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  • Ep. #11268
    Ep. #11268
    Episode 255
    Alexis walks in on Nikolas and Robin making out on the couch, Mr. Craig tells them that they have to be more believable to pass as a couple. Jax wants Carly to admit that she in fact still loves him. Sonny tells Lorenzo to drop the act and come after him like a man. Kelly responds to Patrick's dinner invitation by saying that she doesn't want to do that to Robin. Alexis collapses while picking wildflowers on the grounds of Wyndemere. Scott tells Lulu that they have some unfinished business and Lulu is unaware of what he's talking about as Logan overhears them, Logan reports to Maxie and Coop that the plan is moving smoothly. Ric tells Sonny that he wants to be a better person and he won't use his position as D.A. to further his vendetta against him.moreless
  • Ep. #11267
    Ep. #11267
    Episode 254
    Carly tells Lorenzo and Skye that she doesn't want them in her hotel. Sonny tells Coop to make sure that he passes the exam and that his brother has to pay. Patrick tells Nikolas that he is supposed to believe that Robin and him are together. Ric enlists Cruz to infiltrate Sonny's organization, but Cruz says that he will have to find someone else. Spinelli sees Lulu and Logan at Kelly's and walks away and goes to Jason and asks him how make Lulu love him. Maxie fakes an argument with Logan so he can go to Lulu as part of their plan. Patrick tells Robin that he is done and walks out and Mr. Craig congratulates her on a job well done. Lorenzo prevents Sonny from putting his hands on Skye to keep her from hitting Carly. Carly realizes that Jax saw her and Sonny together and goes after him and overhears Alexis say that they made her think they slept together. Patrick asks Kelly is that she is free tonight that they should go out.moreless
  • Ep. #11266
    Ep. #11266
    Episode 253
    Robin gets a sample of Nikolas' blood to be analyzed. Lulu tells her troubles to Spinelli. Mr. Craig wants Nikolas and Robin to have a fake romance. Sam tells Amelia that she doesn't want Jason involved in the show Everyday Heroes. Patrick tells Alexis that Robin moved in with Nikolas. Monica tells Noah that she is determined to be appointed Cheif of Staff at General Hospital. Alexis tells Nikolas what is his deal is with Robin. Jason tells Spinelli to go ahead and delete Elizabeth's paternity test Jason runs into Elizabeth at the park with Cameron and she lets him push him in the swing. Scott comes by the hotel and asks Coop if the cops that where there asked about him. Lulu tells Milo, Spinelli and Dillon that she will go on trial dates, seperatly with all three of them. Logan and Maxie send Scott another e-mail. Dillon, Spinelli and Milo each draw numbers the one with the highest gets the first date, and Dillon gets the highest one.moreless
  • Ep. #11265
    Ep. #11265
    Episode 252
    Jason walks in on Carly and Sonny making out and then leaves without a word. Patrick wants to know why Robin is moving into Wyndemere. Maxie and Lulu get into a fight when Maxie brings up her abortion and Logan and Coop break up the catfight. James tells Nikolas to give him the syringe or else he will die. Sam tells Amelia that she is not interested in doing that show. Carly is against Sam being interviewed, Jax then tells her that she's being paranoid. Jason tells Sonny that Carly slept with Jax. Spinelli and Milo realize that Lulu each considered them both her boyfriend. Jax tells Carly that she doesn't want things to end between them. Robin finds an unconscious Nikolas on the floor and tells James to call 911. Sam swallows her pride and tells Amelia sh'll do the show. Lulu goes to Carly for advice on which guy to choose, Dillon, Spinelli or Milo. Coop goes to the PCPD and asks Ric for an application for the Police Academy. Patrick goes to Mac and tells him that something is wrong with Robin and how does he get through to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11264
    Ep. #11264
    Episode 251
    Sonny gives Coop his first assignment. Elizabeth begins to have pains. Jason tells Lulu that if he tells the truth he would be hurting his child. Mr. Craig threatens to harm Patrick if Robin doesn't co-operate. Jax and Alexis put on a show for Carly by making her believe that they slept together. Jason goes to Alan's grave and apologizes that he never got to be a father to him. Nikolas' attempt to overpower Mr. Craig by pretending to be weak.moreless
  • Ep. #11263
    Ep. #11263
    Episode 250
    Spinelli interupts the wedding and Lulu gets him out of there by saying that she's his girlfriend to keep him from spilling the beans and Maxie overhears them talking about Lucky finding out the truth. Ric tells Sonny that he is putting him out of business. Robin tells Patrick that they are doomed and that they shouldn't be living together at all. Max still can't figure out where he's seen Coop before and then he stops a purse snatching at the newly renovated Metro Court. Alexis and Jax reminisce about their past when she gets stuck in the rain and ends up on his doorstep. Elizabeth and Lucky are pronounced husband and wife. Max tells Sonny that Cooper Barrett was Number 3 of Mr. Craig's henchman, Sonny then says that he needs to be dealt with, so Max has Coop deliver a note to Sonny at his office. Sonny tells Coop that he knows that he worked for Mr. Craig and that he has no intention of killing him and he may be useful to him. Nikolas comes home to find Robin tending to Mr. Craig's wound.moreless
  • Ep. #11262
    Ep. #11262
    Episode 249
    Emily tells Elizabeth if she wants to back out of the wedding now is the time. Carly asks Jason if he would escort her to the wedding. Lulu tells Spinelli that she is going to tell Lucky the truth. Mr. Craig tells Nikolas to go to his brother's wedding or else something bad will happen. Patrick offers to help Robin move back in with him but says that she doesn't want to. Tracy finds Luke and he asks her to accompany him to the wedding. Spinelli tells Jason that he's worried that Lulu might tell Lucky the truth. Elizabeth tells Lulu since Emily won't be here, to be her maid of honor. Alexis runs into Mr. Craig at Wyndemere as says that he is one of Nikolas' associates. Luke senses something is wrong, by the look on Lulu's face. Robin realized that Patrick arranged for Georgie to walk in on them.moreless
  • Ep. #11261
    Ep. #11261
    Episode 248
    Lulu overhears Luke tell Laura about his remarriage to Elizabeth. Lulu then confides in an unresponsive Laura that Lucky is not the father of Elizabeth's baby. Scott breaks down during his confession that he killed Rick Webber to Laura. Sam asks Spinelli that she needs his help. Lesley comes to help Lucky and Elizabeth prepare for their wedding tomorrow. Carly is at loss for words when Michael invites Jax to join him and Morgan for breakfast at Kelly's. Lorenzo puts another plan in motion, while Skye remains in the dark about his condition. Bobbie tells Luke to back off Scott or he'll tell Lulu that he raped Laura.moreless
  • Ep. #11260
    Ep. #11260
    Episode 247
    Sonny reaches out to Alexis as she suffers the effects of the chemotherapy. Lulu resolves to keep the truth to herself. Carly tells Jax to choose either Amelia or her has to leave. Elizabeth insists that Nikolas go to the hospital but he says no to keep her from seeing James. Alan continues to haunt Tracy as Luke sees her arguing with the chair again. Monica and Edward tell Tracy that they plan to take her to court to prove that she forged Alan's will. Nikolas tries to get rid of Emily and Lucky by saying that he and Emily need a break from each other. Jason tells Lulu that he doesn't know exactly how he is going to give up his child. Carly tells Jax that now that he slept with her, he's even with Sonny. Sam accuses Tracy of sending her the letter of Angela Monroe, she then says that she didn'tmoreless
  • Ep. #11259
    Ep. #11259
    Episode 246
    Sam tries to forget about the things she did in her past. Lulu almost comes clean to Lucky about Elizabeth's baby but keeps her mouth shut. After receiving the e-mail, Scott gets up and leaves Kelly's, Maxie and Logan realize that it worked like a charm. Sam receives a letter addressed to Angela Monroe and lies to Jason and says it's for Spinelli. Amelia realizes that Jax is using her to make Carly jealous. Mayor Floyd wants Lorenzo Alcazar brought up on charges and asks Ric what's taking so long. Epiphany calls Ric and asks him to come and get Alexis. Mr. Craig continues to torture Nikolas into getting him to give him what he wants. Sam sets fire to the letter that she received that had a picture of her and some guy. Scott confronts Lulu about the e-mail and Logan comes to her rescue again. Sonny has an idea of having one of his men be put into the PCPD to check in on Ric. Jason comes home to find Sam and Lulu together.moreless
  • Ep. #11258
    Ep. #11258
    Episode 245
    Nikolas is forced to do Mr. Craig's bidding while lying helpless. Lulu wants an explanation when she learns that Jason knew that he was the father. Scott tells Lucky if Lulu needs to know that her father raped her mother. Georgie catches Maxie before she can click on the icon. Jax wonders if the kiss that Carly planted on him was for Sonny's benefit. Spinelli realizes that Maxie was looking through his computer and lets Maxie have it. Sam sees Amelia meeting with Ric and tells her and Sam tells her that whatever he says about her is a lie. Sonny tells Carly that he is taking her someplace real nice. Lorenzo continues to keep his full recovery in the dark from Skye. Mr. Craig meets Spencer as the nanny brings him in. Jax goes to Jake's where he sees Carly and Sonny dancing.moreless
  • Ep. #11257
    Ep. #11257
    Episode 244
    Jason and Liz worry about how the truth about her baby's paternity will affect those they love. Jason wants Spinelli to tell him why Lulu just lied to him about police records. Patrick tells Robin that it's too early to come back to work. Carly thinks that Jax is competing with Sonny for her affections. Luke tells Lucky that he thinks that Maxie is out for revenge. Monica lets Dr. Russell Ford know that he's not Chief of Staff and can't order Robin to go home. Jason tells Elizabeth that seeing her happy, he then realizes that he did the right thing. Maxie puts her plan to blackmail Scott into action by getting Coop to distract Spinelli so she can get on the computer. While on the phone James knocks out Nikolas and then injecting him with something. Lulu confronts Jason about him Elizabeth having his baby. Scott goes to Lucky saying that Lulu's life maybe in danger.moreless
  • Ep. #11256
    Ep. #11256
    Episode 243
    Carly tries to get the upper hand on Sonny. Max asks Stan to dig into Coop's past. Carly thinks that in order to get her marble from Sonny she'll have to spend time with him. Jason tells Sonny not to play games with Carly. Sam wonders why Amelia is interferring in her life. Maxie and Logan plan on making Scott think Lulu is blackmailing him and not them. Spinelli tells Lulu that Jason is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Luke spots Logan at Kelly's and wonders why Lulu doesn't want him around her.moreless
  • Ep. #11255
    Ep. #11255
    Episode 242
    Carly tries to settle out the situation with the two men in her life. Sonny takes advantage of Alcazar's illness by getting ahold of all his shipments. Skye tells Lorenzo that she will deal with Sonny. Maxie overhears Coop and Logan talking about Lulu and Laura. Tracy continues to see Alan everywhere she goes. Bobbie tries to persuade Scott to drop the assault charges against Luke. Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli put their heads together to keep Luke from finding out Scott let Laura take the blame for him killing Rick. Alexis tells Rick not to talk about Molly staying long enough to ride a horse. Lorenzo hides his full recovery from Skye and plots against Sonny behind her back. Jax admits to Carly that he doesn't just want to be her business partner.moreless
  • Ep. #11254
    Ep. #11254
    Episode 241
    Nikolas tries to persuade Alexis to leave town with her kids because the legal system failed her, but she tells Nikolas that she doesn't plan on taking Molly and Kristina away from their fathers. Sonny tells Carly on the pier that he doesn't want a divorce. Lulu says that Dillon and Spinelli are still biding for her affections to keep Spinelli from telling Luke the truth. Sam returns from New York and tells Jason that everything went fine in her interview. Logan eavesdrops on Dillon and Lulu talking on the pier. Luke is irate as he learns that Scott is looking to have himself made Laura's guardian. Ric comes by to pick up Molly and Alexis gets all emotional. Amelia tells Sam that they want to do a follow up. Carly gets Sonny and Jax together and says that she can't be with either one of them.moreless
  • Ep. #11253
    Ep. #11253
    Episode 240
    Carly tries to convince Sonny to agree to the divorce, but Sonny refuses to let her go. Ric gives Alexis one more chance to give him custody of Molly. Luke thinks Tracy is crazy when he sees her talking to an empty chair. Lulu is able to get away from Scott thanks to Logan. Sonny takes the stand and Ric tears him to shreds when brings up his criminal past. Patrick surprises Robin with a romantic picnic in a gazebo. Alan tells Tracy that he can't cross over till she admits to forging his will. Spinelli tells Lulu and Dillon that he has proof that Scott killed Rick. The judge awards full custody of Molly to Ric.moreless
  • Ep. #11252
    Ep. #11252
    Episode 239
    Carly struggles to handle the realisation that she loves both Sonny and Jax, but she decides that Jax is the man she wants to be with. Spinelli rescues Lulu from being bothered by Logan. Alan's will is read and Edward thinks it's a fake. Stan lets Spinelli know that he is to no longer use Sonny's computer again until further notice. Sam is interviewed for her heroics and notices a watch on the woman and recognizes it as one she lost. Tracy sees Alan's ghost as he abolishes her for forging his will.moreless
  • Ep. #11251
    Ep. #11251
    Episode 238
    Tracy is furious to learn that Alan has left everything to Emily, and she teams up with Luke to get her hands on the Quartermaine fortune. Jason tells Carly that he'll keep his promise and take her to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce from Sonny. Russell tells Monica that he's throwing his name in the rank for Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Lucky tells Cameron that he and Elizabeth are getting married.moreless
  • Ep. #11250
    Ep. #11250
    Episode 237
    Alan's friends and family gather to say an emotional goodbye to a man they all loved.
  • Ep. #11249
    Ep. #11249
    Episode 236
    Jason makes the ultimate sacrifice. Patrick shares his good news to Robin that his HIV test came back negative. Maxie gets Coop a job as a security guard, but Max seems like he's familiar to him. Luke once again tells Scott to stay away from Lulu. Dillon reads the remainder of the letter and finds out that Scott killed Rick Webber.moreless
  • Ep. #11248
    Ep. #11248
    Episode 235
    Scott what Dillon and Lulu are curious about as he arrives at the house. Carly tries to ease Jason's guilt about Alan. Robin tells Patrick that if she hadn't gotten shot Alan might still be alive. Mac hears a noise come from Maxie's room so she goes to check on Coop. Sam goes to see Father Mateo and apologizes for the way she treated him and says that he is not like Manny. Sam runs into Jason at the hospital and tells him that Edward asked her to get Jason back to the Quartermaine's. Someone is constantly watching the news conference with Sam's interview. Sam is sad that she's going to miss Alan's funeral to go to New York for an interview. Maxie takes Coop to the Metro Court hoping Jax will hire him in security. Lulu and Dillon receive a letter from Alan revealing who killed Rick Webber and they almost get to the bottom of the letter and Scott returns.moreless
  • Ep. #11247
    Ep. #11247
    Episode 234
    Sam tries to console Jason. A blissfully happy Lucky and Elizabeth announce to Lulu and Nikolas that they are moving into the Spencer family home. Edward blames Sonny for stealing Jason and taking adavantage of his injuries. Jax tells Carly that he doesn't think they can move forward now that she slept with Sonny. Alexis blows up at Ric when he says he doesn't want Molly living with her. Jason tells Sonny that he failed Alan in the end he wasn't there for him. Alexis tells Sam that they are gonna work together to get past their differences.moreless
  • Ep. #11246
    Ep. #11246
    Episode 233
    Carly tells Michael that Alan died. Elizabeth tells Jason that she and Lucky are getting married, he then breaks the news about Alan. Jax helps Michael deal with Alan's death. Luke wants to know why Scott chose to relocate to Port Charles as he catches him in Laura's house with Lesley and Lulu. Alexis tells Jax about her situation with Ric suing her for custody of Molly. Edward agrees to let Carly bring Michael to the memorial service. Lucky tells Sam about his impending nuptials to Elizabeth. Jax goes to Mayor Floyd and Ric and tries to get them to drop the possession charge against Alexis or he'll go to the press about how Ric handled the hostage situation. Cruz tells Sam about blood found in the Metro Court restaurant and wonders if Jason was there recently. Jason tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want to be a friend to his own child.moreless
  • Ep. #11245
    Ep. #11245
    Episode 232
    Skye honors Alan's memory by checking in on Edward. Jason tells Dr. Ford that Alan is his father and says goodbye to him. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she forgives him and agrees to marry him again. Jax learns that Carly was involved in a hostage situation and that she slept with Sonny and married him.moreless
  • Ep. #11244
    Ep. #11244
    Episode 231
    Carly explains to Michael and Morgan that she's going to marry Jax after divorcing their father. Alan goes into cardiac arrest as Dr. Russell Ford tries to revive him. Edward refuses to believe that Alan is dying. A tearful Emily breaks the news that Alan has died. Jason comes to the hospital too late and sees Alan lying there and apologizes to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11243
    Ep. #11243
    Episode 230
    Alan is desperate to talk to Jason and tell him that he accepts him for who he is. Elizabeth tells Sam that if she were to marry Lucky they would be living a lie. James Craig goes looking for the PDA in the lobby of the Metro Court. Jason tells Spinelli he's going after Craig by himself because he hurt the wrong people. Carly tells Sonny she still plans on divorcing him and marrying Jax. Jason and Craig engage in a shoot out and Craig tries to persuade Jason to let him go. Lulu tells Spinelli that she thinks Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber as Scott overhears them.moreless
  • Ep. #11242
    Ep. #11242
    Episode 229
    Cruz is able to get Lucky out of the line of fire as Mr. Craig shoots. Robin tells Patrick not to leave her side just yet and that he agrees to take his HIV test. Luke tells Milo, Dillon and Spinelli that the only person who's going to see Lulu is him. Number #3 introduces himself to Maxie as Cooper Barrett. Lucky learns from Cruz that Elizabeth and the baby are at General Hospital. Monica is glad Jason is alright as he comes to see Alan. Spinelli is able to get past Tracy and Luke and in to see Lulu. Jason then tells Spinelli to track down Mr. Craig. Sam makes a heartbreaking confession to Jason that she can never get pregnant. Georgie over hears Dillon tell Lulu that they share a special connection, Dillon spots Georgie and goes after her and the two realize that there relationship is over.moreless
  • Ep. #11241
    Ep. #11241
    Episode 228
    Elizabeth says to Jason that she can't marry him because of Lucky and Sam. Monica is worried that if Alan has another episode it could kill him. Tracy and Monica each tell Skye that she's not welcome around Alan. Jason and Elizabeth learn that they are going to be rescued. Sonny tells Carly that Jason is alive. Lucky learns of Mr. Craig's whereabouts and sets off to find him. Alan tells Skye that he forgives her and not to blame herself. Luke meets Spinelli and introduces himself as Lulu's admirer. Mr. Craig knocks out Lucky and tells him that Elizabeth is dead. Number #3 goes to Maxie and tells her he needs her help.moreless
  • Ep. #11240
    Ep. #11240
    Episode 227
    With Jason and Elizabeth still stuck in the elevator, Elizabeth reveals that Jason is the father of her child. Robin is in the hospital. Luke runs in to find Lulu. Sonny and Carly meet Craig for a second time. There's a fight, Carly gets the electronic briefcase and Craig leaves empty handed. Outside, Skye is there with Ric. Carly and Sonny hand over the briefcase. Skye lies to Ric about Carly and Sonny telling the wrong code to open the briefcase saying that the code is 7-6-7-6-7-6. Luke finds Lulu with her leg cut and carries her out of the building.moreless
  • Ep. #11239
    Ep. #11239
    Episode 226
    The PCPD attempt to rescue the people trapped inside the Metro Court.
