General Hospital - Season 43

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #11013
    Ep. #11013
    Episode 257
    Sonny worries that his mob connections could come back to hurt Emily if they continue their relationship.
  • Ep. #11012
    Ep. #11012
    Episode 256
    Manny 'saves' Diego after he is attacked by an associate because the guy Diego ratted on had been part of Manny's association. Alcazar wonders if Sonny is ultimately behind the crime.
  • Ep. #11011
    Ep. #11011
    Episode 255
    Jason butts heads with Sonny over his relationship with Emily.
  • Ep. #11010
    Ep. #11010
    Episode 254
    Sam tries to learn as much as she can about Alexis while Sonny opens his mouth to another party about their connection.
  • Ep. #11009
    Ep. #11009
    Episode 253
    Emily worries what impact Jason's reaction will have on her future with Sonny.
  • Ep. #11008
    Ep. #11008
    Episode 252
    Robin tries to get Patrick and Noah to reconcile their feelings for each other. Lucky and Elizabeth enjoy a romantic evening. Sonny and Emily are spotted in a romantic clincher by Jason. Jax and Carly get passionate again. Ric upsets Sam when he tries to talk to her about Alexis.
  • Ep. #11007
    Ep. #11007
    Episode 251
    After attempting to deflect Lulu's questions about Diego's letters, Georgie shares a kiss with Dillon, unaware that Diego is watching from inside the closet. Tracy threatens to sell the Haunted Star while Luke prepares for a party. Robin is upset at Patrick's behavior.
  • Ep. #11006
    Ep. #11006
    Episode 250
    After Sonny disappears, Jason is left handling both his business and problems with Michael. Patrick searches for his father without success. Lainey has a nasty encounter with Frank, who turns out to be racist as well as homophobic. Lulu reads through the letters that Diego had sent Georgie from prison. Jax and Carly are able to hold little John Michael for the first time.moreless
  • Ep. #11005
    Ep. #11005
    Episode 249
    Sonny, worried about how his lifestyle will affect Emily, tells her the truth about Sam and Alexis but continues to lie to Jason. Carly leaves Patrick when he forces Robin to apologise. Despite her pregnancy, Luke tries to convince Skye to give them another chance.
  • Ep. #11004
    Ep. #11004
    Episode 248
    Jason admits to Sam that he's worried how her newfound knowledge about her family will affect their relationship. Jax refuses to call off the restraining order, and Nikolas outs Carly and Jax as lovers to Alexis and Elizabeth. Robin realises she was wrong about Patrick but before she can talk to him she sees him dancing with Carly. Sonny finally admits to Emily how much he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #11003
    Ep. #11003
    Episode 247
    Sonny learns that Sam is Alexis' daughter. Max tries to cover up Sonny and Emily's relationship. Sam and Sonny confront Alexis. Noah is shocked to learn that Patrick put his name on the donor list and lashes out at his son to take it off, Robin overhears Patrick on the phone in the changing room and comes to the conclusion that he made a bet to see if he can get her in bed.moreless
  • Ep. #11002
    Ep. #11002
    Episode 246
    Jax bars Nikolas from seeing John. Alexis worries about Manny's anger. Carly keeps quiet about Emily and Sonny.
  • Ep. #11001
    Ep. #11001
    Episode 245
    Ric is upset when he sees Manny Ruiz with Kristina. Sonny doesn't trust Jason as much as he trusts Emily. Max admits to Carly that Sonny and Emily left town together.
  • Ep. #11000
    Ep. #11000
    Episode 244
    Jason promises to support Sam no matter what, but she can't help but feel upset when she sees how close Alexis and Kristina are. Carly wants Jason and Sonny to keep their mouths shut when it comes to her personal life as her movements with Jax continue to be tracked.
  • Ep. #10999
    Ep. #10999
    Episode 243
    Sam accepts the truth that Alexis is her mother, and looks forward to rubbing it in her face. Nikolas is shocked to learn Alexis once gave up a child, but agrees to keep her secret. Maxie and Jesse aren't too happy to find Georgie with Diego. Skye and Lorenzo are thrilled to learn that she should be able to carry her child to term.moreless
  • Ep. #10998
    Ep. #10998
    Episode 242
    Alexis is devastated to learn that her daughter died in a car accident when she was just a child. Sam's life is turned upside down when she finds out who her mother is. Lucas comes face to face with Frank, the guy who beat him up. Diego is released from jail and prepares to return to his old life. Georgie and Dillon are homeless after Tracy kicks them out.moreless
  • Ep. #10997
    Ep. #10997
    Episode 241
    While Alexis continues to feel guilty for having given her daughter away, Sam gets closer to finding her birth mother. Patrick makes up for a fight between Robin and Carly by kissing Robin. Sonny and Emily enjoy their romantic getaway together. Max agrees to keep an eye on Carly for Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #10996
    Ep. #10996
    Episode 240
    Jax tries to convince Robin that he and Carly have hashed everything out, but she's convinced that Carly's just using him. She may be right, as Carly tries to convince Justus to do something without talking to Jax first. Stan has disturbing news for Jason and Sam. Alexis and Ric head to see the lawyer who handled the adoption but hit another dead end. When Patrick urges Robin to go after what she wants, she asks him out. Jason proposes to Sam again.moreless
  • Ep. #10995
    Ep. #10995
    Episode 239
    Janine comes to see Sonny looking for money and threatening to destroy Mike, and he makes her beg for the money on her knees before he gives it to her. Carly convinces Jax to let Nikolas scatter Courtney's ashes. She heads over to the house to see Sonny but finds only Max, who tells her Sonny is gone for the weekend. Jax talks to little John Michael, promising to keep him safe from the Cassadines no matter what and vowing to be a good father. Emily and Sonny fly off to an unknown destination. Lorenzo comforts a worried Skye, and convinces her to see a doctor about her pregnancy. Alexis has no luck in getting information from the doctor at the clinic, but while she's talking to him Ric hacks into the records and gets the name of the law firm used.moreless
  • Ep. #10994
    Ep. #10994
    Episode 238
    Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth for what happened during Courtney's memorial service, and she encourages him to lean on his friends and family to help him get over his grief. Sonny and Emily get lucky as Max manages to corral Michael and Morgan right when they would have walked in on the two of them. They realise they will need to be more careful. Jason and Ric get into it over Alexis showing up at the memorial and, later, Sam talks with Jason and decides that she wants to look for her birth mother. Jax uses his position as John's father to make sure he has some say in what happens with Courtney's ashes, but Nikolas manipulates Mike into signing them over to him. Alexis hits a roadblock in her search for her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #10993
    Ep. #10993
    Episode 237
    Sam comes right out and accuses Alexis of killing her brother. Carly misunderstands the relationship between Sonny and Emily, who get interrupted by Sonny's boys. Noah and Patrick continue to butt heads.
  • Ep. #10992
    Ep. #10992
    Episode 236
    Port Charles prepares to attend the memorial for Courtney Matthews. Lucky and Elizabeth show up at Wyndemere to see that Nikolas has trashed the place. Nikolas shows up at the service, but he's drunk. Lorenzo takes Skye to the hospital and refuses to let her leave until she's checked out. Alexis takes Ric's advice and starts searching for her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #10991
    Ep. #10991
    Episode 235
    At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy again gets into it with Dillon and Georgie over their marriage, and it is only Lulu's reminder that they are burying Tony today that gets them to calm down. Lucky and Elizabeth comfort Lucas at the diner. Bobbie assures Carly she wants her at the memorial. Luke speaks at Tony's memorial as flashbacks of Tony over the years, including of Tony with Bobbie and Tony with B.J., are shown. Manny uses his newfound information of Lorenzo switching Skye and Lulu's charts to blackmail Lorenzo. Skye passes out after admitting to Lorenzo that she's been having headaches.moreless
  • Ep. #10990
    Ep. #10990
    Episode 234
    Jax begins to wonder if Carly has an ulterior motive in offering to help him care for little John Michael. Ric encourages Alexis to search for the daughter that she gave up years earlier. Nikolas can't forget about the future that he had hoped to share with Courtney. Sam blames Alexis for Danny's death.moreless
  • Ep. #10989
    Ep. #10989
    Episode 233
    Holly tries to escape from Port Charles, but Luke manages to hold her up long enough for Robert to get there. Holly begs Robert to run away with her, but he declines, telling her she is going to jail for a long time. Carly and Jason manage to get their hands on the antidote, but have a hard time getting it into the hospital. Maxie begs Lucas to take her to B.J.'s grave because she doesn't want to die in the hospital, and is found by Lucky in the nick of time. Robin and Patrick embrace as the antidote begins to take effect. Carly, Jax and Nikolas watch anxiously as baby John begins to improve. Jason worries that Sam won't make it, but she finally wakes up. Nikolas rushes to see Maxie. Emily and Sonny leave the hospital hand in hand.moreless
  • Ep. #10988
    Ep. #10988
    Episode 232
    Carly is knocked out while trying to give Jason the news that Holly Scorpio is the one holding the town's fate in her hands. While putting away a lock of Molly's hair, Kristina innocently triggers another flashback for Alexis of her long-ago daughter when asking about the other lock of hair. Patrick warns Mac that the virus has put a serious strain on Maxie's heart, but a visit from Jesse cheers Maxie up before she makes an urgent call to Lucas. After Elizabeth lets her know how serious Ric's condition is, Alexis comes to see him, and tells him about her daughter. Sonny tries to cheer up Sam, but her condition worsens. Mike is inconsolable after Courtney's death.moreless
  • Ep. #10987
    Ep. #10987
    Episode 231
    After a vigil at little John's bedside, Carly runs into Robert and Luke, which prompts her to take off to find the mystery woman, then calls Jason to give him a heads up. Ric, Sam and the baby continue to grow weaker as the virus ravages them. Maxie is there for Nikolas as he finally breaks down over Courtney's death. Luke realises that whoever the mystery woman is, she must be very familiar with Port Charles. Ric asks Sonny to look after Molly if he doesn't make it.moreless
  • Ep. #10986
    Ep. #10986
    Episode 230
    Danny promises Sam that he will see her lost child in heaven, and he slowly and gently dies. Sam, furious and grieving, unleashes her anger on Alexis, and tells her quite logically, actually, that Sam's whole family is gone because of one sole person: Alexis. However, Sam's anger does not do any favors for her health, and she begins to get worse, and Monica, deciding to be honest with Jason, tells her that Sam may die in the middle of the night. Jax still resists telling Nikolas the truth about John, but Nikolas still wants to be a part of John's life anyhow. Jax and Carly learn from the doctor that John has the virus, and that the odds are very great that he will die, though Carly refuses to believe it, and when Jax begins to give up, Carly gives him a pep talk and orders to hang in there. Jason agrees to cooperate with Robert and tell him what he knows about Crylium, but still refuses to trust him for decieving all of Port Charles for ten years. As Luke and Robert try to ambush the mystery caller (Holly), a strange event happens, scaring Holly away, and she leaves the money, but takes the antidote. Patrick feels genuinely concerned for Robin as her condition worsens, and he asks Carly to give blood in hopes that it has some of the cure still in it. Elizabeth nearly breaks down, but she is reunited with Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #10985
    Ep. #10985
    Episode 229

    Elizabeth and Kelly try to save Courtney, as a desperate Nikolas looks on, but their efforts are in vain, as she dies. Sonny begins to tell Carly the truth about him and Emily, until she receives a phone call from Elizabeth and delivers the news about Courtney. Jax still waits on telling Nikolas that John is his son. Emily reaches out, and comforts him. Mike pushes Sonny away as he screams horridly at him telling him that he never cared for Courtney. Nikolas goes to visit her and say one final good-bye. Carly decides to help Jax raise John. Robin is set to be given the one dosage of antidote, but she refuses at once, leaving it up to Patrick to choose between Alexis and Danny, who are both equally ill. Alexis doesn't want to receive the antidote, but Ric convinces her and Patrick gives it to her. Holly makes another call to the hospital, and tells Robert and Luke that the cost of the antidote is now $1,000,000 per vial, and they both set out with the money to find the mystery caller. Danny tells Sam that he fears he's going to die.

