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  • 2014/12/30
    Episode 20141230

    Nathan and Maxie hit another snag in their attempt to see each other before the stroke of midnight. "Jake" goes to Carly for another chance at working at the Metro Court. Julian tells Ric that he was coerced into helping the person frame him, and his son was shot because of it. Shawn thinks that Jordan working for Julian is a bad idea. Anna tells Duke and Lucy that Agent Sloane is not her date, shortly after he arrives. "Jake" watches as Ric and Elizabeth slow dance. Olivia breaks up a possible fight between Julian and Ned before it can get worse. Lulu tells Dante she wants to skip the party and celebrate in private. Carly takes the stage and announces the countdown to 2015, and goes and kisses "Jake". Maxie arrives to an empty apartment, and then opens the door and quickly jumps into Nathan's arms and makes in time to share their New Year's Eve kiss.

  • 2014/12/29
    Episode 20141229

    Nathan tells Maxie he'll be in Port Charles in time to ring in 2015, and takes the time to meet Georgie. "Jake" tells Elizabeth that he's moving out of her house. Patrick asks Sam out at the Metro Court the celebrate the new year. Agent Sloane tells Anna that his investigation is being questioned by the new WSB director Frisco Jones. Jordan tells Julian that she's under the protection of Duke Lavery. Lulu helps Maxie choose and outfit and quickly heads to the airport so she can meet Nathan's plane and sees that it hasn't landed yet. Duke invites Lucy to spend New Year's with him. Jordan tells Anna and Dante she'll go and work undercover in Sonny's organization, cause Julian managed to track her down.

  • 2014/12/26
    Episode 20141226

    Epiphany asks Elizabeth who she wants to be with Ric or Jake. Lulu helps Nathan with his New Year's Eve date with Maxie. Fluke is livid as to why Julian hasn't complied in killing Jordan. Spinelli informs Maxie he flight back to Port Charles is cancelled due to impending fog. Anna tells Jordan she can keep become a cop at the PCPD and go undercover by working for Duke. Maxie tells Nathan she won't be back in time for their date, but they're both determined to see each other before 2014 is over. Ric makes it clear to Duke that he doesn't to be affected by Sonny's war with Julian. Nathan arrives in Portland, but Spinelli says Maxie isn't there and is back in Port Charles. Jordan finds Julian waiting for her as she comes out of the bathroom with a gun in his hand.

  • 2014/12/25
    Episode 20141225
  • 2014/12/24
    Episode 20141224

    Dr. Obrecht spreads some of her own Christmas traditions on the children at General Hospital. Maxie talks with Nathan on the phone and then Spinelli is delighted she came and reunites her with Georgie. Sam and "Jake" have a brief encounter at the hospital. Molly encourages Ric to go and see Elizabeth. Sam tells Patrick she believes "Jake" was the one who held her hostage. Judge Walters opens up to Monica on why he did what he did to Maxie, cause of his own rebellious daughter. Elizabeth runs into Ric's arms when he pays her a visit, as "Jake" watches from a far. Nathan thanks Dr. Obrecht for helping him so that Maxie can see her daughter for Christmas. Julian and Alexis have an emotional goodbye with one another.

  • 2014/12/23
    Episode 20141223

    Carlos backs away, telling Jordan and Shawn there as good as dead, Ric is grateful they arrived when they did. Molly is upset when coming home that Julian is there as well. Kiki quickly pushes away from Morgan, who says he wanted to kiss her. Maxie shares her good news with Nathan, and wants him to accompany her to Portland to meet her daughter. Julian gets a visit from Luke, who then realizes it's actually his boss and Faison was just a decoy. Sonny plants a shiv on Franco and gets him tossed into solitary confinement. Carly is touched that "Jake" offers to go and tells Sonny he's the father of the baby. Fluke instructs Julian to eliminate Jordan cause she betrayed him. Maxie is touched by Nathan's present, and they plan a date for New Year's Eve. Molly is stunned when she sees Ric at the door and immediately embraces him.

  • 2014/12/22
    Episode 20141222

    Alexis tells Nina she'll be representing her, but not Franco. Nathan hides the fact from Maxie, of who he was really talking to on the phone with. Jordan does her best to get Julian to give up where Carlos stashed Ric. The judge denies Franco's insanity plea and has him transferred to Pentonville. Alexis tells Maxie that Judge Walters somehow reversed his decision and she will be able to see her daughter. Johnny orders Carlos to kill Ric, after Shawn has no intention of co-operating. Morgan is comforted by Kiki after getting devastating news, and they share a kiss. Franco arrives, just as Sonny is about to kill Johnny. Jordan and Shawn get there as Carlos is about the pull the trigger.

  • 2014/12/19
    Episode 20141219
  • 2014/12/18
    Episode 20141218

    Nathan asks Alexis to represent Nina. Carlos tells Julian he has Ric tied up in the trunk of a car and will release him when Sonny complies with Johnny's request. Nina tells Franco that he lied to her about them being a family together. "Jake" goes to Patrick about these memory flashes he's been having, he suggests undergoing hypnotherapy. Anna tells Jordan to do whatever it takes in finding Ric, meaning back under cover in the Jerome organization. Duke meets with both Julian and Carlos, saying that Johnny will get what he deserves. Elizabeth lashes at Sam telling her to stop discrediting "Jake", Sam says that she will prove that he grabbed her at the police station. Nathan decides to keep his promise to Maxie and takes drastic measures and seeks help in dealing with Judge Walters.

  • 2014/12/17
    Episode 20141217

    Maxie finds solace in Nathan's arms saying Judge Walters denied her visitation with her daughter again. Michael tells Kiki and Morgan they need to move out of the Brownstone immediately, Carly then offers them to stay at her place. Sabrina reveals to Patrick she doesn't have a job at the hospital cause of what she tried to do to Ava. Silas tells Ava that her baby is staying with Morgan and Kiki. "Jake" starts having memory flashes after an argument with Sam, wondering if he really did do what she said. Sabrina visits Ava apologizing for her actions towards her. Sam forgives Patrick saying she doesn't want to lose their friendship. Sonny instructs Shawn to find Ric and bring him home, so he doesn't have to hand over his territory to Johnny.

  • 2014/12/16
    Episode 20141216

    Spencer reveals to Nikolas that Britt won't be going to jail since she's left town. Maxie finds herself all alone at her hearing, until Alexis shows up as her lawyer and Lulu for support. Sam tells Dante she thinks that "Jake" is the one who grabbed her. Dr. Obrecht tells "Jake" he is in her debt when he helped in the pediatric wing while Franco was away. Judge Walters brings up numerous times Maxie was caught with Nathan he denies her visitation, Alexis vows she will appeal. "Jake" is grateful for Elizabeth for believing he didn't do what Sam thinks he did. Helena threatens Nikolas by making sure everything he owns will be taken away from him.

  • 2014/12/15
    Episode 20141215

    Carlos tells Julian that Johnny has arranged for him bail money and to be apart of something huge. Ava and Nina both request to see baby Jaime. Morgan asks Silas to do a paternity test to prove if him or Sonny is the father. Alexis gets the feeling that Olivia is somewhat upset with her. Nina becomes emotional when Franco says that he won't be able to help her. Johnny tells Sonny about Ric's life is in his hands. Silas wants to be sure and asks Carly be tested so it will be a clear result if she's related to the baby. Olivia has a daydream of telling Ned her true feelings. Alexis wonders how Julian got out on bail when all his assets were frozen.

  • 2014/12/12
    Episode 20141212

    Sonny loses it on Johnny when he brings up the missing baby. Franco tells Ava and Morgan that the baby is upstairs with Nina. "Jake" proves himself when Carlos starts harassing Carly, she immediately offers him a job. Sam tells Elizabeth she thinks "Jake" is the one who grabbed her at the police station. Alexis confronts Julian about Ric being alive and if he knows where he is. Silas manages to talk Nina into letting him hold the baby, before giving it to Ava and afterwards Dante arrests her for Connie's murder. Johnny tells Sonny he has Ric and will hurt him if he doesn't hand over his territory. Carlos visits Julian saying he's gonna make sure he gets released.

  • 2014/12/11
    Episode 20141211

    Sonny tells Carly he doesn't want her coming to visit him at Pentonville anymore. Maxie visits Nathan while dressed as a hospital volunteer in order to see how he's doing. Fluke meets with his partner which turns out to be Helena. Dante tells Anna there's a lead on the whereabouts on Franco and Nina. Betsy Frank arrives at Ryan's and agrees to help Silas, Kiki, Morgan and Ava. Sam becomes alarmed after hearing something that "Jake" said, which was also said by the guy holding her at gunpoint. Helena assures Fluke the person who let Faison escape will have no memory of the event and will be useful to them. Carly goes to the Metro Court bar and runs into "Jake". Franco is approached by Dante and two RCMP officers.

  • 2014/12/10
    Episode 20141210

    Carly informs Sonny on Faison being Julian's boss, and was going around impersonating Luke. Delia is visited by Kiki and Morgan who come searching for Ava. Nina wakes up and notices the baby is missing, she's relieved when Franco returns with her. Dante questions Hooper of Faison's whereabouts, but gives information on Franco, Nina and the baby instead. "Jake" hears Sam on the phone wanting to find out who took her hostage last night. Delia is startled when both Ava and Silas enter Ryan's Pub. Fluke asks Michael he wants to be apart of E.L.Q. again, he gets a mysterious call and says they have to meet. Franco gets nervous when someone returning the baby's mitten recognizes who he is.

  • 2014/12/09
    Episode 20141209

    Dante and Anna search the pier and come across Jordan. Alexis goes looking for Molly to tell her the good news about Ric. Dr. Obrecht steps in ready to operate on Nathan. Elizabeth watches the news with "Jake" about tonight's shooting. Bob condones Jordan and fires her from the D.E.A. Lulu calls Maxie alerting her that Nathan was shot and brought to the hospital. Patrick offers Sam a shoulder to lean on, but she refuses. Elizabeth learns that Faison was the head of the Jerome family, which proves Ric's innocence. Maxie tells Nathan she doesn't care if she gets in trouble with Judge Walters, cause she wants to be here. Anna interrupts Alexis saying not to tell Molly about Ric, cause he's gone missing.

  • 2014/12/08
    Episode 20141208

    Lulu finds Maxie pining over Nathan, also her upcoming court hearing with Judge Walters. The person who abducts Sam shoots wounding Nathan, he drives off with the van and Faison inside. Johnny tells Sonny he did one thing right by allowing Carly to be set free. Spencer tells Britt that he wants to go with her, but encourages him to return to Wyndermere. Patrick tells Carly that when Faison shot Jason he didn't die as everyone thought he did. Anna tells Lulu that Dante went after the shooter. Helena applauds Jason for a job well done, and for him to forget about tonight's events. Johnny has Sonny beaten up by a few of his men while at Pentonville. Dr. Obrecht shares a tearful farewell to Britt and Faison who decides to stay for Nathan. "Jake" returns home and tells Elizabeth he looked all over for a job.

  • 2014/12/05
    Episode 20141205

    Sabrina apologizes to Michael for assuming Ava shot A.J. Elizabeth shows Nikolas the paper of Helena being spotted in town. Sam lays into Patrick for not telling her that Jason was at the clinic when they were there. Fluke tells Luke that Faison pretending to be him, was just to throw people off. Helena informs "Jake" of his true identity. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that Faison will be joining them after being sprung from jail. Sam gets abducted from the police station while watching Faison get transferred. Sabrina is overjoyed when she sees Carlos was released. Sonny is approached by someone and he looks up and sees it's Johnny Zacchara.