  • Ep. #11238
    Ep. #11238
    Episode 225
    One hour before the Metro Court explosion. Father Ruiz is shot by Six after killing one of the guards. Sam is able to slip out without anyone noticing. Everyone watches in horror as the Metro Court lobby blows up.
  • Ep. #11237
    Ep. #11237
    Episode 224
    Two hours before the Metro Court explosion. Alan regains consciousness after his heart attack. Maxie is still trapped in the vault and gets to know Three better. Georgie is convinced that everything is her fault because of the way she treated her sister. Carly and Sonny figure out the electronic code for the briefcase. Alcazar remains in the hospital, his memory still spotty.moreless
  • Ep. #11236
    Ep. #11236
    Episode 223
    Three hours before the Metro Court explosion.
  • Ep. #11235
    Ep. #11235
    Episode 222
    Four hours before the Metro Court explosion. Luke and Lucky attempt to save Alan who has collapsed in front of the hotel.
  • Ep. #11234
    Ep. #11234
    Episode 221
    Five hours before the Metro Court explosion. James wants Emily to make a decision either her father of Elizabeth. Luke tries to slap some sense into Lucky by telling him their going to get the people the love out of the Metro Court. Alan persuades Emily to let Elizabeth go and to the hospital. Sonny is taken back to the lobby by James' orders to keep Carly and Sonny apart. Max is shot when Emily hasn't made up her mind yet, she chooses her father. Russell Ford threatens to have Patrick's license revoked if he doesn't return to the hospital. Dillon confesses to the Quartermaine's that he had Lulu steal Alan's PDA cause he thought he was paying off Rick Webber. Jason knocks out a guard and takes his uniform. The police take aim at the second story window to take out the sniper. Patrick returns to the hospital to perform surgery on his bigot landlord. Alan collapses in front of the hotel clenching his hand to his chest.moreless
  • Ep. #11233
    Ep. #11233
    Episode 220
    Six hours before the Metro Court explosion. Elizabeth starts to have cramps as Sam puts a knife to Mr. Craig's throat. Lucky agrees to help Luke embark on a mission to save Lulu and Elizabeth. Carly, Sonny and Lulu's escape attempt goes sour when they get caught. Emily gorws concern for Alan cause he'll die if he doesn't get help soon. Mayor Floyd orders Ric to send in the SWAT team. Spinelli and Jason work out a strategy to get the hostages out. Mr. Craig threatens to shoot Elizabeth if Ric doesn't call of the helicopters. Jason sees the hostages through the air duct. Mr. Craig debates whether of not to release Alan or Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #11232
    Ep. #11232
    Episode 219
    Seven hours before the Metro Court explosion. Emily, Elizabeth and Carly are able to stop the bleeding in Robin. Jason and Spinelli get ready for their mission. Sonny professes his love to Carly after telling her he was wrong to trick her into marriage. James plays another round of musical hostages.moreless
  • Ep. #11231
    Ep. #11231
    Episode 218
    Eight hours before the Metro Court explosion.
  • Ep. #11230
    Ep. #11230
    Episode 217
    Nine hours before the Metro Court explosion. Patrick demands to be let in so that he can save Robin's life. Epiphany is introduced to Dr. Russell Ford who ends up criticizing her nursing methods.
  • Ep. #11229
    Ep. #11229
    Episode 216
    Ten hours before the Metro Court explosion. Monica confronts Skye aobut Lorenzo's part in the Metro Court hostage crisis. Luke is determined to save Lulu but is arrested before he can go any further.
  • Ep. #11228
    Ep. #11228
    Episode 215
    Eleven hours before the Metro Court explosion. Sonny tries to make a deal with Craig. Lucky and Cruz try to clear the guests out of the hotel. Maxie is at risk.
  • Ep. #11227
    Ep. #11227
    Episode 214
    Twelve hours before the Metro Court explosion. Craig's mercenaries storm Metro Court. Scott talks with Bobbie and learns about Laura's brief return. Spinelli hacks into the hotel's computer.
  • Ep. #11226
    Ep. #11226
    Episode 213
    Thirteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. Alexis worries that Ric will use her recent experience with pot to take Molly away from her. Sonny goes looking for Carly. Elizabeth and Sam have words about Jason.
  • Ep. #11225
    Ep. #11225
    Episode 212
    Fourteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. Georgie is thrilled when Dillon changes his major back to film. Robin thinks Patrick is worried about his test results being inconclusive so she gets him to the hospital. Carly tells Jason that Sonny tricked her into marrying just to keep her away from Jax. Emily is wondering if Elizabeth is not too thrilled about going to the benefit with Lucky. Nikolas tells Lucky to be patient in his relationship with Elizabeth. Carly is livid when Sonny made sure that she could go to the Dominican Republic. Spinelli and Lulu look into Alan's bank records to see if he was paying off Rick Webber or not. Alan tells Robin and Patrick that the test should be redone to determine the outcome. Sam tells Kelly that she wants a second opinion but Kelly concurs with Dr. Reed that she could never have kids. Scott Baldwin arrives and checks into the Metro Court under an assumed name.moreless
  • Ep. #11224
    Ep. #11224
    Episode 211
    Fifteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. Robin tells Patrick to leave and that she's not going home with him. Carly learns from Sonny that there was no reason to marry him after all, she then confronts him and he admits it. Patrick begins to make a spectacle of himself at the PCPD by saying the he loves her. Sam snaps at Spinelli when he brings up her having Jason's baby until Jason comes home. Mac encourages Patrick and Robin to work things out before it gets worse. Elizabeth learns Maxie has taken a job at the Metro Court boutique. Patrick tells Robin that they have the results of his HIV test. Sonny instructs Diane to stop Carly from divorcing him.moreless
  • Ep. #11223
    Ep. #11223
    Episode 210
    Sixteen hours before the Metro Court explosion. After things go wrong with Alcazar's plans, an explosion blows through Metro Court.
  • Ep. #11222
    Ep. #11222
    Episode 209
    Emily offers to trade herself for Spencer when Helena threatens the little boy.
  • Ep. #11221
    Ep. #11221
    Episode 208
    Liz agrees to have dinner with Lucky, not realising how high his expectations are.
  • Ep. #11220
    Ep. #11220
    Episode 207
    Dillon and Lulu suspect that Alan and Monica have something to hide.
  • Ep. #11219
    Ep. #11219
    Episode 206
    Patrick asks Robin to move in with him. Alcazar warns Jason to stay out of his way. Kristina watches as Alexis is arrested. Father Ruiz defends Sam.
  • Ep. #11218
    Ep. #11218
    Episode 205
    Alexis goes for another hit of marijuana until Viola and their kids come into the room. Sonny walks in on Ric talking to someone, Ric stops before Sonny can hear anything. Robin learns that Patrick asked to have the couch brought back to the apartment. Mr. Maddox calls Sam ans tells her that the job is hers if she wants it. James wonders why Lorenzo is keeping Sonny alive. A photographer takes a picture outside of Alexis' house and one with her holding a marijuana joint. Lucky makes plans with Elizabeth and continues to hold the pill bottle. Ric tells the photographer that he has what he needs against Alexis. A sharpshooter sets up to take out Sonny when he leaves his office. Robin and Patrick begin to argue and she leaves and goes to Lainey for advice. Patrick goes to the hospital and asks Robin to move in with him. The police find the marijuana and places Alexis under arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #11217
    Ep. #11217
    Episode 204
    Alexis is worried that the round of chemotherapy she's having won't be her last. Sonny informs Ric that Carly and he are married and that she won't be testifying. Lucky tells Cruz that he can handle the evidence and that he's clean. Dillon and Lulu watch as Monica takes the bait that they left for her. Ric explains to Sonny that he will help him get his daughter whether he likes it or not. Sam is crushed when the pregnancy test is negative, Jason says it's going to take some time. Robin and Patrick each voice their own opinion about the apartment and the couch. Sonny tells Diane to get Ric and to tell him to back off. Monica arrives and Lulu accuses her of killing Rick. Lucky is seen in the elevator holding bottle of hydrocodone. The manager of the Metro Court where Sam applied realizes that she's Jason Morgan's girlfriend.moreless
  • Ep. #11216
    Ep. #11216
    Episode 203
    Lucky thanks Elizabeth for finding the truth about Maxie. Jason wants to know why Sam really quit her job with Edward. Dillon calls a family meeting so that Lulu can once again search for the date book. Patrick says he loves the couch that Robin ordered and had delivered. Elizabeth tells Jason that she can't bring herself to tell Lucky that there's no hope for them. Prof. Marquez tells Patrick to show Robin boundaries in their relationship. While eating with Cruz, Maxie shows up and Lucky tells her not to show up where he is. Sam enlists Spinelli's help in deleting something from her past, Spinelli says it not possible. Elizabeth confesses to Father Ruiz that the baby she's carrying isn't her husbands. Robin goes back and sees that Patrick sent the couch back and says they shouldn't fight over a piece of furniture.moreless
  • Ep. #11215
    Ep. #11215
    Episode 202
    Tracy confronts Sam about her sordid past as Angela Monroe. Carly walks out of the courtroom saying that she can't go through with it and Lulu goes to talk to her. Lucky is shocked when Maxie says what Elizabeth says is true that she faked her pregnancy. Jason tries to talk Carly into going back in there and marry Sonny. Diane continues to persuade Sonny to tell Carly the truth that he doesn't have to marry her after all. Tracy's blackmail forces Sam to tell Edward to quit, but Edward thinks something is wrong. Sonny and Carly are pronounced husband and wife. Nikolas and Emily head to Greece to look for Helena and Spencer. Edward accuses Jason of convincing Sam to quit ELQ. Sonny realizes Max got Sonny out of the house so Carly can take the boys to Aspen.moreless
  • Ep. #11214
    Ep. #11214
    Episode 201
    Sonny asks Diane not to tell Carly that her testimony is no longer needed cause if she finds out she won't marry him. Colleen arrives a points a gun at Emily and the two struggle for the gun and Nikolas tells her not to shoot and he calms her down and calls the police. Epiphany thinks Elizabeth is stalling in not telling Lucky the truth. Helena renames Spencer to Nikolas Cassadine II. Tracy is pleased with the information she received about Sam hoping it'll get her to quit ELQ. Lorenzo regains consciousness which thrills Skye when he says her name. Maxie openly admits to faking her pregnancy to Elizabeth as Lucky steps in.moreless
  • Ep. #11213
    Ep. #11213
    Episode 200
    Epiphany talks Elizabeth into finding out whether or not Maxie was ever pregnant. Skye continues to put James off when he demands more answers about when he'll get his shipment. Tracy is upset when Edward praises Sam, and works hard to get the proof she needs that Sam is no good. Carly finally agrees to marry Sonny. Nikolas learns that Colleen's car went into a ravine and that they couldn't have survived the cold water. Helena is seen holding a very much alive Spencer aboard an airplane heading to parts unknown.moreless
  • Ep. #11212
    Ep. #11212
    Episode 199
    Skye meets James Craig, one of Lorenzo's associates. Nikolas is convinced he will soon find Spencer. Jason warns Sonny not to manipulate Carly. Tracy hires an investigator to look into Sam's past as she begins her job as Edward's assistant.
  • Ep. #11211
    Ep. #11211
    Episode 198
    Jason worries when Sonny admits that this marriage to Carly is more than just him trying to save his own bacon, and Carly is furious to learn that Michael and Morgan already believe she and Sonny are getting remarried. Patrick's talks with Lucky, who agrees to investigate the possibility that someone tried to kill Lorenzo and speaks with Father Ruiz, who admits to having been at the hospital. Elizabeth worries that Maxie was faking her pregnancy after talking to Kelly.moreless
  • Ep. #11210
    Ep. #11210
    Episode 197
    Sam returns Elizabeth's scarf and tells her to stay away from Jason. Carly tells Jason that there's no way she's going to marry Sonny to keep from testifying. Emily tells Nikolas if he plans to use the gun on Colleen. Spinelli, Lulu and Dillon locate a number Rick called days before he died as Monica overhears. Skye agrees for Patrick to operate on Lorenzo cause that's his only hope. Iris threatens to put Sam and Elizabeth on report but Epiphany intervenes and calls her off. Jason thinks Carly talking to Skye about not pressing charges is a bad idea, he later spots Father Ruiz at the hospital thinking he's up to something. Carly tells Jane to find Jax ASAP so she can marry him, tired of waiting she asks Max to marry her. Monica looks through Lulu's bag and tells Alan what they are up to. A mystery person injects something in Lorenzo's I.V causing him to flatline.moreless
  • Ep. #11209
    Ep. #11209
    Episode 196
    Colleen spots Nikolas and Emily and pulls the fire alarm and gets Spencer and hurries out of there. Elizabeth starts to tell Jason the truth until Lucky shows up at his door. Sonny thinks if Alcazar dies Ric will pin a murder charge on him. Alexis tells Sam that it's possible that Ric knows about the marijuana. Robin thinks Patrick is working toget out of going shopping for a couch with her. Cruz takes Sonny and Carly sown to the station about Lorenzo's shooting. Elizabeth runs into Father Ruiz at the hospital thinking he's Manny and tells him all the bad stuff Manny did to her. Lulu goes to see Laura and tells her she is close to proving that she didn't kill Rick Webber. Skye learns Lorenzo was shot by Sonny. Nikolas convinces Nancy to help find Colleen and Spencer.moreless
  • Ep. #11208
    Ep. #11208
    Episode 195
    Lorenzo tells Skye his only choice is to eliminate Sonny after she overhears a conversation. Alexis questions Ric's motives when he offers to take her home after having a chemo session. Sonny tells Jason that it won't be long before Lorenzo makes his move. Nikolas is beside himself with concern when trying to locate Colleen. Carly tells Sam that to save her relationship with Jason she must get pregnant. Alexis comes home to see Spinelli teaching Kristina how to be a hacker and immediately throws him out when he gives her marijuana. Georgie tells Maxie that she has no intention of becoming just like her. Skye refuses to leave with Lila Rae and decides to stay with Lorenzo. The mystery woman calls Lorenzo and says the the package was delivered. Jane tells a stunned Carly that Jerry is involved with gangsters and realizes Sonny maybe involved. Ric arrives and tells Alexis and Sam that he doesn't want to drag her through a messy custody battle. Lorenzo points a gun and Carly walks in and Sonny grabs his gun and fires it.moreless
  • Ep. #11207
    Ep. #11207
    Episode 194
    Epiphany tells Elizabeth to prove that Maxie was faking her pregnancy. Skye offers to start a foundation in Diego's name to help under privileged kids which Lorenzo is pleased by the idea. Monica is determined to make sure that Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli are kept quiet. Sonny realizes the reason Alexis came by is cause she wants more marijuana, Alexis says that is not the issue. Lucky is clueless when Maxie continues to find a way for him to stay by her. Iris continues to make trouble for Sam when she arrives late for work. Lulu suggests going out with Milo which Dillon becomes completely jealous. Prof. Marquez tells Georgie that he appreciates the work that she's doing for him. Maxie tells Mac that he deserves a daughter more deserving than her. Monica tries to persuade Lucky to convince Lulu to transfer to another school outside of Port Charles.moreless
  • Ep. #11206
    Ep. #11206
    Episode 193
    Carly walks in Sonny's office and plants a kiss on him and asks if he likes it. Elizabeth wakes up after having a recurring nightmare about Lucky and Jason. Colleen is unaware that Emily and Nikolas are closing in on her. Skye overhears Lorenzo on the phone and tells her it's not what it seems. Spinelli tells Lulu that Dillon is jealous og Milo taking a liking to her. Elizabeth sees Lucky and Maxie at a teble at Kelly's, she then tells Georgie not to tell them that she saw her. Emily tries to make Nikolas believable as a regular person and coming up with a cover story. Epiphany wants to know what Dillon is up to after catching Spinelli at the computer. Cruz wants to know exactly why Diego was at the warehouse that night by initerrogating Lorenzo. Max gets mad when he sees Carly teaching Milo how to talk to Lulu. Spinelli tells Lulu and Dillon that he has proof the Alan killed Rick Webber.moreless
  • Ep. #11205
    Ep. #11205
    Episode 192
    Sonny, Carly, Michael and Morgan ring in 2007 and Sonny is worried when Carly calls Jax and the kids tell him that they miss him. Elizabeth continues to lay on the street and begins to dream about a life with Lucky and Jason. Robin makes her New Year's Resolution to be open and honest with Patrick. Jason tells Sam that he wants to have a child with her. Nikolas and Emily prepare to head for Colorado to look for Colleen and Sspencer. Lucky explains to Maxie why he would've been with her in another life, but is committed to Elizabeth. Jason finds Elizabeth and rushes her to General Hospital. Lucky is told of Elizabeth's condition and goes to be with her leaving Maxie at Kelly's. Sonny tells Carly that if she marries Jax in Port Charles he will not interfere.moreless
  • Ep. #11204
    Ep. #11204
    Episode 191
    Robin pushes Patrick into finally 'moving in' to his new place by unpacking. Lorenzo and Skye briefly stop in with Carly when their car is stuck in snow, and Skye and Carly have words over Lorenzo. Liz is affected when she has to help a young mother who lied to her husband about the paternity of her baby. With Spinelli's helpful interference, Sam tries to get ready for New Year's.moreless
  • Ep. #11203
    Ep. #11203
    Episode 190
    Jason goes to Dr. Lee and tells her if Sam is ready to get pregnant. Ric arrives and tells Sonny that he wants his help in getting Molly. Alexis has it out with Lainey for bringing up her cancer during a session at the house. Sam tells Mateo Ruiz to stay away from her and that she would kill him if she does. Sonny refuses to help Ric take Kristina away from Alexis, Ric threatens to put him on the stand. Sam gets Jason's gun as Jason comes home and sees her with it and tells him she ran into Mateo. Sonny drops by to see Alexis and learns that she's been smoking marijuana and tells him to quickly hide when Ric shows up. Nikolas tells Emily that he's going to find Colleen and Spencer by himself. Audrey tells Elizabeth to stay as far away from Ric as possible cause she doesn't want to see her granddaughter hurt again.moreless
  • Ep. #11202
    Ep. #11202
    Episode 189
    Spinelli tells Lulu that Alan killed Rick Webber. Nikolas is determined to locate Spencer and still thinks Helena is responsible. Sam tells Jason that she's applying for a job at General Hospital. Colleen arrives at her apartment with Spencer to his new home. Monica calls Dillon hoping he'll take Lulu and Spinelli out before they figure it out. Emily tells Nikolas that he shouldn't blame himself for trusting Colleen. Lucky, Nikolas and Emily see a picture and identify it as Colleen. Lulu tells Dillon the theory that Alan killed Rick. Alan oversteps Iris by hiring Sam cause he's grateful for saving Jason. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she thinks that Maxie was ever pregnant to begin with. Sam runs into Mateo Ruiz on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11201
    Ep. #11201
    Episode 188
    Carly is wondering why Sonny is being so protective of Morgan and wonders if he's hiding something. Maxie continues to manipulate Lucky in order to get what she wants. Helena tells Nikolas that Colleen took Spencer and Nikolas wonders if Helena is the culprit. Colleen is shown with Spencer aboard a palne heading to Colorado. Jason and Sonny prepare to take out the man who looks like Manny until Father Coates steps in and says that it's not. Nikolas says to let Helena go because he now believes that Colleen took his son. Sam overhears Jason talk about the member of the Ruiz family. Elizabeth tells Audrey that Lucky will not be joining them for Christmas Eve.moreless