  • Ep. #10984
    Ep. #10984
    Episode 228
    Sonny and Emily move to the guesthouse and take their relationship to the next level as they have sex. Jason and Carly return to Port Charles, and put off searching for the antidote shipment. Carly demands that Sonny tell her if he slept with Emily. Sam begins to get sicker. Courtney gives birth to a premature baby boy, and names it John Michael, after her father and Jax's, The epidemic continually gets worse, and as Monica, Alan, and Noah begin to lose hope. Patrick plays motivator to them all, just as Robin becomes infected. Luke and Robert receive another mysterious phone call at the hospital, revealing the appearance of Holly Sutton Scorpio.moreless
  • Ep. #10983
    Ep. #10983
    Episode 227
    Jason and Carly, with the help of Luke's old chimp, find Lucky, whose condition has improved due to the antidote. Carly, whose condition subsequently worsens, injects herself with a drug that could be either more of the virus or its cure. As Sonny, who has made a full recovery, leaves the hospital with Michael, Kristina, and Molly, Emily collapses, and is taken to a room, but it turns out it is just fatigue, and Monica orders her to leave. As Courtney refuses to believe that she may lose the baby, Lulu begins to beg Luke to give more serum to help Nikolas, who is worsening as well. Robert is quite surprised when Elizabeth tells him that there is a cure for the virus, and that Lucky is still alive, causing Luke to trick Robert into doing something to help track down Lucky, while Alexis fears she may be worsening.moreless
  • Ep. #10982
    Ep. #10982
    Episode 226
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10981
    Ep. #10981
    Episode 225
    Maxie, while taking Nikolas back to his room, suffers a heart attack. Luckily, Emily hears Nikolas' cries for help, and gives him the necessary equipment. Nikolas manages to save Maxie's life, but Manny is the surprising one that helps get both of them out. Monica tells Mac that Maxie may have another heart attack, and that the hospital might have to operate on her heart now. Courtney refuses not to have the ceseran, although Jax begs her to consider her own life. In Jax's favor, Kelly decides to call off the ceseran due to Courtney's high fever, though she then informs them both that both Courtney and the baby will die if they don't perform the ceseran soon. Lucky makes a phone call to Elizabeth to tell her that he loves her, causing everyone in the hospital to believe that he is going to die. Meanwhile, in the Maarkham Islands, Jason reluctantly goes along with Carly's plan, in hope that Luke's chimp will lead them to the laboratory. Tracey prays in the hospital chapel, making a bargain with God and promising to become a kinder, gentler person if Dillon lives through this. Luke, watching her, tells her that he would be amazed to see her change. After having a strange dream that he and Georgie are married in the park, Dillon wakes up, causing Tracey to believe in miracles.moreless
  • Ep. #10980
    Ep. #10980
    Episode 224
    Georgie and Dillon are married in the chapel. While having their first dance as husband and wife, Dillon collapses to the hospital floor, and is then unresponsive. Carly hallucinates, believing that she and Jason are still lovers, and then finds herself again, and she and Jason discuss whether they are better being off friends or lovers. The helicopter soon arrives, and Jason and Carly set off for the island where Lucky is being held. Due to the serum, Sonny is getting better, and admits to Emily that the kiss between him and Carly was a lie. They then both admit their true feelings for one another. Kelly informs Jax that the safest thing for both Courtney and the baby is for Courtney to risk the baby being stillborn. However, when Courtney learns that she could have a ceseran section and save her baby's life, she persistently sticks to that, thinking nothing of her own life. While wheelchairing Nikolas back to his room, Maxie collapses in a broken elevator, having a heart attack. Ric hallucinates that Alexis is his mother, and he confronts her.moreless
  • Ep. #10979
    Ep. #10979
    Episode 223
    Dillon talks Tracy into giving him and Georgie his blessing as Maxie takes up Georgie's case with Mac. Mac finally signs the consent papers, and Georgie tells Dillon they're getting married, and reminds him that it's Valentine's Day. Carly takes ill after being injected with the virus by Dr. Cassius and when a doctor comes to help, Jason soon realises he's working for Crylium. Jax refuses to leave Courtney's side when she's brought in by ambulance, and later listens as she and Nikolas talk about how much they love each other. Monica brings Danny back in to see Sam, and Sam tries to reassure him that Alexis didn't mean what she did. Nikolas refuses the serum and tells Sonny to take it for his son's sake, and Patrick pretends that Sonny's condition has worsened to force him to take the serum.moreless
  • Ep. #10978
    Ep. #10978
    Episode 222
    Sonny is told by Emily that due to his profession, he is lowest on the list to recieve a dose of the serum. While his sheets are being changed, Nikolas overhears Sonny and Emily's discussion, and hears Emily tell Sonny that she loves him. Patrick then commissions Emily to decide whether Sonny, or Nikolas will get the serum, as there is just enough left for one of them, due to Luke performing the process once again. Emily cannot decide, and the fate of both Sonny and Nikolas is left to a coin flip. Tony contracts the disease, and becomes fatally sick in a short amount of time. He says his good-byes to Lucas, Bobbie, and Luke, in a dramatic scene, and then he dies, leaving the whole hospital heartbroken. Jason and Carly concoct a plan to save Lucky, but things go terribly wrong, as the cure doesn't work on Lucky, and Carly is injected with the virus, as Jason kills the madman and his lackies. Meanwhile, Jax recieves more clues to Courtney's whereabouts, as Mike comes down with the virus and tells Jax that he has been in contact with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10977
    Ep. #10977
    Episode 221
    Lulu, suffering a seizure, begins to knock on death's door. However, Robin's brilliant plan manages to save her, as she suggests to Patrick that instead of dividing up forty doses of serum per patient, they can split it into eight, and save five patients, allowing Lulu to get a dose. Carly and Jason fly to the Maarkham Islands, and are as close to Crylium Industries as ever. However, they stay in the same hotel Luke did, and unknown to them, they are being spied on. Lucky looms ever closer to dying, as a sinister man tells him that he must be near-death in order for him to test the cure. As Sam has a nightmare about her mother degrading her, Georgie and Dillon plan to marry in the hospital. However, Tracey puts a stop to the makeshift wedding by revealing that Georgie is underage.moreless
  • Ep. #10976
    Ep. #10976
    Episode 220
    Luke's life is saved, but Lulu's might not be after she gives Luke a tear-breaking good-bye, as she seems to be convinced she is resting on her deathbed, causing Luke to break into the doctor's council with a gun, threatening them to give Lulu the serum. Sonny and Nikolas argue over Emily, as Sonny confesses to Nikolas that he won't allow himself to get involved with Emily because of what happened to Lily. Alcazar prays to God that Lulu doesn't die because of what he has done, while Elizabeth realizes what Alcazar did. A delirious Alexis attacks Sam, remembering the time that Kristina needed Sam's baby's stem cells to survive, which in turn causes Danny to attack Alexis.moreless
  • Ep. #10975
    Ep. #10975
    Episode 219
    Carly and Jason fly to the Maarkham Islands in search of Lucky, who has regained conciousness and is being told by Crylium Industries that he is being tested to find a potential cure. Alcazar, realizing that he's not ready to lose Skye, switches her medical charts with Lulu's so that she gets the serum first, while Lulu's condition subsequently worsens. As Bobbie and Noah decide to help Luke perform the procedure to produce more medicine in attempts to save Lulu, Luke enters hypovulemic shock, putting his life at risk. As Dillon asks Georgie to marry him, Monica catches Alan and Tracy trying to alter Dillon's chart to give him a dose of the serum.moreless
  • Ep. #10974
    Ep. #10974
    Episode 218
    Carly poses as a prostitute with Jason hiding in the wings as they attempt to get the goods on Anton Rush and Crylium Industries. Sam and Alexis are forced to share a room together, and Sam's brother Danny begins to show signs of the illness. Robert, Robin and Patrick wonder how they will determine who does and does not get the life-saving serum. Lucky is kidnapped.moreless
  • Ep. #10973
    Ep. #10973
    Episode 217
    Robert Scorpio rushes to attempt to quarantine the hospital, as Patrick tries to convince Robin to leave, knowing that her H.I.V. status puts her at higher risk to get ill. Max takes Carly, Michael and Sonny to the hospital after Sonny collapses at the house, and Emily is devastated to see that Sonny has gotten sick as well. While treating him later, he admits that the kiss was faked. Danny watches fretfully as Sam's condition just gets worse. Down in the cafeteria, Dillon begins exhibiting symptoms, and both Maxie and Liz, who has sent Jesse off to find Lucky, are worried. The chimpanzee escapes, but tests soon reveal that he isn't the carrier, which leads to Luke being restrained as doctors try to find a way to create a cure. Alcazar swears not to leave Skye's side.moreless
  • Ep. #10972
    Ep. #10972
    Episode 216
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10971
    Ep. #10971
    Episode 215
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10970
    Ep. #10970
    Episode 214
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10969
    Ep. #10969
    Episode 213
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10968
    Ep. #10968
    Episode 212
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10967
    Ep. #10967
    Episode 211
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10966
    Ep. #10966
    Episode 210
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10965
    Ep. #10965
    Episode 209
    Sonny considers putting a halt on his romance with Emily because he doesn't want to lose what he has with Jason, but Emily just can't give up. Carly tells Jason that she believes Lorenzo has paired up with Manny, then tells Lorenzo that she can no longer protect him. Patrick turns on the charm with Elizabeth to annoy Robin. Lucas is disappointed in Bobbie's reaction.moreless
  • Ep. #10964
    Ep. #10964
    Episode 208
    Durant has Sam pulled in the shower after Manny is shot. Bobbie turns on Tracy and reads her the riot act after she insults Lucas because of his sexuality. Lorenzo visits Manny in his hospital room.
  • Ep. #10963
    Ep. #10963
    Episode 207
    Alexis calls Jason to the witness stand and tries to use him to support her own case of changing personalities by asking him about the differences between Jason Morgan and Jason Quartermaine. Sam is finally ejected from the courtroom during Manny's testimony and is nowhere to be found when Manny is shot. Nikolas tries to warn Emily about Sonny, but she isn't interested in listening to anything that he has to say. Tracy kicks Lulu out of the Quartermaine mansion and she heads to stay with Nikolas before making her alliance with Skye. Coleman, Jesse and Lucky break up the fight between Frank and Lucas, and when Frank presses charges Lucas ends up in jail. Bobbie shows up to bail her son out, and Lucas announces he's gay.moreless
  • Ep. #10962
    Ep. #10962
    Episode 206
    Manny catches on to what Sam is trying to do and destroys her cell phone before grabbing her and ripping her blouse. Sam tries to convince Ric and Alexis of what happened when she was alone with Manny, but while Ric considers her tale, Alexis doubts her. Courtney says goodbye to Nikolas before leaving town. Jax pumps Carly for information about Courtney, but by the time he manages to get to Courtney's hide-out she's gone, and Jax realises she's in danger. Jesse tries to set up a sting to capture Frank, but it's Lucas who finds him at Jake's and takes a swing at him.moreless
  • Ep. #10961
    Ep. #10961
    Episode 205
    Emily gets angry with Courtney, who is later able to clear the air with Jax before she leaves goodbye notes for the men in her life. Lucas tells Maxie that Frank attacked him because he was gay, leading to Jesse going undercover to catch the other guy. Skye offers Lorenzo a shoulder to lean on after Carly attacks him for his testimony towards Jason on the stand. Jason doesn't appear in court, and the judge says he'll be arrested if he doesn't show up soon. Sam is able to successfully goad Manny into getting violent.moreless
  • Ep. #10960
    Ep. #10960
    Episode 204
    Dillon is furious with Tracy for faking her own death. Lulu is equally furious but rather than get angry with Tracy, she tries to play the older woman to gain her trust. Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn and Lucas enjoy a game of pool at Jake's and encourage Lucas to hang out with Frank, who seesm interested in him. Courtney and Nikolas argue after Courtney sees how interested Nikolas still is in Emily's life, which is witnessed by Carly and Jax. Georgie and Dillon find a badly beaten Lucas in the park.moreless
  • Ep. #10959
    Ep. #10959
    Episode 203
    Skye refuses to believe that Luke would actually kill Tracy despite Dillon's fears, and Skye turns out to be right as Tracy reveals herself to her brother. Sonny and Emily decide that it would be worth giving a relationship a try, not realising that Carly is doing everything she can to tear them apart. Courtney gets her divorce from Jax down in the Dominican Republic, but balks at marrying Nikolas right away. Sam worries that any child she has could be like Danny, but Robin does a genetic test and assures her that she's safe.moreless
  • Ep. #10958
    Ep. #10958
    Episode 202
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10957
    Ep. #10957
    Episode 201
    Luke is determined to make Tracy think he's out to kill her, and Lulu, Dillon, Skye, Alice and Georgie all help him. Sam worries about her future with Jason after talking to Alexis. Luckily for Jason, Justus is able to get him released from jail. Carly swears she can make Courtney reunite with Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #10956
    Ep. #10956
    Episode 200
    Nikolas punches Patrick after Coleman tells him about the fracas between Patrick, Emily and one of Sonny's enemies. Maxie is concerned when Georgie admits that she has been writing letters back and forth with Diego. Sam attacks Alexis after she has Jason arrested for Manny Ruiz' attempted murder.
