General Hospital - Season 33

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  • Ep. #8564
    Ep. #8564
    Episode 20
    Luke and Laura plan a private celebration on the night of their 15th wedding anniversary, but a series of mishaps separately delays them from making it to their designated rendezvous on time. Along the way, Luke and Laura reminisce (in a series of flashbacks) about meeting, falling in love, marrying and raising a family. With Luke and Laura out for the night, Lucky babysits Lesley Lu and explains to her the Timoria game he's playing on his computer. Elsewhere, a mysterious sickly woman holds a Cassadine medallion. Luke and Laura finally arrive at the catacombs where they toast their 15 years of marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #8442
    Ep. #8442
    Episode 19
    No synopsis available.
  • Ep. #8441
    Ep. #8441
    Episode 18
    No synopsis available.
  • Ep. #8434
    Ep. #8434
    Episode 17
    No synopsis available.
  • Ep. #8416
    Ep. #8416
    Episode 16
    Mac suggests Justus fight fire with fire in dealing with the press, so Mac and Felicia plan to investigate Justus's past for skeletons before the press does. Mac declines Katherine's assistance in the matter as he wants her to stay clear of Damian. Sonny and his goons pay a visit to Lily's principal and threaten the man into giving Lily her job back. Bobbie has another nightmare again. At the hospital, she talks with Diane who asks for Bobbie's help in getting her baby back before it's adopted. Tom and Felicia make plans to go away for the weekend but when Felicia has to work, Tom announces "it's too late."moreless
  • Ep. #8415
    Ep. #8415
    Episode 15
    When Harper threatens Lucky via telephone to pay up his debt by midnight, Luke realizes Lucky's been gambling again. Justus nixes Damian's offer to buy the Ward House and is stunned when Damian reveals he's bought most of the neighboring real estate on Charles Street. Jason informs Keesha her kiss didn't make him remember her. He crudely asks her to come back again though as he drops his towel, revealing his naked body. Humiliated, she asks him to stop tormenting her, but he reiterates he feels nothing for her. Keesha finds comfort in A.J.'s arms. Sonny learns Lily was fired from her school because of his reputation.moreless
  • Ep. #8414
    Ep. #8414
    Episode 14
    Brenda dines with Jax, who declines to do business with Damian. Lucky gambles again with Harper and his friends, but loses big time. Harper gives Lucky a deadline to come up with the money. Keesha visits Jason and kisses him to remind him of their love. He kisses her back but when he's too forceful, a shaken Keesha runs off. She returns and confronts him again. The Mayor urges Justus to resign his city council seat. Justus declines Edward's assistance. During his press conference, Justus blasts Damian but blunders when answering reporters' heated questions. Later, Damian offers to buy the Ward House from Justus.moreless
  • Ep. #8412
    Ep. #8412
    Episode 13
    No synopsis available.
  • Ep. #8387
    Ep. #8387
    Episode 12
    No synopsis available.
  • Ep. #8384
    Ep. #8384
    Episode 11
    Simone finds the missing Tommy, who tells her he hid in the attic. Justus tries to make friends with Tommy, but he refuses. Lucy has a vision of Damian, but Kevin thinks it's her guilty conscious for blundering her testimony. Lucy visits Madame Maia and asks for her psychic help. Monica visits Jason, who's surprised to learn she's a doctor and he's a pre-med student. He realizes why he knows medical terms, but he still can't remember the hospital or anyone in it. Prior to Eddie Maine's concert, Ned's served with a restraining order barring him from singing as Eddie. Defying Edward, Ned plays anyway but gets arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #8383
    Ep. #8383
    Episode 10
    Lucky wins at gambling with the adults, not realizing he's been set up. Lucky then wins more money from Edward and returns the money he "borrowed" from Luke. Monica tells Emily how upset she is that Jason doesn't recognize her. Tom assures Simone that a missing Tommy's fine. Felicia gets the news to cover Tommy's disappearance, but thinks he's just hiding and not missing. Lucy testifies before the grand jury but her testimony about the timing of when she saw Katherine conflicts with another person's testimony. Going into detail about her duck Sigmund, Lucy makes herself look unbelievable, much to Justus & Katherine's dismay.moreless
  • Ep. #8382
    Ep. #8382
    Episode 9
    After visiting Jason, Keesha tells Lois he's not himself anymore. Jason tells Lois he doesn't know his family and feels nothing for Keesha. After Tom tells Tommy to accept the fact that Justus is marrying Simone, Tommy runs away. Lily urges Lois to reconcile her differences with Sonny, then Lois urges Brenda to let go of Sonny. Lucky "borrows" money from Luke's duffle bag, then gambles with adults. Mac asks Luke for info on Frank Smith's contacts to find Damian. Edward advises Ned to stay focused on ELQ, but Ned says he'll continue being "Eddie Maine." Edward and Lois square off over "Eddie's" upcoming concert.moreless
  • Ep. #8381
    Ep. #8381
    Episode 8