  • Ep. #11200
    Ep. #11200
    Episode 187
    Alexis and Ned run into each other on the pier and comoforts her in dealing with her illness. Jason and Sam decorate their tree and prepare to go to the pagaent. Lucky offers to take Elizabeth and Cameron to the pagaent but refuses, Lucky then vows to make whoever set him up will pay. Colleen disguises herself as a member of the choir in order to get close to Spencer. Helena arrives at the church to look out for Colleen. Nikolas tells Alfred that he wants answers for what is going on in his house. Father tells Father Mateo to introduce himself to Emily Quartermaine. Lucky wonders why Maxie is in her elf costume instead if resting at home. Sonny surprises Carly by showing up in time to see Michael and Morgan perform. Alan reads the Christmas story and Dillon dressed as Santa hands out presents. Alexis is delighted when Kristina tells her Merry Christmas to her. Jason surprises Elizabeth with a toy for Cameron. Sonny sees someone that resembles Manny Ruiz. Nikolas becomes frantic when Spencer goes missing from the manger.moreless
  • Ep. #11199
    Ep. #11199
    Episode 186
    Sam offers to give the marijuana to Alexis to deal with her medical problem. Kristina pulls the blanket over her mother and Alexis is touched by her admission. Maxie falls after Lucky "pushes" her and her "baby" is in trouble. Jax tells Carly that he's sending someone to help instead of going after Jerry. Colleen prepares to come to Port Charles to kidnap Spencer and take him back to Colorado. Jax explains to his mother Jane that Jerry is on his own. Cruz confronts Jason about the drugs in Lucky's desk and wonders if Ric was there during that time. Maxie gets rid of the padding so that she can "miscarry" her "baby". Alexis takes the stuff even though she can get into trouble for possession. Carly tells Jax that he should go after Jerry and they should postpone the wedding until he returns.moreless
  • Ep. #11198
    Ep. #11198
    Episode 185
    Lucky tells Lulu that someone planted pills in his desk and wants her help to prove that he's not using again. Elizabeth tells Patrick that finding those pills where a wake up call for her and is through with Lucky. Alexis begins to feel dizzy while arguing with Ric and Sam tells her to take it easy. Robin shows Patrick a loft but the landlord changes his mind about leasing it because he treats patients with aids. Lulu goes to Elizabeth to look deep down and trust that Lucky was set up. Ric tells the judge that he is ready to drop the charges against Sam. Carly thinks her wedding is jinxed after Jax sees her in her wedding dress. Lucky accuses Maxie of planting the drugs in his desk and tells he wants nothing to do with her. Ric confesses to the priest that he planted the pills to get back with Elizabeth. Jason catches Spinelli with marijuana and says he doesn't want drugs in his home.moreless
  • Ep. #11197
    Ep. #11197
    Episode 184
    Lucky tries to convince Elizabeth that the pills she found weren't his. Lulu arrives at Jason's with Spinelli and that he needs a place to stay. Colleen begins buying baby stuff for Spencer's arrival at her apartment. Carly is appalled at Jax planning to go after Jerry. Nikolas has second thoughts, but then gives in and puts Spencer in the manger for the pagaent. Alfred calls Nikolas when he sees something in the north tower of Wyndemere. Ric confesses to a priest who turns out to have the same tatoos as Manny Ruiz.moreless
  • Ep. #11196
    Ep. #11196
    Episode 183
    Carly tells Jax to go ahead and cancel the wedding altogether. Jason admits to Sam that he doesn't deserve to be someone's father. Elizabeth says she will not give up her baby for adoption and scolds Maxie for even suggesting that. Georgie thinks Lulu is trying to trap Dillon as she walks in on the two. Ric says he'll drop the charges against Sam for full custody of Molly. Spinelli says he got the tech support to re-examine the attic. Jax and Carly reach a tentative agreement not to go after Sonny. Kristina sees Ric and Alexis fighting and calls Sam ans asks her to come over. Monica and Alan tells Spinelli that he's welcome in their house. Jason goes to Elizabeth and tells her would he be apart of the baby's life if it were his. Carly confronts Jax after seeing him with another woman at Kelly's. Lulu wonders the reason for Monica having a change of heart about letting Spinelli stay in her house. Elizabeth opens Lucky's desk drawer and see pills.moreless
  • Ep. #11195
    Ep. #11195
    Episode 182
    Sam is delighted when Jason stops by the house and the two then embrace. Michael tells Carly that his dad won't be in town for the pagaent and won't be back till New Year's. Spinelli finds something about Rick Webber and what's in his autopsy file shocks Dillon and Lulu. Lucky wants to know why Elizabeth's feelings are so important to Ric. Max tells Carly that if she where to call Sonny in the Islands he wouldn't take her call. Jason gives news to Sam that the charges against her maybe dropped. Jax stops Carly from leaving to get Sonny and says that if she gets on that plane they won't be getting married. A bag of pills appear in Lucky's desk hoping that he'll get addicted again. Lucky stuns Maxie by suggesting she give their "baby" up for adoption and Maxie says that Elizabeth should give up her baby too. Lulu and Dillon re-enact what happened in the attic the night Rick died. Prof. Marquez is glad Georgie is serious about being is assistant.moreless
  • Ep. #11194
    Ep. #11194
    Episode 181
    Lorenzo shows Ric the flash drive and tells him that he'll take good care of it. Robin sees Patrick half dresses when he answers the door when he wouldn't ask for help. Sonny tells Carly that if she still wants to marry Jax after what he has to say then he won't stop her. Nikolas says no to Emily taking Spencer to see Santa Claus at Wyndhams, he then gives in and agrees to go. Cruz tells Lucky that the flash drive was mysteriously taken from Ric's office. Spinelli wants details about Rick's murder ibn order to prove Laura's innocence and asks Lulu if mother relly did do it. Colleen checks into a hotel and planning to bring Spencer to live with her. Noah tells Patrick that he's taking over his surgeries which infuriates him. Sonny explains to Jason that his pride is getting in the way of telling Carly how he feels. Dillon catches Spinelli hacking into the PCPD files to see who really killed Rick Webber. Sky wonders why Lorenzo is acting so calm when the charges against Jason where dropped.moreless
  • Ep. #11193
    Ep. #11193
    Episode 180
    Skye tells Sonny that it's safe for Lulu to come home. Kelly tells Lucky that she hasn't seen Maxie in weeks which Lucky confronts her about it. Sonny explains to Max to contain Carly and to get on it immediately. Lorezno confronts Ric about putting Lucky on his tail and worries that the truth might come out. Jason tells Carly that he and Spinelli are going to the police station. Cruz calls Lucky saying that Jason is ready to surrender. Sonny makes sure Ric is out of his office so Jason and Spinelli can show Mac the proof. Carly gives Lulu some love advice and wonders if she's comparing her love life to hers. Prof. Marquez offers Georgie the job of his research assistant which she accepts. Maxie steals a sonogram from the hospital to pass off as her own. Georgie wonders why Maxie is going to Lucky's room, Maxie then gives her some lame excuse. Lulu enlists Spinelli's help in hacking into Rick Webber's file at the PCPD. Skye is surprised when Lorenzo has the flash drive and evidence to put Ric away.moreless
  • Ep. #11192
    Ep. #11192
    Episode 179
    Jason grabs Spinelli as he excuses himself from the room. Maxie wants Lucky to be apart of their "baby's" life and puts a wedge between Elizabeth and Lucky. Lulu admits to Mrs. Spinelli that she lied about being pregnant. Lorenzo assures Ric that his men are about to move in and take out Jason and Spinelli. Sonny admits to Carly that he wants her back and bets that she'll never marry Jax. Lorenzo and Skye go to get the presents they got for Lila Rae and a spark from the fireplace sets a gift on fire which Lucky put out, Lorenzo realizes that Ric sent Lucky to spy on him. Someone knocks at the door which alarms Jason, Lulu and Spinelli and realize the cable guy was sent by Alcazar and hurry out of there. Mike tells Sonny that Carly is the only woman he'll ever really love and that he should forgive her. Jason manages to lose whover was following them. At church Ric confesses to never stopping loving Elizabeth and determined to get her back. Jax surprises Carly by suggesting that they reside in her house.moreless
  • Ep. #11191
    Ep. #11191
    Episode 178
    Patrick injures his hand after punching Coleman and Robin wonders his hand could be broken. Edward arrives and tells Skye that he doesn't want her living with Lorenzo and offers to take her and Lila Rae home. Jason and Lulu avoid getting caught by the cops thanks to Jason's phony driver's license. Skye tells Lorenzo that there's going to be some ground rules for her staying at his house. Georgie tells Maxie about Dillon being so wonderful to her earlier. Lulu asks Spinelli's grandmother where Damien and is stunned when Lulu hears her assumption. Alexis asks Sonny if it's worth his freedom by killing Ric, he says as long as it protects his family. Sonny walks in on the pageant rehearsal with Michael and Morgan. Ric shows up to talk to Lorenzo and Skye wonders what he is doing here. Colleen dyes her hair so that she can return to Port Charles undetected. Noah tells Patrick his hand is broken and realizes he was defending Robin's honor. Sonny vows that Carly will be his forever.moreless
  • Ep. #11190
    Ep. #11190
    Episode 177
    Patrick takes his frustration out on Epiphany which she tells him to leave his personal problems at home. Lulu tells Jason not to feel sorry for her after telling him about her abortion. Sonny wonders if Robin feels guilty of falling in love again and with Patrick. Dillon goes back to Kelly's to apologize to Georgie about the way he acted earlier. Noah thinks his son has no idea how his life fell short after his wife died. Nikolas tells Colleen that he wishes her all the best and leaves. Colleen then goes to Helena and says that she'll be gone before they find her body and bringing Spencer into her life. After talking Lulu sees Jason in a whole new way cause he knows how she feels. Lulu then apologizes to Abigail for snapping at her earlier and Jason offers Lulu is she wants to drive. Alexis comes home to see Sonny and Ric in her living room visiting with Kristina. Jason and Lulu are pulled over by the police for speeding. Patrick gets into a fight with Coleman at Jake's while attempting to take Robin home.moreless
  • Ep. #11189
    Ep. #11189
    Episode 176
    Noah scolds Robin for scaring his patient into not having surgery and leaving the hospital. Alexis notices that Kristina is smiling and whatever Jax and Sam did is working. Jason tries to persuade Lulu to realize that time is of the essence and that they have to find Spinelli. Colleen tells Spencer that it's a shame she's going to have to ruin Emily and Nikolas' Christmas. Emily realizes that Elizabeth is trying to get a shift at the hospital to keep from going home to Lucky. Dr. Trent tells Alexis that she doesn't need the stress and is against having her defend Sam in court. Robin's truth telling gets the best of her when she sides with Dr. Trent about Alexis. Patrick then lets Robin have it by taking her to the roof. Jason becomes concerned when Lulu snaps at a motel night clerk for keeping her baby up. Maxie tells Georgie that after she 'has' Lucky's baby that he'll begin to love her. Elizabeth calls Lucky after her car won't start and comes to her rescue. Colleen tells Nikolas and Emily that she's resigning effective immediately. Jason tells Lulu about his experiences about losing a child more than once.moreless
  • Ep. #11188
    Ep. #11188
    Episode 175
    Carly refuses Jax's offer for him to take her and the boys to Australia. Skye goes to Sonny's and tells him that Lulu is safe to go back to the Quartermaine's. Nikolas explains to Colleen that she should leave so he can have a family tree trimming party. Kristina sees Alexis without hair for the first time and Sam shows up with Lainey for a session. Sonny wants to know why Skye is being so optimistic about Lorenzo keeping his word. Max prevents Lulu from going into the room, he then gets a scolding from his brother Milo. Robin goes to Patrick to apologize for her behaviour and the two end up in a lip lock. Michael says no to Australia cause he and Morgan need someone to play Jesus in their school production. Dillon is jealous when he sees Georgie and Prof. Marquez talking at Kelly's and Dillon lays into him. Elizabeth arrives with Cameron to help with the tree and she ans Lucky end up under the mistletoe. Sam arrives with a present for Kristina, Jax, Michael and Morgan arrive with wearing wigs. Sonny tells Carly that when she's at the altar with Jax she won't go through with it.moreless
  • Ep. #11187
    Ep. #11187
    Episode 174
    Lulu is caught in a tense standoff between Sonny, with Max and Milo as backup, and Alcazar's men. With the cops on their way, Alcazar, unable to hurt Lulu, takes off, and Sonny takes Lulu back to his place. After calling Carly, Sonny convinces Lulu to call Dillon and tell him she's on a ski trip. Maxie interrupts a close moment between Liz and Lucky at Kelly's, and gets huffy when Georgie tries to convince her to leave Liz alone. Alone outside, Maxie pats her fake pregnancy belly. Alcazar confesses what happened with Lulu to Skye and gives her a way out, but she tells him that she and Lila Rae will move in, as long as Lulu stays safe. After unsuccessfully tossing the apartment earlier, Ric shows up at Sam's to rearrest her, but Alexis covers for her. Nikolas fires Colleen.moreless
  • Ep. #11186
    Ep. #11186
    Episode 173
    Nikolas says Happy Anniversary to Emily as they reconcile and make love in the barn. Sonny tells Jason that Lulu isn't going with him. Alexis thinks she went to see Jason ans wants Sam to stop acting like a child. Lorenzo tells Ric the situation could get worse if it's not handled properly. Colleen interupts Nikolas and Emily and she think that Colleen did it on purpose and Nikolas tells Emily that she has information and Colleen goes to find it before Nikolas. Carly says that she wants to marry Jax, Jason then calls her saying that he wants to see Sam. Sonny wants to protect Lulu and when she tries to leave she is stopped by Milo. Prof. Marquez tries to get Patrick to go and have fun with him but refuses. Nikolas says to Emily that he's considering letting Colleen go thinking that Emily might be right about her. A distraught Colleen tells Spencer that she'll do anything to make sure that she doesn't lose Nikolas. Lorenzo finds Lulu shortly after leaving Sonny's and says running is a bad idea. Ric arrives at the Metro Court with a search warrant hoping he'll find Sam and Jason together. Lorenzo warns Sonny that if he makes a move Lulu dies where she stands.moreless
  • Ep. #11185
    Ep. #11185
    Episode 172
    Nikolas and Emily realize that Alfred had set them up again by getting them trapped in the barn. Sonny explains to Skye that he knows that she had told Lorenzo that Jason is alive and that he and Ric are working together. Dillon goes to Mike and Kelly's to see if he's heard from Lulu. Lulu and Jason try to figure out how to get away from Alcazar's men. Lucky finds Sam at Elizabeth's loft and wondering what she's doing there. Sonny, Max and Milo rescue Lulu and Jason from the warehouse by taking out their captors. Emily realizes that Nikolas and Alfred where involved in getting them trapped together on what would've been their second wedding anniversary. Alfred then cautions Colleen not to disturb them. Sonny and Jason need Lulu to lead them to Spinelli. Goergie goes to Jax to get info on a hostile takeover to give to Dillon as a present. Prof. Marquez explains to Dillon and Carly about Lulu's ordeal and wonders why he cares so much. Jax wonders if Carly is marrying him to make her feel safe.moreless
  • Ep. #11184
    Ep. #11184
    Episode 171
    Skye offers to go with Lorenzo to bury Diego but says that she should stay with Lila Rae. Sonny distracts Lorenzo so Stan can put a tap on his cell phone. Lucky goes to Robin and asks her if Jason has contacted her, she then apologizes about Laura which Patrick overhears. Judge Bryant tells Alexis to excuse herself from the case, but assures that she can defend Sam. Lulu and Spinelli's escape attempt goes terribly awry when they get recaptured. Alexis tries to keep Sam safe by getting the Judge to have her released into her custody. Sonny overhears a call for Alcazar say to put Lulu and Spinelli in a car and put it over a cliff, Sonny then orders Jason not to go anywhere near Sam. Patrick gets into it with Robin for telling the truth to a patients mother and father. Prof. Marquez gives Sonny information about Spinelli and that Lulu is also involved. Lulu hits Jason over the head and Spinelli makes a run for it, Jason begins to regain consciousness and he and Lulu get caught.moreless
  • Ep. #11183
    Ep. #11183
    Episode 170
    Lucky thinks Sam is making it up to make him doubt Ric. Lulu is shocked by what she finds out the Lorenzo had her and Spinelli abducted. Sonny and Robin remember Stone Cate's death by bumpipng into each other. Lorenzo stops Lulu from leaving the warehouse. Ric tells Alexis that there's absolutely no way she can defend Sam in her condition. Epiphany tells Patrick about an incident in the E.R. concerning a patient of Robin's that's in ICU. Sonny begins to wonder if Robin blames herself for Laura's recovery not being permanent. Lucky lashes out at Maxie when she comes to the station for crashing his parents wedding the way she did. Skye goes to Sonny and says what she has to say effects his kids and Lila Rae and to keep the peace. Georgie and Dillon go to the police station to report Lulu being missing. Sam calls Jason and he vows to prove her innocence. Spinelli and Lulu overhear Lorenzo order his men to kill them by making it look like an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11182
    Ep. #11182
    Episode 169
    Alexis tells Sam that despite what she's done she's still her daughter. Jason hides as Lucky knocks on the door and Elizabeth thinks that the cover is blown. Carly is relieved when Jax believes her about the kiss with Sonny meaning nothing. Jax and Carly begin to make plans for their wedding on New Year's Eve. Prof. Marquez receives a message from Spinelli needing his help, he's then confronted by Alcazar's men. Georgie tells Lulu that despite what Diego did he didn't deserve to die the way he did. Lucky explains to Elizabeth that he is to bring Jason in alive or dead and Elizabeth lies to Lucky about seeing Jason. Lorenzo lets Prof. Marquez know that he will be punished if he's covering for Spinelli. Skye asks Lorenzo that she wants Lila Rae to have his last name and to be Baptized, but Lorenzo has his doubts about her safety. Spinelli asks Lulu's help in making him disappear, she accepts but on one condition. Alexis tells Ric that she will be defending Sam and to see the evidence against her. Alcazar's men grad Spinelli and Lulu and takes them to an undisclosed location. Ric accidentally takes the scarf off Alexis exposing her hair loss.moreless
  • Ep. #11181
    Ep. #11181
    Episode 168
    Lucky is ordered to bring Jason in no matter what it takes. Alexis thinks the best thing for Kristina is Sam thinking she'll respond to her. Tracy catches Luke drinking and playing poker, probably his way of grieving for Laura. Skye overhears Alan and Monica talking about Lorenzo possibly being behind the attempt on Jason. Ric agrees to let Kristina come and see Sam in Ric's office after being persuaded by Alexis. Dillon completly stuns Lulu by saying that Luke never really divorced Tracy. Skye goes to a dishevelled Lorenzo who is grieving for Diego and tells him that Jason is still alive. Kristina has a memory flash of the shooting and begins to scream and Sam tells Lucky to take her back to her cell. Luke goes on a rampage by knocking down the Christmas tree and breaking into tears. Carly accidentally confesses to Jax that she and Sonny kissed thinking he already told him. Lorenzo tells Ric that he got a confirmation that Jason is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #11180
    Ep. #11180
    Episode 167
    The Quartermaines mourn Jason's death.