  • Ep. #10955
    Ep. #10955
    Episode 199
    Manny asks for Carly's forgiveness as Jason admits that he believes Manny may have changed, but Sam warns Carly not to believe Manny. Mac tries to calm a worried Maxie as Patrick performs surgery on Jesse. After Courtney defends Jax even though he confessed to rigging the first paternity test, Nikolas warns her she has to choose between him and the father of her child.moreless
  • Ep. #10954
    Ep. #10954
    Episode 198
    Manny is being transfered to the jail when his cousin Enrique ambushes the transport, shoots Jesse, and tries to break Manny out, but Manny refuses to go. Carly and Patrick both encourage Robin to believe they slept together, and Robin warns Patrick that Carly is no good. Emily decides to get over Sonny by asking out the first man who walks off the elevator, who turns out to be Patrick. Carly pulls Sonny in for a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10953
    Ep. #10953
    Episode 197
    Emily saves Michael after he falls through a frozen lake, and Sonny thanks her with a kiss. Jason and Robin argue about the past, and later, thanks to Carly's machinations, Robin jumps to the wrong conclusion about the relationship between Patrick and Carly. Luke is desperate to find a way to reach out to Lulu.moreless
  • Ep. #10952
    Ep. #10952
    Episode 196
    Although Sonny tells Emily he doesn't have romantic feelings for her, he admits to Jason that he does care about Emily. Michael refuses to listen when Carly tries to discipline him and runs off. Lucky tries to convince Luke to take a more active role in Lulu's upbringing, insisting his younger sister is out of control.moreless
  • Ep. #10951
    Ep. #10951
    Episode 195
    Lainey and Justus both realise that, to a certain extent, they have spent their lives living in their father's shadows. Jason catches on to what Durant is doing and leaves Manny unharmed, much to Durant's annoyance. Ric manages to talk his and Alexis' way to freedom. A tipsy Emily admits her feelings to Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #10950
    Ep. #10950
    Episode 194
    Sonny orders Jason to kill Manny after realising Durant is trying to use this case to bring him down. Alexis and Ric realise what Durant is up to and he has them arrested. Jason agrees to kill Manny, not realising that Durant has set a trap for him. Emily encourages Nikolas not to give up on Courtney.moreless
  • Ep. #10949
    Ep. #10949
    Episode 193
    Sam and Jason agree to attend Carly's New Year's party to save her from herself. Nikolas shows up at the Quartermaine party to find only Emily in attendance. Bobbie is happy to find that Noah has remained sober. Lucky and Elizabeth end up having car trouble and spend New Year's alone in their car. Luke threatens to reveal that Jax switched the original paternity results to have him show as the father.moreless
  • Ep. #10948
    Ep. #10948
    Episode 192
    Sam is forced to skip Michael's birthday party because she is going to be deposed by Alexis for Manny's trial, and although Alexis is noticeably uncomfortable with having to ask Sam certain questions, she does her job. Michael enjoys his birthday party, but Carly is upset when Sonny's gift to Michael overshadows her own. Bobbie tries to offer Noah some helpful advice, but he isn't interested. Jesse brings Courtney to the police station in the hopes of identifying Jax as the hit and run driver, but Jax is able to prove he had nothing to do with Dr. Meadows accident. Emily confesses to Emily her interest in Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #10947
    Ep. #10947
    Episode 191
    Emily and Sonny are embarrassed to be caught in the hall in only their towels by Michael, but the boy thinks nothing of it and helps Emily get the door open. Carly tries to give Patrick a heads up on Robin, but he sees through her act and calls her on her behavior before talking to Robin, who is convinced that he pities her because of her HIV status. Jax swears he didn't hit Dr. Meadows but Jesse, out on a date with Maxie, is suspicious, especially when he realises there's a huge dent in Jax' fender. Dillon tries to force Lulu into volunteering at the hospital as per Tracy's orders, but after Elizabeth realises that Lulu is actually afraid of what may happen if she volunteers, she encourages Dillon not to push the issue.moreless
  • Ep. #10946
    Ep. #10946
    Episode 190
    Jason and Sam cannot understand why Alexis would defend Manny, although Sam is much angrier than Jason. Later, after Monica tells him that Sam is worried about him, Jason agrees to take it easy and he and Sam go home. Sonny tries to allay Carly's fears that Emily will take her place, then later Sonny and Emily run into each other in the hallway clad only in towels thanks to a faulty heater in the guest house. Patrick overhears Carly and Robin going at each other at Metro and learns that Robin is HIV positive. Luke covers for Jax with Courtney regarding Jax' reasons for selling half the Metro to Carly, then demands a half a million dollar a year pay cheque to keep quiet. Courtney sees Dr. Meadows and Jax arguing.moreless
  • Ep. #10945
    Ep. #10945
    Episode 189
    Courtney is upset after learning that Nikolas will be stuck in Europe a little longer because the plane was sabotaged, and she confronts Jax with her suspicions that he was behind it. Sonny demands that Carly move because her new home isn't safe, and surprisingly, Lorenzo shares the same opinion when he drops by with the divorce papers. Patrick walks in on Robin and another staffmember in the changing room and calls Robin on her lack of a social life. Manny bumps into Carly in the hallway and tries to apologize, but she wants nothing to do with him. Later, after Bobbie refuses to talk to him about Carly, Manny looks at the keys to Carly's new home, which he took when they collided. Emily has another steamy fantasy about Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #10944
    Ep. #10944
    Episode 188
    Justus is relieved to learn that the man Lainey is with is her father, but she is furious that he tailed her. Later, though, he comforts her as she returns her father to the home he lives in, and swears he doesn't pity her because of Roger Winters' Alzheimer's. Carly jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees Emily at Rose Lawn, and is shocked to learn Emily is trying to get her out, not keep her in. Patrick is disgusted to see that his father is not only playing Santa, he's drunk, but the two connect later. Everyone in Port Charles gathers for the annual hospital charity Christmas party as Alan reads the Christmas story to the children. A 'drunken' Jax agrees to spend the night on Courtney's couch. Max makes Christmas special for Carly and the boys when he brings the tree from Sonny's.moreless
  • Ep. #10943
    Ep. #10943
    Episode 187
    Dillon fakes hanging himself in the Quartermaine foyer to irk Tracy, but no one takes any notice of him as they prepare for the hospital's annual charity party. Ric and Alexis go out to look for a tree, but despite her promises, she spends the day in the car while he and Kristina hunt for a tree. Luckily for them, Kristina's charm keeps them from paying $1000 fine for cutting the trees in a state forest. Lulu initially refuses to be an elf until she overhears Luke telling Skye about when Laura used to don the costume. Robin asks Jason to talk to Manny to see if he really is cured or just faking it. Jax arranges it so that Nikolas is stranded in Europe and can't get home to Courtney. Michael is disappointed to learn that neither Carly nor Jason will be there on Christmas. Justus tails Lainey as she meets a mystery man. Emily goes to Rose Lawn to ask Dr. Kim to release Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #10942
    Ep. #10942
    Episode 186
    Carly tells Lainey and Dr. Kim that she's free to leave whenever she wants, but Dr. Kim warns her that she is far from healed, and if she leaves, he will make sure there is a restraining order put in place to keep her from the boys. Alexis pushes Ric to put aside his work to come cut down a Christmas tree with her and the girls, then ends up with work on her own plate after Dara informs her that Durant has appointed her as Manny's public defender. Jax eavesdrops on Nikolas' conversation and is pleased to hear that Nikolas has been called out of town on an emergency business meeting. Courtney is upset to hear that Sonny will not welcome Nikolas in his home after the way he treated Emily. Lulu is touched when Nikolas gives her a diamond necklace for Christmas that she had asked for when she was just a small child. Dillon is forced to move back home after Tracy refuses to pay his tuition and room fees.moreless
  • Ep. #10941
    Ep. #10941
    Episode 185
    Unwilling to accept that Sonny may move on, Carly does her best to make Emily feel bad that she is developing feelings for Sonny, but Emily scores points in Sonny's eyes after she steps in to save Sonny from Michael's difficult questions. Jason stops Sam from killing Manny as Patrick prepares to do surgery on the mobster. Patrick is confident that with the tumor removed Manny will no longer be angry or violent, as the part of his brain affected by the tumor was part responsible for aggression. Alexis watches as Kristina plays with Morgan and Michael at Kelly's, but she is unable to control the children when Michael starts barking out orders.moreless
  • Ep. #10940
    Ep. #10940
    Episode 184
    Lainey insists on taking Carly back to Rose Lawn before Carly can get the answers on how Emily feels about Sonny. Sam calls Sonny to let him know that Manny Ruiz has been brought into the hospital and Patrick will be operating on him. Diego begs his father not to call in any favors, and Lorenzo shares a heart-breaking goodbye with his son. Max brings his younger brother Milo in to work with him on protecting Sonny. Alexis is upset to learn that Emily has moved out. Patrick is upset with Noah for cancelling the surgery. Dillon is admitted to the hospital after being shot. Lucky doesn't want Liz anywhere near Manny.moreless
  • Ep. #10939
    Ep. #10939
    Episode 183
    Diego is shocked when Judge Chen sentences him to ten years in prison. Nikolas and Courtney discuss the possibility that Jax may have switched the DNA results. Luke tries to convince Skye to spend the night with him. Manny manages to work his way out of his cuffs at the station and grabs a gun, taking Maxie hostage. As the cops find themselves in a shootout with Manny, Dillon gets shot in the arm and Diego jumps in to save both Maxie and Georgie, risking his own life. Jax is truly hurt when he learns that Courtney suspects he switched the paternity result tests. Sonny assures Jason he has no feelings for Emily and asks her to move out, which she packs to do immediately.moreless
  • Ep. #10938
    Ep. #10938
    Episode 182
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10937
    Ep. #10937
    Episode 181
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10936
    Ep. #10936
    Episode 180
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10935
    Ep. #10935
    Episode 179
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10934
    Ep. #10934
    Episode 178
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10933
    Ep. #10933
    Episode 177
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10932
    Ep. #10932
    Episode 176
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10931
    Ep. #10931
    Episode 175
    Carly is confident that she has the Quartermaines directly where she wants them as she offers to trade them majority stock in E.L.Q. for another valuable asset. Robin remains confident in Noah's abilities, even after catching him trying to spike his own coffee, but Sam refuses to allow him to perform the surgery when she realises he's still drinking. Jason's family prepares for the worst as he prepares for surgery. Alexis and Ric make plans for Christmas together.moreless
  • Ep. #10930
    Ep. #10930
    Episode 174
    Sam feels her life falling apart when Jason still refuses to have the surgery, and Jason and Sonny say their farewells, but Jason later changes his mind and decides to go through with it after all. Robin begs Noah to help her with Jason, but he makes it clear to her that he has no place in an operating room, or in Port Charles. While Lulu fills Tracy in on Luke's plans, Carly tells her uncle she has no intention of handing the Quartermaine stock over to them.moreless
  • Ep. #10929
    Ep. #10929
    Episode 173
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10928
    Ep. #10928
    Episode 172
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10927
    Ep. #10927
    Episode 171
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10926
    Ep. #10926
    Episode 170
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10925
    Ep. #10925
    Episode 169
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10924
    Ep. #10924
    Episode 168
    Lainey tries to convince Carly that she needs to build a life for herself without men, but Durant's hints that Sonny and Emily are getting involved send Carly over the edge again. Sam wants to end the treatment after Jason has another setback but Robin again insists on continuing only to be halted by Monica, who demands the treatment stop immediately. Brook Lynn is furious with Diego for being the stalker, and he tells her it was all about getting revenge for his cousin Sage and the way they all treated her. Jax saves Courtney from the water and revives her with C.P.R., leaving Nikolas trying to keep Helena away from Courtney.moreless
  • Ep. #10923
    Ep. #10923
    Episode 167
    Nikolas warns Helena to leave Courtney alone, but Helena reminds him of his duty to produce the Cassadine heir and after her attempt at aligning herself with Jax fails, she chloroforms Courtney and throws her off the pier! Sam wants to stop the treatement after Jason seems to be getting better and not worse, but Robin pushes ahead. Lorenzo is concerned that Diego has been cutting class, but Diego begs to be included in the family business. Alexis helps Ric plan Reese's memorial service. Brook Lynn learns the stalker's identity.moreless
  • Ep. #10922
    Ep. #10922
    Episode 166
    Liz and Lucky refuse to let Lulu live with them and advise Nikolas to do the same in the hopes that they can spur a reconciliation between Lulu and Luke. Lulu is shocked when Luke tells her he loves her. Jax refuses to consider the possibility of a divorce, and warns Dr. Meadows that she had better keep him up to date on Courtney's pregnancy. Michael and Morgan are both happy to have Carly home, but after she tucks them in, Sonny warns her that it's not fair to make them think she's home for good when he knows she hasn't been released. Sam is furious to learn that Robin deliberately withheld the truth about how serious the treatment was so that Jason would go through with it.moreless
  • Ep. #10921
    Ep. #10921
    Episode 165
    Jax spies Courtney and Nikolas in a clinch, and later gets angry when Courtney tells him that it's over between them for good. Lulu shows up at the hospital looking for a shoulder to cry on, but while Lucky is sympathetic, Liz realises that Lulu is manipulating them. At Greystone, a grieving Sonny talks to Emily about how much Jason meant to him, and both are thrilled when a live Jason walks through the door. Lainey catches Carly trying to sneak out of Rose Lawn and stops her.moreless
  • Ep. #10920
    Ep. #10920
    Episode 164
    The Quartermaines are shocked when Tracy's only reaction to the news of Jason's death is to be happy that his personal fortune will come back to the Quartermaines. Jax buys Courtney a gift for their unborn child. After sneaking Carly back into Rose Lawn, Jason shocks Sam when he shows up alive. Lainey warns Durant that Carly would be better off if he kept his distance for a little while.moreless
  • Ep. #10919
    Ep. #10919
    Episode 163
    Emily's guilt increases after learning that Reese had a punctured lung, but Alan tries to convince her that even the best doctors lose a patient sometime. Lainey tries to warn Carly against romanticizing the past, but Carly sneaks away from Rose Lawn to return to the site of the wreck. Luke and Sonny agree to try a dangerous plan to get Jason out even though Sam objects. Lucky and Liz realise the bill collectors are catching up wtih them. Jax overhears Courtney telling Nikolas she should try it again with her baby's father, but gets the wrong idea.moreless
  • Ep. #10918
    Ep. #10918
    Episode 162
    Courtney rests at the hospital while she cuddles Molly while they all wait to hear word on Alexis. Carly thanks Lorenzo for bringing the boys to see her. Sonny assures a weakening Reese that help will be there soon and turns as help arrives, but when he turns back to Reese, he realises she has just died. Alexis and Ric are taken to safety and reunite with Molly and Kristina. Emily feels that Reese's death is her fault because she didn't realise how serious her condition was. Mac arrests Manny as Jason realises that the detonator is about to go off.moreless
  • Ep. #10917
    Ep. #10917
    Episode 161
    Ric is mourning for Alexis when she miraculously begins to show signs of life again, but he is devastated when she says she won't hold him to the promises he made while she was in labor, and believes she doesn't want him anymore. Carly tells Lorenzo that they never really clicked as a couple, but she is delighted when he brings Michael and Morgan to see her at Rose Lawn. Mac is relieved when Robin gets out of the tunnel, but Sam, Jason and Sonny are still trapped inside and at Manny's mercy.moreless
  • Ep. #10916
    Ep. #10916
    Episode 160
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10915
    Ep. #10915
    Episode 159
    Lucky crashes at the hospital; Carly finds Jason unconscious while Sam is looking for help. Alexis and Ric's baby is born, but complications follow for both mother and child. Jax and Courtney have upsetting news for Emily about Nikolas.
