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  • Ep. #9987
    Ep. #9987
    Episode 63
    The Quartermaine household splits into different camps about who is to blame for AJ's behavior. Monica pleads on AJ's behalf, and Monica begs AJ to send Courtney home to Sonny, but AJ hangs up on her. Ned asks Monica for AJ's number in order to trace his whereabouts, but when Ned mentions that he has joined forces with Alexis, Monica refuses to give it to him. Carly enjoys Sonny's company, but Zander arrives and almost puts her back in the doghouse. Carly admits to Zander what she did to Skye, and Zander suspects that her actions will eventually blow up in her face. Furthermore, Zander expresses his disappointment in learning that Carly still cares so much about Sonny.

    Kristina and Alexis make breakfast for Sonny, and Sonny's disappearance stuns Alexis. When Sonny returns, Alexis mentions that she saw Carly at the Quatermaine's, and a snitch from the phone company interrupts the scene to announce that AJ's hideaway has been found. Bobbie and Scott spar over Carly's behavior, but the argument ignites attraction, and Scott asks Bobbie for a date. Jax and Skye also become closer as passion erupts, and they make love. Afterward, Skye admits that she has never felt safer in her life, and Jax calls Taggert about Sonny once Skye falls asleep.moreless
  • Ep. #9986
    Ep. #9986
    Episode 62
    Luke freaks in reaction to the knowledge that Helena has returned to the streets, and Luke informs Laura that her son rivals Stavros' dangerous nature. Laura reels when she realizes that Nikolas chose to protect Gia over the rest of them and to let Helena escape, and Laura agrees to ask Nikolas for the truth. Nikolas confronts Gia for not coming to him the minute she found Helena hiding in the stables, and Gia claims that she acted out of love for him. Later, Nikolas has a nightmare in which he blames everyone else as Stavros proudly watches.

    Meanwhile, Skye prevents Jax from taking her to the hospital despite hypothermia for fear that Sonny's men will find her. So instead, Jax takes Skye to the Lake House, and he gently removes her wet clothes and puts her in a hot bath to prevent her from freezing. When the hot water fails to restore Skye's temperature, he lies closely to her. Skye finally recovers, and Jax leans in for a kiss. Carly finds Sonny with Michael sleeping on his lap, and Sonny shocks Carly when Sonny asks for her help and tells Carly that they have to leave Skye alone. Stunned, Carly watches with love-filled eyes as apparently changed Sonny falls asleep on Carly's sofa.moreless
  • Ep. #9985
    Ep. #9985
    Episode 61
    Helena promises to permanently disappear if Nikolas agrees to let her keep the money, but Nikolas remains unable to trust Helena's word. Luke advises Gia and Nikolas to let Luke handle Helena, and once alone Nikolas admits to Gia that he fears he will become like his father if Helena gets killed. As a result, Gia stalls Luke, while Nikolas goes to the boat and gives Helena the money with a warning that she will die if she ever returns to Port Charles. Luke tears out after Nikolas when he uncovers the truth, and Nikolas dismays Luke when he discovers that Nikolas has already set Helena free. Meanwhile, Sonny enters a church to pray, and he tries to bargain with God for Courtney's safe return. However, a priest advises Sonny to quit making deals with God and to start changing his life. When Jax hesitates about his feelings for Skye, Ned knocks some sense into him. Alexis asks Ned if the Quartermaines are hiding AJ, but Ned denies it and agrees to work with Alexis to find AJ and Courtney. At the boathouse, Skye plunges into the icy water when she hears footsteps, despite the fact that she can't swim, and Carly thinks that someone else has set Skye free when she enters and finds Skye gone. Carly returns to Bobbie and informs her that Skye is no longer in the boat shed, but Bobbie continues to worry about Carly. At the same time, Jax finds a wet and chilled Skye passed out on the Quartermaine grounds.moreless
  • Ep. #9984
    Ep. #9984
    Episode 60
    Luke pains Laura when he confides that he doesn't believe Nikolas and that he senses something awry between Gia and Nikolas. At the stable, Nikolas faces off to Helena, but Helena reveals that she holds the trump card when she promises to expose the truth about the accident and the witness tampering if Nikolas turns her over to the authorities. Skye believes Sonny locked her in the boathouse, and Carly reinforces this by slipping a note under the door threatening AJ's life. Skye ponders all of the mean things she did to Jax, and Skye fears that no one will come looking for her. Afraid Sonny's goons will return to torture her, Skye feverishly digs up the floorboards of the shed to find an escape route. At the Quartermaine mansion, everyone suffers feelings of guilt as they admit to the validity of Skye's scolding words. Carly realizes that Jax has serious feelings for Skye. Bobbie forces Carly to come clean about what she did to Skye, and Scott makes Carly nervous when he points out the legal ramifications. Meanwhile, Alexis almost coaxes Sonny into getting some sleep, but when another note arrives from AJ, Sonny's fury erupts and he storms out.moreless
  • Ep. #9983
    Ep. #9983
    Episode 59
    Nikolas senses that Gia knows something, and he attempts to prevent Lucky and Luke from searching the tunnels for Helena, but Lucky and Luke open the wall to the tunnels anyway. Lucky and Luke relieve Gia when they come up empty-handed, and Nikolas sets a trap for Gia by leaving the safe open. Gia goes to the safe, stuffs money in her bag and heads for the stables, but Nikolas appears just as Gia tosses the money to Helena. Meanwhile, Monica accuses Alan of being crazy for helping AJ take off with Courtney. On the other hand, Edward applauds AJ's actions but fears that AJ will ultimately fail like all the times before. Skye's arrival cuts Alan's defense short, and Skye blames all of them for AJ's predicament. Carly threatens Skye not to mess with Sonny, and Carly storms off when Bobbie tries to talk sense into her. Afterward, Bobbie shares her concerns about Carly with Scott. Sonny verbally attacks Mike upon his arrival, but Alexis comes to the rescue and successfully calms Sonny. At the boathouse, Carly finds Skye trying to collect her thoughts, and Carly slams the door shut, locking oblivious Skye inside the boat shed.moreless
  • Ep. #9982
    Ep. #9982
    Episode 58
    Carly tells Zander to put the squeeze on Skye to get AJ's attention, but Zander tells Carly to show Sonny some respect and to let Sonny handle the situation in his own way. Leaving, Zander realizes how much Carly loves Sonny. Sonny presents Skye with AJ's note, and he makes Skye an offer she can't refuse. Sonny promises not to harm AJ, if she can orchestrate Courtney's return. Jax arrives upon the scene and tells Sonny to back off. After Sonny departs however, Jax advises Skye to take Sonny's offer and Skye lashes out at him. Jax also makes a call and offers a five million dollar reward for the capture of Helena. Later, Skye visits Carly's Club in a search for Jax, and Carly catches Skye off guard when she extends a warm welcome. Sarah surprises Elizabeth with her altered opinion of Lucky, and Sarah admits to Elizabeth that Lucky is worth a fight. Gia helps Helena into the tunnel where they hide, but Luke spots the panel door and swings it open, sweeping Gia into the room. Gia covers, and although Nikolas knows that Gia is lying, he calls off the tunnel search to protect the one he loves. Alexis expresses to Kristina her concern for worried Sonny, and Alexis finally realizes that she must love Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #9981
    Ep. #9981
    Episode 57
    Gia covers when Nikolas asks why she wants money from the safe. Gia tries the lock again after Nikolas leaves, and Helena steps up the tension when she enters from the tunnel demanding the money. Bobbie informs Luke that Helena sightings are rampant, and a revelation prompts Luke to head for the stables and to tell Nikolas that he suspects they provide Helena with a hiding place. Nikolas grows suspicious of Gia when Luke points out that Helena would need a lot of money to successfully escape. Laura is determined to remain focused on her wedding, and Laura asks Felicia to help her locate her old wedding dress and is shocked to learn that the dress is missing. Skye and Edward become sparring partners at ELQ, and Jax watches Skye toy with Edward. Skye's hopes increase when Jax admits that he still has feelings for her. Sonny's dark response to AJ's note alarms Carly and Alexis, and Sonny declares war on AJ. Jax asks Alexis to move onto the yacht with him to protect her from escaped Helena, but Alexis refuses, and her feelings for Sonny start to become real. Alexis sticks with Sonny, and her panic grows when Sonny strides off with purpose after contemplating Courtney's predicament. Gia continues fighting off money-hungry Helena, and Helena runs back into the cave after hearing Luke and Nikolas approach. Meanwhile, Sonny pays Skye a surprise visit as Skye wraps up a business deal.moreless
  • Ep. #9980
    Ep. #9980
    Episode 56