  • Ep. #11179
    Ep. #11179
    Episode 166
    Laura's family gives her an early Christmas, knowing it might be their last.
  • Ep. #11178
    Ep. #11178
    Episode 165
    Lorenzo is determined to make Sonny and Sam pay for Diego's death. Laura's children are heart-broken that her condition will soon cause her to deteriorate. Sam is arrested for the murder of Diego Alcazar and worries that her Jason is dead. Elizabeth rushes to remove the bullet from Jason's leg.
  • Ep. #11177
    Ep. #11177
    Episode 164
    Lorenzo's people open fire on Sam and Jason in the alley and quickly avoid gunfire. Elizabeth collapses at the Quartermaine's and says that her baby is okay. Lorenzo cautions Diego to stay away from the alley and let it run it's course. Luke admits to Laura that her recovery is only temporary. Alexis lets Lorenzo know that she can't wait to arrest him herself when she gets better. Kristina goes after a puppy outside Kelly's and goes into a warehouse and screams when she sees Sam kill Diego. Laura tells her children that her condition will in fact deteriate. Sonny gets a call saying that Jason was shot and went into the river, Carly then refuses to believe that Jason is dead. Lorenzo cries as he holds Diego's lifeless body and vows revenge for his killer. Elizabeth finds Jason in the church and unconscious and confesses that she's carrying his baby and not Lucky's.moreless
  • Ep. #11176
    Ep. #11176
    Episode 163
    Carly tells Sonny that she'll be attending Luke and Laura's wedding with Jax. Ric thinks Spinelli maybe in the hands of Jason and Diego thinks he may have an idea. Helena surprises Laura in the rose garden and tells her that she doesn't have to curse this wedding cause her happiness won't last anyway. Luke starts to tell Bobbie about Laura's condition but is interrupted by Robert coming to take him to the wedding. Edward warns Tracy not to make a scene at the wedding and tells Alice to make sure of it. Laura walks down the aisle to marry Luke as Nikolas gives her away. Monica lets Tracy know that she ans Luke are no longer married anymore. Laura sees Helena behind the bushes and sees her snap her fingers and quickly goes on with the ceremony. Monica trips Tracy as she's about to interrupt and Alice carries her away. Lorenzo calls Ric and tells him that they know where Jason and Sam are hiding. Luke and Laura are pronounced husband and wife again and share a romantic carriage ride through the park.moreless
  • Ep. #11175
    Ep. #11175
    Episode 162
    Carly is angry at Sonny when her alarm clock didn't go off and hurries to meet Jax at the airport. Nikolas tells Helena that in order to prevent her going to the wedding he's transfering her to and facility in Arkansas. Jason urges Spinelli not to leave because Lorenzo will probably kill him. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he was released from Shady Brook and ready to live his life. Alan and Monica tell Jax to rethink Carly and that she'll use him and dump him. Luke grows concern when Laura begins to forget the details of their first wedding. Carly shows up with the kids and say that she has to babysit. Nikolas brings Spencer and Laura sees him for the first time. Spinelli says that he'll give Jason and Sam the info they need to clear their names. Sonny goes to Mac and tells him that Jason and Sam will turn themselves in and that Ric set them up. Helena tells her men that they did a good job and gets ready for the wedding. Lorenzo tells Ric that Jason, Sam and Spinelli have to die before they can surrender.moreless
  • Ep. #11174
    Ep. #11174
    Episode 161
    Jane tells Carly that he marriage to Jax is a mistake and that they should rush into it. Prof. Marquez refuses to give Jason the name of the person, Jason then vows to use force if necessary. Luke admits to Tracy that he likes being her husband and tells her that he loves her. Tracy then wonders how Luke is gonna tell Laura's kids that Laura's condition is only temporary and the he's known all along. Ric is worried that his alliance with Lorenzo will be revealed and that Jason and Sam will walk. Diego still insists that Maxie is faking her pregnancy in order to trap Lucky into a relationship. Maxie is thrown for a loop when the name she picked for her baby is the same one he choose for his and Elizabeth's baby. Jason and Sam bring in Spinelli and grill him into telling them what they want to know. Helena confides in Nikolas that Luke hasn't been completly honest about his mother's condition. Diego overhears his father and Ric talking about them being in some serious trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #11173
    Ep. #11173
    Episode 160
    Ric and Cruz race to get to Jason and Sam, Jason then locates the tracking device on Elizabeth and they hurry to get out of there before Ric does. Robin insists that Luke tell the family that the experimental drug is only temporary and that Laura will revert to the way she was. Ric threatens to arrest Elizabeth for aiding and abetting if she doesn't tell him where they are. Jax's mother Jane arrives for her son and Carly's wedding and is amazed that Carly is living at Sonny's house. Sonny and Jason wait for Stan to I.D. the person who put the false evidence on that flash drive. Prof. Marquez is I.D'd as his computer was used. Jane tells Carly that she doesn't want to see her son get hurt again as he has in the past. Jax is shocked as Carly graciously gives Luke and Laura their wedding date. Jane confronts Sonny about Carly staying with him, Sonny then tells her that he and Carly always end up together. Tracy gets mad at Luke for arranging for his and Laura's wedding in her mother's rose garden.moreless
  • Ep. #11172
    Ep. #11172
    Episode 159
    Helena tells an orderly about the current status on Laura Spencer and hides when she sees Nikolas. Laura remembers killing her stepfather and Luke is amazed that she didn't deteriate back into a vegatative state. Jason enlists Elizabeth's help in getting Sam out of the hospital. Ric realizes that Carly created a diversion and detains her, Sonny and Jax at the hospital. Jason takes Epiphany "hostage" as he escaped the hospital. Helena vows to be apart of Luke and Laura's wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #11171
    Ep. #11171
    Episode 158
    Carly tells Jax that their wedding preparations are all wrong and convinced the wedding is jinxed. Laura tells Luke that she wants to get married in Lila's rose garden and Luke tells her that Lila passed away. Sam is shot at the cemetary but the bullet grazed her arm and accuses Ric of trapping Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #11170
    Ep. #11170
    Episode 157
    Jax scolds Alexis for trying to get back to work so soon and is too weak to fight Ric. Ric sets a trap for Sam thinking she'll visit her baby's grave on the 2 year anniversary of her death. Prof. Marquez stuns Lulu when he says she actually wrote something with passion. Robin and Patrick share a romantic breakfast after a night together. Mac tells Jax that he wants to see whoever Carly has staying in the suite and with a warrant. Jax, Mac and Cruz enter the suite and see Carly and Sonny making out on the couch and fool the cops. Jason gets Elizabeth to help him get Ric's cell phone to see who he's working with. Epiphany wonders what Elizabeth was doing with Jason and wonders what Lucky would say.moreless
  • Ep. #11169
    Ep. #11169
    Episode 156
    Skye sees Sam holding Lila Rae and tells her and Jason to get before Lorenzo sees them. Robin tries to tells Patrick that he doesn't love her. Jax tells Carly that Michael schemed to get her and Sonny alone tonight. Tracy explains to Luke that it'll be hard to marry Laura while still married to her. Robin goes back to the loft and tells Lainey and Kelly that she shares the same feelings for Patrick. Sam nearly shoots Carly as she enters the room and both she and Jason explain their situation. Patrick shows up in the courtyard with a bouquet of flowers for Robin and she tells him she loves him.moreless
  • Ep. #11168
    Ep. #11168
    Episode 155
    Ric orders Det. Rodriguez to shoot Sam and Jason, but they escape and Ric questions Cruz's loyalty. Lorenzo tells Skye that he will see that Lila Rae is safety will come first. Laura wonders if Luke doesn't want to marry her again, Luke then puts her at ease when he says yes to her proposal. Carly receives a phone call from Michael as she and Jax are out on a date. Luke tells Lulu that he and Laura are getting married again. Jason and Sam scramble to hide as Lorenzo returns home with Skye. Robin tells Patrick not to operate on an aids patient until he knows he's not infected. Luke tells the whole family that if Laura remembers killing Rick they could lose her forever. Robin is thrown for a loop when Patrick admits that he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #11167
    Ep. #11167
    Episode 154
    Elizabeth stops Lucky from opening the envelope, thinking it contains the pictures of her and Jason on the pier. She is relieved when they're not. Laura arrives at the Haunted Star and Tracy threatens Luke that she will tell Laura that she and Luke are married. Alexis is determined to come back to work, but Mayor Floyd is hesitant to reinstate her. Patrick and Robin do something spontaneous to make sure that they are not boring together. Luke begins to tell Laura about Rick Webber and she begins to remember. Luke changes the end of the story to make Laura think Rick died in a car accident. Sam tells Jason that she wants to stay and fight, and to not let Ric get away with this. Luke and Laura go to Beecher's Corner to where it all began for the two of them and Laura asks Luke to marry her again. Nikolas shares the news that his mother is awake with Emily and she, too, is happy for him. Jax announces to everyone that he and Carly have set a date to be married on Nov 16th. Jason and Sam enlist Det. Rodriguez's help in proving that Ric set them up.moreless
  • Ep. #11166
    Ep. #11166
    Episode 153
    Luke and Robin notice that Laura is missing from her room at Shadybrook. Laura returns to her house and shares a heartfelt reunion with her mother Lesley. Alexis is beside herself when her hair is coming out. Jason and Sam are surrounded by the cops and Sam decides to run with Jason. Ric says that he wants Alexis' signature before calling off the search for Sam. Sonny tries to cheer up Alexis about the chemo fighting the cancer for her. Bobbie is thrilled to see Laura at the hospital, Nikolas is too late when Tracy comes face to face with Laura. Lesley lashes out at Luke for not telling that her own daughter came back to her and her family. Tracy confronts Luke at the Haunted Star and notices that he took his wedding ring off his finger. Alexis surprises Mayor Floyd when she announces that she's resuming the position the office of D.A.moreless
  • Ep. #11165
    Ep. #11165
    Episode 152
    Sonny tells Alexis that Ric had Sam arrested for tampering with evidence. Jax and Carly wake up and realize that Max is sitting and staring at them. Sam accuses Ric of setting her up and Ric says good luck proving it. A photographer takes pictures of Jason and Elizabeth on the pier. Everyone surprises Elizabeth with a birthday party at Kelly's, Audrey then wonders where Lucky is. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Lucky wants to give her his birthday present in person. Det. Rodriguez lets Sam escape the PCPD after hitting Ric with a chair. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she can't accept his presents. Jason learns of Sam's escape and goes to find her. Det. Rodriguez tells Alexis that he thinks Ric framed Sam her daughter. Sonny explains to Ric he can get Molly for him if he calls off the search for Sam and drops the charges against her.moreless
  • Ep. #11164
    Ep. #11164
    Episode 151
    Jax gets trapped going trick-or-treating with Carly and her kids. Jason tells Sam that he planned an evening with her on Halloween. Diego catches Maxie with a cup of beer and warns her that her pregnancy will be at risk. Ric explains to Rodriguez that the 'evidence' that they have on Sonny and Jason shouldn't be tainted. Nikolas gets to thinking that Alexis wants him and Emily back together so they can raise Kristina and Molly. Rodriguez almost catches Ric leaving the station with the evidence he was going to plant on Sam. Dillon stops Lulu from drinking too much at the party and shares the news of her mother's return. Carly and Jax surprise Alexis by bringing the kids to see her at the hospital. Diego and Maxie start kissing and head back to his room, where he then realizes that Maxie was never pregnant to begin with. Pete Marquez turns out to be the one following Lulu all evening. Rodriguez arrests Sam in front of Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #11163
    Ep. #11163
    Episode 150
    Lorenzo tells Ric that the false evidence against the Corinthos organization was planted in a flash drive and Ric will make sure it makes Sam look like she 'stole' evidence. Laura is distraught when Luke tells her that she's been catatonic for four years and shares a moment with Lulu. Jax wants to know why Carly is moving in with Sonny; Alexis then explains her seperation from Ric. Nikolas shows Laura a picture of her grandson, Spencer. Jason sees Elizabeth and she's sitting and thinking about her first wedding anniversary to Lucky. Lucky tells his mother that he's married to Elizabeth Webber and is expecting their first child, Lulu then gets sad when Laura talks about having children and holding them for the first time. Luke wonders of his marriage to Tracy and tells Robert that he may fall in love with Laura all over again. Carly learns that she is being spied on by everyone in the house while getting cozy with Jax on the couch.moreless
  • Ep. #11162
    Ep. #11162
    Episode 149
    Skye brings Lila Rae over to Lorenzo's and Diego meets her for the first time and holds her. Luke is ecstatic that Laura has come back to him, she asks to see her children, but when she sees Lulu she breaks down crying and asks how long has she been like this.moreless
  • Ep. #11161
    Ep. #11161
    Episode 148
    Laura calls out to Luke as he leaves her hospital room.
  • Ep. #11160
    Ep. #11160
    Episode 147
    Skye returns to Port Charles and introduces baby Lila Rae to the whole Quartermaine family.
  • Ep. #11159
    Ep. #11159
    Episode 146
    Skye delivers a healthy baby girl which she names Lila Rae. Alexis admits to Ric that she knew all along that he slept with Sam. Helena meets with Emily on the pier and warns her about Colleen and admits that she got her hired as Spencer's nanny.
  • Ep. #11158
    Ep. #11158
    Episode 145
    Luke unties Lorenzo so that he can help deliver Skye's and his baby. Helena catches Colleen in bed with Nikolas and says to take her hands off him. Nikolas is surprised when Emily suggests that Helena could be telling the truth.
  • Ep. #11157
    Ep. #11157
    Episode 144
    Liz gets the results of the paternity test. Skye goes into labor as Robert and Luke are about to rescue her. Emily goes to Bernie and to ask Stan to do a background check on Colleen, he then tells her that he last employers husbands died "mysteriously". Det. Rodriguez arrives at Sonny's with a warrant for Jason's arrest and to search the premises.moreless
  • Ep. #11156
    Ep. #11156
    Episode 143
    With Alexis getting worse, Nikolas comes to see Sonny to ask him whether or not Ric can be trusted. Maxie attempts to cause a rift between Lucky and Lulu, claiming Lulu is trying to force her into having an abortion. Jason and Liz worry about what Ric will do.
  • Ep. #11155
    Ep. #11155
    Episode 142
    Patrick and Robin resume their romance. The chemotherapy makes Alexis sick. Ric has an offer for Lucky. Maxie manipulates Lucky, and Lulu catches her.
  • Ep. #11154
    Ep. #11154
    Episode 141
    Pete tells Lulu about a drinking and driving accident when he was a teen that killed a girl. Cruz warns Liz about Ric's knowledge where her baby is concerned. Mac refuses to support Maxie's plans to sue ELQ for the defective condoms.
  • Ep. #11153
    Ep. #11153
    Episode 140
    Sonny warns Ric that he had better stay away from his family ... or else. Sam decides that no matter who fathered Liz's baby, she wants to be with Jason. Michael is upset that Carly agreed to marry Jax.
