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  • Fri, Dec 24, 2010
    Fri, Dec 24, 2010
    Episode 12.24.10
    The Metro Court Hostage Crisis, Part 2
  • Ep. #11775
    Ep. #11775
    Episode 505
    Lulu tells Maxie that she knows that she's lying cause the band she said played never showed up, Spinelli says that he has faith in Maxie and believes her. Jason gives Sam, Spinelli's half of the start up fund for the detective agency. Ethan greets Alexis when she comes by and offers to make her a drink, Luke shows up and warns him that Alexis is the D.A. Rebecca kisses Nikolas and apologizes. Carly gets Patrick to examine Michael, thinking this is what she's been praying for and calls Jason and tells him what she saw. Lulu cautions Maxie that if she's lying and is trying to make a move on Johnny she won't see the end of it. Luke tells Alexis to look in her purse for her wallet, she looks and sees that it's missing, Ethan miraculously "finds it" on the floor, Luke says to make himself scarce before Alexis decides to take him downtown. Nikolas offers to have Alfred fix up one of the guest rooms, but Rebecca insists on going home. Patrick tells Carly that what she saw was only a involuntary movement or muscle spasm, Jax tells Carly that Michael did in fact move his hand. Alexis and Luke talk about Rebecca and her resemblance to Emily and that Nikolas and Lucky are fighting over her and sees a change in Nikolas's behaviour and that he's starting to act like Stefan. Spinelli confronts Johnny on the pier and that he saw through his and Maxie's lies and wants to know where they really were tonight. Ethan comes to return Lulu's scarf that she left, Maxie didn't invite him in, Lulu then sees Maxie with Ethan in the living room, Maxie wants to know how they know each other. Carly tells Jason what Patrick told her and thinks that he's wrong. Jax watches the DVD and then destroys it. Nikolas tells Alexis that Rebecca has breast cancer and will see her through whether she likes it or not. Lulu overhears Maxie talk on the phone about keeping the secret from her. Rebecca gets a call and says that she doesn't think she can do this anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #11774
    Ep. #11774
    Episode 504
    Rebecca tells Nikolas that the doctor found something and will need a biopsy. Spinelli tells Jason that he's faking being ill so Maxie won't go with Johnny tonight, Maxie says he doesn't have to pretend. Carly tells Jax that it's his guilt that brought him to Michael's room. Claudia manages to hide Ric before Sonny enters the room. Lulu apologizes to Johnny about wanting to change him. Claudia worried that Sonny will find Ric in the room. Lulu tells Johnny to go with Maxie tonight and they'll finish their conversation later. Claudia calls Johnny while he's en route with Maxie, that she needs him right away. Nikolas offers to take Rebecca back to Wyndemere and he'll take care of her. Maxie and Johnny move an unconscious Ric out of Sonny's house. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she's grateful for what he said to the doctor and spared her feelings. Lulu receives a call and she and Spinelli learn that Maxie and Johnny never made it to the club. Jason walks in on Claudia and Sonny in a close moment. Carly tells Jax that she wants to be thankful for what she has including him. Ric is dropped off at Mercy, while Johnny and Maxie quickly leave. Rebecca asks Nikolas to put his arms around her. Lulu catches Maxie in a lie and she says she knows they didn't go to where they were headed. Ric vows to make Claudia pay for drugging him. Rebecca and Nikolas find a new appreciation for one another. Carly comes back to turn the light off and she sees Michael moving his hand.moreless
  • Ep. #11773
    Ep. #11773
    Episode 503
    The doctor tells Rebecca that he found something and needs an ultra sound to do some more tests, Rebecca then holds Nikolas's hand. Jason tells Sonny that he wants to speak with him alone, Sonny says he can say it in front of Ric since he saved his life. Claudia starts her plan against Ric by drugging his drink with the sleeping pills that she got. Carly wonders if she's interrupting something between Jax and Olivia and asks why Jerry is on the computer. Robin continues to lay into Patrick about him going to Carly about his post partum depression and storms out of the house. Rebecca asks Nikolas to wait for her until her examination is overwith. Jax tells Carly that Jerry is alive and apparently survived the boat explosion, Carly wants to listen to what he has to say but Jax says that it isn't necessary. Sonny tells Jason that Ric stays and that he knows how to handle Ric. Nikolas tells Monica that Rebecca about her mammogram and thinks that it's too much of a coincidence that Emily had breast cancer as well, Monica says that Paige didn't have any family. Patrick tells Sonny that Robin's condition is pretty much destroying their family. Jason runs into Robin and she openly admits to being a failure as a wife and mother and wonders why everything has gone wrong. Ric tells Claudia that the only way to keep him quiet if she takes him to bed. Patrick tells Sonny that Robin took off the other night when they were supposed to have dinner and ended up at a hotel and under a different name. Ric tells Claudia to start to get undressed as has the drugged drink. Jason explains to Robin that it's probably hurting Patrick too. Ric tells Claudia to be very careful cause he has a surprise in "the event of his death". Robin apolgizes to Patrick when he comes on the pier the way she blew up at him earlier. Jax goes to see Michael and tells him that his brother Jerry was apart of the operation that had him shot, Carly then walks in the room. Ric starts to feel the affects of the sleeping pills, Claudia wants him to tell her where the DVD is, Sonny then knocks on the door.moreless
  • Ep. #11772
    Ep. #11772
    Episode 502
    Nikolas offers to wait for Rebecca after her exam, Lucky comes in and accuses of following Rebecca and Nikolas fills him in on her having a mammagram. Olivia tells Jax if he watched that DVD that he got in the mail. Patrick tells Elizabeth why should he let Robin anywhere near Emma since she up and abandoned her, Robin then overhears everything. Luke and Ethan set their plan in motion as the enter the mansion, but Tracy comes in the room and sees that Ethan is trying to lift Edward's phone. Claudia calls Ric's bluff and says to go ahead and tells Sonny, Ric tells Sonny that Claudia's been lying to him. Patrick goes to Carly for advice on how she dealt with her depression, she says that she wouldn't have gotten through with it if it weren't for Jason. Olivia walks in on Jax watching that DVD with his brother, but is too late when he tries to turn it off, Jax reveals to her what Jerry did, Olivia insists that he destroy it. The nurse tells Rebecca that they're going to need more pictures. Ric tells Claudia that as long as she comes through for him in getting the evidence against Jason, her secret is safe, when Ric leaves she makes an appointment to get some sleeping pills. Tracy is amazed at how well Luke and Ethan worked together it as long as if they were, but then says for them to leave. Patrick comes home and tells Robin that she'll have his support. Ric warns Sonny about an assassination attempt at the meeting today, he's grateful and says for him to sit in on the Zacchara meetings from now on. Robin is mad that Patrick talked with Carly behind his back as Mercedes comes over to take care of Emma. Jax insists on tells Carly everything, but Olivia thinks it's a bad idea, she then walks in.moreless
  • Ep. #11771
    Ep. #11771
    Episode 501
    Nikolas argues with Lucky about hanging out with a woman that resembles his dead wife, Rebecca arrives and overhears, Elizabeth shows up and tells them that they have an audience. Claudia tells Johnny that Ric watched one of Jerry's DVD's and knows the truth. Jason tells Ric that he's going to find out the leverage that he's has and is going to get rid of him once and for all. Robin tries to make things better with Patrick and says that she asked Lainey to come over to talk with her. Edward comes to the Casino looking for Tracy and meets Ethan and Luke shows up in time to see him steal Edward's wallet, and tells him to give it back. Patrick apologizes to Matt when he was right about Robin going through post partum depression. Robin tells Lainey that she can't do this and up and leaves. Tracy asks Ethan to give Edward his wallet and says she could use someone like him and enlists him to steal Edwards PDA. Luke secretly tells Ethan they run they're little scam and cut Tracy, they don't know that she's listening in. Ric offers to get evidence against Jason and Sonny for Rayner. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she likes Lucky but that's as far as it goes. Robin confides in Jason that she forgot her child at Kelly's and then headed to Rochester. Winnifred gives Sam and Spinelli the bad news that she was terminated by the F.B.I., Spinelli offers a solution to give her a job with their detective agency. Ric tells Claudia to help him get evidence on both Jason and Sonny or he'll give the DVD to Sonny. Nikolas overhears Rebecca as she goes into have her mamagram.moreless
  • Ep. #11770
    Ep. #11770
    Episode 500
    Patrick walks away after seeing Brad and Robin kiss. Agent Rayner says that whatever evidence that he has is also against him to. Claudia is worried that Ric is going to tell Sonny the truth, but instead wants her input about him being an asset to the organization. The agent asks Sam for her I.D. badge, Winnifred comes and says she's been looking for her. Agent Rayner tells Diane that Jason and Spinelli are going to be arrested for multiple charges. Lulu and Johnny get into an argument about him rushing off to Sonny's to attend a Mob summit, she then storms off, Spinelli and Maxie tell him to go after her and say that he didn't mean it. Spinelli tells Johnny that he knows that he and Maxie almost made love that night at the garage, the F.B.I comes and arrests Spinelli. Claudia tells Ric that she despises him and says that he's a parasite. Jax does what it takes to keep Carly from watching that DVD. Patrick comes home and says that Robin is still in Rochester and tells Elizabeth that he saw her kissing another guy. Jax continues to listen as Jerry confesses to obeying orders from Claudia in Michael's shooting. Sonny is stunned when Claudia suggests that there maybe a place for Ric. Winnifred gets the Agent out of the way and allows Sam to gain access to the file room. Elizabeth tells Patrick that she knows exactly how he's feeling right now. Maxie tells Johnny that if she loses Spinelli that'll be it for she'll close off on getting close to anyone else. Diane demands that Agent Rayner produce the evidence against Spinelli at once or else she'll have him written up. Sam manages to get into the computer and is able to destroy the evidence against Spinelli. Robin returns home and admits she has post-partum depression.moreless
  • Ep. #11769
    Ep. #11769
    Episode 499
    Jax watches as Jerry admits to being in cahoots with Ian Devlin and Claudia ordering the hit on Sonny that caused Michael to get shot. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Mac found Robin in Rochester and they had difference of opinion in who's gonna bring her home. Spinelli and Winnifred attempt to hack into Agent Rayner's laptop, but someone then enters the room and the two hide and then realize that it's Sam. Jax quickly turns off the TV to keep Carly from seeing it and says that he broke the rules and says he was on a business call, Carly says she could've sworn she heard Jerry's voice. Robin and Brad pour a drink for one another. Johnny tells Lulu that something came up and has to go to Sonny's for a party with all the representatives. Agent Rayner listens in as Sonny mentions going with another distributor, Sonny's then puzzled when Jason offers to work the books. Jason gets into a fight with Ric and purposely ruins his wire at the Mob summit. Lulu tells Maxie that she thought that Johnny was done with the mob completely and the first chance her gets he goes to a mob meeting. Robin(or "Nancy") opens up to Brad and says that she's drowing in all the problems of her life. Patrick then heads off to get Robin and to bring her home. Agent Rayner calls Jason and tells him to come to his office right away. Sonny makes his announcement that he's back in charge, Johnny then steps in and says that he has faith in him. Carly sits down and finds the DVD behind the pillow on the couch. Agent Rayner tells Jason that they're widening the search for Spinelli and that he too is under arrest. Sam gets caught trying to steal the evidence against Spinelli. Patrick arrives to see Brad and Robin kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #11768
    Ep. #11768
    Episode 498
    Jason refuses to do what Agent Rayner wants him to do, Rayner once again threatens that Spinelli will be arrested within the hour and do know where he is. Carly and Jax head to their suite, she finds something is his robe pocket and asks what it is. Spinelli realizes that Winnifred is doubting his ability to stay under the radar of the feds. Sonny asks Claudia if she's looking for a reason to get out of their marriage. Patrick and Maxie tell Mac that whenever they'd bring up post partum depression, Robin would get angry and shut down. "Nancy" tells Brad that she'll be able to stay in Rochester for a few more days. Maxie tells Mac that the last thing that Robin wouldn't want to see them fighting over her and wishes them both luck in finding Robin. Sam tells Agent Rayner that he had no right to slow the process of her P.I. license, she grabs something hoping she can gain access to the evidence. Sonny instructs Max not to let anyone to have a gun while the party is going on. Jason tells Diane that Agent Rayner wants him to wear a wire to Sonny's gathering tonight. Jax wants to put the DVD on the player, but Carly wants to do something else in stead. Maxie tells Spinelli that he'd better come back to her. Sonny says that Ric should be here since he does work for the Zacchara's. Jason listens to Rayner and wears a wire to the Mob summit. Diane cautions Max to be careful what he says and who he says it to. Robin and Brad return to the bar and discuss the movie they saw and she plants a kiss on him. Ric shows Claudia the DVD and she knows that he knows. Mac tells Patrick where to find Robin, Mac then says to bring her home safe. Jax plays the DVD and is shocked when he sees his brother Jerry on it.moreless
  • Ep. #11767
    Ep. #11767
    Episode 497
    Olivia has the envelope containing the DVD, Sonny tells Olivia that she shouldn't open it. Robin tells Brad that she's flattered that he asked her out. Spinelli tells Winnifred that he can't talk to Jason cause he was supposed to remain confined to Maxie's apartment and didn't oblige. Jax tells the minister that he wants to make it official with Carly, so he then starts the ceremony. Alexis tells Jason that she went to see Agent Rayner and she saw Winnifred under his desk and when she got him in the hall she saw Spinelli, Jason then thanks for telling him. Ruth asks "Nancy" to hold her baby while she goes in the back room for something, Robin enjoys holding the baby and decides to head on home. Jason lays into Spinelli for being seen and he was lucky that Alexis came to him and not Rayner. Claudia tells Johnny that he'll have to change his clothes if he's attending the party tonight. Maxie hears Jason telling Spinelli that it might come that he'll have to take him out of the country, Maxie says that it's all Winnifred's fault. Sonny tells Alexis that there's going to be a party tonight with all the territories and says that the city will be at peace. Mac blames Patrick and asks what he said to make her run away and leave her baby behind. Johnny tells Sonny that he doesn't want to see his sister get hurt, Sonny says that Claudia doesn't want to leave him. Jax and Carly go on the elevator to their suite to enjoy their honeymoon. Maxie tells Mac that there have been times that she thinks that something is seriously wrong with Robin. Robin takes Brad up on his offer to go dancing. Agent Rayner comes to see Jason cause he knows that Sonny is having a Mob summit, and Jason will be wearing a wire and his man on the inside. Olivia gives Jax the mysterious envelope.moreless
  • Ep. #11766
    Ep. #11766
    Episode 496
    Patrick tells Elizabeth that he's worried about Robin, he then gets a call from Mac saying that she's okay, Patrick wonders why she wouldn't call him her husband. Ruth is amazed at "Nancy's" knowledge of Brad's scar and thinks she sounds like a doctor. Marty and Olivia assure Jax that everything is being taken care of for his re-wedding to Carly. Alexis discovers Winnifred under the desk and tries to keep Agent Rayner from seeing her, Alexis sees Spinelli outside the door and keeps Rayner from seeing him, she says for him that he wants ten minutes of his time. Spinelli then tries to help Winnifred with a daunting task but ends up having a problem. Sonny tells Carly that he can't make it to Morgan's karate class and promises that he'll make it up to him. Lulu wants to know how that lipstick got on Johnny's collar, Maxie lies and says that it could've gotten on there by anyone at the party. Patrick goes to Jake's and Coleman tries to introduce him to Jeff Burton, but he doesn't realize who he is, when he finally sees that it's Jeff Burton he realizes he just made an ass out of himself. Carly is speechless when she sees what Jax has planned for their wedding. Brad asks "Nancy" that he wants to take her out but she declines his offer. Olivia looks through Jax's mail and finds a one of the incriminating DVD's.moreless
  • Ep. #11765
    Ep. #11765
    Episode 495
    Agent Rayner tells Jason that he's here for Spinelli, but isn't at his penthouse and asks where he is, he then goes as far as threatening to put Sam's P.I. license on hold. Maxie tells Spinelli(who's holding at Maxie and Lulu's apartment) to stay hidden cause Lulu is there with him. Kate tries to get ahold of Maxie to tell Jax about the meeting, Carly arrives on the pier and says that he won't make it cause he and her are renewing their vows this afternoon. Agent Rayner tells Jason that he'll rescind the order for Spinelli if he does what he asks. Nikolas tells Alexis that he's now accustomed to seeing a woman with a face that looks like Emily, Lucky then comes in and he starts to feel jealous about Rebecca and his brother's blossoming friendship. Winnifred learns that Lulu also knows the situation, Spinelli says that he can trust Lulu. Maxie and Johnny are trapped in a limo with a flat tire. Alexis learns that Sam was threatened by Agent Rayner to stall her license as an investigator and says no one messes with her daughter. Winnifred gets a page from Agent Rayner about the APB on Spinelli saying that he's armed and dangerous, which delights him very much and shares his news with Jason. Maxie and Johnny start making out passionately in the back of the limo. Carly comes to Jason thinking that she just wants to be happy with Jax and have a future with him. Winnifred hacks into Rayner's computer and then hears him coming and quickly hides, Alexis talks with Agent Rayner in his office and comes close to finding a hidden Winnifred. Lulu sees lipstick on Johnny's collar and asks how it got there. Nikolas admits to Lucky that he can't stand see him flirt with Rebecca in fron of him, and the brothers get into it.moreless
  • Ep. #11764
    Ep. #11764
    Episode 494
    Robin finds herself at a bar in Rochester, and introduces herself as "Nancy" and isn't married and has no children. Spinelli panics when Maxie threatens to sleep with Johnny. Sam tells Jason that they should bring Spinelli back home with them and hide him under Rayner's radar, Winnifred shows up and says that Spinelli doesn't have to go anywhere. Kate wants to discuss Johnny's next appearance at a fashion show, but Johnny refuses. Patrick has to perform surgery, so he tells Elizabeth to call Robin and say that he can't make it, Robin ignores her phone. Sam tells Jason now that with Winnifred's upgrade in her security she'll have access to the evidence against Spinelli. Carly and Jax anticipate a happy ending together, Diane then shows up with some post-nuptial agreement papers. Claudia that the party she's going to throw is gonna raise a lot of money for the Michael Corinthos foundation. Robin learns that Ruth(the bartendar) has a baby daughter and brought her to work so she can keep an eye on her. The mysterious person who stole the DVD plays it and learns of Claudia's part in Michael's shooting. Jason tells Sam that he thought he'd be able to protect Michael from the guns and the violence, Sonny calls Jason and asks him to come home right away to announce that he's back in charge. Robin settles into a room at a hotel near the bar. Spinelli says that he's not going to be seperated from Maxie. Ric turns out to be the one watching the DVD.moreless
  • Ep. #11763
    Ep. #11763
    Episode 493
    Patrick sees Robin and says he knows what's bothering her, and that he shouldn't have went and told Matt about their personal problems. Nikolas tells Rebecca that he did not follow her and them being at the hospital is coincidental. Claudia asks Sonny about Michael, Sonny says she doesn't want him to answer that question. Maxie tells Spinelli that he had her worried sick when he went on the lam and says it's all Winnifred's fault. Jason tells Winnifred that if the F.B.I gets word and will arrest Spinelli and won't let him go a second time, and says she has to make it look like she apprehended the art theives by themselves. Nikolas finds himself jealous of Lucky and Rebecca's friendship. Robin doesn't tell Patrick that she went off and completley forgot about Emma at Kelly's. Carly asks Jax where the perfect place to renew their vows. The cop tells Winnifred that he notified the feds and he is to keep her here. Jason tells Maxie that Spinelli is not going back to Port Charles. Elizabeth arrives and Robin is worried that she'll say something but ends up doesn't. Maxie then storms off after yelling at Jason for not protecting Spinelli. Agent Rayner lashes at Winnifred for interrupting his well deserved vacation and doesn't believe that she purposely prevented an art heist. Elizabeth realizes that Nikolas saw Lucky and Rebecca together. Sam wants to destroy the F.B.I's evidence against Spinelli. Winnifred thinks that she'll be fired but Agent Rayner says that the Bureau is talking about her already. Spinelli goes after Maxie and she then admits that she truly loves him. Matt apologizes to Patrick for interfering. Robin then takes her car onto the interstate.moreless
  • Ep. #11762
    Ep. #11762
    Episode 492
    An unseen Emma remains in her stroller at Kelly's. Robin takes action at Mercy when a bunch of patients come in. Sonny comes by Michael's room and learns that the test results came and weren't good. Nikolas tells Robin that he's worried that when he goes into the meeting of the rebulding of GH they're mention Rebecca. Ethan continues to look at a picture of Luke and Robert Lucky then accuses him of stealing that wallet and they get into a fist fight, which is broken up by Rebecca. Sam, Jason, Maxie and Winnifred arrive at the auction place hoping to save Spinelli from Cassandra's clutches, Maxie and Winnifred get into it, Jason says for them to stay there while they go look for Spinelli. Lulu tells Tracy and Luke that Johnny is opening up his own garage and they're going to be his first customers. Nikolas asks Robin to give Emma his love, she then remembers leaving baby Emma at Kelly's so she hurries over, running past Rebecca and Lucky and makes up a lie about going to get her cell from the car. Johnny tells Lulu that she doesn't need him getting him any customers and making him out to be a charity case. Spinelli attempts to subdue of the henchmen, Jason then shows up and saves him. Maxie stalls Cassandra as long as possible, Jason then arrives and Winnifred places them all under arrest. Jax tells Carly the idea of divorcing her so he can marry her all over again. Nikolas sees Lucky and Rebecca getting friendly in the hotel lobby. Sonny calls Robin and asks to keep their conversation between them and wants her to look at Michael's test results and do her own examination, cause he feels not to give up on Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #11761
    Ep. #11761
    Episode 491
    Luke and Ethan make plans to make a bet on a horse, Ethan decides to raise the stakes in the other person's horse wins. Patrick tells Carly that Michael's condition remains unchanged, Jax thinks that they can go to another specialist but Carly says no and that she would do what she promised Michael. Tracy arrives at the Haunted Star thinking that the profits are in fact down. Cassandra tells Spinelli that she has someone in the next room watching his every stroke of the key incase he tries to send out an S.O.S. Maxie may think she can find this Cassandra person from the coat that Winnifred described that she was wearing. Robin tells Mike that the test on Michael didn't go exactly as planned. Matt thinks that he may have made things worse by bringing up Robin having post partum depression, Patrick is then outraged and doesn't blame Robin for going off on him like that. Robin asks Elizabeth if Patrick asked her to hang around her cause he thinks that she has PPD. Winnifred tracks down Cassandra and reads that she's suspected in several art thefts, Jason realizes that she need Spinelli to crack a security code. Elizabeth says that Patrick hasn't told her anything and that he loves her very much. Spinelli threatens Cassandra that he has mob connections with Jason and Sonny Corinthos, she then sees an opportunity to keep him a lot longer. Lucky sees that his wallet is missing, and wonders why he's defending Ethan. Spinelli sends Winnifred a clue to his whereabouts when she receives a pop up advertisement on her laptop. Carly sits by Michael's bedside and talks with him and she doesn't see that his brain pattern spikes. Robin gets a call from the hospital and runs out of Kelly's unknowingly leaving Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #11760
    Ep. #11760
    Episode 490
    Sonny tells Kate that he wants her to know about the test that Michael will be getting and for her not to tell anyone else, Kate says that Sonny deserves to know the truth about Michael. Maxie tells Lulu to look in on Robin while she's in Los Angeles. Patrick comes in and tells Carly that the doctor will see if Michael is a good candidate. Cassandra tells Spinelli that she's an art theif and how he is going to help her steal a painting and if he doesn't come through for her he will die. Elizabeth tells Rebecca what brings her to Port Charles, Rebecca says that she meant to go to New York, she says to Elizabeth that if it wasn't a coincidence will it make everyone happy. Johnny asks that Lulu go in Maxie's place, but Kate says no cause Maxie and Johnny are the face of Crimson. Jax tells Carly that he thinks that Michael will be a good candidate for the procedure. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Rebecca is hinting for him to ask her out. Patrick sees that Robin is at the hospital and Sonny asked her to consult, Carly wants to know why she wasn't consulted about this. Johnny may think he may have an idea for Lulu, she's then excited when he shows her the place that he bought with the money that he got from Kate. Kate tells Sonny that she's done with this and wants no part of it and leaves, Sonny asks Claudia what that really was about. Robin tells Sonny that she was taken off the case and Sonny wants to know why, Carly says that Patrick will be distracted by Robin and he needs to stay focused. Maxie tells Winnifred that Spinelli is not her boyfriend when she arrives in L.A. Spinelli manages to open the door that's keeping him inside, Cassandra says that he passed and if he can open that he can open the vault. Kate tells Claudia that she's not going to have her death on her conscience. A mysterious person enters Sonny's house and takes the DVD from behind the cupboard.moreless
  • Ep. #11759
    Ep. #11759
    Episode 489
    Lulu is about to tell Patrick what Ethan said, but is interrupted by Robin and says to look after Emma, she then tells Lulu to not say a word to him. Maxie tells Jason to go and find Spinelli. Luke tells Nikolas to come in while he checks the supplies, Rebecca realizes that he heard what Luke said for her to walk away from him. Winnifred tells Spinelli not to use his cyber skills to help that woman cause she smells a trap. Sonny tells Claudia that he still thinks that Devlin had an accomplice and that they're out there and his son is stuck in a coma, and still needs for someone to pay. Patrick tells Robin that they have a daughter and a house so why is she still unhappy. Spinelli agrees to help Cassandra against Winnifred's pleas. Carly comes to see Jason and says about a test she was considering having done on Michael but is hesistant. Sam tells Maxie that her contact said that Spinelli bought a ticket to L.A. Sonny goes to the Haunted Star and tells Luke about this experimental procedure and wonders if he's made a mistake. Alexis tells Nikolas that his plan to sue Jax is something to focus on not look at Rebecca who happens to have Emily's face. Kate comes in and tells Claudia to be civil to her, or she'll tell Sonny she's the reason Michael's in a coma. Maxie gets through to the hotel where Spinelli is staying under the name of Hudson Roarshack. Carly asks Patrick to perform the procedure on Michael. Spinelli finds himself in an uncertain situation when Cassandra knocks him out. Sonny comes home to find Kate arguing with Claudia about Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #11758
    Ep. #11758
    Episode 488
    Rebecca overhears Nikolas tell Luke that he checked into her background and that she isn't related to Emily, Nikolas sees her and she walks away. Jason tells Sam that Spinelli up and took off. Winnifred and Spinelli rest at a diner and think of their next move. Sonny tells Robin that he feels comfortable consulting on Michael's case, Patrick says that Robin won't have enough time. Lulu tells Ethan that Robin would never come to a casino in the afternoon and is lying about her saying she doesn't have children, Luke tells Lulu that if Ethan did steal Robin's wallet he wouldn't keep it around for the world to see. Carly almost catches Claudia and Michael together but the doctor says he needs to talk with her. Spinelli sees an opportunity to help someone when the owner of the diner says he's going out of business. Carly comes back to Michael's and sees a chair near his bed and asks the doctor if someone was here, Jax comes in and says it was him. Spinelli is spied on by a mystery woman after hearing Winnifred go on about his god given talent. Sonny tells Jason that Spinelli is doing this to get out of the mob and thinks it's better this way. Maxie comes to see Robin with some help and to be ready for her date with Spinelli later. Jax reminds Carly the time that he told Michael that he wanted to marry his mother. Rebecca goes to Luke and is here for Nikolas also cause he knows the Quartermaine's and thinks she can be decent and can help him, Luke says he thinks he has a way for her to do that, Nikolas listens in as Luke tells Rebecca for her to keep her distance from him. Maxie comes across the letter that Spinelli wrote. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli is headed to L.A., she offers to go with him but he stops and says he isn't going and is going to let Spinelli make his own decision. Lulu brings Robin back her wallet and that it was at the Haunted Star and Ethan is going on saying that she doesn't have children, Patrick comes in and heard everything.moreless
  • Ep. #11757
    Ep. #11757
    Episode 487
    Nikolas defends Rebecca to the Quartermaines, and Tracy accused her of having an alterior motive and just happened to arrive in Port Charles. Carly gets something regarding Michael and tells Jax about it. Patrick tells Matt that he and Robin shared a few good days together, but then all they do is fight. Ethan tells Robin that she does look like the maternal type, Robin then tells him all about her parents who are spies. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she has her own life and that she could've handled things by herself. Max tells Sonny that the other men that won't accept that he's taking back the organization, Carly stops by and tells Sonny about an experimental procedure and Michael could be a good candidate for it but includes having things inserted into his brain shocking it, Sonny says that having the procedure then to go ahead and he can have it. Claudia makes her annual weekly visit to Michael's room. Lulu thinks that Ethan is trying to get Luke drunk so he can rob him again. Rebecca comes back to the Quartermaine house and came earlier cause Edward invited her there, Monica then apologizes for Tracy and the way she treated her. Robin has some flashbacks when she wasn't paying attention to Emma, so she calls Judy to check up on her. Lulu tells Ethan that she doesn't like him and doesn't trust him, and sees a wallet, Ethan says it's Robin's and came here on an impulse and says she was stressed and didn't have any kids. Patrick hears Robin tell Sonny that she'll be working at Mercy full time til General Hospital is reopened. Rebecca feels guilty over the way that she has treated Nikolas.moreless
  • Ep. #11756
    Ep. #11756
    Episode 486
    Nadine meets with Nikolas at Kelly's and sees when Rebecca comes down the stairs that she works there. Lulu meets Ethan and sees as he's taking money out of the till and threatens to call the cops, until Luke says for her to put the phone down and that he does work for him and it's all cause of Tracy. Jason sees Spinelli working with something on his computer and asks what he's doing. Tracy resents what Luke just said about winning one over on her. Nikolas says to Nadine that Alexis did some checking and Rebecca has no ties to Emily, Rebecca comes to order, Nadine notices something going and says that she can't do this, Nikolas says that he was leading her on and is not ready for a relationship. Elizabeth asks Patrick if she can be discharged, Patrick says as soon as he looks at her bloodwork. Lulu tells Ethan that Tracy may not fall for his act, but she's on to him. Winnifred tells Sam that Spinelli might do something foolish now that Agent Rayner now wants evidence against Sonny. Winnifred spies on Spinelli as he gets a fake passport. Lucky brings Cameron and Jake to see Elizabeth. Matt is there for Nadine when he sees her crying. Edward has a surprise for Monica and says that when Rebecca shows up that she is they're guest in the house, Rebecca says she's staying at Kelly's. Spinelli leaves Jason a goodbye note. Nikolas tells the Quartermaines that they're crowding Rebecca. Robin tells Ethan that she doesn't have any children.moreless
  • Ep. #11755
    Ep. #11755
    Episode 485
    Patrick wants to spend some time with Robin and Emma, Robin says she has to run a few errands. Jason tells Sam there's nothing to celebrate and that the F.B.I isn't letting him off the hook cause now they want Sonny. Conny invites Claudia into his room and his bed as the two make love. Rebecca gets an eyeful when she walks in and sees Nikolas half naked. Rebecca tells Nikolas that he can stay and she can throw something together so they can talk downstairs. Sonny asks Claudia what Anthony was going to say to him, Claudia says not to listen to a word that her father says. Johnny says to Claudia that he can have them packed and out in no time, Claudia says that she isn't leaving, he then asks what's keeping her here. Jason says that he might not have a choice but to get Spinelli out of the country and set him up with a new identity, Spinelli and Maxie arrive with the food and tells him how grateful he is in saving him from the Feds. Spinelli offers Sam that once she becomes a P.I. for them to have their own agency. Sonny offers to babysit Emma while Patrick goes into emergency surgery at the hospital. Robin wonders why Sonny is holding on to Claudia. Claudia tells Johnny that she likes being married to Sonny. Jason cuts Spinelli's speech and asks to speak to him alone, Jason says that it's not over. Alexis sees Nikolas making some progress with Rebecca, she explains to him that she did her research on Rebecca and her birth records indicate that she wasn't adopted and has no ties with Emily whatsoever. Sonny tells Robin that he can trust Claudia and she's good in his corner. Spinelli overhears Jason telling Sam that he still could go to prison cause Agent Rayner wants Sonny and that he's the leverage.moreless
  • Ep. #11754
    Ep. #11754
    Episode 484
    Anthony tells Sonny that Claudia is on the roof of the building across the street with a bomb strapped to her. Jason assures Agent Rayner that he will have Anthony Zacchara tonight. Nikolas takes Alexis to Al's and sees the reason he brought her there is because of Rebecca. Jax tells Carly that he's grateful for Alexis in what she did to string along the divorce, and says that they would've reconciled eventually, Olivia interrupts Jax by saying that he has a phone call. Spinelli is brought in and Agent Rayner says that Jason didn't come through with his deal, Maxie sees Spinelli and refuses to leave unless he's released. Jason points a gun on Anthony as he's about to get in his car, Sonny then calls Jason and asks him to talk him through defusing a bomb. Nikolas goes so far as to pay a waitress just so Rebecca can wait on them, Alexis then apologizes to her for Nikolas's behaviour and that she told her repeatedly to leave her alone. Agent Rayner tells Johnny to help Spinelli by helping them find Anthony. Carly tells Olivia that it's possible that she never stopped loving him. Lucky goes to see Elizabeth and explains the kiss they shared on the roof, but explains it was only in the heat of the moment. Jason punches out Anthony so he can focus on helping with Sonny. Maxie tells Spinelli that she'll break him out of here if she has to. Sonny saves Claudia by dismantling the bomb. Jason calls Agent Rayner and says he has Anthony, he says that Spinelli dodged a bullet. Nikolas insists on helping Rebecca and he ends up with tomato soup all over him, tries to mop it up and he and Rebecca slip and fall on the floor laughing. Anthony is brought into the station and wants to talk with Johnny. Agent Rayner demands that Jason deliver evidence against Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #11753
    Ep. #11753
    Episode 483
    Luke tells Tracy to search Ethan and she'll find her missing money, Tracy says that Luke set him up. Jason tells Sonny that he'll use any amount to keep Anthony alive and the feelings that Sonny has for Claudia. Carly tells Jax that Sonny was different with Morgan at Christmas and they forgave each other when they went to see Michael on his birthday. Lulu tells Spinelli that Maxie and Johnny aren't back from the club yet. Tracy forgives Ethan's debt and says that he's free to go. Spinelli threatens to crash Kate's computers, Lulu tells Kate to ignore what Spinelli said. Jax says to Carly that they have to wait for this crisis to be over. Anthony taunts Claudia over her feelings for Sonny. Jax tells Olivia to do something special for Morgan by opening the pool early. Claudia calls Sonny to bring the cash to warehouse 9. Kate has another proposition for Johnny and Lulu to attend a film festival, he says he'll do it she makes it worth his while, Kate then agrees to pay Johnny the usual thousand dollars. Jason tells Sonny that the bag of money has a tracking device inside. Anthony tells Claudia that she's a disappointment and Sonny better show up with the cash. Maxie and Johnny are amazed how fast their pictures from their night at the club are on the net, he then promises Lulu that he's doing it for them. Ethan charms Tracy, who suggests Luke give him a job at the Haunted Star. Anthony condones Sonny on arriving on time and makes sure that he can't grab him and Claudia, Claudia is shown on the roof with a bomb strapped to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11752
    Ep. #11752
    Episode 482
    Nikolas interrupts Lucky and tells Rebecca that GH has reopened and that the damage was minimal, and if she wants he can get her a job at the clinic, but refuses to work at some place when she looks like the woman that it's named after. Anthony takes Claudia to Kate's house, and that she better pray that Sonny doesn't his wife to die. Luke sings while Ethan works on their escape. Jason tells Sam that Anthony has taken off, Sam thinks that she may find a way to find him. Carly gets a call saying that Morgan is sick. Anthony holds Claudia hostage. Sonny tells Bernie if he wants to continue to work for him as his accountant. The maid comes through for Sam and tells that a valet heard Anthony talk about going to Port Charles. Jason calls Sonny and says that he's headed back home and for him not to do anything til he gets home. Nikolas checks on Elizabeth, and says that he's not making a good impression on Rebecca as of late. Jax offers to take Morgan and Carly to go and see Lady Jane, but Carly doesn't want to take Morgan out of school and freak him out. Rebecca is hesitant to accept a job at Kelly's from Mike, Edward walks in and is glad that he found her and thinks it's out of the question her waiting tables. Claudia calls Sonny as to Anthony's request and says that Anthony wants a million dollars, he takes the phone and tells Sonny that he wants 20 million wired to an account in the Grand Keys. Rebecca takes the job at Kelly's. `Tracy fills Luke in on the situation with the poison, she then agrees to post Ethan's bail, but refuses to help Luke, Ethan is then grateful and hugs Tracy and Luke tells her to look in her purse and she notices all her cash is missing. Edward tells Nikolas that he feels that Emily and Rebecca are somewhat connected and will find out how. Rebecca asks Sam if Lucky is seeing anyone.moreless
  • Ep. #11751
    Ep. #11751
    Episode 481
