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  • Ep. #7830
    Ep. #7830
    Episode 13
    Mac tells Katherine the lab report reveals she's Dominique's half-sister. Katherine learns from Lucy that Scott left the country with the baby. Damian's pleased to learn Lucy now controls Scott's ELQ shares. Lucy gets a call from Scott & learns he & Serena are safe. Luke, Sonny & Marco bring Frank's hit man into the country. Laura worries about Luke, who returns in time to celebrate Christmas with her & Lucky as promised. Kevin visits Ryan, who fakes progress, but Kevin sees through him. They realize they share identical scars on their wrists. Ryan's enraged when Kevin mentions he met Felicia, who's now engaged to Mac. Ryan tries to convince a guard he's really Kevin. Steve tells the Christmas story to the children at the hospital, then holds an orphaned baby who may have AIDS.moreless
  • Ep. #7829
    Ep. #7829
    Episode 12
    Sonny, Luke and Marco plan how to illegally bring in Frank Smith's hit man into the country. A worried Laura's upset that Luke will miss Christmas with her and Lucky, but he promises he'll be back by then. Brenda, Ruby and Karen suspect Sonny as the person who framed Jagger for Ray's murder. Brenda questions Sonny, but concludes he didn't do it. Brenda, Ruby and Karen all come to the conclusion A.J. is the most likely culprit. Monica and Alan argue about A.J.'s involvement with Ray's murder. Monica want him to confess to the police, but Alan disagrees. They hurl accusations over who's to blame.moreless
  • Ep. #7828
    Ep. #7828
    Episode 11
    Luke & Laura argue about his dangerous mission for Frank and she fears he'll either lose his life or lose his soul. Luke insists it's the only way to get them out of danger & asks her to trust him. At the ELQ board meeting, Damian's incinerator proposal is voted down and Ned & Damian realize they need a missing Scott's votes to win. After Lucy gives Sean the ransom note, Bobbie reassures her she did the right thing. Lucy later gets a call from Scott to meet her at Dominique's grave. There, he tells her he's leaving the country with the baby, named Serena Lee Baldwin, but she can't go with them or know where they're going.moreless
  • Ep. #7827
    Ep. #7827
    Episode 10
    Bobbie returns to the Brownstone and finds Scott's baby's car seat and diaper bag lying on the ground. She shows them to Felicia. Felicia is too concerned to think about why Scott might have left the baby's things lying on the ground. Scott is tied up in a seedy hotel room being taunted by the kidnappers. The Thugs want 100 million dollars in ransom and work for someone who is "expanding operations in Port Charles". Felicia meets with a bank loan officer trying to get a loan to buy 30% of the Outback, but she has no collateral. Bobby alerts Lucy of the missing pair. Alan explains to Monica how AJ set Jagger up. Monica is outraged, but Alan seems to be touched that AJ would try to protect his dad. Both agree Jagger can't go down for Alan's mistake. The Spencers are moving in and Laura is mad at Luke for some unknown reason. Laura blows out the candles on her cake and makes her wish, she stares intently at Luke, commenting that it's a wish for all of them. The Banker turns Felicia down for the loan as do two other bankers. Laura opens her birthday presents from Luke and Lucky. Felicia pitches a fit at the third loan officer. Edward asks for Monica and Alan's support against Damien's toxic waste incinerator scheme. Monica and Alan give him their support, reservedly. A package is delivered to Lucy from the kidnappers, with a sweater and ransom note inside. Lila, Damien and Ned arrive for the ELQ Board of Directors meeting.Edward gets his obligatory rudeness to Damien out of the way, then they notice that Scott is late. Meanwhile, Scott uses a diversion to escape with the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #7826
    Ep. #7826
    Episode 9