  • 2014/12/04
    Episode 20141204

    Helena tells Dr. Obrecht that Faison will be free in no time. Nikolas explains to Spencer why Britt is no longer living at Wyndermere. "Jake" recognizes a picture and shows Elizabeth that Helena stopped by the house on Thanksgiving. Faison tells Patrick that Victor Cassadine ordered the accident that killed his son. Brad offers to help Britt with her impending legal troubles. Spencer insists he wants Britt to be his mother, and hates Nikolas for kicking her out. Elizabeth calls Anna saying that Helena is in Port Charles. Dr. Obrecht assures Britt that everything is going to be okay. Fluke goes down in the basement and greets his guest which turns out to be Luke.

  • 2014/12/03
    Episode 20141203

    Franco tells Nina it's time they gave the baby a name. Anna is shocked when Faison was impersonating Luke this whole time. Dr. Obrecht steps in and tells Nikolas she persuaded Britt to fight for him by any means necessary. Molly is livid after Alexis tells her that Julian confessed that Ric was never his boss. Luke meets Rocco for the first time. Nikolas kicks Britt out and says he's going to prosecute her for what she did to Spencer. Madeline threatens to reveal Nathan's real father if Dr. Obrecht doesn't testify on her behalf. Anna reveals to Alexis some startling information about Ric still being alive. Faison makes a call to Luke who is really Fluke saying everything went down according to plan.

  • 2014/12/02
    Episode 20141202

    Anna informs Lucy that Duke is free because of Sonny. Fluke scolds Julian for freeing Luke from Miscavige. Nikolas feels that Britt is keeping something from him, and asks to tell him the truth. Tracy breaks down in Luke's arms for being so foolish to allow herself to be tricked by the impostor. Silas tells Ava he's not going to turn her in, but will help get her baby back. Nina tells Franco what a great life they can have together with the baby. Duke tells Lucy that he has taken over Sonny's business. Dante arrests Fluke, who Anna then takes off the latex mask and is shocked as to who it is.

  • 2014/12/01
    Episode 20141201

    Dr. Obrecht is beside herself that Faison is there with her. Alexis explains to everyone that Luke never really left Miscavige, and someone was posing as him and committing crimes in his name. Julian comes clean to Jordan about their boss and needs to leave before he finds him. Franco does his best to convince Nina to return the baby back to Ava. Silas calls Kiki and he learns that Ava is wanted for murder, and refuses to let her leave. Larry is confronted, but makes a quick escape and manages to get away. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt she will tell Nikolas everything if she calls the police on Faison, Nikolas then comes into the room. Julian prepares to leave, but finds Fluke pointing a gun at him.

  • 2014/11/26
    Episode 20141126

    Carly tells Sonny that Michael is changing his last name to Quartermaine. Helena quickly leaves before "Jake" brings Elizabeth in the room. Duke informs Anna he knows what she did to Faison, and she still won't forgive him for what he did for Sonny. Alexis works on getting Luke out of the straight jacket, as Julian apologizes and explains that Fluke threatened his family. Helena stops Faison from entering Wyndermere, and reminds him he has a job to do. "Jake" runs into Sam as she arrives for dinner at Elizabeth's. Alice comes to the rescue with pizza, as the food prepared is no good. Dr. Obrecht is shocked when she sees Faison. Alexis surprises everyone by bringing Luke to the mansion.

  • 2014/11/25
    Episode 20141125

    Carly tries to make amends with Michael for Thanksgiving, he says he's taking the Quartermaine name. Sonny informs Duke he's a free man, and to watch over his business for him. Helena surprises and tortures Luke in his padded room. Elizabeth tells "Jake" that Sam and Danny will be joining them for dinner. Agent Sloane tells Anna she will be put away for what she did to Faison. Alexis and Julian are shocked when they go into Luke's room. Patrick tells Sam to use her P.I. skills to find out stuff about "Jake". "Jake" opens the door and finds Helena standing there. Duke arrives at Anna's office. Carly visits Sonny at Pentonville.

  • 2014/11/24
    Episode 20141124

    Fluke taunts Luke at gunpoint. T.J. breaks down in Molly's arms, saying what went down between Shawn and his father. Sam plays the flash drive and it shows a mask being made to look like Luke. Dr. Obrecht lashes at Anna, after learning she left Faison in that place for a whole year. Julian finally comes clean to Alexis, and is livid that he allowed Ric to be framed and later killed while in custody. Jordan gets a visit from Bob, saying she shouldn't be anywhere near Shawn. Patrick and Sam quickly leave as Larry returns to the mansion. Anna learns from her guy at the stables, that Faison was released shortly after Robert hired him. Faison is shown on the pier taking a cigar out and smelling it.

  • 2014/11/21
    Episode 20141121

    Lulu alerts Patrick and Sam that Larry is on his way to the bank. Luke spits out the medication and regains control vowing to get out of Miscavige. Spencer takes Emma to the stables prompting her to give him one more chance. Anna tells Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloane that Faison never really left Spoon Island. Sam gets into the locked box and discovers a picture of Faison. Lulu tells Tracy that Larry has been in contact with Jerry Jacks. Anna is shocked when Dr. Obrecht searched the hatch for Faison, but comes up empty. Julian finally comes clean to Alexis about his boss being someone who's been posing as Luke Spencer. Luke manages to open the door to his room, but is stopped by Fluke.

  • 2014/11/20
    Episode 20141120

    Olivia visits Julian demanding that he tell her where Ava is. Patrick and Sam explain to Lulu about their plan, and to stall Larry from getting to the bank. Ava does her best to keep Silas from looking at the headline of the newspaper that she is on the run. Britt tells Nikolas that she changed her mind and is cooperating with Agent Sloane regarding her father's murder. Franco tries once again to convince Nina the baby she has isn't hers and Silas'. Lulu arrives at the mansion telling Larry he isn't going anywhere. Ava convinces Silas to help her go and look for Nina. Anna makes a shocking admission to Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloane that Faison is in fact alive.

  • 2014/11/19
    Episode 20141119

    Morgan steps in defending Kiki, as Michael accuses her of allowing Ava to escape. Sam asks Patrick to run interference with Larry, so she can find the key to the safety deposit box. Sonny pleads guilty, and makes a deal so that Carly can go home to Josslyn. Ava goes to Silas asking for his help in hiding her. Jordan and Shawn give heartbreaking news to T.J. about how his father really died. Anna has Julian brought into custody that Ava killed Connie on his orders. Sam manages to get a mold of the key so a copy can be made, so they can find the evidence they need.

  • 2014/11/18
    Episode 20141118

    Kiki tells Ava that once she told Michael the truth he ended their relationship. Sonny instructs Shawn to give Michael the recording. Patrick tells Dr. Obrecht that he's been reinstated at the hospital. Michael tells Monica that A.J. will be vindicated for Ava's crime. Spencer lets it slip to Nikolas someone else knew about his whereabouts after running away. Jordan and Shawn begin to tell T.J the truth about his father. Britt decides to help Agent Sloane bring down Anna for Faison's murder, after Dr. Obrecht threatens to destroy her relationship with Nikolas. Michael hands the recording over to Anna, she goes to talk with Ava, but isn't in her room. Alexis tells Sonny he's bringing everybody down with him who was involved in the cover up.Patrick and Sam overhear Larry talking on the phone with Jerry.

  • 2014/11/17
    Episode 20141117

    Patrick and Sam try to figure out a connection between Larry and Jerry. Britt tells Agent Sloane she won't help build a case against Anna for Faison's death. Alice overhears Larry on the phone, asking what he meant by acquiring something more. Michael demands the recording from Sonny so A.J. could be vindicated in Connie's murder. Monica learns that Sonny was arrested for A.J.'s death and vows to see that he goes to prison. Larry suggests that Michael be ousted from E.L.Q. for good. Dr. Obrecht is approached by Agent Sloane, who then runs into Anna in the hospital. Elizabeth watches as "Jake" helps Cameron with his homework. Michael tells everyone he's going by that name of Quartermaine now, not Corinthos.

  • 2014/11/14
    Episode 20141114

    Michael abruptly tells Kiki to get out so he and Rosalie can continue making love. Elizabeth informs Dr. Obrecht that "Jake" is going to be coming to live with her. Sonny tells Carly it's all on him cause he's the one who shot A.J. Alexis tells Duke that testifying against Sonny is his only option of not going to prison. "Jake" recognizes the pictures at the hospital of Lila, Edward and Alan Quartermaine. Michael tells Kiki their relationship is over after the secrets she and Morgan kept from him. Agent Sloane arrives at Wyndemere enlisting Britt's help, so he can make a case against Anna and Robert for the murder of Cesar Faison. Michael arrives at the jail to see Sonny.

  • 2014/11/13
    Episode 20141113

    Ava wakes up and Julian tells her that the search is still on for her daughter. Alexis tells Sonny she's here representing Duke. Kiki tries getting a hold of Michael, who then ignores her call. Madeline wakes up and sees she's handcuffed, she then lies to Nathan, and Dr. Obrecht learns of Franco's involvement in letting Nina escape. Morgan tells Carly that Ava told him and Kiki everything, but left out the detail about Connie. Alexis tells Duke the best thing for him is to roll over on Sonny. Franco stops Nina from calling Silas, saying the baby isn't even his. Scott takes pleasure in arresting Carly for conspiracy. Kiki is shocked when she comes to Michael's place and sees him in bed with Rosalie.

  • 2014/11/12
    Episode 20141112

    Dante and Nathan burst in the room, Carly, Shawn, Jordan and Heather realize there was no bomb. Morgan tells Kiki he can't sit back while a child that could be his is out there. Franco prepares to leave Port Charles for good, but has to do one last thing first. Nina hallucinates seeing Silas, but as Madeline wakes up realizes never called him. Sonny tells Duke he's to blame for getting him caught up in this mess with Anna. Michael surprises Rosalie when he plants a kiss on her. Nathan and Anna investigate the hotel room and find Madeline, but no Nina. Jordan agrees with Shawn they need to tell T.J. the truth. Carly watches a dvd that Franco sent her, saying he is leaving but will come back.

  • 2014/11/11
    Episode 20141111

    Franco returns telling Carly, Jordan, Heather and Shawn that there maybe a bomb attached to the door. Kiki tells Michael the truth and he says he wants nothing more to do with her or Morgan. Olivia and Lulu learn that Nina took Ava's baby and Sonny's arrest for A.J.'s murder. Maxie opens up to Lucas about Judge Walters threat if she pursues a relationship with Nathan. Nathan scolds Rosalie after she admits to telling Madeline where Ava was. Scott gloats as Sonny is being booked. Franco hints to Bobbie that Carly will never see him again. Nathan and Dante investigate Sonny's warehouse.

  • 2014/11/10
    Episode 20141110

    Patrick suspects Larry Ashton and Jerry are in cahoots. Julian is surprised that Alexis is still with Ned after their near scare with Danny's health. Dante and Morgan arrive telling Michael to not shoot Sonny. Elizabeth puts her foot down saying "Jake" is moving in with her. Madeline calls Silas telling him that Nina just had the baby. Ava tells Kiki that Michael had Sonny at gunpoint. Larry calls Jerry saying the first phase of their plan is complete, now onto the next one. Dante talks Michael down and arrests Sonny. Nina looks on as Madeline lies on the floor unconscious.

  • 2014/11/07
    Episode 20141107

    Michael tells Ava to leave so he can deal with Sonny himself. Anna arrests Duke and asks why he chose to lie for Sonny. Nathan asks Dante he'll arrest Sonny if he doesn't want to. Madeline admits to Nina she hired Ava to seduce Silas. Dante finally realizes that Michael has Max's gun and has gone after Sonny. Kiki and Silas discover Ava unconscious on the pier and bring her to the hospital. Bobbie has some choice words for Franco. Lucy assures Duke she'll get him a good lawyer. Michael tells Sonny he swore to A.J. that he was going to make his killer pay.