  • Ep. #10914
    Ep. #10914
    Episode 158
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10913
    Ep. #10913
    Episode 157
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10912
    Ep. #10912
    Episode 156
    Ric does his best to keep Alexis relaxed, but after a lot of prodding, Emily admits that if Alexis were in the hospital right now, doctors would be preparing to perform a caesarian. Luke manages to find Lucky and Elizabeth, but before they can formulate an escape plan, Lucky stops breathing and Liz begins performing C.P.R. Skye realises that Lorenzo believes Carly was involved in the crash, and wishes him luck with his search after accepting that she can never hold Carly's place in his heart. Lainey is upset after Lorenzo barks out orders to her, and Justus manages to calm her down.moreless
  • Ep. #10911
    Ep. #10911
    Episode 155
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10910
    Ep. #10910
    Episode 154
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10909
    Ep. #10909
    Episode 153
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10908
    Ep. #10908
    Episode 152
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10907
    Ep. #10907
    Episode 151
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #10906
    Ep. #10906
    Episode 150
    Emily and Nikolas inform Lucky and Elizabeth of their plans to throw them the perfect wedding on Spoon Island. All their family and friends are there (including Helena), and Luke finally shows up to support his son, even though Lulu isn't happy to see her father. Ric heads to the hospital to see Reese, who tells him that Sonny knows about the night they spent together. Sam continues to work on Jason to convince him to get the surgery or try Robin's experiemental procedure. John informs Sonny that Manny's plane went down. Courtney tells Jax she's pregnant, and he's the father.moreless
  • Ep. #10905
    Ep. #10905
    Episode 149
    Sonny overhears Reese and Ric talking about their drunken one-night stand, and furiously demands answers from Reese. Helena warns Courtney that if she is indeed carrying Nikolas' child, that she (Helena) will be the one making all the decisions. Alexis talks to Jax about his options for adoption, then she and Ric head to see Dr. Meadows for a check-up. Manny is caught by the authorities, but manages to overpower them.moreless
  • Ep. #10904
    Ep. #10904
    Episode 148
    Nikolas and Emily delight in planning the surprise nuptials for Elizabeth and Lucky, and Emily tells Courtney that she is more than welcome to be there. Jason keeps his true medical condition a secret from Sam, and is passed out on the floor when Manny enters the apartment. Tracy's family meeting soon ends up as a free-for-all as everyone is sniping at everyone else.moreless
  • Ep. #10903
    Ep. #10903
    Episode 147
    Elizabeth flees while Manny is unconscious, but by the time she returns with the police, he's gone. While Tony contacts Robin in Paris, Sam tells Jason how and why he and Robin broke up. Courtney gives thanks in the chapel for not having miscarried the baby during the paternity test, and Jax and Nikolas face off. Emily is thrilled when Sonny tells her how much he, Michael and Morgan need her.moreless
  • Ep. #10902
    Ep. #10902
    Episode 146
    Although Sam is wary of Robin re-entering their lives, she suggests her experimental treatment to Jason. Jax hands Sonny a bill for the damanges caused by the gun battle. Manny Ruiz takes Elizabeth hostage and forces her to treat his wounds. Monica is furious with Alan for pushing Emily away, and goes to Jason for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10901
    Ep. #10901
    Episode 145
    Jason vows to keep Sam safe, and then he finds an unexpected ally. Alan blackmails Emily to get what he wants. Maxie and Jesse come to a new understanding.
  • Ep. #10900
    Ep. #10900
    Episode 144
    Manny sends a frightening message to Jason and Sam. Dillon doesn't want Georgie to miss the fun of her senior year because of him. Maxie feels rejected by Jesse. Diego catches Maxie in his room. Robin makes an admission to one of her colleagues.
  • Ep. #10899
    Ep. #10899
    Episode 143
    Manny kills Hector when Hector insists they drop their war against Sonny, and then vows to kill Sonny and Jason. Diego reads Sage's diary entry complaining about Dillon and Georgie.
  • Ep. #10898
    Ep. #10898
    Episode 142
    Sonny and Reese are taken to the hospital. Elizabeth hears a drunken Luke disparaging the notion of love and marriage to Lucky and confronts him.
  • Ep. #10897
    Ep. #10897
    Episode 141
    Ric's plea to stop Javier came too late, because it seems like Javier already made his move. Durant makes it clear that he approves Javier's plan. Javier attacks Sonny and Reese, and they both end up wounded and without ammunition. Javier is about to kill both of them when Jason suddenly arrives. Sam arms herself to protect herself from Manny. Jax apologizes to Courtney, who is surprised by his move. Jax realizes Carly caused his accident. Jax tells Emily he'd like to be with Courtney. Nikolas hurts Emily by talking about Courtney. Lucky tells Nikolas he must decide between the two women. Lucky and Elizabeth fantasize about their wedding day.moreless
  • Ep. #10896
    Ep. #10896
    Episode 140
    Jason manages to save Sam from Manny and then later wonders if he should return home to help Sonny. Nikolas makes a confession to Emily. Javier makes a big move against Sonny. Courtney is wondering why is Jax so surprisingly nice to her. Emily stands up to Alan. Ric wants to make truce with Hector Ruiz.moreless
  • Ep. #10895
    Ep. #10895
    Episode 139
    Sonny decides to sacrifice himself to protect everyone from Javier. However, Reese refuses to leave Sonny. Jason struggles to free himself while Manny is torturing him and Sam. Courtney decides to tell the truth to Nikolas. Alcazar frees Skye.
  • Ep. #10894
    Ep. #10894
    Episode 138
    Jason and Sam's time together is interrupted by Manny and his thugs. Nikolas and Emily plan a surprise wedding for Lucky and Elizabeth, and they actually bond while doing it. Mac calls Robin in Paris to wish her a happy birthday. Courtney learns she must wait to learn about her pregnancy. Emily threatens to tell Nikolas about Courtney's pregnancy. Jax wants Alexis to stall the divorce proceedings. Mac removes Jesse from the stalker case. Jesse talks to Maxie about his past. Diego tells the truth to Brook Lynn.moreless
  • Ep. #10893
    Ep. #10893
    Episode 137
    Manny Ruiz awakens from his coma and plans to have Ric, Sonny and Jason killed. Ric is worried when he witnesses Alexis talking to Javier. Emily learns about Courtney's pregnancy. Lainey, Jesse and Maxie work on discovering the stalker. Diego insults Brook Lynn, and Jesse immediately jumps to defend her. Lucas confesses to Georgie about his sexuality. Tracy tells Luke why she got Skye kidnapped and then wants Alcazar to sign over his ELQ stock to her, or she won't release Skye. However, Alcazar claims he doesn't care about Skye at all.moreless
  • Ep. #10892
    Ep. #10892
    Episode 136
    Emily tells Sonny she still cares for Nikolas. Nikolas tells Courtney he'll always care for Emily. However, he wants to be with Courtney. Courtney informs Sonny about her pregnancy. Elizabeth and Lucky set a wedding date. Skye is frustrated when Luke refuses to pay Tracy's ransom. Alcazar offers to pay Tracy's ransom, in exchange for one night with Skye. Skye accepts the offer, but then Luke changes his mind. Moise informs Javier about where Jason and Sam are.moreless
  • Ep. #10891
    Ep. #10891
    Episode 135
    Jason feels like he can let the past go. Thanks to him, Sam and Danny finally make peace. Reese feels like Sonny doesn't even care about her. Javier wants to find Jason and kill him. Justus realizes Lainey is hiding something important. Nikolas talks to Emily. Courtney wants to end the relationship with Nikolas. Luke won't help Tracy.moreless
  • Ep. #10890
    Ep. #10890
    Episode 134
    Jason and Sam are adjusting to life in Hawaii, but it seems like Jason can't escape from his past. Jesse tells his professor about being an undercover agent. Georgie is jealous to see Dillon with another girl. Skye learns about where Luke might be. Seth collapses at the party.
  • Ep. #10889
    Ep. #10889
    Episode 133
    Sonny leaves Carly at Rose Lawn. Emily tries to convince Sam and Jason to stay in Port Charles. Jason is having second thoughts, but then decides to go to Hawaii. Courtney tells Mike her baby could be Jax's. Lainey is angry after learning that Justus searched her past. Alcazar realizes Skye is developing feelings towards him.moreless
  • Ep. #10888
    Ep. #10888
    Episode 132
    Courtney doesn't tell Jax or Nikolas about her pregnancy as Elizabeth makes it clear to Jax that she will never be anyone's surrogate again. Javier wants Jason to work for him but Jason makes it clear he is out of the business. Reese manages to talk Durant out of arresting Carly as Sonny takes Carly to Rose Lawn to seek treatment.moreless
  • Ep. #10887
    Ep. #10887
    Episode 131
    Nikolas calls for an ambulance after finding a wounded Emily. Sonny finally accepts that Carly needs help he just isn't able to give her. Courtney is thrilled to have her pregnancy verified.
  • Ep. #10886
    Ep. #10886
    Episode 130
    Alexis isn't happy to see how much Ric has changed. Jason can't wait to build a new life with Sam. Carly thins Emily is Faith, and becomes extremely dangerous. Emily and Nikolas try to become friends. Courtney buys a pregnancy test.
  • Ep. #10885
    Ep. #10885
    Episode 129
    Lainey tries to convince Sonny to do something about Carly, who now believes Emily is a threat to Morgan and Michael. After unleashing his anger on him, Jason feels a connection with Sonny. Emily wants Nikolas and her to move on with their lives. Jax brings Elizabeth good news.
  • Ep. #10884
    Ep. #10884
    Episode 128
    Carly continues being paranoid about Faith. When running away from "Faith," Carly falls down the stairs. Lainey warns Sonny to do something about Carly. Sonny wants Max to kill Javier. Jason tells Sam he'll always protect her. Later, Jason accidentally saves Javier's life. Elizabeth is having hard time dealing with everything that has been going on. Jax comforts her. Alcazar flirts with Skye. Georgie, Maxie, Seth and Jesse find evidence of Dillon being framed.moreless
  • Ep. #10883
    Ep. #10883
    Episode 127
    Carly is convinced she's seeing Faith. Reese and Emily are trying to convince Sonny to have Carly committed. Ric is released from hospital. Javier threatens to avenge the attempted murder of Manny. Later, his men plant a bomb in Ric's apartment. Reese notices the wire and jumps to save Ric. Jax blames himself for Elizabeth's miscarriage. Nikolas sees Courtney comforting Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #10882
    Ep. #10882
    Episode 126
    Jax and Lucky inform a hospitalized Elizabeth about her miscarriage. After realizing that Carly caused Elizabeth's accident, Sonny promises Carly he won't tell anyone. Emily informs Courtney and Nikolas about Elizabeth's condition. Reese decides to stand up to Javier Ruiz. Mac wants Jesse to put all of his focus on protecting Georgie and Maxie. Durant tells Javier he won't stand in his way of terminating Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #10881
    Ep. #10881
    Episode 125
    Dillon declares his innocence. Nikolas and Courtney's vacation is interrupted by Courtney's illness. Both Jax and Elizabeth don't remember seeing Carly running out on the street. Sonny decides to help Carly. Elizabeth is shaken. Alcazar flirts and kisses Skye.
  • Ep. #10880
    Ep. #10880
    Episode 124
    Jason tries to be a man he used to be. Durant lures Carly away from Sonny, with a tragic outcome. Dillon is shocked by what he finds in his dorm room. Lucky makes a surprising wedding ceremony for Elizabeth, but things don't go the way he hoped for. Elizabeth and Jax make an agreement.moreless
  • Ep. #10879
    Ep. #10879
    Episode 123
    Georgie pleads with Mac not to send her away from Dillon, but although Mac backs down on boarding school, he still believes Dillon is the stalker. The police question Dara about likely candidates for the stalker position, and her suspicions rest on Diego. Jason refuses to go back to work for Sonny and gets a job as a crane operator, not realising he's now working for Alcazar. Ric takes the blame for the Ruiz shooting. Reese takes compromising pictures of Durant.moreless
  • Ep. #10878
    Ep. #10878
    Episode 122
    Sonny tries to explain to Carly why he can't marry her, but a delusional Carly refuses to listen to him and tries to cut herself. However, Sonny ends up cut. Emily helps Sonny by bringing Dr. Lainey Winters to Carly, and the doctor finally calms Carly. Sam finds Jason at his baby's grave site, and Jason explains he wants to stay and fight for her love. Jax talks to Elizabeth about Lucky's blackmail. Nikolas tells Courtney that his marriage with Emily was over a long time before, even before she came in the picture.moreless
  • Ep. #10877
    Ep. #10877
    Episode 121
    Sonny realizes how bad Jason's condition is and then convinces Sam to let Jason leave town, for his and her sake. Sam and Jason bit farewell, as Jason leaves town. Sonny returns home and finds Carly ready to marry him. Sam is heartbroken after Jason's departure. Durant blackmails Reese. Lucky tricks Jax and then threatens to reveal his secret to Elizabeth if he doesn't leave her alone. Nikolas takes Courtney to the island. Emily lets her feelings and frustrations towards Nikolas out.moreless
  • Ep. #10876
    Ep. #10876
    Episode 120
    Nikolas decides not to end his relationship with Courtney. Jason decides to open a new leaf in his life and let the past rest in piece. Sam talks to Emily about her fears. Sonny is confused by Ric's recent actions, as Ric's condition gets worse. Jax wants to reach a deal with Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #10875
    Ep. #10875
    Episode 119
    Jesse and Maxie come up with a possible plan to help Dillon. Meanwhile, Georgie arrives with bad news for Dillon. Ric confronts Ruiz and then Sonny. Sonny realizes Carly's condition is going worse. Mac wants answers from Dillon. Jason's memories continue taunting him.