    Elizabeth faints upon hearing of Helena's escape. Once recovered, Elizabeth realizes why Lucky wanted to get her away, and she lays into him for hiding the truth. Mac and Luke battle over the best way to catch Helena, and Roy breaks it up before they come to blows. Nikolas asks to join forces with Luke to hunt for Helena and offers up Helena's riddle. Meanwhile, Helena demands that Gia bring her five hundred thousand dollars immediately, and Nikolas walks in on Gia preparing to open the safe. As Sonny's men surround the hospital, AJ and Courtney escape in disguise. Ned upsets Kristina when he won't help Courtney, and Ned learns that Kristina identifies with Courtney. Carly and Sonny find themselves drawn closer together as they fight the good fight, but Alexis interrupts their renewed closeness, and Sonny storms off when Carly and Alexis resume their typical bickering. However, Carly and Alexis search for some common ground when they come across an envelope from AJ to Sonny. Meanwhile, Luke angers Mac by staging a press conference announcing Helena's escape.moreless
  • Ep. #9979
    Ep. #9979
    Episode 55
    Bobbie horrifies Sarah with the full story about what Helena did to Elizabeth and Lucky. Lucky tries to protect Elizabeth from further upset by warning Nikolas not to say a word about Helena's escape, and Elizabeth interprets Lucky's plans for a romantic weekend to mean that Lucky's feelings for her have returned. However, Sarah ruins Lucky's plans when she blurts out to Elizabeth that Helena has escaped. Helena threatens to say Nikolas aided and abetted her escape, but Gia will not let Helena hurt him. Helena slinks into the shadows as Nikolas approaches, and Helena eavesdrops as Nikolas reveals that Gia ran the red light and that the police think Nikolas helped Helena to escape from prison. As a result, Gia agrees to help Helena get away in order to save Nikolas. Ned and Kristina make up, and Alexis interrupts the romance to push Ned to stop AJ from baiting Sonny. Kristina knows how much Alexis cares for Sonny, and Kristina presses Alexis to admit the truth. Sonny believes Carly's explanation for the vodka, and Carly and Sonny agree to work as a team to expose AJ, resulting in Sonny stationing henchmen around the hospital. Sonny's anger toward Mike flares, and Sonny explains to Courtney that he only wants to protect her because he loves her. At the same time, AJ swears to Alan that he has fallen in love with Courtney, and Alan ultimately agrees to help AJ and Courtney get away.moreless
  • Ep. #9978
    Ep. #9978
    Episode 54
    Helena's escape has Luke pulling out all the stops to find her. Luke interrupts Gia and Laura and tries to play it cool after finding Laura safe, but Laura senses something is awry. Luke confesses that Helena has escaped and that he wants to move up the date of their wedding. Gia in the meantime runs into Helena in the stables. At the same time, Courtney announces that she cannot stand one more lie, so Mike admits that Sonny masterminded the trip that Mike planned for the two of them. In the hospital, Sonny threatens AJ about marrying Courtney. Carly breaks in to keep Sonny from doing something foolish, but AJ taunts Carly until she lunges at him. AJ finds vodka in his water pitcher, and Alan angrily accuses Carly and Sonny of planting it. Outside, Sonny accuses Carly of the vodka trick, but Carly insists that AJ set the whole thing up. Courtney suspects Carly and Sonny set AJ up, and Courtney agrees to go away with jubilant AJ. Meanwhile, Lila wants Skye and Edward to plead their cases for ownership of the ELQ shares. After Skye and Edward face off, Lila announces that Skye and Edward will share the CEO spot jointly.moreless
  • Ep. #9977
    Ep. #9977
    Episode 53
    Helena manages to see Nikolas alone at the hospital, and she gives Nikolas a riddle about the sun and the dark of the moon. Helena then informs Nikolas that he needs to figure it out on his own. Roy and Luke make a pact to foil Helena, but Helena escapes from the hospital. Edward kisses up to Lila, but Skye makes a brutally honest case for why she wants ELQ shares. Carly focuses on punishing AJ for all of his past misdeeds, and Carly informs Edward that Skye aided and abetted AJ in his evil plans. Edward turns on Skye as a result, and Lila announces that she has decided who should have the ELQ shares. Janine shocks Sonny with the news that Courtney intends to marry AJ, and Sonny storms off to confront AJ. Mike shares Sonny's sentiments regarding the AJ/Courtney fiasco, and Sonny warns Mike that they must enlist wisdom and good planning in their attacks against AJ. However, Mike sets off with his own plan in the hopes of gaining Sonny's approval. In the meantime, AJ hatches a new scheme to get at Sonny. AJ informs Courtney that he wants to leave town and start a new life with Courtney at his side. However, Mike arrives upon the scene to talk to Courtney, leaving AJ unsettled.moreless
  • Ep. #9976
    Ep. #9976
    Episode 52
    Luke suspects that Helena feigned her pain, and Luke's impersonation of a doctor to uncover the truth lands him in jail. Lucky and Sarah awkwardly meet outside sleeping Elizabeth's door, and Lucky remains unable to deal with his lost feelings for Elizabeth. On the other side of the door, Gia wakes Elizabeth, fills her in about the party and asks Elizabeth to make Sonny back off. However, Gia's questions cause Elizabeth to recall moments from the accident. Lucky probes Nikolas about his plans to save Gia, and Lucky remains suspicious despite Nikolas' convincing cover. Later, fearful Nikolas experiences a disturbing Stavros dream involving Gia. Sonny fumes when he watches AJ kiss Courtney, but Sonny's mood brightens quickly when Zander suddenly tackles AJ to the ground. While Taggert realizes AJ's devious intentions, Sonny almost convinces Courtney that AJ's intentions are bad, but Courtney ends up staying by AJ's side when AJ fakes a collapse. AJ gets Alan to admit him to the hospital for the night, and Sonny enlists Mike's help to stop AJ. Meanwhile, Skye walks out on Jax after telling him that he has no idea what it means to be desperate.moreless
  • Ep. #9975
    Ep. #9975
    Episode 51
    Sonny's anger mounts in reaction to seeing AJ with Courtney, and Alexis helps Sonny control his temper. Sonny grows further frustrated after Courtney refuses Sonny's dance request. Observing the tense moment, Ned suspects that AJ has signed a death warrant for taunting Sonny. Meanwhile, Courtney arouses Taggert's suspicions when she lashes out at Gia for causing the accident, and Nikolas darkens when Sonny also accosts Gia. Carly, Alexis and Bobbie corner Courtney in the Ladies Room to warn Courtney about AJ's manipulating ways, but AJ counters with a passionate kiss. Lulu barrages Laura with questions about the wedding, and Elton offers Laura a few offbeat ideas, but Laura maintains that she wants a magical wedding. Felicia, Luke and Roy bust Maxie when her underage friend, Cody, tries to buy alcohol. Luke shares the news with Roy that he intends to remarry Laura, and Luke receives a Valentine from Helena. As a result, Luke visits Helena in her cell, and Helena collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #9974
    Ep. #9974
    Episode 50
    Lucky warns Sarah to change her attitude, and Sarah informs Lucky that he knows nothing about love. A storm hits, and Sarah heads for the stables where she takes off her wet clothes. Lucky innocently happens upon Sarah in the stables, where it is clear there is an unspoken attraction between the two. Ned informs Skye that Jax gave his ELQ shares to Lila, and hurt Skye blasts Jax for the apparent deception. In the process, Skye comes close to revealing her true feelings for Jax, but Skye's pride ultimately prevents her from following her heart. At the same time, Alexis tries to stammer out her true feelings to perplexed Sonny. However, Alexis can't get past how long Sonny has kept Kristina's slip a secret, and Alexis lays into Kristina instead. Felicia surprises Roy with a visit. Meanwhile, Carly tries to play it cool when Sonny enters the club, and Zander comes to Carly's rescue. Sonny happens upon Gia, and Sonny informs Gia that he believes Courtney's version of the accident. Gia starts to confess, but Nikolas arrives upon the scene and whisks her away. Courtney agrees to AJ's plan, and Courtney and AJ shock everyone, especially Sonny, when they enter Carly's club together.moreless
  • Ep. #9973
    Ep. #9973
    Episode 49
    Lulu announces to Scott, in front of the party crowd, that Laura has changed her mind about marrying Scott. Over Luke's protests, Laura agrees to talk with Scott, and Scott does his best to talk Laura out of marrying Luke. Elizabeth presses Lucky to take Sarah to Carly's Club, and Sarah tells Lucky she plans to end the unhealthy dynamic between Elizabeth and Lucky. Gia informs Nikolas that she gave up the Face of Deception, because her feelings for Nikolas far surpassed her desires for celebrity. However, later at the Carly's Club, Gia abruptly announces her intentions to remain at Deception. Ned interferes with Skye's efforts to get closer to Jax by informing Skye that Jax sold her out. At the same time, AJ steams Courtney by listing the things Sonny did to him, and as a result, Sonny learns that Courtney has changed her mind about going to the Carly's club opening with him. Building upon his success, AJ shares a plan with Courtney meant to exact revenge upon Sonny. Meanwhile, Alexis attempts to digest Ned's latest news and wants to talk with Sonny before entering the Carly's Club, while Carly grows upset watching Zander dance suggestively with his hot date and waits for Sonny to make an appearance.moreless