    Mike meets Rebecca and sees the resemblance of Emily, Nikolas then comes in and thinks that he's still following her. Spinelli comes to Sonny's and he says he has a job for him to freeze Anthony's account before he has a chance to use the money, Spinelli says he can't not without Jason's go ahead. Jax and Carly say that last night was incredible, and says they want to do it every night for the rest of their lives. Kate tells Lulu and Maxie that despite everything that happened, they did good for Crimson and Kate invites Maxie to an opening of a night club in Manhattan and says that Johnny should also be there. Claudia tells Spinelli that all he has to do is freeze the offshore accounts which will make catching Anthony a lot easier. Kate says to Johnny that she'll pay him a thousand dollars if he does it. Sonny sees Rebecca and says that it's uncanny on how she looks like Emily. Anthony is irate that he cannot access his accounts. Sam cons a staff member into revealing Anthony's location at the resort. Spinelli helps Bernie by fixing the fax machine. Sam and Jason move into Anthony's cabana, and sees that he's gone, Jason says that someone must've tipped him off. Claudia comes back from her run and Anthony sneaks up behind her, and puts a gun to her head and says she's the only one who knew about those accounts.moreless
  • Ep. #11750
    Ep. #11750
    Episode 480
    Maxie has a vivid dream and narrates how her future could've played out had she not had a heart transplant; Lulu not being interested in marriage and waiting tables at Kelly's and has a bit of a temper; B.J. and Matt engaged to be married; Patrick married to Carly, Maxie then wonders why he isn't married to Robin; Mac a beat cop instead of the police commissioner; Spinelli having a snarly attitiude to other people, while bumping into B.J. and dropping his laptop. Robin catches Bobbie and Monica in Patrick's office looking at the list of possible staff cuts; Mac at Jake's and drinking of all things cause of; Johnny trying to encourage Lulu into stripping. Spinelli asks B.J. why would she bake for someone that she doesn't even know, Johnny arrives and asked if Spinelli is bothering her. B.J. asks Bobbie that she wants to have a menu of healthy food to honor Maxie's memory. Patrick tells Robin that she need not worry cause her job is secure. Maxie wakes up and tells Spinelli that she's lucky to be alive, cause everyone in her family needs her around.moreless
  • Ep. #11749
    Ep. #11749
    Episode 479
    Rebecca is surprised by Nikolas's lifestyle at Wyndemere an immediately isn't impressed. Claudia calls Kate's bluff to make good on her threat. Jason likes the idea of Sonny helping him in any way to find Anthony, but Sonny says he can't run the organization if he turns one of his own in. Robin tells Patrick that she wants to go out tonight and have Judy look after Emma, but Patrick doesn't want to. Spinelli checks in with Lulu if the gala is over yet. Alfred sees Rebecca and sees the resemblance to Emily, and Nikolas says for them not to be disturbed. Ric overhears Claudia and Kate's argument. Jason asks Sonny if he wants the business back, Sonny's interrupted by a phone call and says he located Anthony and if he wants to find him himself then he has to pack his bags. Nikolas tells Rebecca the story of Emily and how he came to fall in love with her. Jason is glad that Sam came so quickly cause Sonny has found Anthony and needs her help. Nikolas shows a picture of Emily and is amazed of the resemblance and immediately thinks Nikolas is after something and runs away. Johnny and Maxie come into the limo and thinks that the publicity was a great triumph. Claudia tells Ric not to bother with Sonny cause he never trusted him. Anthony sits on a lawn chair in a tropic paradise, and says he won't be there for long. Sam and Jason arrive on the island posing as a couple in their search. Ric spots the DVD while leaving Sonny's place but is unable to get to it. Spinelli is glad when Maxie shows up and sits down with her and opens up and tells her thath e loves her, but sees that she's asleep, Maxie then sees a tombstone with her name on it and wonders if she's dead.moreless
  • Ep. #11748
    Ep. #11748
    Episode 478
    Winnifred goes to see Jason and gives him some vital information that if Agent Rayner doesn't get Anthony then Spinelli will be re-arrested. Maxie sees how sick Spinelli is and thinks she'll find someone else, so she thinks of Federico. Sam and Lucky come to the conclusion that they're relationship is over and she says that Lucky needs to be happy. Max unintetnionally interrupts Jax and Carly in bed, he apologizes and says he was supposed to meet Diane in that room. Kate tells Sonny that he has no idea the kind of woman that he's married to. Alexis sees Nikolas sitting in the lobby of the Metro Court, and asks if he's waiting for someone, he says there's a woman that looks like Emily and asks if he's spoken to Rebecca and if there's any connection with Emily. Sonny upsets Kate when he defends Claudia. Jason assures Winnifred that he'll keep Spinelli out of prison, Diane then sees them talking and wonders if something is up, she then says that she's looking for a place to hide from Max. Jax gives Max some advice hoping it'll get him out of the room a lot faster. Johnny refuses to be Maxie escort, but Lulu says that Spinelli should decide who should be Johnny's date. Nadine overhears Nikolas tells Alexis that no one will come close to Emily and that he'll never love anyone else. Jason admits to Diane that he agreed to give the F.B.I evidence against Anthony to free Spinelli, Diane says to find him fast. Sonny suggests to Jason that they work together to find Anthony. Morgan delivers the room service, Jax then tells him that he's coming home. Rebecca tells Nikolas that there's nothing she can say and doesn't know about this Emily person.moreless
  • Ep. #11747
    Ep. #11747
    Episode 477
    Agent Rayner tells Sam that they have survived the fire but this is far from over. Max and Milo try to figure out who the DVD that they found belongs to, Claudia says that it's hers. Spinelli wakes up in his room with Maxie waiting and gives him his breakfast. Jax apologizes to Carly for staying in the same bed as her and says he wants to spend many mornings together, Edward then interrupts them to discuss with Jax the future of General Hospital. Jerry tells Claudia that the next clue is in the room that's closest to Sonny's heart. Agent Rayner asks Sam when's the last time she saw Anthony Zacchara and he better turn up alive or else her friend Spinelli will be in jail for life. Johnny apologizes to Lulu for the way he treated her last night when the person he was really mad at was himself. Winnifred defends Spinelli and says he should be held accountable for his past disgressions, Alexis tells Agent Rayner says that if he should speak to her and not her daughter without a subpoena. Maxie and Lulu each get a call and says it's a disaster. Max meets with Diane at the Metro Court, hoping that Milo can start doing something that he loves. Kate snoops around at Sonny's, as Claudia figures it out that the DVD is in Michael's room. Winnifred issues a warning to Spinelli. Lulu pulls off a miracle and there's no one to wear the dress, so Maxie says she should wear it since she's a heart transplant survivor, Spinelli arrives sick cause Maxie wanted him to be her escort. Jax and Carly have a makeout session in the elevator all the way to the 16th floor, and stop when people get on and start again when they get off.moreless
  • Ep. #11746
    Ep. #11746
    Episode 476
    Jason tells Sam that if he's not back in two minutes for her to leave. Lucky tells Maxie that he's not going to let her go back into the hospital. Patrick tells Robin that there still could be other casualties at the hospital tonight. Lulu sees that Tracy is feeling better having thrown a bedpan at an orderly, that and she hasn't heard anything from Luke. Nikolas asks Marty at the front desk for some information, Rebecca then says that if he does what he asks she'll sue for breach of privacy and for Nikolas to back off. Olivia tells Sonny that Kate told her to get him and that she needs to see him right away. Winnifred gives Maxie an order to stay put and to wait for Spinelli to be rescued. Jason rescues Spinelli and they notice that he isn't breathing, Sam the performs CPR to. Sonny tells Kate that they were better off not getting married. Claudia tells Johnny that she may not have a choice in leaving town and told Sonny that Anthony could walk and is the one that shot Kate. Spinelli says that he has to go back for his laptop cause it has all the information from tonight's events and cannot be redone. Lucky tells Nikolas that Elizabeth told him about Rebecca and can't believe the woman that looks like, Emily and asks Marty that he's here to question her. Kate is mad and tells Olivia that if she had the DVD then none of this would be happening, and him staying with Claudia cause he loves having power. Sam, Jason and Spinelli go through the door and go left to the lobby of the hospital. Patrick sees Emma all fussy and offers Robin to feed her, Robin says that Patrick should do it. Maxie sees as Spinelli makes it out of the hospital and immediately goes into his arms and kisses him.moreless
  • Ep. #11745
    Ep. #11745
    Episode 475
    Sam and Jason call out Spinelli's name, as he lays on the floor unconscious. Lulu is glad that both Johnny and Maxie are out and safe. Nikolas wonders where Rebecca went after being released from the hospital. Mac lays into Maxie about what she was thinking going into a burning building. Ric tells Claudia and Sonny that Trevor is dead, and Anthony is also missing. Patrick is being briefed by Agent Rayner on the amount of poison spheres were taken. Rebecca comes into Elizabeth's room, she then thanks Rebecca for coming for her, and she says about her friend Emily that died over a year ago. Robin tends to Emma, Nikolas comes into see her and explains of the Rebecca woman that looks like Emily, Robin says that they're might be a explanation. Jason and Sam get into the room but Spinelli is no where in sight, they see an opening in the vent. Johnny learns that Claudia was in the hospital and passed out. Nikolas is told by Elizabeth that Rebecca came to see her. Robin tells Mac that Emma is being released from the hospital soon. Johnny insists that he and Claudia leave town like to Italy, but says they should stay where they are. Ric warns Sonny not to trust Claudia. Maxie and Winnifred face off over Spinelli's safety. Patrick returns home to Robin and Emma. An explosion rocks the hospital before Sam and Jason can rescue Spinelli.moreless
  • Ep. #11744
    Ep. #11744
    Episode 474
    Luke tells the guard to get ahold of his son who's on the PCPD. Jason tells Sam that they have to rescue Spinelli and get the last helicopter ride. Nikolas insists that Rebecca accompany them to Mercy with the others. Johnny finds one of Maxie's shoes on the floor. Carly tells Jax that all she could think about was the possibility of him being dead, Alexis interrupts Carly and Jax's moment and ask if there's any news about Sam. Robin tells Emma that it's better in here then being out in the storm two hours ago. Agent Rayner comes in and said an ambulance is here to take them to Mercy and Kate is about to tell Sonny, Agent Rayner says that Sonny isn't going until they have a talk. Luke tells Ethan that it's kind of embarrassing for his son to be on the police force. Edward tells Mac to find someone named Rebecca Shaw who bares a resemblance to Emily to try and track her down, Edward says to Monica that she was put in their path for a reason. Johnny gets Maxie to safety, Maxie insists that they go and find Spinelli. Lulu is glad that Carly is alright. Sam notices that Jason is bleeding in his arm and in an exam room she sees just how bad it really is. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she can take care of her own exams and not to speak for her. Lulu is told by Carly that Johnny went back into the hospital looking for Spinelli. Nikolas tells Edward and Monica that Rebecca is here in an exam room, Edward asks him if she said that she was adopted. Kate taunts Claudia over information on Michael's shooting. Nikolas learns that Rebecca was released after only having minor smole inhalation. Lulu watches as Johnny and Maxie make it out of the hospital and Maxie embraces him. Jason and Sam go to the utility closet where Spinelli is being held.moreless
  • Ep. #11743
    Ep. #11743
    Episode 473
    Jason heads off to find Trevor and the poison sphere, he runs into Patrick and learns Spinelli might be in trouble cause he left his laptop behind. Nikolas gets Rebecca freed, she thanks him and some debris falls on his head knocking him out, Rebecca then tries to get him out of the way. Sam tries to get Trevor to hand over the vial so that no one else gets hurt. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he was on the next flight so he can be by her side. Maxie climbs the stairs in effort of getting to Spinelli. Sonny and Carly share a heartfelt moment as they try to escape the hospital. Diane lifts Alexis spirits by saying that Jax playing the hero by rescuing everybody and that everything will be alright. Jason and Rebecca free Nikolas. Tracy tells Lulu that she's grateful for staying by her side, and wonders why Luke hasn't come to the hospital yet. Rebecca wakes Nikolas up, and the two head to the roof for the next launch and Claudia and Kate are shocked at how much she looks like Emily. Trevor starts to push Sam over the roof and they both fall. Nadine tries to calm Matt down, but he says he ain't leaving til he knows that Patrick is alright. Sam hangs on with the poison sphere, Jason then sees her and grabs onto her. Alexis tells Diane that Ric is out, Diane asks if there's any news on Kate. Elizabeth tells Lucky about that woman that looks like Emily, he then goes and sees if there's word on Nikolas. Agent Rayner says to Patrick that he's a witness and needs to be briefed right away. Nadine fears she feels more for Nikolas then he does for her, when he sees someone that looks like Emily outside the hospital. Jason pulls Sam up and grabs the poison sphere before it falls.moreless
  • Ep. #11742
    Ep. #11742
    Episode 472
    Luke and Ethan make the best of things while in jail. Patrick overseas evacuations on the hospital roof. Trevor encounters Claudia in the stairwell and says that'll make a bet that he'll make it and she won't. Maxie holds Emma while waiting for Robin to show up, if she ever does. Rebecca tells Nikolas that it's a coincidence that she looks like Emily and nothing more, Nikolas that it's possible that she's related to her. Winnifred tells Mac that he wants him to rescue Spinelli. Ethan wants to make a deal with Luke. Jason searches for Anthony and tells Sam that someone cut him loose. Nikolas attempts to show a picture of Emily but she says she doesn't want to see it and walks away. Patrick tells Lulu, Lucky, Ric and Olivia that they are next on the list to be evacuated, Ric asks Patrick if his father was taken out already. Sam tells Spinelli that there's nothing he could do to get communication back and to go to the helipad. Trevor and Claudia quarrel and he then thinks of a better idea to make his escape. Luke tries to persuade the guard to let him out, he says that his brother is the sheriff. The doctor tells Robin that Emma has pneumonia and has labored breathing. Ric encounters Trevor and says that if this is the last time they see each other he wouldn't care. Jason finds Claudia in the stairwell and asks him if he's going to rescue her. Luke is impressed with Ethan when he works his magic over Nina, but the plan goes awry when she gets locked up to. Sam sees Trevor talking with Kate and he says for her not to take another step. Nikolas finds Rebecca, who agrees to go with him, then something falls right on her. Spinelli is locked in a utility closet. Trevor threatens to drop a sphere of poison off the roof of the hospital. Nikolas promises Rebecca he won't let anything happen to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11741
    Ep. #11741
    Episode 471
    Carly watches in horror when the chopper that Jax is flying bursts into flames. Monica faints at the site of Rebecca(cause she looks like Emily). Alexis thinks the worst when she hears and explosion. Nikolas and Jason clears the stairwell so people can make it to the roof. Kate tries to tell Sonny what she learned but doesn't get the chance to, Kate then sees the DVD on the floor and tells Olivia to go and get it for her. Alexis is relieved when Jax come into the trailer, and asks Mac for another chopper cause he's confident that he can land it on the roof. The doctor at Mercy mistakes Maxie for Emma's mother and discusses treatment options. Ethan's eyes widen when Luke mentions Robert Scorpio and that his roots where here in Port Charles, people then come into the bar and tell Luke and Ethan that it's a stick up. Nikolas thinks that Rebecca has a connection to Emily somehow, but Monica says that if Emily had a sister then Paige Bowen would've told her. Alexis is against Jax going up in another helicopter, Jax that he'll find one of his own if he has to, Alexis then authorizes it. Carly asks Lucky if he came up the back stairs and if so she can make her way and out. The doctor learns Maxie and Johnny aren't Emma's parents and needs someone who is. The bartendar says that Ethan and Luke stole her money, she the takes a wad of money in Ethan's jacket. Carly is in danger when she tries to escape the hospital. Olivia doesn't give Kate the DVD, which pleases Claudia and Olivia tells Kate it's for her own good. Luke fakes a heart attack, and Ethan knocks out someone and they learn that he's the sheriff. Patrick tells Elizabeth, Tracy, Lulu, that a helicopter has landed on the roof. Nikolas finds Rebecca and she says why he's doing this when he doesn't even know her. Anthony is discovered missing by Jason. Johnny tells Robin that Emma has pneumonia and she has to come with him now, she's hesitant at first but then goes. Sonny tries to get Carly to come with him and debris starts to fall.moreless
  • Ep. #11740
    Ep. #11740
    Episode 470
    Sonny tells Jason that he had Trevor and he has the missing sphere of poison, and says for him to check on Anthony, while Jason goes to find Trevor. Claudia overhears Kate and Olivia arguing about a DVD. Patrick sees Matt tending to Elizabeth cause he took an oath. Lulu and Tracy share a moment about her being a good stepmother, Tracy says that she's always welcome in the mansion. Rebecca is shown laying unconscious on the floor, as Nikolas helps Edward and Monica out of the hospital, Edward then commends Nikolas and says that Emily was right and he is a good and decent man. Carly is amused about Olivia fighting with Kate, Kate says that she should talk in helping Claudia if she knew what she did. Robin overhears a woman concerned about the cold affecting her baby. Spinelli tells Winnifred that what she did to him is forgiven, Patrick tells him that Maxie is with Emma at Mercy hospital. Mac tells Patrick that he has pilots standing by but the wind is picking up and can't send up the choppers. Claudia tries to take possession of the incriminating DVD as she sees it on the floor. Jason goes around the nurses station to see if anyone is there and comes across Rebecca and picks her up before more debris falls. Jax offers to fly the helicopter himself, Mac says that it's too dangerous in this weather. Rebecca thanks Jason for saving her and he tells her that she looks like his sister, Sam then sees her and is amazed on how she looks like Emily. Spinelli tells Carly that Jax is attempting to land the chopper on the roof. Monica and Edward are startled when Rebecca and Sam come around the corner, and Monica calls her Emily. Carly and Spinelli watch from the roof as Jax attempts to land, and looks like he's about to crash.moreless
  • Ep. #11739
    Ep. #11739
    Episode 469
    The hospital fire spreads following the explosion, sending everyone into chaos. Jax tells Maxie, Robin and Johnny that there was a posion coming through the vent and the hospital is in lockdown. Trevor hopes to trade the poison sphere for his freedom. Winnifred thanks Spinelli for getting her out of the there at the split second the O.R. blew up. Some debris falls on Nikolas and Rebecca, he then tells her to quickly get out. Sonny spares Anthony and lets Jason do as he wishes. Epiphany tells Lucky that she has a lot to deal with, he ignores her wishes to go check on Elizabeth. Luke asks Ethan what brought him to Port Charles. Jax is willing to get in there and tells Agent Rayner that he can arrest him when he's done. Jason takes Anthony to a nearby room and restrains him in the bed. Kate tells Olivia to go and look for the DVD. Robin asks Maxie to take Emma to Mercy, cause she's needed here for Patrick. Lulu is relieved when Spinelli is alright, and has some bad news cause the fire is heading right for them. Patrick tells Nikolas that the fire extinguishers aren't working. Elizabeth is startled when someone(who looks like Emily) comes into check on her. Carly tells Sonny that Trevor has one of the poison spheres. Jax and Robin enter the hospital to look for the ones that they love. Sonny puts a gun on Trevor, and he threatens to drop the sphere. Johnny uses his family influence to get Emma treated immediately. Luke says that he'll take of 20 dollars that he owes him if he wins this game. Nikolas comes to get Elizabeth out of her room, Elizabeth says that Nikolas has to find her. Robin calls Patrick and says that she's helping with the evacuation. Sonny sees Anthony restrained but he doesn't lift a finger to help him. Rebecca gets hit on the head knocking her out. Trevor and Sonny have another showdown, Sonny fires his gun and there's an explosion in the oxygen closet.moreless
  • Ep. #11738
    Ep. #11738
    Episode 468
    Nikolas and Patrick continue discussing the quarantine as Rebecca talks on her phone nearby, he then sees her and she vanishes yet again. Maxie asks Robin where Emma is, she then hears her crying nearby. Luke is shocked to learn that he knows Holly Sutton, and probably learned her all about Luke. Claudia tells Carly that Anthony shot Kate, Carly asks how long she knew and why she's telling her this now. Jason tells Sam that he needs Anthony alive in order so he can protect Spinelli. Sonny chases after Anthony, Ric is then told by Sonny that he can't protect him anymore. Jax threatens Agent Rayner that he'll use his resources to bring a scandal to the federal government. Anthony runs into Trevor in the hospital chapel and says that Sonny is hunting him down like a dog, Trevor says that he's going to find Sonny for him. Kate tells Carly that he isn't going to leave Claudia and come back to her. Maxie and Johnny help Robin back to the car and manage to get it started and head for the hospital. Winnifred tells Spinelli that she'll arrest if he doesn't leave, he says that he cannot allow the poison to be returned to Equinox. Trevor tells Sonny that Anthony is hiding in the chapel, cause he's delivering him for Kate and what he did to her. Claudia tells Ric she was only proving her loyalty to Sonny by telling him about Kate. Patrick asks Sam to check at Mercy to see if Robin and Emma were admitted over there. Jason comes into the chapel and tells Sonny that he can't kill Anthony. Luke asks Ethan if he ever knew his birth parents, he says that they died when he was 15 years old. nikolas tells Carly that he's gonna what he can, and once again comes across Rebecca. Trevor reveals his plans to Claudia as he shows he has the sphere of poison and will trade it for his freedom. Nikolas comes face to face with Rebecca. An explosion occurs in the O.R.moreless
  • Ep. #11737
    Ep. #11737
    Episode 467
    Patrick checks on Tracy, and tells Carly to call for help cause she's barely catching her breath. Sonny wants Claudia to be sure that Anthony is the one who shot Kate, she says that it's true and he asks how long she knew. Robin holds Emma while in the blizzard and gets lost not knowing where she is. Jason asks Sam why she shot him, when he didn't really want her to shoot. Nikolas checks on Elizabeth and Lucky, Rebecca is shown being shown documents by a fellow nurse. Maxie and Johnny are glad the fact that they didn't have sex. Epiphany stitches up Jason's wound, not knowing how he got shot in the first place. Patrick tells Agent Rayner that there's another casualty of the boardroom. Carly tells Edward that Tracy was taken down to I.C.U cause of the poison Sonny goes after Anthony when Claudia tells him of Kate's shooting. Patrick demands that Agent Rayner find what the stuff is made of so they can start a treatment plan. Agent Rayner asks Winnifred to lead a group into the hospital. Sonny gets Anthony into a room and points a gun at him saying he has to die for shooting Kate. Maxie sees a minivan by the side of the road, they check it out and realize that it's Robin's and try to figure out where she went. Spinelli tries to prevent the F.B.I from claiming the remaining poison by doning a protective gear. Edward sits by Tracy's bedside and says that she's the only child that he has left and says that he's stubborn and that he's proud of her and loves her, Tracy wakes up being the same as she always is, Edward says that it's just like her to say that. Jason enters the room and says that he can't kill Anthony, Sonny then knocks Jason out and Anthony then gets up and runs out. Maxie sees something and Johnny finds Emma's baby carrier in the snow. Winnifred sees as Spinelli is in the room with them. Maxie and Johnny find Robin shivering in the snow, they ask her where Emma is and she says she doesn't know.moreless
  • Ep. #11736
    Ep. #11736
    Episode 466
    Patrick tells Jason that Robin is on her way to the hospital and Emma has a fever. Lulu tries to make her way out of the hospital, then Carly stops her and cause she's worried about Johnny and why isn't finding a way into the hospital. Elizabeth is glad that Lucky stayed with her all night. Robin hits a snag when the car she's driving breaks down. Maxie and Johnny what they're doing before it goes any further, Maxie says that she's doing this is cause Spinelli is better without her and that Winnifred is a better match for him. Agent Rayner tells Jax that he's not authorizing any phone calls, Jax says that his wife is in the hospital. Epiphany tells Patrick that Robin can go to one of the ambulance outside when she arrives. Alexis spoke with Agent Rayner and Mac and apparently the law isn't on their side in shooting people trying to escape. Sam looks on as Lucky and Elizabeth take a trip down memory lane. Edward and Tracy argue while Monica lays in her bed, she wakes and up and Edward informs her that there was an accident in the O.R. Robin leaves Emma in her minivan as she reaches for help. Jason comes to check on Monica, she asks him if he's responsible, Jason he's working with the F.B.I to find out who's responsible. Jason and Sam are involved in a confrontation when a man tries to escape the hospital quarantine, the man then takes Jason hostage. Tracy rants at Patrick, she then collapses and has difficulty breathing. Jason tells Sam to shoot the man, but instead shoots Jason by accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11735
    Ep. #11735
    Episode 465
    Anthony makes another attempt on Claudia's life, but is interrupted by Sonny and insists on staying by his wife's bedside. Patrick won't stop at attempting to revive Leyla, but Epiphany says that she's gone and to call it. Noah is stunned that Luke was at the bar when he arrives and with his woman on his lap, he then admits to leaving that thing from the bar for Luke to find him. Nikolas talks with Nadine and spots Rebecca walking by and goes to see and she seems to have disappeared again. Maxie asks Johnny what kind of secret he's keeping from Lulu. Nikolas is glad that Nadine is out of the boardroom, Rebecca then walks right by him. Kate tells Olivia to go get her purse that's in the boardroom that contains the DVD. Sam tells Spinelli that a sphere of poison is missing, he then calls Winnifred for her assistance. Epiphany shows Patrick a picture of Leyla's fiancee and was going to get married this summer. Robin discovers Emma is fevered and drives her to the hospital in the snow. Patrick meets Leyla's fiancee, and gives him the bad news that she had died. Anthony stands up and goes to smother Claudia with a pillow. Trevor walks in and sees Anthony over Claudia's bed, and says he faked the symptoms just to get out of the room, and sees that Anthony faked his paralysis for months, Claudia wakes up and presses the emergency button. Nikolas tells Lulu that he saw "Emily" again, Lulu says that Emily worked at the hospital and anyone would've recognized her. Luke tells Ethan that he wants his money back. Olivia tells Kate that her purse is in a container and is going to be destroyed, Kate says that she has to find it. Maxie tells Johnny that sleeping with him is the only way to get Spinelli upset, they then start to make love. Claudia confesses to Sonny that Anthony can walk and is the person who shot Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #11734
    Ep. #11734
    Episode 464
    Luke tells Ethan he has no idea who he's messing with. Johnny and Maxie continue to keep out of the blizzard. Claudia collapses before she can tell Sonny about Anthony's part in Kate's shooting. Anthony warns Ric if Claudia spills the beans, he'll die. A mysterious person comes in and steals one of the spheres of poison. Jax comes to the hospital, Jason says he can't come in cause it's under quarantine. Mac explains the situation to Lucky about a toxin spreading throughout the hospital. Jax offers to Mac his resources to have this thing expidated, Lucky then goes off the be with Elizabeth. Luke and Ethan play a round of cards. Everyone decides which one should be taken out next. Epiphany tells Elizabeth to leave the oxygen mask and to focus on breathing, Jason wants to know what's happening to Elizabeth and is shocked when Epiphany says that the toxin she inahled is around her lungs and is suffocating. Patrick asks Matt what he remembers in the O.R., he fills him in on what was inside Earl Bragg and that the poison took out the whole operating team. Claudia tries to tell Jason about what Anthony did, but passes out. Luke realizes he and Ethan share the same need to cheat with an ace up their sleeve. Carly is thrilled when Jax came back to town for her. Anthony asks a nurse where Claudia's room is, and goes off when she walks away. Lucky stays by Elizabeth's bedside, causing Sam to become jealous. Spinelli finds out that Maxie's car crashed somewhere on the highway. Tracy, Ric and Edward are taken from the boardroom and cleaned off. Jason tells Sam he wants to make sure that the O.R. is how Patrick left it. Leyla wakes up asking Patrick what happened to the other ones, and has something to tell him, that she's happy for the happiness that he found with Robin, she then flatlines. Anthony says to an unconscious Claudia that he has to shut her up once and for all. Jason sees as a vile of poison goes missing from the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #11733
    Ep. #11733
    Episode 463
    Sonny goes to check on Kate after she faints, Claudia thinks that she's faking. Agent Rayner tells Jason that the hospital boardroom should be contained immediately. Luke interrupts a person stealing money from the Haunted Star by pointing a gun at him. Nikolas tells Lulu that he wasn't crazy and that she seen someone that looks like Emily. Robin doesn't know what to do when Emma won't drink her bottle. Agent Rayner tells Spinelli to hack into the hospital mainframe and to shut down the air ducts to keep this thing from spreading. Carly tries to open the door, Jason said that there's a lethal toxin coming in through the air ducts from the O.R. Mac comes by to check on Robin, and asks for some time with his grand niece Emma. Agent Rayner explains the biotoxin to Sam and says whoever breathes it in will have some symptoms. Ethan tells Luke that he's an accomplished bartendar, Luke asks him to make an assortment of drinks, and asks Ethan that he already knew his identity. Patrick enters the contaminated room and covers the vent. The people in the boardroom are getting quite frantic, Jason says if he opens the door the vapor will come out into the hallway. Sonny and Ric escorts Kate so she can be treated, Anthony then jokes and says these will be last faces everyone will see before they die. Nikolas and Lulu become aware of the situation at the hospital. Patrick works on Mr. Bragg by removing the other spheres in his abdomen. The situation at the hospital worsens as many other orderlys pass out. Trevor collapses, Ric says that they need some help in here. Nikolas fights to get Nadine, but goes through Jason and says he left Nadine in there to chase some sort of fantasy. Patrick tells Epiphany that they emergency room should be evacuated, Agent Rayner says he wants the hospital placed under quarantine immediately.moreless
  • Ep. #11732
    Ep. #11732
    Episode 462
    Patrick sees as the operating team passed out from being exposed to the poison. Elizabeth tries to get out but falls to the floor. Jason explains to Agent Rayner that Earl Bragg is the person he's been looking for, Agent Rayner says if he's operated on and it's released into the air people will die. Carly thinks Kate has got some nerve showing and tells Olivia to get rid of her. Nikolas sees Rebecca from afar, he quickly goes after her, she then disappears. Robin gets hysterical as she can't stop Emma from crying. Clauida explains to Sonny that there's more to Anthony then he's letting him on to believe, she then sees as Kate arrives at the benefit. Anthony confronts Ric about Claudia saying that he could walks, Ric tries to explain, Anthony warns him not to be careful not to lie to him. Johnny pulls Maxie out of her car, and takes her to an abandoned garage. Kate tells Olivia she isn't here to tell Sonny about Dante, but something else and that it's important, Lulu then shows up and apologizes for interrupting them. Jason tells Spinelli to find out where the air ducts to the O.R. lead to, Jason sees as Elizabeth is pulled out and put on a gurney. Carly has an idea to take money from the people that she hates the most. Nikolas once again thinks he sees someone that looks like Emily, he goes to her and it turns out to be someone else. Monica is rescued but looks in critical condition, as Jason looks on. Nikolas tells Lulu that he thought he saw Emily. Jason tells Agent Rayner that Dr. Andy Archer didn't survive, Patrick says that there was only one sphere, Jason asks where the other four are. Spinelli makes a shocking discovery that the duct leads to the hospital board room. Kate goes to Sonny hoping to talk with him and then passes out.moreless
  • Ep. #11731
    Ep. #11731
    Episode 461
    1 Hour Before Surgery - 6pm.

    Nikolas pays a visit to the Quartermaine mausoleum. Carly is grateful for Olivia in her knack for getting things done the way she wants, Lulu arrives and asks Carly for advice in dealing with Johnny.. Jason gets word of a man in his 30's, Spinelli says that could be anyone in the New York area. Kate tells Sonny that she won't be attending the benefit, and will make a sizeable donation, Claudia then overhears them discussing what Sonny would do if he found out who the other people involved in Michael's shooting. Sam is brought in and Elizabeth treats her sprained wrist and says she can't leave til a doctor checks her out. A man is brought with pain in his chest, Matt insists that Patrick leave and go home to Robin and he'll take care of it. Jason tells Agent Rayner is that he found the missing truck, he says that it isn't enough Jason said that he's done all he can with the information that he was given. Jax tells Carly to be careful as she leaves for the hospital. Kate plays the DVD and learns the truth about Claudia's involvement in Michael's death. Spinelli offers a solution to Jason's problem is for them to find the buyer of this cargo. Nikolas remembers some of his precious memories with Emily as he meets Nadine at the hospital. Monica prepares to move Mr. Bragg into surgery. Kate tells Lulu she can redeem herself by coming with her to the benefit cause she needs to talk to Sonny in private. Edward asks Carly if there's been any change in Michael. Spinelli finds a possibility and sees that a Earl Bragg got into a car accident and was sent to GH. Patrick gets the x-rays back and sees something, he then learns that it's some sort of poison, Patrick tells Epiphany to call the O.R. to stop the surgery. Nikolas makes a call and sees Rebecca across the room. Patrick pounds on the glass and says for everyone to get out, but he's too late the poison is released and Dr. Archer, Monica, Matt and Leyla pass out on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #11730
    Ep. #11730
    Episode 460
    2 Hours Before Surgery - 5pm.

    Jason tells Agent Rayner that he doesn't need to keep bringing up threating Spinelli with jail cause he knows the deal he made. Lucky and Sam enjoy some time in the hot tub, he then calls Sam "Elizabeth". Lulu tells Johnny he knows he doesn't have the job at the hospital, they then get into an argument, he eventually storms out. Sonny gets mad at the audio of the DVD player, Claudia's then relieved when he was planning on watching one that has Michael and Morgan on it. Robin overreacts and accuses Patrick of nagging her. Kate asks Olivia what she knows about Jax's brother Jerry cause she saw Claudia watching a DVD with him saying some sort of message. Jason says that Spinelli can help by staying out of it and letting him handle it, he then calls Winnifred for help and goes to meet her at the Metro Court. Sam thinks she and Lucky should end things before things get worse, he thinks this could be an experience that could make them stronger. Olivia insists that Kate go and tell Sonny himself and to leave her out of it. Sonny tells Claudia he planned on using that footage of Michael at the benefit at the hospital. Epiphany tells Elizabeth and Leyla that the blizzard is coming and the E.R. is gonna be busy tonight. Patrick takes Robin aside and is worried about Robin why these symptoms are not dimminishing and should he be concerned. Rebecca talks on her phone outside the hotel, and sees Lucky out front. Lulu apologizes to Johnny that she thinks that she got fired from Crimson today, they start to arguing again when she brings up a job at the hotel. Maxie sees Spinelli and Winnifred together, she goes off into her car. Sam tells Jason that she's landing a shipment for Anthony tonight. Maxie loses control of her car in the snow. Kate sneaks into Sonny's house and finds Jerry's DVD on the table. Spinelli gives Jason some information about the cargo that it contains a lethal poison. Maxie is shown unconscious in her car during the storm. Kate makes her way out and Sonny catches her.moreless
  • Ep. #11729
    Ep. #11729
    Episode 459
    3 Hours Before Surgery - 4pm.

    Sonny tells Kate that Karpov didn't shoot her and the person that did it is still out there and possibly one of the Zacchara's did it. anthony tells Claudia that there's no way he could've shot Kate at her wedding, and says if he did do it, he would kill his own daughter so the secret can remain hidden. Agent Rayner calls Jason asking if he located the Equinox truck yet. Lucky asks Jason why Sam was seen twice coming into the building and up to talk to him. Monica tells Nikolas that she's grateful that he remembers Emily's birthday and not to pay any attention to Tracy. Carly tells Patrick that maybe Robin should talk to Lainey. Spinelli pleads his case to an un sympathetic Jason about him treating him like an arrogant child. Maxie stops by and shows Robin some outfits that she got for Emma and sees that she's been crying. Nikolas tells Monica after looking at photos of Emily, and that he tries not to miss her so much. Kate lashes at Lulu for screwing up and to give her a reason to fire her, Carly reminds her that she can't. Robin remains in denial about her problem. Sonny threatens Anthony by putting him out of his misery, Anthony implies to him that he can still defend himself. Robin and Patrick have a disagreement about her not attending the benefit tonight, he then finds a stuffed animal with one of it's arms almost ripped off. Spinelli overhears Jason and Agent Rayner's conversation about a shipment. Claudia comes to the house and interrupts Anthony and Sonny talking.moreless
  • Ep. #11728
    Ep. #11728
    Episode 458
    4 Hours Before Surgery - 3pm.

    Agent Rayner tells Spinelli that he should be grateful that he's a free man and not in jail. Carly insists that Robin pick Emma up cause she doesn't mind waiting. Matt tells Rebecca that he should've warned her and the coffee place burned down, Matt gets off the elevator, Nikolas sees and almost catches it and comes close to seeing Rebecca. Carly picks Emma up and she immediately stops crying, which makes Robin look foolish. Maxie sees Spinelli at the restaurant and notices that he's been drinking. Kate tells Olivia after hearing that she's going to Sonny's to give him a watch. Claudia keeps the fact that Anthony can walk and the one who shot Kate from Sonny. Edward doesn't know why him and the rest of the Quartermaine's should go to Michael's benefit but it's a good cause and will go for his grandson's sake, Nikolas comes to the house paying respects to Monica on Emily's birthday. Robin makes an appointment at a spa to make herself look presentable. Claudia sees her father talking with Kate in the hotel lobby, she has a talk with her father about the possibility of him walking and could shoot a rifle. Sonny sees Kate at the hospital and says it's possible that Claudia is the one who shot her at their wedding. Carly tells Patrick that Robin will be coming tonight, and she says she thinks something is wrong with her. Robin says that she'll get better at being a mom to Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #11727
    Ep. #11727
    Episode 457
    Patrick tells Agent Rayner that he knows more about him then he's letting on.