    A.J. confesses to Alan about trying to frame Jagger with his gym key.Alan blows his stack and he and A.J. exchange hard and bitter words.Then A-J invites Karen to lunch at the PC Grill, to apologize.Tony offers Laura the pick of the furniture in his attic. Laura eagerly explores the bean-bag chairs, lava lamps, etc that make up Tony's past. Later, Simone promises to introduce Laura to May-May Ward, who formerly lived in the new Spencer manse.Scott decides to give Lucy his 3.5% of ELQ; Lucy is thrilled. Scott decides to take 'Princess Baldwin' to GH so the chief of staff can change her diapers.But Outside the brownstone, he's accosted by a couple of thugs who kidnap him and baby.Paul brainstorms with Jag and Karen about the murder allegations. Karen insists Jag would never put anyone's lights out permanently. Edward's tensed up before the ELQ board of directors meeting. Ned tries to tease him about the meeting, but Edward turns nasty and tells Ned that Tracy gave him her proxy. Ned is upset and Edward savors this bit of news.Rubbing Ned nose in the fact that Tracy is angry at him for selling her 2% to Damian.moreless
  • Ep. #7825
    Ep. #7825
    Episode 8
    Kevin visits Ryan and gets him to remember some happy childhood moments. Ryan tells Kevin that after their father left with Kevin, his mother made his life miserable. Felicia tells Kevin he'll never heal Ryan, but Kevin disagrees and considers permanently moving to town. Laura's worried about Luke's mission for Frank but he asks her to trust him. Sean asks Luke to forget their troubles in Mexico years ago and offers his help with Frank, which Luke declines. Laura asks Ruby about the previous owners of the house they're buying. Ruby doesn't know them but tells her to ask around town. Lois convinces Ned to join her band for at least 3 weeks to see if he works out and she later lines up a gig. Jenny agrees to sell Felicia her share of The Outback as a surprise wedding present for Mac. Katherine gives Damian permission to vote her .5% of ELQ stock, but then learns from Ned that even .5% can be crucial in deciding a vote.moreless
  • Ep. #7824
    Ep. #7824
    Episode 7
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  • Ep. #7823
    Ep. #7823
    Episode 6
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  • Ep. #7822
    Ep. #7822
    Episode 5
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  • Ep. #7821
    Ep. #7821
    Episode 4
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  • Ep. #7651
    Ep. #7651
    Episode 3
    Jenny tells a stunned Ned she wants a divorce- but no alimony. Suspecting Ned still loves Jenny, Julia accepts a date with him. Persuaded by Dominique, Lee convinces Scott to accept Lucy as their surrogate mother and Lucy agrees to carry their child. Tracy shocks Paul with a restraining order against him, but he vows to see his son. Mac, Felicia and Sean find a list of Ryan's victims in his address book. Gail tells Sean that Ryan's fixated on blondes because of his mother and Sean uses the info to rattle Ryan. Using old tapes, Mac plans to give Ryan a telephone call from beyond the grave from his last victim Michelle.moreless
  • Ep. #7650
    Ep. #7650
    Episode 2
    On his 30th anniversary at the hospital, Steve feels he hasn't contributed to the hospital lately because he's now an administrator, not a doctor. Secretly, the staff plans a surprise party to show him their appreciation. Steve runs into Angie Costello, his very first patient at G.H. They reminisce (via flashbacks) to when he treated her as a teenager following a car accident that left her face horribly disfigured. Angie thanks Steve for his support years ago. Scott interviews potential surrogate mothers, but none meet his expectations. Lucy gets upset when Scott flippitantly asks Amy if she would consider the job. Bobbie breaks into Ryan's office to copy his address book. Steve catches Bobbie in the act but covers for her when Ryan comes by. G.H. staff and P.C. residents surprise Steve with the party, where he feels appreciated. Fugitives Mac and Felicia watch news coverage of the party, wishing they were home.moreless
  • Ep. #7649
    Ep. #7649
    Episode 1
    Dominique tries convincing Scott that Lucy would make a good surrogate mother for them. Scott blasts Lucy, thinking it was her idea, and Lucy says she won't carry their baby. Sean and a drunk Tiffany get into an argument when she accuses him of sleeping with Jessica and he tells her to get over losing Lucas. After, Sean accepts Jessica's invitation to join him for a nightcap. With Jason as the tie-breaking vote, the review board finds Karen guilty of cheating. An angry Karen slaps Brenda and then confronts Jason, who doesn't believe she's innocent. Karen tells Jagger she's not giving up her dreams of going to college.moreless