  • 2014/11/06
    Episode 20141106

    Scott tells Anna that whoever helped Sonny cover up his crime will go to jail, including Duke. Kiki is shocked after Morgan reveals that Ava is the one that killed Connie not A.J. Franco tells Heather that she is going to die along with Jordan, Shawn and Carly. Kiki is angry after Morgan says he told Sonny where to find Ava, but says he won't lay a finger on her. Duke decides to go talk with Anna, but she suddenly arrives at the Floating Rib. Scott orders Dante to go and bring Sonny in. Sonny points a gun at Ava saying he's going to kill her, a shot is fired, he turns around and sees Michael holding a gun.

  • 2014/11/05
    Episode 20141105

    Michael arrives at Sonny's hoping to confront him, and finds a gun on the floor. Carly lashes out at Franco for destroying her relationship with Michael. Julian tells Alexis that he will bank his bone marrow in case Danny needs it. Ava tells Nina that Madeline paid her to seduce Silas in order to break up their marriage. Carly storms off and encounters Heather holding her at gun point. Ava goes to leave the Brownstone and is startled when Sonny is there. Kiki tells Morgan the wedding was a disaster and Michael knows the truth about everything. Bobbie pleads with Scott, but he tells Dante he has the proof that Sonny killed A.J.

  • 2014/11/04
    Episode 20141104

    Heather shoots Max and tells him to give Sonny her regards. Michael listens to more of the video causing Carly to admit that A.J. said on his deathbed that Sonny killed him. Silas and Nathan realize that maybe Madeline and Nina are working together. Nina helps deliver Ava's baby, and says that it belongs to her now. Heather returns to deal with Jordan and Shawn personally. Dr. Obrecht puts the blame on Sonny and his lifestyle being the reason his bodyguard was shot. Michael publicly denounces both Sonny and Carly, she then sets her frustrations on Franco.

  • 2014/11/03
    Episode 20141103

    Nina explains to Ava she is going to induce labor, and take the baby once it's delivered. Franco stuns everyone when he shows proof of Carly and Sonny's affair. Anna questions Duke about his statement and gets him to change his mind. Elizabeth invites "Jake" to come stay with her after Dr. Obrecht discharges him from the hospital. Silas encounters Madeline in Dr. Obrecht's office, and says that Nina is spiraling out of control. Sonny and Morgan hear gun shots and find that Max was hit. Anna cautions Duke that if they find proof, he will go down along with Sonny. Michael watches in disbelief as Sonny admits on the video to killing A.J.

  • 2014/10/31
    Episode 20141031

    Morgan is beside himself when Sonny presents proof that Ava killed Connie. Carly seeks assurance from Franco that he won't reveal the truth. Nina injects Ava with a substance to paralyze her, and says she'll be taking her baby. Silas offers to run Danny's tests again to be sure. "Jake" insists that Elizabeth to draw him. Anna shares her theory to Dante about Sonny being the one that killed A.J. and not Carlos. Dr. Obrecht asks Madeline if she took her prescription pad from her desk. Morgan tells Sonny where he can find Ava. Franco surprises everyone at the wedding when he makes a startling announcement.

  • 2014/10/30
    Episode 20141030

    Jordan knocks out a guard finds Heather in a locked room. Sonny tells Morgan that he killed A.J. Madeline gets a hold of Danny's test results, making it look like his cancer has returned. Heather gets the upper hand and lets Shawn know she has Jordan hostage. Carly learns from Spencer he saw that Franco went into her email for something to use against Sonny. Nina makes her presence known to Ava. Sonny blurts out to Morgan that Ava is the one that killed Connie. Franco apologizes to Carly for arriving late to the wedding.

  • 2014/10/29
    Episode 20141029

    Franco puts the finishing touches on his video to play at the wedding. Morgan tells Ava and Silas there was a car outside but left as he showed up. Jordan overhears Shawn on the phone about possibly killing someone. Nina is livid after Madeline tells her that Silas spent the night at the Brownstone with Ava. Beach tells Franco that somebody knocked him out and took Heather in the process. Anna questions Sonny about him conspiring to commit a murder. Michael tells Carly that since Carlos is innocent, he will find whoever killed A.J. Shawn arrives and points gun saying he's here to drop off a wedding present.

  • 2014/10/28
    Episode 20141028

    Josslyn enlists Spencer in hiding her so she won't attend her mother's wedding tomorrow. Shawn and Sonny try to figure out why Franco wanted to bust Heather out of Ferncliff. Sam tells Patrick that Jerry played them by delivering someone who isn't Luke. "Jake" opens up and starts to bond with Michael. Franco goes to Scott's room cause Carly threw him out for the night. Nathan explains his problems to Diane about Judge Walters interfering in his relationship with Maxie.

  • 2014/10/27
    Episode 20141027

    Tracy is shocked when Jerry delivers Larry Ashton instead of Luke. Heather finds herself in a secluded location and thinks Franco sent Shawn to get her. Elizabeth is pleased when "Jake" stands up to Dr. Obrecht. Madeline tells Nina that Ava is hiding out at a brownstone by Kiki and Morgan. Franco tells Carly that a video will be played at the wedding. Michael tells Sonny about Carlos not the one who killed A.J. Nina asks Madeline to write her a prescription using Dr. Obrecht's pad.

  • 2014/10/24
    Episode 20141024

    Carly introduces herself to John Doe. Sonny envisions Connie, and she tells him not to punish Ava. Jerry goes far to threaten Brook-Lynn in order to get Ned to hand over his shares. Madeline tells Nina that Rosalie knows where Ava is. "Jake" questions Carly after finding out she's marrying Franco. Kiki tells Ava that Michael thinks she's the one who killed A.J. Tracy obliges and gives Jerry what he wants, he then says that Luke is right outside. Michael finds Sonny talking to himself in the Quartermaine crypt.

  • 2014/10/23
    Episode 20141023

    Tracy is determined to get additional E.L.Q. stock for Jerry, and is grateful when Alice hands hers over. Carly is surprised when Lulu says Franco changed the location of the wedding to the Haunted Star. Julian tells Alexis he knows nothing about any association with Jerry Jacks. Alice finds Monica in the family crypt putting flowers by Jason's plaque. Olivia tells Dante she actually wanted something out of her relationship with Ned. Franco fills Heather in about the wedding going to be memorable. Carly comes across the John Doe in the art therapy room. Sonny is surprised by the arrival of someone in the Quartermaine mausoleum.

  • 2014/10/22
    Episode 20141022

    Michael goes to Anna saying it's possible that his father's killer is still on the loose. Julian tells Ned to leave Port Charles and to stop seeing Alexis. Tracy informs Dante and Lulu of Jerry having Luke and wanting E.L.Q. Kiki tells Morgan she doesn't know how long she can keep this secret from Michael. Elizabeth tells John Doe more about her son's father. Sam and Patrick fill Alexis in on coming across Jerry in Amsterdam. Dr. Obrecht tells Anna she did not in fact kill Nathan's father. Alexis stops an intense fight between Ned and Julian.

  • 2014/10/21
    Episode 20141021

    Nathan runs into Rosalie thinking she might know where Nina is. Silas tells Ava he believes Nina and Rosalie are in cahoots. Franco tells Carly he asked Michael to be his best man and accepted. Michael tells Kiki he has new information regarding A.J.'s murder. Sonny tells Shawn everything is set to go down. Jordan's visit with T.J. doesn't go to well. Nina fills Madeline in on Rosalie's secret, and plan to use it to their advantage. Carly tells Franco about Olivia's vision of seeing Heather earlier at the hotel.

  • 2014/10/20
    Episode 20141020

    Bobbie lets it slip to Brad about Lucas graduating from medical school, but Lucas has no desire to pursue a medical career. Olivia has a vision seeing Heather holding a knife, saying there's gonna be trouble ahead. Franco unexpectedly invites Heather to attend his wedding. Sonny and Shawn put their plan to frame Heather in motion. Michael is thrown by Sabrina's admission of Ava wanting A.J. dead, and quickly calls Kiki. Madeline gets rid of Nathan, and says she will help her steal Ava's baby.

  • 2014/10/17
    Episode 20141017

    Franco tells Heather he still plans to marry Carly even though she cheated on him with Sonny. Silas tells Kiki all about Nina her list of people to get revenge on. Felix informs Nathan of Nina's miraculous recovery, and Madeline might be right about her. Morgan stays with Ava, while waiting for Kiki to return. Bobbie asks Carly if she truly wants to go through with this wedding. Sabrina reveals to Michael of Carlos not being the one who shot and killed A.J. Nina tells Madeline the one thing she can do for her is to give her Ava's baby.

  • 2014/10/16
    Episode 20141016

    Michael agrees to Franco's request to be his best man. Ava tells Kiki that she's certain Sabrina was purposely gave her the wrong medication. Madeline fills Nathan in on Nina's past erratic behavior. Nina confesses to Silas that she's the one who trashed his apartment. Sabrina tells Felix she made a mistake and that it could cost the life of Ava's baby. Sonny tells Shawn about pinning Heather on Franco's death. Kiki finds Silas unconsious on the floor of his apartment. Madeline comes face-to-face with Nina.

  • 2014/10/15
    Episode 20141015

    Franco prepares a special video to show Carly at their wedding. Rosalie tells Nina she can give her Ava. Silas is startled when Franco tells him about the list that Nina keeps in her pocket. Sabrina tells Jordan that she gave Ave the wrong medication. Carly blasts Sonny for asking Michael to return home. Jason remembers hearing both Jordan and Ava after being hit by the car. Britt wakes up after having a horrific nightmare of Nikolas discovering she and Spencer conspired. Kiki arrives seeing Morgan helping Ava who has gone into labor.

  • 2014/10/14
    Episode 20141014

    Jerry demands that Tracy hand E.L.Q. over to him. Dante informs John Doe, that his finger prints came up a dead end. Silas confronts Nina who confesses she did everything he accused her of doing. Madeline confesses to Nathan and Liesl that Nina has been controlling the family's money ever since she woke up. Spencer is over the moon that Britt is back living at Wyndemere. Jerry tells Helena that Tracy bought every word he said about Luke.

  • 2014/10/13
    Episode 20141013
  • 2014/10/10
    Episode 20141010
  • 2014/10/09
    Episode 20141009
  • 2014/10/08
    Episode 20141008
  • 2014/10/07
    Episode 20141007
  • 2014/10/06
    Episode 20141006
  • 2014/10/03
    Episode 20141003
  • 2014/10/02
    Episode 20141002
  • 2014/10/01
    Episode 20141001
  • 2014/09/30
    Episode 20140930
  • 2014/09/29
    Episode 20140929
  • 2014/09/26
    Episode 20140926
  • 2014/09/25
    Episode 20140925
  • 2014/09/24
    Episode 20140924
  • 2014/09/23
    Episode 20140923
  • 2014/09/22
    Episode 20140922
  • 2014/09/19
    Episode 20140919
  • 2014/09/18
    Episode 20140918
  • 2014/09/17
    Episode 20140917
  • 2014/09/16
    Episode 20140916
  • 2014/09/15
    Episode 20140915
  • 2014/09/12
    Episode 20140912
  • 2014/09/11
    Episode 20140911
  • 2014/09/10
    Episode 20140910
  • 2014/09/09
    Episode 20140909
  • 2014/09/08
    Episode 20140908
  • 2014/09/05
    Episode 20140905

    Emma lashes out telling Patrick she's upset cause Robin isn't here to take her to school. Kiki finds herself distracted while thinking of what Carly said to her last night. Nina tells Rosalie that Franco questioned her relationship to Silas. Spencer sees an opportunity to get Emma back. Sam tells Silas she and Patrick went to the clinic cause they were investigating Nina, and says she's keeping something from him. Kiki admits to Morgan that Carly slept with Sonny. Emma overhears some information. Sam asks Patrick why he didn't tell her he went to see Silas too. Spencer tells Emma he knows who put Rafe up to causing the accident.