    5 Hours Before Surgery - 2pm.

    Nikolas brings some stuff over for Robin, she tells him that she knows that it's Emily's birthday. Claudia and Ric narrowly escape being caught in bed together by Sonny, Max says to Sonny that that noise is something that's to be fixed right away. Jason tells Sam not to underestimate Anthony and her not working for him is a good idea. Robin understands that Nikolas was unable to attend both of her weddings to Patrick cause he was dealing Nadine losing her aunt. Spinelli thinks his situation couldn't get any worse when Sam is gonna be another person helping him. Matt asked Rebecca how everything went in administrations, she then wants directions to the nearest coffee place, she came this close to seeing Jason. Jason tells Patrick that he thinks the benefit is a good idea, but he doesn't think it's good for Carly. Ric admits to Claudia that Anthony isn't paralyzed and he's been faking it this whole time and shot a rifle at Sonny's wedding, Claudia then knew that Karpov didn't shoot Kate. Sonny asks Carly why Robin isn't on the guest list, and why she wouldn't invite her since cause she and her never got along in the past. Sonny wants to know what Claudia is doing and why she's lying to him. Rebecca goes through the nurses station unseen as Nikolas talks with Patrick. Jason discovers Spinelli trying to hack into the F.B.I database, he said that Jason left him no choice. Carly goes to invite Robin to the benefit and hears Emma crying, Carly said she'll wait as she tends to her daughter. Spinelli asks Agent Rayner what he did to set him free.moreless
  • Ep. #11726
    Ep. #11726
    Episode 456
    6 Hours Before Surgery 1pm:

    Claudia looks for the DVD in the study, Sonny sees her crawling around on the floor, she covers by saying that she's looking for an earring. Anthony asks Sam what exactly can she do for him, Ric says that she could be a liability cause she and Jason were together once upon a time, Sam pleads her case with Anthony about Ric cause she slept with her while he was married to Alexis. Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli was talking with Coleman, and relieved when she believes and Johnny's secret is safe. Lucky arrives and asks Elizabeth if she wants to get out of here with him. Carly says that she wants all the donations possible and tonight isn't about her it's about Michael, Jason says that she shouldn't give up hope. Anthony says the longer he defies him the more people are going to get hurt. Lucky wants to take Elizabeth to a concert. Johnny thanks Sonny for what he did for him, Sonny says it's least what he can for what he put him through. Claudia plans on seducing Ric at Sonny's place. Elizabeth keeps her shift at the hospital. Epiphany sees Leyla all cheerful and wonders if it has to do with a man. Matt meets Rebecca and asks her if he can help her, Rebecca asks where administration is, she's then not impressed when he starts hitting on her. Leyla opens up to Epiphany about her being engaged. Sonny tells Carly that she doesn't need to worry when it comes to the benefit and that he and Jason are on the same side, Sonny goes upstairs and Carly goes through some CD's and comes across Jerry's DVD(unaware what it is).moreless
  • Ep. #11725
    Ep. #11725
    Episode 455
    7 Hours Before Surgery - 12pm

    Robin stops thinking she doesn't feel like herself anymore, Patrick says they went through a lot to get where they are today. Johnny goes to Coleman hoping to get some work at Jake's, he gives him a task of cleaning up the place cause his janitor called in sick, Spinelli sees Johnny with a mop, Johnny then asks him to keep quiet about this and not tell Lulu. Lulu tells Carly that Johnny lied to her about getting a job as an orderly at General Hospital and wonders if she could give him a job at the Metro Court, she doesn't Johnny is suited enough to work security at the hotel. Kate asks Jax what kind of dealings Jerry had with Claudia. Maxie and Matt cannot be civile to one another while visiting Patrick and Robin's house. Jax is thrilled that Olivia completed what he wanted done months ago, Nikolas says those rooms won't be opening anytime soon. Rebecca comes in(who resembles Emily) and Nikolas doesn't see her as he continues to argue with Jax about the safety of the rooms. Ric tells Jason if he interferes with the organization will result in a retaliation. Maxie sees Johnny working at Jake's and Johnny tells her that he lied to Lulu about getting the orderly's job. Olivia pulls a fast one and takes Nikolas's cell phone, and Jax is impressed. Sam continues her quest to infiltrate Anthony's inner circle by going to Ric for a job in the Zacchara organization, Anthony says what exactly can she do for him. Jason questions Carly's reasons for throwing the charity benefit. Maxie almost spills to Lulu where Johnny has been working.moreless
  • Ep. #11724
    Ep. #11724
    Episode 454
    8 Hours Before Surgery, 11am.

    Jason tells Sonny that he did give evidence to the F.B.I to get Spinelli out of jail, Sonny says good as long as he told them what they needed to hear. Maxie tells Matt that she wouldn't go out with him if he was the last man on earth, Spinelli says he should leave but Maxie insists that he stay. Robin isn't exactly thrilled that Elizabeth decorated the house for her, Patrick that she just wanted to help out, Robin then makes it clear that she does have postpartum depression. Alexis tells Nikolas that she's glad that Nadine said a very impressive argument against Equinox, and was it before or after she signed it over to him and probably doesn't love Nadine, Nikolas says not to get into now cause it's Emily's birthday. Ric catches Claudia searching in Sonny's study, and asks why she's so nervous. Jason and Sonny are honest with one another about their personal agendas, Jason says if he gives the feds info on Anthony then Sonny would be connected. Sam arrives wanting to speak with Spinelli about his deal with Feds. Patrick who warn out, describes the events leading up to the hospital. Nikolas tells Alexis that he wants to love Nadine, she's funny and loves her stories, Nadine then shows up excited about the day she's going to have with Nikolas. Robin is against the idea of seeing Lainey when she doesn't have any symptoms. Anthony comes in and sees Ric and Claudia kissing, and says the thing that's wrong is that she isn't married to Ric, Sonny comes home to find the commotion in his living room and wonders what's up. Anthony says that he's going to replace the shipmentthat he lost, Sonny asks Claudia what he walked in on with her and Ric. Sam says to Jason that the Feds are using his relationship with Spinelli to get him to do whatever they want and what does he plan to do about it.moreless
  • Ep. #11723
    Ep. #11723
    Episode 453
    9 Hours before surgery - 10am Patrick arrives at the hospital after a sleep deprived, and Epiphany warns him of an incoming blizzard to Port Charles. Elizabeth offers to help Robin get settled in at her new house. Jax surprises Carly when he allows some of the cooking staff from the Metro Court for Michael Corinthos' benefit, Carly says she has to meet with Sonny to talk about it and asks Jax if he has a problem with that. Spinelli goes to Jason and thinks he made a deal to get him released from going to jal. Spinelli goes to Sonny's house and tells him that Jason made a deal with F.B.I, Sonny says that he's not cut out to be in this business cause he's too weird. Maxie goes to Jason and says that Spinelli thinks he let him down. Claudia prepares to watch the DVD to figure out Jerry's, Carly then enters the room, and Sonny follows and hears them arguing. Matt asks Maxie if she's serious about thinking of dating Spinelli. Epiphany gets concerned when Patrick goes out in the blizzard when she needs him here in the hospital. Robin arrives at Jason's and shows him some photos of Emma and asks what it was like when Carly had post partum depression, Jason asks if there's anything wrong, but Robin says everything is fine. Maxie asks why would making fun of Spinelli would make her go out with Matt. Robin walks in and hears Patrick tell Elizabeth that he's concerned about her state of mind. Sonny asks Jason if he's made a deal with the F.B.I.moreless
  • Ep. #11722
    Ep. #11722
    Episode 452
    Kate walks in on Claudia in Sonny's room searching for the next DVD, Claudia lays into Kate for just walking the room unannounced. Alexis comes by to see Carly, but is amazed that Jax spent the night, Carly wants to know why he didn't tell Alexis she was wrong cause they didn't spend the night together. Patrick and Robin check out the house, and Robin is in awe. Maxie wants Lulu to pay the rent early, Lulu says she doesn't have it, Johnny then offers to make up the difference but Lulu refuses. Jason tells Spinelli that he's sorry for the danger that he put him through and doesn't want him to do anymore hacking into any government files. Sam tells Lucky that she's going ahead and getting her P.I. license, Lucky doesn't think that she's qualified, Sam says she more qualified. Jason is torn in his new role as an informant for the F.B.I. Claudia finds the DVD under Sonny's bed, Spinelli lets himself into Sonny's house wanting talk to him, he scared Claudia and asks him to leave and he could've gotten killed. Carly arrives asking if Jason is okay after hearing something break in his place, and says that the Michael Corinthos memorial wing opening is tomorrow night. Claudia apologizes to Spinelli, cause the next time Max and Milo wouldn't be so agreeing with him. Lulu has to borrow money from Carly to pay her half of the rent, she says she'll pay her back. Patrick and Robin learn that Elizabeth is going to be there neighbor, when she drops by. Epiphany tells Johnny that he's not qualified to be an orderly, but insists he takes some classes at the local college, but says she'll keep information on file if anything changes. Maxie is glad that Spinelli came over, but he brings bad tidings. Kate looks at the door as Claudia watches the DVD of Jerry giving the next clue. Lulu calls Epiphany and she says that she didn't have anything for Johnny, Johnny then comes home and says he got the job at the hospital, Lulu wonders why he just lied to her. Agent Rayner tells Jason about a hijacked shipment from the Equinox corporation, and needs to get to it before it gets into the wrong hands.moreless
  • Ep. #11721
    Ep. #11721
    Episode 451
    Anthony comes to see Sonny angry that he lost another shipment and tells him that Jason has to die immediately. Nikolas and Nadine head home and winning their case in front of the Senate. Patrick comes home and sees Robin working on something for Emma instead of tending to her while she's crying and says things have to change. Maxie apologizes for the things that she said to him earlier, Spinelli says that he's gotten himself in this mess. Agent Rayner tells Jason they won't be pressing charges against Spinelli if he works as an undercover operative. Diane tells Spinelli that he wasn't the intended target. Nadine invites Nikolas to a fundraiser at the hospital, he declines cause it's on Emily's birthday, but changes his mind and offers to take her. Elizabeth sees Carly all chipper, while running into them while watching the boats on the pier, Lucky says it's because she and Jax are working things out. Spinelli is taken by the guards to take him to state prison, Agent Rayner says to release him and that he's free to go. Patick insists that Robin go and see Kelly or Lainey, Robin thinks it's their place and suggest they should move. Spinelli tells Maxie that she's everything that she said he was and he's nothing more than a criminal, Maxie says that he may work for one doesn't make him one. Jason goes to Carly and says he blew up one of Sonny's shipments, and wants a meeting with him at her house tonight, Carly says she can't help him, Jax comes home and Carly said that she chose him over Jason. Maxie admits to Spinelli that she was in fact jealous of Winnifred. Diane wants Agent Rayner to tell her what kind of deal did Jason make with him, he says that if things don't go well Spinelli will be spending the rest of his life in prison. Robin shows Patrick a house that she set her eyes on, and wants him and her to go and take a look at and possibly make an offer. Spinelli wonders why he was released so quickly. Jason tells Sonny to step down and if he doesn't he won't be able to save him. Jax is amazed at what lengths she went to serve him some appetizers.moreless
  • Ep. #11720
    Ep. #11720
    Episode 450
    Maxie asks Mac to do what he can to help Spinelli, but he says it's out of his hands, Maxie sees Winnifred and realizes that she's the cause of Spinelli's arrest and slaps her across the face. Spinelli is brought in and he's shocked that Winnifred is what Maxie said she was. Sam helps Elizabeth, but are stopped by an explosion across the harbor. Sonny and Claudia watch the remnants of the explosion, and Jason tells Sonny he made sure his men were off the ship before he blew it up. The Senator doesn't care about Nikolas immigration status, and he's interfering with national security for holding that patent. Agent Rayner explains the charges that Spinelli could be facing. Lucky meets up with Elizabeth and says that Sam went to investigate the explosion. Jason learns that Spinelli is in trouble from Sam, and if the F.B.I hacked into Spinelli's laptop then they have all the evidence they need. Tracy calls Luke out on a rather large amount of money missing from her bank account. Carly admits to Jax that she told Diane to stall the divorce, she's then surprised when Jax told Alexis the same thing. Sonny tells Claudia never to interrupt while he's talking to Jason like that ever again. Nikolas and Nadine return, and continue to plead their case about, the Senator thinks that Nikolas will sell it off the the highest bidder, Nadine then stands up asking to say something. Diane tells Jason that it's bad and that Spinelli could be beyond their help. Nadine is thrilled when the Senators agree that the Equinox company will be barred from having the patent. Agent Rayner tells Jason that Spinelli's freedom is on the line if he doesn't do what he says.moreless
  • Ep. #11719
    Ep. #11719
    Episode 449
    Alexis and Diane each tell Jax and Carly that it could get rough in their divorce. Luke tells Sonny that if he's planning on landing a shipment in Jason's territory, it's only gonna get ugly. Agent Rayner tells Winnifred(who's an undercover agent) that getting Spinelli is only to get to Jason. Nikolas takes Nadine to Washington, and says if she's uncomfortable he'd go in there and cancel the meeting and take her back to Port Charles. Spinelli realizes that she slept with him only because of Winnifred and she went far as to solicit him like that. Jax and Carly aren't as ready for divorce as they thought. Claudia tells Johnny about Jerry's DVD's and on every one it has their part in Michael's shooting, Johnny says that if it comes out he'll lose Lulu forever, Claudia asks why he's committed that that stupid girl, Lulu then walks in and realizes she's interrupting something, Claudia tells Lulu that Johnny taking his father's deal is the only way out and if not he goes to prison. Maxie tells Spinelli that if he thinks that way of her then he doesn't know her at all. Nadine speaks her mind about her Aunt Raylene's plow to the senators about not liking it being used to kill people. Sonny tells Luke that he'll take care of Johnny thinking it's the least he can do. Maxie goes so far as to hurt Spinelli's feelings about her feeling sorry for him and that being the reason she hangs out with him, he then leaves and she starts to cry The charges against Johnny are dropped and Claudia tells Lulu that she hopes that Luke covered. Carly tells Jax that she can't promise that she'll never stop loving him. Maxie sits all alone remembering the stuff that Spinelli has done for her, Lulu and Johnny come home and see her crying and Maxie vows to make things right. Carly and Jax have the same idea of dragging out their divorce. Tracy comes by the Haunted Star and tells Luke that her seeing Sonny didn't fare good to her. Maxie sees Spinelli on the pier, she then sees as the F.B.I arrests him for treason.moreless
  • Ep. #11718
    Ep. #11718
    Episode 448
    Ric tells Luke to tell Lulu to tell to keep away from Johnny. Sonny and Carly hash out their past hurts over Michael's shooting. Sam doesn't want to interrupt Lucky and whatever he's doing with Elizabeth. Alexis tells Nadine that she and Nikolas have to be in Washington and she'll be speaking to two senators, Nadine doesn't think that she could do this. Elizabeth asks Lucky how things are with Sam as of late, cause he's done so much to stay clean and sober. Sam thinks that Maxie is being foolish and still thinks that Winifred is stalking him, but she insists that she's right about her, Sam doesn't think that Maxie should sleep with Spinelli so he'll forget about her, Maxie has an idea of talking to Jason about this Winnifred girl. Alexis tells Nadine that what she has to say can have alot of pull, Alexis then questions Nikolas' relationship with Nadine and he's setting himself for something that may or may not happen. Spinelli tells Winnifred that he's enjoyed their time together but nothing close and personal can ever happen cause his heart belongs to someone else. Jax flirts with Olivia, who is less than amused by his efforts. Diane and Alexis discuss how brutal Jax and Carly's divorce will be so they decide to get them back together somehow. Maxie tells Spinelli that she's glad that Winnifred came over earlier and reveals her true feelings towards him, the two then make love. Agent Rayner thanks Winnifred for her help in getting Spinelli where he wants him.moreless
  • Ep. #11717
    Ep. #11717
    Episode 447
    Max learns that Sonny is going to have a shipment in Jason's territory, he also says if he were in Jason's shoes wouldn't he retaliate. Luke and Lulu go to the PCPD to ask Johnny some questions to see how his father set him up. Maxie sees Spinelli and Winnifred working on his computer, she approaches them and says to Spinelli that she's working him and could be the one that hacked into his laptop in the first place. Diane arrives at Sonny's and gives him her letter of resignation, Sonny learns that she's going to be working for Jason now and can't for both. Luke and Lulu go to the hospital to talk with Elizabeth regarding Johnny's situation. Carly is shocked to learn that Jax gave Olivia a job at the hotel. Winnifred goes to Maxie that if she interfere's with them again and tells Spinelli this conversation she will regret it. Elizabeth helps Lucky with his taxes and they start to mention the good times they once shared together. Max tells Carly that there's a problem with Sonny and thinks she could help him. Ric visits Johnny and he says that he's not crawling back to his father, Ric gets a call from Carl Pervis(who turns out to be Luke)asking to meet him on the Elm street pier, Luke tells Lulu that Ric bought it. Maxie tells Spinelli what Winnifred said and Spinelli says she probably fabricated the whole scenario, Maxie's then upset when he doesn't believe her. Sam goes to see Lucky and sees what fun he and Elizabeth are having and Lucky sees Sam at the door, Lucky then goes after Sam to try and explain. Sonny tells Carly that she's made it clear where her loyalties lie and is either with him or against him. Jax arranges a with Olivia to test the outdoor pool at the Metro Court.moreless
  • Ep. #11716
    Ep. #11716
    Episode 446
    Ric tells Johnny the only way to make this go away is to reconcile with his father, Lulu then promises to help Johnny. Claudia tells Carly to knock whenever she comes into her house, Carly says that this place will be more her place then hers anyday. Jax talks with an electrician about the power failure on New Year's Eve, Olivia says it might've been cause due to leaky pipes. Luke tells Mike that he should overlook the rebuilding of Kelly's cause it'll give him something to do. Maxie goes to see Sam and tells her that she doesn't trust Winnifred and thinks that she's nothing but trouble. Winnifred runs into Spinelli on the pier, and wants information about the game and if Stone Cold's enemies are actually real. Alexis gives Jax his divorce papers. Nikolas learns from Nadine that the I.R.S. has frozen all assets and is being audited for the last 5 years about every dollar she's ever made, Nadine thinks it's the company Equinox and is desperate to get the patent. Mike tells Luke that he can't promise anything going wrong. Patrick notices a change in Robin and thinks that something is wrong. Maxie tells Winnifred flat out that she's on to her and is on to her act, Spinelli then abolishes her behaviour. Nikolas asks Alexis if she'd like to take on the U.S. Government, Nadine then fills her on her recent audit. Patrick brings home something for Robin to wear but she says that she's not ready but thanks him for the gesture. Jax is impressed after hearing from the electrician that Olivia was right about the pipes, and immediately offers her a job. Lucky walks in on Sam leaving a message for Jason and asks what she needs to talk to him about. Lulu goes to Luke saying that Anthony framed Johnny and will help him if he goes back to the family, Luke and Lulu set to uncover the frameup. Maxie tells Spinelli that he can't trust Winnifred.moreless
  • Ep. #11715
    Ep. #11715
    Episode 445
    Lulu thinks that Lucky has an agenda for arresting Johnny cause he doesn't like him with her. Claudia tries to distract Sonny from finding Jerry's incriminating DVD, she then goes and hides it. Maxie is suspicious of Winifred and thinks her meeting Spinelli wasn't a coincidence. Nadine tells Mr. Corday to get out, and Nikolas tries to get the information regarding Raylene's plow being used for some sort of weapon, Mr. Corday says it's a secret for National security. Maxie asks Spinelli if he wants to come home with her or stay here with Winifred. Jax asks Carly how New Year's was, Carly says she ran into Sonny while he too was visiting Michael, Jax admits that Sonny caught him and Kate together thinking they were having an affair, Carly asks if it's true. Robin and Patrick return from their honeymoon, and she starts to show some change when Emma was stung by something, Patrick says he should have Emma checked out. Claudia watches the DVD and Jerry gives her the second clue it's "You'll find in the place where you sleep sounder", Ric walks in agrees to tell Claudia her father's real plans, and that he's risking a lot by telling her this. Carly doesn't believe Jax when he said he could deal with their divorce. Sonny goes to see Patrick and says that he wants Michael back and money is not an object, Patrick tells Sonny to accept Michael's injury. Lulu tells Lucky not to railroad Johnny cause he doesn't approve of him. Patrick says that Sonny's right and that if Emma was in a coma he would not rest until a cure was found. Spinelli asks Maxie if there's a chance of jealousy towards Winifred. Robin sees Sonny and says that Patrick went out for a bit, she says that she had Emma checked out and everything is fine.moreless
  • Ep. #11714
    Ep. #11714
    Episode 444
    Nikolas and Nadine come in from riding, she then insists that they go back out saying it's a bad sign especially today. Sam calls Jason leaving a message about Agent Rayner slipping a card under her door, Lucky then comes and explains about New Year's Eve. Spinelli tells Maxie that her computer is up and running, Spinelli then looks at his laptop and sees something is desperately wrong and notices that he's been hacked into. Lulu gets Johnny ready for his job interview, Johnny thinks with his background he won't even get the job, Lulu tells him to think positive. Claudia is still puzzled at Jerry's clue to where the DVD is, she goes to look for it and Sonny walks in and says he knows what she's looking for. Lucky asks Sam while she hides Agent Rayner's business card in her pocket, if she's thinking about doing another investigation she needs to tell him about it. Claudia says that she's measuring the windows to have drapes put it, but Sonny says she's the worst liar. Lulu and Maxie hide Spinelli as Kate and Jax arrive at the Crimson office, but Kate knows that Spinelli is hiding behind the rack of clothes. Nikolas tells Nadine that his lawyer did some checking on her Aunt Raylene's patent and says that it could be used as some sort of weapon for a defense contractor. Sam understands that Lucky was with Elizabeth on New Year's and that his children come first. Spinelli runs into someone that has the same computer criteria as he does. Claudia thinks the DVD is behind the mirror and she's startled when Ric walks in the door. Jax has a great idea about having a contest about the winner being on the cover of the magazine, Sonny walks in and sees Jax and Kate all chummy. Nadine thinks that there's some sort of mistake, but Nikolas says he double checked. Claudia tells Ric she'll take him up on his offer, Ric says the deal is off the table. Kate tells Sonny to leave and to give her best to his wife, Kate says that maybe now that Sonny won't come back at all. Sam enlists Spinelli's help to see if Agent Rayner is investigating her, but Spinelli is unable to do so. Sonny finds Claudia doing something else and asks what she's doing. Lulu nurses Johnny's injured after having a bad day. Maxie finds the girl and asks why she's spying on Spinelli on the pier. Lucky arrives with a warrant for Johnny's arrest. Claudia sees the DVD fall on to the drawer, and tries to keep him from seeing it, Sonny says that he'll find out what she's hiding.moreless
  • Ep. #11713
    Ep. #11713
    Episode 443
    Spinelli arrives sick at Crimson, Maxie wants him to fix her computer cause it has some important data that she can't possibly get back, so he thinks of a way and gets the car battery from Jason's car. Luke closes the Haunted Star early to be alone with Tracy. Carly sees the Metro Court is empty and no one will be celebrating there, she then sees Jax out on the terrace and is amazed she walked up 25 flights of stairs and thinking she did it to see him. Nikolas treats Nadine to a nice dinner at Wyndemere instead of going out. Johnny sees Lulu getting ready and forgot that they were supposed to go out for New Year's, and gets ready to take her out on the town. Tracy tells Luke that he can't just get her drunk thinking all will be forgiven and that Laura could walk in at any moment. Spinelli tells Maxie that her data has perished along with everything else. Johnny and Lulu stay inside and she'd rather eat pizza and beer instead of champagne and caviar. Jax and Carly can't deny their attraction to one another. Nikolas asks Nadine if she would like to spend the night with him tonight, she pulls out her toothbrush and says she would. Lulu and Johnny assure each other that they'll ring in 2009 with no regrets, they then decide to go outside in case it might snow. Nikolas and Nadine get romantic and assures her that Alfred won't be coming in the room in the morning. Spinelli encourages Maxie that she'll be able to write it all again, they then see it's almost midnight, Maxie says Spinelli is who he wants to ring in 2009 with. Tracy makes a gamble at the roulette and if it lands on 21(Laura's birthday) she wants a divorce and if it lands on 6(Tracy's birthday)she'll take him back, Tracy is relieved when it lands on 6. Jax and Carly share a dance.moreless
  • Ep. #11712
    Ep. #11712
    Episode 442
    Jax knows why Carly is stressed out about their not being enough towels cause today is Michael's birthday. Sonny tells Jason that he won't agree to end his association with the Zacchara's. Robert walks Robin down the aisle to Patrick. Jason tells Sonny that he doesn't to have to go against him, Sonny then makes a call for someone to go ahead and land a shipment at Pier 13, Jason realizes that Sonny doesn't even know what day it is. Father Coates pronounces Robin and Patrick man and wife and everyone is just thrilled that it finally happened. Sonny knows that it's Michael's birthday and that he thinks about it everytime and the guilt he carries with it everyday of his life. Everyone welcomes the new Mr. and Mrs. Drake at the Metro Court for the wedding reception. Matt asks Maxie to dance much to Spinelli's chagrin. Jax questions Sam about Jerry's final moments and if somehow he managed to get out in time. Robin and Patrick share a dance, and cut the cake and promising not to put in each other's face literally. Sonny and Carly find themselves at the intistitute and in Michael's room, they then forgive each other. Jason quickly comes over to Sam's place and tells him that Spinelli is on the F.B.I's radar, Jason then becomes concerned. Spinelli has a fantasy of asking Maxie to dance, he then snaps out of it too late when Maxie asks him to dance and then runs to go and throw rice at Robin and Patrick as they leave.moreless
  • Ep. #11711
    Ep. #11711
    Episode 441
    Maxie arrives and she tells Patrick that he shouldn't be here. Jason tells Spinelli that the Russians are going to be leaving and the threat is over, Spinelli thinks that now Jason can make peace with Sonny. Mac is taken aback to the time that Robin told him she was H.I.V. positive. Claudia tells Sonny that if a shipment coming into Jason's territory he's looking for trouble. Lucky goes to check on Sam and she calls him Jason and tells Lucky that Jason was the last person she saw before she passed out. Jason tells Spinelli that Sonny is in over his head in working for Anthony. Maxie tells Spinelli that they better get married before something bad happens, then the lights start to flicker. Mac sees the look in Robert's eyes and sees fear about him walking Robin down the aisle. Claudia thinks long and hard about Jerry's clue and starts to look again, Jason walks in the room and asks what she's looking for. Patrick and Robert have a heart-to-heart and about him being the luckiest person in the world and promises to love honor and cherish Robin. Robin remebers the time with Stone, when she showed him the Mantilla, Sonny then walks in and wishes Robin and Patrick all the best. Patrick assures Matt that it's okay and that nobody has arrived at the church yet. Alexis learns that Sam and Jason faked their breakup so she could investigate the drug smuggling. Luke sees Robert all nervous and says that he is a father that Robin can be proud of. Jason asks Sonny to stop working for the Zacchara's. Sam and Lucky reach a decision about their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #11710
    Ep. #11710
    Episode 440
    Spinelli comes home to find a man sitting in the chair and he's amazed when it turns out to be Santa, Maxie and Spinelli then team up with Santa give the people of Port Charles what they want. Robin thinks everything is gonna go wrong cause her parents will be over in a little while and that apartment isn't cleaned. Robin's wish comes true. Nikolas, Lulu and Lucky find themselves all alone on Christmas Eve, so they decide to spend it together, Luke then arrives with a tree for their living room. Edward asks Monica why she isn't at the Hospital reading the Christmas story cause she's the Chief of Staff at the hospital. Diane and Max have an argument about where they're going to be spending Christmas together. Spinelli gives Lulu a key hoping it'll give her what she wants. Diane opens up to Bernie who's celebrating Hanukkah about her argument with Max, Bernie says it's a celebration of light. Robin and Patrick look for a pearl necklace, Robert and Anna arrive, Spinelli and Maxie continue their quest and gives Robin a bag which contains cookies everyone tries one and are taken back how they taste like Philomena's. Spinelli comes by the mansion and pulls out a pair of glasses out of the pocket. Robin tells Patrick to try one of the cookies, he drops it and Patrick finds the necklace under the rocking chair. Luke answers the phone and it's Laura, Luke tells her that the children where just thinking about her. Monica puts on the glasses and turns around is then thrilled by a visit from Alan. Bernie thanks Spinelli and what he gave him is exactly what he wished for. Max calls Diane and the two share a reunion on the pier. Bernie lights the Mennorah and recites the Hebrew prayer as he lights the candles. Santa is grateful that Maxie helped Spinelli and he prepares his long night journey. Spinelli and Maxie wake up the next morning and sees their photo with Santa, and they both wish everyone a Merry Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #11709
    Ep. #11709
    Episode 439
    Jason asks where Sasha is before she dies, he says that Sam is at White Rock. Sonny sees how big Morgan is getting, and he gives his father his Christmas present. Robert turns down Robin's request to walk her down the aisle, thinking Mac is more suited for the job. Sam thinks while trapped and what might've happened if she's stopped the woman in the park from kidnapping Jake. Jerry tells Claudia the first clue to the first dvd is at the "Window of Her Soul", Claudia quickly goes to find it and Ric walks in and asks what she's doin. Jason asks Spinelli to do some checking anything with the name "White Rock" after the sniper took out Sasha and that's the only clue to where Sam is. Luke goes on the pier and sees Sasha's dead body laying there, Robert then arrives and says Luke hasn't lost his touch. Carly says to Sonny that Morgan misses him very much, Sonny says if Carly is letting Morgan back into his life. Robin tells Patrick and Anna that Robert turned her down to walk her down the aisle, she asks Anna to be her Maitron of Honor. Jax tells Kate that he's going to visit Lady Jane for the holidays, she then thought and asks if they could spend them together. Luke and Robert are told not to move by two police officers when they find them with Sasha's body, but Mac tells them to let them go. Spinelli manages to find Sam and Jason hurries before she freezes to death. Mac tells Robert what he's thinking by not walking with Robin at her wedding and he better or he'll be in jail. Jason goes into the pit and Spinelli holds the flashlight as he puts his coat around her. Anna accepts that job as Robin's matron of honor. Carly and Morgan return to the Metro Court and she and Jax end up under the mistletoe together.moreless
  • Ep. #11708
    Ep. #11708
    Episode 438
    Jax brings Morgan's present to the house and Carly lets him open it, early Morgan then asks Jax if he's gonna be spending the holidays with them, but he says he's going to be with his mother. Anna returns from London with presents for Emma, she's then overjoyed to see Robert back in town and asks if his oncologist approves of the visit. Jerry tells Claudia that they're are several clues leading to other DVD's and the last one contains her part in Michael's shooting, Claudia then turns it off when Sonny comes in the room. Robin is ecstatic that her father is back and is worried if he's able to travel. Sasha tells Jason that she'll tell him where Sam is then to meet her on the pier. Sonny lashes into Claudia for using the ornaments from in the attic and says he doesn't want to celebrate the holiday. Sam struggles to survive in the pit. Patrick tells Matt that he would like for him to be his best man and that Coleman will understand. Robert holds his granddaughter Emma. Carly remembers the good times with Michael and Morgan, and calls Sonny and asks him to come over. Robert asks Robin if he has any second thoughts on marrying Patrick, she says that everything is fine. Sasha offers Jason a deal in exchange for Sam's location. Sam gets a vision of Alexis telling her to get up and move around because she'll freeze to death. Sasha is given what she wants and is attacked, Jason tries to get Sam's whereabouts before she dies. Sonny comes over and sees that being with Morgan on Christmas is what Carly wanted.moreless
  • Ep. #11707
    Ep. #11707
    Episode 437
    Luke confesses that the machines are rigged, Tracy then realizes that she was right all along. Bo and Vance think that Nikolas wanted a piece of Raylene's estate. Lucky comes to see Jason and asks if Sam is there. Sam calls for help while continue to being trapped in the pit. Lulu and Maxie see a customer hounding Johnny about a tree, Spinelli shows up wanting to buy one and realize that Johnny is working at the lot. Claudia brings down some ornaments and sees one with Michael's name on it, Milo then brings the mail. Tracy insists that Monica report Luke to the authorities, but Monica says she's not going to do that and pretty much tells Tracy to makeup with Luke. Nadine sees her inheritance which is a patent for a plow and she's amazed that her Aunt Raylene was so inventive. Sam finds a pack of matches she starts to strike on thinking she could start a fire and could be rescued. Claudia offers to give Johnny some money, but he refuses thinking it'll be like taking a handout. Jason tells Spinelli to hack into Sam's phone records to determine her whereabouts. Claudia opens her mail and finds a DVD. Tracy tells Luke that she's glad that Luke pulled this outrageous stunt, and asks him what would happen if Laura came to him wanting to try again. Sasha calls Jason asking to meet with him. Sam attempts to get out but falls and hurts herself pretty badly. Claudia puts the DVD in and it's a not so dead Jerry Jacks saying that he made it and put every detail of Michael's shooting.moreless
  • Ep. #11706
    Ep. #11706
    Episode 436
    Patrick and Robin enjoy a calm moment on the couch after Emma managed to sleep for four hours. Maxie mentions the little incident that happened in the apartment, when she saw Johnny without a shirt and gave him a little glance. Luke goes to hospital and talks with Epiphany and asks her to have him admitted at the hospital as a heart patient, thinking it'll bring him back to Tracy. Claudia wants to make the house so festive, but Sonny doesn't want to have a tree in his living cause it'll bring back memories of his kids decorating it. Tracy asks Monica if anyone was admitted at the hospital recently. Johnny calls Lulu and says that he got a job and that he'll tell her about it later. Lulu hurries to the hospital to see her father but Luke tells her that he's faking it so he can get Tracy back. Claudia goes with Milo shopping for a Christmas tree and she sees that Johnny is working at the lot, she then hears that a customer is making a spectacle and Claudia then uses her newfound influence to tell the woman to shut up. Tracy comes to the hospital after learning that Luke had a massive heart attack thinking she was wrong leaving him there at the Haunted Star last night. Nadine and Nikolas watches the DVD of Raylene's will and she states that there's something about her that she doesn't know. Monica tells Luke that the tests came back and his condition is dire. Alexis warns Sonny she will prosecute any suspected Mob members. Robin tells Patrick that they're tree looks perfect. Sonny sees that Claudia didn't listen to him and got a tree anyway. Nadine learns that she left Bo and Vance millions of dollars, Nikolas then asks what's going on when he learns that she got an envelope instead. Lulu and Maxie see Johnny at his new job selling trees. Monica says that Luke should have a quadruple bypass surgery immediately.moreless
  • Ep. #11705
    Ep. #11705
    Episode 435
    Lulu, Spinelli and Johnny see that the noises that Maxie was making was her banging on the wall. Diane wants Jason to tell her everything that Agent Rayner said to him, Jason says that he's gonna get immunity if he gives him Sonny. Jax goes to the Haunted Star learning that Luke plans to re-open it, and says that he and Carly are getting divorced and is willing to forgive the time that he blackmailed Carly, Olivia arrives and then Luke humbily opens the card tables for her. Spinelli sees a change in Maxie's demeanor when the time that they had sex. Sasha instructs her men to grab Sam and to bring her somewhere. Lulu tells Johnny that she hopes that Maxie isn't breaking Spinelli's heart. Maxie tells Spinelli that what they shared that night was wonderful and that she could never fake it with him. Claudia tells Jason that she's glad that she never married him. Sonny tells Luke that he made an alliance with the Zacchara's by marrying Claudia, he insists that it's only business and since Johnny is part owner of the casino he and Luke will be partners again. Spinelli tells Maxie that he never felt used when he was with her. Jax tells Olivia that he thinks that her injuries were cause by mob violence and that's why she erupted at Sonny at Luke's. Tracy arrives and Luke gets into "drunk" mode, Luke clenches his chest and Tracy thinks that he's faking it, but he swears that he isn't, she then leaves and he falls on the floor. Sam manages to escape her captors, but winds up falling into a pit.moreless
  • Ep. #11704
    Ep. #11704
    Episode 434
    Spinelli is unaware that his files are being copied, he then suggests to Jason that he go to Sonny for help. Maxie wants to to set some ground rules for Lulu when it comes to her and Johnny having sex in the same apartment as she. Lucky goes to the apartment with a present for Sam but she's not there. Sam eavesdrops while Sasha orders a hit on Jason, Alexis then shows up and talks with Sasha about what went down at the warehouse. Sasha tells Alexis that anyone could've killed Jerry including Sam, Alexis then cautions Sasha to tell her thugs to back off. Lucky goes to the Haunted Star and talks with Luke about his relationship with Sam. Sonny tells Claudia that he put his faith in Jason and Sonny and they betrayed him, Anthony arrives and asks Claudia to leave so he can talk business with Sonny. Agent Rayner arrives and gives Jason the lowdown on the background check he did on him, about his accident and him starting to work for Sonny, he offers Jason immunity by giving him information on Sonny and Anthony so he can bring them down. Luke and Alexis drink their troubles away by bringing some good old times they had. Claudia refuses to sleep with Sonny until she's certain his feelings are genuine. Sam attempts to call Jason but is approached by Sasha's henchmen.moreless
  • Ep. #11703
    Ep. #11703
    Episode 433
    Spinelli tries to explain to Maxie and Lulu that Johnny shouldn't stay here, Maxie thinks that Spinelli is jealous. Claudia tells Sonny that something is up, and he could have an agenda, he then confirms her theory about his idea of needing an allie. Nikolas tells Nadine that he spoke with the funeral director and that she can go there when she's strong enough to make the arrangements. Lucky tells Sam that the idea of her going after Russians is a bad idea. Jason and Elizabeth have to accept the facts about their future, Jason says that he had some money deposited into a trust for her kids and purchased the house that she's renting, she tells Jason that she's sorry it took her this long to realize that he was right about not wanting to be in her life. Sonny goes to see Mike in the hospital and sees him talking to Kate, Mike thinks it if all this didn't happen then she and Sonny would be married. Lucky sees Elizabeth and she tells him that she spoke to Jason probably for the last time ever. Kate shocks Sonny when she tells him that she slept with Jax. Spinelli hears Lulu and Johnny making some noises and Maxie says that she'll get used to them making love. Jason takes his frustration out on a punching bag, Carly arrives and Jason tells her that he's been meeting with Elizabeth in private and was kidding himself when he thought he could make it work. Nadine is glad when her old friend Eric shows up and is going to be reading Raylene's will, he then tells her that her Aunt left her something. Sam sees Sasha and one of her men enter a building, so she goes in the van to see if she can find anything. Spinelli returns home and Jason asks that he should move out cause he doesn't want him to get hurt because of him, suddenly Spinelli's laptop is hacked into and the files are being copied. Maxie can't take the noises anymore so she goes in Lulu's room and they're just moving furniture around. Sam hears Sasha coming back and is trapped, she then hears Sasha ordering a hit on Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #11702
