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  • Ep. #8347
    Ep. #8347
    Episode 5
    Lucy's sad on Serena's 2nd birthday until she gets a surprise delivery from Scott. Lucy & Kevin discuss having children. After helping Garcia connect Damian & Sonny, Katherine fears Damian's wrath and Mac advises she go on vacation. Lois is upset to learn Ned went beind her back to bring down Sonny. Lois & Ned pay Sonny a visit and ask him to sell his L&B shares but he refuses. Realizing he's about to go down, Sonny tells Luke he needs to buy out his share of the club. Luke doesn't have enough cash so Sonny suggests he find a new partner. Tommy's worried about Tom, who claims he's okay, but Simone & Felicia aren't so convinced.moreless
  • Ep. #8340
    Ep. #8340
    Episode 4
    Lucky convinces Emily to stick with the Qs & she decides to let them adopt her. Em asks Bobbie if she and Alan are lovers & Bobbie tells her nothing happened & it's over. Bobbie offers her apologizes again to Monica, who isn't ready to forgive & forget. Damian tells Sonny someone is investigating their bank accounts. Damian tries mixing business with pleasure with Lucy in Buffalo, but Kevin comes to her rescue and carries her away. Luke tells a saddened Lucky that Stone is facing death gracefully. Sonny tells a dying Stone he's the brother he always wanted. Mac feels sympathy for Sonny while watching Robin sleep in Stone's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #8337
    Ep. #8337
    Episode 3
    Prior to Stone's early Christmas celebration, Robin receives comfort from the spirits of her late parents. Anna advises Robin not to give up hope & Robert tells her that Mac & Luke are there for her. Mike & Sonny argue while cooking Christmas dinner. Edward blames Lois and L&B for distracting Ned, who botched a deal for ELQ. Mac urges Katherine to mend fences so she pays a compliment to Lois, who's suspicious of her motives. Luke gives Garcia info on Damian's bank accounts for further investigation. Luke then reunites with Robert's spirit, then offers support to Robin. Stone celebrates his last Christmas with loved ones.moreless
  • Ep. #8330
    Ep. #8330
    Episode 2
    After Alan breaks the news that she's HIV+, Robin seeks comfort from the spirit of her late mother Anna, who consoles her with the fact that she'll live a long life & make a difference in the world. Before Mary Mae's concert, Justus punches out Tom (who's pretending to be drunk) after Tom kisses Simone in front of the Ward family. Ned & Steve berate Tom for his behavior. Ned & Lois try keeping a lonely Brenda away from Sonny. Damian thinks Lucy's hiding something because she hasn't mentioned Kevin once during their trip together. Trapped in the cave, a scared Emily faces & kills a rattlesnake, as Lucky comes to & digs her out.moreless
  • Ep. #8326
    Ep. #8326
    Episode 1
    Robin encourages Sonny to go to Mary Mae's concert in Phillly because that's what Stone wants. Sonny's depressed over Stone's deteriorating condition, but Lily encourages him to keep the faith. Tom decides to protest when the hospital board votes not to fire Dorman. Tony, upset by the vote, tells Bobbie he doesn't feel their marriage counseling is working. Edward fails to convince Ned to go to Tokyo for 6 months, then tries to trick Lois into going on tour there but she tells him he can't control Ned. On Lucky & Emily's trail, Luke & Laura look for clues left behind in Chicaco, but don't find any. Laura tells Luke it's familiar being on the run, but she longs for a stable family life. En route to Albequerque, Lucky tells Emily he stayed 1 step ahead of his parents by doing the unexpected.moreless