  • Ep. #9972
    Ep. #9972
    Episode 48
    Laura and Luke hope for time alone upon completion of their hairy escape. However, "normal" home life sabotages Laura and Luke's plans, and Luke ends up announcing that he and Laura intend to remarry to the entire brownie troop. At the same time, Sonny swears that neither he nor his men have laid a hand on AJ, and Sonny invites Courtney to join him at Carly's club opening. Fearful of another gaffe, Sonny requests that Alexis stand by his side at the event. Alexis gladly obliges, but Alexis questions why Sonny wants to attend at all. AJ storms into Skye's, ranting about Sonny's interference, and Skye ends up locking AJ in the closet to prevent him from further messing with Courtney. AJ finally breaks free, finds Courtney at Janine's and tells Courtney about Sonny's intentions to keep AJ from seeing her. Meanwhile, Ned notes Alexis' stunned reaction to Kristina's slip about Alexis' feelings for Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #9971
    Ep. #9971
    Episode 47
    Sonny probes Elizabeth about the accident, but Elizabeth remains true to her recited recall. Alexis gives Carly a nasty reception at Sonny's, and Sonny rubs salt in Carly's wounds when he orders Carly's departure so that he can talk with Alexis. Sonny confides to Alexis that he believes Courtney, and he asks for Alexis' advice, while Carly returns to her club to prepare for a stupendous opening. Meanwhile, Courtney expects to meet AJ at the boathouse, but instead Courtney finds Jax. Courtney questions why Jax told Sonny about her hiding place at AJ's, and Jax warns Courtney not to fall prey to manipulating liars. Sonny's goons delay AJ's meeting with Courtney, and Skye arrives, pretending to cry into AJ's shoulder so she can snag his cell phone. When the police arrive, Skye demands that they arrest Sonny's men, now busily filling the tires of AJ's car with air. However, Taggert replies that he can't arrest people for "menacing attitudes." AJ screeches away in his car to the boathouse, but when he arrives, Courtney has already left. Sonny apologizes to Courtney for not believing her.moreless
  • Ep. #9970
    Ep. #9970
    Episode 46
    Sarah tells Nikolas about her suspicions regarding the grand bash at Wyndemere, and later Sarah finds herself locked in one of Wyndemere's secret tunnels. AJ worries that Sonny might fit him with a pair of cement shoes, and Edward surprises AJ when he offers to help him. In return, Edward requests AJ's assistance in regaining control of ELQ. AJ tears out, vowing to look after himself, but AJ appears willing to rethink the situation when he finds all of his tires flattened. Courtney slaps Sonny with the fact that AJ believes in her innocence regarding the accident, while Sonny doesn't. Skye accuses Jax of possessing romantic feelings for Courtney, and Jax stabs back by dismissing his relationship with Skye. Jax goes further and chastises Skye for not stopping AJ's plan, and Skye storms out. In turn, Jax pays Edward a surprise visit and shares the stunning news that Jax sold his controlling ELQ interest to Lila. Once home, Skye drops her ELQ portfolio and collapses in tears. Meanwhile, Sonny shocks Nikolas when he appears, wanting to see Gia and Elizabeth about the accident.moreless
  • Ep. #9969
    Ep. #9969
    Episode 45
    Elizabeth insists that Sarah join the crowd at Wyndemere. Gia and Nikolas remain skeptical, but they welcome everyone to their newly decorated rooms, and Sarah warns Nikolas that she did not forget about Gia and the accident. Edward upsets Kristina by pushing a wedding, and Kristina confides to Ned that she fears getting burned. Carly forces Zander to accept her apology and to stop dancing around the subject of their kiss, because she knows that they share a mutual attraction. Zander shocks Carly when he asks for two tickets to her opening and announces that he intends to bring a date. AJ faces Sonny's cold fury and denies he has Courtney, so Sonny dares AJ to shoot him. When AJ stands frozen, Sonny accuses him of not being a man. Janine interrupts the standoff with a call revealing that Courtney's with her, and Sonny leaves to reunite with Courtney. After Jax and Alexis leave the scene, AJ is left clearly shaken. Later, fuming Skye pushes past Jax's door, and Skye proclaims that the game is far from finished.moreless
  • Ep. #9968
    Ep. #9968
    Episode 44
    Laura and Luke's lives remain in danger as the water continues filling the mineshaft, and a fallen rafter pins Luke's leg in the struggle to escape. Luke tells Laura she'll have to go alone for help, and Luke discovers a bag full of gold when he kicks the beam once more. The water starts to engulf Luke's face, and Laura returns to hold his head above water as she calls for help. Roy and Felicia figure out where Luke took Laura to hide, and they rush to the rescue. AJ puts Courtney in a disguise for their trip to New York, but Skye, Carly and Zander's arrival delays their plan. Jax throws them off the scent by leaving with Skye, while Courtney stays hidden. Skye informs AJ that he needs to get Courtney out of his place. Meanwhile, Alexis convinces Sonny that Jax told the truth about Courtney's whereabouts, and determined Sonny heads for AJ's. However, Alexis fears that Sonny will do something crazy, so she and Jax follow him. Sonny ultimately arrives at AJ's, and he kicks down the door.moreless
  • Ep. #9967
    Ep. #9967
    Episode 43
    Luke and Laura ask hard questions about their relationship, and they agree to let the past remain in the past. Luke turns his attention to the quickly brewing storm, and Luke points out to Laura that a downpour could flood their mineshaft. Felicia uses her female charms to trick the sheriff, and Felicia and Roy escape from the jail. However, Roy's cheery mood quickly dissipates when he realizes that the rain has interfered with the tracks and their search for Laura and Luke. Carly reveals to Jax AJ's intentions to use Courtney as payback time for Sonny. Carly horrifies Skye when she informs Skye that Jax is going to nail AJ, and Carly and Skye get embroiled in a catfight when Skye tries to leave. Courtney has doubts about AJ, and an unexpected visit from Janine ends up heightening Courtney's confusion when Janine supports a romance between Courtney and AJ. AJ arrives upon the scene and invites Courtney and Janine to spend a night with him on the town in New York. Zander catches Sonny off guard when he quits, but Sonny offers Zander another chance to prove his loyalty. Jax surprises Sonny when he arrives and informs Sonny that AJ has Courtney.moreless
  • Ep. #9966
    Ep. #9966
    Episode 42
    Laura finds Luke unconscious, and she begs him to wake up so they can get married. When Laura finds out that Luke played possum, Laura screams, and the resulting rumble sends Laura and Luke scurrying to find an exit to the tunnel. Another slide traps Laura and Luke, and Luke ends up slipping a ring on Laura's finger as they wait to be rescued. Still in jail, Felicia and Roy learn that the Sheriff is in cahoots with Jennifer. Jax manages to sneak into AJ's, and Courtney conks him on the head, demanding to know why he hunted her down. Jax boasts about his detective skills, and he warns Courtney not to trust AJ. AJ returns and puts on his "good guy" act in front of Courtney and his "tough guy" act in private with Jax, but Jax continues to doubt AJ's intentions. Kristina and Ned find a love nest at the cabin, but Edward barges in wanting help. Realizing he's intruded on the couple, Edward starts to leave, but Big Alice informs Edward that the car won't start and that they will have to stay overnight. Meanwhile, AJ points out to Skye that she has fallen in love with Jax, and Skye finally admits to Alan that she is indeed in love and afraid of getting hurt.moreless
  • Ep. #9965
    Ep. #9965
    Episode 41
    Sexual tension between Jax and Skye runs high as Skye asks Jax if he has feelings for her. Jax remains elusive, but his interest picks up when Skye mentions AJ. Later, Jax grows suspicious when he spies a skirt that Courtney has left behind, and Jax heads for AJ's. Gia fears that Sarah will not forget about the blood tests, so Nikolas gets Mason to help solve the problem. However, Sarah believes that Nikolas is behind Mason's "nice" act. Elizabeth looks forward to leaving the hospital, but she remains opposed to moving in with Lucky. Elizabeth's mood further darkens when she hears a song connected to the accident on her boom box, and Nikolas deflects the situation by suggesting that everyone move in to Wyndemere. AJ's declaration of love throws Courtney for a loop, and she wonders if his gifts are an attempt to buy her, so he gives her the escape check to prove his intentions. At the same time, Janine tells a frustrated Sonny that Courtney is in "safe hands." Alexis sees the tremendous stress weighing on Sonny's shoulders, and she decides against moving out after all. Meanwhile, Mike shares Sonny's concern for Courtney, while Courtney frantically tries to hide when Jax arrives at AJ's and picks the lock to his door.moreless
  • Ep. #9964
    Ep. #9964
    Episode 40