    Ep. #11702
    Episode 432
    Claudia sees Olivia up and around thinking she's able to leave if she's walking and looking at Sonny's things, Sonny then tells Claudia not to spek for him. Lucky makes plans to take Cameron and Jake to see the reindeer, Elizabeth get a call and says the nightmare isn't over. Robin tells Patrick that she's heading out and will be back later. Edward tries to get Tracy to call Luke back, Luke then stumbles into the Quartermaine mansion "drunk". Lulu and Maxie clash immdiately after settling into their new apartment by seeing who gets the bigger bedroom. Mac sees Robin in the park all sad and she tells him that she's a complete failure, Mac says that Emma will adjust and it'll take time. Lulu and Maxie are thrilled that Spinelli is their first houseguest, and they tell him who should have the room. Jason and Sam deliver their statements to Agent Rayner and he says that with what happened to give him a reason why they shouldn't be charged with murder. Tracy then realizes that Luke isn't one bit drunk and he's faking it the whole time. Agent Rayner questions both Sam and Jason and he comes to the conclusion that they acted in the self defense of a minor child. Johnny comes to take a look at Lulu's new apartment. Sonny tells Max that when Claudia comes home tell her to join him for lunch thinking that maybe one of the Zacchara's shot Kate. Alan tells Tracy that he saw Luke leave and that he doesn't make idle threats and how would her life be without him. Lulu wins the big bedroom, Spinelli then learns that Johnny will also be staying there as well and says that he must object. Elizabeth tells Jason that she's here to speak to Agent Rayner, Jason tells her to tell what happened.moreless
  • Ep. #11701
    Ep. #11701
    Episode 431
    Robin tells Patrick that he can go to work and that he she has Emma under control, but as soon as Patrick leaves she starts crying. Luke comes home from the Dominican Republic, he notices that Tracy isn't home yet, Edward thinks that Luke screwed up. Jason tells Spinelli to look into other property acquired by the Russians, he's stunned when Maxie comes down the stairs and that Spinelli invited her to stay, Jason says that Maxie can't stay with him and tells her to leave today. Nadine thinks Nikolas won't enjoy himself when he offers to help her with the chores, she helps him how to milk a cow. Lulu and Johnny get comfortable, Jax then arrives saying that he wants his apartment back and to vacate as soon as possible. Epiphany and Matt tell Patrick that Robin was looking for him last night, Patrick says he was taking care of an out patient and can't divulge any information. Sam makes amends with Alexis and they agree to put the whole Jerry Jacks thing behind them, but things remain a little rocky. Robin thinks that Emma doesn't like her when Maxie is able to calm her down when she can't. Tracy returns home and Luke asks if she got her divorce, he's not through fighting for her. Nikolas learns that the farm has a milking machine and that Nadine tricked her into getting him to milk the cow by hand, Raylene walks in and asks if they've decided on a date for their "wedding". Diane tells Jason to go and get ready cause he's going to be questioned by a federal agent. Tracy tells Luke that being in a shack during a monsooon wasn't what she would call romantic. Lulu and Maxie are surprised when they find each other looking at the same apartment. Nikolas and Nadine tells Aunt Raylene that they won't be getting married, she's then grateful for them telling the truth. Diane tells Jason to tell the agent exactly what happened and why. Nadine and Nikolas that the only reason they would get married is for love, sees that her Aunt Raylene died. Lulu and Maxie agree to live together and that they're expenses will be cut in half.moreless
  • Ep. #11700
    Ep. #11700
    Episode 430
    Mac tells Maxie that she forbids her to see Spinelli anymore and if she does he threatens to cut her off, and Maxie says that she's not and is moving out of his house. Elizabeth is reunited with Jake and tells Jason that she has a lot of gratitude in her heart for him, Jason says it's Sam that she should thank. Carly tells Jax if it's really over between them then why is he still wearing his wedding ring. Claudia asks Sonny why is he letting Olivia stay in his house, Olivia tells Sonny the reason that she asked Patrick to bring her here instead of Kate's is because of her son Dante freaking out if he were to learn what happened to her. Jason thanks Sam for saving Jake's life and blames himself for the unfortunate series of events. Mac tells Robin that he had it out with Maxie and that he called his bluff, and if he can try to persuade her from not moving out. Sam and Jason explain did what they thought was best in getting Jake out of the roadhouse safely. Maxie arrives and Mac says that he doesn't have to leave, but Maxie says that it's best that she moves out. Lucky is glad that Sam made it out okay, and is happy that Jake is home. Mac gives Maxie her car back and tells her to go out and find herself in her career that she so wants and if she wants to be with Spinelli then he can't stop her. Jason asks Sam if she's okay, and after he hopes that Jake doesn't remember who he is cause he put Jake in danger and says no more. Carly looks at a picture of Michael and says that her life is coming apart at the seems. Olivia tells Sonny that Claudia is right and that he has enough on his plate as is.moreless
  • Ep. #11699
    Ep. #11699
    Episode 429
    Elizabeth tells Lucky that she spent her life with someone who's a career criminal. Sonny sees Ric kissing Claudia, and he asks them he's gonna set some ground rules for him to stay away from him and his wife. Jason fears the worst when he watches the roadhouse burn, he turns around and sees when Sam comes out holding Jake. Lulu and Maxie think something bad will happen when Kate arrives at the party all mad and says she was trapped in an elevator and that Carly is wearing the same dress as she is. Epiphany calls Elizabeth and says for her to come and pick up Cameron, Patrick sees as Matt and Cameron are having fun playing cars, Elizabeth arrives with Lucky and Patrick says if she's heard anything on Jake yet. Kate and Olivia get into an argument of her finding her humiliation amusing, Kate's about to fire Lulu when Maxie then tell Kate's that it was her who told Carly about her dress. Olivia overhears Sasha on the pier talking about the ambush went horribly wrong, and refuses to let her leave, Patrick then shows up and Sasha knifes her and then leaves. Jax asks Carly the reason she showed up in the same dress as Kate, and her being behind her getting trapped in the elevator. Elizabeth is glad when she learns that Jason and Sam have found Jake and is bringing him to her house. Kate lays into Maxie for letting it slip about the dress, and ends up firing both her and Lulu, Jax says that he's a primary investor and that she won't be firing neither one. Spinelli arrives at Sonny's and says that Jake has been recovered and is on his way home as we speak. Olivia insists Patrick take her to Sonny's, rather than the hospital. Lulu wants to know why Maxie swooped down and saved her. Mac sees Spinelli and Maxie embracing and tells him to leave but she says that he doesn't have too. Milo and Max help Patrick bring Olivia into his house.moreless
  • Ep. #11698
    Ep. #11698
    Episode 428
    Johnny listens as Claudia explains herself to Sonny about knowing what it's like to have a loved one that's hurt. Lulu tells Jax that he may own half of Crimson but that he doesn't tell her when she can or can't talk to Carly. Patrick comes by and brings some cars for Cameron to play with, Elizabeth thanks him and that it was a sweet gesture. Jason and Sam infiltrates the Russian roadhouse in an effort to save Jake. Lulu and Johnny make plans, Anthony then comes into the Metro Court and makes an attempt to get Johnny to come back home but he says that he's done with him and the family for good. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Jake was babbling and trying to get a word out, and Cameron misses his little brother very much. Sam gets caught entering, and says that she was working for Karpov, Sasha then enters and asks Sam what she's doing here. Ric warns Claudia not to do anything and watch your back when it comes to Sonny. Maxie and Lulu prepare for the Crimson cocktail party, Jax then welcomes and is introduced to Kate's cousin Olivia. Kate goes into the elevator, and Carly has a technician stop it between floors and says to wait ten minutes and then cut her loose. Jason sneaks around the back and he's then shot, the guy checks him out and Jason wakes up and kills him and takes the bullet out of the bulletproof vest. Elizabeth tells Patrick to stay here til Lucky gets back cause there's something that she has to do. Sam manages to get into the back room and sees Jake and Sasha puts a knife to her throat and the two start to fight as she tries to get Jake out. Elizabeth goes to her studio and takes something and destroys all her paintings, Lucky arrives and sees what she did. Jason enters the place and starts shooting up the place. The guy behind the bar pushes the detonator and the place blows up.moreless
  • Ep. #11697
    Ep. #11697
    Episode 427
    Robin doesn't understand that Patrick can calm Emma so quickly, and she's always screaming when he's not around. Carly asks Marty for information on the Crimson cocktail party that's going to be at the Metro Court, but Jax tells him to give it to him instead. Claudia walks in on Sonny having a meeting with Milo and Max, and asks why she wasn't invited. Nadine apologizes to Nikolas for the way her cousing Bo and Uncle Vance treated him earlier. Luke and Tracy try to enjoy themselves while playing some cards. Robin comes back to work, Epiphany thinks that it's to soon, Lainey then asks to come and talk with her for a bit, Robin then opens up and says that she's not getting this mother thing and Lainey gives her some good advice. Maxie welcomes Lulu back to Crimson, and argue again like back to the way things were like she never left. Nadine tells Nikolas that she didn't have the heart to tell her Aunt Raylene that she wasn't getting married. Sasha meets with Sonny to discuss the future, he tells her to tell her goons that he's running the Zacchara organization. Matt comes by and to see if he can help with Emma and what he does seems to be working. Nadine introduces Nikolas to her Aunt Raylene, she then asks to spend some alone time with Nikolas and asks to be truthful to a dying woman. Tracy tells Luke to make his choice either her or Laura. Robin returns home to see Patrick and Matt playing a video game and Emma watching. Johnny meets with Claudia, and says that the Russian syndicate is ready to make their move, and that they might get to them as well.moreless
  • Ep. #11696
    Ep. #11696
    Episode 426
    Jason and Sam work to get themselves freed from being trapped. Nikolas meets Nadine's cousin Bo, and he's introduced to the freeloader who wants to marry his cousin. Patrick leaves to go to work and Robin has her hands full with Emma. Luke surprises Tracy in the Dominican Republic, she's then forced to stay after a major storm hits. Elizabeth sees as Sasha is brought in for questioning. Patrick arrives at the hospital and Epiphany notices how exhausted he looks and tells Matt to accompany Patrick on his rounds and to pick him up if he falls. Elizabeth threatens Sasha to tell her where Jake is. Nadine tells Nikolas all about her Aunt Raylene, and that she's sick and that it's terminal. Maxie comes to help Robin thinking she needs it, also with Spinelli's help manage to get Emma asleep, he then gets a call from Jason to do some research and about any property purchased by the Russians nearby, Spinelli finds a roadhouse that's not to far from where they are. Luke tries to get Tracy to realize that he did not choose Laura over her and that she is his life and Laura is his past. Jason and Sam stakeout the roadhouse, they see some Russian men enter the place. Sasha tells her superior that Jake is at a locationmoreless
  • Ep. #11695
    Ep. #11695
    Episode 425
    Carly asks Trevor why he's still in Port Charles, she realizes that it's Kate, she then asks his help in getting Kate what she deserves. Sonny asks Claudia why she interrupted an important and he sees Ric looking at Claudia and asks what's on his mind. Edward and Monica are at their wits end in what to do with Tracy's recent behaviour, thinking the only way to settle things is to get Luke back in the house. Alan appears and tells Tracy is she glad that Luke is no longet living in the house. Lulu tells Johnny that they are back to being on the run from the law yet again. Edward is glad that Luke came so quickly and promises him that he'll do whatever it takes to get him to move back into the house, Tracy then tells Luke to get out. Sonny tells Claudia that they're married for business purposes only, and they could do whatever they want in their personal lives. Luke tells Tracy that him being back at the house will be good for them. Spinelli and Maxie agree to help Johnny and Lulu with whatever they need, Maxie then admits to Lulu that it won't be the same without her at the Crimson offices. Sonny comes to see Kate and apologizes for everything that he put her through. Nikolas is hesitant to get involved in Carly's revenge plot. Tracy prepares to leave to the Dominican Republic and tells Luke that she's getting a divorce. Spinelli tells Lulu and Johnny that the assault against the cop was never filed, and they don't have to go on the road. Kate wants Sonny to pay for what he did. Nadine calls Nikolas saying that they're going to have to postpone the marriage and she won't be home for a while.moreless
  • Ep. #11694
    Ep. #11694
    Episode 424
    Jason and Sam run after the Russian thugs who took Jake. Carly splashes water on Kate and Jax and asks him if they're even, Carly says that she didn't mean to hurt him by sleeping with Sonny that one time. Elizabeth assures Cameron that Jason is gone after to rescue Jake, someone then knocks on the cabin door. Sonny seals the deal with the Zaccharas, much to Ric's chagrin. Johnny and Lulu decide where they're going to head next in their lives by looking at the stars. Lucky is told by Elizabeth that Jake was taken and Sam and Jason are on their trail. Johnny and Lulu go back in the car and get romantic, a cop comes along and tells them to get out of the car and Johnny is then arrested for having lewd behaviour. Nikolas tells Luke that he got a call from Laura this morning saying that she loves Paris, Luke says he misses his wife and Nikolas asks which wife, Luke says that he would've gone to France to help Laura get settled but that would be it, and Tracy is reading things the wrong way. Sonny tells Anthony that he's going to be doing business in his house from now on. The cop realizes that he's Anthony Zacchara's son and releases him. Sam distracts a Russian thug as Jason knocks him out, they then hide when they hear more coming. Sonny moves Claudia into his house. Carly tells Trevor if he knew Kate's real identity all along. Olivia realizes that Kate is blaming her for Sonny marrying Claudia, and it wouldn't be if he knew about Dante he wouldn't be in the mob in the first place. Jason and Sam discover something of Jake's and they're then caught in a cave in.moreless
  • Ep. #11693
    Ep. #11693
    Episode 423
    Robin and Patrick reminisce about when they first met and started to dislike each other, they try to imagine their lives without one another and their fantasies result in setting a wedding date.
  • Ep. #11692
    Ep. #11692
    Episode 422
    Sam and Elizabeth hit the floor as the gunfire continues at the cabin. Carly opens up to Olivia about Michael's shooting changing Sonny. Diane pleads her case to Alexis about he having nothing to charge Jason with, Spinelli arrives and says he has an alibi for Jason. Sam shoots one of the people when he enters the cabin. Spinelli tells Jason his plan to get him released. Sonny comes by and tells Kate he's going to marry Claudia tonight. Johnny warns Anthony not to let Claudia marry Sonny and if he does he walks away from the Zacchara family. Max tells Sonny that Anthony wants the wedding to take place at his house. Sonny tells Carly what she's going to do to stop him from marrying Claudia. Anthony tells Claudia to talk some sense into Johnny. Kate comes across the seating chart for her wedding to Sonny, Jax takes it and throws it in the fire, they then share a kiss. Jason looks and Spinelli says that his release is imminent. Sam struggles with another one of the guys and Elizabeth saves her by shooting a thug, she's then. Carly comes by Kate's house and looks in the window and sees Jax and Kate kissing. Johnny meets with Lulu and tells her that he did it, that he walked out on his family. Carly sneaks in and sees them on the floor together and pulls out a gun. Jason arrives at the cabin and Elizabeth tells him that the Russians took Jake.moreless
  • Ep. #11691
    Ep. #11691
    Episode 421
    Det. Harper brings Jason and Mac questions him about the recent discovery of bodies that were in the warehouse when someone started shooting the place. Sam tells Elizabeth that there's people outside and they get Cameron and Jake to safety. Olivia is told by Sonny that he's marrying Claudia. Jax turns down Carly proposition and is determined to purchase Wyndemere as well to either renovate or tear the place down. Lulu tells Johnny that maybe he can start playing the piano again someplace and earn a living. Cameron gets scared when there's shots fired, Sam tells Elizabeth that she knocked a gun over. Diane hopes that she can get on Alexis's good side to show Jason some leniency. Olivia goes and tells Kate that Sonny is marrying Claudia. Diane tells Jason that she sees Alexis talking to Mac and it doesn't look good. Olivia and Carly drown their sorrows at Jake's. Sam continues to keep an eye out for the Russian men. Alexis vows to make Jason pay for his crimes. Jax doesn't put up a fight when Kate kisses him. A gunshot breaks the glass almost hitting Sam in the process.moreless
  • Ep. #11690
    Ep. #11690
    Episode 420
    Spinelli tells Jason that he held some of the Russians at gun point but was unable to pull the trigger, Jason tells him to be who he is and that's what Maxie likes about him. Jax gloats at Nikolas at his plans to build a resort on Spoon Island, Nikolas says that the purchase will never go through, Carly arrives and says this has to stop. Tracy is visited by Alan and says does she want Luke to stay, she then tells the rest of the Quartermaines that Luke won't be staying here, Luke says that he ain't leaving. Sonny tells Anthony that he doesn't trust him and him marrying Claudia is only a business transaction. Elizabeth and Sam endure some car trouble while en route out of town unaware that they're being followed. Olivia comes to see Jason regarding Sonny. Max tells Sonny that it's possible that Anthony could be playing him, Sonny says that he's playing him and only getting into his organization to find out who shot Kate. Luke assures Tracy that Laura is his past and she is his future. Carly tells Nikolas that Jax is trying to make him angry and not to gode him, Jax comes back and says that the surveyors will be coming tomorrow, Carly thinks of a compromise but Jax won't be changing his mind. The Russian men continue to linger outside the cabin. Johnny tells Lulu that Sonny is taking over the family organization. Ric arrives and tells Jason that Sonny is marrying Claudia, and persuades him to try and stop it. Claudia goes to see Sonny, she then wants him to propose to her. Sam, Elizabeth and her kids are not safe from danger.moreless
  • Ep. #11689
    Ep. #11689
    Episode 419
    Olivia tells Epiphany that she's in a hurry before all hell breaks loose. Tracy is crushed when she overhears Luke tell Lulu that if Laura asked him to go to France he would've went. Jason sees Sam in the warehouse and makes sure that she gets to safety. Spinelli feels cornered and hurries behind a crate and Johnny takes his gun and starts opening fire and tells them to drop their weapons. Olivia arrives just in time before Kate can tells Sonny the truth about Dante. Tracy tells Luke just when is the Haunted Star gonna be up and running. Maxie tells Lulu she's grateful for coming to the hospital so quickly. Johnny tells Spinelli he's glad he's not a murderer cause it's a road he doesn't want to go down. Ric tells Luke that Anthony isn't a fan of his and doesn't want his casino open. Lulu and Maxie wonder where Spinelli is and if he's out killing those Russian guys. Jason brings Sam to Elizabeth's place, and says that it's best if they leave town for a while, Lucky then gets a call from the station and questions Jason about a warehouse full of dead people. Nadine comes to talk with Nikolas about keeping him from being deported. Kate is being followed by one of the Russian men, but she runs into Anthony instead and mentions the idea of Sonny marrying Claudia. Olivia tells Sonny if he got involved with Kate just to get back at her. Tracy tells Luke that she's done and that their marriage is over. Sonny reaches a decision about Anthony by saying he'll marry his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #11688
    Ep. #11688
    Episode 418
    Olivia flips out when she sees Sonny talking with Dante on the phone. Spinelli comes back and Jason catches him and says he shouldn't be handling a gun and tells him to handle things. Luke has a proposition for Johnny which requires capital to get his casino up and running again. Kate tells Olivia that she has to tell Sonny about Dante. Sam goes to Sasha at the warehouse and explains her loyalty to Karpov, Sasha says to come back and she'll have a job for her. Edward is determined to make sure that Monica is the new chief of staff cause he's needs her to get out of the house. Spinelli enters Sonny house and is caught by Max and tells him to get out before Sonny gets home, he then takes the gun he managed to get from the box. Sam meets with Lucky and says that she's going back undercover working for Sasha. Cody tells Jason that there's been some surveillance, Jason says he's gonna meet with Sasha to try and get something out of her and tells him to hit the warehouse. Spinelli goes to see Maxie and says that Mac was right about it being his fault that she was attacked. Spinelli points a gun and says this is for Maxie. Kate arrives and tells Sonny he has to know the truth about his son. Johnny agrees to help Luke reopen the Haunted Star. Jason and Cody arrive at the warehouse and start to open fire at everyone.moreless
  • Ep. #11687
    Ep. #11687
    Episode 417
    Marty is caught in between a Carly and Jax argument. Spinelli is relieved that Maxie isn't dead, and carries her to the hospital himself. Johnny and Lulu go back to his apartment and get intimate. Kate accuses Olivia of taking advantage of the situation by flirting with Sonny. Claudia tells Ric that she's about to be Sonny's wife, Ric thinks that she wants him to talk her out of it. Spinelli fills the doctors in on Maxie's history with her heart, Matt says that he knows and that he's gonna do what he can. Nikolas tells Carly of his situation and wishes to be a silent partner. Johnny tells Lulu that he should've believed her when she said that she was being harrassed while at Shady Brook. Olivia wonders if Jason heard her say that Sonny is her son's father. Sonny comes home to see Ric talking with Claudia in his living room and asks what's going on. Spinelli sits by Maxie's bedside and says that he loves her, she then wakes up to Spinelli's delight. Kate tells Sonny about her breakup with Sonny and that he has no choice but to marry Claudia. Nadine arrives and tells Nikolas that when they're in their marriage of convenience not to spend so much time with Carly. Carly sees Jax looking pleased with himself, and confronts him, and says to wait and see. Jax surprises Nikolas that he bought the grounds of Spoon Island and is his new landlord. Mac shows up and lets Spinelli know that he's a menace and him being responsible for what's happend and warns him to stay away from Maxie. Sam offers Jason to help him with tracking down the Russian cartelle that torched the coffee warehouse and Kelly's. Mac tells Maxie if Spinelli truly cares for her he would stay out of her life. Spinelli returns to the penthouse and takes Jason's gun and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #11686
    Ep. #11686
    Episode 416
    Sonny finds out that Olivia and moves quickly to rescue her from the coffee house. Sasha tells her boss that the retaliation is going smoothly and assures him that that girl who called the police is being taken care of. Sasha's men wait outside Sam's apartment waiting for Maxie to leave so they can jump her. Epiphany notices that Elizabeth is still reeling after her night with Jason that didn't happen. Patrick prepares to take Robin home, but is nervous about something happening so he's extra cautious, Epiphany is glad that he'll finally be out of her hair. Maxie asks Sam if there's anything between her and Jason, Sam says that he only did to get her away from Jerry before the freighter exploded. Carly tells Jax that she's contesting the divorce, Diane then begins to tell Jax the reason he was a terrible husband. Lucky comes in and Maxie learns that he and Sam never broke and was together all along. Jason arrives and sees that Sonny managed to get Olivia out of the burning building. Nadine runs into Nikolas in the park, saving her a trip to Wyndermere saying to keep him from being deported and that she'll marry him. Johnny tells Claudia to stay out his business when it comes to Lulu, Claudia then threatens to tell everybody the truth about what really happened to Logan that night. Nikolas is flattered that Nadine would consider marrying him, but she's willing to go through with it. Robin sees that Patrick is being careful as she sees that he's driving way under the speed limit. Jason tells Sonny that he's not going to fight back against the retalation. Kate tells Carly that she and Sonny are over and that he's all hers, she then gets a call from Epiphany saying that Olivia is being treated for smoke inhalation. Jason instructs Spinelli to do some research on those Russian tattoos and who's doing this, and then instructs Cody to take them down. Maxie is attacked in the park. Sonny tells Olivia that she shouldn't lie to her son about her condition. Kate overhears Sonny and Olivia talking in her hospital room. Spinelli finds Maxie unconscious in the park after she was attacked by thugs.moreless
  • Ep. #11685
    Ep. #11685
    Episode 415
    Lulu tells Johnny that it's weird not having her mother around cause she just got her back again and her leaving for France. Epiphany sees that Elizabeth looks frustrated and thinks she had a bad night, Sam then arrives and once again says that what she saw with her and Jason at his place was nothing. Maxie tells Spinelli and Jason that she saw a tattoo on one of the guys wrists. Sasha tells her boss that there was no problem with the fire at Kelly's and that Maxie was there when it happened and asks if she should be taken out. Sonny tells Mike when he wakes up that there was a fire at Kelly's, and the reason was because of him, Kate then stops by and when Mike brings up the new wedding day, she tells Mike that she and Sonny are over as Olivia listens to them from the door. Jason tells Maxie that she shouldn't know things about his business and says that she should leave. Maxie is then followed when the leaves Jason's office. Robin tells Matt to come in and visit with her for a while. Anthony is reading last night events in the papers and tells Johnny that it's working out better then he expected and it could work to their advantage. Bernie tells Jason they took a major blow with their truckyards getting hit by Karpov's men. Olivia goes into use the phone in Jason's office while some men trash and then torch the coffee place with her trapped. Elizabeth has doubts about her and Jason but agrees to meet him on the roof. Robin begins her road to recovery. Elizabeth arrives and Jason is then distracted by a fire and realizes that it's his office. Sonny comes by and sees the building on fire.moreless
  • Ep. #11684
    Ep. #11684
    Episode 414
    Maxie brings Kate back to her place thinking she should've been Mrs. Corinthos by now. Sam explains to Elizabeth that Jerry abducted her and Jason saved her. Sasha tells Sonny that they're gonna wipe him and anyone else out. Lucky reveals to Nikolas that Jake isn't his biological son and that Jason is the father, Nikolas then understands what his brother must've been going through. Sonny tells Mike that he was released after they didn't have enough evidence, Mike says that he just missed Morgan and Mercedes. Carly justifies her actions to Jax, but he says he can't deal with her right now cause Jerry might be dead. Nadine tells Nikolas that she was delighted to meet Laura and that they should all have lunch sometime, Nikolas says that they might when she gets back from France. Nikolas gets a call and tells Nadine that he maybe deported back to Greece. Elizabeth tells Jason that they told Luke and Laura that he is Jake's father and not Lucky. Jax comes to see Kate and asks if she's spoken with Sonny, he says that he was released from jail and Carly said while Karpov was killed Sonny and Carly were having sex. Kate tells Sonny that she doesn't want to hear any more excuses and that it's over between them. Sam tells Lucky that it was never about Jerry and that she never would've slept with him at all. Nadine tells Leyla that it's staring him in the face and thinks that Nikolas wants to marry her. Jason tells Elizabeth that he'll come to the house tonight. Mike is the target of mob violence when they start to trash Kelly's, Maxie witnesses it and one of the guys sees her. Cody tells Jason that Karpov's men is moving in as retaliation over his death. Jason tells Elizabeth that he can't make it and she hangs up on him and in anger throws the phone. Sonny gets a call from Sasha saying that it's all beginning.moreless
  • Ep. #11683
    Ep. #11683
    Episode 413
    Carly tells Mac that when Karpov was shot she and Sonny were at her house having sex. Jason tells Sam that Jerry was in the bottom part if the ship that he's floating around in pieces and insists that she not tell Lucky anything. Laura tells Tracy that she's strong enough to fight for what's hers, Tracy then breaks down after she leaves. Mac doesn't believe Carly's statement. Elizabeth tells Maxie the reason Spinelli hangs out with such a homewrecker such as herself. Lulu thanks Tracy for letting Luke to have those heart surgeries. Laura says that she wants to form a family meeting and requests the presence of Luke and her children, and says Tracy she's not gonna hand him over anytime soon. Det. Harper shows Jax something and he confirms that they belong to Jerry. Sam and Jason return to the penthouse all soaking wet, Jason thinks it'll be good if Maxie left. Laura says to her family that she's going to France. Carly tells Sonny the next time he kills somebody don't call her. Mac tells Carly that a freighter exploded and Jerry was on it, she then leaves. Maxie tells Epiphany about Spinelli and mentions Jason and Sam being wet and Elizabeth then leaves. Luke gives Laura a farewell at the airport and says they'll always have a bond. Sasha gives Sonny and eerie warning. Carly reaches out to Jax after learning what happened to Jerry, Jax then gets a phone call from someone but there was no answer. Elizabeth arrives and asks Jason what he's doing with Sam. Laura boards the plan and Scott is shown in the back.moreless
  • Ep. #11682
    Ep. #11682
    Episode 412
    Lesley is thrilled to see Laura, Nikolas suggests that they celebrate, but Laura doesn't want anything big. Elizabeth calls Jason and tells him that Robin is stabilized and asks him to come to the studio, but he says he can't. Jerry tells Sam that it won't be long before he leaves and she dies. Jax tells Carly that maybe he believes her that there was no romance between her and Sonny last night. Sasha is told to go ahead and move in on Sonny's territory. A doctor comes and says that Laura should go to France to undergo some testing. Sonny tells Olivia not to volunteer any information. Diane tells Sonny that he needs an alibi for the time that Karpov was murdered. Jax tells Carly not to be Sonny's alibi. Lesley tells Laura that it's her choice whether or not she goes to France. Lulu is thrilled to see Johnny and meets Laura, she then is glad that she's fallen in love with such a great guy. Spinelli sees Jerry and he demands to know where he took Sam, Jerry then renders Spinelli unconscious. Sasha comes to see Sonny and he insists that he didn't kill her boss. Edward thinks that he's finally rid of Luke, Luke asks to speak to Tracy alone and says that Laura is going away and he wants to stay with her. Laura meets Nadine and after talking with her for a while she thinks she's perfect for Nikolas. Spinelli impresses Jason with his investigation skills after hearing that he planted a tracking device on Jerry. Elizabeth comes by and says that Lucky isn't the father of her son, and that he loves him anyway, Laura gets a call from the institute and learns that he was a fake. Jason attempts to get Sam free and he and Jerry engage in a fight. Laura confronts Tracy thinking she was the one who sent the fake doctor. Jerry gets caught in a net as Jason and Sam manage to get off the boat as it explodes.moreless
  • Ep. #11681
    Ep. #11681
    Episode 411
    Olivia watches as Sonny spits on Karpov's dead body, she then calls 911 and then hangs up the phone. Jax tells Carly that he knows that Sonny was in her house last night, and just to sign the papers and then puts them down and leaves. Spinelli and Jason try to figure out what Jerry did with the explosives he purchased. Sam sends a distress signal while Jerry is distracted. Laura is reunited with her children, Nikolas and Lucky can't believe their mother is up. Jerry warns Sam that her time is running out. Jerry slaps Sam when she sent out an S.O.S., and hides her when the coast guard comes aboard the ship. Elizabeth tells Patrick and Anna that Robin is stable but isn't out of the woods yet, Anna then tells Patrick not to give up on Robin she isn't going to die. Mac and Det. Harper think that Sonny finally got his revenge. Olivia asks Elizabeth how Kate is doing, she says that she's doing much better. Sonny tells Carly that he needs an albi, Carly says he ruined her life and why would she save his by turning him in. Laura insists on meeting Luke's new wife Tracy before leaving. Anna tells Robin not to give up and fight with all she's got, Patrick brings in Emma and lets Robin hold her. Mac sees Olivia at the scene and asks who could've killed Karpov. Laura thanks Tracy for taking care of Lulu while she was away. Jason asks Spinelli to get a location on the freighter where Jerry has Sam. Det. Harper arrests Sonny for Karpov's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #11680
    Ep. #11680
    Episode 410
    Jax talks with his lawyer to get something finalized, Jason then comes and asks him questions about Jerry and Sam thinks he is smuggling counterfeit drugs into Port Charles. Sonny tells Carly that she loves Jax that's great and says he's not gonna stop loving Kate, as he and Carly fight their inner desires. Luke tells Laura that she was the love of his life and never tried to replace her. Claudia shows up in Kate's room saying she'll have no choice but to marry Sonny, Olivia then abruptly throws her out by threatening to hit her. Luke tells Laura that he was overcome with grief when she got sick and nothing to make him stop loving her. Lulu tells Tracy that she doesn't want to see her get hurt know that Laura is awake, Tracy insists on going back to the hotel and insists that Lulu go with her, but she wants to stay with her brothers. Nikolas and Lucky continue to look for Luke and Laura, and Lulu wonders if Luke does choose Tracy and not their mother. Laura doesn't tell Luke that Scott killed Rick. Sonny explains to Carly that if he doesn't kill Karpov then he'll come back. Jax refuses to help Jason by calling Jerry, but he's giving him permission to search his room. Jerry toys with Sam with a remote detonator, he then reveals the details of his plan to blow up the boat when the shipment comes in and the payment is in his account. Laura asks Luke if he loves Tracy. Scott tells Tracy she could use a drink, Tracy then congratulates him on concocting a perfect scenario. Laura is shocked when Luke tells him all the heart problems he's had this past year. Olivia goes to meet Karpov and asks why he could shoot Kate, he says he didn't and Sonny met with an accident, Sonny then arrives and shoots. Jax arrives at the house and tells Carly that they should end this farce once and for all. Sonny tells Olivia to leave and he then he shoots Karpov and kills him as Olivia watches from around the corner. Spinelli makes a discovery of a rather large amount of money in Jerry's account. Jerry explains to Sam that them finding her body will convince them they both went down with the ship. Luke says to Laura they were great together and they share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #11679
    Ep. #11679
    Episode 409
    Laura makes Luke sleep outside while she takes shelter in a cabin and chastises him for being untruthful about them not being legally married. Sam wakes up all woozy and handcuffed to the bed and Jerry asks how her head is feeling. Carly is glad that Sonny made it through the night, Sonny wants to leave but Carly thinks that it isn't a good idea. Luke starts to cough as a ploy hoping it'll get her to let him inside. Cody tells Jason that the item that he found at Sam's was a detonator a type that is found on the black market. Patrick continues to tell Robin to wake up cause he can't do this whole family thing without her. Laura is mad at Luke when he faked the chest pains so he can inside the house. The rescue team and Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu look at the banged up car. Tracy looks at the accident site and thinks that that Luke and Laura took their romance on the road. Sonny tells Carly that Karpov has to die but now he isn't certain that he shot Kate. The road workers tell Nikolas and Lucky that if Luke and Laura were to go on foot, they would head to any of the cabins that are in the area. Lulu offers to stay with Tracy while Lucky and Nikolas search. Jason and Spinelli investigate Sam's place and a neighbor said that Sam left with a man and Jason learns that it was Jerry.moreless
  • Ep. #11678
    Ep. #11678
    Episode 408
    Patrick starts CPR and the rest of the doctors attempt to revive Robin while her family watches. Jason tries to call Sam again and Jerry thinks that something is wrong and will show up. Carly says that Jax cannot find out about it or it'll be the end for them. Nikolas is told by the LAPD that they've contacted the INS and that he will be deported. Carly calls a mob doctor to attend to Sonny's wounds. Jerry forces Sam to get rid of Jason and to make it convincing or he'll kill him, Jason arrives and Sam pretty does what Jerry tells her to do. Kelly and the rest manage to get Robin stabilized, Matt then tells Anna and Mac that Robin if her blood does not clot then she could bleed to death. Tracy wonders what's taking so long in getting a car so she can go back to Port Charles, she then sees Scott come into the hotel and learns that Scott's car went over a cliff and that Laura and Luke were in it. Lulu confronts Scott and asks where her mother is, Scott says that he, Laura and Luke were involved in an accident. Jason leaves and Jerry congratulates Sam on a perfomance of a lifetime. Maxie goes in and talks to an unconscious Robin and says that she was in her position once upon a time and says she has to get better. Spinelli offers some words of comfort for Mac, he then thanks Spinelli. Jerry injects Sam to keep her calm during their trip. Scott explains the accident from what he can remember, he hit a guard rail and it all went blank after that. Patrick goes to the nursery and talks to Emma and says he doesn't know anything about being her dad and that he needs Robin so bad and can't do it without her, as Matt overhears from the door. Jason notices some blood on a piece of paper and heads back to Sam's apartment and he finds what Sam left for him. Sonny says to Carly that giving him a sponge bath is a great way to celebrate her birthday, Jax then comes back and sees her with Sonny through the window.moreless
  • Ep. #11677
    Ep. #11677
    Episode 407
    Luke continues to free Scott and Laura from the tettering car. Patrick and Robin are relieved when they hear their daughter crying, and everyone is introduced to Emma, Robin is then worried when Patrick notices a knick on her ear, she then goes to be see if she's infected, Patrick says that she won't be. Nikolas is amazed when Lulu comes in a maids uniform. Sonny hides as Carly answers the door and it's Jax coming after seeing that the light was on. Jason tells Jerry straight out that he works for Karpov. Epiphany brings Emma in Robins room to be with her parents to give them time before she sends the rest of the family in. Laura and Scott manage to make it to safety after escaping near death in Scott's car. Jason is gonna ask Spinelli to match the detonator to one that was used in the Metro Court explosion. The car goes over with Luke and Laura in it. Jax wants to be with Carly, and invites her to the hotel for a drink tomorrow night, Carly tells Sonny that was a close call. Anna tells Robin that she has no control if Emma has been exposed or not. Nikolas comes across Luke and Tracy's marriage and that he didn't hesitate in showing it to Laura. Luke comes to and sees Laura unconscious and goes to make sure that she's okay. Sonny tells Carly not to call Jason cause he doesn't want him involved in this. Spinelli tends to Anna, after saying that she's afraid that Robin infected Emma with HIV. The LAPD aren't going to charge Lucky or Lulu but Nikolas has to be deported. Kelly tells Robin that Emma is HIV negative, Robin then crashes. Sam comes home and while talking with Jason on the phone Jerry covers her mouth. Laura slaps Luke after getting him free and says how could he marry when he and Tracy were married.moreless
  • Ep. #11676
    Ep. #11676
    Episode 406
    Scott speeds away with Laura in his car, while Luke attempts to catch them in a "borrowed" taxi. Tracy then explains to Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas the situation that just happened. Jason and Sam are thrown from the explosion, Sam tells Jason that she was set up and leave when they hear the sirens. Robin continues to be in labor as Patrick's there to hold her hand. Kelly tells Mac and Anna that the baby is in distress, Anna then goes into the room to be with Robin. Carly dives in the water and manages to rescue Sonny, and when they come up for air, she tells him to stay with her. Robin tells Patrick to do whatever it takes to save the baby. Carly manages to get Sonny breathing again and tells her not to call 911 or get the police involved. Luke tries to talk to Scott, and asks to talk with Laura but hangs up the phone. Sam tells Jason that she was this close to getting the proof that she needed. Matt looks into the door and sees Robin in so much pain, as Kelly thinks there's no choice but to have a c-section. Carly takes Sonny back to her old house thinking it'll be safe there and if she didn't show up when she did he'd be dead. Jerry comes to see Jason to talk about Sam. Scott has a plan to lose Luke and swerves and crashes the car as Luke watches. Kelly manages to get Robin stablized and the baby as well.moreless
  • Ep. #11675
    Ep. #11675
    Episode 405