    Lucy tells her story to the cops, but the D.A. doesn't find her a credible witness and plans to proceed with the case against Katherine. Justus offers to coach Lucy for her grand jury testimony. Lucky's invited to a high stakes poker game and plans to "borrow" money from Luke's emergency duffle bag. Luke almost catches Lucky and realizes he's lying, but decides to let him steal the money to teach him a lesson. Sonny tells Lois he's marrying Lily and they both agree that he and Brenda weren't meant to be. Tom advises Tommy to accept Justus as Simone's new husband, but Tommy remains angry with Justus.moreless
  • Ep. #8380
    Ep. #8380
    Episode 7
    Lois, Brenda and Ned plan to get Edward's goat by having "Eddie" perform at the Outback without Edward's approval. Keesha's father David wants her to move back to Philadelphia, but she refuses. Justus promises to look out for her. Alan tells Jason about the accident, but Jason doesn't remember him. A.J.'s convinced Jason will remember Keesha, but he doesn't remember her either. Tom daydreams about Felicia. Lucy tells Mac and Katherine how she saw Katherine the night Damien "died." Realizing Lucy has invalidated the police's timeline, Mac tells Justus, who calls the D.A. about the new witness.moreless
  • Ep. #8379
    Ep. #8379
    Episode 6
    Simone tells Tom and Felicia that Tommy wrongly assumes that because Simone and Justus have postponed their wedding because of Mary Mae's death, the wedding has been canceled. Tom agrees to set Tommy straight. A hospitalized Jason squeezes Robin's hand and then verbally but weakly responds to Alan. Ned suggest Lois book the Idle Rich in Port Charles. She's worried that Edward might sue, but Ned disagrees. Lucy lets Mac and Katherine know she saw Katherine the night of Damian's "death," thus providing Katherine with an alibi. Port Charles residents remember the life of Mary Mae Ward at her memorial service.moreless
  • Ep. #8378
    Ep. #8378
    Episode 5
    Mac, Katherine, Felicia & Det. Napoli go to Damian's lakehouse to look for clues to Katherine's innocence but being there freaks Katherine out. Lois returns home to Ned and learns Mary Mae passed away. Justus recounts to Luke, Simone & Keesha how he found Mary Mae dead. Justus & Simone postpone their wedding. Upset over Mary Mae, Edward tells Ned & Lois he loved her & then remembers her torch singing days. Brenda tells Mike she accidentally burned Lily's wedding dress. Mike advises her to accept the fact that Sonny's getting married. Sonny & Lily find her burnt dress but vow not to let Brenda upset their wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #8377
    Ep. #8377
    Episode 4
    After accidentally burning Lily's wedding dress, Brenda is forced by Ruby to tell Sonny & Lily what happened, however, they accuse her of deliberately starting the blaze and tell her to stay out of their lives. The Qs hold a party to celebrate Emily's birthday and Justus & Simone's upcoming wedding. Felicia questions party guests about Katherine's alibi to no avail. Lucky plays poker with Edward and wins. Katherine tells Mac she's thinking of jumping bail and later, Katherine, Mac & Felicia discuss holes in the police's timeline. After their party, a sobbing Justus calls Simone with some sombering news.moreless
  • Ep. #8374
    Ep. #8374
    Episode 3
    Jason opens his eyes again in front of AJ & has an involuntary movement. Brenda unknowingly makes a guilty AJ feel even worse when she talks about Ned's guilt over causing the accident. Encouraged by Jason's recovery, Lila plans a party to celebrate Justus & Simone's wedding & Emily's birthday. Lucky tells Luke he needs money because he lost it gambling, but loses even more money while gambling on credit. Justus tells Luke the city council asked for his resignation. Ned learns Lois's plane went down in Brazil. Garcia arrives at G.H. with a warrant for Damian's blood, then later arrests Katherine for his murder.moreless
  • Ep. #8369
    Ep. #8369
    Episode 2
    Tony tells Ned that Jason went into neurogenic shock & there's a slim chance he'll make a full recovery. Ned berates AJ for confiding in Kevin about the accident. Jason finally opens his eyes. Robin tells Brenda about Jason's accident & also that she knows about Sonny's engagement. Brenda tells Robin that Sonny still loves her & must have made a deal with Lily's dad. Sonny gives Lily an engagement ring & they make love. Damian surveys Dorman's lakehouse. Mac plans to go to Miami with Karen. Katherine goes to the Outback after a noise frightens her. Lucy sees her arrive, but doesn't see Damian chloroform & abduct her.moreless
  • Ep. #8368
    Ep. #8368
    Episode 1
    Kevin & Lucy plan a Paris vacation. After reading in the paper about Damian's ties to organized crime, Lucy gets a visit from Damian. She asks him to leave and notes something final in his goodbye. Garcia tells Mac and Katherine that she should enter the witness protection program as Damian's gunning for the leak. Jason lies to Robin about how Jason's accident occured, then confides the truth in Kevin, but rejects his suggestion to enter rehab. Damian follows Robin as she collects Katherine's clothes. Tom and Felicia make plans to go sledding with their kids. Ned implores Jason to live, but Jason's monitor goes off.moreless
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