  • Ep. #11152
    Ep. #11152
    Episode 139
    Luke doesn't believe a word that Diego said, Diego says that his father is in South America and that Skye and the baby are better off without him. Carly wonders what Jax's surprise for her is. Jason stops an argument between Sam and Elizabeth. Lulu goes to Nikolas and wonders why Elizabeth isn't with Lucky when he needs her the most. Colleen continues to further her plan to seduce Nikolas. A furstrated Diego lets his anger out in front of Lulu by telling her he's become his father. Sonny insists that Luke tell Lulu about Laura coming back to her. Emily returns and thwarts Colleen's plans. Lucky stuns Lulu when he admits to sleeping with Maxie and getting her pregnant. Jason sees Sam in the nursery in his apartment and wonders what would have been if her baby lived. Jax suprises with dinner on the pier and shocks her when he asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #11151
    Ep. #11151
    Episode 138
    Luke returns from Paris and tells Robin that he agrees with the doctors treatment for Laura. Carly announces to Sonny that she's moving back into her house cause the repairs are finished. Skye fakes labor pains to give Lorenzo the slip but it backfires. Sam wants to know what Jason will do if the baby is indeed his. Lulu blasts at Elizabeth for not mentioning she was pregnant and preaching to her about abortion. Robert and Luke learn of Skye calling Alan could lead Lorenzo to her. Nikolas sees Sam and Spencer and notices that she likes holding him. Luke goes to see Sonny and Diego is brought in and Luke asks him where his father is. Sam accidentally tells Nikolas that Jason could be the father of Elizabeth's baby. Lorenzo tells Skye that he'll take her by force if necessary.moreless
  • Ep. #11150
    Ep. #11150
    Episode 137
    Elizabeth tells Jason that she's going to be raising her children on her own. Edward is impressed with Dillon's theory of how to handle the press and is acting like a true Quartermaine. Skye contacts Alan and he tries to persuade her to try a different way to deal with Lorenzo. Alexis begins her chemotherapy treatment at the hospital with Ric at her side. Lorenzo receives Skye's whereabouts and rushes to get to her before she escapes. Georgie is appalled at Dillon for lying to the press about the Enduro defective condoms. Sam tells Jason that she can't live without him in her life. Skye is shocked to see Lorenzo at the house. Maxie arrives at the Quartermaine's and announces that she's suing them. Diego tells Lulu that he heard about her pregnancy and her abortion. Jason admits to Sam that Elizabeth is pregnant and that he could be the father.moreless
  • Ep. #11149
    Ep. #11149
    Episode 136
    Carly thinks Max is faking his collapse and tells Milo to take him to the hospital. Jason tells Ric to stay away from Elizabeth, Ric then wonders why Jason care so much about her pregnancy. Audrey says that Lucky can wait for Elizabeth as she puts Cameron to bed, he then receives divorce papers from a messenger. Helena runs into Colleen and wants to know why she's spreading rumors about her. Elizabeth hears Maxie make and appointment with Kelly about her pregnancy. Colleen tells Alfred she'll serve Nikolas' tea, she the spikes with a drug. Elizabeth tells Lucky to sign the papers if he loves her. Helena sees Colleen kiss Nikolas and wonders what her true intentions are.moreless
  • Ep. #11148
    Ep. #11148
    Episode 135
    Robin insists that her father tell Det. Rodriguez who attacked him and later is furious at him for not naming Lorenzo Alcazar as his attacker. Elizabeth tells Jason that he doesn't have to marry her if he's not the father. Milo, Max, Michael and Morgan plan on sabatoging Carly and Jax's dinner. Carly then realizes that everyone is at fault. Robin goes to Jason to get his help in dealing with Alcazar and his attack on her father. Lucky stops Maxie from telling Elizabeth that she's pregnant. Audrey tells Lucky that Elizabeth doesn't want to see him and that he should return to rehab. Georgie's suspicions are confirmed as she finds out her sister is pregnant. Jason gets into Ric's face as he catches him and Elizabeth on the pier. Robert tells Robin he plans on sending Lorenzo on a wild goose chase, thinking he'll find Skye if he follows him.moreless
  • Ep. #11147
    Ep. #11147
    Episode 134
    Lorenzo tries to get Robin to get her father to give up Skye's location. Carly wonders on how Jason is going to tell Sam that he could be a father. Colleen confides in Spencer that something is going to happen to his father. Maxie stuns Lucky by saying that she's pregnant while trying to see him. Robin is mad at Patrick for calling Robert when she didn't want him involved. Colleen lies to Nikolas and Alfred by pointing the finger at Helena for causing his fall. Carly overhears Bernie talking to Sonny on the phone about dragging the repairs of her house and keeping her at his house, she then calls Jax and invites him over to Sonny's house to a romantic get together. Robin finds her father battered and bruised on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11146
    Ep. #11146
    Episode 133
    Alfred tells Nikolas that someone is deliberately trying to kill him as Colleen overhears. Elizabeth admits to Jason that there's a chance the baby bcould be his. Colleen is relieved when Nikolas suggests Helena poisoned Alfred. Georgie catches Maxie with a pregnancy test and asks if she's pregnant or not. Lorenzo overhears Ric and Carly's argument and confronts Ric not following through with their agreement. Jason offers to help Elizabeth out financially whether he's the father or not. Lulu objects to Dillon's offer on covering up the whole Enduro scandal. Carly overhears Elizabeth tell Epiphany that she could be carrying Jason's child. Colleen with a knife in her hands prepares to do something drastic.moreless
  • Ep. #11145
    Ep. #11145
    Episode 132
    Maxie tries to find out which rehab facility Lucky is attending. Lucky tells Laura while visiting her that Elizabeth is pregnant and that he's in rehab. Lulu accidentally blabs that Lucky is at Shadybrook which delights Maxie. Emily tells Elizabeth that her son Cameron told her that she was going to have a baby, Elizabeth then says that it could be Jason's. Lorenzo scolds Jason for taking his shipments he then fires a warning shot at Jason. Robin tells Lucky that Luke is in Paris talking about a possible cure for Laura. Maxie visits Lucky but he immediately thinks that she should leave. Georgie is disappointed that Dillon is giving up on his dream of being a director.moreless
  • Ep. #11144
    Ep. #11144
    Episode 131
    Audrey tells Elizabeth that Lucky called from Shadybrook and tries to get her to call him. Alexis sees right through Sonny's scheme to get her to have chemotherapy. Prof. Marquez tries to get through to Lulu bu getting her to open up to him. Carly thinks her relationship with Jax is doomed when he confesses his love to her. Jason assures Sam that he knows that Ric is putting on a show for him. Elizabeth lets Maxie know exactly what she thinks of her for ruining her marriage. Carly and Sonny put on a show for Alexis that if she dies Carly would help raise Kristina. Carly then goes to Jax and tells him what Sonny and her did. Alexis announces to Ric and Sam that she's doing the chemotherapy. Carly gives Jax her "heart" with the diamonds that he gave her to give to him when she's ready. Elizabeth tries to call Lucky but hangs up after remembering her and Jason's tryst.moreless
  • Ep. #11143
    Ep. #11143
    Episode 130
    Epiphany tells Alexis her experience with chemotherapy as a cancer patient and survivor. Elizabeth informs Niklolas that the Lucky that she loved disappeared along time ago. Jax tells Sonny that Alexis objects to doing the chemotherapy. Ric lets Lorenzo know of his plan to use Sam in order to get to Jason. A phone call from Ric interrupts a connection between Jason and Sam. Emily sees Edward at the Metro Court drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Sonny tells Jason that killing Ric won't be the solution for what happened between him and Sam. Diego wants to know why his father is determined to locate Skye and the baby. Carly and Jax head back to his penthouse for a romantic evening alone. Sonny tells Alexis that he threatens to take Kristina away the moment she dies.moreless
  • Ep. #11142
    Ep. #11142
    Episode 129
    Elizabeth reads a letter from Lucky and is interupted by Jason, he wants to know why she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret. Kelly is stunned to see Patrick asleep on the couch in the apartment. Alexis tells Sam of other possible treatments for her. Ric tries to get Jax to talk some sense into Alexis. Carly realizes what Sonny is up to when he prepares breakfast for the boys and begins to compete with Jax. Patrick realizes that Kelly and Lainey are comforting him to annoy Robin. Michael calls Jason when he hears Sonny and Carly's argument. Jason tells them either get back together or don't. Ric tells Lorenzo to put their plan into action, Lorenzo thinks Ric is trying to set him up. Patrick lets Robin know that the HIV test came back negative. Jax arrives to see Carly and Sonny with the kids having fun.moreless
  • Ep. #11141
    Ep. #11141
    Episode 128
    Sonny interupts Jax and Carly's private dinner and end up getting stuck together when the power goes out. Robin wonders wonders why Patrick hasn't had his bloodwork done, he says he doesn't want to know if he's postive. Patrick then tells Alan to take another test to check for HIV, Alan says there's a good chance he could be negative. Elizabeth shocks Lucky by saying that she won't be waiting for him when he gets out of rehab. Alexis hasn't decided to do the chemotherapy or not, she gets mad at Sam for letting Viola take Kristina see he in a coma. Lucky call Nikolas and asks him to take him to rehab. Elizabeth tells Audrey about Lucky's attempt at getting well. Jason comforts Sam after her argument with Alexis. Alexis says n oto having chemptherapy.moreless
  • Ep. #11140
    Ep. #11140
    Episode 127
    After nearly being shot Elizabeth admits to Jason and Lucky that she's pregnant. Jax confronts Sonny about the flowers and the dinner invitation that Carly never got. Lulu agrees to take Prof. Marquez's class by promising to ace his class. Lucky loses it after Elizabeth tells Jason to take her to the hospital. Nikolas says to Ric that he will fulfill Alexis wishes by waking her up. Ric tells Alexis in her coma state that Jason will be eliminated. Dillon is stunned to see Lulu studying of English Lit. Elizabeth stops Epiphany from telling Jason that he could be the father of her baby. Robin realizes Patrick's behaviour is caused by a high fever. Alexis is awakened and Dr. Trent says that she must start chemotherapy. Elizabeth returns to the apartment and Lucky tells her he's going into rehab.moreless
  • Ep. #11139
    Ep. #11139
    Episode 126
    Tracy's concern for Lulu's skipping classes and moping around the house. Epiphany wants to know how long Elizabeth plans on keeping her pregnancy a secret. Edward wonders if Dillon is pulling a scam when he announces his plans to work at ELQ. Det. Rodriguez thinks Lucky is determined to whatever it takes to bring down Jason. Jason tells Lorenzo to stay way from him and there will be no trouble. Elizabeth is touched when Jax remembers the anniversary of her miscarrying his baby and Courtney's. Prof. Marquez uses reverse psychology toget Lulu to attend his class. Lucky tells Jason that he's under arrest and throws to bags of cocaine at his feet and unintentionally shoots at Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #11138
    Ep. #11138
    Episode 125
    Nikolas steps in and tells Lucky to get his hands off of Elizabeth. Sam says to Jason that if Alexis dies she'll have to stop meeting him. Maxie confesses her affair with Lucky to Mac, he then storms over to confront Lucky and fires him from the PCPD. Carly realizes that Max is telling the truth about her house. Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for not telling Emily about her pregnancy. Carly doesn't believe Sonny when he said that he didn't sabatoge her pipes. Maxie tells Georgie about what she did and lashes out at her for her behaviour. Robin says that Alexis survived the surgery and that she's still critical.moreless
  • Ep. #11137
    Ep. #11137
    Episode 124
    The doctors attempt to revive Maxie as Lucky and Diego worry if she'll make it or not. Jason tells Sam that Elizabeth said that Alexis' is getting worse. Robin explains to Nikolas and Sam that one of Alexis' lung has collapsed and needs surgery. Jason is stunned when Max admits that he loves Carly. Jax makes it to the hotel and lets Sonny know that he won't hurt Carly. Diego tells Lucky to leave the hospital and Maxie alone. Emily tries to get Nikolas to pull it together. Max goes to tell Carly that her house if flooding, but doesn't believe him. Jason tells Sam that he is willing to forgive Sam for sleeping with Ric.moreless
  • Ep. #11136
    Ep. #11136
    Episode 123
    Carly assures Jax that their night has nothing to do with Sonny. Diego insists on calling an ambulance for Maxie but Lucky tells him not to. Sam almost hears Elizabeth tell Jason that she could be pregnant with his baby until she spots Sam on the pier. Lainey thinks that Sonny is afraid of losing Carly and thinks Jax is a threat. Diego has it out with Lucky for forcing Maxie to overdose and taking advantage of her. Epiphany tells Sam of Kristina's tantrum at the hospital. Sonny gives Max an order to make sure that Jax can't get to Carly by tampering with his car. Lorenzo threatens Jason no to go after any more of his shipments. Maxie attempts to leave the hospital and faints and goes into cardiac arrest. Carly is shocked when Sonny shows up instead of Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #11135
    Ep. #11135
    Episode 122
    Jason returns home and tells Sonny that Alcazar is more dangerous than ever and is out to get the both of them. Elizabeth tells Kelly that she will confront Jason about him possibly being her baby's father. Lucky tells Maxie that he just told her what she wanted to hear and doesn't want to live with her. Jax tries to reassure Carly that he will never leave her or her children. Sam is wondering why Elizabeth wants to know when Jason is expected back. Carly is fed up with Sonny as he interupts a romantic moment with her and Jax. Elizabeth tells Lucky about Elizabeth filling for divorce and the he receives a call from Maxie and tells him goodbye and then swallows a bunch of pills, Lucky rushes over there and sees her lying unconscious on her bed.moreless
  • Ep. #11134
    Ep. #11134
    Episode 121
    Patrick tells Luke that Robin's treatment won't bring Laura back and possibly will kill her. Colleen tells Nikolas that he should do an intervention and confront Lucky about his addiction. Dillon tries to get Lulu to get out of the slump that she is in. Georgie tells Dillon at the boathouse that it's okay to grieve and the cries in her arms. Lulu overhears Luke tell Tracy that he leaving again. Emily realizes some turned her pager off and she knows who did it. Luke goes to see Laura and asks her to set him free.moreless
  • Ep. #11133
    Ep. #11133
    Episode 120
    Lucky and Elizabeth struggle and she falls. Robin goes to Luke with a possible treatment that could bring Laura out of her catatonic state.
  • Ep. #11132
    Ep. #11132
    Episode 119
    Nikolas has harsh words for Lucky and Maxie about their affair. Elizabeth decides what to do about her pregnancy. Dillon apologises to Lulu for the way that he reacted.
  • Ep. #11131
    Ep. #11131
    Episode 118
    Alexis prepares to go in for surgery and says goodbye to her loved ones. Elizabeth is torn about her pregnancy after learning Jason and Sam are back together.
  • Ep. #11130
    Ep. #11130
    Episode 117
    Nikolas suspects that there is more between Sam and Ric than Sam is telling. After his fight with Sonny, Ric considers teaming up with Lorenzo.
  • Ep. #11129
    Ep. #11129
    Episode 116
    Sonny gets Ric off Carly and Sam's back. Jax wants a future with Carly, but says it needs to be right for both of them. Emily talks with Alexis about her own cancer.
  • Ep. #11128
    Ep. #11128
    Episode 115
    Dillon and Lulu continue to disagree on what to do about her pregnancy. Carly wants to tell Alexis the truth about Sam and Ric.
  • Ep. #11127
    Ep. #11127
    Episode 114
    Dillon grows concern when he can't find Lulu in her room, she then returns with her father and Luke threatens a lawsuit for defective condoms. Ric brings Kristina and Molly to see Alexis which lifts her spirits up a bit. Elizabeth confides in Nikolas that she is pregnant and that she hadn't told Lucky. Helena overhears Colleen telling Spencer that she thinks that Nikolas is starting to like her, Colleen then sees him on the pier and pulls a knife on Helena before Nikolas puts two and two together. Lainey tells Alexis that what if she survives and Ric and Sam reach a whole new level of intimacy.moreless
  • Ep. #11126
    Ep. #11126
    Episode 113
    Alexis wakes up and wants to know who Sam was talking to on the phone. Anna overhears Lorenzo telling Ric that now is the perfect time to get rid of Jason Morgan. Carly is fed up and tells Jax to stop bribing her for her affections. Elizabeth covers when he almost hears that she could be pregnant by saying she was called into work. Alexis plays mid games with Sam and Ric by getting them to go to Mayor Floyd's party together. Michael tells Jax that he has to try harder if he wants his mom to like him again. Lorenzo agrees to give Anna what she wants if agrees to help him locate Skye and his baby. Carly offers to buy out Jax's part of the hotel. Elizabeth prepares to retake a pregnancy test which proves to be accurate. Maxie announces to Lucky that she found an apartment for them to share when he leaves ELizabeth. Alexis admits to Lainey that even though she's angry she feels Sam and Ric will protect her children.moreless
  • Ep. #11125
    Ep. #11125
    Episode 112
    Sam confronts Jason, demanding to know if he can still love her after she has slept with Ric. Jason's control finally slips and he blasts Sam for sleeping with his enemy. The two decide to try their romance again. Luke is shocked when Sonny confronts him with news of Lulu's pregnancy, and offers him only grape juice to wash it down with. Luke seeks out Carly after Sonny tells him that Lulu went to see her, and she tells him to just stand by her. Edward is attempting to pressure her into signing away all rights to the baby once it's born, but Luke arrives before she can find the papers. Concerned about her symptoms, Elizabeth takes a home pregnancy test after hiding it from Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #11124
    Ep. #11124
    Episode 111
    Alexis goes in for surgery, secure knowing that Sam has promised to stay away from Jason. Jason offers to wait with Sam, but she tells him about the promise she made her mother. Lulu is upset that Carly can't tell her what she wants to hear, but Carly tells Lulu that although she will support whatever decision she makes, she can't make it for her. Sonny promises Alexis that he will not take Kristina away from Ric if she dies, but admits to Carly that he lied because that's what Alexis needed to hear. Robin and Patrick meet up at the docks after the surgery and talk about love and children, and Robin admits that her biological clock is ticking. Lulu is getting odd phone calls from an unknown area code that don't come through, then tells Dillon that she'll have the baby. Jason notices that Elizabeth seems uncertain on her feet, and wonders if she is alright.moreless
  • Ep. #11123
    Ep. #11123
    Episode 110
    Lulu wants to believe Dillon hasn't turned into Edward. Sonny tells Jason to find who took the files and shut them up permanently. Alexis tells Lainey if Sam overheard her say something about her and Ric but luckily she didn't. Patrick wards Alexis that he was exposed to end stage aids, but Alexis allows him to do the surgery. Jax apologizes to Carly and tries to convince her that they have a future together. Edward informs Lulu that he'll do whatever it takes to make sure she carries the baby to term. Lulu goes to Carly for advice and stuns her by telling her that she's pregnant. Det. Rodriguez gives Alexis' copies of Sonny's files which he got him to steal for her. Lucky tells Maxie that once he gets Lulu straightened out he'll leave Elizabeth for her. Elizabeth wonders is she pregnant when she overhears about defective condoms. Jason tells Sonny that he doesn't know how to forgive and Sonny suggests that he start.moreless
  • Ep. #11122
    Ep. #11122
    Episode 109
    Alexis is thrilled when Jax shows up and tells him she has lung cancer. Sonny tells Lainey that it's not her fault the files got stolen. Tracy admits to Lulu that she had an abortion when she was very young and stupid. Carly goes to Jason telling him after what Jax pulled in Africa she's still in love with him. Lainey tells Sonny that she'll continue to treat him at his home and not to look at her files. Dillon pictures a scenario to Georgie that what if she were pregnant instead of Lulu. Nikolas is glad that Jax is there for Alexis and he realizes how difficult it was to give up Spencer. Carly figures out that Ric and Sam slept together, Sonny tells Carly to drop it. Edward tells Lulu that he'll take her to court if necessary. Lulu then lashes out at Dillon thinking he'll force her to have the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11121
    Ep. #11121
    Episode 108
    Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Lucky needs to go into a Rehab Center. Lucky tells Maxie that there is no "us" between them and he's sticking with Elizabeth, she then threatens to tell her exactly how he's getting the pills. Tracy says that she'll support Lulu in whatever decisions she makes. Dillon tries to persuade Lulu to reconsider to what she's considering doing. Carly tells Jax that Nikolas changed John's name to Spencer Cassadine. Maxie tells Georgie that she realized that Lucky is using her to score drugs. Lulu explains to Dillon what if their lives would be like with a baby and wants to say no to aborting. Jane tells Jax to go and tell Carly how he feels before it's too late. Elizabeth tells Lucky the she wants him to go to rehab. Tracy says to Dillon that he should file a petition to make Lulu carry the baby to term.moreless
  • Ep. #11120
    Ep. #11120
    Episode 107