  • 2014/09/04
    Episode 20140904

    Nina questions Rosalie about the card that was found among Rafe's belongings. Alexis receives a text from Julian to reconsider their relationship, but she says she can't. Carly walks in as Kiki is about to tell Franco she saw her with Sonny. Sonny tells Shawn that Kiki knows he and Carly slept together. Patrick tells Sabrina he thinks Victor Cassadine is the one who put Rafe up to running them off the road. Sam confides in Alexis about her theory that Nina doesn't need a wheelchair. Ava tells Julian she thinks Carlos may have told Sabrina something. Rosalie asks Nina if she plans on stealing Ava's baby.

  • 2014/09/03
    Episode 20140903

    Britt tells Dr. Obrecht that Nathan is out with Dante rescuing Maxie and Lulu. Ava has an unsettling encounter with Sabrina, who realizes she's a friend of Carlos. Nina continues to lie Silas saying she's able to get pregnant. Victor arrives and realizes Nathan is not in the room with everyone else, asks him to appear or else he'll shoot Maxie. Silas tells Patrick he came across a card from Crichton Clark institute. Victor questions Nathan after finding out that Liesl is his mother. Carly makes Kiki promise not to tell Franco what she just heard. Britt as Dr. Obrecht if Victor is Nathan's father.

  • 2014/09/02
    Episode 20140902

    Ava makes it clear to Nina to keep her distance from Kiki. Morgan asks Sonny for the family to come together, for Lulu to come home safely. Carlos tells Sabrina he never shot A.J. and wants her to keep quiet about it. Levi comes out of the cabin with a gun to Lulu's head, saying he wants means for a quick getaway. Morgan is stunned when Michael says he and Kiki had dinner at Ava's the other night. Dante manages to shot Levi in the shoulder, prompting Nathan to hurry to rescue Maxie. Kiki overhears Carly tell Sonny that Franco can't know they slept together. Nathan watches as everyone goes unconscious due to a gas bomb.

  • 2014/08/29
    Episode 20140829

    Silas goes to Franco telling him to tell Nina not to skip any more physical therapy. Dante and Nathan begin to trace the call hoping to locate Lulu and Maxie, but Levi returns scolding them. Sabrina asks Carlos if he knows who put Rafe up to causing the accident. Elizabeth surprises Nikolas when she pushes him away after he declares his love for her. Nina gets some upsetting news from Britt regarding her test results. Ava answers the phone telling the boss she has a proposition for him. Franco tells Silas that Nina desperately wants to have his baby. Levi prepares to move Maxie and Lulu, but is stopped by Dante outside saying the place is surrounded.

  • 2014/08/28
    Episode 20140828

    Nathan gives Nikolas that Levi's accomplice gave up information about who he really is. Nina has a disturbing dream of killing Silas. Levi explains to Maxie and Lulu this thing with the jewels is much more personal. Sabrina tells Felix she's going to make it her mission to find out why her son had to die. Anna has a theory of Levi being the son of Peter Harrell. Britt informs Lucas of Lulu and Maxie's kidnapping. Maxie manages to put Levi's phone in Lulu's hands and immediately calls Dante. Nina tells Britt she's her next patient and to find out if she's pregnant. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Britt knows of his feelings for her. Sabrina goes to visit Carlos is prison.

  • 2014/08/27
    Episode 20140827

    Franco starts to wonder after to talking with Scott, that Carly may have lied to him. Silas questions Nina about a Chrichton Clark business card found among Rafe's belongings, and if she had given him money. Mac informs Anna his theory about where Maxie and Lulu are, and Frisco is somehow involved. Patrick and Sam make a bet while playing pool. Franco cautions Sonny to stay away from Carly. Nina tells Silas that she wants to make love to him. Scribner reveals Levi's real name, and Felicia recognizes it as the same as that of her old fianceé.

  • 2014/08/26
    Episode 20140826

    Nathan and Dante discover blood in the cabin. Ava is startled when Michael reveals that Luke has been hitting on Kiki, and abruptly knocks Michael's dessert on the floor. Julian offers Sonny a truce. Ned tells Tracy that Lulu was kidnapped. Scribner appears and collapses and tells Dante and Nathan that Levi shot him when he changed the plan. Lucy ponders to Scott over the kidnapping thinking what if it was their daughter. Julian tells Ava her only chance is to retrieve that recording. Tracy tries to get a hold of Luke to tell him about Lulu. Franco rethinks the other night when Scott says he wasn't with Bobbie.

  • 2014/08/25
    Episode 20140825

    Levi returns to the cabin and Maxie demands to know what happened to Lulu. Sonny offers his help for Dante in finding Maxie and Lulu who were kidnapped. Ava tells Julian she is going to poison Michael. Nathan tells Nikolas a body was found, but it was not Maxie or Lulu. Michael tells Kiki he's hesitant going to Ava's penthouse cause it's where A.J. was shot. Britt sees that Nathan feels something other then friendship for Maxie. Olivia is shocked that Lulu and Maxie were kidnapped and Coleman is somehow involved. Nikolas tells Elizabeth he's letting Britt stay at his house. Coleman tells Dante the deal was supposed to go down tonight. Nathan and Dante enter the cabin and sees something startling. Julian pays a visit to Sonny at his office.

  • 2014/08/22
    Episode 20140822

    Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin never went to Africa, instead she left her family to help Jason. Nina vents to Rosalie about her being upset that Ava is pregnant. Carly tries to make Sonny see that what happened last night can ever happen again. Julian reveals to Ava that their boss is someone that's been posing as Luke Spencer. Sam finds a phone number in Rafe's phone the day of the accident. Morgan tells Franco if he's sure nothing would ever happen between Sonny and Carly. Nina plots to figure out how to have a baby. Ava calls Kiki and invites her and Michael over for dinner.

  • 2014/08/21
    Episode 20140821

    Patrick informs Sabrina he was fired from the hospital, cause his patient Rafe caused the accident. Ned informs Alexis of Tracy's latest ploy and her "annulment" was fake. Franco continues to apologize for not believing that Sonny wasn't upstairs in their bedroom, Bobbie comes downstairs and tells Carly to tell her the truth. Shawn tells Sonny that he is seeing Jordan and T.J. doesn't know, Sonny says he was with Carly last night. Sam and Silas go through Rafe's personal belongings and discovery a lot of money in his wallet. Julian almost learns Fluke's plans for Sonny until Jordan arrives.

  • 2014/08/20
    Episode 20140820

    Shawn tells Jordan that T.J. will hate the idea of them sneaking around behind his back. Franco asks Carly if the extra glass of wine on the table is for Sonny, she quickly covers saying it belongs to her mother. Ned catches Tracy video chatting with "Luke" saying he hopes he stays exactly where he is. Michael tells Ned of Tracy and Luke's plan to get back E.L.Q. Ava tells Kiki that the baby just kicked. Franco searches the house expecting to find Sonny, but comes up empty. Michael tells Kiki that Tracy's annulment was all a ploy. "Luke" makes a call to Ava saying he wants her to kill Michael.

  • 2014/08/19
    Episode 20140819

    Everyone gathers as Alice wakes up from surgery. Silas overhears Franco tell Nina that he is going to keep her secret. Kiki brings Ava a present over for her birthday, and says that Sami and Silas broke up. Carly realizes what she and Sonny have done. Michael fires Tracy after Alice says she and Luke are plotting to get E.L.Q. back. Ned asks Olivia he would love to continuing hanging out as friends. Franco returns home, and tells Carly he knows about the kiss. Ava tells Kiki to be careful while being around Nina.

  • 2014/08/18
    Episode 20140818

    Anna discusses with other officers the search for Lulu and Maxie who've been kidnapped. Nikolas tells Britt he stopped their kiss cause of Elizabeth. Lucy and Felicia rush Mac to the hospital. Sonny confesses to Carly that he wants to be with her. Nina confirms to Franco that Carly did kiss Sonny back. Dante tells Anna he and Nathan found Quint in the water, and has him arrested and learns that the boat sank. Franco is determined to get to Carly and make Sonny pay. Elizabeth tries to get in touch with Nikolas to tell him about Lulu. Officer Hoffmann gives Dante and Nathan that Maxie's veil was found. Levi tells Lulu and Maxie that they're going to be together for a while.

  • 2014/08/15
    Episode 20140815

    Epiphany opens up to Elizabeth about her feelings for Milo. Nina is told by Franco about Ava's pregnancy, and that it could be either Sonny's or Morgan's. Carly is startled when Sonny arrives with her pizza when she was expecting Milo. Felix doesn't get the news he was hoping for when Milo admits he has a crush on Epiphany. Lucas tells Brad before he was interrupted earlier, he was going to choose him. Spencer is thrilled when Britt is here, asking if she and Nikolas are back together. Nina tells Franco about Sonny and Carly's kiss.

  • 2014/08/14
    Episode 20140814

    Milo reveals to Sonny that he is in love with someone that he can't have. Levi tells Dante and Nathan not to try anything cause Maxie and Lulu will be coming as well. Elizabeth knocks over a milkshake on to Britt's lap, but Nikolas knows she did it on purpose. Lucas tells Brad and Felix what he wants for the evening. Olivia comes by to apologize to Carly, and asks if she's into Sonny again. Franco tells Dr. Obrecht that he is the reason Nina hasn't been attending her physical therapy sessions. Franco and Nina find themselves trapped in an elevator together. Levi shoots Mac in the shoulder, as he leaves with Maxie and Lulu. Nikolas offers Britt to come live with him at Wyndemere.

  • 2014/08/13
    Episode 20140813

    Lucas startles Carly and realizes she just had a kinky dream about someone. Franco witnesses an awkward moment between Brad and Felix. Dante finds Nathan tied up and says they need to stop Maxie from marrying Levi. Britt is angered when Nikolas goes off with Elizabeth to have dinner. Nathan interrupts the ceremony telling Levi he's under arrest. Olivia admits to Sonny that she's been lying to him about her and Ned. Brad reveals to Britt his latest idea towards Felix and Lucas. Maxie is shocked when Levi shows his true colors, Levi orders Felicia to hand over the earrings.

  • 2014/08/12
    Episode 20140812

    Lulu asks Maxie if Nathan's feelings for him change her decision to marry Levi. Felicia tells Dante that Nathan was asking questions about her necklace. Patrick asks Sam if she'll help her find the person who targeted his family. Robin watches as Victor injects Jason with the drug, and to see if it works. Levi arrives and Nathan is shown tied up in the state room. Agent Scribner arrives to make sure the wedding is legit. Victor orders to have Robin removed admitting that he used her. Dante thinks something is wrong when he sees blood on Levi's shirt collar.

  • 2014/08/11
    Episode 20140811

    Levi holds the necklace, and is almost caught with it by Felicia. Mac reveals to Maxie the feelings Nathan has for her are romantic. Emma asks Patrick when he stopped being in love with Robin. Robin tells Victor she had a breakthrough and should use a protocol on Helena or Stavros. Silas tells Sam what Molly remembered the night of the accident. Victor personally injects Jason with Robin's treatment. Maxie tells Lulu that what Mac told her shouldn't change a thing. Nathan finds the necklace in Levi's clothes and Levi points a gun at him.