  • Ep. #10874
    Ep. #10874
    Episode 118
    Jason continues remembering stuff, so he refuses to go to the island with Sam. Sam takes him to the church, where Jason has another set of past memories. Ric and Alexis reconcile, but their reunion is short-lived when Ric learns Alexis told Sonny that Reese and he had an affair. Nikolas offers Elizabeth money to fight Jax for custody of the baby. Lucky wants Jax out of his life. Lucky finds a photo of a drugged Brook Lynn in Diego's backpack. Dillon's fingerprint is found on the photo. Courtney wonders if Nikolas still wants to be with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10873
    Ep. #10873
    Episode 117
    After remembering his love for Sam, Jason and Sam kiss. Ric wants Jason to help Sonny. Carly starts planning her wedding with Sonny, as Sonny realizes she isn't her normal self. Ric tells Alexis she shouldn't make problems where none exist. Emily wants Jax to reach an agreement with Elizabeth. Jax suggests he should share the custody of the baby with Elizabeth, but Lucky isn't happy with that solution.moreless
  • Ep. #10872
    Ep. #10872
    Episode 116
    Jason refuses to do any more work for Sonny. Sonny wants Sam to take Jason to the island to protect him from danger. While Monica and Alan are discussing Jason's possible surgery, a furious Jason confronts Sam because she didn't tell him about the surgery options. Alexis believe Ric if working Sonny only to be closer to Reese and threatens to leave him unless he stops working for Sonny. Nikolas and Lucky's fight is stopped by Courtney, after which Courtney and Nikolas realize how strong their love is. Lucky and Elizabeth agree on fighting against Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #10871
    Ep. #10871
    Episode 115
    Jason refuses to listen to Sonny. Ric's surgery goes well. Reese and Alexis fight over Ric. Emily pretends to be OK in front of Michael. Carly's condition gets worse. Lucky insults Courtney, so Nikolas turns against him. Seth admits he likes Brook Lynn. Dillon, Maxie and Jesse come to a wrong assumption about Diego.moreless
  • Ep. #10870
    Ep. #10870
    Episode 114
    Alcazar realizes things are getting worse. Maxie has a secret plan. Seth begins acting weird around Brook Lynn. Sam is desperate to get Jason out of prison. Sonny won't send Carly to Shadybrook.
  • Ep. #10869
    Ep. #10869
    Episode 113
    Nikolas finally admits it's over between him and Emily, and tells her he was with Courtney. Jax and Courtney fight. Jax offers a large sum of money to Elizabeth for the custody of the baby, but Elizabeth and Lucky decide to fight for it. A shaken Nikolas leaves with Courtney. Durant learns that Sonny never had Carly admitted to Shadybrook. After Jason attacks the policemen who tried to get him to questioning, Durant offers to free him, if he gives him Carly. Ric talks to Alexis about his task with Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #10868
    Ep. #10868
    Episode 112
    Sonny and Ric find Carly fearful of Reese -- she still believes Reese is a Federal agent sent to destroy her family. Carly almost stabbed an unconscious Reese -- unconscious due to hitting her with an iron skillet! -- but couldn't actually kill the woman. Tony Jones explains to Monica and Sam what the options and prognoses are for the new experimental drug that Tony has started Jason on. After trying to explain about the new meds to Jason, Sam tries to help clarify things more for the amnesiac hitman. Much back and forth between Emily/Nikolas and Jax/Courtney. Justus tries to talk Jax out of scamming Courtney. Emily decides, after hearing Jason's news, that she is in love with Nik and wants to reunite.moreless
  • Ep. #10867
    Ep. #10867
    Episode 111
    Nikolas promises that he won't fight the divorce, and heads back to Windemere, where he takes off his rings and says goodbye to Emily. Courtney, having heard Jax telling Justus on the docks his true feelings about their marriage, shows up on Spoon Island as well and the two get passionate. Ric awakens in a hospital room and has no idea where Carly and Reese are. He calls Sonny to let him know what's up, and Sonny immediately flies down and the brothers decide to search for the two women. Sam holds Alan at gunpoint to get Jason out of the hospital, but after learning how serious his condition is from Monica, talks him into going back. Reese saves Carly by performing C.P.R., then attempts to take care of her. While Reese talks about her anger and finally realising that Carly wasn't at fault for what happened to her family, a delusional Carly is plotting to kill Reese in her mind.moreless
  • Ep. #10866
    Ep. #10866
    Episode 110
    Alan is happy to see that Jason has come to the Quartermaine mansion, and tells his son about Sonny blackmailing him and forcing him to work for him, but Monica interjects and confirms Sam's story that Sonny is his best friend and like family to him. Reese finds Carly in the abandoned hallways of their old high school, and tries to convince her to leave with her before they flood the school. Carly attacks Reese and escapes, and Ric shows up to help Reese. They head to Reese's old apartment, where Carly is reliving the night she slept with Dan Roberts. After a fight with Jax, Nikolas again tries to convince Courtney, as Elizabeth tried earlier, that Jax is just playing her, but she refuses to listen.moreless
  • Ep. #10865
    Ep. #10865
    Episode 109
    Jesse finds Lucas outside Maxie's room and accuses him of having drugged the girls' drinks and slipping the photos under Maxie's door. Maxie defends Lucas, insisting that her cousin would never have done that to her. Carly slips out of the mansion and runs into Jason, who is in town, but when he doesn't remember her, it only adds to her difficulties. Justus has reservations about digging up the dirt on Courtney to prove that she is a bad mother so that Jax can get sole custody of the baby. Courtney visits Elizabeth and promises that she plans to be a full-time mom to the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10864
    Ep. #10864
    Episode 108
    Sonny promises Carly he will always look after her, then asks Emily if she will stay at the guesthouse with Michael, Morgan and Letitia so the children aren't upset by Carly. Jax continues to pretend that he's looking forward to a reconciliation with Courtney, but calls Justus to push forward his plans to divorce her once he has Elizabeth's child. Lucas nixes Bobbie attending orientation with him, and Bobbie asks Dillon to keep an eye on him. A mix-up with names and genders has Maxie and Jesse sharing a room, but the fix puts Maxie and Brook Lynn together. Brook Lynn thinks her new student advisor is worth a second look.moreless
  • Ep. #10863
    Ep. #10863
    Episode 107
    Emily shows up at Windemere to see Nikolas, and although she feels him pulling away from her kiss, she believes his vows of love until Courtney shows up. Jax overhears Emily telling Monica about her feelings that Courtney and Nikolas aren't going to end it, and he's furious. Reese hears the shots at Sonny's over the phone and calls the police. Sonny tries to convince Lucky and Jesse that he fired the gun, but when Carly admits to being the shooter, Jesse is forced to arrest her. Ric apologizes to Alexis for missing Lamaze, then takes off when he gets the call about Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #10862
    Ep. #10862
    Episode 106
    Carly confronts Sonny with a loaded gun. Allegra comes through for Jason and Sam. Jason is shocked when Sam explains the nature of his work. Jason slips away from Sam. Lucky accuses Jax of having a secret agenda. Courtney has conflicting feelings.
  • Ep. #10861
    Ep. #10861
    Episode 105
    Carly makes an emotional appeal to Sonny. Jason has no memory of Sam or his life. Allegra makes demands of Sam. Elizabeth survives her medical scare. Jax is unforgiving. Nikolas holds out hope for his relationship with Emily.
  • Ep. #10860
    Ep. #10860
    Episode 104
    Sam worries as Jason's condition deteriorates further. Lucky is angry when he spies Nikolas and Courtney together. Courtney refuses to sign the divorce papers. Jesse plans to go under cover at Port Charles University. The stalker tries to contact Maxie.
  • Ep. #10859
    Ep. #10859
    Episode 103
    Nikolas warns Jax that his obsession with Elizabeth and the baby was what drove Courtney into another man's arms. Max lets Courtney in to see Emily at her request, and Courtney tries to convince Emily that she and Nikolas never slept together. Lucky tells Nikolas that he and Elizabeth are going to fight for the baby. Reese is upset that Sonny is trying to pressure Ric into dissolving their partnership. Carly verbally attacks Skye after learning Alcazar has put her in charge of the charitable endowment. Alexis wants a chance to get her relationship with Ric back on track.moreless
  • Ep. #10858
    Ep. #10858
    Episode 102
    Elizabeth tells Jax that she is not going to just hand her child over to him as a single man, because she made her deal with a couple. Andrew wants to consummate their marriage, but Sam is unable to continue the charade and confesses that she is not Alicia. Courtney and Nikolas both plead with their spouses to believe they didn't cheat, but neither Emily nor Jax will bend. Jason wakes up next to a dead Andrew, and Allegra convinces both he and Sam that he killed him. Lucky and Elizabeth discuss marrying before the baby's birth so that Jax does not have as much leverage as he thinks he does.moreless
  • Ep. #10857
    Ep. #10857
    Episode 101
    Carly freaks out in public when Lorenzo informs her that he has replaced her on the hospital board -- with Skye. Sam reluctantly agrees to marry Andrew, but pictures Jason as she is reciting her vows. Liz is upset to learn that Jax plans to divorce Courtney and raise the baby alone. Jason is able to take Allegra hostage, but passes out before he can escape. Sonny finds an upset Emily and promises to take care of the situation.moreless
  • Ep. #10856
    Ep. #10856
    Episode 100
    Jax and Emily are both convinced that Nikolas and Courtney are having an affair, and while Emily is hurt by the knowledge, Jax is immediately determined to divorce Courtney cut her out of the child's life when it is born. Jason figures out a way to escape the cellar, but Sam is still stuck in Andrew's clutches. Maxie and Brook Lynn both receive disturbing phone calls from the stalker, and Jesse is left convinced that the worst is yet to come.moreless
  • Ep. #10855
    Ep. #10855
    Episode 99
    Nikolas and Courtney are surprised to realise their rooms are right across from each other and although they initially try to stay away from each other, Courtney finally invites him to dinner ... as friends. Reese asks Sonny to tell her he doesn't love her and promises she'll leave forever if he says he doesn't as a hail of gunfire breaks out. Lorenzo advises Carly that he will obtain a quick divorce, then offers Skye a chance at his life.moreless
  • Ep. #10854
    Ep. #10854
    Episode 98
    Carly and Reese go at each other in Kelly's, and Mike stops Justice from intefering, saying they need to work out their own problems. Courtney and Jax decide to take a romantic sojourn to the Bahamas, and Courtney and Nikolas happen to end up on the same plane after Jax is delayed. Ali tells Jason about how her mother will con anyone, and after Jason tells her that Sam's mother is dead, Ali knows exactly how Allegra will manipulate Sam. Sonny asks Reese to spend the night as his guest, but she wants all or nothing. She leaves the mansion, but cries on the steps for everything she has lost.moreless
  • Ep. #10853
    Ep. #10853
    Episode 97
    Maxie and Brook Lynn are both recovering from being drugged in the hospital. The gang is relieved to learn that Brook Lynn was not sexually assaulted, but wonder why she was drugged if not to be raped. Carly admits to Alcazar that she still loves Sonny, and he's had enough of her. He tells her to get out, once and for all. Sonny wants an explanation as to why Reese lied to him, and she is surprised at the deliberate cruelty in the way he speaks to her. A mystery person looks at nude photographs taken of a drugged Brook Lynn.moreless
  • Ep. #10852
    Ep. #10852
    Episode 96
    Reese tells Sonny the whole story about being Charlotte and her past with Carly, but leaves out why she was so upset. When Carly comes to out Reese, Sonny defends his lover, and Reese reveals that Carly had seduced her father. Jason is shocked to come face to face with Ali and realise how much she looks like Sam. When Allegra allows him to see Sam, he tells her about Ali. Sam agrees to marry Andrew, but balks when he wants to make love right then and there. Maxie heads to the party at the pizza shack, and both she and Brook Lynn end up having something slipped in their drinks. Maxie loses consciousness at the party, but Brook Lynn leaves before anyone realises there is something wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #10851
    Ep. #10851
    Episode 95
    Jason is shocked to meet a girl who looks just like Sam. Sam finally realizes just what exactly Allegra wants from her. Carly makes a surprising discovery. Reese shares a secret with Sonny.
  • Ep. #10850
    Ep. #10850
    Episode 94
    Sam's necklace is stolen by a mysterious person, and then later reappears. Soon, Sam and Jason are captured by unknown people who take them to an unknown mansion. Ric warns Reese to keep her secret away from everyone, and then Sonny asks Reese to come live with him, and Reese gladly accepts. Michael finds out that Reese and Carly went to high school together. Courtney and Nikolas almost make love. Carly advises Courtney to be with him. Lucky advises Nikolas not to tell Emily about the attraction between Nik and Courtney. After that, Courtney and Nikolas decide not to see each other anymore. However, Emily witnesses their passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10849
    Ep. #10849
    Episode 93
    Sonny sends Jason and Sam off on a romantic getaway together. Michael and Jodie see each other for the last time. After learning about Emily taking extra shifts from Monica, Nikolas confronts her about it, and she says she doesn't want their marriage to end. However, he is convinced there is nothing more for them to do together. Lucky defends Elizabeth in front of Jax. Courtney and Nikolas kiss. Ric and Reese are relieved when it turns out Alexis doesn't know about their time together. After a fight, Alexis wants to sue them for sexual discrimination.moreless
  • Ep. #10848
    Ep. #10848
    Episode 92
    Monica calls Jason to tell him that Dr. Thomas is at the house, and he heads over after getting a gun from Sonny. Lorenzo packs Carly's bags for her and tells her to get out, but she insists to him that she is with him because she loves him. Emily and Sam talk about how much Jason loves her, and how she has changed Jason's life.moreless
  • Ep. #10847
    Ep. #10847
    Episode 91
    Skye tries to convince Lorenzo to give her information on Luke's location, even pretending to be pregnant with his baby, but Lorenzo points out that she can't have children. Dr. Thomas holds Sam at gunpoint after she interrupts his attempt to murder Jason.
