what kind of ratings they're going for here

    Spencer's cute but it's a little too much with him acting like he's 20 & I love kids but that Jocelyn freaks us out, she's scary!
  • Your loosing me fast !

    I have watched GH for over 25 yrs. but not anymore , you've crossed the line with the 3 some/gay junk !!
  • worst ever 00000000

    Watched for 30 years. Ups and downs but threesome story the lowest
  • Change the story lines - drastically!

    General Hospital is getting to be a sick show - with the new threesome, and the story lines are w-a-y out there beyond recognition, children telling adults what to do, and then dragging each story on forever. Bringing in new people all the time, and getting rid of the 'old' ones doesn't lend itself to being one of the more popular shows, and I encourage the writers to change their philosophy to something a little more "human" and believable. Once in awhile happiness between people would be good - People are always stuck in misery, and there's no hope. It's time to change the story line!!!
  • Growing very tired of new writers

    I agree that this nonsense with the threesome is too much. Plus on yesterday's episode, nearly 75% of it was consumed with all of the build up of a possible "three way". I mean, Really?? General Hospital is no longer anything resembling what made it great. I am a die hard fan, but find myself contemplating discontinuing watching. At this rate it will only be a matter of time before it falls to the fate of All My Children, and the others that have been cancelled. I find myself feeling like I am watching something that I shouldn't be watching, especially in the afternoon on a major network television station. Shame on the writers for taking GH in this direction! I have a feeling that I am not alone in my feelings.
  • GH writers must be desperate

    You are about to lose a fan if you continue with this threesome nonsense. You are crossing the line!
  • No longer a viewer

    GH it awful. There are too many newbies who get more screen time than are vets. The storylines sucks!! They are repetitive and half of them are dropped without closure. The audience doesn't is a terrible writer who forgets what he writes. Never took the time to learn the history of GH. Both he and FV are so arrogant they do not care what fans think. These are my opinions.

  • Most Ridiculous

    Joclynn Carlys daughter is 2 or 3 goes away to visit Jac's comes back as old as Spencer who is the age of the child that saved her life. I know sometimes the kids grow fast but this is RIDICULOUS.

    Also SPENCER is awful. BRAT! You have these children acting like ADULTS (very tacky). Wish the original LuLu would return. Glad Maxie is back. Get rid of LEVI!!!! Bring Robyn back. Either bring Jason back or drop it.

    Overall some of your spinoffs are TERRIBLE.

    Could be dropping General Hospital. I'll give it a little more time.
  • oh bull

    get rid of new LuLu she just don't jive with dante hurry up and get luke back fun to watch lil spencer
  • My summary

    I have been watching GH since . (the 70's) and have, more often than not, been entertained by the writing, character portrayals ,etc.. I've read the comments below and though I agree with some of them, I disagree with others. I'd like to respond to as many as I can so here goes... I think Luke Spencer's character is dreadful and oh, writers and producers, please hear TIME TO WRAP IT UP!!! Next are the agree that as children they should not be involving themselves in adult, crushes, dating, kinds of things. Maybe one or 2 mentions of the boys having crushes on Emma, but they really are too young. I think you as writers you can be so more creative than this. The new am blown away by this amazing, gorgeous, gifted little is a rare love the former Lulu and I hope she has success in whatever she is doing, truly, but you have certainly picked a winner here in my book. A replacement does not have to be an exact replica, but someone who resembles the character enough and then brings to the table a fresh new set of just my opinion : ) OHHHHHHH Dr really is out of the ordinary and something I think we can all just give a thumbs down Does she really get off scott-free and still remain chief?BIG BLUNDER! I have gone from really disliking Brit (ok almost hating, I hate to hate) to almost liking not with Nikolas. I would like to see Nikolas with Elizabeth as in . Then there's the issue of GH pushing know, I am a woman of faith and yes this bothers me. I am alone when watching GH, I understand the frustration of the many who have commented about this on this page. We cannot escape it, it is everywhere. I have 2 daughters who have taught me that to be intolerant is not something Jesus would i understand that you don't have or you don't want to sit there and watch it. There is more that I would like to add, but the puppy I'm not sure what entering a score with my review is all that how I would score the show? All in all I love GH. 7.5
  • Brain dead writers

    Have the writers, directors, casting directors, etc. etc. all gone brain dead? I have been watching this show for over 30 years and have at times been less then happy with the plots but the past year or so it has gotten so bad it's laughable! Greatest character ever,now a really evil bad guy!!! OMG what a BAD idea!! Then a really evil person (plus being a really bad actress with one of the worse accents I've ever heard) they appear to be trying to make into a GOOD GUY! Really! Not to mention that they have already done that with her daughter Brit (the britch). And how STUPID do they think we are that either one of them could actually get way with all the crimes they've committed? Come on you guys! A soap opera is one thing but COMPLETE lack of believability is something else! Who is writing this DRIVEL? And I've heard something about a different actor to play the part of Jason! Are you kidding me!!! That would be like someone else playing the part of Luke Spencer or Laura or Sonny! And while we're on the subject. OMG! The actress that now plays Lulu! I've never seen a more terrible replacement,used to love the old Lulu but the girl that plays her now, no matter how much I try, cannot stand her!! Not to mention the fact that the script they are writing for her does not even come close to resembling the old (real) Lulu character. Lulu was strong and smart, not whiny, stupid and weak! I still watch it in hopes they will fire the brain dead writers they are using and start doing better, but I have just about given up on GH! Thank goodness for recording, I can fast forward thru all this crap!

    I can't call it a hair 'style' as it looks like she took the curlers out before the hair was totally dry and then didn't run even run a comb through it. What gives? I agree that Spencer and Luke are now totally, overboard obnoxious.

    The children are being tapped to do this "love triangle" thing. It's unbelievable that they are acting like adults. I know these kids are very talented, I can see, but can't you just make them into normal kids. Bullying is a hot topic nowadays. Kids being lured into prostitution and taking/selling drugs and who is the culprit behind it. GH should tap on stories of kids being "bullied" in school, and finding out who the culprit behind the bullying and how the parents can help to stop one of their kids from commiting suicide. Well since Luke has become a bad guy getting drugs shipped into Port Charles, I hope you can continue a storyline wherein one of the kids was lured into the drug dealing scene. I know who can be excellent for that role is Spencer since he already has a run in with Luke.
  • Boring, Boring, Boring!

    I have been watching GH since it's inception. I am not impressed with the story lines going on now with General Hospital. In addition, I don't watch GH to see three days of characters performing during the nurse's ball. This could have been wrapped up in one day. The writers are getting lost in the story lines and main actors such as Luke and Sony are now out of character. They need to get back to the basics.
  • Not liking Luke

    I have been an avid fan since GH first aired. I hate what Luke has turned into. He has always been one of my favorites and I can hardly watch him when he is on now.
  • Bye Bye GH!

    I have to agree with the previous comment. I am also saying goodbye to GH for good which at this time is very easy to do since the story line is not so interesting. If people want to see more Interracial-action on TV then I think there should be some shows just for that type of behavior and that it should be on cable but please don't think that most of the population wants to see it on everyday TV. Black boys kissing white girls and black women flirting with white men is not what the majority population wants to see.
  • Spencer?

    The character of Spencer needs to be completely changed. They have made him to be completely obnoxious and annoying for a little boy. Just doesn't seem right at all.
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