    Jax introduces his "girlfriend" Jemma to Carly and his mother. Edward overhears Lulu tell Lucky about getting an abortion. Alexis wants to know how Jason dealt with his illness and being scared. Jason calls Sam and lets her know that Alexis' coughing is bad and is taking her to the hospital. Carly enlists Michael and Morgan's help to get rid of Jemma, shen then says that she was only pretending to be his girlfriend, that made Carly furious. Maxie sees Elizabeth and Lulu talking about Lucky's recent outburst towards her. Nikolas is worried about Lucky's behavior towards Lulu. Tracy and Edward about her plans with the baby. Jax goes to Carly's hotel room which she slaps him for making go all the way to Africa to save him. Lainey tells Sonny that her office was broken into and Sonny's files and tapes of their sessions were stolen. Dillon is shocked to learn from Edward that Lulu is thinking about terminating the pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #11119
    Ep. #11119
    Episode 106
    Carly goes into Jax's hotel room dressed as a maid until Jax catches her. Lucky tells Maxie that he changed his mind and doesn't want the pills. Kristina wants to know if Sam and Jason still love each other. Sonny tells Alexis that Sam has a right to be with whomever she wants. Jax realises his mother made Carly believe he was involved with someone and decides to have a little fun with Carly. Sonny informs Jason that that he's not the worst thing for Sam and Kristina, Ric is. Kristina tells her mother that Sam and Jason almost kissed on the pier after the boat trip. Nikolas and Emily surprise Elizabeth and Lucky at their apartment. Lucky is stunned when he learns that Lulu is considering getting an abortion. Jane begins to tell Carly that there was no woman until she sees Jax walk in with a woman on his arm.moreless
  • Ep. #11118
    Ep. #11118
    Episode 105
    Lucky dreams of catching Elizabeth and Patrick together and accidentally shooting her. Kristina and Sam walk in on Alexis making a tape for them in cas she's not there anymore. Robin can't stop dealing with April's death and how it's effecting her life. Sonny's worried that Ric will use being D.A. to come after him and Jason, so he decides to tell Alexis about Sam and Ric. Nikolas doesn't believe Lucky when he says that the worst part is over. Sonny cautions Iris not to treat aids patients poorly or he'll make sure she's fired. Maxie overhears Elizabeth telling Emily that if Lucky takes pills one more time she's leaving him. Robin reads a letter that April wrote to her and it changes her whole outlook on life. Patrick tells Alexis that she may not survive the surgery. Alexis tells Jason not to put Kristina or Sam's life in danger.moreless
  • Ep. #11117
    Ep. #11117
    Episode 104
    Lorenzo holds up Robert on the pier and says he won't stop looking for Skye and the baby. Emily lets Lulu hold Spencer while she goes and checks on something. Alexis tells Lainey that she saw Ric and Sam having sex and says that she can't tell them. Jason is stunned when Sonny tells Lorenzo where he can find his shipment, Sonny then says that they have other things to worry about then fight with Alcazar. Nikolas learns from Alexis that she has cancer and he then tells her to fight. Mayor Floyd tells Alexis to go home and get ready for her surgery. Robert insists that it's Luke fault that Lulu got pregnant cause he's never around for her. Elizabeth and Jason don't feel any guilt about what they shared that night. Ric tells Alexis that Mayor Floyd offered him the jod of interim D.A. Lainey says to Sonny during their session that maybe he should tell Alexis what happened between Sam and Ric.moreless
  • Ep. #11116
    Ep. #11116
    Episode 103
    Patrick and Robin catch Anna breaking into her hotel room as they just woke up, she then tells her that April just died. Lucky makes a bust and the dealer makes an offer that he'll give him the pills if he lets him go. Tracy learns that Lulu's pregnant and is against Edward's idea that they get married. Colleen wants to take Spencer and Nikolas away after hearing another attempt of matchmaking by Alfred. Lucky accidentally drops his gun and it goes off, Elizabeth worries that it could've hit someone. Dillon aplogizes to Lulu for the way his family treated her and she admits that she doesn't want this child. Nikolas learns from Emily that Lulu is pregnant and he tells Colleen the trip is off. Patrick tells Robin his plans to fulfill April's last wishes. Lulu tells Georgie how her relationship with Dillon will forever be changes. Tracy says to Dillon he doesn't have to marry he if he doesn't want to, but Edward has other plans. Lulu gets the idea in his head that Elizabeth doesn't trust him around his sister. Lulu goes back to visit her mothermoreless
  • Ep. #11115
    Ep. #11115
    Episode 102
    Jason comforts Sam about finding out Alexis has cancer. Sonny thinks that if something were to happen to Alexis that Kristina will stay with Ric. Robin remembers being in Stone's arms one last time as she's dealing with April's death. Lucky fights to make sure he doesn't give in to temptation to take any pills. Elizabeth says that Maxie took advantage of Lucky while he was chemically unbalanced. Patrick finds Robin on the pier trying to cope with people dying of aids and never finding a cure. Sonny wants Alexis to start chemotherapy after the surgery cause Kristina, Molly and Sam need her. Elizabeth tells Jason that Lucky should never know the slept together. Alexis tells Kristina that she's going to have surgery to remove something but doesn't go into details. Maxie buys another score thinking it'll get her closer to Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #11114
    Ep. #11114
    Episode 101
    Ric wants to know why Sonny is spending time with Kristina. Robin offers for April to live with her when she leaves the hospital. Sam says that Alexis should have the surgery, but Alexis is worried about Kristina and Molly. Elizabeth wants to know how Jason feels about Sam leaving town. Ric hears Sam and Alexis talking and learns that she has cancer. Lucky says to Elizabeth that he's committed to the Narcotic Anonymous meetings. Sonny tells Jason that Alexis has lung cancer. Patrick and Robin receive devastating news that April Gilbert passed away. Sonny says in order for Jason to convince Sam to stay he has to forgive a little. Maxie runs into Elizabeth on the pier and wants to talk to her about Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #11113
    Ep. #11113
    Episode 100
    Elizabeth sees Lucky at the hospital in a Narcotic Anonymous session. Sam admits to sleeping with Ric and Jason that he knew and admits about his tryst with Elizabeth, she also learns that Jason says he was wrong to push her away. Alexis wants Sonny to tell her why Sam didn't tell her own mother that she's leaving town. Dillon decides to support Lulu and the child she then gets frustrated after Dillon suggests they get married. Lucky wants to know if Elizabeth will fight for them, she says she will if he doesn't see Maxie anymore. Sonny enlists Bernie's help to find out what's wrong with Alexis. Lulu confides in Georgie that she's considering getting an abortion. Sonny tells Kristina that he'll be spending more time with her. Alexis confifes in Sam that she has Stage 2 lung cancer and that she may die. Lucky meets with Maxie on the pier and says that he is fighting for his marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #11112
    Ep. #11112
    Episode 99
    Ric says to Sam that leaving town would be the best thing for her. Lorenzo wants Alexis to issue a warrant for Skye's arrest for kidnapping his unborn child but refuses. Georgie tells Lulu that she knows that she's pregnant. Robin tells Anna what a wonderful night she and Patrick has together. Elizabeth wakes up with no regrets to sleeping with Jason. Sonny offers Sam some advice that leaving town would be a huge mistake she would regret. Anna wants Patrick to tell her if she's in love with Robin or not. Lulu tells Dillon that she's pregnant which completely shocks him. Elizabeth comes home to find a not from Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #11111
    Ep. #11111
    Episode 98
    Nikolas asks Emily to spend the night at Wyndemere because of the blackout. Sonny wants Milo to tell him what's going on with Max and he then tells him that he misses Carly. Patrick and Robin both learn that Iris Sneed somehow got into April's room, Patrick then rushes to the hospital. Colleen sets a trap for Emily causing her to slip and fall spraining her ankle in the process. Robin dreams about the time she had to let go of Stone after he died. Patrick prevents Iris Sneed from kicking April out and tries to keep that from happening. Sonny has a little fun with Max by confronting him about his feelings for Carly. Sonny later sticks it to Iris Sneed and convinces her not to transfer April to county. Georgie overhears Lulu about have a test done to see if she is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #11110
    Ep. #11110
    Episode 97
    Patrick cuts his finger and refuses to let Robin look at it or touch it. Georgie presents Dillon with divorce papers which Dillon forgot that they were even filed. Sam almost walks in on Jason and Elizabeth and Jason almost catches Sam. Ric wants to know why Alexis went to Sonny and Alexis explains that he was actually good to her. Georgie and Dillon toast to new beginnings and to a new life together and they both sign the papers. Jason offers to send Elizabeth away to figure out things out between her and Lucky. Alexis decides to submit her resignation as D.A. which surprises Sam and Ric. Georgie says no to Dillon's re-marriage proposal saying that she wants to love him first. Patrick and Robin end up at Kelly's where they enjoy the food that Dillon left for Georgie.moreless
  • Ep. #11109
    Ep. #11109
    Episode 96
    Jason and Elizabeth comfort one another after telling each other about those who cheated on them. Dillon is certain Lulu is hiding something, she tells him she's leaving Port Charles. Lucky tells Nikolas and Emily the reason that Elizabeth left is because of the affair with Maxie. Sam wants to know if Ric feels any remorse for what they just did. Sonny insists that Alexis tell him what's wrong with her. Nikolas tells Lucky that he won't help him this time he'll have to fix it on his own. Lulu is concerned when she sees Lucky's eratic behavior caused by his addiction. Sam comes to the conclusion that Ric will use the information that they slept together against her. Elizabeth wants to leave but Jason insists that she stay with him.moreless
  • Ep. #11108
    Ep. #11108
    Episode 95
    Patrick returns to Robin's hotel room to pick up where they left off earlier. Jason takes Alexis to the hospital after she starts coughing again. Elizabeth wants Georgie to tell her how long she knew about Lucky and Maxie. Lulu confides in Sonny that she's pregnant and offers to help when she needs it. Patrick and Robin decide to share their dinner with April to cheer her up. Jason sees Ric and Sam having sex and is immediately hurt. After and outburst at the hospital Epiphany tells Elizabeth to go home. Sonny spends an evening with, until Alexis shows up and and the power to the Metro Court goes out. Dillon tells Lulu that he and Georgie are getting back together, before telling him about the baby. Sam begins to regret making love with her mother's husband. A frustrated Jason takes his anger out by breaking things until Elizabeth shows up.moreless
  • Ep. #11107
    Ep. #11107
    Episode 94
    Alexis tells Jason that Carly is trying to get him and Sam back together and wants him to stop her. Elizabeth informs Lucky after catching him with Maxie that their marriage is over. Bernie tells Ric that Jason ended negotiations with his deal with Sonny. Sonny says yes to Carly taking Michael and Morgan to Africa and says if Jax is worth it. Audrey tells Elizabeth to try to work things out in her marriage to Lucky. Sonny wants answers from Lainey why she's seeing Lorenzo Alcazar. Lulu lashes out at Lucky for his treatment of his wife and behaving like their father. A frustrated Alexis tells Sam to get out of her house and blasts Ric for defending her and storms out. Carly convinces Jason to follow his heart regarding Sam and he agrees to talk to her. Alexis comes back to the house and sees Ric and Sam having sex.moreless
  • Ep. #11106
    Ep. #11106
    Episode 93
    Jane tells Carly that she needs her help to save Jax from a woman he's seeing. Elizabeth confronts Lucky about his infidelity with Maxie and tells him he saw them. Lorenzo and Sonny have it out at the hospital and get on each other's nerves. Patrick tells Gwen about his end-stage aids and quickly brushes him off. Elizabeth tells Lucky to go ahead and be with Lucky. Lainey confronts Sonny after his confrontation with Lorenzo and wonders if he felt comfortable with being able to talk to him without getting violent. Elizabeth slaps Maxie for sleeping with her husband, Patrick then stops them before they have it out. Carly is hesitant leaving the boys with Sonny as she goes off to find Jax. Elizabeth receives a message and goes home and finds Maxie and Lucky together. Lorenzo goes to Lainey to make an appointment and says he needs her help.moreless
  • Ep. #11105
    Ep. #11105
    Episode 92
    Everyone surprises Lulu at Kelly's with a birthday party. Jason realizes Emily set him up when Jason realizes she wants him and Edward to make peace. Nikolas informs everyone that he named his Spencer Cassadine which pleases Lucky and Lulu. Edward tells Jason that he wants him to kill Lorenzo Alcazar. Elizabeth tells Patrick to join in the fun at the party which really annoys Lucky. Georgie walks in to see Dillon at Lulu's party, Dillon then convinces Geprgie to stay for Lulu, Georgie then warns Maxie to keep her distance from Lucky. Carly catches Lucky and Maxie kissing and hides before they see her and follows them back to Maxie's room, she then tells Elizabeth that Lucky is sleeping with Maxie. Lulu goes to see her mother and tells her that she's pregnant. Georgie and Dillon come to terms and agree to get back together. Ric walks in on Alexis and Mayor Floyd embracing.moreless
  • Ep. #11104
    Ep. #11104
    Episode 91
    Ric and Sam talk about the way Alexis is acting with the girls lately, and both agree that Kristina and Molly are taking a back seat to her desire to keep Jason away from Sam. Carly verbally attacks Alexis for what is happening with Jason, which Rodriguez overhears, and Alexis tells both Carly and Sam that they can go. Lulu spends time with Liz and Cameron on the docks and prepares to go, only to be faced with some pointed questions from Lucky about the bag filled with condoms that she nearly leaves behind. Sonny shows up at the meeting in Jason's stead and it takes some doing on his part to convince the other men that he's in control but he does so, and then exposes Alcazar's connection to the law.moreless
  • Ep. #11103
    Ep. #11103
    Episode 90
    Lulu buys a pregnancy test at the hospital pharmacy. Alexis sees Jason and Sam together and has Jason brought into the station. Lainey tells Sonny that she plans to increase his Bi-polar medication. Lorenzo wants to know how much Carly overheard on the pier. Alfred makes sure Emily comes across a picture of her and Nikolas. Lulu runs into Elizabeth and Cameron on the pier and tells her if she regrets getting pregnant. Colleen is mad to see Emily back thinking it'll ruin her plans with Nikolas. Sonny attends the meeting with Alberto Rosales in Jason's place. Emily confides in Nikolas that Colleen may have a crush on him. Alexis tells Jason to stop running into Sam all the time. Carly and Jason watch as Alexis begins to cough in front of them.moreless
  • Ep. #11102
    Ep. #11102
    Episode 89
    Nikolas decides to change his son's name to Spencer Cassadine. Alfred offers Nikolas to call Emily. Lorenzo tells Anna to talk to Robert to give up where he sent Skye. Max refuses to follow Sonny's orders and restock the bar with alcohol. Patrick tells Robert and Anna that Robin needs her parents. Robin tells April that she can live a normal life with HIV. Carly confronts Sonny after learning that he cancelled his therapy session with Lainey. Lorenzo tells Diego his plans to take out Sonny and Jason and take over which pleases Diego that his father is making a move. Nikolas asks Emily to be Spencer's godmother as Colleen overhears them as she accepts. Alfred takes Emily's cell phone while she wasn't looking thinking she'll come back for it. Sonny accuses Max of following him to his therapy session and Lainey tells them to stop. Carly overhears Lorenzo's plans to take out Sonny and is caught by one of his men.moreless
  • Ep. #11101
    Ep. #11101
    Episode 88
    Elizabeth tells Jason that Lucky knows that he killed Manny. Alexis approaches Sam about some other missing files on Manny Ruiz. Robin tells Noah that Patrick could be infected with end-stage aids. Maxie scores Lucky another batch of drugs and gives it to him. Ric wonders if there's something in Manny's autopsy report that Alexis doesn't want made public. Robin explains to April about her condition as well as her own. Lulu wants to know why Maxie isn't yelling at her for sleeping with a married man. Bernie tells Jason that Lorenzo Alcazar has contacted the people in South America. Alan informs Patrick that his latest blood test showed no sign of HIV. Lulu wonders if she could be pregnant with Dillon's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11100
    Ep. #11100
    Episode 87
    Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Lucky maybe addicted to pain medication. After making out with Maxie, Lucky's patrol car crashes into Edward's car. Emily wants to know if Sonny is breaking up with her, and tells her that he is and she leaves. Carly offers to help Jason get back together with Sam, but he tells her no to interfere in his life. Bernie warns Jason of a possible retaliation if he doesn't meet with them soon. Nikolas confronts Lucky about his problem and the brothers end up fighting. Emily tells an overjoyed Edward that she's moving back into the mansion. Colleen tells her plan to Little John that she plans to win over Nikolas' family. A shocked Georgie finds out Maxie and Lucky have been sleeping together.moreless
  • Ep. #11099
    Ep. #11099
    Episode 86
    Lucky accuses Elizabeth of setting him up so that she can bust him for drug use. Carly reminds Sonny of the love they once shared together, she then admits that Lainey called her to talk which frustrates Sonny. Lorenzo informs Skye that he will track her to the ends of the earth to be with his child. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Lucky maybe addicted to pain pills. Lucky continues to lash out at people he thinks are trying to help him. Sam and Jason remimisce while still trapped in the elevator. Skye gives Lorenzo the slip at the hospital, Lorenzo demands that Robert tell him where she is. Sam gets a phone call from Ric to come to the hospital, that Kristina had been hurt. Sonny tells Emily that he doesn't need her anymore and that he has to do it alone. After seeing Patrick and Elizabeth hug, he goes off with Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #11098
    Ep. #11098
    Episode 85
    Alan informs Patrick that he should be tested for HIV immediately. Nikolas thanks Alfred for getting him and Emily together, Colleen is worried that Emily will be spending too much time with Little John and not her. Sonny tells Carly that he may not be the kind of man that Emily should be with. Patrick says that he could use Robin's company instead of being alone. Sam and Jason end up trapped in an elevator alone together. Carly tells Sonny why his mother didn't stop his stepfather from beating him. Lucky goes home and tells Elizabeth the he found out that Jason killed Manny and not him. Colleen wants Emily gone by making Nikolas believe she shouldn't be around his son. Elizabeth finds a bottle of pills in Lucky's pocket.moreless
  • Ep. #11097
    Ep. #11097
    Episode 84
    Carly receives a post card from Jax, which isn't what she expected at all. Dillon decides to re-create Georgie's prom at Kelly's and be her date. Diego tells Georgie that even though she still loves Dillon, he won't give up on her. Patrick cuts him self while operating on the aids patient. Nikolas apologizes to Carly and tells her she is allowed in his son's life. Robin insists that Patrick stop the surgery, but is determined to finish. Lainey tells Sonny that therapy will cope with his bipolar breakdowns. Robin remembers the time that Stone told her that he was HIV positive. Georgie tells Dillon that she can't do this, Dillon tells her they shouldn't have gotten married. Emily catches Sonny with a flask in his hands. Georgie and Dillon put aside their differences and share a dance at Kelly's. Carly walks in to see Sonny toss his medication aside.moreless
  • Ep. #11096
    Ep. #11096
    Episode 83
    Epiphany says she's had it with Patrick and Robin's constant bickering. Colleen and Nikolas take Little John to the hospital, Nikolas realizes that Alfred sent Emily a message telling her to come to the hospital. A patient with aids is admitted to General Hospital which concerns Iris. Jason informs Ric that it's his job to protect Sonny from him and orders him to back off. Lucky stops a dealer from assaulting Maxie on the pier, but refuses the medication. Robin comes to the conclusion that Iris Sneed won't allow a doctor operating on her because she has aids. Dillon tries to convince Georgie to forgive him but she flatly refuses. Lucky and Maxie kiss whilw in her room and the two end up having sex. Alexis wants to know why Ric didn't tell her about Sonny's condition. Sam tells Jason to walk the other way when he sees her coming. Patrick is determined to operate on the aids patient much to Iris' dismay. Alan then okays the surgery.moreless
  • Ep. #11095
    Ep. #11095
    Episode 82
    Sonny is worried that the effect of the medication will have on him. Jason is surprised when Elizabeth confesses to stealing the file and destroying it. Carly meets with Lainey at the hospital, Lainey tells Carly that Sonny is bipolar. Ric and Sam go to Jake'ss for a drink and a game of pool, but she then starts thinking of Jason. Sonny asks Jason what would he do if the situation were reversed and he was bipolar. Elizabeth prepared a romantic evening for Lucky but he doesn't show interest when he gets home. Georgie is stunned when Maxie says the guy she's seeing is married. Emily says that she will walk away if Sonny decides he doesn't want to be with her. Sonny takes the first step and takes a pill and wonders the outcome.moreless
  • Ep. #11094
    Ep. #11094
    Episode 81
    Lucky rescues Maxie when a dealer she's attempting to buy drugs from (for him) assaults her, and the two end up having sex. Sonny isn't sure if he wants to take the necessary medication to treat bipolar disorder. Sam's plan to get revenge against Alexis continues to work as she bonds with Ric.moreless
  • Ep. #11093
    Ep. #11093
    Episode 80