  • 2014/08/08
    Episode 20140808

    Nathan finally opens up to Mac about his feelings for Maxie. Dante quickly hides the file on Mickey Diamond as Lulu shows up at the station. Felicia tells Maxie that there's still time to stop the wedding. Carly arrives and tells Ava their going to the hospital to do a paternity test on the baby. Sonny tells Morgan he should know the truth about him and Ava. Nathan is approached by someone who said someone stole an egyptian necklace from him. Mac starts to tell Maxie the feelings Nathan has for her.

  • 2014/08/07
    Episode 20140807

    Julian admits to Alexis that he is still in the mob business. Robin tells Victor that she told Patrick that Jason was dead, even though he's not. Sam tells Patrick they need to leave right away, cause William tripped the alarm. Molly tells Silas that Rafe someone put him up to driving Patrick's car off the road. Nina watches as Sonny kisses Carly. Mickey's sister arrives and says she wants Alice to have his heart. Victor tells Robin he'll arrange another accident for Patrick and Emma if she doesn't get back to work. Selma comes out telling Sonny that everything went perfectly and Alice is gonna get the heart.

  • 2014/08/06
    Episode 20140806

    Patrick tells Robin if Jason is dead then why hasn't she come home. Jordan tells Julian the cops bought the story she fed to police about the shooting the other night. Michael tells Morgan that Ava no longer lives with Sonny. Alexis approaches Julian who admits to killing Mickey in retaliation for harming his family. Jordan and Shawn give into their feelings and get passionate. Sonny catches Olivia planting a kiss on Ned. Patrick runs into Sam in the hallway after asking Robin for a divorce. Ned tells Morgan and Michael it's time to break it to Alice that she won't be getting a new heart.

  • 2014/08/05
    Episode 20140805

    Patrick is shocked to discover Robin at Crichton-Clark and has been there the whole time. Nikolas thanks Elizabeth for bringing Felix tells Lucas he wants to be with him and not Brad. Sam covers by telling William she was looking on the GH website to look at her schedule. Franco assures Carly he didn't know Spencer was being hidden by Josslyn. Patrick demands that Robin tell him if Jason is here at the clinic or not. Sam's cover is blown after William checks into the incident that occurred there. Spencer tells Britt it's gonna take a little bit more time.

  • 2014/08/04
    Episode 20140804

    Patrick and Sam go to the Crichton-Clark clinic hoping and poses as Sabrina to help prove Nina's lying about her condition. Emma tells Cameron she feels Spencer running away is all her fault. Carly asks Franco if he knows what Josslyn is hiding from her. Kiki tells Olivia saying that Alice could be getting a new heart very soon. Patrick asks William if he can enter a restricted area of the place. Elizabeth brings Spencer home after finding him at Carly's. Sam is caught hacking into the clinic's computer. Nina warns Franco to be worried about her, but Carly instead.

  • 2014/08/01
    Episode 20140801

    Ava hopes to benefit from learning Luke is Julian's boss. Brad tells Britt all she has to do is bring Spencer home and all will be great with Nikolas again. Silas asks Nina what exactly happened last night. Spencer confronts Franco after overhearing his plans, and gets the upper hand on him. Julian tells Sonny he'll be going down after hearing whatever information Ava has. Patrick and Sam realize the truth about Nina.

  • 2014/07/31
    Episode 20140731

    Spencer tells Britt to hurry up in getting back together with his father. Anna tells Dante that Jordan said Julian's boss resembled that Luke's voice. Julian demands answers from "Fluke", but he wants to know what info her has on Sonny. Carly asks Franco where he was after he left the hotel. Nikolas asks Anny why a mob persons death takes precedance over locating his son. Franco tries to get into Carly's email looking for the recording, as Spencer comes down and spots him but quickly hides. Elizabeth tells Tracy that Mickey is not an organ donor. Brad tells Britt that her telling Nikolas the truth is a bad idea.

  • 2014/07/30
    Episode 20140730

    Lulu refuses to stand up for Maxie thinking she's got feelings for Nathan. Julian tells Jordan that Mickey had someone put a bomb at Alexis's house tonight. Alexis breaks the news to Molly about their house burning down. Alice is surprised when Morgan brought David Otunga to visit her in the hospital. Tracy tells Ned that Alice desperately needs a heart or else she'll die. Molly thinks Julian might be involved in what happened. Nathan confesses to Nina he does feel something for Maxie. Jordan answers Mickey's phone and tells Anna that Julian's boss sounds a lot like Luke. Tracy sees a potential donor for Alice come into the hospital.

  • 2014/07/29
    Episode 20140729

    Mickey learns that Jordan is an undercover D.E.A. agent, Jordan offers a deal for the name of his boss. Sam tells Nina the reason she came here tonight is to tell Silas something. Ned offers Olivia to stay in his hotel room. Shawn expresses his concern for Jordan to Sonny on getting herself in too deep. Alexis and Sam are told the fire was cause by some sort of an explosion. Ava asks Franco to blow the whistle on Sonny by telling Michael that he shot A.J. Julian storms into the room and shots Mickey, unknowingly saving Jordan.

  • 2014/07/28
    Episode 20140728

    Mickey has someone plant a bomb in the mailbox and hides when Alexis arrives at home with T.J. and Molly. Julian asks Ava what other incriminating evidence does Sonny have on her. Olivia pleads with Carly to evict Sonny from the hotel. Jordan tells Mickey she wanted to surprise him, but Shawn let himself into the room. Ava tells Julian she has a way to get to Carly through Franco.Sam watches the footage and sees someone was eavesdropping on her and Silas. Mickey sends Julian a weird text as an explosion occurs at Alexis's house.

  • 2014/07/25
    Episode 20140725

    Shawn and Sonny learn Julian rescued Ava, they then recognize Mickey. Ned catches Tracy on the phone conspiring, who admits she's illegally looking for a heart for Alice. Sam tells Patrick there maybe a way to prove Nina is the one who told the press. Shawn catches Jordan searching Mickey's hotel room. Olivia tells Sonny she is kicking him out of the Metro Court. Tracy asks Ned to come home for good. Julian scolds Mickey for lacing the cocaine with heroin. Nina crushes pills and puts them into Silas's drink.

  • 2014/07/24
    Episode 20140724

    Patrick tells Anna that Dr. Obrecht fired him from the hospital cause said he wanted Rafe dead. Ava tells Julian that Sonny killed A.J. and agrees to help her escape. Mickey approaches Alexis saying he is one of Julian's business associates. T.J. tells Molly someone was asking him questions about his mother. Carly watches as Franco teaches a patient in art therapy. Alexis tells Molly she and Julian decided to not see each other for her sake. Sonny and Shawn notice Ava is missing and know where she's headed. Sam tells Silas decide to end their relationship. Franco asks Nina why is Silas and Kiki on her list. Shawn and Sonny race to the roof to stop Ava, but is too late.

  • 2014/07/23
    Episode 20140723

    Jordan tells Anna she tried again for Julian to name his boss without success. Morgan storms off after not getting any honest answers from Sonny about why he moved Ava in his house. Julian tells Alexis that Molly refuses to come home not with him still here. Morgan runs into Rosalie in the park and opens up about his recent problems. Felicia encourages Lucy to go and fight for Scott. Mickey poses as a D.E.A. agent hoping to get T.J. to give him information on Jordan. Ava reaches out to Julian for help, saying she has something that'll bring Sonny down for good. Anna is against Jordan's idea of cozying up to Mickey.

  • 2014/07/22
    Episode 20140722

    The reported puts Patrick on the spot with a source he wanted Rafe dead. Britt, Olivia and Nikolas continue their search for Spencer. Scott tells Anna he wants to know why there were drugs in Rafe's system. Julian asks Jordan what she and Mickey have been up to with dealing heroin while he was out of town. Mac tells Maxie she is against her marriage to Levi. Sam tells Patrick she told Silas everything they talked about. Scott returns to his suite to find Lucy and Bobbie fighting. Sam and Silas point fingers at each other, which pleases Nina very much. Dr. Obrecht fires Patrick after admitting he made the statement.

  • 2014/07/21
    Episode 20140721

    Levi tells Maxie that her moving with him to Australia is a bad idea. Dr. Obrecht tells Anna to concentrate on getting the drugs out of Port Charles. Lucy arrives in tears telling Felicia she heard about Rafe, and blames herself for not being there for him. Spencer holds up at the Metro Court hoping it'll bring Nikolas and Britt together. Nina tells Silas that Sam is consoling Patrick. Dante tells Nathan he will help prove that Levi is setting out to make him look bad. Nina makes an offer to a reporter at the press conference to make Patrick look bad. Britt tries warns Spencer that Nikolas knows where he is. Lucy goes to talk to Scott, but is shocked to see Bobbie in his room. Nathan, Felicia and Mac are shocked when Maxie announces her engagement to Levi.

  • 2014/07/18
    Episode 20140718

    Dr. Obrecht tells Britt to deal with Elizabeth on her own. Nina decides to confess all to Silas, and is upset when he doesn't seem interested in it. Nathan comes home to find that Maxie is evicting him, and then accuses Levi of calling immigration on himself. Spencer tries to move on with Josslyn, but Cameron sees through his ploy. Silas threatens Dr. Obrecht that he'll go to the press about Patrick botching Rafe's surgery. Anna encourages Patrick to fight for his marriage to Robin. Nina sneaks up and listens while Sam telling Silas she believes Patrick didn't kill Rafe intentionally. Spencer tells Britt he has a plan that's sure to work. Maxie tells Levi she will make sure he won't be deported.

  • 2014/07/16
    Episode 20140716

    Michael asks Tracy that Alice trying to warn her about something, and is determined to find out what. Spencer puts Josslyn up to making Britt look good in front of Nikolas. Silas tells Nina he heard her calling Rafe's name in her sleep. Morgan tells Kiki to take out her frustrations by breaking things. Molly, Sam, Silas says goodbye to Rafe as he's taken off life support. Tracy tells Alice in return to getting her a new heart, she keep quiet about why she's at E.L.Q. Felix takes Elizabeth to the park, who then sees Britt and Nikolas together.

  • 2014/07/15
    Episode 20140715

    Shawn approaches Mickey cautioning him to take his hands off of Jordan while on her date. Maxie asks Mac and Nathan who told about Levi. Franco asks Carly how could she tell Sonny that he almost told Michael. Lucas tells Julian he caught Felix and Brad kissing earlier. Nathan is confused when the recent number on his phone was that of immigration. Mickey gives Jordan a dangerous proposition.

  • 2014/07/14
    Episode 20140714

    Nathan tells Maxie he told Dante about Levi's visa expiring. Sonny tells Carly that his secret came this close to being exposed. Nina watches as Rafe takes out the tube and threatens to tell Silas about her plan. Silas agrees to donate Rafe's heart for Alice. Tracy tells Michael that Morgan and Kiki have been getting close. Franco asks Nina if she's alright and sees that Rafe is still in a coma. Maxie goes and confronts Dante and Mac. Carly tells Sonny she caught Franco about to tell Michael that he shot A.J. Dr. Obrecht tells Monica the transplant is off cause Rafe tested for heroine

  • 2014/07/11
    Episode 20140711

    Maxie is speechless when immigration arrives at her doorstep. Lucas explains to Lulu of the love triangle he's caught in. Nina continues to play into Silas' affections by saying Patrick could've purposely punished Rafe. Lucas arrives and sees Brad and Felix in a moment. Patrick tells Sam she has to believe he wouldn't intentionally do anything to harm Rafe. Maxie thinks Nathan was the one who tipped off immigration about Levi's visa expiring. Nina is startled when Rafe suddenly grabs her hand and wakes up.