  • Ep. #10846
    Ep. #10846
    Episode 90
    Durant doesn't believe that Dr. Thomas was behind A.J.'s murder. Jason wakes up to find Dr. Thomas leaning over him, a syringe in his hand. Liz has a nightmare about giving her baby to Jax and Courtney and isn't sure she can go through with the surrogacy. Maxie is upset when Mac washes his hands of her, and moves onto the Haunted Star with Dillon.moreless
  • Ep. #10845
    Ep. #10845
    Episode 89
    Jax saves Elizabeth and Cameron from a fire at their apartment, and later, he and Courtney agree to take them in for the night since Audrey is out of town. Maxie and Jesse hash out their relationship, and are in the act of making love when Mac walks in. Monica reads the letter A.J. left Alan, which reveals that he only wanted Jason to die because they thought he would be a vegetable. An unconscious Jason talks about Dr. Thomas killing him, not realising the doctor is right there.moreless
  • Ep. #10844
    Ep. #10844
    Episode 88
    Sam begs Jason not to inject himself with the drug he got from Stan, but finally accepts that he'll do it anyway, and begs him to let her be there with him. Courtney and Emily run into each other, but Courtney assures Emily that she and Nikolas are only friends. Elizabeth is unable to stop Lucky from moving out until after she gives birth, and she later wakes to find her apartment engulfed in flames. Georgie drops a piece of pizza in the lap of Jesse's companion, not realising she's an undercover cop. Jesse follows an upset Maxie to the docks, and pulls her in for a kiss. Alan and Monica are shocked when a drugged Jason shows up at the house looking for A.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10843
    Ep. #10843
    Episode 87
    Jason and Sam head to the Quartermaine mansion looking for answers, and Monica tells him that his heart stopped twice. After they leave, Monica slaps Alan, and accuses him of trying to kill Jason all those years ago, but Alan insists he actually saved him. The autopsy results support the idea that Rachel committed suicide, and the note is proven to have been written by Rachel. Durant presses Lucky and Jesse to find some dirt on Sonny, and when Lucky refuses, Durant accuses him of being on Sonny's payroll. Not wanting any secrets in her relationship, Courtney tells Jax that she was on the roof with Nikolas. Jason finds his file in Durant's office, and notices that there is no entry for the second time his heart stopped.moreless
  • Ep. #10842
    Ep. #10842
    Episode 86
    Michael is officially cleared of A.J.'s murder, and reunited with his mother, father and little brother. Skye is surprised that Alcazar is so willing to be on the sidelines of Carly's life when he opts not to go to the reunion. Monica watches through the window as Alan pulls out a brick in the wall and takes out a plastic bag. Alone in his office, Dr. Thomas destroys the tape recording of Michael's session that proves he hypnotized Michael into believing that Rachel killed A.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10841
    Ep. #10841
    Episode 85
    While the adults in his life are arguing over what the best course of action is where he is concerned, Michael has his session with Dr. Thomas. Asher wants to hypnotize Michael, but Jodie reappears and begs Michael not to let him do it. Jason has a disturbing nightmare where he watches Dr. Thomas kill Michael. Alcazar wants Carly to give custody of Michael to Alan and Monica to keep Durant from getting ahold of him. After investigating Rachel's disappearance, Jesse and Lucky tell everyone that Rachel has committed suicide, and left a note accepting responsibility for A.J.'s murder.moreless
  • Ep. #10840
    Ep. #10840
    Episode 84
    Sonny agrees to bring Michael home if Durant will keep Michael out of the public eye and let him continue treatment, but Durant double crosses him. Courtney and Nikolas, both angry about the state of their marriages, encounter each other on the docks and a drunken Nikolas kisses her. Monica asks Emily about all the extra shifts she's taking, and she admits to her mother that she just can't be with Nikolas. Brook Lynn is hurt when she sees Diego dancing with Maxie, and causes a scene at the pizza place. Dr. Thomas has flashbacks to when A.J. asked him to kill Jason, and to the night that he killed A.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10839
    Ep. #10839
    Episode 83
    Jason tries to make Michael believe he can see Jodie, but he is unsuccessful. After carrying Michael to bed, Jason talks to Dr. Thomas, and has a flashback from his own accident. Carly and Lorenzo confront Alan and Monica, Carly accusing one or both of having killed A.J. Monica reminds her gently that she has just as much of a motive, and the four decide that the killer has something against Sonny. After unsuccessful conversations with Durant, Reese talks to Rachel, who admits she knows who killed A.J. Georgie and Maxie stage an intervention for Mac, telling him he needs to accept they're growing up, or they'll walk out of his life. After talking to A.J., Dr. Thomas has a flashback of his own.moreless
  • Ep. #10838
    Ep. #10838
    Episode 82
    Courtney remains upset that Jax seems to be more focussed on Elizabeth and the baby, but when Jax wants to give her some relaxing time in a spa, she begins to soften a little. Sonny listens as EmIly talks about the rape, and her feelings that she is no longer the woman that Nikolas married. Durant is convinced that if he can prove that Michael killed A.J. he can save him from Sonny. Reese surprises Sonny when she tells him that while she will never compromise her morals for him, she will do whatever she can for Michael. Jason is unable to act like he believes Jodie is real, but when Sam is picked up by the police in North Carolina while getting supplies, Jason is all Michael has left.moreless
  • Ep. #10837
    Ep. #10837
    Episode 81
    Emily is brought in for questioning regarding Michael's disappearance and calls Sonny for help, much to Nikolas' dismay. Later, Sonny offers her comfort regarding the state of her marriage, as Nikolas and Courtney discuss the states of their marriages. Jodie tells Michael he didn't shoot A.J. Jesse shoots Murphy, and is angry at Maxie for her interference. Lucky is asked to keep Maxie and Jesse away from each other.moreless
  • Ep. #10836
    Ep. #10836
    Episode 80
    Carly begs Sonny for a chance to let her see Michael before he is turned over to Durant, but Ric and Reese begin to suspect that Sonny has no plans to follow through on his deal as Jason and Sam try to decide what the right thing to do is. Maxie rifles through Murphy's personnel file despite being warned to stay out of it, then after sharing a kiss with Jesse she ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is taken hostage by a gun-toting Murphy.moreless
  • Ep. #10835
    Ep. #10835
    Episode 79
    Courtney remains uncertain about her marriage despite Nikolas' assurances that Liz's pregnancy will not drive a wedge between her and Jax. Durant tries to arrest Michael for Sonny's murder, but Jason isn't willing to let that happen, and he, Michael and Sam go on the run. The Quartermaines are horrified when Lorenzo becomes the new C.E.O. of E.L.Q. Jesse pretends that he doesn't care about Maxie in an attempt to keep her safe. Durant agrees to drop his lawsuit against the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10834
    Ep. #10834
    Episode 78
    Luke isn't convinced that Tracy will be able to remain C.E.O. of E.L.Q. Durant and Mac aren't convinced by Maxie's assertations that Murphy is the dirty cop. Liz tells Jax she's pregnant, and he stops her and Lucky from getting married. Courtney feels like this pregnancy will drive a wedge between her and Jax. Jason confronts Alan about the missing tape after Dr. Thomas tells him he and Alan were once in cahoots.moreless
  • Ep. #10833
    Ep. #10833
    Episode 77
    Durant listens to Dr. Thomas' tape where Michael confesses to killing A.J. Nikolas and Emily reaffirm their commitment to each other. Courtney tells Jax that if the surrogacy wasn't successful, she doesn't want to try again. Sonny wants answers from Carly as to why she called Reese 'Charlotte'. After successfully proposing to Lucky, Liz realises she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10832
    Ep. #10832
    Episode 76
    Ric wants a second chance with Alexis. Carly and Reese continue fighting, which leads Carly to a realization about Reese. Elizabeth defends Lucky to Jax. Courtney talks to Nikolas about Elizabeth and Lucky, and the accidentally wounds him.
  • Ep. #10831
    Ep. #10831
    Episode 75
    Michael is having nightmares. Jason fears Dr. Thomas might discover Michael's secret, so he decides to take action in his own hands. Nikolas and Emily's relationship is getting worse than ever. Jax wants Elizabeth to do something for him. Courtney realizes just how much she's similar to Nikolas. Murphy sets a trap for Maxie and Jesse.moreless
  • Ep. #10830
    Ep. #10830
    Episode 74
    Reese is about to tell the truth to Sonny, but Sonny's inability to forgive betrayal stops her. They dance together at the stables. Carly and Alcazar fight. She accuses him of being unable to accept her bad side, and he wants her to be honest with him. Sam comforts a confused Jason and then they play domino after he doesn't want to make love in Sonny's place. Jax lets Elizabeth know how is Lucky feeling about the entire pregnancy process. When Emily wants Lucky not to throw away what he has with Elizabeth, he proposes to Elizabeth. Maxie and Jesse are closer than ever.moreless
  • Ep. #10829
    Ep. #10829
    Episode 73
    Reese tries to keep her secret away from Carly and Sonny. Carly admits to Alcazar about breaking in Reese's apartment and knocking her out. Lucky and Elizabeth continue arguing over Elizabeth carrying Jax's child, so Jax offers to stop the surrogacy deal if it's possible. Nikolas wants Emily to stop pretending everything's OK. Jason refuses to go on a therapy session with Dr. Thomas, but Dr. Thomas makes it look like that's the best for Michael. Ric and Alexis grow closer. Jodie promises never to lie to Michael again, and that she'll never say anything about his secret. Maxie and Jesse manage to escape. Jenna "accidentally" helps Murphy escape, who then plans to kill Maxie and Jesse.moreless
  • Ep. #10828
    Ep. #10828
    Episode 72
    Alcazar and Sonny break up Reese and Carly's fight. Reese is angry when Sonny defends Carly. Lucky punches Jax. Carly finds a disoriented Reese who almost discovers her secret. Ric and Alexis end up in a car crash. Emily realizes what's troubling Nikolas. Emily and Elizabeth help Alexis, who is leaking amniotic fluid. Maxie is scared when Murphy finds her and Jesse. Diego tells Brook Lynn about his feelings for Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #10827
    Ep. #10827
    Episode 71
    A mysterious person is watching Jesse and Maxie. Tracy insults Carly during the charity event, so Alcazar kicks out all the Quartermaines. Carly and Sonny agree on doing what's best for Michael. Reese sees Carly and Sonny kissing. Emily and Nikolas seem distanced from each other. Elizabeth is hurt by Lucky's behavior. A hurricane strands everyone at the party. Dr. Thomas is stuck with Sam and Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #10826
    Ep. #10826
    Episode 70
    Sonny loses his temper during a joint session with Carly and Dr. Thomas. Jason receives information about Dr. Thomas from Justus. Sam is hurt to hear what Dr. Thomas has to say about Jason. Later, Jason tells Sam he loves her. Alcazar wants the Quartermaines to attend Carly's charity event. Lucky finally confides in Elizabeth about his fear of Jax. After Jesse shares a sad story with her, Maxie and Jesse end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10825
    Ep. #10825
    Episode 69
    Jason interrupts Carly and Alcazar's time alone to get more information about Reese, but Carly tells him Alcazar comes first in her life now. Emily learns that Jason is suspicious of Ric and Reese, and then wonders if she should tell Jason all that she knows. Ric informs Reese about what Emily knows. Lucky and Elizabeth are having financial problems. Lucky confides in Nikolas about his hope that Elizabeth isn't carrying Jax's baby. Maxie and Jesse run away and hide at a place held by a woman named Stella. Maxie presents Jesse as her husband. They both realize the attraction between them is high.moreless
  • Ep. #10824
    Ep. #10824
    Episode 68
    After realizing Carly didn't open the box, Reese takes it and leaves. Jason talks to Sam about Reese. Ric and Reese destroy the contents of the box. Tracy and Alan are worried when Alcazar demands a seat at the hospital board. Carly defends Alcazar and it seems like they're getting closer. After learning that Dillon and Georgie got arrested, Jesse decides to meet with Durant. Before Durant can arrest him, Jesse escapes and finds Maxie in his car.moreless
  • Ep. #10823
    Ep. #10823
    Episode 67
    Carly steals the proof of Reese's real identity, and then claims in front of Jason that she didn't attack Reese. Jason informs Sonny about Carly's behavior. Carly tells Reese she opened the stolen box. Tracy makes a deal with Alcazar to save the business. Skye is frustrated by the growing attraction between Tracy and Luke. Maxie stops Mac fron going to the attic, where she's hiding Jesse. Durant wants Georgie and Dillon to be held responsible for helping Jesse. Maxie has second thoughts about Jesse's innocence.moreless
  • Ep. #10822
    Ep. #10822
    Episode 66
    After a night of passion, Sonny realizes he wants Reese to be a part of his life. Georgie decides what to do with Jesse. Mac almost discovers Georgie and Maxie's secret. Jason is still troubled by confusing memories of Dr. Thomas. Alcazar accepts Skye's offer, with strings attached.
  • Ep. #10821
    Ep. #10821
    Episode 65
    Maxie wants to help Jesse. Dillon catches Jesse in Maxie's room. Tracy gets Luke to help her save the Quartermaines, the hospital and Bobbie. Jason feels weird around Dr. Thomas. Brook Lynn feels threatened by Maxie. Georgie finds a wounded Jesse passed out on the floor.
  • Ep. #10820
    Ep. #10820
    Episode 64
    After realizing that Dr. Thomas knows about Michael's crime, Sam decides to keep the fact away from Sonny or Jason, to protect Dr. Thomas, who sees Sam as an ally. Carly decides to change for Michael's sake. Reese is frustrated when Sonny refuses to be with Reese while Michael is with them. Durant wants Elizabeth to testify against Bobbie in court, and if she won't, he'll remove Lucky from the police force. Emily moves back to Wyndemere. Lucky realizes Emily doesn't actually care for him as much as he thought.moreless
  • Ep. #10819
    Ep. #10819
    Episode 63
    Michael is upset after seeing Sonny and Reese kissing, and Sam, who witnesses Michael's behavior, decides to contact Dr. Thomas, who then asks Sam if Michael killed A.J. Jason tries to stop Carly from snooping around Reese's things, and they are forced o hide when Sonny and Reese arrive at the penthouse. Reese burns her high school yearbook. Alcazar wants Carly to stop lying to him. Nikolas and Courtney talk about their difficult lives. Emily wants to move back in with Nikolas. Tracy finds a way to interrupt Skye before she can confess her love to Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #10818
    Ep. #10818
    Episode 62
    Carly confides in Jason about how much hurt she is by Reese moving in Sonny's old penthouse. She thinks Reese is trying to take over her life. Elizabeth is being artificially inseminated at the hospital. Emily flees after sleeping with Nikolas, claiming that she has to go to work, but Nikolas finds out she lied. Skye fears that Luke could be interested in Tracy. Jodie kisses Michael on the cheek. Jesse thanks Maxie for covering for him in front of Max.moreless
  • Ep. #10817
    Ep. #10817
    Episode 61
    Alexis decides to represent Durant at court, and Reese and Ric will take Bobbie's side. Luke and Coleman make a bet. Maxie is determined to help Jesse prove his innocence. Carly is furious after learning that Reese is moving into Sonny's old penthouse. Jax and Courtney make love.