    One moment affects Robin and Patrick's wedding, when she announces that her water just broke. Claudia goes into see Anthony and is glad that he made it and wants a second chance with her, he wakes up and says that she wanted him to die and did nothing. Kelly tends to Robin and waits while the ambulance arrives at the church. Luke and Tracy finds difficulty checking into the hotel, by using someone elses's credit cards and the man at the desk wants an explanation. Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu are en route to Los Angeles to track down their mother. Scott tells Laura that he believes that they can get back what they had if she just lets herself go, he then takes Laura to the wishing well which brings back good memories. Anna drives Patrick and Robin very fast to the hospital and doesn't want her granddaughter in the back of a limo. Sam tells Nadine that there were lots of counterfeit drugs in her apartment and that she was set up, Jerry overhears their conversation. Sonny goes to check on Anthony, and Claudia says to Sonny that she'll marry him. Tracy tells the person that she's who she says she is and is able to get themselves checked into the place. Laura tells Scott that his wish won't come true cause she won't fall in love with him again and that she loves Luke, Scott then tells Laura that Luke is married to Tracy Quartermaine, she doesn't believe him at first then he said that it's true and that Luke hired a minister to marry them a few years ago. Sonny is told by some of Karpov's men that he requests his presence. Matt tell Sam that he saw a pair of boots during the fire that Jerry Jax was wearing. Edward tells Laura that Tracy and Luke have been married for three years, she then asks Scott to take her back to the hotel. Kelly says that there's a problem with the baby's umbilical cord and Robin needs surgery. Jerry calls Sam and asks that she meet him in the alley. Sonny wants Karpov to admit that he shot Kate, he then makes his move to get revenge against him by stabbing him and having him thrown into the harbor. Sam points a gun thinking it's Jerry and sees Jason and she goes to him and they're thrown by an explosion. Luke and Laura come face-to-face for the first time.moreless
  • Ep. #11674
    Ep. #11674
    Episode 404
    Luke and Tracy arrive at Shadybrook and says that Laura is missing and that there maybe some truth to Lulu's story about her mother being up and about. Matt and Patrick continue to stabilize Anthony. Mac vows to make Patrick pay if he leaves Robin at that altar. Sonny tells Jason that why doesn't he follow his heart. Spinelli that he's checked everywhere but is unable to find Patrick anywhere. Johnny tells Claudia that he was gonna let their father die for their own good. Robin is confident Patrick won't leave her at the altar. Matt notices Anthony's right leg twitch when it's impossible for someone that has no mobility in them. Robin makes an announcement that they're will be a wedding cause Patrick will be here. Luke learns that Laura left with Scott, and he and Tracy set off and figures out that he took Laura to Los Angelea cause that's where their honeymoon was. Scott and Laura remember the good old days while in California. Lesley tells Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu that Scott could've taken Laura to California cause it has special meaning. Patrick arrives at the church, in time and Robin says he knew he'd make it. Luke and Tracy arrive at the hotel where Laura and Scott are staying in disguise. Patrick and Robin are at the altar and she tells him that he water just broke.moreless
  • Ep. #11673
    Ep. #11673
    Episode 403
    Claudia won't lift a finger to help Anthony and tells Johnny to let their father die. Epiphany tells Patrick that he's tempting fate by not immediately getting ready for the wedding. Maxie see Elizabeth and Jason and says that nobody should be in the church yet. Mac tells Jason that he doesn't want him anywhere near Robin's wedding. Jason tells Robin that Maxie convinced him to come, which Robin is grateful. Kate thinks that with Sonny not marrying Claudia, she'll want him all to herself. Patrick invites Matt to the wedding and hopes he can make it. Mac sits with Maxie and says where does the time go when his girls are growing up fast. Patrick tells Leyla that he's almost finished, Anthony is rushed into the hospital and Johnny insists that Patrick operates. Olivia confronts Sonny about his desire to regain power. Anna arrives and reads a letter from Robert that he can't attend the wedding but he'll share in joy in the birth of her daughter. Spinelli gives Robin distressing news about Patrick.moreless
  • Ep. #11672
    Ep. #11672
    Episode 402
    Anna arrives and is glad that she made it in time for the wedding, and tells Robin that Robert sends his best on her special and that he can't be there. Ric wonders where Claudia was last night when they where supposed to meet at Jake', she says that she almost married Jason. Spinelli helps Maxie do some last minute preparations at the church. Jason tells Sonny that he almost married Claudia last night, Sonny says that he should've taken the deal, that means he wouldn't be stuck married to Claudia. Olivia gets a look at the race car that Patrick purchased. Maxie mentions a happy time with Spinelli when her family was together. Claudia comes to see Kate and fills her in on what she's missed while being in the hospital, Olivia shows up and tells her to get away from her cousin. Maxie goes to Jason and says that he has to be there to see Robin and Patrick get married, he says that he doesn't want to bring any violence to her special day. Olivia tells Sonny that Claudia was just here saying to Kate that your marrying her. Jason and Elizabeth share a moment while in the church together. Matt tells Patrick that he isn't coming to the wedding. Epiphany is speechless when Patrick is doind his rounds while he should be getting ready for the wedding. Anthony collapses while arguing with Claudia.moreless
  • Ep. #11671
    Ep. #11671
    Episode 401
    Lulu is put in a straight jacket in a padded room. Lulu fakes being unconscious, so she can put her plan in motion. Nadine and Nikolas have a romantic night. Luke manages to escape the clutches of mexican drug dealers and gets away along with Tracy by stealing an airplane. The doctor comes back and sees that Lulu is missing. Maxie tells Spinelli that Lulu wasn't grateful by showing her that she didn't write those notes, Patrick and Robin arrive and they and Spinelli and Maxie put together some things using bird seed instead of rice. Sam pleads with Lucky not to walk away from her, Lulu arrives and says that Scott took Laura from Shady Brook. Scott explains how he accidentally killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the blame. Luke manages to get the plane back in control. Patrick runs into Olivia at Jake's while drinking and he talks about his upcoming wedding to Robin. Lulu says that Scott saw Laura wake up too and they to believe that he took her and encourages Lucky to help her. Nadine brings up to Nikolas when she first saw him at the Bacchanalia last year and was so in awe of him, Lulu and Lucky interrupt him and Nadine just as they were getting romantic and told him what Scott did. Scott tells Laura that them being in Hollywood by recreating their honeymoon.moreless
  • Ep. #11670
    Ep. #11670
    Episode 400
    Jason and Claudia arrive at the justice of the peace wanting to get married. Tracy tells Luke to get up when he's sober enough to get up himself. Scott and Lulu can't believe that Laura is awake and lucid. Lucky goes to Nikolas so he can get Sam bailed out of jail, Lucky explains the reason that she was arrested. Olivia dodges Sonny's questions about Dante, Sonny asks why didn't she tell him that she had a son and that she didn't invite him to the wedding and he wants her to reassure him so Sonny could meet him. Claudia tells the minister to speed things up by going straight to the vows. Nikolas longs to sort things out with Nadine, they do when he explains the reason that Carly was fixing his shirt. Jerry pays a visit to Sam, she wonders what his game is after bringing her some belgium chocolate. Tracy says to Luke that if that's the best he can do, then he's better off with Lulu drunk. Sonny learns that Kate knew about Dante and wonders why Kate never said anything. Laura tells Scott that she hasn't stopped caring about him, she then brings up why he shouldn't pay for killing Rick. Jerry wants him and Sam to form a partnership and cut Karpov out and walk away with a huge profit, Lucky arrives at the station and sees Jerry with Sam. Claudia tells Jason how far she would go and know he knows, she then leaves. Sonny tells Olivia if she had Dante before or after Kate left Bensonhurst and who her son's father is. Scott threatens to tell the police after hearing Lulu's confession. Scott tells Laura that he'll leave Lulu alone if she goes away with him right now, Laura then agrees and they go. Lulu calls Tracy but leaves a message. Nikolas turns off his phnoe and has instructed the staff to not disturb him or Nadine. Lucky asks Sam what would've happened with Jerry if Alexis hadn't shown up when she did. Tracy realizes that she missed a call from Lulu, she then sees that Luke is gone. Lulu tries to tell the doctors that Scott had kidnapped her mother, she's then taken away by the doctors. Scott tells Laura that he's gonna try to make her fall in love with him again.moreless
  • Ep. #11669
    Ep. #11669
    Episode 399
    Luke is open and honest with Tracy about his feelings for her. Maxie tells Spinelli they shouldn't go after Trevor cause she doesn't want him in a padded cell again. Lulu tells Laura that she may be getting out of Shadybrook a lot sooner than she thinks. Carly assures Nikolas that Jax is up to something and it concerns business, the realtor tells Jax that she'll file the papers with his offer on Spoon Island. Claudia tells Jason about having him marry her instead of Sonny. Olivia tells Sonny that she heard him talking to Mike and says if he's marrying Claudia. Jason complies with Claudia that if she wants to get married then he suggests they go and do it right now. Spinelli and Maxie fill Lulu in on Trevor being the person who leaves the notes in her room. Johnny meets with Trevor and Spinelli and Maxie sees them together. Lulu goes to get the book of poems and someone follows her, Lulu then finds a note on the floor. Spinelli manages to get the napkin away from Trevor to compare his handwriting but it doesn't match. Jason tells Claudia to leave town, but she said that running away is not an option for her. Lulu shows the note to Laura and learns it was Scott as he walks in the room and believes that she killed Logan. Sonny is shocked to learn that Olivia has a son when he answers her phone. Scott lays into Lulu, Laura then gets up and says he's not gonna do anything to her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #11668
    Ep. #11668
    Episode 398
    Nadine tells Nikolas that he can see whoever he wants since they're not officially dating. Jax tells Carly that he knows that they're divorce is painful. A mystery woman bails Luke out of jail and leaves Tracy in jail. Claudia tells Ric that he set her up, Ric is then shocked when Claudia says that Anthony wants her to marry Sonny. Lulu wakes up and sees Johnny she rushes to him thinking it was a hallucination, he then comes in to her arms. Leyla tells Nadine that she just made a fool of herself in front of Nikolas. Epiphany informs the other nurses that Robin is on her way. Spinelli shows Lulu a program which proves that she didn't write those notes to herself, Lulu then thinks she's not so crazy after all. Jason tells Carly that Sonny is considering an alliance with Anthony Zacchara and the must give Sonny back his organization, but he can't cause he's very vulnerable right now. Patrick takes Robin to Jake's and she is touched by a surprise bridal shower. Luke comes back and tells Tracy he got out because he did a favor for that woman. The ladies give Robin her presents at the party. Spinelli tells Lulu that he'll do whatever it takes to discover the person who's sending the notes to her. Spinelli and Maxie hide as they see as Trevor enter Lulu's room. Jax meets with a person who desperately wants to buy Spoon Island from under Nikolas.moreless
  • Ep. #11667
    Ep. #11667
    Episode 397
    Karpov is impressed with Jerry with the way he handled letting Sam take the blame. Scott comes into Lulu's room and senses that they're up to no good, Maxie and Spinelli deny their plans to bust Lulu out of Shadybrook as Scott insisted. Ric tells Jason that if Sonny wants to join the Zacchara organization then there's nothing he can do about it. Claudia tells Sonny that she hopes that he said to her father about marrying her. Alexis tells Sam not to say another word and if she does she could get into trouble. Epiphany wonders what Patrick and Robin are up to, so they tell her that they're getting married, Epiphany that she drove her and her staff crazy with their on and off personal stuff. Lucky arrives at the apartment saying the reason that he's here is cause that he and Sam were once together. Jason cautions Anthony and Ric that if they use Sonny to get to him he'll tear they're organization apart. Alexis tells Mac she came to let Sam explain the pictures of her and Karpov. Sonny tells Claudia that him marrying her is never gonna happen. Epiphany tells Patrick and Robin it's only a matter of time before they argue about the wedding. Sam tells Jerry as she comes into the police station that one way or another he's gonna make him pay. Sonny tells Kate he tried to get out of the mob but he can't, he runs into Mike asking how Kate is and also he doesn't look to good himself. Olivia asks Patrick a question if his daughter married Sonny. Johnny learns from Claudia that he offered Sonny the means if he marries her. Robin meets with Jason at the Metro Court and says she's marrying Patrick and gives him an invitation.moreless
  • Ep. #11666
    Ep. #11666
    Episode 396
    Lulu distracts the doctor while Maxie enters the padded cell and they get Spinelli released. Sonny tells Anthony that his first order of business is that Andrei Karpov has to die. Sam realizes that Jerry knew that Alexis was coming and that he set her up, Sam says to Alexis that she's been gathering evidence on Jerry and all of it is on his PDA. Alexis types in the code and sees that there's nothing incriminating on it, Mac then arrives with a search warrant to go through Sam's place. Luke starts to have drinks with the cop at the bar. Anthony tells Sonny there's a catch if he wants to run to organization then he must marry Claudia, Sonny then says no way he'll ever marry her. Alexis tells Mac there's no cause in holding Jerry and he can let him go. Jason comes to tell Kate that Sonny's about to make a mistake and is hoping she can talk him out of it. Lulu realizes that Spinelli and Maxie have no escape plan. Patrick can't think straight, Robin tells it's okay cause they're getting married in nine days. Maxie says that she may have an escape plan. Luke's plan to get Tracy out of a bind backfires and they end up both being arrested. Sam is shocked when Mac finds some prescription medication in her apartment, Jerry then tells Karpov that he left to avoid suspicion and there's enough evidence to put Sam away for years. Jason goes to see Anthony and says that the deal with Sonny will never happen. Claudia is speechless when Sonny says that her father wants them to get married.moreless
  • Ep. #11665
    Ep. #11665
    Episode 395
    Maxie admits to Spinelli that she actually misses her and needs his help. Elizabeth tends to Jason's injured ankle when he fell off the ladder. Sonny tells Max that Karpov will be dead before he has a chance to leave. Rick arrives and Sonny says that to tell Anthony that his answer is still no. Nadine feels uncomfortable when Carly walks in on them. Lulu shows the recent note that she received, Spinelli and Maxie also read the note and Lulu isn't hallucinating they have a plan to get her out, Spinelli goes to create a distraction, but a doctor then puts him in a padded room. Patrick and Robin have an unusual time after their birth coaching class. Sonny calls Jason over, he wants his help in dealing with Karpov if not then he's going to Anthony. Jax arrives and sees Carly and Nikolas and assumes the worst and threatens bring a lawsuit to stop the transaction. Carly tells Nikolas that she tried to make Jax jealous when he seen them together. Tracy gets more then she bargained for when she's arrested for bribing a cop in Mexico and Luke doesn't lift a finger to stop it. Nadine comes back and sees Nikolas and Carly and she then abruptly leaves. Edward tells Tracy that he's trying to get the charges against Luke dropped but it'll take time. Jason refuses to give into Sonny's ultimatum, Sonny then goes to Anthony and accepts his offer. Karpov tells Jason that he doesn't have a quarrel with him and he'd like to keep it that way. Alexis stops by Sam's place and she sees her and Jerry in the hot tub together.moreless
  • Ep. #11664
    Ep. #11664
    Episode 394
    Maxie goes to see Lulu, Lulu asks her how Johnny is. Tracy finds Luke hung over in a Mexican bar and tells him that Lulu is in Shadybrook across the hall from Laura. Carly explains to Nikolas that the story behind wanting to buy half of Carly's shares doesn't add up. Elizabeth tells Nadine she should tell Nikolas how she really feels. Jason tells Spinelli that someone shot Kate, and why would Karpov leave a shell casing if he wanted to get caught and it was obvious a frame on Karpov. Maxie makes goes to see Johnny and makes an appeal for him to go and see Lulu. Spinelli comes by to see Lulu and brings and reads her some poetry. Elizabeth calls Jason asking to meet with him right away, when he arrives she wants him to paint, he agrees and where can he start. Tracy attempts to get Luke sobered up and discusses what's been going on since he's been gone and Lulu confessing to Logan's murder and imagined Laura talking to her, Luke agrees to go. Nikolas apologizes to Nadine for having Alfred come into the room the morning after. Johnny overhears Lulu in her session with Lainey. Carly catches Nikolas and Nadine in a compromising position. Lulu sees another note under the book of poems.moreless
  • Ep. #11663
    Ep. #11663
    Episode 393
    Carly is anxious to know what kind of secret that Kate and Olivia are keeping from Sonny. Karpov tells Sam why was she spying on him, he then confiscates her cellphone. Maximus learns that Claudia is Anthony's daughter. Alexis tells Lucky if he's heard anything from Sam, he says not since they're "breakup". Claudia then plays along with Max's games in front of Maximus, but when Diane arrives she tells him to back off. Tracy says that she has a solid lead on the whereabouts of Luke, and is waiting for confirmation, Monica agrees with Edward what he says that Luke probably isn't the person that Lulu needs right now. Scott comes and tells Alexis that her surveillance on Andrei Karpov has been called off effective immediately. Edward tells Tracy that he isn't pulling any favors in having Luke exonnerated. Sonny tells Jason that he's on his own and if things come crashing down n him he'll have no one to blame but himself. Maximus tells Max to let go of Claudia and get a nice girl like Carly. Carly and Olivia have a drink at the Metro Court and she shows her a picture of Morgan. Sonny tells Kate that there's no guarantee that he can keep her safe and he then leaves her hospital room. Tracy results to blackmailing Edward into getting the charges against Luke dropped by threatening to expose his online dating profile. Maximus stops by Sonny's place and says they have to talk. Jason is relieved when Max tells him that his father is leaving and going back to Palermo, Jason's then relieved. Sam and Jerry make dinner plans as Alexis decides to get a search warrant for her daughter's apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #11662
    Ep. #11662
    Episode 392
    Olivia tells Kate that she's not going to put Dante's life in danger. Sonny tells Karpov that's he's going to make him pay, Sasha arrives and says that the sharpshooter can take him out with a blink of an eye, Max then arrives with Milo and Maximus, Max tells Sonny to back off, Sonny warns Karpov to watch his back. Sasha insists that Andrei leave Port Charles, but Karpov says that no one is gonna drive him out. Carly arrives and Diane says that it's safe and that Max and his father aren't here. Lucky questions Claudia about Johnny's whereabouts in regards to him crashing into the pier last week. Karpov calls Sam and that he has a job for her and to meet him at Pier 52 in one hour. Johnny tells Claudia after she spoke with Lucky if what he says to Lulu sets her back he'll never forgive her. Max assures Sonny that his father will be leaving soon and it'll be back to normal. Diane encourages Alexis to ask Sam for the truth before taking legal action. Sam hears a conversation with Karpov and Jerry, she's then caught by someone.moreless
  • Ep. #11661
    Ep. #11661
    Episode 391
    Patrick tells Coleman if he should tell Sonny that he has another son. Alexis tells Sonny that if Karpov does turn up dead he'll be the likely suspect. Claudia and Olivia continue their animosity towards each other. Carly arrives at the hospital and Kate thanks for coming so quickly, Carly tells that she can't stand her and the reason that she's agreeing to talk to Sonny cause he still matters. Karpov insists to Jerry that Alexis has to die, Jerry says that she was just doing her job by bringing him in this evening. Robin shows Maxie her engagement ring and, she's excited that Robin wants her to be her maid of honor, and that Robin and Patrick decide the wedding is gonna be on the 29th of October. Maximus continues to be kept in the dark about Max not really being in charge. Carly goes to Sonny and tells him not to avenge Kate and if he dies how will she explain it to Morgan, Sonny tells Carly not to use Morgan like that. Maximus insists on showing Sonny the ropes. Sam is called to the pier and a photographer takes pictures of her and Karpov. Patrick calls Robin and asks her to meet her at Jake's, Robin and Maxie learn that Patrick picked Coleman as his best man. Jerry shows Alexis pictures of her and Karpov thinking it's possible she could be into something. Karpov arrives at his warehouse, and Sonny fires some shots at him, Sonny says the he wants to look into his eyes first.moreless
  • Ep. #11660
    Ep. #11660
    Episode 390
    Carly meets Max's father and plays along with the charade as Max's "girlfriend". Spinelli and Maxie hide as the mysterious people go into Kate's office, Spinelli tells Maxie that the coast is clear and he reads a note saying that next time Kate will die. Sonny and Olivia share some heated words when it comes to Kate being in the hospital. Patrick is torn over whether to keep Olivia's secret from Sonny when he overhears Robin talking with Kate. Sam thanks Lucky for taking her and the kids to the Poconos and had the best time ever. Alexis comes by to question Sonny about the shooting and Olivia mentions Karpov which doesn't please Sonny very much. Patrick and Robin agree to start working on the guest list for their wedding. Maxie and Spinelli go to talk with Jason cause of what happened at the Crimson offices, they then meet Maximus Giambetti, who's under the impression that his son Max is in charge. Alexis meets with Karpov to try and run cause it'll only strengthen her case against him. Olivia and Claudia instantly dislike one another when they run into each at Jake's. Maximus reads the note that was left in Kate's office and immediately says that Karpov's men didn't leave it.moreless
  • Ep. #11659
    Ep. #11659
    Episode 389
    Maximus tells Max to get Jason to apologize, Jason then complies and promises to come back dressed appropriately. Olivia catches Maxie in a lie when she never saw her visit Kate at the hospital. Sonny explains to Kate that his deal with Karpov was only to keep him away from Jason. Jerry injects Nadine with a needle full of a mysterious substance and then passes out. Jax accuses Nikolas of some sort of revenge trip over what happened to Courtney and also pretending to be Spencer's father. Mac takes Patrick to the station confident that Robin will arrive shortly, she then comes and Mac gives them a both a speech about marriage and that they have a shot and locks them in the interrogation room, they discuss a lot of things and Patrick proposes again and she says yes, they tell Mac that they're getting married. Sonny tells Kate the only way he can retaliate is to get back into the mob. Jason's gets nervous when Max takes a call from Bernie and when Maximus leaves to get him back on the phone immediately. Nikolas goes to the clinic and sees Nadine passed out, she wakes up not knowing how she got there. Maxie and Spinelli receive unexpected visitors at the Crimson offices. Carly arrives and asks Jason just what is going on.moreless
  • Ep. #11658
    Ep. #11658
    Episode 388
    Anna goes to Mac and fills him in on Robin's recent proposal to Patrick and then him turning her down. Max fills Jason in on what he told his father about him "running" the Port Charles mob. Robin confides in her relationship problems with Mac. Alexis talks about Carly and Jax's property, Jax insists that Carly take the hotel in Monteal, Carly says she wants the Metro and give him the other place. Lucky and Sam return home from their vacation. Jerry tells Alexis that Carly and Jax maybe going through a rough patch and may find they're way back. Diane notices just how nervous Max is, Milo fills her in on that his and Max's father is visiting. Elizabeth calls Jason and asks to meet at her studio, they talk about it being impossible in having a relationship together. Nadine asks Matt what's the last thing she remembers before she passed out, he says he saw a pair of black boots with a dragon logo on them, Nadine is taken aback thinking she seen them somewhere before. Alexis tells Jax that they're going to discuss his divorce and not waste her time anymore. Maximus arrives and Max shows him his "territory". Nadine enters Jerry's room at the Metro Court as a maid, he comes back and she hides but he finds her in the closet wanting an explanation on what she's doing. Sam is delighted that Lucky referred to her as his girlfriend. Jax see Nikolas in the lobby and tells him to leave, he's then shocked to hear that Carly is selling him half of her shares of the hotel. Mac places Patrick under "arrest" for failing to yield Robin. Jason walks in on Max and sees his father sitting there.moreless
  • Ep. #11657
    Ep. #11657
    Episode 387
    Nikolas brings Nadine into the hospital after taking a fall, she then says that she doesn't want him around, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that maybe Nadine was embarrassed while being hurt in front of him and the reason she left this morning is because Alfred was in the room. Anthony tells Sonny that he can run his organization the way he sees fit, Sonny then turns down his offer. Cody tells Jason that he agreed to work for Sonny so he can get some inside information, Jason tells Spinelli that he wants him to do a phone trace. Johnny tells Claudia that she wants to sleep with a piece of garbage like Ric cause she made a deal with him, they get into it and Ric punches Johnny. Olivia tells Kate to keep her promise about Dante being Sonny's son and also it's his fault that she got shot, Sonny arrives and says to Olivia that Kate should blame him. Matt tells Nikolas that Nadine CT scan came back negative, he then thanks him for pulling him from the fire. Jason tells Spinelli that Sonny wants to kill Karpov and that he isn't sure that he's the one that fired the gun at the church. Kate questions Diane, who confirms what Olivia told her about the way Sonny handles his business. Jason and Cody stake out the pier and overhear that he wants to gain control again, Jason says that it's never going to happen. Max tells Milo that he told their father while visiting in Sicily that he runs the mob in Port Charles. Sonny feels betrayed when Jason says that he's not lifting a finger.moreless
  • Ep. #11656
    Ep. #11656
    Episode 386
    Spinelli tries to explain to Nikolas what he saw, Nadine then kicks him in the leg. Jax says that he's not selling his shares to Nikolas or to anyone. Patrick tells Kate that she can tell Sonny what she wants to say. Claudia is amazed by Ric in his certain tastes, he then takes Claudia back to his hotel room where the two get comfortable. Johnny is angry that he finally proved himself to his father and won't let him in, Johnny then finds the rifle in the cupboard. Jason says that if Karpov shot Kate why would he deny it. Sonny tells Jason that he built the business up to where it is today and he's taking it back, but Jason says no to him. Nikolas goes to Elizabeth and says that he saw Nadine kissing Spinelli. Johnny tells Anthony that he was messy in not cleaning it before he put it away, he then picks him and puts him on the floor and says for him to stand up on his own. Sonny tells Jason that he was like a brother to him now he's nothing to him. Nadine goes to the pier and apologizes to Nikolas and she trips and falls. Cody tells Jason that Sonny asked him to switch sides and he's thinking of doing it. Johnny walks in on Claudia and Ric. Anthony goes to see Sonny in the hospital chapel and says he can put his resources at his disposal, Sonny asks what the catch is.moreless
  • Ep. #11655
    Ep. #11655
    Episode 385
    Jason leaves without Sonny knowing that he's there. Patrick turns down Robin's marriage proposal, that he had time to think and says she doesn't want to be married. Sonny tells Olivia that the surgery was successful and will be able to walk. Nadine sees Carly and Nikolas talking and eavesdrops, she's interrupted by Marty and asks what she's doing, Nikolas leaves and Nadine gets up into Carly's face. Bernie tells Jason that he told Spinelli to tell him were his loyalties lie, thinking he'll do what Sonny asks him to do. Jason leaves Karpov with a warning. Jax clashes with Nikolas after learning he approached Carly about selling the hotel. Olivia gets nervous when Patrick brings up something that Kate wanted to tell Sonny when she woke up. Mac comes to check on Kate, to see if there's been any changes and questions Sonny and Olivia about the shooting. Robin tells Anna that she proposed to him and he said no. Carly tells Jax he won't sell to Nikolas and that she wants him to sell out, Jax says that he doesn't want to. Nadine calls Spinelli to the pier and kisses him in front of Nikolas. Sonny goes to Jason saying he wants to take over. Kate tells Patrick to tell Sonny that Olivia had his baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11654
    Ep. #11654
    Episode 384
    Nadine and Nikolas wake up in each others arms, she's then embarrassed when Alfred just walks in with breakfast, Nadine then leaves. Scott has Johnny in jail once again for crashing his boat into harbor, he then confesses to "killing" Logan and loving it. Patrick tells Sonny that Kate did wake up last night and she wanted him to tell Sonny something. Ric and Claudia stop Scott continuing to assault Johnny. Olivia meets with Carly and says if Sonny says he's out of the mob, if he was telling the truth. Sonny tells Kate to beat the odds while in surgery and come back to him. Kate wakes up, and says that she has to tell him something and drifts away, Epiphany arrives and says that she has to be prepped for surgery. Nadine tells Leyla about the magical night she had with Nikolas, and how she abruptly ran out of there the next morning, Leyla says how can Nikolas can see she had a good time if she acts like that. Robin tells Sonny that Kate is in good hands with Patrick. Carly tells Nikolas there are plenty of businesses for him, and that him acquiring the Metro Court is only sticking it to Jax. Robin astounds Patrick when she asks him to marry her. Ric and Claudia's mutual attraction continues to build. Sonny vows to get revenge on his enemies as Jason hears him.moreless
  • Ep. #11653
    Ep. #11653
    Episode 383
    Ric tells Anthony that Claudia coming on to Sonny is the worst idea he ever had. Elizabeth tells Jason that what happened to Kate doesn't change things, and they should reschedule their trip, Jason then takes her to see Kate and says that could be her if she's with him. Olivia challenges Sonny to own up to his actions, Sonny says that whoever did this will pay with their life. Nadine thanks Nikolas for coming to her aid, thinking she had the situation handled, Nikolas tells her to relax as he goes out for a ride. Jax tells Carly that they're marriage is still despite their kiss saying it was in the heat of the moment. Carly calls Jason and asks him to come to the Metro Court thinking this insanity will never end. Olivia tells Sonny that since he and Kate aren't married, it makes her Kate's only family. Patrick assures Olivia that he's the best at what he does. Claudia comes to the hospital to offer Sonny her condolences but Sonny asks her to leave and doesn't want her sympathy. Anthony has Mr. Vaughn follow Johnny as he leaves the house. Nikolas returns from his ride and Nadine plants a kiss on him. Johnny punches Mr. Vaughn on the pier. Claudia wonders what secret Ric is keeping. Kate regains consciousness and tells Patrick that Sonny has something but she then relapses. Nikolas and Nadine have sex.moreless
  • Ep. #11652
    Ep. #11652
    Episode 382
    Ric learns that Anthony was faking his paralysis so he can open fire at the wedding, Anthony then reveals his plot on how he plans to get on Sonny's good side. Lulu confronts an orderly and asks if he left the note on her tray, she then goes in her rooom and the note is gone. Sonny and Jason's conflict deepens, when he refuses to take out Karpov until he knows more information. Olivia tells an unconscious Kate that Sonny will never learn her secret. Elizabeth is upset that Jason is a no show at the airport for their trip to Italy. Spinelli confirms that the bullet is Russian as well as the rifle it was fired from. Morgan asks Carly if the person who shot Kate was the same on who shot Michael. Jason calls and apologizes to Elizabeth for missing the flight. Sonny lays into Karpov as he arrives at the hospital that he's a dead man, Karpov swears he had nothing to do with the shooting. A frantic Lulu calls Johnny and asks him to come to her right away, she tells him about the note, but he thinks that she's getting worse when he's around her. Claudia tells Ric and Trevor that Karpov didn't have Kate shot, and was surprised when he heard the news from her. Trevor then warns Ric about getting involved with Claudia, Mac and Det. Harper arrive to question the Zacchara's. Jax is concerned for Morgan and Carly's safety so he moves them into the Metro Court.moreless
  • Ep. #11651
    Ep. #11651
    Episode 381
    Gunshots interrupt Sonny and Kate's wedding, and Sonny looks and sees that Kate has been shot. Tracy comes to Shadybrook looking for Lulu and learns that she's not there. Mike insists that Carly tend to Kate, cause she's the one with a little experience in nursing. Lucky tells Elizabeth if she's jeopardizing the boy's life by getting involved with Jason again. Jason tells Spinelli to do a trace on the shell casing that Cody found, cause when he needs answers quickly. Jax tells Alexis that Kate was conscious while being put on the gurney. Johnny takes Lulu back to Shadybrook, and Tracy learns of the gunshots at the wedding. Mac tells Maxie that she doesn't want her anywhere near Spinelli cause he works for Jason, Maxie pleads her case when no one knew something like this was going to happen. Tracy takes Johnny to see Laura and tells him of what happened to her. Mercedes brings Morgan to the Metro Court, cause he was worried that she was the one that was hit. Lulu gets a note in her dinner saying the person knows that she killed Logan and should pay. Claudia tells Karpov that he has some nerve, but he says that what happened was not on him or any of his men. Elizabeth continues to wait for Sonny at the airport to go on their trip. Sonny orders Jason to kill Karpov. Ric walks in to see Anthony standing up.moreless
  • Ep. #11650
    Ep. #11650
    Episode 380
    Kate gets a bouquet of flowers from Andrei Karpov wishing her luck on her special day. Nadine is tied up on the ship and she struggles to get free. Jason comes by and sees Sonny, he says that Carly asked her to take her to the wedding. Maxie wonders why her dress hasn't arrived yet, she then sees as Olivia is wearing it. Diane sees as Carly and Claudia have their dresses and she still hasn't gotten hers yet. Johnny disguises himself as an orderly to get Lulu out of Shadybrook to attend Sonny's wedding. Nadine calls Nikolas and he hears a conversation with Sasha, Sasha then finds out that Nadine made a phone call. Maxie asks Spinelli to do a check on Olivia and Kate's background, Maxie learns Kate birth name and thinks that her fashion career is gonna go down with Kate. Carly assures Diane that she's not going to be the one to ruin Sonny and Kate's wedding. Robin tells Sonny that she can't make it, and finds out that Robin is having a girl. Kate and Olivia get into a huge fight when Olivia brings her something to wear as a tradition and refuses to wear it, Olivia thinks that Kate is embarrassed of her family. Sonny tells Mike that he's glad that he's going to be there to stand up for him. Nikolas arrives to rescue Nadine and takes Sasha hostage, he and Nadine both jump overboard. Carly is thrown as Jax arrives for the wedding. Everyone in the church hears Kate and Olivia's argument and they get a delight out of it. Olivia and then Kate make their way down the aisle.moreless
  • Ep. #11649
    Ep. #11649
    Episode 379
    Jason asks Elizabeth to go to Italy with him, she humbily says yes. Lucky tells Johnny that Lulu has been hallucinating having conversations with her mother for the past several weeks. Carly is thrilled when she learns of Kate's real name and her secret past from Olivia after checking in to the Metro Court. Nikolas asks Nadine why she's returning to work so soon after the fire. Sonny and Kate get ready for the rehearsal dinner and insists she change her dress. Olivia and Carly both agree that it's gonna be one heck of a wedding. Lulu learns that Lucky is the reason that Johnny left, defends her relationship with Johnny to him. Kate is reunited with Olivia and realizes it's her surprise from Sonny, Kate tells Olivia that she wants her to come to the wedding. Sonny receives an ominous visit from Anthony saying he regrets saying those things about Kristina to Alexis. Jax tells Carly that why should one of Sonny's guests get a free ride at the hotel. Nadine snoops on the docks and winds up in trouble by Sasha. Nikolas meets with Jax saying he wants to but the hotel but he says the Metro Court isn't for sale. Lulu calls Johnny asking him to come to see her tomorrow. Carly tells Jason that he has to take her to the wedding, Jason thinks that Carly has something planned and wants to know what it is.moreless
  • Ep. #11648
    Ep. #11648
    Episode 378
    Olivia gets on a plane and heads to Port Charles to see Kate marry Sonny. Jason wants Spinelli to do some research for him. Jax tells Carly that she's not serious in attending Sonny's wedding. Lulu calls Johnny wanting for him to come and see her, Nikolas stops by and brings some cookies from Bobbie and says she hasn't had any conversations with Laura or seeing Logan and says Johnny's coming to see her, Nikolas tells Lulu that Johnny visiting her is a bad idea. Johnny tells Claudia that he needs to be with Lulu. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he and Sam are gonna take Cameron and Jake to someplace where they won't see them together. Kate's superstitious ramp up just in time for her wedding. Ric tells Lucky that Johnny is planning on visiting Lulu at Shadybrook. Jason calls Elizabeth at the hospital and asks if she can come and meet him. Maxie arrives and says that something terrible has happened. Diane and Alexis clash over what outfit to wear to the wedding. Lainey tells Lulu that further contact with Johnny will interfere with her recovery. Lucky warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Maxie gives Kate some proper flowers and she and Sonny start the rehearsal. Olivia arrives at the Metro Court and Carly overhears her tell Marty that Sonny made the reservation.moreless
  • Ep. #11647
    Ep. #11647
    Episode 377
    Jason stops Spinelli from measuring him and says he isn't going to the wedding. Maxie bring Lulu a little goodie bag to keep herself kept up at Crimson. Jax wants to discuss the divorce proceedings and wants to hire Alexis, Carly that she against the whole divorce thing period. Kate asked Sonny where he was last night and to tell her the truth. Lulu explains to Maxie that seeing her mother lucid, was a hallucination she had in her head, Maxie then quickly embraces her. Vito tells Olivia that Sonny is dangerous and she should stay away from him. Jax tells Carly that the divorce isn't exactly easy for him either. Johnny goes to Carly when she visits Lulu to see how she's doing, Scott tells Johnny that just cause he's free doesn't mean he won't pay for killing his son. Jason lays down the law to Anthony not to dock any of his shipments, Jason leaves and Anthony gets up and throws something at the wall. Anthony puts Ric in charge of shipping and receiving. Trevor gets a chance to redeem himself to Anthony by doing what he asked in breaking up Johnny and Lulu. Patrick challenges Matt. Maxie insists that Carly be at that wedding. Carly snags Jason for a date to Sonny's wedding. Lulu goes back into Laura's room, thinking she is crazy, and someone overhears her confess to killing Logan and the person walks away, Lulu then kisses her mother and leaves and Laura shows signs of a response.moreless
  • Ep. #11646
    Ep. #11646
    Episode 376
    Sonny and Olivia share a drink and go down memory lane. Jason tells Kate that if Sonny wants him at the wedding then he'll ask him. Jerry tells Sam that she's the most intriguing woman he's ever met, and how far she's willing to go. Lulu persuades her mother to wake up, Nikolas then tells her to stop. Sam ups her game against Jerry. Matt tells Noah that he doesn't want anything from him and the same goes for Patrick as well. Lulu tells Lucky and Nikolas that she's not crazy and that their mother was lucid and up and walking around. Maxie sees a picture and asks Kate if the person in it is her. Sonny tries to get Olivia to come to his and Kate's wedding, Maxie asks if anyone in her family is attending the ceremony. Carly admits that she completely trashed Jax's trust, and she's the one that's hurting as well. Patrick tells Robin he knows what he's going through having Noah Drake for a father. Lainey tells Lulu that Laura's status hasn't changed and that there's no Dr. McGinnis on staff at Shadybrook, Lulu says that she isn't crazy and didn't imagine it.moreless
  • Ep. #11645
    Ep. #11645
    Episode 375
    Alexis goes to Sam and asks her if she's coming on to Jerry. Laura tells Lulu that maybe it's time to tell Lucky and Nikolas that she's awake. Patrick asks Matt how long has he known that Noah was his father, and completely lays into Noah. Carly tries to get Jason to admit that they're compatible. Sonny and Kate discuss the seating arrangements, she then mentions some old memories with her family in Bensonhurst. Max meets up with Carly at the Metro Court, and says he's single and asks her out on a date. Patrick tells Robin that he has a brother and that it's Matt Hunter, and is mad at his father for being a selfish person. Alexis brings all her troubles to Diane about Sam and her past transgressions. Mike tells Kate that he probably won't be best man and that it will probably go to Jason. Jason tells Spinelli if Maxie put him up to putting his personal stuff on that online dating website. Laura insists on callin Nikolas and Lucky to tell them the good news. Sam challenges Jerry to choose her over Alexis. Diane is touched by Max's romantic gesture. Lulu brings Nikolas and Lucky to see their mother but she looks unresponsive. Kate tells Jason that she wants him to come to the wedding but he says that he can't be there. Sonny runs into someone while at a bar in his old neighborhood.moreless
  • Ep. #11644
    Ep. #11644
    Episode 374
    Carly is set up for online dating. Nikolas is impressed by Nadine's independence.