  • 2014/07/10
    Episode 20140710

    Patrick delivers bad news to Silas and Sam about Rafe's condition as Nina overhears. Silas blasts at Patrick for intentionally botching the surgery causing Rafe to have brain damage. Morgan reminisces with Kiki on how good Alice was to him while he was living at the mansion. Maxie wonders after talking with Lulu that if she has feelings for Nathan. Lucas tells Brad he still has feelings for him, but is unable to trust him. Kiki rushes to Silas after hearing what happened to Rafe. Alice tries to warn Michael about Tracy. Sam asks Patrick if he did this deliberately to Rafe.

  • 2014/07/09
    Episode 20140709

    Patrick looks at his shadow self saying to him to kill Rafe on the table. Dante tells Lulu he shouldn't have questioned Molly so soon after her accident. Jordan alerts Anna about a new player in the mob and he's watching her every move. Nina tells Rosalie that Silas spent all night with his girlfriend at the hospital. Levi comes home to find Nathan and Maxie together saying he almost got deported last night. Julian consoles Alexis after Molly had a little setback.

  • 2014/07/08
    Episode 20140708

    Franco tells Carly that he got a job at the hospital. Delia finds the flash drive in Sonny's office only to be caught by Olivia. Shawn and Jordan continue to fight their attraction to one another. Dr. Obrecht orders Patrick to perform surgery on Rafe immediately. Monica informs Morgan, Michael and Tracy that Alice needs a new heart. Sonny tells Ava that he got Delia out of town and he's watching her more closely now. Dante questions Molly about the events before the car crashed. Silas cautions Patrick that he better not botch the surgery in any way.

  • 2014/07/07
    Episode 20140707

    Delia and Ava conspire to get evidence against Sonny. Rafe leaves the car but collapses on the ground. Nina tells Silas that Rafe's troubles aren't his fault. Patrick informs Alexis and T.J. that Rafe is the one that ran him off the road and lead to his son's death. Michael and Morgan confront Tracy asking what she and Alice were fighting about. Olivia reminisces with Lulu about how she and Sonny got together a year ago. Patrick lets himself into see Rafe wanting answers from him about the accident. Delia lets herself into Sonny's office at the Metro Court.

  • 2014/07/03
    Episode 20140703

    Silas finds Nina on the floor and says Rafe did this to her. Britt asks Spencer if he wants Cameron and Elizabeth joining him and his father to watch the fireworks. T.J. tells Alexis about his seeing Rafe doing drugs in the park and Molly went to go talk to him. Patrick tells Emma he and her mother are gonna get a divorce. Nathan and Maxie share a brief moment. Rafe makes a confession to Molly the killed Patrick and Sabrina's baby and cause he did it on purpose cause someone put him up to it.

  • 2014/07/02
    Episode 20140702

    Maxie and Nathan find themselves handcuffed together. Rafe takes off back to Silas's apartment and makes a discovery about Nina plotting to break him and Sam up. Alice suffers chest pains and collapses before telling Michael what Tracy is planning. T.J. and Molly prepare to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks. Silas and Patrick go in search of Rafe who's gone missing and enlist Dante's help to find him. Ned asks Alexis to check and see if Tracy's annulment papers are legitiment.

  • 2014/07/01
    Episode 20140701

    Ava tells Delia that once she gives birth Sonny is going to kill her. Alice catches Tracy red handed plotting with Luke to oust Michael as C.E.O of E.L.Q. Dante tells Olivia that the reason Sonny said for Ava living in his house is because of Connie. Nathan responds to the brownstone and sees Maxie and Levi's protest. Patrick tells Silas they have information about the accident and his car was involved. Lulu gets the news she's been waiting for and will possibly carry a baby to term. Rafe overhears Sam questions Silas, and Kiki says that he could've driven the car.

  • 2014/06/30
    Episode 20140630

    Franco intends to tell Michael the truth about A.J. hoping to get Sonny away from Carly. Sam tells Patrick that the car used in the accident belongs to Silas. Slade cuts off Rafe for drugs until he pays his tab. Ava introduces Sonny to her mother Delia. Levi starts a sit in to stop the revitalization project on the waterfront. Carly lashes at Franco cause he was about to tell Michael that Sonny was the one that shot A.J. Patrick confronts Silas saying the accident concerns himself.

  • 2014/06/27
    Episode 20140627

    Tracy continues to scheme to gain control of E.L.Q. Patrick and Sam visit an auto body shop but the owner refuses to give out any information. Franco loses it after he sees Carly and Sonny together. Levi shows Maxie about a project and thinks it's a bad idea for the community. Rafe seeks forgiveness from Molly of the stuff he put her and T.J. through. Patrick pleads with Bill saying the car caused an accident which killed his son, and allows Sam to look up the name and is shocked as to who it is.

  • 2014/06/26
    Episode 20140626

    Patrick tells Sam he has a memory of another car crashing. Kiki sees that something is seriously bothering Rafe that he won't open up to her. Franco goes to Dr. Obrecht looking for a job, but she gives him a intriguing offer in return. Maxie stops Nathan and Levi from getting into it yet again. Sonny tries to get Spencer to try to get over Emma. Molly breaks down while going through Ric's personal things with Alexis. Franco sees Carly and Sonny in an embrace. Sam finds paint from the other car on the guard railing. Anna reinstates Nathan to active duty and the first thing he plans is to prove that Levi is no good.

  • 2014/06/25
    Episode 20140625

    Dr. Obrecht presents to Britt her plan for her to win Nikolas back. Spencer and Cameron find themselves attending the same ballet class. Sam tells Alexis she thinks that Nina sabatoged her date with Silas deliberately. Michael tells Sonny it must be bad cause he wouldn't allow Ava in his house. Nina and Rosalie find themselves in trouble when Silas insists on taking her to physical therapy. Nikolas is grateful to Britt for stepping in and getting Elizabeth her job back at the hospital.

  • 2014/06/24
    Episode 20140624

    Nathan expresses his concern to Mac about Levi being the one that tipped off Judge Walters that he lied to cover for Maxie. Franco becomes jealous over Carly constantly going to be by Sonny's side. Nina tells Rosalie her plan worked and Silas is on her way home. Ava continues to taunt Sonny about her child by threatening to drink alcohol. Sam tells Patrick she believes Nina ruined her date with Silas on purpose.

  • 2014/06/23
    Episode 20140623

    Carly issues a stern warning for Ava. Maxie shares the outcome of her verdict with Lulu. Rosalie cautions Nina to be more careful cause someone else could've seen her up and walking. Silas takes Sam to a surprise picnic in the park. Nathan accuses Levi of being the one who told the judge that he lied to cover for Maxie. Franco calls Kiki to help him deal with Josslyn. Nina makes frantic phone call to Silas saying she's fallen and is unable to get in her chair hoping he comes rushing home.

  • 2014/06/20
    Episode 20140620

    Anna tells Alexis to be cautious around Julian. Julian asks Jordan she's putting her son at risk by asking the name of his boss. Nina asks Silas why Sam still wears her wedding ring. Maxie tells Nathan she didn't want him perjuring himself for her sake, the judge rules to reconvene in another six months. Julian almost reveals the name of his boss to Jordan, but Mickey interrupts them saying the boss sent him to watch over things. Nina flashes back to when she was the one who trashed Silas' apartment not Madeline.

  • 2014/06/19
    Episode 20140619

    Tracy tells Michael and Kiki she found out the hard way who Luke really is, and wants to come back to work. Anna pressures Jordan to speed up her plan. Molly tells Alexis she's moving in with Sam. Levi stands up telling Judge Walters to allow Maxie to see her daughter. Anna quickly covers for Jordan when T.J. arrives at the gallery. Maxie confesses that she saw the notice, before Nathan threw it out cause it frightened her a bit cause she felt she wasn't ready yet. Sam allows Molly to stay with her for the time being. Tracy calls Luke saying their plan worked and it won't be long before she's in charge of E.L.Q. once again.

  • 2014/06/18
    Episode 20140618

    Morgan tells Carly of his new living arrangements. Nathan tells Maxie that the judge insisted I be apart of her hearing. Dante tells Sonny to make him understand why he cheated on his mother with Ava. Judge Walters tells Nathan he believes he lied to him about accidentally throwing out the court order. Michael tells Kiki about his latest housing development for E.L.Q. Lulu tells Dante she's on board for the procedure. Tracy returns early from her honeymoon.

  • 2014/06/17
    Episode 20140617

    Morgan tells Michael he left Carly's cause Franco is moving in. Silas explains to Nathan he told Nina about him and Sam. Sonny tells Julian he wants to hear the truth from him. Kiki and Morgan question what Sonny and Ava are hiding. Josslyn lets Carly know she doesn't want Franco living in her house. Silas comes home to find Sam and Nina.

  • 2014/06/16
    Episode 20140616

    Sonny lays into Anna for allowing a cop to shoot Ric and if it's possible he was framed. Levi asks Nathan he know he wants something more then friendship with Maxie. Julian calls his boss saying how many more people have to die before his vendetta is complete. Silas tells Sam he told Nina about them, but she is still living with him. Julian tells Duke he wants to put their feud behind them. Nina calls Rafe out knowing he's been doing drugs and makes her promise not to tell Silas. Sabrina tells Patrick that Juan offered to take her back to Puerto Rico to help her heal. Maxie asks what Levi and Nathan were arguing about. Rafe goes to the funeral and watches everyone say goodbye to Gabriel.

  • 2014/06/13
    Episode 20140613

    Anna tells Ric he needs to stay "dead" in order to protect his loved ones. Brad misinterprets an embrace between Lucas and Felix and makes matters worse. Molly tells Alexis she wants to go and see her father for herself. Nathan asks Maxie to join him for lunch to get his mind off of things. Dr. Obrecht fires Elizabeth for her insubortenance. Sonny tells Duke the reason Ava is living with him is cause she's the one who killed Connie. Maxie learns why Nathan is beating himself up after learning he's the one that shot Ric.

  • 2014/06/12
    Episode 20140612

    Anna quickly reacts to the shooting at the police station. Levi sees that Maxie's mind is elsewhere during their yoga session. Nina asks Silas if his relationship with Sam is serious. Anna breaks the news to Molly and Elizabeth that Ric is dead. Patrick gets through to Sabrina and remembers her baby died. Rafe has a brief recollection the night of the accident. Anna tells Ric to wake up cause they're alone.

  • 2014/06/11
    Episode 20140611

    Anna tells Ric she knows he's innocent and releasing him will only anger Julian's real boss. Sam offers to help Patrick plan Gabriel's funeral. Rafe and T.J. get into it by saying he was doing drugs and not selling them like his mother does. Molly is delighted to have both Diane and Elizabeth on her side in believing Ric was set up. Felix worries about Sabrina's state of mind. Nina tells Silas that Madeline is the one to blame for taking 20 years of her life away. Patrick goes to talk with Sabrina and finds her wearing her wedding dress.

  • 2014/06/10
    Episode 20140610

    Julian tells Jordan that Ric was never the person he takes orders from. Britt spies on Nikolas comforting Elizabeth from a far. Molly asks Alexis how could she be sure Julian isn't lying. Ric tries to make Sonny see that he is being set up. Duke lays into Anna for releasing Julian and giving him immunity. Britt lashes at Brad saying he isn't going to get Lucas back. Jordan and Anna meet and she says Julian confided in her about Ric being innocent and the evidence was fabricated. Brad tells Britt to resort to her old ways to get Nikolas back.