    Alfred arranges for Emily to show up at Wyndemere so that they can have tea alone. Alexis wants Ric to go and bring Jason into the station on Juan Escobar's murder. Carly tells Jason that she can prove Ric bought the dress that Sonny ripped off of Emily. Robin tells Nikolas that her mother sent the flowers in order to make Patrick jealous. A jealous Patrick wants Emily to tell him about Robin and Nikolas' relationship. Sonny tells Michael and Morgan not to worry and that he's going to get help with his condition. Alexis comes to the conclusion that Sam took the Escobar file off of Alexis' desk. Lucky continues to be jealous seeing Patrick and Elizabeth together. Alan is this close to discovering who took the Hydrocodone from the hospital. Carly and Patrick arrive arm in arm at the Metro Court in order to make Robin miserable. Jason catches Ric going through Sonny's things and tells him that he will tell Sonny everything he did to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11092
    Ep. #11092
    Episode 79
    Diego and Georgie go into the boathouse to have sex. Sonny tells Emily not to worry about him and not to walk on eggshells. Robin says that she misses Patrick, Patrick says that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Ric meets Lainey at the Metro Court in order to get her to tell him about Sonny's progress. Diego stops and tells Georgie that he doesn't want anyone but her, Georgie admits that she's not over Dillon but she wants to be. Dillon tells Georgie that he knows Lulu lied, Georgie tells Dillon that she can't trust him anymore. Milo helps Carly by telling her where the dress is and is determined to find out if Ric bought it or not. Emily then warns Carly not to tell Sonny that Ric set him up. Dillon tears into Lulu for lying to him about Diego and Georgie. Robin and Patrick head back to his room for a romantic interlude. Noah says to Patrick that Robin is good for him and reminds him of the time his mother loved him.moreless
  • Ep. #11091
    Ep. #11091
    Episode 78
    Epiphany tells Robin and Patrick to settle their differences or she'll report them to Alan. Noah feels responsible for the tension between Robin and his son. Tracy finds out Lulu and Dillon were making love in the boat house again. Skye thanks Robert for helping her, until Lorenzo shows up and says that he'll be there for the child. Sam runs into Jason on the pier and later finds out she's working for her mother at the PCPD. Diego takes Georgie on his father's boat to help her forget about Dillon. Tracy confronts Lulu about her involvement in her son's break up with Georgie and that she lied to Dillon about it. Dillon sees Diego and Georgie having fun and hearing Georgie say that she's having fun without Dillon. Dillon goes back to the Q Mansion and overhears Lulu admit to his mother that she did lie. Georgie tells Diego she wants to have sex with him in the boathouse.moreless
  • Ep. #11090
    Ep. #11090
    Episode 77
    Maxie looks on as she sees Lucky and Elizabeth, thinking he's telling her about kissing her. Sam wants Jason to give her a reason to stay, when he doesn't she leaves. Colleen immediately takes Little John from Emily's arms worried that he might get attached to her. Dillon pulls Lulu into a kiss on the pier to get her to stop talking. Sonny considers quitting therapy, by admitting that he has diffuculty answering personal questions. Lulu goes to Carly for advice with dealing with telling Dillon her true feelings. Alexis wants Sam to come and work for her at the station as her assistant. Jason is deadset against Elizabeth telling Lucky that he killed Manny and not him. Sonny admits to Jason that he's scared that he'll be a different man if he takes the medication.moreless
  • Ep. #11089
    Ep. #11089
    Episode 76
    Lucky tells Maxie that he's ending it before someone gets hurt. Sam tries to persuade Ric to come swimming with Kristina and her. Sonny can't believe the way he treated the mother of his children which doesn't excuse the choices he's made. Carly tells Jason to do anything to keep her from going back to Sonny. Helena warns Colleen not to disappoint her, Carly shows up at Wyndemere and nearly catches them together. Nikolas then warns Carly that she's not welcome and asks her to leave. Maxie almost learns the truth about Jason killing Manny and not Lucky. Worried the Carly might be a problem Helena instructs Colleen to keep her away. Nikolas tells Emily that she looks beautiful holding Little John as Colleen watches from afar. Sam tells Jason that she's hurting and she wants him to feel the same way she does.moreless
  • Ep. #11088
    Ep. #11088
    Episode 75
    Emily shows up to take Sonny to see Lainey, he says that he'll go later. Lucky prepares to receive a medal, he then turns to Maxie and asks her for another score. Lainey questions Carly's feelings for Sonny. Carly makes a last attempt to Nikolas to be apart of Little John's life but he says no. Sam is denied a job at "GH" by Iris Sneed after telling her about her personal life. Lucky tries to hide the pain as he receives a medal by Mayor Floyd. Ric warns Jason not to compromise Sonny's thereapy, Jason tells him to mind his own business. Maxie is upset when Lucky didn't thank her at the ceremony and threatens to tell Elizabeth how he's been getting the medication. Sonny admits to Lainey all the wrong thing he's done and all the people he's hurt and not wanting to do that ever again, especially the women in his life. Lucky gets agressive with Maxie when she drops the bag of pills off the pier and the two end up in a kiss. Ric sees Sam in a bathing suit out on the porch and immediately sees Ric looking at her.moreless
  • Ep. #11087
    Ep. #11087
    Episode 74
    Everyone at Jake's begin to have sexual fantasies about Carly. Lulu admits to Carly that she and Diego plotted to break up Georgie and Dillon. Emily persuades Sonny to get help immediately before it gets worse. Sam informs Jason that she has decided to make a life without him. Lulu tells the truth that Georgie never slept with Diego, but Dillon thinks she's covering for Georgie. Lucky and Elizabeth celebrate the anniversary of the day he asked her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #11086
    Ep. #11086
    Episode 73
    Nikolas mas sure all the passage was to Wyndemere were sealed so Helena can't see his son. Skye wants Robert's help in getting out of the country so Lorenzo can't find her. Robin is surprised that Patrick didn't tell Elizabeth about Lucky and Maxie and Patrick assures her that they did kiss on the pier. Lorenzo wants to know why Skye is sitting with Robert at the Metro Court. Carly asks Max to keep her from going back to Sonny's house. Anna continues to lean on Lorenzo to get information that she can use. Robin has second thought about moving, Kelly and Lainey say that change will do her good. Robert advises Skye to think about what she's doing cause if she goes there's no looking back. Helena tells Colleen that she controls Little John's future and not Nikolas and to keep informing her. Carly tells Ric that Sonny has a family that doesn't include him. Max gets into it with Ric at Jake's after insulting Carly, Ric then thinks Max has a thing for her.moreless
  • Ep. #11085
    Ep. #11085
    Episode 72
    Patrick sees Lucky and Maxie in an embrace on the pier. Sonny tells Jason can he accept Emily and him together now that Manny's dead. Tracy questions Dillon on whether or not he loves Lulu, Lulu is saddened when Dillon admits that he loves Georgie and not Lulu. Robert tells Lulu from his experience that rebound relationships never work. Jason informs Ric that he is not needed to help with Sonny anymore. Georgie tells Diego to keep kissing her, Diego says that he doesn't want to rush things and that he'll wait as long as it takes. Sonny defending Ric shocks both Jason and Carly. Lulu stuns Diego when she admits that she is in love with Dillonmoreless
  • Ep. #11084
    Ep. #11084
    Episode 71
    Jason tells Sonny that he'll offer to get him help. Tracy walks in on Dillon and Lulu in the boathouse having sex. Mayor Floyd wants to know why Alexis won't prosecute Jason for the murder of Juan Escobar. Sam moves back in with Ric and Alexis at the lakehouse. Carly tells Michael that Jason is going to try to get Sonny better. Sonny tells Jason why he doesn't hate him for trying to have him killed, Jason says that he regrets going up against Sonny. Robert talks to Lulu about her and Dillon's relationship but figures out Tracy sent him to talk to her. Maxie lies to Lucky that Elizabeth left the hospital and possibly meeting Patrick and Lucky and Maxie embrace in a kiss. Jason admits to Sonny that he feels responsible for his breakdown's.moreless
  • Ep. #11083
    Ep. #11083
    Episode 70
    Patrick thinks Lucky is still hooked on pain medication, and tells Elizabeth how well she really knows her husband. Ric thinks Alexis wants Jason free so that he can run the business and not Sonny. Geprgie wants Lulu to tell the truth that she didn't sleep with Diego, Dillon then shows up and tells Georgie not to blame Lulu for something that she did. Sam tells Jason that if she walks out the door she's not coming back, she takes off the necklace that Jason gave her and drops it in a janitor's mop bucket. Georgie asks Diego out on a date, Diego asks Georgie that if they get closer that she would have to be with him and only him. Ric attempted to look at Manny's file but was interrupted by Det. Rodriguez. Sam apologizes to Alexis for using her as a scapegoat, as a way for making her pay is to get on her good side.moreless
  • Ep. #11082
    Ep. #11082
    Episode 69
    Anna returns Lorenzo's phone and Robert spies on them at the Metro Court. Jason had a nightmare that Manny killed Sam, he wakes up to find Sam at his side. Alexis says to bury the evidence that proves Lucky didn't shoot Manny. Alan questions Maxie about the stolen Hydrocodone from the hospital. Anna wonders if Robert is jealous of Lorenzo spending time with her. Lucky says that he doesn't need Maxie's help anymore, and plants a kiss on him. Robert tells Skye that Anna has been assigned to Lorenzo and Skye admitted that he pulled strings to keep Diego from going back to prison. Skye informs Lorenzo that she's leaving town to have the baby and not to follow her. Jason tells Sam that they have no home or future together.moreless
  • Ep. #11081
    Ep. #11081
    Episode 68
    Jason is rushed into surgery after suffering a bullet wound to the shoulder. Sam lashes out at Alexis and Ric, thinking they don't care if Jason lives or dies. Sonny apologizes to Sam for not taking care of Manny sooner. Patrick tells everyone that Jason's surgery was successful, thinking that Jason died on the table Sonny pulls a gun on Lorenzo thinking he's the reason Jason died Lorenzo tries to tell Sonny that Jason is alive and that he's not thinking clearly. Lucky asks Maxie for Hydrocodone. Alexis learns that Manny was never shot by Lucky and doesn't want it to be made public. Diego wants his father to take over Sonny's territory and run Port Charles. Alan finds out some pills were taken from the medicine cabinet. A man with the same tattoo's as Manny identifies his body in the morgue.moreless
  • Ep. #11080
    Ep. #11080
    Episode 67
    Tracy tells Robert that he's fired from the Haunted Star and evicted from the Quartermaine Mansion. Jason bursts in with a gun pointed at Manny, he then tells Jason to lower his gun or he'll shoot Sam. Anna makes her move towards Lorenzo by bumping into him at the Metro Court. Alexis is overwhelmed with guilt about Manny abducting Sam in her own home. Manny fires and hits Jason and escapes after Lucky gets toppled by Manny. Tracy and Robert reach a compromise he keeps his job, and to find Luke. Robert confronts Anna about being on an assignment. Robin, Kelly, Lainey agree to live with each other as roommates. Manny and Jason square off on the roof of the hospital, Lucky shoots Manny and Jason throws him off the roof. Sam is shocked to learn that Alexis arrested Jason for real to get Manny to release her. Jason sees Manny's dead body lying in the pavement and then collapses in Elizabeth's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #11079
    Ep. #11079
    Episode 66
    Robert questions Anna's motives for being back in Port Charles. Robin tells her mother that she and Patrick are not seeing each other anymore. Manny puts Sam on a stretcher so that he can put his mark on her. Sonny tells Carly to get out after kissing her thinking that she wants him to cheat on Emily. Lorenzo tells Diego to come home with him where it's safe and that he can keep an eye on him. Dillon realizes that it was Lulu's first time having sex with him. Epiphany tells Jason that Manny's probably in one of the sub-basement's of "GH". Georgie overhears Dillon on the phone and learns that he slept with Lulu shortly after their fight. Lulu tells Diego on the pier that she feels guilty for breaking up Dillon and Georgie.moreless
  • Ep. #11078
    Ep. #11078
    Episode 65
    Anna Devane returns to Port Charles for a very important assignment. After their little love spat Lulu and Dillon start to make love and Georgie plants a kiss on Diego.
  • Ep. #11077
    Ep. #11077
    Episode 64
    Manny catches Sam as she tries to escape from his clutches. Lulu and Diego put their plan to break up Dillon and Georgie into action.
  • Ep. #11076
    Ep. #11076
    Episode 63
    It's the day of Justus Quartermaine's funeral as both Lainey and Edward mourn the man they lost. Luke goes to see Laura in the institution. Lorenzo warns Skye that he plans to be part of his child's life. Diego and Lulu manipulat Georgie and Diego. Patrick suggests to Carly that they have casual sex. Colleen scrambles to cover herself after Nikolas finds her and the baby with Helena.moreless
  • Ep. #11075
    Ep. #11075
    Episode 62
    At Jake's, Lulu has trouble believing Carly doesn't seem to want to help Sonny, especially after witnessing his strange behavior. At his apartment, Jason tries to convince Liz that in order to save Sam he needs her to relive the night that Manny kidnapped her.
  • Ep. #11074
    Ep. #11074
    Episode 61
    Jason goes to see Sam at the house and realises that she has been taken by Manny. Ric tries to take care of Sonny, who suffers a complete mental breakdown. Robin and Patrick manage to work things out.
  • Ep. #11073
    Ep. #11073
    Episode 60
    Kelly, Lainey, Elizabeth, Emily and Robin have another girl's night at Jake's. Lulu goes to Diego and tells him a plan to break up Georgie and Dillon. Sonny goes to Jake's and when Emily goes to the car, suddenly remembering how Lily died he hallucinates that the car "explodes". Lorenzo tells Jason that Manny Ruiz is alive and in Port Charles. Manny sneaks into Sam's room and tries to kidnap her.moreless
  • Ep. #11072
    Ep. #11072
    Episode 59
    Desperate to find out for sure whether or not Lorenzo has returned to the world of crime, Skye goes to Jason looking for answers. Ric continues to manipulate Sonny, using both Justus and Lily's deaths to play with Sonny's mind. Emily, Robin, Elizabeth and Kelly take Lainey to Jake's to help her remember Justus. Robin warns Nikolas that Carly isn't finished with little John yet. Sam moves back home with Alexis after a touching moment with Kristina.moreless
  • Ep. #11071
    Ep. #11071
    Episode 58
    Nikolas almost catches Helena and Colleen in the living room together. Sam continues to try to convince Jason that they can have a life together, but Jason is resistant. Luke comes up with a plan to save himself from Tracy. Max worries as Sonny becomes more unstable.
  • Ep. #11070
    Ep. #11070
    Episode 57
    Jason is convinced that had Justus not gone to the meeting in his stead that night that he would still be alive. Maxie is upset to see Lucky spending time with his wife.
  • Ep. #11069
    Ep. #11069
    Episode 56
    Manny drags Justus Ward's dead body from the warehouse. Ric denies what Sonny has to say, and tries to convince his brother that he's imagining things. Max is suspicious of Ric's behavior. Bobbie throws a surprise party for Nikolas and little John at Kelly's, where Lulu introduces Luke to Laura's first grandchild. Maxie tries to score more drugs for Lucky from a drug dealer. Robin stops by to see Jax and is faced with an extremely angry Carly, who vows to destroy her. Sam is pleased when Jason says she's going to stay with him until he tells her it's only for one night while he secures her new home. He's more determined than ever to stay away from her after a worried Lainey gets in touch with him and the condition at the warehouse convinces him that Justus met with foul play.moreless
  • Ep. #11068
    Ep. #11068
    Episode 55
    Nikolas interviews nannies for little John and sees one horrible applicant after another until Colleen McHenry walks in. Unfortunately, she works for Helena. Manny breaks into Sam's room at Kelly's, and Sam later calls Jason for help after realising someone has unpacked all of her things. Justus and Lainey look forward to their date that night. Sonny sees Lily when he looks at Emily in the white dress that Ric had bought and literally tears it off her, then blames her relationship with Nikolas. Jax and Carly say a heartbreaking goodbye to little John before taking him to Nikolas. Manny has an associate call Jason to set up a meeting between Jason and Lorenzo, but Justus shows up instead.moreless
  • Ep. #11067
    Ep. #11067
    Episode 54
    Justus explains to Lainey that the number 29 makes him nervous -- the connection the number has to his father, to his soccer jersey in high school, and to the only test he ever failed. Sam moves into Kelly's, unable to forgive Alexis for the role she played in Jason breaking up with her even though Jason tries to convince her that Alexis was not involved. Lorenzo explains to Diego that he agreed to broker a major weapons deal in order for his freedom.moreless
  • Ep. #11066
    Ep. #11066
    Episode 53
    Maxie is upset when Epiphany tells Derek that the shifts on the floor are being rotated after drugs turned up missing from lock-up, and realises she has to find a new way to get Lucky the drugs he needs. Jason denies Sam's accusations that Alexis is responsible for him walking away from her, and asks Stan to keep an eye on her. Lulu watches as Georgie and Dillon bond at her graduation party.moreless
  • Ep. #11065
    Ep. #11065
    Episode 52
    Lainey has a busy day as first Ric then Emily go to her seeking advice about Sonny. Ric uses his newfound knowledge to push his half-brother's buttons. Patrick believes Robin told Nikolas the truth in order to get revenge on Carly, who wants to know why Jax came clean about the truth knowing it would mean that he would lose little John. Elizabeth worries that Lucky might be addicted to painkillers after talking to Jason about the shoot-out. Manny manages to get close to Kristina without anyone noticing.moreless
  • Ep. #11064
    Ep. #11064
    Episode 51
    Jason privately tells Liz that the bullet removed from the dealer does not match Lucky's gun, and shares his suspicion that Lucky may have been high when the shoot went down. Nikolas doesn't believe Robin when she insists that he is baby John's father, but Jax confirms that she is telling the truth. Lorenzo is willing to do whatever he has to in order to keep his son out of jail, even if it means breaking his promise to Skye.moreless
  • Ep. #11063
    Ep. #11063
    Episode 50
    A pained Lucky goes to Maxie looking for more pain pills. Robin realises what's going on after catching Carly sneaking around in the hospital, and the two have an angry confrontation. Jason catches on to Sam's manipulations.
  • Ep. #11062
    Ep. #11062
    Episode 49
    Sam feigns being in danger to get Jason to come to her, not realising that she really is in danger from Manny. Carly is willing to go to any lengths to make sure that she and Jax don't lose John. Emily believes that Sonny's condition is treatable.
  • Ep. #11061
    Ep. #11061
    Episode 48
    While a 'dentist' hired by Nikolas distracts Jax and Carly, he snips off a lock of John's hair and takes it to Kelly to test. Emily invites Lainey over to observe Sonny, but all Lainey sees is a charming man. With Diego's help, Lulu blackmails Luke. Coleman is furious with Diego.moreless
  • Ep. #11060
    Ep. #11060
    Episode 47
    Sam tries to push Jason into admitting how much he still loves her, not realising that she's being spied on by Manny. Jax and Carly decide to keep John's paternity from Nikolas after realising how much of a player Helena is in his life.
  • Ep. #11059
    Ep. #11059
    Episode 46
    Lulu turns the tables on Diego, Luke and Coleman when she takes the money Diego stole from him. Emily and Alexis both end up dealing with Sonny as Emily worries about his gardening habits and Alexis confronts him about threatening her.
  • Ep. #11058
    Ep. #11058
    Episode 45
    Emily looks for Sonny and finds him gardening in the backyard. Georgie demands answers. Jason makes Sam an offer, but his criteria includes walking out of her life for good.
  • Ep. #11057
    Ep. #11057
    Episode 44
    Max worries about Sonny as it is becoming more and more obvious that Sonny is completely out of control. Alexis is upset when Ric doubts that Sonny threatened her after the two brothers talk. Jason continues to deny Sam a future together, insisting that they're over. Maxie again breaks the law to get help for Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #11056
    Ep. #11056
    Episode 43
    Lulu and Diego end up getting into trouble together. Lucky uses up his pain pills to get back on the force. Sam warns Alexis not to manipulat her. Lorenzo realises how much Jason is starting to relish his new position. Georgie and Dillon realise an annulment is out of the question.moreless
  • Ep. #11055
    Ep. #11055
    Episode 42
    Jason refuses to take Sam back, and Alexis tries to convince Sam to let go of Jason and stop putting all her faith in him. Jax and Carly interrupt before Robin and Patrick can make love again and Jax tells them that it's his cabin. Lucky continues to feel guilty about kissing Maxie at Jesse's graveside. Max steps in when he sees Sonny going after Nikolas with a wine bottle. Elizabeth signals Nikolas to go along with what is happening when Lucky gets angry with him for paying his hospital bills.moreless
  • Ep. #11054
    Ep. #11054
    Episode 41
    Alexis is frightened by Sonny's behavior, and Sonny's mood swings get worse when he catches Emily and Nikolas together. Robin and Patrick make love for the first time in a cabin after their car breaks down. Diego encourages Lulu to hook up with him in order to break up Dillon and Georgie. Sam shows up at Jason's door, followed closely by Alexis.moreless
  • Ep. #11053
    Ep. #11053
    Episode 40
    Jax catches Helena looking at little John. Dillon and Georgie agree to stay a couple, even though they won't be married anymore. Robert interrupts Patrick and Robin. Emily tries to talk to Jason for Sam's case, but ends up in danger.