  • Ep. #11643
    Ep. #11643
    Episode 373
    Lulu gets ready to go to Laura's room and is then thrilled by Johnny's visit when he comes to Shady Brook, and learns that what Claudia said on the stand convinced the jury to a not guilty verdict. Jason jumps to conclusions when he think that Spinelli and Maxie are signing him up for online dating when it's really for Carly. Anthony tells Ric, Trevor and Claudia that it's time to shake this town up again. Patrick tells Robin that in a way Matt reminds him of himself at one point. Lucky gets "mad" and leaves when Sam comes to see Alexis to continue with their ruse. Jax wants Carly to accept that their marriage is over. Jason wants Spinelli and Maxie to find another way. Elizabeth comes to check on Nadine and she seems to be doing quite well. Anna is glad that Noah is back and she tells him about Patrick's marriage proposal and Robin turning him down, Noah thought that Patrick would have a son so he wouldn't make the same mistakes thathe did. Diane is apalled at Max's methods of when ex's should cheat on their spouses, and gets the idea that he's cheated on her and she then breaks up with him. Lainey tells Lulu that it's time for group therapy, and tells Johnny this should be his last visit with Lulu. Max tells Diane that maybe she's the one whos' cheating on him. Carly disregards Spinelli and Maxie's idea of trying online dating. Lulu returns to find Johnny gone and goes to see her mother. Noah overhears Anna talking about Matt Hunter, as he's in his room she asks if she knows him.moreless
  • Ep. #11642
    Ep. #11642
    Episode 372
    Nikolas calls 911 and then attempts to rescue Nadine by breaking down the door and rescuing her and Matt. Carly apologizes and walks away after seeing Jason with Elizabeth, she then says to Jason that if he wants to go after her. Epiphany tells Judge Aroyo that Mrs. Albright about her getting the jurors to vote not guilty, she tries to deny it but the judge then dismisses her and they have to start deliberations from the beginning. Kate agrees to marry Sonny. Jason tells Carly what's bothering her enough to come and look for him, Carly says that Jax hit the wall when he found out. The firefighters arrive and Matt is severely burned, and Nadine has smoke inhalation. Diane tells Kate that she's blinded by love and needs to run away as far as she can, Sonny wants Diane to try and convince Kate to walk away from him. Jax wonders why Kate got over Sonny's transgression with Carly so quickly. Sam talks her way out of sleeping with Jerry, and tells Lucky she thinks that she bought her whole act. Nadine wakes up and realizes she's in the hospital, Nikolas tells her that Matt is in the ICU. Johnny learns his fate when a verdict comes back of not guilty, Scott is then irate.moreless
  • Ep. #11641
    Ep. #11641
    Episode 371
    Nadine and Matt remain trapped in the clinic, she screams for help and then passes out from smoke inhalation. Anthony and Trevor are certain that the plant they put on the jury will get the jurors to vote not guilty. The other jurors appoint Epiphany as the jury foreman to deliver the verdict. Sonny threatens to break a mirror if Kate doesn't agree to marry him, Kate says that she's not going to be blackmailed. Nikolas tells Lulu that Claudia gave a rather convincing testimony. Carly goes to the hospital after learning that he was in an accident, Jerry shows up and talks with Carly, she then sees Jax hoping to have a word with him, but he then leaves with Jerry. Elizabeth refuses to walk away from Jason when he was there when her marriage to Lucky fell apart. Sam tells Lucky that she's good at working men and assures that she knows what she's doing. Lulu thinks that Laura is back to being catatonic, she's relieved when she wakes up. Rick wants Claudia to tell her if there was any truth to her testimony. Laura tells Lulu that she doesn't want Nikolas and Lucky to know unless she gets word if her recovery is permanent. Epiphany tells Edward and Ron that there's something going on with Mrs. Albright. Sonny tells Kate to break the mirror and if she does then he'll know that they're over. Spinelli returns home, Carly then arrives wanting to talk to Jason, she then goes upstairs to wash her face first. Nikolas sees the clinic on fire and yells if Nadine is in there. Jerry tells Sam that she's being a little too friendly. Ric and Claudia arrange for Johnny to call Lulu. Mrs. Albright is revealed as Anthony's plant, and Epiphany, Edward and Ron catch her on the phone. Carly walks in on Jason and Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #11640
    Ep. #11640
    Episode 370
    Sonny tells Kate that they can still have their happy ending, Kate says that it's not going to happen. Lulu tells Laura that even though she confessed it made Johnny look even more guilty. Elizabeth hears Jason tell Karpov that if he hits, he'll hit twice as hard, as Karpov leaves he tells Elizabeth to do the same. Claudia testifies that she saw Johnny "kill" Logan, and lies that she had a "relationship" while he was in employment. Spinelli tries to persuade Maxie from leaving Jason's place. Cody tells Jason that he overheard Karpov agreeing to meet with someone and they should go and find out who it is. Claudia says that Logan was crazy and that he tried to kill her, Anthony sees right through her little charade that she's doing. Jerry says that Karpov shouldn't be there when the clinic is gonna be a grave site sooner rather than later. Jason and Cody find themselves in front of the clinic, Jason wonders what Karpov would be doing here. Maxie decides to stay after hear what Spinelli has to say. Leyla pushes the cart with the explosive into the next room, Jerry waits for her to leave, he then knocks out Matt and then arms it. Ric and Scott begin their closing arguments. Elizabeth wants Jason to admit that he's afraid to talk to her, he says that he can't make her happy. Nadine finds Matt and sees the fire and tries to get him out but then a beam falls trapping them. Anthony and Trevor have a trick up their sleeves. The jury decides on Johnny's fate while they vote.moreless
  • Ep. #11639
    Ep. #11639
    Episode 369
    Kate tells Clarice to cancel the caterer and the flowers and that the wedding is off, Sonny then shows up and asks her if that's what she wants. Jerry meets with Matt outside the clinic and he says he's not going to reprimand for grabbing Maxie that one time. Jason calls Nikolas and says that Scott ordered her to take the stand. Patrick and Robin insist that Claudia not leave the hospital, but she's determined to save her brother. Sonny tries to win Kate back. Kate tells Sonny that she thinks that he was going to keep on lying, but owned up to it cause he got caught, Sonny asks Kate why she's still wearing her ring that he gave her. Jason pushes Elizabeth away and says he can't give her the life that she wants. Sam assures Lucky that she's not going to fall in love with Jerry, she's only gonna work him. Jason finds Spinelli in his office, he tells him that he doesn't know where Maxie went after she testified, and Scott brought up some bad decisions that she made regarding Logan. Lulu admits on the stand that she killed Logan and not Johnny which surprises the whole courtroom. Sonny tells Mike about the night he and Carly were togther the night they took Michael to the institute, Mike then tells Sonny didn't Kate tell him that she would leave him if he ever cheated on her. Scott thinks that Lulu is trying to protect Johnny from going to death row. Maxie tells Robin that she thought Scott was gonna mention the night Logan died, but he brought something more personal. Elizabeth tells Jason that she wants, and knows he wants the same. Lulu insists that Nikolas go in there and convince them that what she said was the truth. Kate gives Sonny the ring back saying that it's over. Elizabeth overhears Jason tell Karpov that he beat the hell out of his associates himself. Lulu tells Laura if they find Johnny guilty she'll go crazy. Claudia insists that Ric put her back on the stand.moreless
  • Ep. #11638
    Ep. #11638
    Episode 368
    Claudia wakes up and Ric asks him to go back on the stand and she can save Johnny. Anthony asks to speak with Scott, when he turns him away he threatens Serena. Maxie attempts to get Spinelli to take her name of the witness list, Spinelli tells her to go in there with pride. Lucky calls Sam saying that he thinks he found something. Lulu tells Laura that the man that she loves is on the trial for his life and all she has to do is tell the court that she killed Logan. Nadine almost sees the bomb at the clinic until Jerry shows up talking about a shipment of drugs that are coming in today. Robin and Patrick have a decent conversation, and Elizabeth notices that he didn't bring up marriage once. Nikolas tells Lulu that he's taking her out of the country, but Lulu says that she doesn't want to go, she then realizes that Nikolas figured it out. Sam tells Lucky that what he has found is good but it doesn't link Karpov or Jerry, Jerry arrives and Lucky and Sam engage in a fight to avoid him getting suspicious. Laure tells Lulu that she should leave the country, Lulu says to Laura that she just got her back. Scott calls Maxie to the stand, Spinelli arrives and Scott brings up the bet that she made with Logan. Patrick tells Claudia that she still needs more tests done. Tracy is told by Alan that Scott's gonna make Maxie's testimony that Lulu take the stand. Lucky tells Sam that if Jerry finds out he won't hesitate to take her out. Sasha tells Jerry that whatever he plans to do make sure it's done right away. Maxie is ashamed to face Spinelli after her testimony on the witness stand. Scott calls Lulu as his surprise witness, Johnny tells Ric to stop it.moreless
  • Ep. #11637
    Ep. #11637
    Episode 367
    Jerry continues to hide the explosive device as Sam continues to question what he's doing in the clinic. Jason tells Maxie he's risking a lot having her in his house. Sonny goes to check on Claudia, she then can't feel her legs, Sonny attempts to call 911. Lucky literally tells Johnny that he's the reason that Lulu lost her mind. Lulu quietly sneaks into Laura's room, and the two have another heart to heart chat. Jax tells Carly that their marriage is over. Sonny smells gas and quickly tries to get Claudia out of her car. Jason tells Maxie that Spinelli doesn't need him to save him all the time, he realizes that Maxie actually cares for him. Lucky tells Sam that Johnny wants to see Nikolas and it concerns Lulu. Johnny tells Nikolas to get Lulu out of the country, Nikolas comes to the realization that Lulu killed Logan. Sonny sees sparks and hurries by cutting the seat belt. Spinelli overhears Maxie say some wonderful things about him. Jax tells Jerry his marriage to Carly is over but doesn't tell him the reason. Carly then ponders as Morgan comes home from the movies and explains why she's crying. Claudia and Sonny are thrown from the explosion after getting her out of the car. Lucky and Sam get passionate and they have sex. Maxie crawls into bed next to Spinelli. Karpov wants assurance from Jerry when the clinic will be taken care of. Jax comes to the house but Mercedes says that she took Morgan and left not knowing if she'll come back.moreless
  • Ep. #11636
    Ep. #11636
    Episode 366
    Carly admits her transgression with Sonny and the reason was because of Michael and tries to keep Jax from leaving. Robin is admitted into the hospital to see if the baby is alright. Jason warns Maxie to mind her own business cause if she doesn't someone just might get killed. Matt and Leyla treat a patient, Matt comes to the conclusion that she's been poisoned. Ric tells Claudia that she has to be prepared that he's dealing with a death penalty case now. Sonny tells Kate that he and Carly were vulnerable and was one time and it'll never happen again. Anna arrives and Mac wonders if he was right in trying to persuade Robin to marry him. Patrick and Robin prepare in case the baby comes, Kelly says it was only braxton hicks and as long as she relaxes. Nadine tells Nikolas that Scott brought her relationship with him, she lets it slip that she's in love with him, Nikolas says to Nadine when she believes he wouldn't make her lie. Matt tells Lucky as the patients from the clinic are heading to the hospital to check who took the bad medicine. Jax asks Carly if she were pregnant and if Sonny was the father would she have told him. Jerry meets with Sasha to discuss something very important. Maxie tries to make Spinelli feel better until he brings up Sasha. Scott tells Nikolas that he's gonna prove Lulu's faking it, Nikolas then punches him which lands him and Nadine in jail. Maxie learns from the news that two people with Russian passports were found in an alley, she then hears Jason come home, she tries to get his gun but he catches her. Sonny gets in a car crash and realizes that he hit Claudia. Jerry goes into the clinic to plant a bomb, but Sam catches him in there but doesn't see the explosive.moreless
  • Ep. #11635
    Ep. #11635
    Episode 365
    Claudia is sworn in as Scott grills about the night Logan died. Jax tells Jerry that he and Carly are happy now and has moved back in the house. Lulu's life is in Claudia's hands. Carly says to Sonny that he'll arrange a visit with Morgan. Kate struggles to accept that Sonny cheated on her with Carly. Spinelli tells Jason as long as Maxie is here ehe won't tell her anything about his business. Mac arrives to question Spinelli about the hit and run and sees Maxie in a towel and threatens Spinelli if anything happens to her. Jax arrives at Kate's office, she tells him they have a lot to talk about. Patrick tells Nikolas that he'll marry Robin even if she wasn't pregnant, he tried telling her this but she'll twist his words around. Diane tells Sonny that he has to tell Kate about what happened with him and Carly. Kate shocks Jax as she tells him that the night Carly and Sonny took Michael to the facility they had sex in the limo on the way back, Jax goes to confront Carly. Nadine is called to the stand and Scott questions her relationship with Nikolas, but makes a spectacle. Max comes by to see Carly and says if the truth about her and Kate has to come out. Nikolas comes to see Nadine in jail. Kate asks Sonny if he and Carly slept together. Jax asks Carly if she slept with Sonny last May.moreless
  • Ep. #11634
    Ep. #11634
    Episode 364
    Sonny and Kate return from the island and Diane and Max think it's time to tell Kate the truth. Nikolas sees how well Lulu is, she says it's being around Laura that got her to come to terms with what happened to Logan. Scott swears the authenticity of Logan working undercover at the time of his death, Ric tells Johnny that he's literally fighting for his life but he desperately needs his help. Alan continues to make a nuisance for Tracy as she's seen talking to herself outside the courtroom. Diane talks to Sonny alon, and Max does the same for Kate. Johnny is worried what Carly will reveal when she testifies. Alexis tells Jerry to go and have a talk with Jax about Carly. Lucky tells Lulu that Scott has evidence that Logan was working for the PCPD. Ric have his witnesses say it's possible it could've been any knife. Jax scolds Clarice for her part in setting up Carly. Jason tells Spinelli that he lost Michael and Sonny, and that he's the only friend that he has left. Lulu wants to testify but Nikolas and Lucky say that Scott will twist everything she says. Maxie arrives is intent on handling Spinelli. Lulu tells Laura that Scott forged document to make Logan was a cop. Claudia is called to the stand at Johnny's trial. Kate learns from Clarice of Sonny's dalliance with Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #11633
    Ep. #11633
    Episode 363
    Jax and Morgan surprise Carly with a very special breakfast. Lulu sees Laura out in the garden and goes to sit beside her. Johnny tells Anthony to get Claudia so he can see her, he's then impressed with his tactics. Jason tells Spinelli that his intentions were good but once again he isn't involved with Sasha. Maxie tells Jason to help her get out of testifying against Johnny. Tracy returns and tells Edward and Monica she had no luck in finding Luke. Nadine goes on and on to Leyla about her dinner with Nikolas, he then arrives and she makes a fool of herself in front of Leyla and Epiphany. Clarice tries to look for Kate but runs into Cody but he doesn't have the information that she wants. Lulu tells Laura that she's no longer having visions of Logan. Robin asks Anna about her little video she made and is on Patrick's blog, Anna says that Patrick persuaded but didn't think it was a good idea. Jax tells Carly that he moving back in. Alexis tells Jax that he's bound for heartache. Anna questions Robin's feelings about marrying Patrick. Tracy visits Lulu and says she couldn't find her father. Rick and Scott approve Epiphany as a juror. Scott and Ric choose jurors for Johnny's trial, Edward tries to get out of it but is unseuccessful. Tracy gloats as she sees Edward serving on the jury, Alan then makes another visits. Diane tells Max that he's going to tell Kate about Sonny and Kate's tryst in the limo. Scott says he has proof that Logan was a police officer and will issue the death penalty.moreless
  • Ep. #11632
    Ep. #11632
    Episode 362
    Karpov is irate after learning that Jax had his visa expired, as Carly watches from a far. Ric tells Claudia that he's not going to let her committ perjury on the stand. Lulu starts to freak ouot as she sees Logan again, Laura then comforts her saying that she had a right to defend herself. Jason and Elizabeth start to make love but stops and says that he can't do this, Elizabeth says not to shut her out cause she needs him. Matt tells Maxie that he once lost a patient cause of the counterfeit drugs, as Jerry continues to overhear them. Sonny tries to reassure Kate of his feelings for her and they hit a speed bump on the getaway together. Laura tells Lulu that she has the power to make him go away. Jason makes a sacrifice for Elizabeth. Ric tells Claudia he doesn't think a jury would believe her story. Jerry witnesses the depth of Karpov's deception when he tells him about Matt Hunter snooping around. Laura tells Lulu to tell Logan to go away. Claudia deduces the night Logan died and realizes he got there after and that Lulu killed him. Clarice overhears Max and Diane discussing the night that Sonny and Carly slept together.moreless
  • Ep. #11631
    Ep. #11631
    Episode 361
    Laura tells Lulu to tell her about what happened the night Logan was killed. Alexis gives information on Karpov saying he doesn't want him as an enemy. Karpov tells Carly that if her being ignored by her husband was all an act. Sonny and Kate have a relaxing morning on his island. Anthony comes by and says that he knows when his children are upset, Johnny says he'll never turn on his father. Spinelli tells Jason that it's possible that Sasha was involved with his hit and run. Robin asks Maxie about Patrick's proposal, but she's here to see how Spinelli is. Matt tells Patrick that it wasn't his fault that Spinelli was given medication. Jax makes an enemy out of Karpov after learning from Carly that he hit on her again. Elizabeth brings Spinelli a cactus, he then tells her if she has feelings for Jason. Lulu gets to the part were Logan broke the door with an axe and she didn't mean to kill him. Patrick has something for Spinelli to work on so he gives him a computer and has Anna go in front of the webcam and she has a message for Robin. Elizabeth tells Jason what Spinelli told her and she says that she misses Jason. Matt puts himself in danger when Jerry overhears his confession to Maxie that he's looking for counterfeit drugs. Marty tells Carly that Jax is having cocktails with Karpov, Jax tells him that his visa has expired and he's to return to Russia at once.moreless
  • Ep. #11630
    Ep. #11630
    Episode 360
    Karpov tells Jax that he's gonna make someone jealous by kissing Carly in public. Spinelli attempts to go and, but Maxie says that she'll find him. Edward, Monica and Alice visit Lulu again, she then twinges when she sees another vision of Logan. Sonny comes in and Kate and Clarice hide the dress before he could see it. Claudia tells Ric that she'll be grateful if he gets Johnny acquitted, Johnny says that Claudia shouldn't get involved with Ric. Kate tells Sonny that there's only one place she wants to go with him and that's to his island. Edward tells the nurse that whoever's in charge of Lulu's care isn't helping one bit, she then says that she having hallucinations of visions of Logan. Lainey says that it could help Lulu if Luke were home. Sasha comes to visit Spinelli and starts to have a spy fantasy with her and Leyla. Robin once again sees Kelly, Patrick, Epiphany, Leyla and Elizabeth talking and thinks they're talking about the proposal and Kelly confides they weren't and that she should in fact marry Patrick. Ric tells Johnny and Claudia that there's something that they're keeping from him. Lulu tells Laura what really happened when Rick Webber was killed and that Scott did it and not her. Robin makes an announcement to the entire floor by using the P.A. and says she doesn't want to marry anyone. Lulu reveals to Laura that she didn't mean to kill Logan, Laura then gets up and embraces Lulu.moreless
  • Ep. #11629
    Ep. #11629
    Episode 359
    Maxie learns from Matt that the infection is continuing to spread. Rick arrives and tells Scott that Johnny's transfer is gonna is overturned. Patrick has breakfast with Anna and asks her to try and talk with her daughter, Robin then arrives and says she isn't marrying him. Diane goes to Sonny and sees that Carly and Jax are on the guest list and thinks it's a bad idea to invite them. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want Anna to know that Robert is in Port Charles cause she doesn't want to see him this weak. Kate is humiliated by Jax's revelation that he knows that she lied to make Carly look bad, cause he did some checking and knows the truth. Mike thinks Sonny will go back to Carly cause it was her and not Kate who helped him though his breakdowns. Maxie still feels as Spinelli's fever continues to spike and wants Patrick brought in. Matt blames Spinelli's infection on bad medication. Anna goes to Mac and asks him to talk with Robin and get her to marry Patrick cause she knows she really wants to. Elizabeth tells Robin that even though her marriage to Lucky didn't work out doesn't mean hers to Patrick would. Patrick tells Robin about Matt's incompetence and that it's possible that he's being treated with counterfeit drugs. Epiphany, Lainey and Kelly say what a nice couple they make. Sonny tells Kate that Carly shouldn't come to the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #11628
    Ep. #11628
    Episode 358
    Alexis suggests pressing charges against Claudia for breaking and entry, but Nikolas says not to, Claudia then has the address for Ric. Laura tells Lulu that she's been waking up and going back into her state for a while now and told the doctors not to say anything cause she didn't Lulu to be disappointed. Anthony comes to visit Johnny and tells him that Lulu's little breakdown could mean nothing but good news. Jax learns that Carly that Karpov is staying at the hotel, and Carly is workin him for information to give to Jason. Maxie allows Matt to operate on Spinelli, she then prays that she made the right decision. Sam comes and tells Lucky that Jerry is not to be trusted and wonders how she's going to tell Alexis. Epiphany helps prep Spinelli before he goes into surgery. Laura tells Lulu that she's not like her and that she much more stronger. Carly visits Lulu and sees that she's a bit cheerful and wonders why she's so happy. Matt and Nadine get into it while in the O.R. and Epiphany tells Nadine to leave amd that she's on report. Jerry tells Jax to keep Carly away from Karpov cause women that are around him end up dead. Claudia tracks down Ric in New York City and catches him in bed with Claire, she then says to him to remember the deal they made. Maxie warns Matt that she'll destroy him if Spinelli dies.moreless
  • Ep. #11627
    Ep. #11627
    Episode 357
    Nikolas and Nadine have a fantasy about doing the waltz like at the black tie Bacchanalia. Johnny tries to calm Lulu down by saying that Logan is not there anymore. Kate gets superstitious after getting some blood on her dress. Spinelli is hit by a car while on a stakeout with Maxie, she then calls 911 and tries to get him to wake up. Sam hears someone coming and hides, she sees Jerry talking with Karpov. Leyla lashes at Matt saying that the woman that was her. Maxie doesn't want Matt as the physician to treat Spinelli. Scott congratulates Johnny on Lulu's performance but isn't going to keep her from testifying. Claudia realizes that she needs Ric's help if she wants to clear Johnny but doesn't where he is. Nadine hears about Spinelli's hit and run and immediately goes to the hospital. Matt tells Spinelli that he has a damaged spleen. Lulu goes into talk with her mother thinking she on her way to being just like her. Alexis catches Claudia snooping around in her office. Laura's love for Lulu causes her to snap out of it and tells her that she's here and it's gonna be alright.moreless
  • Ep. #11626
    Ep. #11626
    Episode 356
    Sonny returns the music box back to Karpov and say not to come near his place of Kate again. Johnny tells Claudia that he's responsible for Lulu's fragile state of mind. Robin asks to speak to Patrick in private but he's not moving until she gives him an answer and gets on one knee and presents a ring. Lulu convinces Jason to take her to see Johnny. Lulu frets over her vision of Logan. Robin comes to a conclusion and walks off leaving Patrick embarrassed. Nadine and Nikolas have a wonderful dinner together. Det. Harper stops Lucky from assaulting Johnny and Claudia thinks this is the reason he should stay away from Lulu. Lulu insists on seeing Johnny. Lucky learns that someone signed Lulu out of Shady Brook and when the doctor mentioned the motorcycle he knows it was Jason. Jerry continues to prove to Karpov that he can be trustworthy, Karpov then finds out that two people outside his place. Stakeout plans go awry for Spinelli and Maxie when they see someone with a gun enter the warehouse. Patrick finds Robin in the park and the two have a chat and a tearful Robin says that she can't marry him. Nikolas teaches Nadine how to waltz outside Wyndemere in the courtyard.moreless
  • Ep. #11625
    Ep. #11625
    Episode 355
    Lulu manages to get through to Johnny at the police station but Scott grabs the phone thinking he and Lulu were getting their stories straight. Kate tells Sonny that she likes the gift that his friend Andrei Karpov sent to her house, Sonny then tells Max to go and get it right away and explains to Kate that Karpov is a mobster. Maxie questions Spinelli's motives for wanting to check out Karpov's warehouse again. Robin thinks that she knows after Patrick invited Anna that he wants her to step down and take her maternity leave early. Lucky is stern with Lulu. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Nadine may not be the answer to his problems but she's definately a possibility. Johnny tells Alexis that Scott's plan to subpoena Lulu as a hostile witness may just push her over the edge. Matt blasts Nadine for looking at his chart and there his patients, but Patrick intervenes once again. Karpov accuses Jerry of giving information to someone. Patrick proposes to Robin in a very public way.moreless
  • Ep. #11624
    Ep. #11624
    Episode 354
    Jason rejects Sasha's advances and asks her to put her clothes on, but Spinelli misinterprets the situation when he walks in the room. Sonny stops Scott from harrassing Lulu cause if he doesn't there will be problems for him. Trevor stops Alexis from interrogating Johnny, Alexis says that he has to plead guilty. Nikolas continues to kiss Nadine and says is this the kind of thing she wants. Anna learns from Robin that Patrick is nervous on how to raise a daughter. Sonny reveals his demons to Kate. Robin overhears Nadine telling Leyla that she and Nikolas kissed. Jason assures Spinelli that Sasha came to deliver a message, Spinelli wonders that's all that was. Claudia tells Lucky not to dare put what happened to Lulu on Johnny. Sonny has serious news for Johnny that Lulu will have a breakdown if she testifies against him. Spinelli calls Maxie saying she wants her help. Lucky tells Johnny to do what's best and confess, Claudia tells him to get away from her brother or she'll have his badge.moreless
  • Ep. #11623
    Ep. #11623
    Episode 353
    Lulu admits to having visions of Logan, she then screams and Nikolas hurries to check on her and says that she's seeing Logan wherever she goes. Patrick is nervous over the thought of raising a daughter. Lucky thanks Elizabeth for being discreet, Sam thinks that the scar will prove to Karpov that she's loyal. Jason confides in Bernie that he almost killed a child last night at the warehouse and is taken aback on how Michael was shot. Claudia tells Johnny that Lulu is at Shady Brook and they're gonna listen to everything she says and is not gonna sit back and watch him destroy his life. Monica, Alice and Edward come and visit Lulu and bring her some food, Lulu thanks them and Monica says to get well and come home soon. Matt starts to make his moves on Leyla but she says that she's not interested, Patrick then intervenes as Anna watches from the elevators. Robin is thrilled that Anna took a leave of absence from the agency until the baby is born. Anthony once again threatens Alexis that his son goes free or she'll lose those she loves. Leyla tells Nadine that she can deal with Matt herself. Patrick learns that Anna overheard you tell off Matt and that Anna probably telling Robin that Patrick is pursuing Leyla again. Alexis visits Johnny and asks him for his assistance cause his daughters were threatened. Jason gives Cody another assignment to follow Karpov and where he's at his most vulnerable, and then Sasha stops by to talk to Jason. Anna learns that the reason that Patrick was protective of Leyla is cause Robin's having a girl. Scott thinks tha Lulu is playing crazy, he then tells her that he's gonna subpoena her to testify against Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #11622
    Ep. #11622
    Episode 352
    Lucky tells the DEA that Sam is with him. Lulu watches as Johnny is subdued by the police and she's put in a straight jacket, Nikolas and Claudia arrive to see what's going down. Sonny tells Kate that he's out of the business for good. Karpov attempts to woo Carly, but she says that she's waiting for Jax and brushes him off. Lulu tells Nikolas that they're taking Johnny to prison and it's all her fault. Jax's love for Carly is evident, but he is unable to get back with her. Sasha interrupts Kate and Sonny's ptivate moment. Lucky calls Elizabeth and asks her to bring stuff to treat a gunshot wound. Bernie tells Jason that the DEA apprehended Karpov's shipment and there was no trace of any drugs. Sonny tells Sasha that she wants it to be made clear that he doesn't work for Karpov anymore. Claudia slaps Scott for having Johnny abused on his orders. Sam and Lucky fess their plan to Elizabeth. Lulu's life takes a downward spiral and Lainey says that the deeper she goes the harder it'll be for her to come back. Jason takes aim at Karpov at while a rifle at his warehouse but backs off when Karpov's kids arrive.moreless
  • Ep. #11621
    Ep. #11621
    Episode 351
    Sonny tells Anthony if he threatens Kristina again he'll pay dearly. Lulu doesn't want to be the reason he goes to prison so he stops the car. Anthony's sly maneuver gains him control over Sonny. Johnny tries to ease Lulu's fears by saying everything's going to be alright. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sonny thought that Carly and him were out to punish them for what happened to Michael. Lucky tells Sam that it's too dangerous, Sam's determined to figure out who's behind it all. Lulu tells Johnny when they enter a room at Shady Brook that she can't do this. Mike tells Sonny not to think of Anthony's threat towards seriously, it's only a dad looking out for his son. Kate wonders if Sonny is up to his old tricks. Nikolas tells Anthony not to look for his son no more. Lucky learns from Det. Harper that there's gonna be a major drug bust tonight on the pier. Jason and Sonny talk about the day Michael was shot. DEA raids the pier and Karpov's shipment and Sam is shot in the process. Things go from bad to worse for Lulu and Johnny as Scott and the PCPD have them cornered.moreless
  • Ep. #11620
    Ep. #11620
    Episode 350
    Sonny is angry that Alexis told Jerry and not him about the threat against Kristina's life. Lourdes offers to call 911 but Johnny says that won't be necessary. Jason feels Robin's baby kick as Elizabeth watches, and Lucky arrives with Cameron and Jake and sees them having a moment. Maxie tells Spinelli the only thing that she'll feel for Matt is anguish and hatred. Jax thinks that Carly is faking her ankle being sore to get him to stay at home. Sonny calls Jason asking to come and see him right away. Karpov tells Sam that there's a new shipment coming in. Sal comes home and learns that "Linda" is having a nervous breakdown. Kate comes between Jax and Carly as they're trying to make up. Anthony pushes Claudia to tell what she knows about her brother by forcing her to move back home. Sonny tells Jason that he's no longer associated with Karpov and wants him taken out. Johnny realizes that Lulu needs professional help. Patrick tells Robin that he thinks that their daughter shouldn't be around Jason cause he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Jax comes home to tend to Carly and apologizes. Claudia lashes at Anthony for packing her and Johnny's thing and shipped them to the house. Lulu freaks out when she figures out Johnny's plan.moreless
  • Ep. #11619
    Ep. #11619
    Episode 349
    Anthony tells Alexis how she would feel if she didn't know where her daughter was, Alexis tells Anthony to stay away from Kristina. Carly is thrilled when Jax arrives home from his trip, Morgan is also delighted. Kate arrives and sees Sonny talking to Trevor in his living room. Jerry cautions Kate that Sonny will always have foes. Jason takes Spinelli to the hospital when he gets gets sick during their stakeout. Robin and Patrick continue to look at their daughter on the screen. Alexis tells Diane about Anthony's threat against Kristina, but she told Jerry instead of Sonny. Carly and Jax discuss their relationship and Carly has an accident. Jason and Elizabeth try not to give into the love that they feel for each other. Lulu sees Logan again and screams and Johnny comes into see her. Jax thinks that Carly faked her fall so that he can tend to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11618
    Ep. #11618
    Episode 348
    Patrick tells Robin that he's sure that they're having a boy. Cody gives Jason more information, then Spinelli shows with some snacks for their rendezvous tonight. Nikolas runs into Claudia in the park, she tells him that Lulu was hallucinating. Alexis wants Maxie to tell her everything involving the Logan Hayes murder case. Anthony calls Claudia and tells her to come and visit their new family home. Jason says that Spinelli did good by returning Karpov's PDA at the warehouse. Alexis is given a grim ultimatum by Trevor. Jason takes Spinelli out on a stakeout at Karpov's warehouse. Spinelli passes out and the car horn starts. Nikolas tells his plan to Claudia about having Johnny and Lulu sent out of the country. Robin and Patrick learn they are having a baby girl. Alexis arrives at the park and sees Anthony talking with Kristina.moreless
  • Ep. #11617
    Ep. #11617
    Episode 348
    Lulu worries that she'll suffer the same fate as her mother. Lulu screams at Logan looking at her and Johnny assures her that it's only him. Jerry continues to shoot at Claudia, Carly and Jason. Nikolas tells Nadine that he's flattered that she kissed him. Karpov tells Sonny that he wants him to renegotiate their agreement, Sonny tells him to move his drugs somewhere else. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that the kiss is a long time coming and that Nadine's falling for him. Maxie's risk turns out and saves Spinelli by saying that she's his girlfriend. Karpov says to Sonny that if he backs out of their deal he will regret it. Carly tells Jason that she's not leaving him until she knows that he'll be alright, Jason fires his gun while he, Claudia and Carly make a run for the alley, but Carly thinks something is wrong. Nadine comes back and sees Nikolas and Elizabeth embracing and leaves. Spinelli's embarrassed that he didn't save Maxie and that it was she that saved him. Sonny's more determined then ever to find a new life. Johnny secretly contacts Claudia to talk to Nikolas about Lulu's mother's breakdown. Kate overhears Diane talking to Sonny about Max being at risk. Carly tells Marty to never blab to Jason ever again. Spinelli tells Jason that he's right that Karpov arranged the ambush on him.moreless
  • Ep. #11616
    Ep. #11616
    Episode 347
    Jason and Carly are in mortal danger. Sonny's tells Sasha that he told Karpov their deal didn't include drugs and that he violated their agreement. Claudia points a gun at Matt and tells him to take his hands off of Nadine, Matt then says that there's no problem and walks away, Claudia then says to Nadine that she's coming with her and takes her to the clinic. Johnny surprises Lulu when he remembers her birthday. Jerry comes into the clinic and tells Nikolas that he has information that he could use about the bad medicine that's circulating. Johnny and Lulu share a waltz in the apartment. Mike stops by to talk with Sonny and says that some of Karpov's men came into Kelly's and they addressed him as Sonny's father. Jason insists that Maxie leave cause he doesn't want to hear what he has to say. Karpov tells Jerry that there's a problem with Sonny and that Jason has to be taken care of. Spinelli tries to show his strength but only creates problems for himself.moreless
  • Ep. #11615
    Ep. #11615
    Episode 346
    Spinelli gives Jason some information about the women in Karpov's life that ended up dead. Marty interrupts Carly and Karpov. Lulu is haunted by visions of Logan and tells Johnny when he comes back from the store, Johnny then says that he shouldn't have left her alone. Nadine overhears Matt talking about going down to the pier, and Nikolas tells her what she's doing on the floor. Sam and Jerry try to learn about each other. Sal thanks "Joe" for covering for him and says that if they could take care of Lourdes while he lays low for a while. Marty goes to Jason that Carly went for a ride with Andrei Karpov thinking she could be in trouble. Sasha tells Sonny that Karpov is tied up with someone and isn't coming. Johnny says to Lourdes that she can't stay with them. Jason arrives and cautions Karpov to keep his distance from Carly. Nikolas tells Lucky where did Nadine run off to. Matt encounters Nadine in an alley and grabs her. Sonny looks into one of the shipments and discovers that it's cocaine.moreless
  • Ep. #11614
    Ep. #11614
    Episode 345
    Claudia tells Sonny that she's not the one that's been telling Jason about his business with Karpov, Kate walks in and asks what's going on. Lulu and Johnny become nervous when the police start pounding on their door. Anthony tells Carly that his house is almost ready, and if he's heard from Lulu and Johnny lately. Maxie tells Elizabeth that if she's heard from Lulu to tell that I hope that she's alright. Ric goes to Jason saying Spinelli should track Johnny and Lulu down and get them to come home. The cops bust in the door and point their guns at them but they're there for Sal. Lucky comes by and he and Sam get into a "fight" so they could talk. Scott comes into the Quartermaine mansion and threatens to have everyone arrested for aiding and abetting a felon. Kate tells Claudia that she wants a word with her. Carly makes arrangements to meet with Karpov in the Metro Court for a drink, Karpov thanks Carly personally. business. Johnny and Lulu worry they'll have to return home. Jerry tries to learn what Sam is doing.moreless
  • Ep. #11613
    Ep. #11613
    Episode 344
    Maxie busts Nadine behind a chair in Matt's room, thinking that Matt lured her there. Sam tells Scott that he doesn't want to think about another reason on how Logan was murdered. Jason tells Carly that Karpov is a crime lord from Russia and is going to be doing business in Port Charles. Lulu goes to see Laura at Shady Brook and tells her what horrible thing that she's done and that she'll lose her mind too. Maxie thinks she has what she needs to have Matt evicted. Nikolas tells Scott would Laura forgive her if he went after her daughter. Scott goes to see Laura and when he enters Lulu isn't in the room. Carly hopes that Jason doesn't get caught in the crossfire when he intends on going after Sonny. Matt confronts Nadine and asks what she was doing in my room and threatens to call the police as Nikolas hears what Nadine was up to. Spinelli can't compete with Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #11612
    Ep. #11612
    Episode 343