  • 2014/06/09
    Episode 20140609

    Anna tells Jordan to tell T.J. she's an undercover D.E.A agent and her job is finished. Morgan makes an assumption about Sonny and Ava. Silas tells Nina that Kiki is his daughter with Ava. "Fluke" orders Julian to get back to work right away. Sonny tells Ava to call Morgan and tell him why he's living with him. Julian tells Jordan it's time to get back to work cause he got orders from their boss and reveals that it was never Ric.

  • 2014/06/06
    Episode 20140606

    Morgan informs Kiki that Ava is pregnant with either his child or Sonny's. Sam tells Alexis that Silas wants to tell Nina the truth. Nathan tells Levi he did what he thought was right by lying to the judge for Maxie. Carly tells Franco there circumstances to why Sonny didn't kill Ava. Olivia is willing to take Sonny back but is irate to learn Ava is living with him. Rafe uses more of Sam's money to buy drugs. Levi asks Maxie if there's something going between her and Nathan.

  • 2014/06/05
    Episode 20140605

    Carly and Ava get into a heated discussion over Morgan. Morgan demands that Sonny tell him what him and Ava were talking about down in Puerto Rico. Sam bents out her frustrations over Silas going back to his place with Nina. Sabrina and Patrick say goodbye to Gabriel as they hand him over to Felix. Sonny informs Ava that she is going to live with him during her pregnancy. Silas suggests to Nina that they sleep in separate bedrooms.

  • 2014/06/04
    Episode 20140604

    Nathan lies to the judge saying Maxie never received her court order for her hearing. Mac and Levi have a tense encounter. Nina tells Silas she hopes they can pick up right where they left off. Epiphany and Felix help Sabrina and Patrick have baby Gabriel baptized. Morgan asks Ava if the baby she's carrying is either his or Sonny's. Sonny tells Carly the only reason Ava is alive is cause she's pregnant. Sabrina listens to her son's heartbeat until it stops. Maxie thanks Nathan for doing what he did for her.

  • 2014/06/03
    Episode 20140603

    Molly wants Julian to be honest with by saying he framed her father. Rafe explains to Sam that he only stole money from that person to buy a present for Danny. Britt gives Patrick and Sabrina that baby Gabriel doesn't have much longer to live. Franco calls Carly saying that Ava is back in town and isn't dead as they'd hoped. Sonny informs Carly and Morgan that Ava is pregnant and it's either his baby or Morgan's. Silas and Sam come to the party and are shocked to see Nina talking with Danny.

  • 2014/06/02
    Episode 20140602

    Molly tells Alexis that she is not going to turn her back on Ric, saying he was set up. Silas tells Sam that he's ready to move on from Nina. Julian assures Lucas that he is no longer in the business. Elizabeth is consoled by Nikolas as she begins to think that maybe Ric is guilty. Nathan fills Britt on his secret that Nina is still alive and contemplates on telling Silas. Bobbie scolds Julian for him being the reason Lucas was shot. Molly asks Julian to do the right thing and admit that he's lying about Ric being his boss. Sam's gets a surprise visitor at her door.

  • 2014/05/30
    Episode 20140530

    "Fluke" explains to Luke he's been planning on becoming him for years and waited for the right moment. Alexis is shocked when Julian's admission that Ric is his boss. Ric proclaims his innocence even though evidence is found in his hotel room.Olivia stops Morgan from being thrown out of the Floating Rib. Ava presents proof to Sonny that she's pregnant, but also that it could be Morgan's. Anna tells Ric his fingerprints were found on the gun that was used to shoot Lucas.

  • 2014/05/29
    Episode 20140529

    Sonny reveals to Ava about Carly playing a recording off of A.J's phone. Julian tells Anna he's ready to turn over his boss to her. Tracy tells Luke that Lulu spilled the beans about him planning a secret honeymoon. Anna arrives telling Ric that Julian named him as his boss. Ava drops a bombshell on Sonny saying she's pregnant. Nikolas tells Alexis that he wants to get back together with Elizabeth. Kiki tells Michael the reason why Morgan and Ava broke up. "Luke" visits someone at Miscavige which turns out to be the real Luke Spencer.

  • 2014/05/28
    Episode 20140528

    Tracy asks Lulu to help figure out Luke's odd behavior as of late. Carly tells Franco that Sonny left for Puerto Rico to deal with Ava personally. Anna tells Dante that Jordan is an undercover D.E.A agent and Julian isn't her primary target. Ric and Elizabeth share a romantic dinner. Julian tells Alexis his boss wants him to come back into the organization. Tracy tells Luke she knows where he's been disappearing to from time to time.

  • 2014/05/27
    Episode 20140527

    With Cameron's assistance Ric gets him to give Elizabeth the invitation for dinner tonight. Luke tells Julian that if he returns to work then all is forgiven. Carly plays the recording prompting Sonny that he shot and killed an innocent man. Patrick and Sabrina decide on the name Gabriel for their son. Kiki asks Ava why she left town so abruptly and if she knew about Julian's drug shipment. Sonny surprises Ava by arriving on the island.

  • 2014/05/23
    Episode 20140523

    Luke goes to finish the job of killing Lucas, but Bobbie interrupts him. T.J. confronts his mother and says she doesn't want anything to do with her. Julian tells Scott to have him released right away or else he'll expose on how he got the job of D.A. Carly tells Franco if they turn Ava over to Anna she will in return tell her that Sonny shot A.J. Shawn reveals to Sonny that Ava is the one who shot Olivia at the Metro Court. Lucy is heartbroken when Kevin asks her for a divorce. Julian sees Luke in Lucas' hospital room.

  • 2014/05/22
    Episode 20140522

    Molly consoles T.J. after finding out his mother got arrested for drug trafficking. Duke tells Sonny he can no longer work for him. Sam and Silas identify the shooter as his body is brought into the hospital. Tracy finds Luke pointing a gun at Ned and lies to her saying he didn't know it was him. Jordan tells Anna that Julian's boss is the person she is after. Tracy orders Ned out of the house and he promises Luke that this thing with them isn't over.

  • 2014/05/21
    Episode 20140521

    Shawn tells T.J. the truth about his mother and is about to be arrested for drug trafficking. Carly and Franco asks Spinelli and Ellie to leave the room so they can listen to the message privately. Harry quickly runs away after shooting Lucas. Carly and Franco realize they finally have the goods on Ava after learning she is the one who killed Connie. Luke kills Harry after he completes his task. Morgan realizes it was a mistake going to Sonny when he doesn't get any answers. Jordan reveals to Anna she's an undercover agent for the D.E.A.

  • 2014/05/20
    Episode 20140520

    Carly turns to Spinelli to help decifer the message on A.J.'s phone. Maxie receives a court order regarding her daughter, and she tells Nathan she won't be attending. Dante and Anna stakeout the pier hoping to catch Julian in the act. Lulu comes across Luke in the park talking to a strange man. Spinelli asks Carly if she's spoken to Maxie cause he hasn't heard from her. Lulu lets it slip to Luke about him busting a drug shipment. The gunman points his gun at Julian and everybody and shoots.

  • 2014/05/19
    Episode 20140519
  • 2014/05/16
    Episode 20140516

    Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Ric is the reason she is moving out of Wyndemere. Julian tells Luke he wants out of the business. Lulu tells Dante she wants to be the one to carry their baby to term. Duke tells Sonny that Julian goes down tonight. Ric makes it clear to Alexis that he is not Julian's benefactor. Luke arrives at Alexis's house with a gun hoping to send Julian a message. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that getting back together with Ric is a mistake.

  • 2014/05/15
    Episode 20140515

    Duke informs Sonny that Julian is expecting a drug shipment coming in. Luke tells Tracy to fight back for control of E.L.Q. once again. Alexis urges Julian to leave the mob business for good. Anna gives Dante and Lulu about their embryo being theirs. Shawn wonders if Jordan paid for T.J.'s car with drug money.

  • 2014/05/14
    Episode 20140514

    Carly and Franco try to figure out what the recording on A.J's phone means. Bobbie has some choice words for Lucy after her affair with Scott was exposed. Alexis continues to hide her relationship with Julian. Shawn and Jordan do some reminiscing of the past. Scott and Kevin have a choice encounter. Felicia breaks up a fight between Bobbie and Lucy.

  • 2014/05/13
    Episode 20140513

    Kevin up and walks out after seeing Lucy and Scott kissing on the stage. Emma tells Spencer although she forgives him, she can no longer be his girlfriend. Bobbie stops Scott from going after Lucy. Dr. Obrecht performs to Britt and Nathan for how much she means to them. Patrick and Sabrina are told to leave the NICU as their baby is in distress.

  • 2014/05/12
    Episode 20140512

    Ned reveals to Tracy that Luke won't be working at E.L.Q. anymore. Brad sings hoping to get on Lucas's good side. Spencer interrupts Cameron and Emma's tango and gets Player to serenade Emma. Ned tells Luke he's fired and Michael is the new C.E.O. Scott corners Lucy saying she made a mistake in choosing Kevin. Ric asks Elizabeth to give them another chance.

  • 2014/05/09
    Episode 20140509

    Brad suggests to Britt to go after seeing Felix and Lucas dance together. Nathan makes it clear to Dr. Obrecht that she is nothing to him. Ned takes the stage and performs as Eddie Maine. Luke surprises everyone by asking Tracy to marry him at the Nurse's Ball. Spencer figures out a way to win Emma back. Ned tells Kiki and Michael the plan is still a go even after Luke married Tracy. Milo and other perform the annual Magic Milo striptease. Sonny tells Dante that he is going to make it up to Olivia.

  • 2014/05/08
    Episode 20140508
  • 2014/05/07
    Episode 20140507
  • 2014/05/06
    Episode 20140506
  • 2014/05/05
    Episode 20140505
  • 2014/05/02
    Episode 20140502
  • 2014/05/01
    Episode 20140501
  • 2014/04/30
    Episode 20140430

    Dante persuades Scott to to have Dr. Obrecht released. Luke questions Julian on whether or not he can trust Jordan. Nathan tells Britt a revelation that they are in fact siblings. Kevin asks Lucy as to why she's been so attentive towards him lately. Lulu goes and asks Nikolas and Elizabeth to drop the charges against Dr. Obrecht. Madeline reveals to Nathan that Nina is in fact still alive.

  • 2014/04/29
    Episode 20140429

    I'll write a summary as soon as I finish jumping through all of the hoops to watch the danged episode.   Do you really want people to use this site??