    Edward tries striking a deal with Skye to regain his position as CEO by suggesting that he won't tell Jax what she said at his bedside in return. Jax overhears the end of Skye and Edward's conversation, and Edward covers by informing Jax that Skye wants Jax. Edward storms off after losing the CEO quiz Jax gives, and sexual tension increases between Skye and Jax as Jax pursues Edward's earlier admission about Skye's feelings for him. Kristina angers Zander with her ongoing meddling, and Kristina questions how Zander could give up on someone he loves. In response, Zander insists that Carly and Sonny's relationship will never end. Janine interrupts AJ and Courtney's romantic dinner, and Courtney ultimately comes out from hiding to face the music when Janine's diatribe against AJ goes too far. Carly confides to Bobbie that she tried to get back at Sonny and that Zander got hurt in the process, and Bobbie offers Carly a difficult plan of action in return. Sonny doesn't believe Alexis' reason for moving, and Alexis and Sonny come close to declaring their feelings when Janine bursts in to tell Sonny that she knows Courtney's whereabouts.moreless
  • Ep. #9963
    Ep. #9963
    Episode 39
    Recap:Luke's "romantic" attempts to calm an enraged Jennifer fail, so he and Laura flee and hide in a mineshaft. Luke attempts to protect Laura by pushing her to the ground when a mine cave-in covers them with debris. Felicia and Roy fend off Jennifer's thugs, and they call the police. Much to their chagrin, the sheriff ends up arresting Felicia and Roy too. Carly denies having any romantic entanglement with Zander, but Kristina presses the issue and reveals that Zander told Kristina of his feelings for Carly. At the same time, Sonny pressures Zander for details about who kissed Carly. Carly tries to thank Zander for lying to Sonny for her, but Zander angrily shrugs off Carly's thanks, and her. Nikolas alarms Alexis when he says that it's in his nature to be like Stavros, and Nikolas grows uneasy when Alexis asks if Courtney is telling the truth. Later, Alexis runs into Sonny, and Sonny announces that it's over with Carly. In return, Alexis startles Sonny with the news that she intends to move. Meanwhile, Bobbie tells Melissa that she must admit that she killed people in order to salvage what's left of her life. Melissa moves Scott with her plea and offers to back Melissa up, but Melissa refuses both Bobbie and Scott's help, and Mac arrives to take her away.


  • Ep. #9962
    Ep. #9962
    Episode 38
    Luke and Laura secretly cheer at the sight of Roy and Felicia, and they go along with the wedding charade. Jennifer leaves to change into her bridal gown, while Luke and Laura scheme with Roy and Felicia. During the vows, Laura hits Luke on the head with a champagne bottle, and the battle for their escape begins. Almost home free, Jennifer ultimately thwarts the escape by pulling a gun on Laura. Carly tells Jax about her upset regarding the animosity that has sprouted between Sonny and Jax. Zander prods Sonny to keep after Jax, and Zander rouses Sonny's suspicions further. Sonny acknowledges Zander's loyalty to him, stirring Zander to admit that he has something to tell Sonny. Alexis sees Nikolas, and the image of Stavros in Nikolas' visage prompts Alexis to confide to Nikolas that he appears to be changing. Gia defends Nikolas, and Nikolas admits to Alexis his fear of becoming his father. Finally, Edward advises Ned to sweep Kristina off her feet, so Ned books a getaway for two.moreless
  • Ep. #9961
    Ep. #9961
    Episode 37
    Luke announces that he will wed Jennifer, and Jennifer asks for Laura's death as her wedding present. Luke denies Jennifer's request, and Luke does his best to convince Jennifer that forcing Laura to watch them exchange vows would cause Laura much more pain. Not trusting Luke completely, Jennifer invites Reverend Roy and his wife, Felicia, to the ranch for the ceremony. Sonny pays AJ a visit, and frightened Courtney hurriedly tries to picks up her scarf and hide. Sonny puts some pressure on AJ and scans the apartment, and Sonny takes out his frustration on Mike afterward. After receiving word of a supposed Courtney sighting on the docks, Sonny and Mike venture over and find conniving AJ with a person resembling Courtney. Elizabeth insists that Lucky's love will provide all the medication needed for Elizabeth's speedy recovery, but Sarah remains wary. Mason remains determined to perform a blood alcohol test on Gia, and Nikolas does his best to distract Gia by surprising her with a new car. Nikolas has a nightmare about Stavros, and Sarah accuses Nikolas of lying.moreless
  • Ep. #9960
    Ep. #9960
    Episode 36
    Luke insists that Laura tell him before he dies whether or not she meant it when she said that she wanted to marry him. Laura pretends to concentrate on getting them out of their jam, but she finally admits that her words came from the heart. AJ does not understand Jax's accusations that he faked Skye's kidnapping, and AJ grandstands his own kidnapping to his hidden audience, Courtney. Frightened Courtney threatens to leave, but AJ convinces Courtney to stay in spite of her fears. Jax pushes Skye to tell the truth by telling her that he's finished with her otherwise, and Jax makes good on his promise when Skye fails to deliver. Jax notes the piece of clothing Skye took from AJ's in the process. Alexis discreetly slips away from Ned and Kristina, and Alexis awkwardly bumps into Felicia. Felicia wants Ned's help on a case, and Alexis tells Kristina that she'll get over seeing her with Ned, but Alexis also asks Ned if he's playing a game with her sister. Roy visits Melissa in her cell, and he urges her to take the plea bargain. However, Melissa appears intent upon going to trial and proving that she is right. Roy receives Laura's message for help and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #9959
    Ep. #9959
    Episode 35
    Carly saves Zander from the wrath of Sonny by preventing him from confessing to kissing Carly. Carly questions why Sonny cares who kissed her, and Carly tells Sonny that she simply met a guy at a bar. Zander realizes that Carly has used him as a tool to make Sonny jealous, and Zander throws Carly out. Courtney grows suspicious of AJ's over-the-top gifts, but AJ convinces Courtney that he is different from other men. Jennifer gives Laura some unappealing choices for her death, and Luke stalls Jennifer from fulfilling her promises by convincing her to entertain him with a courtroom drama of Laura's trial. On the witness stand, Laura swears she wants to marry Luke again, and Jennifer sentences Luke and Laura to die in the morning. Kristina sweetly apologizes to Ned on the studio PA system, and Ned assures Kristina that he is over Alexis, and they sensuously reunite. Jax frees Skye from the meat locker, and Jax takes Skye to AJ's where he gives AJ the cufflink he found at "the scene of the crime." Meanwhile, Alexis accuses Sonny of jealousy over Carly's kiss, and she storms away from Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #9958
    Ep. #9958
    Episode 34
    Luke disapproves of Laura putting herself in danger to rescue him alone. Jennifer amuses Laura when she remains intent upon holding Luke to his marriage promise, and Luke pulls Laura into a kiss after she frees Luke from Jennifer's restraints. AJ overwhelms Courtney with movie videos and boxes of beautiful clothes to while away her time in hiding. Kristina decides to save her sister from Sonny. Later at the gym, Kristina asks Carly if she wants to get back together with Sonny. Jax warns Alexis to sever all ties with Sonny, and he informs Alexis that he intends to bring Sonny down for threatening Skye. Meanwhile, Carly appears interested in celebrating her divorce with Zander, and she fumes when Zander rejects her proposals. Zander remains certain that Sonny continues to haunt Carly's thoughts and heart, and Sonny confuses Zander when he approaches him about Jax kissing Carly. Jax warns Skye to stay away from Sonny, and Sonny promises retaliation unless Jax backs off and leaves Carly alone. Meanwhile, sly Skye convinces AJ to put her in the meat locker, and Skye calls Jax for help.moreless
  • Ep. #9957
    Ep. #9957
    Episode 33
    Luke declares his love for Laura, but Jennifer accuses him of playing hard to get. Jennifer has Texas wedding plans, which include Luke, but Laura arrives with hopes to save the day. Elizabeth realizes that while she never stopped being Lucky's valentine, Lucky stopped being hers, and as Lucky wants things to heat up, Elizabeth backs off. Sarah also doubts Lucky's reasons for wanting Elizabeth, and Sarah faces off with him about lying. Jax takes Skye up on her dare, and sparks fly when they kiss. However, Jax realizes that Skye hopes to uncover information about Edward, and Jax appears willing to play her game. Zander takes his frustration out on the billiard table as Kristina probes Zander about Sonny, and Zander warns her that Sonny remains romantically entwined with Carly. Meanwhile, Carly interrupts a sweet moment between Alexis and Sonny with her divorce papers in hand, and Carly plants a jealous hook in Sonny's mind. As a result, Alexis shreds Sonny's gift of gardenias, and Kristina finds frustrated Alexis and suggests that they make Port Charles history.moreless
  • Ep. #9956
    Ep. #9956
    Episode 32