    Jason faces off with Sonny over his dealings with Karpov. Lulu makes up something to hide the fact that she saw a vision of Logan. Nikolas tells Nadine that something could go wrong and she could get hurt. Patrick and Robin encounter Anna and Noah in the supply closet, Anna explains that she's known Noah forever, Patrick and Robin says that it's okay. Nadine and Leyla go to Mac's house and to distract him so can some investigating. Lulu confesses to Johnny that she did see Logan and that's why she screamed. Leyla talks to Maxie about Spinelli while Nadine sneaks around Matt's room, Nadine hides and almost catches her. Robin tells Anna that her falling for Noah is cause he resembles Eli. Carly warns Kate that she's coming after her after trying to wreck her marriage to Jax. Cody gives more information about Karpov being at Sonny's house, Jason thinks that Karpov sent Cody to help turn Jason against Sonny. Sam goes to Nikolas and thinks that Jerry could be a suspect in the counterfeit drug ring. Scott tells Nikolas that the F.B.I has added Lulu to their list as Johnny's accomplice. Johnny comes home and discovers that Lulu has vanished.moreless
  • Ep. #11611
    Ep. #11611
    Episode 342
    Johnny and Lulu wonder what to do know that Lourdes knows their real identities. Kate returns from Paris and finds Sonny with Andrei Karpov. Matt comes to see Maxie at Crimson and accuses her of taking his garage door opener. Lucky and Sam hide as Elizabeth comes by the clinic, they overhear her and Nikolas about Lucky being a loose cannon and might return to drugs cause he's worried about Lulu. Diane tells Jason that he can't divulge any information to him regarding Sonny. Sonny tells Max that he doesn't want Kate to know that he's doing business with Karpov. Lourdes asks Johnny what's it like to be the son of a famous gangster. Sonny asks Mike to stand up for him when he marries Kate. Monica runs into Elizabeth and Jason with Cameron and Jake in the park, but Elizabeth says she's waiting for Lucky. Maxie goes to Spinelli wanting dirt on Matt so she can get rid of him. Leyla calls Nadine saying the Matt is in an OR and, Nadine tells her to come to the clinic right now. Sam enters the warehouse and someone follows her in there. Lulu has a disturbing vision of Logan standing in front of her. Kate and Sonny's romantic date is interrupted by Jason and he tells Sonny they have to talk.moreless
  • Ep. #11610
    Ep. #11610
    Episode 341
    Epiphany takes Elijah on a tour of a real ambulance. Anna superkicks Eli in the face, which pleases Trish thinking she could've done that herself. Jason comes by to see Monica saying that he can't be around when she goes home. Patrick gives Eli a speech about stepping up and being a father to his son and running away. Lourdes walks in on Lulu and Johnny as they're making out. Edward and Tracy prepare to welcome Monica home and instead Scott shows up threatening to send Lulu to prison for her part in Logan's death. Jason tells Spinelli that he wants to help Monica but he can't just leave the business. Noah is proud for Patrick and if what he told Eli just now then he's going to be an amazing father to his child. Sonny denies Claudia's accusation that he's secretly doing business with Karpov. Lourdes tells "Linda" that it's like she and "Joe" are hiding out. Lucky is worried if Lulu is alright, Nikolas says that she probably is. Lourdes tells Johnny that she knows his true identity.moreless
  • Ep. #11609
    Ep. #11609
    Episode 340
    An embarrassed Max tells Diane that he and Milo got beat up by Anna Devane. Nikolas tells Nadine and Sam that he doesn't like the idea of them going undercover to find who's smuggling in the counterfeit drugs, Nadine thinks that Matt Hunter is the key to bringing this whole thing down. Carly is determined to fix her relationship with Jax by handcuffing herself to him, but then she can't find the key to the cuffs. Sonny asks Diane if Jason knows about him and Karpov. Robin tells Anna that she wanted Eli to see her in action to see that she was an ass kicking super spy. Johnny learns that Lulu plans to cook them supper, and while she's chopping she has a flash of killing Logan thinking she'll never get over it. Claudia tells Ric if he plans to tell Sonny that Jason knows of his dealings with Karpov. Eli comes by the hospital and tells Anna that he wants her in his life. Eli's old girlfriend arrives at the hospital with some stunning news and his son, Anna is then speechless. Nikolas hears Nadine talking to Matt about making some extra cash. Diane is impressed with the way Max stood up to Karpov defending her.moreless
  • Ep, #11608
    Ep, #11608
    Episode 339
    Jason tells Ric that he should watch what comes out of his mouth and doesn't believe that Sonny would do business with Karpov, Claudia says to Ric that he just made a big mistake. Sal tells the story about the Zacchara's murdering his father and one day that they will pay. Eli asks Robin and Patrick where Anna is, Anna arrives at the concert. Jax resists Carly's attempts at seducing him when she tracks him down at his hotel, Carly then sees as Jax is expecting Giselle. Sam goes against Lucky's wishes. Robin wants Max to kidnap Eli at gunpoint. Anna against her better judgement accepts Eli's apology. Jason wants Spinelli to focus and gets some information on Karpov and says he wants proof before he confronts Sonny. Eli performs his song and dedicates it to Anna, after the concert Eli's is approached and Anna takes them both down and Eli says that it was amazing. Spinelli shows some footage and Jason says he's seen enough. Nadine wants Nikolas to start an argument with her and she thinks that Matt bought every word. Karpov meets with Jerry and says he wants his operation out of Port Charles, he then calls Sam saying she's got the job and she recognizes the voice in the background.moreless
  • Ep. #11607
    Ep. #11607
    Episode 338
    Nikolas and Lucky thinks Scott is putting Lulu's safety at risk by offering a reward. Lourdes calls for her uncle Sal but doesn't tell him about Johnny and Lulu. Claudia asks Ric what he plans to do to get Johnny out this murder rap. Jax stops Carly from kissing him saying that it's not going to fix their problems. Tension between Sonny and Jason mounts. Robin insists that Anna go to the Eli Love concert by his request that she show up. Patrick tells Noah that Anna and Robin are talking about Eli, Noah says that Anna could do better then that lowlife. Jax gives into Carly and kisses her back. Matt tells Patrick that if he has a date then to go ahead and he'll head to the ER. Scott never dreamed that one day it could cost Logan his life. Lourdes stops by for another lesson and asks Johnny were he studied in Chicago. Anna says that she's not going to the concert which pleases Noah and Patrick. Diane tells Jason the good news that he's being released, Jason asks her what she and Sonny were talking about, Diane says she can't divulge that information. Ric propositions Claudia about sleeping with her to get Johnny off. Sam stops by the clinic for an "injury" but it's only to see Lucky. Jax tells Carly that he doesn't have to leave the plane and gets his parachute and jumps out. Anna tells Noah she would rather go out with him than go see Eli Love. Sal confides in "Joe" and "Linda" that the Zacchara's killed his father.moreless
  • Ep. #11606
    Ep. #11606
    Episode 337
    Carly tells Spinelli the only way to clear Lulu is to pin Logan's murder on someone else. Scott lays into Maxie for protecting Johnny for killing Logan, Jax tells Scott to back off of Maxie. Sonny tells Diane she can't tell Jason what she told him cause it's confidential. Claudia tells Jason that the number that Johnny used is untraceable, Jason says if Johnny wants her he'll contact her. Lourdes comes by with flowers thanking him got the piano lesson. Maxie goes to Mac regarding Matt renting Georgie's room. Ric tells Scott that maybe he didn't know Logan after all and was disturbed and whoever killed him acted in self defense. Maxie goes to Jason and says that Scott is on a war path and literally grabbed her arm. Lourdes asks Lulu if she met "Joe's" sister and her husband and asks how she met "Joe". Sonny refuses to help Claudia find Johnny. Nikolas and Lucky question Spinelli, if he's heard from Lulu. Scott goes on TV to offer a bounty on Johnny and Lulu. Jax prepares to go to Montreal for his meeting and Carly sneaks on to the plane hoping for some romance and getting back. Lourdes watches TV and learns "Linda" and "Joe's" real identities and there's a $100,000 reward.moreless
  • Ep. #11605
    Ep. #11605
    Episode 336
    Lulu wakes up after having a dream of when she killed Logan. Carly tells Jason why he hasn't been released from jail yet. Sonny tells Karpov that with Johnny on the run with Lulu, Anthony is gonna make a mistake and Johnny is gonna get himself killed. Elizabeth comes by and Sam tells Lucky to hide to keep her from seeing him. Tracy tells Nikolas that there's a handgun missing from Edward's collection and possibly gave it to Johnny. Scott returns to Port Charles and Nikolas tells him that Logan died. Anthony tells Claudia that he's sorry about what he said to her last night. Sonny explains to Max that his deal with Karpov isn't betrayal it's for Jason's protection. Scott calls Mac and says he wants all the information on Logan's death and wants his killer brought to justice. Carly asks Spinelli to aid her in framing someone for murder. Johnny meets Lourdes, Sal's sister.moreless
  • Ep. #11604
    Ep. #11604
    Episode 335
    Diane tells Jason that he could get charged with aiding and abbetting also murder with special circumstances. Sasha meets with Sonny to talk about Karpov's offer with him. Spinelli bursts in and gets into it with Matt after Maxie catches him in her house. Robin then arrives and says that Matt is renting Georgie's room, Matt tells Maxie that she'll have to live with it. Jason tells Diane that Lulu could've gotten the gun from Edward's gun collection. Johnny and Lulu learn from the neighbor that his piano teacher died several months back and that no one referred him as Joe. Anthony and Claudia get into a public spat at the Metro Court. Nikolas tells Nadine that he's concerned about Lulu out there with Johnny, Sam then interrupts them. Lucky tells Elizabeth that Johnny took Lulu at gunpoint if she has contacted her. Spinelli and Maxie think of a way to get Matt out of Mac's house. Nadine walks in on Matt handling some medication he says that he's only checking it. Diane fills Jason in about Sonny coming to Claudia's rescue at the Metro Court.moreless
  • Ep. #11603
    Ep. #11603
    Episode 334
    Johnny and Lulu enter the home of his former piano teacher for a place to stay. Mayor Floyd questions Mac about his methods of running the station. Claudia gives information to Spinelli in order to help locate Johnny as soon as possible. Anthony tells Ric and Trevor that if Johnny dies they will die along with him. Lucky says to Mac to give Nikolas a few more minutes to talk with Jason. Nikolas asks Jason if he got the gun from him, he says the only person in the room at the time was Lulu. Jax turns his back on Carly and walks out the door and saying that there is no them anymore. Spinelli's love for Maxie is tested when Claudia brings up a promise that she would pay Maxie money to sleep with Johnny and for Lulu to walk in on them. Matt returns to the hospital after a bad date with Nadine. Anthony tells Nikolas that Lulu put Johnny up to this and that she's like her mother, Nikolas then loses it. Johnny becomes alarmed when someone knocks on the door, he quickly grabs his gun. Spinelli forgives Maxie, and then screams when she sees Matt and gets an eyeful.moreless
  • Ep. #11602
    Ep. #11602
    Episode 333
    Jason stops Det. Harper from shooting at Johnny when he's holding Lulu. Lulu and Johnny make a daring escape from the PCPD by taking Mayor Floyd's car. Maxie and Spinelli are worried about how Jason and what he plans to fix the situation involving Lulu. Sonny tells Claudia that he's not going to listed cause she's a Zacchara and he doesn't trust her. Carly promises to stay out of Jax's business with Crimson, until Jax gets a phone call from Clarice saying about a "meeting" that just started and Kate is then pleased with the outcome of her charade thinking that Jax could do so much better then Carly. Nadine tells Nikolas that Matt asked her out, she thinks it's a perfect way to get close to him, Nikolas thinks that Nadine is getting in over her head and shouldn't go out with him. Carly goes to Crimson and says that she never got a message saying that there was a meeting and asks Jax if he believes her, when he doesn't she storms out. Jason tells Diane that Lulu is the one that killed Logan and Johnny is protecting her. Nikolas learns from Lucky that Johnny took Lulu hostage. Jax tells Carly that he wants a separation. Cody gives Jason some information about Karpov is gonna run Port Charles, Jason asks Cody to tell him who's Karpov is meeting with.moreless
  • Ep. #11601
    Ep. #11601
    Episode 332
    Carly has a proposition for Claudia to purchase Jax's shares in Crimson. Anna threatens to go to the tabloids to prevent Eli from suing Patrick. Trevor walks in on Mac talking to Johnny, he tells Trevor that Mac offered him a deal. Johnny rushes to protect Lulu. Anna feels stupid cause she thought that she and Eli connected on some level. Nadine and Nikolas figure out a way to nail Matt, Matt then arrives and Nikolas says that he and Nadine were talking about him. Kate fights back against Carly. Maxie tells Jason the truth about Logan's murder. Anna asks Noah to fill in for Eli one last time but he refuses, cause it made him drink again and enter rehab. Sonny meets Karpov and Claudia sees the two of them together. Jax can't tolerate Carly's meddling, he tells Claudia that his shares are not for sale. Matt tells the person on the phone that Nadie knows and that he'll deal with her himself. Noah punches Eli after saying that being with Anna might ruin his reputation. Claudia tells Sonny that she dealt with the Karpov family once upon a time. Jax tells Carly that if she interferes in his Crimson business then he's leaving her. Johnny grabs the gun from Lulu's purse and tells Lucky to back off or he kills her.moreless
  • Ep. #11600
    Ep. #11600
    Episode 331
    Max goes to Jason saying that he and Milo want to go back to work for Sonny, Jason lets them cause he wants Sonny safe. Johnny worries about Lulu. Lucky thinks that Sam going undercover is a bad idea cause she might get hurt. Robin and Patrick come into Jake's, Eli then notices that Robin is pregnant, Anna then says that she's gonna be a grandmother. Maxie tells Johnny that his plan to protect Lulu isn't working at all. Spinelli has distressing news for Johnny and says that Maxie told him that Lulu killed Logan, Johnny then goes ballistic. Maxie asks Jason for help in getting Lulu under control. Matt asks Jerry about the bruises he sustained earlier. Sam starts a "fight and break up" with Lucky at the hospital so they can initiate their plan to find out who's distributing the phony medication. Lulu tells Maxie that she's not gonna let Johnny take the fall for this. Carly remains determined to hurt Kate. Eli tells a reporter that his girlfriend is "flying" from Sydney and that he and Anna are old friends, Patrick then steps up to Anna's defense by punching Eli in the face. Nadine overhears Matt talking on the phone about a drug shipment she now realizes that he's the one. Nadine calls Nikolas to tell him what she heard, Matt overhears her on the phone. Mac tells Johnny that if he killed Logan is self defense then admit it. Lulu reaches in her purse outside the police station and pulls out a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #11599
    Ep. #11599
    Episode 330
    A mother brings her sick daughter into the clinic. Sonny tells Max that if he wants to work for him again his loyalty is to him. Kate reminds Clarice that she's grateful that she came on board for Crimson. Lulu comes in and tells Lucky that Johnny is in for something he didn't do. Johnny gets a warning from Maxie about Lulu. Sonny has doubts about his relationship with Kate even though he loves her. Jerry pushes Mac too far and pulls him to the floor and tells Jerry that he's gonna hurt Alexis. Nikolas asks Nadine about Isabella, she says that the drugs may have damaged her nervous system. Spinelli drowns his sorrows at Jake's, Eli Love then walks in and toasts to the beautiful Anna Devane. The drug mystery vexes Nikolas, Lucky and Sam and vow to find out who's responsible before someone dies. Anna and Robin share a mother-daughter moment. Coleman tells Eli that Spinelli needs some advice in dealing with the ladies. Matt examines Jerry and he then wonders why he's interested in his finances. Sonny tells Kate that he won't be second in his wife's life.moreless
  • Ep. #11598
    Ep. #11598
    Episode 329
    Johnny tells Lulu that it's too late to runaway. Jax tells Carly that he would never cheat on her with Kate. Lulu gets help from Jason. Spinelli and Maxie start to have sex. Epiphany tells Anna that Eli Love's limo has just pulled up. Johnny takes the fall for Logan's murder. Jason walks in on Spinelli and Maxie's intimate moment. Anna is reunited with Eli Love. Robin tells Leyla not to let Eli see her. Lucky and Det. Harper arrive and arrest Johnny for Logan's murder. Diane tells Carly the news about those rumor buzz that she started are hot and Kate is cashing in on them. Anthony tells Trevor and Ric to do whatever it takes to get Johnny out of this mess, he then tells Lulu to leave. Spinelli tells Jason that Johnny didn't kill Logan and that Lulu did. Robin gets nervous when Eli asks her to give him a hug, but avoids by saying that she has a patient waiting. Lulu tells Tracy to get out and doesn't want to listen to what she has to say. Maxie calls Spinelli and asks to meet her at the overlook, and is crushed when Maxie says what happened was a mistake. Jax tells Carly that he's just business with Kate and won't go through with the rumors. Jason tells Lulu he knows she killed Logan and to keep quiet and maybe he could fix this.moreless
  • Ep. #11597
    Ep. #11597
    Episode 328
    Anthony tells Maxie that she doesn't want him as an enemy, but to still tell him how Logan really died. Spinelli tells Johnny that he "failed" to get him to lay off. Anthony tells Maxie why didn't her or Lulu bother to call the police. Carly's actions anger Jax. Spinelli confronts Maxie, she then confesses to him. Claudia and Jason get into trouble Claudia and Jason get into trouble when Lucky and Det. Harper arrive and tell them not to move. Morgan asks Jax if he's coming to his test on Saturday. Mike asks Spinelli about the situation with Jason and Sonny. Anthony arrives and tells Johnny that Lulu needs to be apart of the conversation. Diane tells Kate that the buzz about her is really hot right now. Jax and Carly work out a deal. An emotional Maxie and Spinelli share a kiss. Lulu wants Johnny to run away with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11596
    Ep. #11596
    Episode 327
    Carly comes and stops the lineup and tells the police that there's no reason to hold Jason cause he was with her last night. Sonny comes wanting to talk with Jason, Spinelli says that he's been arrested and refuses to tell him anything else. Anna says that she's not going to be able to testify after all. Carly tells Jason that she arranged to have Kate embarrassed. Mayor Floyd tells Mac that he wants Logan's killer in jail before Scott returns from his trip. Kate is humiliated in front of everyone as a camera crew approaches her in the Crimson offices. Noah tells Alexis that he won't be testifying either. Patrick tells it all on the stand, Robin has a change of heart and says that he can see her and the baby whenever he wants. Lulu is at the mercy of Maxie. Anna gets a text from Eli Love saying he's coming to town. Mr. Vaughn takes Maxie and says Anthony wants to see her, Anthony wants the truth from Maxie in how Logan died. Sonny steps between Carly and Kate by threatening to tell Jax about what happened in the limo. Claudia sees Jason around her car and points a gun at him.moreless
  • Ep. #11595
    Ep. #11595
    Episode 326
    Claudia tries to cover up Logan's murder, Johnny says that . Anna has Patrick stop by and he says that he doesn't want to go to court, Patrick's then surprised when Noah arrives after he does. Matt tells Lucky and Det. Harper that he encountered Logan on the pier and that Maxie and Logan had some harsh words. Jason tells Diane that he was with Robin when Logan was killed. Maxie stops Lulu from calling the cops and confessing. Mac knocks on Maxie's door and says that he has to talk to her. Anthony tells Ric and Trevor that someone is going to prison but it won't be Johnny. Spinelli tries to get some surveillance footage around the clinic to see who dropped off Logan's body. Mac tells Anthony where he, Ric and Trevor were last night. Anna tells Patrick to work through some of the anger that he has towards his father. Jason is arrested and brought in for questioning. Jason asks Diane to get him released as soon as she can. Maxie learns that Spinelli is trying to figure out Logan's killer, she then "accidentally" spills his orange soda on his computer, Maxie abruptly says that Jason didn't do it, Spinelli asks why she's so confident. Matt makes a call about the counterfeit drugs. Anthony asks Claudia where and when did Johnny kill Logan, and he asks her to go to the police station and name Jason as the killer.moreless
  • Ep. #11594
    Ep. #11594
    Episode 325
    Johnny tells Claudia that Logan came after him with an axe, and he "killed" him. Sonny says to Kate that he believes her when she said nothing happened with her and Jax. Robin tells Elizabeth that she was surprised when Jason gave her advice about Patrick not being in the baby's life. Noah learns that Anna is testifying against Patrick, so he'll stand his ground and vouch for Robin if Patrick doesn't do the right thing and drop this. Carly lashes at Jax by saying that Kate is more important than their marriage. Claudia tells Johnny that she knew that Lulu was trouble. Kate asks Sonny where he got that photo anyway. Robin is delighted that Noah is back, Noah then says that he's gonna testify on her behalf. Nikolas tells Nadine that Mayor Floyd is looking for an excuse to shut down the clinic. Maxie and Lulu come into Kelly's, Maxie takes Spinelli's drink so they can stage a fight in order to give them an alibi. Nadine hears something and goes out and sees Logan's dead body and tells Nikolas to call 911. Lulu tells Maxie just why she's doing this for her. Spinelli tells Jason about the fight that Lulu and Maxie had. Nadine tells Det. Harper that she saw the first three letters of the license plate of the car that sped away.moreless
  • Ep. #11593
    Ep. #11593
    Episode 324
    Lulu apologizes to Logan and offers to get help but he then falls on the floor and dies. Patrick learns that Noah returns to Port Charles and is glad that he's at the hospital, Noah explains that he was in rehab. Robin comes home and finds Anna measuring for bulletproof glass and kevlar curtains. Sonny rejects Claudia's advances. Johnny and Maxie hurry to Lulu, Maxie then checks and then says that Logan is dead. Spinelli opens his mouth about Carly and she wants to know what he found out, he then shows a picture of Jax and Kate. Claudia tells Sonny of a plan of her plan to have sex with Trevor hoping he would go away, but Anthony sent her away instead. While helping Patrick operate Noah learns that Robin is pregnant and that he questions the baby's paternity which Patrick assures him he is the father. Johnny wants Lulu to tell him what happened that made her stab Logan, Maxie thinks that Mac will believe her story but Scott will not. Noah learns that Patrick is suing Robin for visitation, Noah tells him to drop it or he's going on Robin's witness list. Kate explains to Sonny what happened tonight. Carly wants Jax to explain himself with what she saw. Claudia returns home and Johnny says that he killed Logan.moreless
  • Ep. #11592
    Ep. #11592
    Episode 323
    Logan calls Lulu and says that he can explain with what she saw. Jason walks in as Carly says to Spinelli that she wants to bring Kate down. Lulu attempts to call Crimson but Maxie remains unconscious on the floor. Claudia lays into Anthony with the way that he handled and got rid of when she was very young. Logan terrifies Lulu when he breaks down the door with an axe. Robin questions Sonny's motives for wanting to marry Kate. Logan grabs Lulu and insists that they talk and that he wants to get back with her, she then looks at the axe. Jason asks Carly if he wants Jax to know that she slept with Sonny. Johnny finds Maxie on the floor, and she then gets hysterical he then assures her that she's fine and that Logan did this to her. While in the limo Kate gets concerned when she loses her ring and must find it quick. Maxie tells Johnny that she thinks someone was watching him. Claudia arrives at Sonny's house hoping for a quicking since everyone thinks she's a slut. Lulu pushes Logan and she falls to the floor she then grabs the knife and stabs him in the chest.moreless
  • Ep. #11591
    Ep. #11591
    Episode 322
    Maxie continues to warn Matt about Logan and that he's bad news. Carly asks Claudia one good reason why she should help her. Nikolas threatens to destroy Johnny. Leyla gives Spinelli some tips on how to reel a woman in. Jax tells Spinelli that he has a sharp mind offers him a job in his investment firm which is located at the Metro Court one floor below Crimson. Alexis tells Kate that Sonny has a long list of raqueteering and could be picked up. Carly asks Claudia what she did to put her brother in danger. Logan stops by to ask Lulu that he isn't giving up on them. Nikolas tells Matt to have all the pills tested and that he's gonna find out who's profiting off of counterfeit medication. Anthony blames Claudia for dragging Johnny down with her. Logan returns and traps Maxie in Kate's office. Jax's pilot tells Carly that he and Kate shared a kiss a while back, Carly goes to Spinelli and wants him to dig up every piece of dirt on Kate. Lulu watches as Logan manhandles Maxie, he then sees her.moreless
  • Ep. #11590
    Ep. #11590
    Episode 321
    Logan runs into Lulu on the pier and she says that she can't go out with him. Maxie tells Jason to leave and that she'll take care of Spinelli. Nikolas tells Matt that apart of his fellowship is to work at the Clinic with Leyla and Nadine. Carly tells Sonny that she'll use that they slept together to break up him and Kate if he breaks up her and Jax. Mayor Floyd says that if the clinic isn't up to code, Nikolas says that it's here to stay. Claudia confesses to Johnny that Nikolas knows about Michael's shooting. A patient comes in the clinic and passes out and Nikolas realizes that her medication wasn't working. Sonny instructs Bernie for a shipment to go somewhere else. Logan bumps into Matt and says that he can distribute medication at a discount price, Matt says that he wants to be protected and might consider it, Maxie arrives and tells Matt to stay away from Logan cause he's a loser. Sonny offers Jason some help but turns him down and then he walks out.moreless
  • Ep. #11589
    Ep. #11589
    Episode 320
    Robin can't believe that Anna is testifying on Patrick's behalf. Carly eases Jax's concerns about her and Sonny. Jason tells Sonny that there's no baby cause Carly took the test, Sonny asks Jason if he's sleeping with Carly. Elizabeth tells Robin and Patrick that a long trial can be very stressful for the baby. Jerry tells Johnny that what he knows keeps them alive. Kate instructs Lulu and Maxie for the wedding in case Sonny gets cold feet. Sonny and Jason's friendship remains strained, Jason says it's because of Michael and it always will. Johnny fires a shot hoping to call Jerry's bluff. Ric tells Kate that he's concerned about Sonny and wants him to keep from getting drawn in again. Alexis tells Robin that it's quite possible that Patrick could end up winning but agrees to represent her. Elizabeth explains to Patrick that going to court will make matters worse. Johnny puts down the gun and tells Jerry that he's gonna live for now. Spinelli is given a clean bill of health and Jason picks him up. Johnny asks Claudia if anyone else knows their secret. Jerry gives Alexis his insurance policy in case something happens to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11588
    Ep. #11588
    Episode 319
    Jerry continues to threaten Johnny and tells Anthony do it his way or his son dies. Claudia tells Jerry to take her instead of Johnny. Patrick says that he'll do anything to be in his baby's life, Anna then knocks him to the floor and says that Robin shouldn't have any stress. Maxie lies to Matt and says that she and Spinelli have sex all the time. Carly pleads with Jason to say he's the father of her baby. Nikolas tells Alexis that if she gets involved with Jerry people are gonna die. Carly takes a pregnancy test. Anna tells Patrick about the time she, Robert and Robin lived together and how bad it was. Elizabeth sides with Patrick and tells how Lucky still comes and spends time with her sons. Nikolas threatens Claudia by saying he'll go to Jason with what he knows about her involvement with Michael's shooting. Spinelli says no to Matt's request to undergo something about his personality. Diane tells Patrick that Robin's gonna fight the petition, Anna then stuns Robin that she'll testify for Patrick. Jerry tells Claudia to tell Johnny that he knows their little secret. Sonny goes to Jason and asks if he's sleeping with Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #11587
    Ep. #11587
    Episode 318
    Claudia asks Jason how Spinelli is doing. Sonny tells Carly he knows she's pregnant and if he's the father. Robin tells Patrick that Kelly said that he bedrest is up and can return to work. Alexis tells Jerry about Anthony's threat word for word. Maxie yells at Matt for stepping on and breaking her phone, Nikolas then intervenes and he tells Matt that he's paying for his fellowship. Johnny tells Lulu that she should listen to Tracy about staying away from him. Carly tells Sonny that Jason is the father of her baby. Anna says that Robin returning to work is a bad idea and wished that Robin told her sooner. Alexis goes ahead and has the charges against Johnny. Jason tells Diane that he can't help Carly unless she tells him what's wrong. Jerry interrupts a Zacchara gathering and puts a gun to Johnny's head. Carly arrives at Jason's and says she needs to take a pregnancy test. Sonny offers unsettling advice to Jax that if Carly is pregnant he should demand a paternity test.moreless
  • Ep. #11586
    Ep. #11586
    Episode 317
    Anthony assures Johnny that he'll get him out of here. Carly confides in Diane that Sonny or Jax could be the father of her baby. Claudia walks in on Jerry and Alexis making out in her office. Anthony makes another threat to Alexis concerning Kristina. Nikolas opens his clinic, but Mayor Floyd made sure there were no patients to treat, he's then speechless when Nadine brings in some patients. Scott threatens Alexis that if the charges don't stick he'll be the D.A. once again. Maxie encounters Matt Hunter a new doctor at GH.moreless
  • Ep. #11585
    Ep. #11585
    Episode 316
    Kate fills in Lulu and Maxie about her engagement to Sonny. Jason tells Claudia that she's not needed to sit by Spinelli. Sonny is overwhelmed by Kate's plans for a grand wedding. Scott tells Alexis that he wants to press charges against Johnny for assaulting Logan. Robin explains why she doesn't want Patrick involved in the baby's life. Anthony comes to the police station and tells Logan that he simply made a mistake. Sonny tells Kate the last time that he had a big flashy was the time when he didn't marry Brenda also he wishes his children could be a part of it. Logan says that he's still pressing going ahead with the assault charges and Anthony fires him as his attendant. Anthony asks Claudia if he did what he asks in killing Jason. Maxie tells Spinelli to get well cause she can't do this without him. Jason tells Elizabeth that he's better being alone. Carly lays into Jax for telling Kate that she could be pregnant. Lulu wonders what Claudia and Johnny are talking about in the interogation room. Kate tells Sonny what Jax told her and he is surprised.moreless
  • Ep. #11584
    Ep. #11584
    Episode 315
    Claudia attempts to put the pillow under Jason's head when he wakes up. Carly worries about who the father of her baby really is. Robin tells Patrick that she's on bed rest and he should take care of Jake. Maxie tells Johnny that she'll do what it takes to get back at Lulu for what she did to Georgie. Logan make an another effort to get through to Lulu to get away from the Zacchara's. Spinelli comes down the stairs saying he doesn't feel very well and collapses and he starts to hallucinate. Carly says no to a pregnancy test, Jax then wonders why she isn't. Sonny and Kate resolve their differences. Lulu sees Maxie and Johnny in the elevator together. Patrick learns that Robin put Elizabeth into bringing Jake over so she can give a taste of looking after a baby and wants her to admit it. Carly wonders that it's possible she could be pregnant. Scott helps Logan when he gets himself in a situation by having Johnny arrested for assaulting him. EMT's rush Spinelli to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #11583
    Ep. #11583
    Episode 314
    Jason tells Claudia to stay away from him and orders Spinelli to find a way to get the quarantine lifted. Alexis reveals to the entire police department that she's sleeping with Jerry. Diane tells Alexis that some parts of her love life should remain private. Lulu looks on as Maxie asks Johnny to put suntan lotion on her back. Patrick tells Robin that she isn't giving them a chance to be a family. Sonny proposes to Kate which completely surprises her, she then says yes. Maxie answers Johnny's phone and Anthony tells her to tell Johnny to come and see him. Robin calls Elizabeth and tells her that she can bring Jake by. Anthony orders Claudia to kill Jason that he's week from the illness and it could be her ticket into the family business. Spinelli tells Jason that someone made a withdrawal from Ian Devlin's account, Jason tells Claudia to go upstairs but she continues to listen in. Maxie and Johnny are stuck in the elevator together at the Metro Court. Jax tells Carly that it's possible she's pregnant. Kate suggests to Sonny that he signs a prenup. Claudia makes an attempt to smother Jason with a pillow.moreless
  • Ep. #11582
    Ep. #11582
    Episode 313
    Jax and Jerry are arrested after a fight in Alexis's office. Tracy tells Carly to get Lulu to stay away from Johnny. Robin calls Maxie and says that she needs her help. Diane sees Max holding a ring and immediately assumes it's for her, Sonny advises to tell Diane the truth. Mac tells Patrick that he can hold him for 24 hours on suspicion of stalking. Diane goes to Alexis and shows her the ring, Diane then admits that she doesn't want to get married. Tracy interrupts Johnny and Lulu's kissing. Kate arrives to bail Jax out, Carly tells her the only person who's doing that is her. Alan tells Tracy that Johnny will her step son-in-law if this continues, Lulu and Johnny hear Tracy talking to herself again. Alexis tells Jerry and Jax that the charges are dropped and they're free to go. Diane gives the ring back to Max and learns that it was for Kate. Carly learns of Jerry and Alexis's tryst and has a good laugh about it. Patrick insists that Robin move in with him and the baby. Maxie invites herself to go swimming with Lulu and Johnny. Claudia tells Jason that she's gonna give him a sponge bath.moreless
  • Ep. #11581
    Ep. #11581
    Episode 312
    Epiphany returns and finds Patrick with Robin and says she's gonna call Mac. Spinelli finds that the disease they've been exposed to has a serious side effect. Alexis is told by Ric that people are coming in to do a press conference. Nadine brings up Patrick being in love with Robin, Leyla tells her that she's over him. Nikolas tells Nadine that he's not giving up in getting the clinic to open. Robin tells Epiphany that it's her apartment and her pregnancy. Jax sides with Carly, but Kate's photo shoot continues at the Metro Court. Mac knocks on the door telling Robin that he knows that Epiphany quit and he'd better not find Patrick in there with her. Lucky and Sam return home from Mexico. Alexis opens up to Jax and tells him she's sleeping with Jerry. Claudia thinks that Jason doesn't want her and Spinelli to play pool but to be miserable like him. Tracy sees Lulu and Johnny kissing by the boat house on the Quartermaine property, Lulu then pushes Johnny in the water. Jason gets a little touchy when she brings up his old auto accident. Mac arrests Patrick. Jason starts to feel dizzy and falls down the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #11580
    Ep. #11580
    Episode 311
    Mac tells Patrick that he's doing what he thinks is best for Robin in getting Epiphany to care for her. Lulu and Maxie get everything exactly the way that Kate wants everything to go as planned. Epiphany tells Robin that she'll thank her when she delivers a healthy baby. Katie is preparing for the big shoot at the Metro Court and explains to Sonny that she's under a lot of stress. Nikolas sees a room full of flowers and learns that Alexis and Jerry slept together, he lays into her for getting involved with a dangerous man. Lucky and Sam grow closer as they wake up together. Ric tells Sonny that he admires what and that not anyone can change. Diane arrives and realizes what Alexis in fact did last night. Carly arrives and orders Kate to stop the photo shoot and get everything out of the lobby at once. Jerry stops by to see Alexis and the two end up sharing a kiss. Trevor tells Sonny that he's gonna need whether he likes it or not, so he can broker a truce with Anthony. Ric walks in on Jerry and Alexis.moreless
  • Ep. #11579
    Ep. #11579
    Episode 310
    Lucky tells Sam to go ahead with her plan to get them out of the Mexican jail. Maxie opens up to Johnny about the letter regarding Georgie's acceptance letter into the foreign exchange program. Jason asks Spinelli what he was doing getting drunk at a party. Alexis makes a spectacle of herself at Carly and Sonny at the Haunted Star, Jerry intervenes and takes Alexis aside. Jax and Kate tell Giselle to make good of a bad evening and go to the Crimson offices. One of the guards turns out to be a friend of Sam's and lets them go as a favor. Lulu apologizes to Maxie for jumping to conclusions about her and Johnny, and didn't know she was talking about Georgie. Sam and Lucky continue their search for Luke. Lulu feels bad that she didn't trust Johnny. Jason, Spinelli and Claudia wind up quarantined in the penthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #11578
    Ep. #11578
    Episode 309
    Alexis tells Carly to ask Sonny again to give up Kristina and just how terrified she is. Nikolas tells Mayor Floyd that the clinic in Emily's memory will open as planned. Giselle thinks something is wrong with "Damian" and his cover is blown courtesy of Sonny. Johnny assures Ric in front of Lulu that he had nothing to do with Luke's arrest. Carly confides in Jason that's she's considering tearing up the papers and taking Morgan to see Sonny. Diane tells Alexis that she consulted several family court judges and that she can't force Sonny to give up Kristina. Anthony arrives and Alexis gets terrified when he mentions something about Kristina. Mac tells Robin that Patrick doesn't know what he's doing and that she coming home with him. Robin assures Patrick that she doesn't share Mac's views. Spinelli finds a bracelet on the pier, and sees Claudia and realizes it belongs to her, Claudia then offers to take Spinelli home. Epiphany arrives and says that Mac hired her to take care of Robin. Jason comes home to find Spinelli and Claudia in a compromising position.moreless
  • Ep. #11577
    Ep. #11577
    Episode 308
    Carly feels guilty for keeping Morgan away from Sonny. Nikolas gets bad news. Max wants to take Sonny fishing (to get his mind off Father's Day). Diane tearfully confides in Jason the importance her father had in her life. A terrified Patrick confesses to Elizabeth how much he wants his baby with Robin. After an ultrasound indicates that Robin and baby are fine. Patrick and Robin enjoy an intimate conversation. Robin is ordered to bedrest for a couple of weeks. Patrick offers to meet all her needs. Maxie causes Spinelli to "lose his cool". Nikolas surprises Nadine when he buys the building for the clinic. Jerry discovers Claudia is alive and well and ready to gamble. Jason drops off Sonny's Father's Day present that Michael got for him. Lucky and Sam get themselves arrested in Mexico. With Luke out of town, Tracy must battle the Zacchara's for control over the Haunted Star. Mayor Floyd interferes with the opening of The Emily Quartermaine clinic. At the Metro Court, Spinelli's moves with Leyla on the dance floor lead to a collision involving a bridal bouquet and a rude relative.moreless
  • Ep. #11576
    Ep. #11576
    Episode 307