  • Ep. #10816
    Ep. #10816
    Episode 60
    Skye makes a deal with Coleman. Luke wants answers from Skye. After the operation, Durant blames Bobbie, who was forced to intervene, for his physical troubles. After finding something interesting Reese's motel room, Skye arranges Reese to return to his old penthouse. Jodie's mother confronts Michael.
  • Ep. #10815
    Ep. #10815
    Episode 59
    Due to Alan's false accusation, Jason is brought in for questioning for Durant's shooting. Michael decides to protect Jason, but Jason stops him before Michael can say anything. Jodie overhears their conversation and learns that Michael killed A.J. Jason is soon free. Meanwhile, Monica is furious at Alan for blaming Jason. Durant experiences complications during the surgery. Maxie's condition improves. Courtney seduces Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #10814
    Ep. #10814
    Episode 58
    Sam is thrilled to learn from Emily that she and Nikolas are putting their marriage back together. Reese tells Sonny that they need to keep their professional lives separate, because she will never cover for him. While talking to Reese and Ric about Evan Tucker, Durant is shot in the back.moreless
  • Ep. #10813
    Ep. #10813
    Episode 57
    Ric reveals to Sonny, Jason and Reese that he was the one that murdered Evan; and then tells Reese he knows she's actually Charlotte, who only came back to get her revenge on Carly. However, he decides not to reveal Reese's true identity. Georgie survives her surgery. However, Maxie's condition is even worse than before. Jodie wants Michael to keep their friendship a secret. Emily visits Nikolas and tells him she's ready to move their relationship to the next level.moreless
  • Ep. #10812
    Ep. #10812
    Episode 56
    After a fight with Carly, Reese discovers some of her lies to Sonny. Reese is surprised by what she sees when she meets Evan. Elizabeth agrees to help give Jax and Courtney a baby. Georgie and Maxie's condition gets worse. Jodie turns out to be bad influence on Michael. Alan tries to remove Michael from Carly and Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #10811
    Ep. #10811
    Episode 55
    Courtney is devastated to realise she cannot have children of her own, but Jax tries to comfort her with Liz's offer to carry a child for them. Evan threatens to expose Reese to Sonny, who decides to take his lover under his protection. Georgie needs a risky surgery after her fall, and Monica wants Felicia and Mac to consider giving Maxie her heart if she doesn't make it.moreless
  • Ep. #10810
    Ep. #10810
    Episode 54
    Courtney is shocked to realise that Carly has married Alcazar and makes no attempt to hide her disgust, and Carly retaliates by blaming Courtney for her miscarriage and current fertility problems. Liz wants to take extra shifts at the hospital, but Bobbie tells Liz about her own workaholic tendancies when her children were young. Dillon comforts Georgie, who is terrified that her sister is going to die.moreless
  • Ep. #10809
    Ep. #10809
    Episode 53
    When Diego brings flowers to the hospital, Brook assumes they are for Maxie, but Diego says they're for her. Lucky reveals to Liz that he is $50,000 in debt because he was not covered by insurance. Nikolas shows up at the hospital to see Emily, and is upset to learn she took the day off. Jax and Courtney discuss alternative options for having their own children.moreless
  • Ep. #10808
    Ep. #10808
    Episode 52
    Emily makes a deal with Michael; she will keep going to therapy as long as he goes to therapy. Alcazar moves Carly into their new home and gives her a gift of an expensive car, but she turns it down, citing a painful high school memory. Reese dreams of teen cheerleaders, and wakes up to find Sonny asking who Caroline is.moreless
  • Ep. #10807
    Ep. #10807
    Episode 51
    Sonny finds Reese behind the wheel of her wrecked car, and is confused to hear her murmur the name 'Caroline' as she's being taken away. Diego spends his high school graduation in the hospital with Maxie, who admits she wishes her father could have been there. Carly and Lorenzo decide to get married right away, and say their vows to become husband and wife. Jodie offers Michael some pointers on how to avoid going back to Dr. Thomas as Sonny agrees not to send him back. After blasting Coleman for badmouthing her to Skye, Tracy announces her plans to stay with Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #10806
    Ep. #10806
    Episode 50
    While in the hospital waiting room, Michael befriends a girl named Jodie. However, when Michael returns home, Jodie climbs through his bedroom window, suggesting that he made her up.
  • Ep. #10805
    Ep. #10805
    Episode 49
    Alan is playing a twisted game and Michael is his pawn. Bobbie lets Maxie know B.J. would want her to do anything she had to in order to live. Michael is angry when he catches Alcazar and Carly in bed together. Skye and Luke work together to make his divorce happen, but when Tracy refuses to give Luke fifteen million dollars back, Luke refuses to get a divorce. Skye kisses Coleman to make Luke jealous.moreless
  • Ep. #10804
    Ep. #10804
    Episode 48
    Carly is put on the spot when she faces some tough questions from Alcazar. Sam and Jason try and help Michael showing his parents that the boy needs more help then they may want to admit. Alexis suggest that Ric have an affair so that they can get a divorce. Liz and Lucky adjust to being a family of three in small living quarters. Emily still deals with her urge to go crazy when ever Nickolas touches her. Jax and Courtney relish on their wedding night.moreless
  • Ep. #10803
    Ep. #10803
    Episode 47
    Reese and Sonny get closer in their relationship. Sonny overhears Carly asking Alcazar to marry her. Alcazar says no, but after a talk with Skye, Alcazar agrees to marry Carly. Jason has second thoughts about Michael seeing Dr. Thomas. Michael is upset to learn about Carly and Alcazar's wedding plans. Courtney ends up getting locked out of her hotel room in her lingerie, and stuck with Coleman in the elevator. Alexis and Ric realize it won't be easy to get a divorce. Nikolas and Emily kiss again.moreless
  • Ep. #10802
    Ep. #10802
    Episode 46
    Sonny brings Reese as his date to Courtney's wedding and an infuriated Carly interrupts Jax and Courtney's wedding. Sam and Jason decide to have Dr. Thomas treat Michael.
  • Ep. #10801
    Ep. #10801
    Episode 45
    Tracy gets the upper hand on Skye and Luke. Jane sees Jason and Courtney together. Sonny asks Reese to attend Courtney's wedding with him. Maxie's condition remains critical. Alexis and Ric's divorce turns ugly.
  • Ep. #10800
    Ep. #10800
    Episode 44
    Jason and Sam are desperate to help Michael overcome his nightmares of killing A.J. After an another nightmare, Jason decides to turn to Courtney for help. Skye eavesdrops on Luke and Tracy's conversation which turns to lovemaking. Emily and Nikolas help Elizabeth and Lucky transform their apartment into a livable place. Luke confronts Skye.moreless
  • Ep. #10799
    Ep. #10799
    Episode 43
    Sonny and Carly agree that it would be best if they did not reunite as a couple. Sonny then goes to see Reese and tells her he would like to start over with her, leaving her hurt and confused. Nikolas and Emily are committed to stay together. Elizabeth agrees to live with Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #10798
    Ep. #10798
    Episode 42
    Sam reaches her breaking point with Carly. Michael is upset to catch Sonny and Reese kissing. Jax and Courtney decide to take the plunge and get married. Maxie promises Diego and Georgie that they are not responsible for her heart troubles.
  • Ep. #10797
    Ep. #10797
    Episode 41
    Maxie collapses again at Dillon's birthday party, and Georgie worries that it's her fault, but Maxie assures her sister that it's nothing to do with her. Sam is upset to learn from Dr. Meadows that she should wait at least a year before getting pregnant or she would be risking both her life and the baby's. Reese decides to tell Sonny the truth about her drunken one-night-stand with Ric, but changes her mind at the last minute. Carly continues to try to break up Jax and Courtney, but the couple figures out what she's up to and turn the tables on her. Durant, suspicious of Ric and Reese's closeness, tells Ric that he is the new district attorney in Port Charles.moreless
  • Ep. #10796
    Ep. #10796
    Episode 40
    Nikolas is ready to walk away from his marriage after telling Lucky about what happened with Emily, but Emily wants to give their marriage another chance. Maxie offers her sister counsel on her relationship with Dillon, but when the two sisters spar over Diego's attraction to Maxie, Maxie collapses. Carly rationalizes her plot to break up Jax and Courtney to Rachel by saying she's trying to stop Courtney from making a mistake. Tracy refuses to allow Dillon to have a birthday at the house, prompting Luke to offer the Haunted Star and to ask Skye to chaperone.moreless
  • Ep. #10795
    Ep. #10795
    Episode 39
    A drunken Ric and Reese fall into bed together, but when Sonny comes by to ask her not to leave down, Ric and Reese decide their one-night-stand has to stay between them. Jason agrees to try for a baby with Sam, then does his best to convince Michael that despite what he did, he is not a horrible person. After being accused of trying to steal Jax away from her by Courtney, Rachel receives an offer of help from Carly. Maxie's family is thrilled to have her back home.moreless
  • Ep. #10794
    Ep. #10794
    Episode 38
    Alexis wants to try to make their marriage work, but Ric is convinced she cannot let go of her vendetta against Sonny. Carly is furious to find Resse and Sonny in bed together, leading to Reese deciding to leave town. Brook Lynn is devastated to see how much fun that Diego and Maxie are having together. Carly decides to break up Jax/Courtney and Jason/Sam to reunite Jason/Courtney.moreless
  • Ep. #10793
    Ep. #10793
    Episode 37
    Dillon snaps a picture of Luke and Skye kissing as per Tracy's instructions, but double-crosses his mother when he gives the camera to Luke. Ric tries to save Sonny in court by claiming that John Durant is just trying to grind his own personal axe. Rachel joins Jax for dinner.
  • Ep. #10792
    Ep. #10792
    Episode 36
    Nikolas' plan to help Emily recover from her rape turns ugly. Durant questions Michael at the court, and then later Sonny takes the stand in his own defense. Jason, Carly and Sonny are horrified of what Ric might say at the trial. Skye continues using Alcazar to make Luke jealous. Edward advises Tracy on how to divorce Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #10791
    Ep. #10791
    Episode 35
    Carly trick Durant in the court. Durant forces Michael to testify. Tracy is stunned after learning about Luke's latest plan. Dillon fears Tracy might do something as a revenge. Nikolas believes he found a way to help Emily cope with her rape.
  • Ep. #10790
    Ep. #10790
    Episode 34
    Carly is furious when Reese tries to change her testimony to help Sonny at the trial. Alexis continues taunting Ric to charge Sonny, and he wants to know if she had something to do with Durant being appointed as his co-prosecutor. Jason learns Sam isn't pregnant, and then he makes her happy by saying he wants to have a child with her as soon as possible. After postponing her wedding with Jax due to Sonny's trial, Courtney is worried that something might happen to prevent the wedding. Luke, Dillon and Georgie work together on discovering where Tracy hid the money she stole.moreless
  • Ep. #10789
    Ep. #10789
    Episode 33
    Sonny and Carly agree that the best thing to do is for Carly to leave town with Michael and Morgan, but Michael refuses to go, until Sam convinces him to. Ric informs Sonny that there will be a trial after all, and then Alexis threatens to leave Ric if he let's Sonny go free. Tracy refuses to return the money she stole, so Emily dumps a vase full of water on her. It seems like Nikolas and Emily will finally reconnect, but the moment is over when Emily remembers the rape. Skye refuses to help Luke, so Luke turns to Dillon to help him recover the money Tracy stole.moreless
  • Ep. #10788
    Ep. #10788
    Episode 32
    Michael runs away to the Quartermaine mansion after overhearing Carly say that he was the one who killed A.J. He remembers killing A.J. with a pillow. Sonny claims that he didn't plead guilty to protect Michael, but then later he tells the truth to Ric, who doesn't want to send Sonny to prison for the crime he didn't commit. Jason finds Michael, who wants to go to the police station. Nikolas promises to help Emily recover after her rape. Skye wants Luke to return the Cassadine money Tracy stole.moreless
  • Ep. #10787
    Ep. #10787
    Episode 31
    Ric realizes what Michael did. Sonny decides to go to prison, only to protect Michael. Nikolas takes Emily to the scene of her rape, and then later burns down the house. Michael overhears Carly talking about A.J.'s murder. Alexis is being blackmailed by Durant.
  • Ep. #10786
    Ep. #10786
    Episode 30
    Jason tells Carly why Sonny confesses to killing A.J. Ric is appalled by Alexis' actions. Nikolas professes his undying love for Emily, and she decides not to let Connor destroy her life. Skye decides to use Alcazar, only to make Luke jealous.