    Time stands still on Valentines Day in the town of Port Charles as each character's deepest fantasies are revealed. Luke and Laura have parallel fantasies that show the depth of their love-- Luke fantasizes that Laura declares her love and accepts him for who he is, while Laura imagines that Luke returns to her, ready to live the life she wants. Alexis fantasizes that Sonny helps her overcome her inhibitions and leads her into passion, while Sonny's deepest fantasy has him torn between Carly and Alexis. Carly's desire is to win back Sonny's respect. Gia's fantasy takes a sinister turn when she imagines Nikolas turning into his father. Elizabeth fantasizes finally vanquishing Helena and restoring Lucky's love for her. AJ triumphantly reigns victorious over Sonny in an unexpected arena. Ned fantasizes a romantic and passionate duet with Kristina. Courtney's fantasies take her on a magical and possibly romantic night with AJ.moreless
  • Ep. #9955
    Ep. #9955
    Episode 31
    Taggert demands that frightened Gia tell him the truth, but Gia adamantly denies responsibility for the accident. Gia insists that she did not run the red light, and Gia and Taggert's heated conversation jars a memory for Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth's recollection remains unclear, and Elizabeth swears to Taggert that Courtney ran the red light. Meanwhile, Laura's emotions concerning Luke continue to vacillate, but Laura ultimately puts her feelings aside and decides to search for Luke. At the same time, Luke demands to know the identity of his captor, and Jennifer stuns Luke when she appears in the doorway. Jax doesn't believe Skye's lame excuses for breaking into his room, and Skye eventually confesses that she wants to know Jax's secret. Zander squelches a passionate moment with Carly when he accuses her of still having feelings for Sonny. Sonny alerts Alexis to Jax's intentions to shut him down due to Sonny's relationship with Alexis, and Alexis and Sonny continue to dance around their feelings and remember the good times that they had on their first trip to Puerto Rico. Once home, Alexis receives white gardenias from Sonny, and romance threatens to blossom when Sonny appears at the door.moreless
  • Ep. #9954
    Ep. #9954
    Episode 30
    Laura questions the validity of Luke's dangerous predicament after the capture of another spy message. Carly overhears Jax tempting Zander with a five million dollar proposition that would allow Zander to get back at Sonny, and Carly threatens to tell Sonny. Ned assures Skye that he will destroy her relationship with Jax unless she signs the CEO post over to Edward, and Jax discovers Skye secretly investigating Ned's connection to Jax. Melissa attempts to convince Roy of the moral correctness of her mercy killings, but Roy refutes Melissa's argument and maintains that she must turn herself in for taking God's law into her own hands. At the same time, Bobbie studies the evidence on Melissa, and Bobbie accuses Melissa of murder. Crumbling, Melissa recites chapter and verse of the mercy killings as Taggert arrests her. Taggert probes Nikolas and Gia about Elizabeth, and afterward, Gia and Nikolas do their best to muddy the waters by bombarding Elizabeth with their version of the accident.moreless
  • Ep. #9953
    Ep. #9953
    Episode 29
    Taggert arrests Gia in a guilt-ridden dream, and Taggert's actual visit with Gia leaves him with second thoughts about her innocence. Nikolas upsets Lucky when Nikolas tries to uncover how much Elizabeth remembers about the accident. AJ convinces Courtney to hide in his apartment, and AJ assures Skye that he convinced Sonny that he did not know Courtney's whereabouts. Fearing the wrath of Sonny, Skye frowns upon the idea of keeping Courtney under AJ's roof, but Skye ultimately agrees to go along with AJ's plan. Sonny feuds with Mike over Courtney's decision to disappear, and Sonny ignores Alexis' advice and remains determined to search for Courtney. Janine berates Mike and Sonny for "losing" Courtney, and Janine decides to look for Courtney herself. Roy feels torn about confronting Melissa with his evidence against her, but Roy's fear that Melissa will perform a mercy killing propels him to seek Bobbie's advice. Melissa fails to inject an unsuspecting Edward with morphine, and Roy accuses Melissa of attempting to end Edward's life, threatening to turn her in unless Melissa does it herself.moreless
  • Ep. #9952
    Ep. #9952
    Episode 28
    Zander wants to share his feelings for Carly with her, but he ultimately focuses on boosting Carly's self-confidence instead by pushing her to jump back on the horse and drive the car. Alexis rejects Kristina's belief that Sonny's presence will endanger Alexis' life, and Alexis accuses Jax and Ned of poisoning Kristina's mind. Mike enters the scene with news that Courtney has disappeared, and a doorman interrupts the escalating argument between father and son with a note from Courtney explaining that she has left town. However, AJ convinces Courtney to let him take care of her instead. AJ promises Courtney that he will handle all of the details regarding her family, and Courtney's false sense of security grows. Roy spills his suspicions about Melissa to Bobbie, and reluctant Bobbie starts to accept the possibility once Roy presents the evidence. Bobbie and Roy peruse Melissa's case histories, and both react with horror when two separate files mention "a blessing." Meanwhile, Edward demands that Skye sign a resignation document giving the CEO spot to Edward. However, Skye paints a different scenario for Edward and upsets him to the point of faking a heart attack. Melissa overhears the melodramatic Edward ask Alan to arrange for Edward's death, and once Edward sinks into a sedated sleep, Melissa appears willing to make Edward's wishes come true.moreless
  • Ep. #9951
    Ep. #9951
    Episode 27
    Zander gives nervous Carly a driving lesson, but an oncoming highway accident shatters her new found driving confidence and brings back bad memories, and Zander finds himself continuing to fall for her. Gia learns from Sarah that Elizabeth survived her surgery, and Sarah discovers that Gia never submitted to a blood test. Sarah remains suspicious, and Nikolas continues to protect Gia by buying off the waiter that served Gia alcohol before the accident. Nikolas attempts to reassure Gia by informing her of his handiwork, but Gia freaks when she realizes that Elizabeth will ultimately reveal the truth upon her full recovery. AJ makes the most of Courtney's traumatic situation, and he tangles Courtney further into his web. AJ offers Courtney an escape by presenting her with the emergency check and the keys to his car, but Courtney can only manage to break down in his arms. Alexis astounds Sonny when she literally pulls the plug on Sonny to keep him from calling Courtney, and Alexis stirs Sonny's feelings when she passionately instructs him against chasing Courtney. Sonny presses Alexis to tell him about her feelings, and even Kristina's interference doesn't prevent him from pursuing the issue. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Scott enjoy a less than stogy date, but Bobbie rejects Felicia's inquiries about a possible romance between the two. However, Bobbie does agree to accompany Scott to a hockey game.moreless
  • Ep. #9950
    Ep. #9950
    Episode 26
    Skye seductively confesses to Jax that she likes how he stood up for her, and Jax offers to be her champion. Sonny threatens Taggert in retaliation for Taggert arresting Courtney to get at Sonny. Gia admits to Nikolas that she in fact drove the car through the red light, and Gia panics at the possibility of taking a blood alcohol test. However, Nikolas prevents further action by paying an eyewitness to finger Courtney as the guilty party, and oblivious Florence questions Gia's passionate defense of Nikolas as a result. Alexis pressures Taggert to release Courtney, but Taggert remains convinced that Courtney almost killed Gia. Matters appear to get worse when Alexis learns that Courtney drove Mike's car even though the insurance had lapsed. Meanwhile, Courtney continues to plead innocent, and she slips out of the police department and runs off to AJ's. At the hospital, Lucky rants at an opportunistic photographer and takes his film. Sarah intervenes, but Lucky rushes up to the hospital rooftop, and Sarah chases after him. Lucky tests Sarah's nerves by standing precariously close to the edge, but news of Elizabeth ultimately gets him to come down. At the same time, Kristina and Ned continue their spat about Alexis and Sonny over dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #9949
    Ep. #9949
    Episode 25
    Lucky grows angry with himself for not returning Elizabeth's declaration of love as she gets wheeled into the emergency room. Gia battles with guilt after learning that Nikolas lied to the police about her alcohol intake, and Gia, out of fear, accuses Courtney of running the red light. However, Courtney's blood test comes back negative, and Gia ultimately confesses the truth to Nikolas. Jax joins forces with Mac to destroy Sonny, and Jax offers Mac the financial backing necessary to close Sonny down for good. Meanwhile, Skye slyly tells Jax that she "made up" the threats about Sonny. AJ frightens Skye when he appears in her hotel room, and AJ gives Skye advice on how to handle Jax. Later, Jax arrives at Skye's door, and Skye invites him in to make an unexpected confession. Alexis warns Kristina to keep her mitts out of Alexis' relationship with Sonny, and Kristina confesses to Ned that she told Sonny that Alexis loves him. Ned eavesdrops on Kristina telling Edward to take some New Age medicine from Hawaii, and Edward goes along with the psychological purging to trip up Ned and Kristina. Roy cannot bring himself to confront Melissa about her disturbing hospital file, and Roy suggests to Laura that they burn the incriminating papers.moreless