  • 2014/04/28
    Episode 20140428
  • 2014/04/25
    Episode 20140425
    Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal. Sabrina and Patrick's baby may be at risk. Carly and Franco decide to tell Anna about Carlos' revelation.
  • 2014/04/24
    Episode 20140424
    Anna and Nathan assess the aftermath of a dire situation. Franco fills Carly in on Carlos' admission. An impassioned Ava begs the tortured Sonny to not admit his guilt.
  • 2014/04/23
    Episode 20140423
    Port Charles gathers to pay their respects to AJ. Franco persuades Carlos to share info about Ava. Patrick, Emma and Sabrina are put in a frightening position.
  • 2014/04/22
    Episode 20140422
    Franco attempts to bond with Carlos. Ned tries to warn Tracy about Luke. Emma reacts to Patrick and Sabrina's disconcerting news.
  • 2014/04/21
    Episode 20140421
    Michael turns to Sonny for comfort over AJ's death. Spencer confronts Luke about what he knows. Patrick is taken aback when Sabrina shows up at Emma's dance recital.
  • 2014/04/18
    Episode 20140418
    Spencer tries to warn Sonny about Luke. Franco lets Carly in on a new scheme. Will Ava get to Carlos before he confesses to the PCPD?
  • HD
    Episode 20140417
    Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, Sonny believes there is one person he can trust. Nathan deals with some obstacles at home.
  • HD
    Episode 20140416
    Olivia is overwhelmed by Sonny's erratic behavior. Patrick and Sabrina learn the gender of their baby. Jordan proves her loyalty to her new boss. Anna and Dante take Carlos in for questioning.
  • 2014/04/15
    Episode 20140415
    Sonny's conscience is haunting him, while Carlos fears he could be accused of shooting AJ. Jordan starts her new job. Ava and Julian confront each other about their deeds. Ned returns to Port Charles.
  • HD
    Episode 20140414
    Dante tells Lulu about Obrecht's cryptic proposition. Nikolas makes an offer to Elizabeth. Madeline is pressed to disclose scandalous news to Nathan. Michael demands answers from Anna.
  • April 11, 2013
    April 11, 2013
    Episode 20140411
    Obrecht is anxious to share her secret. Elsewhere, Obrecht has a callous proposition for Dante in regards to his family. Ric intends to fight for the woman he truly desires.
  • April 10, 2013
    April 10, 2013
    Episode 20140410
    Sonny confronts Luke about his unusual behavior. Nikolas watches Ric console Elizabeth. Obrecht divulges another family secret. Nathan and Britt commiserate.
  • 2014/04/09
    Episode 20140409
    Obrecht comes face to face with someone from her past. Nikolas comforts Elizabeth. Carly thinks Ava is hiding something.
  • 2014/04/08
    Episode 20140408
    The unthinkable happens to Elizabeth. Madeline makes a confession to Nathan. Franco thinks Carly is keeping something from him.
  • 2014/04/07
    Episode 20140407
    A blindsided Nikolas suddenly finds himself in a dangerous situation. Britt surprises Lulu and Dante with information about Ben. Ava's actions makes Silas question the true suspect in Nina's case.
  • 2014/03/31
    Episode 20140331
    Nikolas senses something is off with Elizabeth. Sam enlists an unlikely person for help. Julian concocts a new plan to bring down Sonny.
  • 2014/03/27
    Episode 20140327
    Kiki catches Ava ready to enter AJ's room. Dante puts Britt on the hot seat regarding Ben. Silas makes an admission about Nina.
  • 2014/03/26
    Episode 20140326
    Dr. Obrecht's scheme appalls Dante and Lulu; Nikolas denounces Britt; Ric tries to seduce Elizabeth.
  • 2014/03/25
    Episode 20140325

    Lulu stuns the engagement partygoers with a wild assertion. Sonny confides in Luke about the Jeromes. Julian is offended by Alexis's questions. Silas' apartment is ransacked.  Britt confesses everything to Dante and Lulu who then go get their son, but he's missing.  Alexis and Julian give into their feelings.

  • 2014/03/21
    Episode 20140321
    Sonny and Alexis probe into the connection between Ric and Julian. Obrecht threatens Brad. Elizabeth learns the truth about Ben. Will Britt finally be caught?
  • 2014/03/17
    Episode 20140317

    Michael struggles with what to do for A.J. Jordan tells Shawn she's here to take T.J. home with her. Nathan and Madeline they need to prove Silas put Nina into the coma. Patrick tells Elizabeth it was Robin's decision to leave town. Silas tells Sam he received a visit from Nina's mother. Alexis agrees that Molly is careful and her and T.J. can be together.

  • 2014/03/12
    Episode 20140312

    Britt tells her mother of her engagement to Nikolas. Sonny witnesses an emotional visit between Michael and A.J. Carlos accuses Ava of shooting A.J. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she refuses to attend the party. Ric has a tempting offer for for Elizabeth. Sam tells Alexis things didn't go as planned in New York. Julian informs Ava that A.J. has woken up. Kiki asks Silas who else could be setting him up.

  • 2014/03/11
    Episode 20140311

    Monica tells Michael that A.J. has woken up. Felix catches Brad and Lucas together. Sonny becomes alarmed thinking Olivia overheard everything. Alexis tells Molly what she thinks of her going to live with Ric. T.J. tells Shawn there maybe a way he can see Molly after all. Michael hopes A.J. will probably tell them who shot him. Anna tells Ric she'll release Julian only if he tells her who he's working for.

  • 2014/03/10
    Episode 20140310
    Carly confronts Sonny and makes a demand from him. When Anna has questions for Morgan about AJ's shooting, Morgan has his own opinion about the guilty person. A reluctant Duke admits to Anna information about one of the shooting suspects.
  • 2014/03/07
    Episode 20140307
    Michael and Elizabeth keep vigil at an unconscious AJ's bedside. Many in Port Charles are shocked upon learning who has been implicated in the shooting.
  • 2014/03/06
    Episode 20140306
    While AJ battles for his life, the suspects work on finding alibis. Anna continues to investigate the case and later makes an arrest.
  • 2014/02/28
    Episode 20140228
    Robin breaks emotional news to friends and family, with Anna suspecting her daughter isn't being forthcoming. Sonny offers Lulu emotional support regarding Dante's new situation.
  • 2014/02/27
    Episode 20140227
    When Shawn tells Alexis about Julian's threats toward TJ, she questions the trust she has for Julian. Sonny suspects ulterior motives for why a distant relative has returned to Port Charles and has a warning for him.
  • 2014/02/26
    Episode 20140226
    Sam and Silas believe Delia will prove Ava is framing Silas. TJ gets a veiled threat from Julian and advice from Shawn. Nathan shows Kiki the file on her father.
  • 2014/02/25
    Episode 20140225
    Now that Ava is in a bind, she wants Carlos to do her dirty work. Julian shakes up TJ when he has an overdue chat about what he may have told the PCPD about the warehouse shooting.
  • 2014/02/24
    Episode 20140224
    An unstable AJ tries to remember what really happened the night of Connie's murder. Patrick and Robin make a heart-wrenching and emotional decision that will affect their lives forever.
  • 2014/02/21
    Episode 20140221
    Robin has incomprehensible news for Emma. Sonny plants seeds of doubt in Michael's mind about Kiki. TJ and Molly are ready to take their puppy love to the next level.
  • 2014/02/20
    Episode 20140220
    Liz makes her move. Heather's information provides a welcome relief to many. Victor tightens his evil grip on a resistant Robin.
  • 2014/02/19
    Episode 20140219
    A confused Liz seeks out advice for her quandary with Nikolas. An enamored Nikolas dismisses Britt's concerns about Baby Ben.
  • 2014/02/18
    Episode 20140218
    Patrick finds out why Robin has been distancing herself. Dante and Lulu are thrown for a loop. Lucas and Morgan bond over their relationship troubles. The feud between the Corinthos and the Jeromes heats up.
  • 2014/02/17
    Episode 20140217
    On this Valentine's Day night in Port Charles, Nikolas has the ultimate Valentine's Day surprise for Britt. Liz grapples with her feelings for her true love. Franco fights for his life—will he wake up and be reunited with the love of his life?
  • 2014/02/14
    Episode 20140214
    Duke attempts to reconcile with Anna. Molly and TJ make a study-date. Morgan and Ava and Sonny and Olivia plan romantic evenings. Liz threatens to tell Nikolas the truth if Britt won't.
  • 2014/02/13
    Episode 20140213
    It's Valentine's Day in Port Charles and along with the romantic holiday comes joy between the reconciled Dante & Lulu; as well as for Felix when Lucas accepts his invitation to go out on Valentine's Day.
  • 2014/02/12
    Episode 20140212
    With family and friends by their side, those injured in Carly's rescue attempt are rushed to the ER and fight to stay alive.
  • 2014/02/11
    Episode 20140211
    Carly's rescue attempt goes horribly awry. Morgan tells Sonny that Ava wants to switch sides. Alexis demands that Anna charge Silas or release him.
  • 2014/02/10
    Episode 20140210
    Morgan makes a suggestion to Ava. AJ remembers more about the night Connie was murdered. Two Port Charles residents make major discoveries.
  • 2014/01/31
    Episode 20140131
    Tracy demands that Anna open a missing person's case on Luke. Victor Cassadine (Thaao Phenglis) returns to Port Charles with scandalous news.
  • 2014/01/30
    Episode 20140130
    Carly tries to use kidnapper Heather to her advantage. The jailed Franco and Silas compare notes. Kiki visits the Miscavige Institute.
  • 2014/01/29
    Episode 20140129
    Kevin's patient (guest star Chandra Wilson from "Grey's Anatomy") sees an unfamiliar nurse and asks why he is in her doctor's office.
  • 2014/01/28
    Episode 20140128
    The only way Sonny can protect Morgan is to vow he will break up with Ava. Meanwhile, the Jeromes start to turn on one another as tensions mount.
  • 2014/01/27
    Episode 20140127
    Olivia asks Sonny what he's going to do about Morgan's betrayal. Lucy's secret weighs upon Felicia. Julian relays shocking news to Anna.
  • 2014/01/23
    Episode 20140123
    Nathan's running on borrowed time regarding Silas' case. Brad gets asked out on a date. Duke's mysterious whereabouts pique Anna's interest.
  • 2014/01/22
    Episode 20140122
    Franco remains perplexed over who could be framing him but Kiki thinks she might know. Franco, hiding, finds a way to spare an uncomfortable Kiki from Dante's questions but Kiki finds herself once again lying to Michael, the man she loves.
  • 2014/01/21
    Episode 20140121
    The passed over doctors are outraged and rocked over the revelation of General Hospital's new Chief of Staff. What is the reason and who could be behind this decision?
  • 2014/01/20
    Episode 20140120
    Luke is flabbergasted by what he finds at the boathouse. A new Chief of Staff is announced. Felix apologizes to Sabrina.
  • 2014/01/17
    Episode 20140117
    Lucas (Ryan Carnes) returns to Port Charles, wanting to be there for Bobbie while Carly is missing. Scott is forced between a rock and a hard place to issue a warrant for Franco's arrest.
  • 2014/01/16
    Episode 20140116
    Heather's masterful plan to frame Franco for murder is almost complete. Julian tells Ava he has another long-lost child.
  • 2014/01/15
    Episode 20140115
    More damaging evidence points toward Franco for Carly's disappearance. Shawn questions Morgan's loyalty to Sonny. Lucy confides her secret to Felicia.
  • 2014/01/14
    Episode 20140114
    The worst is feared for Carly's fate when the contents of her car trunk are revealed. Patrick has hard questions for Sabrina.
  • 2014/01/13
    Episode 20140113
    Heather's plan to frame Franco cuts to the chase. New evidence surfaces about Silas' mysterious past.
  • 2014/01/10
    Episode 20140110
    Sonny finds Morgan with Ava. Patrick and Robin get staggering news.
  • 2014/01/09
    Episode 20140109
    Michael blames Franco for his mother's disappearance; Sabina talks to Felix about her future.
  • 2014/01/08
    Episode 20140108
    Franco searches for Carly; Heather puts her plan into action.
  • 2014/01/07
    Episode 20140107
    A dangerous mental patient is on the loose, again! Det. Nathan West peppers Sam with questions about Silas.
  • 2014/01/06
    Episode 20140106
    Franco freaks out when Heather shows up for lunch. Ava threatens Carly. Morgan tells Julian he wants out of the business.
  • 2014/01/03
    Episode 20140103
    Franco freaks out when he thinks he sees Heather. Olivia reminds Franco that Heather's other son, Steve Webber, killed someone.
  • 2014/01/02
    Episode 20140102
    It's New Year's Eve in Port Charles. Sam and Silas share a romantic date. A revelation leaves someone in despair.
  • 2014/01/01
    Episode 20140101
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