  • Ep. #10785
    Ep. #10785
    Episode 29
    Lorenzo tries to convince Carly to leave Sonny once and for all, but she says she can't do that to her sons. Sonny and Jason both blame themselves for Michael killing A.J. Emily struggles with the knowledge that Nikolas is being released after Helena is taken into custody, and Lucky goes alone to get his half-brother. Sonny invites Carly to the compound, where the two reminisce about the happier days of their relationship. Ric learns that over 15 million was stolen from the Cassadine account. Jason surprises Sam with how affectionate he is to her, and the two share a romantic evening. Ric sees Alexis and Durant together, and accuses her of witness tampering. Carly and Sam talk and realise that Sonny and Jason were saying goodbye, as both men plan to confess to A.J.'s murder to save Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #10784
    Ep. #10784
    Episode 28
    Monica confesses to Jason about what she saw the night A.J. was died. Carly and Michael make up, and Michael expresses his love. Jason lets Michael know that he has the letter he sent him, and that he will always be there for him. Reese explains to Sonny why she's concluded that Michael is the one responsible for AJ's death but Sonny refuses to accept her theory, despite her compelling argument. Luke assures Mac, Lucky and Skye that Helena hasn't escaped. Emily and Helena fight. Alexis convinces Ric to continue working on a case against Carly. Lorenzo gives Carly papers and a new identity, but she is reluctant.moreless
  • Ep. #10783
    Ep. #10783
    Episode 27
    Michael wakes from a dream to realise that he was the one who smothered A.J., then confides in Reese some of the feelings that have been troubling him. While Durant pushes Alexis to push Ric to prosecute Carly, Sonny tries to convince Ric not to put Michael on the stand. Nikolas' attempt to escape Pentonville nets him a term in solitary confinement. Skye is grateful when Lorenzo agrees to provide Luke with the ransom Helena is demanding before she would release Emily.moreless
  • Ep. #10782
    Ep. #10782
    Episode 26
    Alexis is pleased to learn that Michael was a witness to Carly murdering A.J., but Ric doesn't want to make his half-nephew testify against his own mother. Nikolas is devastated as Emily recounts to him what Connor did to her then flees. Carly pushes Sonny to tell her how close he and Reese are, and Sonny reminds Carly that Reese has been there for Michael. Helena takes Emily hostage as she attempts to flee.moreless
  • Ep. #10781
    Ep. #10781
    Episode 25
    Reese is able to calm Michael when no one else can. Alexis and Durant team up to bring down Sonny even though Alexis has overheard Michael saying Carly killed A.J. Emily tells Nikolas about Connor raping her.
  • Ep. #10780
    Ep. #10780
    Episode 24
    Brook Lynn talks with Diego about A.J.'s past and Diego tells her that Alcazar is doing his best to get Carly out of jail. Alexis informs Ric that the new judge assigned to Kristina's custody case is now a judge in Sonny's back pocket and sole custody of Kristina has been awarded to Sonny. Carly wants Lorenzo to get her out of jail the same day, but he wants her to be patient. Jason is appalled to learn that Lorenzo is helping Carly. In the meantime, Durant meets at the church with his secret contract and reports that the only way to get rid of Sonny is to frame the mob boss.moreless
  • Ep. #10779
    Ep. #10779
    Episode 23
    Sonny has Alexis arrested for kidnapping Kristina when Ric is unable to get the charges against Carly dropped. Sam warns Jason that Michael is saying that Carly was the one who killed A.J. Helena is convinced she killed Luke, not realising he was wearing a bulletproof vest.
  • Ep. #10778
    Ep. #10778
    Episode 22
    Michael comes out of his catatonic state long enough to panic as the police lead Carly away, calling his parents 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'. Sonny is worried that this will just set Michael back further, but the child psychologist believes that there is a deeper, more disturbing memory that is causing Michael's problems. Edward begs Tracy to help E.L.Q. out with some of her newfound wealth, but she refuses. Ric is saddened to learn that a pregnant Alexis has left the country with Kristina, and in a quandary when Sonny issues an ultimatum -- get Carly released or he'll charge Alexis with kidnapping. Flashbacks of the rape have Emily in a panic when she misreads a passionate moment between Luke and Skye. Helena confronts Skye and Luke on the Haunted Star.moreless
  • Ep. #10777
    Ep. #10777
    Episode 21
    After learning that the funds A.J. made are being frozen, Alan realises that E.L.Q.'s best hope may actually be Tracy. Luke's plot to use Tracy as bait for Helena works as the other woman shows up to aim a gun at Tracy. Jason and Sam manage to keep Carly safe as the police search for her, and sneak her into the hospital to see a comatose Michael, who cries as the police come to arrest his mother. Mike isn't sure what to make of Lorenzo's suggestion that one of the Quartermaines killed A.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10776
    Ep. #10776
    Episode 20
    Carly tells Sonny how upset she is that Michael keeps giving her the cold shoulder, and her later attempts to make things right with Michael meet with strong resistance. Steven goes to see Mac with the D.N.A. results of the pillow used to smother Michael, and Ric, Reese and Mac prepare to make an arrest. Emily offers comfort to Alan and Monica to Skye, but the rift between Monica and Alan widens. Dillon and Georgie find Tracy, who was bound and gagged by Luke, aboard the Haunted Star but aren't sure if they want to release her or not.moreless
  • Ep. #10775
    Ep. #10775
    Episode 19
    Tracy blames Skye for everything that has happened, telling her that it is her fault because she helped Faith. Luke spirits a passed out Tracy away in a wheelchair. Jason whisks Carly away from the hospital after she admits to being in A.J.'s room after his death. Liz admits to Ric that not only did A.J. not want the sedative, but he told her Carly had just threatened him. Reese sits with a silent Michael and shares with him memories of her own dead son, then tells Jason that Michael could not handle learning that someone he loved killed A.J. Sam realises that Jason plans to take the blame for A.J.'s murder to protect Carly. Mac informs Ric that he is a suspect and that he can't handle the investigation.moreless
  • Ep. #10774
    Ep. #10774
    Episode 18
    The Quartermaines watch in horror as Jason and A.J. struggle for the gun then fall from the balcony. Paramedics arrive to help Alan, and Reese stays with A.J., who Monica fears has a broken back. Skye is horrified to see what A.J. has done and blasts him, leaving him believing she's turned against him. Michael won't talk to Sonny or Carly, whom he blames for A.J.'s accident, but Reese is able to calm the boy down. Sam worries that no one is taking care of Jason. Despite being warned that Michael needs space, Carly goes in to see her son at Courtney's urging. Monica reassures both A.J. and Jason that she loves them. Steven wants A.J. restrained after seeing him grab Rachel. Someone enters A.J.'s room, holding a pillow in their hands.moreless
  • Ep. #10773
    Ep. #10773
    Episode 17
    The Quartermaines watch in horror as Jason and A.J. struggle for the gun then fall from the balcony. Paramedics arrive to help Alan, and Reese stays with A.J., who Monica fears has a broken back. Skye is horrified to see what A.J. has done and blasts him, leaving him believing she's turned against him. Michael won't talk to Sonny or Carly, whom he blames for A.J.'s accident, but Reese is able to calm the boy down. Sam worries that no one is taking care of Jason. Despite being warned that Michael needs space, Carly goes in to see her son at Courtney's urging. Monica reassures both A.J. and Jason that she loves them. Steven wants A.J. restrained after seeing him grab Rachel. Someone enters A.J.'s room, holding a pillow in their hands.moreless
  • Ep. #10772
    Ep. #10772
    Episode 16
    Things come to a head at the mansion. Emily confronts A.J. with her disgust at his actions and when he turns on her, Alan steps in, finally realising that A.J. needs help. When Alan tries to get him that help, A.J. shoots him in the back, then confronts Jason. The two brothers both go over the stairs. Carly and Sonny plead with Michael to believe that they love him and would never given him away, but Michael still insists that Morgan is more important, and takes off. Courtney is upset when one of Jax's former flings show up in the Dominican Republic, but his philandering ways help her get the divorce she wants.moreless
  • Ep. #10771
    Ep. #10771
    Episode 15
    Carly is thrilled to see Michael at the playground but he pulls away from her. When she tries to explain how A.J. tricked them all, he accuses her of being a liar and runs off. Before Carly can take off after him, A.J. stops her with a gun. Skye is shocked when Jason tells her the extent of what A.J. has done, and agrees to help him bring A.J. down. Although Monica is happy to see A.J. alive and well, she refuses to help him leave the country with Michael. Reese and Ric exchange notes on their investigations, and agree to pair up together against Durant. Steven reminds Rachel she still has a lot to answer for.moreless
  • Ep. #10770
    Ep. #10770
    Episode 14
    Edward wants Emily to move back into the mansion to keep Monica from selling it and although she refuses him, she eventually acquiesces at Jason's request. Michael finds an article about the playground dedication in his name, and later Carly spots him there on the swings. Dara admits to Ric that Alexis hasn't come in for her therapy since the custody hearing, and later Alexis walks out on Ric. Lucky and Liz make love, but when he asks her to move in with him she turns him down. Skye is furious with A.J. for what he put the family through when he reveals himself to her.moreless
  • Ep. #10769
    Ep. #10769
    Episode 13
    Carly tries to convince Sonny that Reese is just using him, but he accuses her of being jealous. He initially resists when she tries to tell him Michael is alive, but finally accepts the truth and vows to bring the boy home. Alan is happy to see A.J. alive, and agrees to hide him and Michael in the attic. A.J. warns Alan that Jason'll kill him if he finds him, and begs Alan to help him and Michael leave the country. Georgie tries again to convince Dillon to go to film school. When Morgan is fussy, Reese takes him from Max and calms him down.moreless
  • Ep. #10768
    Ep. #10768
    Episode 12
    Jason and Sam continue to search A.J.'s home, unaware that he spotted them and has returned to Port Charles with Michael. Jason is horrified to read Michael's letter, realising how much A.J. has tried to warp him. Carly spies on Reese and Sonny about to make love and, in her attempt to flee the estate, trips the alarm. Unfortunately, Max reports her to Sonny. After talking with Courtney about why she believes A.J. is alive, Alan admits just how closer to suicide he actually came. Monica refuses to believe. Ric asks Alcazar to help him out by giving him any evidence he has that can bring down Durant.moreless
  • Ep. #10767
    Ep. #10767
    Episode 11
    Reese opens up to Sonny about the death of her son, Jamie, and admits to him that she has searched so hard for Michael because losing him is like losing Jamie all over again. Monica surprises her family by announcing that she is putting the house on the market. After finding a despondant Alan on the hospital roof, Courtney blurts out that A.J. is alive. Jason and Sam arrive at A.J.'s island home, and find one of Michael's videogames.moreless
  • Ep. #10766
    Ep. #10766
    Episode 10
    Reese finally wakes up, and while checking her out, Steven tells her that Sonny was the one who saved her life. After confronting Durant and accusing him of kidnapping Michael, Lorenzo shares his suspicions with Carly, who refuses to believe her father kidnapped her son. Sam is saddened when she encounters a woman and her baby at the hospital, and Jason promises her they'll try for a baby once Michael is home safe. Rachel calls Jax and Courtney for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10765
    Ep. #10765
    Episode 9
    After having another nightmare about the rape, Emily is convinced that she and Nikolas will never be together, but keeps her feelings hidden when she talks to Lucky. Carly goes to see Jason and after asking Sam to leave, tells Jason about the trap she laid for Alcazar and why she's certain he didn't kidnap Michael. Rachel insists to Courtney that A.J. is alive and well in the Bahamas, but Jax refuses to listen to anything she has to say. Ric, Alexis and Kristina make plans to go to the circus.moreless
  • Ep. #10764
    Ep. #10764
    Episode 8
    A.J. asks Michael to choose a location somewhere in the world for them to go, but when he later sees Michael crying alone, A.J. is wracked with guilt over what he is doing to his son. Reese's car blows up when she tries to get in it, and Sonny does his best to help her until the paramedics show up. Emily watches over Cameron so Liz and Lucky can have a night out, and talks with Skye about Nikolas. Tracy berates her son for telling Emily about Alan's hit and run, but Georgie steps in to defend him.moreless
  • Ep. #10763
    Ep. #10763
    Episode 7
    Sonny lets Jason know he doesn't know whether or not he can trust Reese. Durant grows increasingly suspicious of Reese. Sonny apologizes to Reese, who then admits she has feelings for him. Reese tells him she is going to request to be transferred. She then gives Sonny the videotape incriminating Jason in the shootings.moreless
  • Ep. #10762
    Ep. #10762
    Episode 6
    Sonny's accusation hurts Reese. Sonny later thinks that maybe Reese has been trying to protect him. Reese discovers something startling about Durant, who catches her snooping. Michael calls AJ's bluff and goes to the car that's waiting to take him to the airport. Sam tells Carly that she and Jason know Michael is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #10761
    Ep. #10761
    Episode 5
    Sonny makes the wrong conclusion about Reese but Carly later sets him straight. Sonny notices that Alan's drunk and acting very ungentlemanly towards Reese. Carly tells Alcazar she thinks Michael is alive. Jason and Sam are unaware how close Michael really is. Jax promises to expose Rachel's crimes and turns to Skye for help. Mac listens to Skye telling Courtney she won't say anything to the police.moreless
  • Ep. #10760
    Ep. #10760
    Episode 4
    Reese tells Carly that she once had a son who was kidnapped and murdered. Jason and Sam set out to investigate Faith's dealings in the Bahamas. Jax and Courtney reason that AJ and Rachel could have been involved, and that Rachel had her own motives for killing AJ. Carly tells Courtney that she thinks Michael is trying to tell her something and that she's failing him.moreless
  • Ep. #10759
    Ep. #10759
    Episode 3
    Sonny and Alexis receive their psychiatric evaluations. The judge dismisses Alexis' appeal and allows Sonny continued access to Kristina. Alexis warns Sonny she'll stop at nothing to keep Kristina away from him. AJ comes across the letter Michael wrote to Carly. AJ convinces Michael that he gave the letter to the postman, but then destroys it without Michael's knowledge.moreless
  • Ep. #10758
    Ep. #10758
    Episode 2
    Sonny must agree to a court ordered psychiatric evaluation. Later he warns Ric that he's going to take Kristina away from Alexis. Carly approaches Alexis after learning she's filing for sole custody of Kristina. Carly will stop at nothing to help Sonny beat Alexis. Alexis asks Reese to testify against Sonny at the evaluation.moreless
  • Ep. #10757
    Ep. #10757
    Episode 1
    Sam and Jason look at the picture of the 'dead' Michael on Jason's laptop and Jason becomes convinced Michael is still alive when he notices that his eyes aren't completely closed, and his pupils aren't dilated. Ric tries to play peacemaker with Sonny, but when Alexis and Sonny run into each other, they can't keep the claws from coming out. Steven and Mac worry about Rachel's condition, especially since she hasn't woken up yet, as Courtney and Jax search lawyer Martin Roth's office for information.moreless