  • Ep. #9948
    Ep. #9948
    Episode 24
    Mac reveals to Sonny that Jax has had Sonny's warehouse condemned, and Skye interrupts a potentially explosive moment between Sonny and Jax. Sonny notes Skye's suspicious behavior as she runs to Jax's side, and Jax questions Skye when Skye uses the truth to further her plans. Laura helps Roy delve into Melissa's background to squelch rumors labeling Melissa as an angel of death, while Melissa hopes to shrug off suspicion by pressing Edward to sign a new will. AJ overhears Mike and Janine's spat, and Janine informs AJ that she defended him against Sonny. AJ tells Janine that he has fallen in love with Courtney and that he wants to marry her. Meanwhile, Liz, Gia and Courtney suffer the aftermath of their terrible car accident. Courtney regains consciousness and desperately tries to free Gia, but the door remains jammed, and Taggert arrives before Max and Johnny can convince Courtney to flee the scene. Taggert tends to injured Gia, and Gia wants to believe Taggert's accusations that Courtney ran the red light. Elizabeth remains unconscious at the hospital, and Sonny objects when Taggert wants a blood alcohol test done on Courtney.moreless
  • Ep. #9947
    Ep. #9947
    Episode 23
    Sonny and AJ feign civility, and AJ sends Sonny to new levels of fury when he reveals to Sonny that Courtney lives in the same building as AJ. Sonny interrupts Courtney trying to orchestrate a peaceful meeting with her parents to blast Mike about putting his sister up in AJ's hotel. Janine joins the fight between Sonny and Mike, and upset Courtney runs away from the scene with Mike's car keys. Meanwhile, Elizabeth fails to convince Gia that Sarah does not intend to steal Nikolas away from Gia. Edward forces Skye to announce her supposed desires to make Edward CEO of ELQ in return for keeping mum about her secret plans for Jax. Alan reacts to Skye's gesture with pride, and Jax reacts with surprise, but Ned remains skeptical. Skye receives a threatening photo, and Jax rushes off to confront Sonny about it. However, AJ stuns Skye when he steps forward and claims responsibility, intending to get at Sonny through Jax. Ned arrives upon the scene just in time to hear Skye conspiring with AJ against Edward. Finally, Bobbie brushes off Scott's preliminary advances, but Scott returns in a tuxedo and convinces her to give him a try.moreless
  • Ep. #9946
    Ep. #9946
    Episode 22
    Skye attracts Jax with her openness, and the two dance around possible romance until Alan interrupts with a call. Alan informs Skye that Edward has awoken from his successful surgery and that he only wants to speak to Skye. Skye misinterprets Edward's invitation and chooses to accept, but she soon discovers that Edward intends to blackmail her. Gia entices Nikolas into romance, and she almost misses her last photo shoot for Deception. One of the Cassadine bankers spooks Nikolas by pointing out Nikolas' physical likeness to Stavros, and Gia feels threatened by Sarah when she spies Nikolas reconnecting with his old flame. Elizabeth also smolders as Sarah tries to explain away her past behavior to Elizabeth, and Audrey serves to heighten Elizabeth's feelings of inadequacy brought on by the return of her older sister. Laura asks Lucky to tell the truth about his feelings regarding Elizabeth, and Lucky insists that he will make his relationship with Elizabeth work. Roy's uneasiness about Melissa's attitudes toward terminally ill patients causes him to seek advice from Laura.moreless
  • Ep. #9945
    Ep. #9945
    Episode 21
    Sonny apologizes to Alexis. Kristina starts to confess to Alexis her slip to Sonny, but decides to cover when she discovers that Sonny did not press the issue. Sonny makes amends with Carly and Zander, and Carly cheers when Sonny offers to give Zander his old job back. Zander accepts, and Zander decides against declaring his true feelings for clueless Carly after noting Carly and Sonny's continued closeness. Elizabeth pales when Sarah announces her intentions to stay in Port Charles, and Gia sympathizes with Elizabeth after uncovering the dirt afterward. Gia and Nikolas get past arguing on their way home, and Elizabeth ends her date with Lucky to spend more time with her returned sister. Skye uses her physical charms to lure Jax toward helping her obliterate Sonny, and Skye closes the deal by returning to Jax later with evidence of another supposed threat against her. Meanwhile, Alan apologizes to Melissa for his insinuations, and he gives Melissa her job back. Roy reacts favorably to the news, but he secretly grows concerned when he hears Melissa promising Edward that she will "take care of him" if it comes to a point where Edward can no longer take care of himself.moreless
  • Ep. #9944
    Ep. #9944
    Episode 20
    Alexis unwinds at the health club with Ned, while Kristina forces herself into Sonny's penthouse and chastises him for the poor treatment of her sister. Sonny starts to fight back, but Kristina throws him off balance by blurting that Alexis has feelings for Sonny. Kristina tries to take it back, but Sonny approaches Alexis upon her return home. Elizabeth and Lucky grow frustrated over the course of their date, and Elizabeth suggests to Lucky that they both have changed and they shouldn't try to recapture what they had before. In return, Lucky accuses Elizabeth of giving up too easily. The less than happy couple finally makes it to the Port Charles Grill, where Elizabeth and Gia exchange concerns about their significant others in the powder room. Elizabeth and Gia then return to the main room and to a new challenge, freshly returned Sarah embracing Lucky and Nikolas. Zander informs Carly that Sonny fired him after confessing the truth, and Carly suggests that he work for her at the club. Wary Zander shares his deeper feelings for Carly, but Carly appears oblivious. Meanwhile, Scott recounts his disastrous date with Alexis to sympathetic Bobbie, and Bobbie's shining character puts a new light in Scott's eye.moreless
  • Ep. #9943
    Ep. #9943
    Episode 19
    Zander expresses his feelings to Carly. Carly's blood boils after Zander reveals that Sonny hired him to watch over her, and she urges conflicted Zander not to tell Sonny that Zander told her the truth. At the same time, Sonny presses Alexis to reveal her true feelings about him, and Alexis attempts to muster up the courage to confess. Zander ruins the moment when he arrives to admit that he told Carly the truth. Sonny fumes and fires Zander, and Alexis ends up blasting Sonny for his behavior. Carly threatens to burn down her club in order to get Jax's attention, and Jax offers to handle Sonny after learning that he continues to bother Carly as well as Skye. However, Carly assures Jax that she can and will handle Sonny on her own. AJ continues spinning a web for Courtney, getting her to confide that she feels overwhelmed with her new family situation. AJ attempts to give Courtney a large sum of money for emergencies, and Courtney appears tempted to take it. Meanwhile, Gia overhears Laura and Nikolas confess that they still feel Stavros' presence, and Gia takes steps to help Nikolas by declining to renew her Deception contract in order to spend more time with him.moreless
  • Ep. #9942
    Ep. #9942
    Episode 18
    AJ traps Sonny by pointing out to Courtney that Sonny hung AJ in a meat locker until AJ signed over parental rights of his son. Courtney confronts Sonny, but Sonny remains silent and only assures Courtney that AJ meant to set up Sonny. Mike enters the scene after Sonny loses his temper and smashes a glass, and Courtney decides that she wants to move in with Mike. Sonny provides embarrassed Mike with the cash to get a larger place, and Mike warns Sonny to never take out his anger on Courtney. Alexis does her best to comfort conflicted Sonny, and Alexis attempts to share her feelings for Sonny with him. Meanwhile, Skye questions the ultimate benefit of AJ's plans, and AJ assures Skye that beyond the personal triumph, Courtney will win her freedom from Sonny. Skye sympathizes with AJ, and Courtney arrives to take AJ's bait. Lucky relays to Gia his fears about Nikolas' unresolved feelings for Stavros, and Laura suggests that Nikolas turn the reigns of the Cassadine Empire back over to Stefan. Laura grows more concerned about Nikolas, and Nikolas realizes that Laura sees Stavros in Nikolas' actions. At the same time, Elizabeth and Lucky work to recover their past love by enjoying a fun date. Carly continues pressing Zander to date Courtney, but Zander remains opposed to the idea and ultimately admits that Sonny instructed him to befriend Carly in order to keep an eye on her.moreless
  • Ep. #9941
    Ep. #9941
    Episode 17