  • Ep. #11052
    Ep. #11052
    Episode 39
    Jax catches Helena looking at little John. Dillon and Georgie agree to stay a couple, even though they won't be married anymore. Robert interrupts Patrick and Robin. Emily tries to talk to Jason for Sam's case, but ends up in danger.
  • Ep. #11051
    Ep. #11051
    Episode 38
    Dillon and Georgie agree to end their marriage. Edward has Robert move into the mansion in the hopes of driving Luke out. The threat of Helena convinces Robin that keeping quiet is the way to go. Sam softens toward Alexis after bonding with Kristina and Molly. Lorenzo warns Diego to stay away from Juan Escobar.moreless
  • Ep. #11050
    Ep. #11050
    Episode 37
    Dillon and Georgie admit to Lulu and Diego that they were too young to get married. Robin opts to keep quiet after Nikolas tells her he would keep Jax out of the baby's life if he were the father. Sam is so upset over Jason's decision that she experiences a setback. Patrick and Robin's lovemaking is interrupted. Nikolas takes Lulu to the prom. Elizabeth doesn't agree with Jason's decision.moreless
  • Ep. #11049
    Ep. #11049
    Episode 36
    Dillon walks into the prom and is shocked to see Georgie dancing with Diego, and Diego kissing her. Elizabeth tells Lucky she has been moonlighting as a private nurse. Robin wonders whether or not to tell the truth about John Michael's paternity. Alexis comforts Sam, who is heartbroken over Jason's decision.moreless
  • Ep. #11048
    Ep. #11048
    Episode 35
    Sonny tries to cover for his violent actions which seems to appease Emily, but Max privately tells Milo that there's something very wrong with Sonny. Nikolas is thrown off by the romantic dinner Maxie has planned for them at Kelly's and tries to convince her that there is no future for them. Jason is upset to find one of Escobar's men in Sam's room, and later, is upset when Alexis begs him to get out of Sam's life for her own safety. Luke is furious when Holly double-crosses him, then later he, Robert and Tracy get an unexpected surprise. Emily seeks advice from Lainey on how best to handle what is going on with Sonny. Maxie doesn't tell Nikolas the truth about John, but does confide in Robin.moreless
  • Ep. #11047
    Ep. #11047
    Episode 34
    Diego is upset with Maxie after realising what she convinced him to help her out with and tells her he won't help her any more. Sonny prepares a fabulous dinner for Emily, but loses his temper when things don't turn out how he thought they should. Luke says a passionate goodbye to Anna while pilfering the jewels. Dillon and Lulu decide to let Robin take the available plane seat so that she can get back to the States. Bernie warns Sam that there's something up with the Escobar family.moreless
  • Ep. #11046
    Ep. #11046
    Episode 33
    Jax prepares to tell Nikolas the truth about John, but Carly tells him not to give in to the blackmailer. Lucky writes himself a refill for his pain pills with a script stolen from Patrick. Holly and Luke plan to get the jewels and take off. Ric tries to convince Alexis that what she's doing to Sam and Jason isn't fair. Maxie and Diego pair up to call Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #11045
    Ep. #11045
    Episode 32
    Alexis drops the charges against Patrick, Elizabeth, Jason and Epiphany, but has Sam moved to another hospital. Holly realises that Dillon is rethinking his marriage to Georgie. Anna and Robert try to convince Robin that while they love each other, they just can't be together.
  • Ep. #11044
    Ep. #11044
    Episode 31
    Carly and Jane go head to head. Anna and Robert have a violent reunion, and Robin tries to make peace between her parents. Sonny tries to show Emily the new man he has become. Alexis has Patrick, Jason, Epiphany and Elizabeth arrested, even though Sam seems to be doing well.
  • Ep. #11043
    Ep. #11043
    Episode 30
    Noah and Patrick have it out over whether or not the operation would save Sam or kill her. Milo and Max admire the Maserati, but Sonny drives off with Emily, leaving Max worried that Sonny is too happy right now and it could only lead to danger. Luke and Robert battle each other to distract the bounty hunters. Carly introduces Jane Jacks to baby John Michael. Elizabeth agrees to help Patrick do the surgery despite the injunction. Alexis worries that she's making the wrong decision by not allowing the surgery.moreless
  • Ep. #11042
    Ep. #11042
    Episode 29
    Jason and Alexis cannot agree on Sam's surgery -- Jason is willing to do anything to save Sam, but Alexis is listening to Noah's concerns. Jason signs the consent form, but Alexis gets a court injunction to stop the surgery. Robin and Lulu do their best to convince their fathers that they're too old for all their adventures, but end up needing their help. Emily is taken aback when Sonny shows up at the house in a new Maserati, especially since he doesn't drive in Port Charles at all. Skye is upset when the Escobar family gives her and Lorenzo a lot of baby paraphernalia. Skye tries to convince Georgie not to ruin her relationship with Dillon by going to prom with Diego. The bounty hunters show up at the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #11041
    Ep. #11041
    Episode 28
    Sam's condition worsens as doctors reveal she is bleeding into her brain and while Noah believes surgery will kill Sam, Elizabeth is convinced Patrick could save her. Patrick is airlifted off the Maarkham Islands by Waldo, and gets back to Port Charles. Maxie is conflicted about what to do with her knowledge that Nikolas is John's father, and that Georgie asked Diego to the prom to spite Dillon. Diego steals Edward's car to get money to take Georgie to the prom.moreless
  • Ep. #11040
    Ep. #11040
    Episode 27
    Lucky tries to confirm his suspicions that Elizabeth is having an affair with Patrick. Jason and Alexis put aside their differences temporarily while standing vigil for Sam. Maxie sees Nikolas' anger over Alexis not being told Sam is her daughter as his way of expressing his upset that he's not baby John's father. Georgie asks Diego to be her date to the prom with Dillon being out of town.moreless
  • Ep. #11039
    Ep. #11039
    Episode 26
    Jax remains convinced that keeping the truth about little John's paternity is the right move and invites Carly and her sons to go to Australia with him. Lucky is convinced that Liz is cheating on him with Patrick, but Nikolas tries to convince him that he's just imagining things. Alexis finally believes Jason that she is Sam's mother and goes to the hospital to see her. Patrick, Robin, Dillon and Lulu head off to find Luke and Robert.moreless
  • Ep. #11038
    Ep. #11038
    Episode 25
    Jason learns that Sam's condition is not improving and makes the decision to go tell Alexis the truth while Monica stays with Sam. Dr. Meadows retires from service at General Hospital but, as her last official act, she requests to have little John's paternity test re-run. Luke and Robert try to convince Holly why she should save one of them and turn the other in. Ric is furious to realise how much Sonny still values Jason and starts a plan of his own. Mayor Floyd manipulates Alexis into taking over Durant's position.moreless
  • Ep. #11037
    Ep. #11037
    Episode 24
    Robin, Emily, Liz, Kelly and Lainey all end up at Jake's where each woman fantasizes about the perfect man -- Patrick. Ric tries to convince Sonny that now is the time to move against Jason while he's worrying about Sam. Durant and Carly are able to make peace with each other, but Durant is shot.moreless
  • Ep. #11036
    Ep. #11036
    Episode 23
    Carly and Durant end up under fire from Manny Ruiz as he has them cornered in the empty house near hers. Jason realises Sam is getting worse and needs to know if she wants Alexis to know that she's her mother. Noah begs Patrick not to try the same risky surgery that killed his mother but he does it anyway, losing his patient.moreless
  • Ep. #11035
    Ep. #11035
    Episode 22
    Jason and Sam worry that as a result of her shooting she may need to have an emergency hysterectomy. Michael overhears Carly saying that she believes Sonny ordered the hit on Jason. Robin is upset when Patrick admits he's only interested in casual sex.
  • Ep. #11034
    Ep. #11034
    Episode 21
    Emily is horrified to learn that Sonny put out the hit on Jason, but Sonny finds out that his hitman is not the one who shot Sam. Jason worries when the severity of Sam's injuries may result in her having an emergency hysterectomy. Carly wants to cut Sonny out of his sons' lives.moreless
  • Ep. #11033
    Ep. #11033
    Episode 20
    Carly initially draws Jax' name for the bachelor auction, but Jax has her put his name back in and tells her she should choose last. Emily draws Patrick, Bobbie draws Nikolas, Liz draws Lorenzo, Lulu draws Dillon, Sam draws Ric, Maxie draws Diego, Georgie draws Noah, Robin draws Jax, and Carly draws Sonny but ends up with Max, who is filling in for an absentee Sonny. Max later fantasizes about Carly telling everyone that she is in love with him. Jax fills Robin in on Carly asking him to marry her, which leaves her speechless. Sam throws her drink on Ric and ends up commisserating with Patrick. Sonny calls the hitman and gets his voicemail, trying to call off the hit on Jason. Monica gives Skye advice about motherhood. Just as the hitman is preparing to shoot Jason, Sam rushes to meet him and they turn while embracing, resulting in Sam getting shot.moreless
  • Ep. #11032
    Ep. #11032
    Episode 19
    Emily tells Sonny they should break things off to keep Jason safe rather than send him to prison but he says no. After he leaves, though, she packs her bags. Jax is shocked when Carly pops the question. Lucky is convinced that Patrick and Liz are having an affair and Nikolas has to take his medicated half-brother's gun away from him. Luke manages to get Robert right where he wants him.moreless
  • Ep. #11031
    Ep. #11031
    Episode 18
    Sam is furious with Sonny after learning he's given a statement to Alexis implicating Jason in Escobar's shooting in order to save himself. Carly recruits Nikolas and Patrick to participate in the bachelor auction but doesn't want Jax taking part. Dillon thinks he has caught Tracy and Robert in a compromising position. Lucky realises Patrick and Liz are keeping secrets from him.moreless
  • Ep. #11030
    Ep. #11030
    Episode 17
    Ric defends Sonny, which puts him at odds with Alexis, who is prosecuting the case as the new assistant district attorney. Sonny is upset to learn that Jason has put him under his wing. Carly tells Jax that if he does plan to tell Nikolas that he's John Michael's father he can't wait too long. Diego is arrested for grand theft auto.moreless
  • Ep. #11029
    Ep. #11029
    Episode 16
    Escobar pays Jason a visit, and tells him that in order for his transition into a new mob boss to set in smoothly, Sonny must be eliminated. Sonny calls the families in for a conference, but he is rejected. Outside, Jason aims at Sonny with a sniper rifle, and fires a shot. Jax and Carly discuss his secret, and after Jax defends himself, Carly agrees to keep his secret for the moment, but wonders how things will be between her and Jax now that he has told her, even though she already knew. Robin and Patrick are in the moment, and about to have sex, but Robin stops completely, and has second thoughts about the risks. Patrick then accuses Robin of using her HIV status as an excuse not to enjoy life and be spontaneous, while Robin finds Patrick guilty of not being able to actually emotionally bond with someone. However, just when Patrick and Robin do begin to bond, a date with a nurse from the hospital that Patrick had arranged earlier shows up. Lulu, Dillon, and Alice lock Robert in the Quartermaine freezer to protect Luke. Robert, however, frees himself, only to be knocked out once again by Tracy.moreless
  • Ep. #11028
    Ep. #11028
    Episode 15
    Robert pumps Lulu for information after realising that she has been in contact with Luke. Robin breaks up a chat between Elizabeth and Patrick for Lucky's sake, but Patrick assumes she's jealous. Milo and Max manage to get Sonny to the house, where his friends and family surprise him with a birthday celebration. Robin stops by the Quartermaine manse to see Robert. Alexis accepts the job as assistant district attorney. Sonny is put on the spot when Michael wants to know what's up between him and Jason. Jax has furniture for John dropped off at Carly's place. A mysterious person looks at photographs of the Port Charles citizens on a computer, then takes pictures of Sonny's birthday party from outside the window.moreless
  • Ep. #11027
    Ep. #11027
    Episode 14
    Lucky ignores doctor's orders and wheels himself around the hospital, coming in on a moment between Elizabeth and Patrick that he misconstues. Skye and Lorenzo grow closer as he swears to her that he's leaving his criminal life in the past. Noah is determined to prove that he's a better surgeon than his son.moreless
  • Ep. #11026
    Ep. #11026
    Episode 13
    Lulu gives Dillon advice on how to keep his marriage with Georgie strong. Carly asks Emily to walk away from Sonny for his sake and Jason's. Ric is convinced that Alexis is up to something, not knowing that Durant has asked her to be the assistant district attorney again. Emily tries to convince Lucky not to overwork himself.moreless
  • Ep. #11025
    Ep. #11025
    Episode 12
    Georgie tells Dillon that she's willing to agree to an annulment if he cannot accept that she is friends with Diego. Jason nearly kills Sonny after Emily is knocked down, but Emily and Max stop him. Nikolas tries to convince Robin to give Robert another chance. Jax pays off the lab technician to keep quiet.moreless
  • Ep. #11024
    Ep. #11024
    Episode 11
    Skye turns down Lorenzo's offer of marriage. Tracy is furious when Luke leaves her standing at the altar. Emily is knocked down when she gets between Jason and Sonny. Robin is reinstated at the hospital. Carly keeps Nikolas from learning the truth about John.
  • Ep. #11023
    Ep. #11023
    Episode 10
    Sonny and Emily talk about his fractured relationship with Jason and Sonny wants to make amends with his best friend, but is upset after learning that Jason has been taking over the business in his absence. Jason lays his ultimatum for Sonny out on the table -- the business or Emily -- and is surprised when Sonny seems prepared to honest consider what he has to say. Carly learns that Nikolas is baby John's true father, but doesn't say anything about what she knows.moreless
  • Ep. #11022
    Ep. #11022
    Episode 9
    Jason makes it clear to Max that he plans to make Sonny choose between the business and Emily, assuming that Sonny will choose his business, but Max worries that Sonny will choose to have his cake and eat it too. Nikolas tries to comfort Maxie after Jesse's funeral, but all she wants to do is numb the pain with alcohol. Liz is horrified to realise that because Lucky was technically unemployed at the time he was injured, neither of their insurances will cover his hospital stay. Lulu begs the Quartermaines to stick around for Luke and Tracy's vow renewal as Robert plans to extradite Luke back to the Maarkham Islands.moreless
  • Ep. #11021
    Ep. #11021
    Episode 8
    All of Port Charles attend Jesse's funeral. Lulu and Luke bring Lucky to the service against the doctor's wishes with Lucky pumped up on morphine. After the service Lulu confronts Diego and tells him to leave Georgie and Dillon alone and Georgie tells her to back off. Maxie heads to the Haunted Star to get drunk but Nikolas catches her.moreless
  • Ep. #11020
    Ep. #11020
    Episode 7
    Sam and Emily both worry about the growing rift between Jason and Sonny as Jason attempts to take down Manny once Elizabeth manages to free herself. Lulu spies on George and Diego talking together. Lucky undergoes exploratory surgery after having hurt his back in the fracas with Manny. Jax and Carly plan to spend the night together after she hears him defending her to Alexis. Robin operates on Patrick despite Noah's planned lawsuit and her own suspension. Jason believes that Manny survived, even after the boat explosion. Maxie refuses to let herself grieve for Jesse.moreless
  • Ep. #11019
    Ep. #11019
    Episode 6
    Manny manages to escape from the hospital with Elizabeth, Lucky in hot pursuit. Jason arrives on the scene as Manny holds a knife to Elizabeth's throat. Robin is suspended by Alan as a result of performing the transplant surgery without Noah's consent. Patrick attempts to intervene on her behalf, but collapses. Nikolas, still in pain after Emily's insistence that she loves Sonny, finds Sam's file on Alexis. Sam is prepared to tell Alexis that she is her daughter until Alexis again starts in on Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #11018
    Ep. #11018
    Episode 5
    As Sonny and Emily stand up to the Quartermaines, Alan firmly kicks Emily out of the Quartermaine mansion until she has stopped seeing Sonny. Meanwhile, when the pair arrive back at Sonny's place, Carly is there, and warns them about Jason. All three of them agree that it would be best for Sonny and Jason to settle their differences immediately, but Carly insists that in order for that to work, Emily must be taken away. So, upon Emily's answer, Carly does the job herself. Jason and Sonny square off when he arrives, just as Carly and Emily leave. Lucky, determined to stop Manny, heads to the hospital to capture him. However, Elizabeth finds herself Manny's hostage after he grabs her when she tries to save Skye. Sam asks Father Coates for advice on her dilenma with Alexis, just as Alexis walks into the graveyard. Noah begins to come out of his coma.moreless
  • Ep. #11017
    Ep. #11017
    Episode 4
    The Quartermaines are furious with the newspaper article detailing Sonny's relationship with Emily, and Sonny faces their ire while Ric and Carly also make their opinions known. Sam is upset when Alexis makes her objections to her and Jason's relationship very clear. Jax helps Carly protect Michael and Morgan.
  • Ep. #11016
    Ep. #11016
    Episode 3
    Jason warns Emily that Sonny will destroy her, then turns his back on her when she refuses to stop seeing him. Georgie yearns for a normal marriage with Dillon, but he reminds her they aren't just any other couple. Lorenzo promises Skye that he will make sure that no danger ever touches their child. Liz encourages Lucky to get his job back, even though he still feels guilty about Jesse. Alexis tells Sam that the daughter she gave up for adoption died years earlier. Diego is upset at the bond between Georgie and Dillon.moreless
  • Ep. #11015
    Ep. #11015
    Episode 2
    Jason believes Sam is siding with Sonny and sends her away from him. Sonny and Carly try to ensure that Michael and Morgan won't be touched by what is going on with Sonny's business. Lucky quits the force, blaming himself for Jesse's death. Durant attempts to manipulate Jason. Patrick, Robin and Epiphany break the rules to use Patrick's liver for Noah, and Robin struggles to save Patrick when things go south. Nikolas admits that he is still in love with Emily, but will not stop her from being happy with Sonny. Luke goes after Lorenzo when Liz confirms that he switched the charts during the epidemic, but Skye intervenes.moreless
  • Ep. #11014
    Ep. #11014
    Episode 1
    In the wake of the shootout in Sonny and Emily's hotel room, Sonny, Jason, and Emily are taken to the station for questioning, with Nikolas helping Emily avoid the paparazzi. Durant blackmails Sonny, threatening to humiliate Emily, while Emily feels horrible when Jason rejects her. As Michael and Morgan see Sonny, Jason, and Emily on the News, Carly makes up an explanation. Meanwhile, as the boys are sent to bed, Jax tells Carly that she can go to the police station to bail Sonny out if she wishes and he will watch the boys, but Carly refuses, and soon figures out that Jax is testing her, making her furious. Lucky feels furious, as he thinks that Sonny is responsible for Jesse's death. However, Nikolas convinces him otherwise, telling Lucky that he doesn't think Sonny would order a hit in a place where children would be present. As Alcazar fears he and Skye may be seperated permanantly, Manny gives Luke the information that Alcazar played God between Lulu and Skye during the epidemic, in the hopes that Luke will go after Alcazar. During Noah's surgery, Robin and Patrick learn that Jesse's liver wasn't a match for Noah, and in the heat of the moment to save his father, Patrick decides to make himself a living donor.moreless