    Courtney asks Sonny if they can start over, and the siblings make strides toward developing a relationship. However, Courtney inadvertently upsets Sonny when she questions him about his childhood abuse, and Sonny cuts their meeting short to confront Alexis for sharing privileged information. Sonny tears into Alexis' penthouse and interrupts Alexis about to share her feelings about Sonny with Kristina, and Sonny accuses Alexis of betrayal. In the meantime, Skye pays Courtney a surprise visit and apologizes to her for lashing out the night before, and Skye lures Courtney away to talk to AJ. AJ works on gaining Courtney's favor by explaining why Sonny hates AJ, until Sonny learns of his sister's departure and detains AJ in the process of recovering Courtney. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Lucky mend fences, and Nikolas applauds Lucky's willingness to work things out with Elizabeth. However, Nikolas ends up blasting Lucky when Lucky tries to save Nikolas from more pain by tossing a letter from Stavros into the fire. At the same time, Gia supports Elizabeth's efforts to repair her damaged relationship with Lucky, and Gia helps Elizabeth proceed by offering her beauty expertise.moreless
  • Ep. #9940
    Ep. #9940
    Episode 16
    Skye gets AJ to reveal that he plans to provide Courtney with her "prince", and Skye does her best to woo Jax back to her side. Janine informs Mike that she has taught Courtney to fall for a man with money, and Jax catches Courtney on his yacht. AJ approaches Janine and offers to help Janine with Courtney, and AJ tries to ease Janine's suspicions by offering that he simply likes Courtney.moreless
  • Ep. #9939
    Ep. #9939
    Episode 15
    Sonny's emotions reach a boiling point when Mike opens old wounds for him while discussing abandonment issues with Courtney. Sonny informs Mike that Mike cannot make up for his past wrongs, and Sonny later chastises Courtney for forcing him into a less than comfortable situation. Alexis takes Sonny's side, and she insists upon staying with him after Courtney storms out. Alexis shows further support of Sonny when she ends her date with Scott after Scott makes disparaging remarks regarding Sonny. Carly is caught physically assaulting AJ, but AJ chooses not to press charges. Afterward, Zander applauds Carly for demonstrating her loyalty to Sonny. Carly takes the opportunity to enlist Zander in her efforts to help Sonny by stealing Courtney's affections away from AJ with Zander's charms. Meanwhile, Kristina gives Ned the vision to reclaim his character.moreless
  • Ep. #9938
    Ep. #9938
    Episode 14
    Courtney causes Sonny grief when she appears unwilling to leave AJ's side, and Carly makes matters worse when she throws in her two cents. All the same, Sonny extends his thanks to Carly for her help, and later angry Carly corners AJ in the park as he waits for Courtney. Sonny manages to convince Courtney to talk things through with him at dinner, but Courtney appears to have ulterior motives when she arranges for Mike to meet them at the Port Charles Grill. At General Hospital, Alan quarrels with Melissa over Edward, and Roy convinces Melissa not to quit after Alan suspends her. Jax escorts Skye to the hospital to make peace with Edward, and Skye inadvertently gives Edward a reason for living. Ned calls Kristina with the news that Edward will soon have surgery, and Kristina touches Ned when she heads off to the hospital to lend her support. Kristina also offers to help Alexis cancel her date with Scott, while Bobbie does likewise for Scott. Both Alexis and Scott decide to go ahead with the dinner at the Port Charles Grill, and Alexis recommends that Scott lock up all the sharp utensils when she observes the potentially explosive situation in the room with Sonny, Courtney, Mike, Skye and Jax all in attendance.moreless
  • Ep. #9937
    Ep. #9937
    Episode 13
    Alan decides to investigate Melissa's professional history after kicking Skye out of the hospital for continuing to insist that Melissa wants Edward's money. Alan learns that Melissa took care of a cancer patient in Chicago who ended up placing Melissa in his will, and Monica scoffs when Alan suggests to her that Skye's claims may have some validity. At the same time, Melissa reveals her Chicago experience to Roy, and she heightens Alan's suspicion when she announces that Edward has become a "code blue". Skye runs into Jax and Ned when she returns to the Quartermaine mansion to pack her bags, and she passes on the news of Edward's precarious position. Sonny arrives looking for AJ, and Jax rushes to Skye's defense when Sonny retaliates for her brazen words. Later, Jax detects Skye's softer side when she blames herself for Edward's heart attack, and Skye allows Jax to comfort her. Carly alerts Sonny to AJ's whereabouts in the park with Courtney and he arrives to find Courtney engaged in a developing relationship with his nemesis.moreless
  • Ep. #9936
    Ep. #9936
    Episode 12
    Alan blames Skye for Edward's heart attack, and Skye blames Melissa with the implication that Melissa wants to get her hands on Edward's fortune. In the hospital, Edward comes to but remains weak, and Monica urges him to allow Lila to visit. Edward translates Monica's concern into proof that he will soon die which Alan overhears, and takes the opportunity to express his love for his father. AJ stuns Skye with his callous reaction to Edward's medical crisis, and maintains his eagerness to move forward with their covert plans. Sonny brings Courtney to Kelly's where they run into Elizabeth on a date with Lucky, and Sonny supports Courtney when she admits that she stole money from Gia. Carly arrives to learn that Courtney is Sonny's sister, and Carly warns him that she spied Courtney with AJ at Luke's. At the same time, Courtney comes across AJ in the park. Elizabeth and Lucky also move on with their evening by donning ice skates and going for a skate in the park. Nikolas continues to worry about Elizabeth and Lucky, but Gia manages to entice him into taking a breather with some creative romancing.moreless
  • Ep. #9935
    Ep. #9935
    Episode 11
    Edward collapses, but he refuses to die until he can win back his company and make his family sick with guilt. Melissa stumbles upon Edward and attempts to revive him. At the Quartermaine mansion, Skye blames Monica for Alan's decision to kick Skye out of the house, and Skye covers her pain by implying that she will be better off without the Quartermaines. AJ confronts Alan for his hypocritical words, and Alan admits he has been less than a stellar father to his son. In the midst of this latest outburst of Quartermaine dysfunction, Reginald arrives upon the scene with news that Edward appears to have suffered a major heart attack. Stefan discloses his intentions to follow his childhood dreams, and Gia reluctantly accepts the cumbersome keys to the Cassadine estate. Nikolas squelches Gia's attempts to reveal that they would also like to kick the Cassadine legacy to the curb, and Nikolas assures Gia that they will eventually enjoy freedom after Stefan has his turn. At the same time, Sonny fumbles when he tries to get closer to Courtney, but Courtney picks up the ball, and together they make strides toward a healthy sibling relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9934
    Ep. #9934
    Episode 10
    Monica supports Alan instead of gloating when he tears up over Skye's behavior. Lila joins forces with Monica and Alan to deliberate over how to patch the torn Quartermaine family, while Melissa meets Edward in his hotel room. Melissa chastises Edward for his poor treatment of his family and for jeopardizing her career, and Melissa encourages Edward to do the right thing. Skye appears after Ned squelches her romantic intentions with Jax, and she and Edward end up slinging major mud at each other. Skye storms off to the Quartermaine mansion and discovers that Alan wants her to move out, while Edward suffers a heart attack. Meanwhile, Stefan soul searches after handing over the family businesses to Nikolas, and makes a decision that he shares with the rest of his family. Nikolas fears Helena's prophecy may come true after Gia catches him behaving poorly to one of his employees, but Gia gets Nikolas back in touch with the man she fell in love with. Ned and Jax share concerns with one another over the women in their lives, while Kristina discusses Ned with Alexis.moreless
  • Ep. #9933
    Ep. #9933
    Episode 9
    Kristina and Ned prepare Alexis for the possibility of a developing relationship between the two, and Sonny also puts Alexis at unease by continuing to save Carly from her messes. Alexis tries to regain some control in her life by making an appointment at the gym where she meets with Scott, and Sonny reacts with displeasure when he finds Scott escorting Alexis back to her penthouse. Kristina and Ned blast Sonny for taking Alexis for granted. Meanwhile, Zander's feelings for Carly appear to move beyond friendship, and oblivious Carly adds fuel to the fire when she insists that Zander spend the night with her in order for her to tend to his injuries at the hands of Rosco. Jax realizes that Skye has a yet unspoken agenda, and the two continue to flirt. Skye and Jax end up opening up to each other about their pasts, and both share the heartbreak in their lives. At the same time, Lucky and Elizabeth make an important decision about their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9932
    Ep. #9932
    Episode 8
    Carly breaks up Alexis and Sonny's close moment to inform Sonny that she needs his help. Carly recounts her unwelcome meeting with Rosco and expresses her fear that Zander plans to confront Rosco. Sonny rushes off, and Alexis accuses Carly of intentionally getting into trouble. Elizabeth shows up at the docks where Zander waits for Rosco, and Zander fails to get rid of Elizabeth before Rosco arrives. Lucky also arrives upon the scene after having a heart to heart with Bobbie, and he helps Zander save Elizabeth from Rosco's clutches. Sonny finds subdued Rosco at the docks and takes over. Elizabeth and Lucky head off, and Lucky asks Elizabeth to share the words from her heart that she couldn't confide to Bobbie. Meanwhile, Zander takes care of Carly for Sonny. Skye alerts Jax to the fact that she has moved into the room next door, and he comes to her rescue by deciding to spend the night with her when it appears an intruder has paid Skye an unwelcome visit. At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned informs Edward that he will no longer serve as the Quartermaine peacekeeper and then splits to see Kristina. Devastated Lila chastises Edward for truly going too far this time, and an upset Edward experiences heart pain as he storms off into the night.moreless
  • Ep. #9931
    Ep. #9931
    Episode 7
    Alexis and Sonny flirt with deeper feelings for one another over dessert, and she questions Sonny's relationship with Carly. Sonny finds Courtney opening up to Mike, which sparks renewed conflict with his father. Sonny pushes Courtney away with his overbearing manner. Alexis asks Sonny to allow her to help him, and she asks if he knows how she really feels about him. Carly informs Rosco that she does not need a new "best friend" because Sonny will protect her. Zander enters to defend Carly, and Rosco later punishes Zander with a visit from his goons. Meanwhile, Nikolas provokes Lucky to unleash his animosity toward him for ruining Lucky's life. The two brothers battle on the basketball court, and Lucky finally spills that all of Nikolas' good intentions will never help him retrieve Elizabeth. At the same time, Bobbie urges angry Elizabeth to not give up on Lucky despite all of his deceptions. Bobbie reminds Elizabeth that Helena's manipulations dictated many of Lucky's actions, and Lucky arrives upon the scene as Bobbie asks Elizabeth to share her true feelings about Lucky. Alan makes Skye think when he confronts her with his feelings of disappointment, but AJ argues that Alan's words are hypocritical, and he teases Skye with the promise of getting back at Sonny. Conflicted Skye takes a moment for herself, and she apparently comes up with a new scheme of her own.moreless
  • Ep. #9930
    Ep. #9930
    Episode 6
    Skye interrupts Sonny's evening with Alexis to blast him, and Sonny starts to dismiss annoying Skye when Jax comes to her rescue. Skye appreciates Jax's chivalry, and insincerely promises him to stay out of trouble in the future. While Sonny works on improving security at the No Name, Rosco approaches Alexis and puts the moves on her. Sonny returns to Alexis and quickly dismisses Rosco, informing her of Rosco's evil nature and association with Sorel. Meanwhile, Zander learns that Carly has indeed set him up on another blind date. Zander makes Nicole swiftly disappear by sharing his fabricated unsavory past, and Zander informs Carly that he is not ready to rejoin the wonderful world of dating. Later, Rosco finds Carly, and he informs suspicious Carly that he is her new best friend. AJ approaches Courtney, and uses her desire for independence to his best advantage. At the same time, Kristina informs Ned that she doesn't want to sing for L&B, but rather opts to learn more about him. Kristina and Ned fall into a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9929
    Ep. #9929
    Episode 5
    Monica informs Alan that she will not cover for Skye's bad behavior and Alan jolts Skye back into reality when he decides to hold her responsible for her actions. Skye exchanges barbs with Helena in jail, and Jax shocks Helena and surprises Skye when he comes to Skye's rescue by forcing Edward to drop charges against her. Jax fears Skye intends to confront threatening Sonny, and he follows her when she leaves the police station. Courtney and Janine also manage to escape conviction with Sonny's help, but Courtney makes it clear that she wants to run her own life. Kristina drags Courtney away to Luke's Club for a change of scenery, where AJ watches Courtney from the shadows. Meanwhile, Alexis convinces Sonny that he is being overprotective when he tries to have Courtney tailed, and Sonny takes Alexis out for a night on the town to keep his mind off of Courtney. Carly walks in on Mike trying to pressure Zander into revealing Courtney's whereabouts, and Carly ends up convincing Zander to spend the evening with her. At Beecher's Corners Motel, Laura spills her heart out to Luke from the opposite side of the blanket and makes him a promise, but she soon finds that Luke has fled. Luke boards a train to a destination unknown, and Laura determines to find him.moreless
  • Ep. #9928
    Ep. #9928
    Episode 4
    Laura and Luke appear to tumble forward into romance at the motel, but Laura breaks away from a kiss, and the would-be couple ends up arguing instead. Luke accuses Laura of avoiding making a commitment, and hesitant Laura finally announces that she will give Luke an answer to his marriage proposal. Bobbie informs Scott that Laura and Luke have apparently reconciled, and Bobbie listens to Scott vent his frustration and declare that he will never lose out on love again. Sonny surprises Courtney when he protects her from Taggert, and Sonny reveals the family connection between Courtney and himself, which gives AJ a new round of ammunition. Edward agrees to drop charges against Skye and AJ if Melissa allows Edward to adopt her, and Roy comes to Melissa's rescue. After failing to make Helena restore his feelings for Elizabeth, Lucky runs into Melissa and Roy in the park, and reminds them to cherish their love. Helena frightens Nikolas by predicting his future.moreless
  • Ep. #9927
    Ep. #9927
    Episode 3
    Luke attempts to woo Laura by bringing her back to Beecher's Corners to relive old memories. Laura reminds Luke that they have both grown and changed, but Luke assures Laura that time has only improved their ability to cope as a couple. Laura accuses Luke of setting up the entire day when his motorcycle dies in front of the motel where their romance began and only one room remains, and Luke hopes the evening will finally convince Laura to marry him. Nikolas defends Gia against upset Lucky, and Lucky turns his frustrations on Nikolas before rushing off. Melissa visits Edward with the intent of talking him out of changing his will, but Edward shocks the Quartermaines when he instructs Mac to arrest Skye and AJ for fraud, blackmail and conspiracy. Meanwhile, Sonny offers Janine cash and the promise of a job if she chooses to stay in Port Charles indefinitely with Courtney. Janine worries about Mike's influence on Courtney, but Courtney makes the final call and accepts Sonny's offer on behalf of her mother. Furthermore, Courtney and Kristina cross paths, and the two end up forming a bond. However, Taggert threatens Courtney's new relationships when he arrives to arrest Janine for blackmailing Edward.moreless
  • Ep. #9926
    Ep. #9926
    Episode 2
    Lucky tries to convince Elizabeth that his love for her will return with time, but Elizabeth fears Lucky will grow to resent her. Tensions rise between Nikolas and Gia. Luke gets Laura to agree to go away with him. Meanwhile, Courtney questions Sonny's motives for wanting her to stay in Port Charles, and Alexis gains Sonny's gratitude for convincing Courtney to remain in town. Carly grows suspicious of Sonny and wonders if Sonny hired Zander to spy on Carly after Mike nails Zander for bringing Courtney to see Sonny. However, Zander insists that he simply admires and likes to work for Carly. Kristina freaks out after Ned kisses her, but Ned convinces Kristina to give him a try. Roy makes Melissa weak in the knees with his kiss, and Jax pleasantly surprises Skye when he reacts favorably to her forthright honesty.moreless
  • Ep. #9925
    Ep. #9925
    Episode 1
    Elizabeth chooses to forgive Gia for lying about Lucky's feelings, and she cuts Gia off and instructs her to forget that the conversation ever happened. However, as the wedding begins, Elizabeth realizes that Gia told her the truth when she looks into Lucky's eyes. Lucky follows Elizabeth as she runs off, and Elizabeth finally gets Lucky to admit the truth. Jax helps Courtney find Edward Quartermaine, and Courtney tells Edward that Janine never slept with Edward. Edward erupts, and full Quartermaine wrath descends upon Skye when they learn that Skye knew about the deception from the beginning. Sonny rushes to Courtney's side in the midst of the chaos and offers Courtney a home if she does not wish to leave town with Janine, and Jax sweeps over to save appreciative Skye. Carly covers for Zander in front of Sonny, and Carly and Zander appear to move closer. Likewise, Kristina and Ned seem to enjoy each other's company, despite the Quartermaine madness surrounding them.moreless