    Johnny and Claudia are surprised when Anthony arrives at their door with Logan. Jax gives Spinelli a lesson by taking him to gamble at the Haunted Star. Nadine is surprised to learn that Nikolas bought the building. Anthony decides on a new family home, and invites Claudia and Johnny to move in when it's ready, but Johnny says he and Claudia are staying were they are. Lucky and Sam head to Mexico the bartender knows they're here about Luke, but instead he gives get another coded message from Luke, a woman then keeps an eye on Lucky as he kisses Sam. Leyla stops in to see the new Emily Quartermaine clinic. Anthony arrives at the Crimson offices and Giselle realizes who he is. Jax gets Spinelli fitted for a suit, and Kate is astounded by what she sees, Giselle is introduced to Damian. Claudia offers to help Nikolas build the clinic but he refuses. Claudia warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny. Nadine asks Nikolas if she's sleeping with Claudia. Someone from Sam's past calls her Cindy and who the person that she's with. Patrick comes home and finds Robin passed out on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #11575
    Ep. #11575
    Episode 306
    Sonny tells Kate that she doesn't have to worry about him getting back in the business. Curtis stops by the hospital with an appointment to see Dr. Ford and tells Patrick if Robin dies it's up to him to raise the child. Jason walks in on Diane and Max and says it can't happen again. Robin confides her fears to Elizabeth. Kate turns Sonny's offer to go to the island with him. Sam shows Lucky a mysterious e-mail from Luke. Tracy asks Lucky if he's heard from Luke but he and Sam keep the e-mail a secret from her. Lloyd returns for a rematch with Spinelli, but Max, Milo and Diane intervene, Jason tells Spinelli that he shouldn't get in fights with anyone, if it happens again to call him. Carly then arrives and tells Jason that Kate is getting on her nerves, Jason asks Carly if she's having second thoughts. Spinelli tells Jax that he wants to be just like him. Elizabeth tells Patrick that he's giving up the privlege of raising his own child, as Robin overhears.moreless
  • Ep. #11574
    Ep. #11574
    Episode 305
    Claudia hides as Johnny and Lulu arrive at Crimson. Kate questions Jax about his marriage to Carly. Alexis asks for Jax's help. Mayor Floyd pressures Mac regarding the growing prominence of crime families in PC, he then acosts an officer for arresting Nikolas and Nadine and insists they be released. Maxie ponders her response to Claudia. Maxie flirts with Johnny. Spinelli and Leyla enjoy dancing together at the wedding reception, until a wrong move leads to a not so nice encounter with Jhila. Spinelli takes Virgil who refers to Leyla as an Iranian terrorist. Claudia tells Johnny that she has sights on a new home. Spinelli is brought in for punching a guy's face in.moreless
  • Ep. #11573
    Ep. #11573
    Episode 304
    Maxie goes to Kate and says that her PDA is broken, and saved her job by getting her the exact same one, Kate is reconsidering her Spinelli ban. Sonny clashes with Jason, Jason then agrees to run the Loan Shark out of town as a favor to him, Jason asks Sonny why he take the organization back and make his own choices. Lucky asks Elizabeth if she has any dinner plans. Nikolas hopes Nadine will say yes, Nadine asks what the question is, she's then relieved when it's not a marriage proposal but to work with him on a clinic. Claudia tells Johnny to kick Lulu to the curb cause she can't stand her. Spinelli accompanies Leyla to a wedding. Sonny says that he's gonna take care of Mike's situation himself. Johnny tells Claudia and Lulu that they have to learn to co-exist. Jason tells Max to tell Bodie that he has 24hours to leave the state and refusing isn't an option. Lucky questions Jason about the fire at the Zacchara house, but instead talks about the night Michael was shot. Leyla confides in Spinelli that she hasn't told her mother that she isn't seeing anyone. Jason tells Mike that Bodie Sullivan won't be a problem no more. Mac tells Carly that the report shows that Ian Devlin acted alone and that the case is closed. Claudia offers to pay Maxie to seduce Johnny and to make sure that Lulu catches sees it happen.moreless
  • Ep. #11572
    Ep. #11572
    Episode 303
    Sonny sees a battered Mike on the pier and asked who did this to him. Kate walks in on Maxie and Spinelli in her office. Jason tells Lulu to go and see Michael as a good example of what could happen to her. Sonny brings Mike to the hospital and asks for help. Maxie misinterprets Spinelli's actions. Sam tells Elizabeth that she can't be with Lucky and that he still loves her. Claudia tells Nikolas that this thing about sleeping together came from Lulu. Spinelli goes to Jason and tells him what he did, but Maxie thought it was an act. Tensions rise between Sonny and Jason, when he refuses when Sonny asks him to deal with some Loan Shark that beat up Mike. Nadine receives something from Nikolas, Leyla thinks it's probably dinner and something romantic. Carly asks Jax if he wants to have a child with her. Leyla sees a distraught Spinelli on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11571
    Ep. #11571
    Episode 302
    Carly tells Claudia to apologize to Lulu and leave her hotel, Claudia tells Carly to get out of her way. Kelly tells Jax that the possible chance of Carly conceiving again are slim to none. Patrick tells Robin that they should stop blogging after reading some bad things on it, Robin then says that she's not going to. Nikolas tells Elizabeth if falling in love with someone would be like cheating on Emily's memory. Jax and Carly put their differences aside as he surprises her with an anniversary celebration. Jason tells Spinelli to respect Sonny's privacy next time he interrupts him. Lulu tells Johnny that Claudia is using Nikolas and is sleeping with him. Diane unintentionally gives Spinelli bad advice on how to go after Maxie. Carly tells Lulu that Claudia is dangerous and to stay away from her. Spinelli shows up at Crimson and literally throws himself at Maxie. Johnny tells Nikolas to stay away from Claudia. Jax gives Carly a charm bracelet, and the missing piece would be the picture of the baby he'd wanted to have again.moreless
  • Ep. #11570
    Ep. #11570
    Episode 301
    Lulu tells Claudia to get away from Nikolas, Nikolas then defends Claudia. Patrick and Coleman make a bet to see if Spinelli is able romance Nikki. Monica admits to Jason that her drinking started years ago when she lost him to go work for Sonny, and blames him for the path he has taken in his life, she's then shocked when Jason took over the business. Coleman wins the bet when the girl Nikki turns out to be gay. Maxie arrives and asks Spinelli what she can do for him. Carly tells Jax that the mistake she made in bringing Michael into Sonny's world. Kate grows angry at Sonny for being nosy in her business meeting with Todd. Johnny tells Claudia that Jason took over the Corinthos Organization. Robin and Patrick agree to shut down their blogs, unless he writes an apology on his blog. Jason tells Johnny to keep his father under control or he lose something other than his house. Carly steps in and tells Claudia and that if she wants a fight, do it to her and not Lulu.moreless
  • Ep. #11569
    Ep. #11569
    Episode 300
    Tracy comes home to find Lulu and Johnny in bed together, then they see as Tracy continues to talk to Alan. Edward tells Alice to throw Johnny out. Kelly tells Patrick that Robin's blog has 3,000 hits, he then sees that people are commenting harsh things about him. Carly sees two brothers looking out for each other. Nikolas tells Claudia they need to discuss what happened last night. Alexis asks Sonny if he had anything to do with the fire at the Zacchara's house. Jax is glad when Carly is moving on with her life when she didn't spend all day with Michael. Alexis asks Sonny if Diane is still representing him if he's no longer in organized crime. Spinelli brings flowers for Maxie but is crushed when she says that she can't keep them at the office. Patrick calls Spinelli to finish on how to romance women. Bobbie tells Carly that she's married to Jax and not Jason. Patrick has a job for Spinelli. Jax tells Johnny that he wants his father and his family out of his hotel, Carly says that they can stay as long as they like. Lulu is speechless when she sees Claudia and Nikolas kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #11568
    Ep. #11568
    Episode 299
    Anthony tells Jason that he did him a favor by setting fire to his house. Claudia helps Nikolas into house, and he assures her he wasn't trying to kill himself. Johnny tells Maxie that he's not interested in her, as Lulu arrives at Crimson. Trevor calls Johnny and says to get home right away, also that Jason torched his house. Jax asks Carly if she's mad cause he made her see the truth about Michael. Sam runs into Spinelli at the shooting range. Sonny asks Kate if she still wants to be with him even though he's legitimate. Ric tells Sonny that Jason struck against the Zacchara's. Carly advises Lulu not to repeat her mistakes. Nikolas thinks there's more to Claudia than greed and power. Lulu interrupts Maxie again throwing herself on Johnny on the pier. Anthony retaliates against Jason when he lets his guard down and won't rest until he's in the ground.moreless
  • Ep. #11567
    Ep. #11567
    Episode 298
    Nikolas mistakes Claudia for Emily when he sees her wearing a robe that she used to wear. Jax wants to know why Carly is asking Mercedes to take Morgan out of the house for a while. Johnny says no to Maxie in her invitation. Carly tells Jax that they're marriage is falling apart. Alexis tells Sonny to do the same with Kristina as he did with Michael and Morgan. Jason tells Spinelli that he's taking over for Sonny. Claudia learns more about Nikolas's love for Emily. Spinelli declines Sam for another workout, thinks there's another way to win Maxie's affections. Jason retaliates against Anthony by letting himself into his house and setting fire to his study. Maxie makes up a fib to get Johnny to come to the Crimson offices. Claudia learns from Alfred that Nikolas went to ride his horse, she then finds him on the ground. Carly tells Jax to open his eyes to see how Kate is attentive towards him. Anthony sees Jason outside his house and realizes he started the fire.moreless
  • Ep. #11566
    Ep. #11566
    Episode 297
    Johnny thinks that they shouldn't hit Jason. Carly shows Jax the papers that Sonny signed giving up his rights to Michael and Morgan, Jax then says where does it leave him and Carly. Ric tells Anthony that he knows Sonny inside and out and take down Jason and dismantle the company so Sonny won't have a thing to come back to. Elizabeth encounters another patient that received faulty meds from the hospital. Bernie tells Jason that Sonny didn't do him a favor by putting this job in his lap. Sam helps Spinelli with his outlook appearance. Anthony pits Trevor and Ric against each other. Carly stops by to see Jason, Jason says to Carly that she can't come to his office anymore. Lucky interrupts Spinelli's workout in Sam's apartment. Max tells Jason that their shipment was hit. Maxie wants to collect on Johnny's favor by going to a party in Manhattan with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11565
    Ep. #11565
    Episode 296
    Spinelli wakes up and realizes that he and Maxie had sex. Jax returns and Carly says he knows he was with Brenda, Jax says he never got to see her. Anthony thinks that he knows where Claudia is, Johnny says that she called and that she's fine. Jason says that he'll take over the business if he signs over Michael and Morgan. Spinelli tries to hide underneath the blankets but Mac finds him. Jax and Carly can't ignore their marital problems. Mac goes to see Robin and, Robin agrees that he should accept Maxie's decision. Sam sees Spinelli on the pier, Spinelli tells her that he thinks that he slept with Maxie. Sonny signs the papers and insists on showing them to Carly personally. Anthony tells Ric that he isn't impressed with his work lately. Sam goes to Spinelli and says that he and Maxie never had sex. Jason sees Elizabeth and Lucky with Cameron and Jake looking at the boats. Sam gives Spinelli some tips about women. Jason goes to the Zacchara house and announces that he's taken over, and that they will deal with him now.moreless
  • Ep. #11564
    Ep. #11564
    Episode 295
    Carly sees Spinelli and wants his help in helping them leave. Anthony threatens Lulu to keep Johnny in line. Spinelli calls Jason and tells him what Carly plans to do. Sonny tells Dian that she is not going to let Carly take away her sons. Jason arrives and Carly tells him that he is not going to change her mind about this. Spinelli gathers his courage to confront Sonny, but after he mentions Michael he put his hands on his throat, Kate tells Sonny to stop. Jason tells Carly that running away is not the solution. Anthony tells Johnny that Lulu could be a bad influence on him. Maxie tells Spinelli that he is hers for the rest of the night and is more excited when Maxie will be sharing the same bed with him. Patrick is amazed when he puts his hand on Robin's stomach and feels the baby move.moreless
  • Ep. #11563
    Ep. #11563
    Episode 294
    Robin is delighted that her mother is back in town and Anna tells Robin that she's considering a desk job. Lucky goes and confronts Johnny and says what's going on with Lulu. Nikolas makes Claudia as comfortable as possible. Carly wants Jason to hear what he Sonny has planned, Sonny wants Jason to take over the business. Johnny and Lulu grow closer. Claudia realizes tat Nikolas is a Prince. Robin takes Anna to Jake's and they run into Patrick, Anna tells Patrick that he doesn't have to marry Robin. Carly asks Jerry if he's heard from Jax. Jason tells Sonny that what happened to Michael is proof that he can't get out of the business. Claudia hides as Lucky tells Nikolas that Lulu should stay away from Johnny. Carly tells Marty that she needs all the money in the safe. Anna is taken and a knife to her throat, she's then able to subdue both the perps. Jason agrees to what Sonny wants unless he signs over Michael and Morgan.moreless
  • Ep. #11562
    Ep. #11562
    Episode 293
    Kelly tells Robin that her video on her pregnancy blog has gotten a lot of hits. Claudia sees a picture of Emily and finds her ring. Anthony lashes at Trevor for getting Luke arrested, and hopes that Lulu will keep Johnny in line, Lulu hears everything and says why she should bother with Johnny. Maxie tells Spinelli that she's going to take something away from Lulu. Anthony then threatens to kill Lucky if she doesn't co-operate. Sonny tells Carly that he can keep Morgan and keep him safe. Carly enlists Spinelli's help in locating Jax, after learning that he's in Rome, Carly knows who's he's there to see. Diane cautions Kate that Sonny and Carly will find their way back to each other. Patrick Claudia is affected when Nikolas describes his love for Emily. Patrick heads to Jake's and gets Coleman to video tape his own blog to post. Sonny vows to prove himself to Carly by getting out of the business and staying out.moreless
  • Ep. #11561
    Ep. #11561
    Episode 292
    Johnny goes to Anthony wanting to know where Claudia is. Rick tells Alexis that Luke is probably making escape plans as they speak, Alexis then remands him for representing Anthony Zacchara of all people. Patrick surprises Robin by giving her a stuffed animal for the baby. Luke tells Tracy that he's gonna find out what Anthony wants. Alexis once again fights her attraction to Jerry. Claudia pleads her case to Nikolas thinking that he was mistaken, Nikolas gives her a choice either he goes to the police or to Jason. Johnny asks Anthony if he has anything to do with Claudia's disappearance. Lucky realizes that Lulu knew that Luke was going to be arrested tongiht. Claudia asks Nikolas how he's involved in the scenario with Ian Devlin. Luke tells Lulu and Lucky that he's gonna be on the run until he can clear his name. Jason tells Robin that he should've listened to her from the beginning. Tracy and Luke head out of Port Charles. Carly returns home and finds a letter from Jax saying that he's gone off for a while to figure things out.moreless
  • Ep. #11560
    Ep. #11560
    Episode 291
    Sonny's temper flares when Carly asks him to renounce his legal rights to Michael and Morgan. Kate tells Jax that she in fact wanted to kiss him. Jason pushes away from Elizabeth's kiss and says that he can't do this anymore. Luke is impressed on how Tracy would result in playing dirty. Trevor is told that everything is in place for Luke's fallout. Nikolas tells Alfred that he is determined to turn Claudia over to the police. Lucky and Det. Harper arrive on the Haunted Star and say that they're shutting him down on suspicion of money laundering and places Luke under arrest. Carly that Jax has come home and immediately rushes into his arms and says that she needs him. Jax wakes up to find Carly missing. Kate runs into Sonny and says that he shouldn't give his rights to his children. Alexis says that she plans on releasing Luke. Carly ends up at Jason's and tells him she did something he's not going to like.moreless
  • Ep. #11559
    Ep. #11559
    Episode 290
    Elizabeth consoles Jason as they take shelter in a nearby cabin. Sonny and Carly make love in his limo. Trevor tells Johnny to reconsider his relationship with Lulu. Nikolas tends to a wounded Claudia and he brings her up into Wyndemere and says her name is Claudia Zacchara. Kate and Jax are stuck in Manhattan cause of the bad weather in Port Charles. Trevor tells Johnny that Anthony wants to control him, and that's why he made a deal with Lulu in order to keep Luke out of prison. Jason tells Elizabeth that he failed Michael by having his life surrounded by violence. Johnny tells Lulu that he believes what Trevor said about her and Anthony making a deal. Claudia starts to hallucinate Nikolas as Johnny and says she didn't think that Ian would shoot that little boy. Trevor gives the go ahead for his men to plant evidence and have Luke arrested tonight. Jax tells Kate that she doesn't deserve Sonny and the two share a tender moment.moreless
  • Ep. #11558
    Ep. #11558
    Episode 289
    Alfred welcomes Nikolas home and is reunited with Spencer. Kate reveals to Jax that she gave Ian Devlin a million dollars and that Sonny found out. Sonny, Jason and Carly bid a tearful goodbye to Michael. Jerry throws Claudia off the pier into the water, Alexis shows up and asks what he threw. Elizabeth asks Lucky to take Jake, he says that he made plans with Sam. Lulu asks Nikolas how he knew when he fell in love. Anthony asks Trevor want went on when he was locked up and asks if Johnny and Claudia are responsible for Michael's shooting. Kate is thrown when Giselle mentions Michael while at the party with Jax. Sonny and Carly share a tender moment together. Elizabeth locks herself out of the car after getting a flat tire in the rain, Jason arrives to help her. Nikolas grabs ahold of Claudia thinking it's Emily.moreless
  • Ep. #11557
    Ep. #11557
    Episode 288
    Jason tells Elizabeth that he doesn't know how to deal with Michael not being around. Max admits to Sonny that Jason had him and Milo to guard him, Sonny then calls Jason to come to his office. Nadine learns that Nikolas is leaving the hospital and she doesn't think it's a good idea. Bobbie, Carly and Jax get Michael ready to be transfered. Kate lays into both Lulu and Maxie not to bring up her relationship with Sonny anymore. Sonny accuses Jason of blaming him for Michael's shooting. Spinelli arrives and Maxie and Lulu are focused to make sure that Kate's travel plans are perfect. Spinelli insists that Lulu and Maxie don't ignore him. Jax says goodbye to Michael. Jerry wants to open his own import business by using the cannery, Anthony says he has plans for that property. Leyla tells Nadine that Nikolas will never share the same feelings for her. Claudia wants Jerry's help in framing her father for Michael's shooting, Jerry then stabs Claudia on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11556
    Ep. #11556
    Episode 287
    Coleman calls Jason and says that Spinelli is in trouble. Sam thinks something is wrong, after Nikolas seizure. Elizabeth now believes that she wasn't responsible for the other patients problem. Ric pays a visit to Claudia, Claudia says why would she betray her family for him. Spinelli learns from Jason that he's been cozying up to a hooker. Anthony tells Johnny that he wants Lulu to show him some respect. Jax tells Carly that Michael and Morgan are better off not in Sonny's life. Carly blames herself for putting her sons in danger and agrees to talk to Sonny. Sam thinks it possible that there's some counterfeit drugs here at General Hospital, Nikolas then confesses to buying experimental drugs from him in order for him to see Emily. Carly tells Michael that she had papers drawn up relinquishing Sonny's parental rights.moreless
  • Ep. #11555
    Ep. #11555
    Episode 286
    Tracy sees that Alan is back to ruin her life again. Lucky comes and tells Luke that he hopes that it doesn't come him arresting his father. Luke vows to get Tracy. Sonny asks Mike to accompany him to the facility, Mike then says why doesn't he take Kate. Spinelli asks Kate when Maxie returns home, and is worried when he finds out she's staying at someone's loft. Robin tells Patrick that she's thinking of starting an online blog about pregnancy. Spinelli heads to Jake's to drown his sorrows thinking he can follow in Jason's footsteps. Edward and Alice look as Tracy talks to Alan and wishing that Luke was here. Luke arrives and tells Tracy to wear her wedding ring again. Patrick gives Spinelli some good advice about relationships. Lulu listens as Johnny plays the piano while at the Haunted Star. Lucky calls for help when he finds Nikolas on the floor of his hospital room. Robin starts her video blog for pregnant women. Sam tells Lucky that Elizabeth could've forgot to give Nikolas his anti-seizure medication. Anthony and Logan interrupts Johnny and Lulu's liplock. Sonny has second thoughts about placing Michael in permanent care while taking a look at his room there.moreless
  • Ep. #11554
    Ep. #11554
    Episode 285
    Lulu tells Johnny that Anthony told her that she and him belong together when he threatened her father. Carly apologizes to Jax for losing it just now. Tracy interrupts a poker game and says that Lucky said that he was in trouble. Jerry plants a kiss on Claudia after he sees Alexis coming. Sonny realizes what Jason said is true that she paid Ian Devlin to leave town. Nadine goes into check on Nikolas and notices that he still has Emily's ring in his hand. Nikolas asks Nadine to stay as Robin and Patrick give him his recent test results. Det. Harper arrives and shuts down Luke's private game. Johnny tries to gather evidence to use against his father. Alexis tells Jerry that if he continues to see Claudia they're association is off. Sonny says to Kate that what she did was the ultimate betrayal and then storms off and runs into Claudia at the Haunted Star. Alexis then spills her feelings out to Luke about Jerry.moreless
  • Ep. #11553
    Ep. #11553
    Episode 284
    Jason asks Spinelli to help him figure out why Kate paid Ian. Claudia tells Johnny that Jason was waiting for her in her bedroom. Diane asks Max if he's following her wherever she goes. Kate worries Sonny will find out what she did, after being determined to find out who was involved. Epiphany tells Sonny that people who work for him end up dead and his business is dangerous. Spinelli tells Jason how Sonny's gonna react when he finds out that Kate paid Ian off. Anthony's men take Lulu on the pier. Carly and Jax visit the facility thinking it'll be good for him. Sonny breaks down and tells Michael that he's so sorry. Anthony pressures Lulu to co-operate and if she doesn't Luke will pay the price. Jerry exerts his control over Claudia. Carly breaks down while trashing Michael's room, then she and Jax share a moment together. Jason goes to Kate and asks her why she paid Ian a million dollars, Sonny then arrives and says that Kate would never give him anything.moreless
  • Ep. #11552
    Ep. #11552
    Episode 283
    Nadine goes into see Nikolas as he wakes up and she notices the ring in his hand. Carly is mad that Sonny told Morgan that Michael is not gonna wake up. Alexis tells Jerry if he knows Ian Devlin, Alexis tells Mac that she's gonna find the truth. Jason tells Claudia that he wants proof that Anthony ordered the botched hit on Sonny before he retaliates. Sonny gives Carly an ultimatum and threatens to petition the court to get guardianship of Michael. Carly is relieved when she realizes Jason doesn't know what she's done. Luke tells Tracy that she's jealous of what she saw with him and Anna. Sonny enlists Diane's help in getting him guardianship of Michael. Kate overhears and tells Sonny that taking Michael away is the worst thing he could do. Nikolas tells Luke how he dealt with losing the woman he loves. Jason sits beside Michael and vows that what happened to him will never happen to Jake. Carly comes to see Sonny and says that she agreed to have Michael taken to the facility.moreless
  • Ep. #11551
    Ep. #11551
    Episode 282
    Emily visits Nikolas in the park and he says that he's having the surgery. Claudia calls Jerry requesting that they meet as soon as possible. Alexis tells Jason who Ian's accomplice is, Diane walks in and says for Jason not to say another word. Anthony tells Claudia that he sees and hears everything and knows she hired the hit on Sonny, Johnny asks Claudia if their father said anything that upset her. Lulu tells Spinelli not to videotape Jake's birthday party and that Jason has nothing to do with Jake ever. Alexis questions Jerry about his association with Ian Devlin. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want to wed. Nikolas bids Emily farewell as her prepares to undergo a risky surgery. Diane tells Jason that he did a good thing by killing the person that shot Michael. Jerry tells Claudia that running could be the only way to save her life. Carly brings Morgan to see Michael in his room, she later sees Morgan trying to wake Michael up..moreless
  • Ep. #11550
    Ep. #11550
    Episode 281
    Jax tells Carly why she didn't consult him that she was planning on bringing Michael home. Alexis tries to hies as Jerry comes into the Metro Court and they end up kissing. Diane then appears and calls Alexis on her staying away from a bad boy. Spinelli and Jason arrive to rescue Maxie from Ian. Ian holds Maxie with a scalpel to her throat, Jason then tells him who hired him to shoot Michael. Robin tells Anna that won't marry Patrick cause he doesn't want to marry her. Carly arrives and sees Bobbie at Michael's bedside. Claudia tells Sonny brought this upon himself that Michael was shot. Robin tells Anna the time where she fist met Patrick. Alexis tell Diane that she's making a fool of herself. Jason shoots Ian and dies before he can tell who hired him. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't need any of them. Jason is arrested by Det. Harper and Mac rushes to check on Maxie, and asks that Jason be taken to the station. Carly sees as Morgan trying to get Michael to wake up.moreless
  • Ep. #11549
    Ep. #11549
    Episode 280
    Anna has an idea, and puts up a swing in the Haunted Star lobby. Tracy, Patrick and Robin walk in on Anna and Luke. Ian tells Kate that's he's returning to Port Charles, Kate thinks it's not a good idea, he then makes more threats to expose her. Ric asks Trevor is he is indeed loyal to Anthony. Spinelli offers to drive in case Jason needs to make a quick get away. Anna then pulls her back out. Claudia asks Lulu what kind of man Logan is and if her father is in good care. Carly grows upset when she learns Michael will be moved to a permanent long term care facility. Robin tells Anna to take it easy now that she's going to be a grandmother. Spinelli swerves to avoid hitting a moose and he and Jason spot Maxie in the back seat of the car. Anthony tells Johnny who would he like to have as an ally Ric or Trevor. Jason insists that he and Spinelli get back on the road to find Ian. Claudia then warns Kate not to go anywhere Michael's room. Carly refuses to turn her back on Michael. Spinelli admits to Jason that he's in love with Maxie. Maxie hides in the bushes nearby and then sees Ian. Anna asks Patrick when he plans on marrying Robin. Ian grabs Maxie before she can send a text message to Spinelli.moreless
  • Ep. #11548
    Ep. #11548
    Episode 279
    Anna has trouble believing she'll be a grandmother. Patrick tells Robin that what she heard him say about Anna was out of context, he then blurts out that Robin doesn't have to be hot while pregnant. Diane says that Claudia flat out lied on the stand in order to protect her father. Sonny asks Jason why he would save Claudia's life. Lulu assures Anthony that she wants nothing to do with Johnny. Carly tells Elizabeth that it must be hard looking after Michael everyday, and realizes why she kept Jake's paternity a secret and apologizes to her. Maxie goes to Spinelli to acquire his help in locating Kate's missing money. Luke tells Lulu that he didn't believe what she just told Anthony. Tracy is thrilled that Lulu is cutting of her ties to Johnny. Anthony thanks Ric and Trevor for getting him released. Spinelli tells Jason and Maxie that Kate's money was wired into Ian Devlin's account in the Cayman Islands, Maxie then takes the keys to Jason's vehicle. Anna arrives at the Haunted Star looking for some action. Carly gets upset after getting Michael's latest test results about him never waking up. Maxie hides in the back as Jason and Spinelli head to find Ian.moreless
  • Ep. #11547
    Ep. #11547
    Episode 278
    Tracy wants Luke to sever all ties with the Zacchara's if he loves her as he says he does, Sonny says that Tracy is right about that. Nikolas and Emily have their last dance together. Claudia lies on the witness stand by saying that her father had nothing to do with her car being tampered with. Lulu tells Spinelli that he's gonna get hurt and that Maxie is using him and doesn't care about him at all. The judge rules that Anthony be released from protective custody. Spinelli saves Lulu and Maxie's jobs when he's retrieves the deleted e-mail. Ian blackmails Kate by threatening to tell Sonny that she paid him to leave town, Sonny then arrives at her office. Trevor tells Ric to end his association with Anthony. Lulu caution Maxie not to hurt Spinelli or she'll answer to her. Emily tells Nikolas that stopping his life isn't honoring what they shared together. Sonny learns that Anthony was released. Claudia tells Johnny the reason she set him free was only to get him to trust her. Anthony pays Luke a visit on the Haunted Star. Maxie goes to Kate thinking they're gonna need Spinelli and that a million dollars is missing from the corporate account.moreless
  • Ep. #11546
    Ep. #11546
    Episode 277
    Claudia tells Johnny that her brakes where tampered with and she doesn't think Sonny was responsible. Maxie is shocked at Lulu's initiative at work. Anthony insists that Trevor be his co-counsel. Alexis declines Diane's offer to co-counsel. Nikolas tells Nadine that he won't see Emily after he has the surgery. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she's sorry that Jake is sick, but not to let it interfere with her work at the hospital. Maxie's attempt to sabotage Lulu at work backfires. Lucky tells Luke that he should leave town cause Anthony's hearing is today. Sam has an interesting proposal for Luke. Spinelli arrives in the courtroom with a disguise so he can report back to Jason. Alexis reconsiders Diane being co-counsel after seeing that Trevor is with Ric. Nikolas and Nadine enjoy their afternoon by going riding. Spinelli objects and the judge ends up throwing him out. Dr. Ford lays into Elizabeth for a patient almost dying because of her incompetence. Nikolas is glad when Emily reappears. Lulu is speechless when Maxie plants a kiss on Spinelli. Claudia takes the stand and Alexis asks if Anthony ever threatened her life.moreless
  • Ep. #11545
    Ep. #11545
    Episode 276
    Spinelli and Maxie learn that Ian somehow left the morgue. Kate insists that Sonny go to the police about what Johnny did, Sonny says that he's going to kill him. Lulu and Johnny have an argument and she says that she's better off without him. Jason wonders Claudia shot the shooter before he could question him. Maxie is impressed when she learns that Spinelli planted a tracking device on Dr. Devlin. Nadine and Nikolas enjoy one another's company while together at the Haunted Star. Alexis arrives with Mac and tells everyone that the Haunted Star is shut down until further notice. Lulu comes by and wants to hang out with Spinelli and is shocked to see that Maxie is there too. Johnny warns Logan that he'll kill Ric if anything happens to Claudia. Sonny tells Luke that Johnny tried to kill him tonight and Lulu was right there. Ian arrives at Sonny's and talks with Kate and says he's the one that shot Michael and requests that she give him money so he can disappear.moreless
  • Ep. #11544
    Ep. #11544
    Episode 275
    Lulu goes to check on Sonny, she then notices that the bullet hit his holster. Jason risks his life and faces the gunman. Jax sees Morgan making a phone call to the hospital to check on Michael. Mac tells Ian to help Spinelli, Jerry insists that he not break the hypocratic oath. Claudia tells Jason that her father sent the shooter to take Sonny out. Lulu wonders why Sonny is out in the open waiting for someone to kill him. Jax tells Alexis that Sonny ruined Michael's life and he's not gonna let him to the same to Morgan. Max and Diane "conveniently" meet each other at the Metro Court. Jason tells Claudia that he wants proof that Anthony ordered the hit. Lainey and Kelly overhear Robin tell Patrick that he's hot for Anna. Maxie knocks out Ian so that he can figure out to do with him, Maxie and Spinelli then put Ian on a gurney so they can hide him.moreless
  • Ep. #11543
    Ep. #11543
    Episode 274
    Claudia and Jason remain trapped in an isolated cabin. Anna realizes that Robin is pregnant and is overjoyed about her forthcoming grandchild, but doesn't wanna hear grandmother just yet. Johnny says goodbye to Lulu on the pier. Spinelli is drawn to Maxie and can't keep his hands off of her, but Maxie thinks he was trying to wipe off a stain. Sonny tells Ric to not come to him for anything anymore, and he'll regret getting Anthony released. Spinelli learns that Ian is making plans to leave town, Maxie tells Spinelli she has an idea on how to trap him. Kristina insists that her father be with her at the hospital, so Elizabeth calls Ric. Anthony tells Trevor that his bad parenting is coming back to bite him. Johnny points a gun at Sonny demanding where Claudia is. Jason asks Claudia what information she has on Michael's shooter, Jason them promises to make whoever shot him pay. Patrick goes to Jake's and tells Coleman that Anna is back in town, Robin hears him says that her mother is pretty. Spinelli fakes an appendicitis attack to keep Ian from leaving. Lulu arrives to see Johnny fire at Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #11542
    Ep. #11542
    Episode 273
    Robin tells Patrick that she hasn't told her mother that she's pregnant yet. Johnny has a confrontation with Sonny. Spinelli is thrown when both Maxie and Lulu are delighted to see him. Johnny goes to see Anthony and demands that he tell him where Claudia is. Jason fires a warning shot hoping it can buy them some time. Sonny insists to Diane that she can no longer see Max, Alexis admits to Diane that she's a little jealous of her. Claudia opens up to Jason as they wait for the gunmen to make his next move. Nikolas tells Ian that he's cancelling their business. Emily tells Nikolas to have the surgery and be there for Spencer. Diane gives Spinelli advice about women which he finds inspiring. Anna arrives and Robin tells her that she's going to be a grandmother and she is overly joyed about her forthcoming grandchild.moreless
  • Ep. #11541
    Ep. #11541
    Episode 272
    Nikolas notices as Nadine is looking after his horse. Robin is frustrated when she realizes that she forgot her keys, Patrick then shows up to help her. Logan tells Anthony that Claudia is lying to him, even though he already knows it. Jason tells Carly that the time when he was injured and that he couldn't remember anything of his old life. Ric arrives and Anthony joins in on the scam and tells him why he shold believe him over Claudia. Nadine thinks that Nikolas being without Emily is not a way to live. Ian thinks that Jason sent Sam to question him, so he throws her out of his hotel room. Claudia calls Jason ans asks to meet her and she has info on the person who shot Michael. Nikolas gets an offer from Ian about a new drug that will keep him seeing Emily forever. Carly learns from the specialist that Michael will suffer some permanent brain damage. Claudia realizes that someone tampered with the brakes of her car as she goes to meet Jason, Jason watches as she crashes her car. Anthony orders Mr. Vaughn to send someone to kill Jason and Claudia. A shooter takes aim and fires at Jason and Claudia.moreless
  • Ep. #11540
    Ep. #11540
    Episode 271
    Claudia looks beyond the surface with Sonny. Spinelli calls Jason and says that he needs his help. Robin gets nervous about being prepared for motherhood. Maxie tries to sweet talk Ian but he doesn't believe a word that she says. Ric tells Johnny that he's violating a court order and why he shouldn't have him arrested on the spot. Jason arrives and Maxie says that Spinelli is trapped in the closet. Jason grows suspicious of Dr. Devlin and has Spinelli get some dirt on him. Jason saves Spinelli. Diane tells Alexis to tell Sonny to change his mind about her relationship with Max. Maxie threatens to call Mac if Jason doesn't fill her in on what the deal with Ian is. Spinelli apologizes for getting Maxie involved. Sonny tells Michael that wherever he is he hopes that he isn't in any pain. Ric walks in and hears Alexis say that having a child with him was a mistake. Claudia tells Ian to leave town but refuses and he threatens to expose her and Johnny is Jason comes to kill him.moreless
  • Ep. #11539
    Ep. #11539
    Episode 270
    Carly talks to Michael and says that Jax is here. Nikolas tells Jason that he's taking an experimental drug so that he can continue to see Emily. Carly remains in denial about Michael's condition. Jerry threatens Ian that he'll kill him before he can implicate him in Michael's shooting. Johnny tells Ric that his father is better locked up. Kate tells Sonny that avenging Michael isn't gonna help anything. Patrick tells Carly that Michael opening his eyes is just a muscle reflex and that he's still in a coma. Spinelli play detective at the hospital but is caught by Sam, Maxie then arrives and says that she has an emergency. Sonny tells Diane that she shouldn't be sleeping with his bodyguard. Ric explains to Johnny and Claudia that their visitation with their father has been suspended. Sonny tells Max to stay away from Diane. Spinelli and Maxie let themselves into Ian's hotel room, Maxie is then caught. Ric tells Logan to help protect Anthony. Maxie makes Ian think that she wants to be with him. Claudia threatens Kate and Sonny tells her to leave her alone. Anthony tells Johnny that he'll threaten to kill Claudia if he doesn't co-operate. Sonny asks Claudia if she's not doing anything, if she would like to go on a date with him.moreless
  • Ep. #11538
    Ep. #11538
    Episode 269
    Sonny goes to see Anthony in the hospital and warns him that he'll find whoever shot Michael while attempting to kill him. Leyla questions Nadine at the hospital, wondering if she had fun gambling with Nikolas. Nikolas tells Ian that he needs to give him more medication and stay out of his personal life, and Nadine wonders why he's taking medication instead of the surgery that could save his life. Spinelli tells Jason that he's hit a dead end with Ian, whose history seems to end after he went abroad. Alexis comes to talk to Johnny and Claudia about having a motive to want Sonny dead, and Claudia points out that Alexis could have a motive of her own. Sonny tells Anthony that he's going to be unprotected, and that he if wants him, he can have him. Later, Anthony tells Ric to make sure that Johnny and Claudia don't find out about his upcoming hearing. Maxie and Lulu continue to spar over Johnny, with Maxie trying to make life difficult for Lulu at work. Alexis picks up a pair of shoes that Diane had her eye on, and wants to make a deal with her. Jax talks with Jerry about his worries for Michael. Max accidentally lets slip to Sonny abotu his think with Diane. Jason wants to know why Nikolas gave Ian $10 million. Carly hopes for the best when Michael openes his eyes. Jerry greets Ian with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #11537
    Ep. #11537
    Episode 268
    Jax insists that Carly go and tell Morgan about Michael. Jason tells Spinelli about Michael's real father A.J. and that he didn't deserve to raise him. Sonny has ulterior motives for showing up at the Haunted Star with Max and Milo. Robin and Patrick get ready, she's then worried about her swollen ankles. Lulu tells Johnny that she's not going anywhere with him. Logan tells Lulu that he accepts that they're over to walk her over to the party. Jason explains to Spinelli how he took care of Michael after Carly suffered post partum depression. Tracy asks Luke why Sonny wasn't searched before entering the casino. Robin notices how beautiful Kate is when she arrives. Maxie cozys up to Johnny and commends it being a wonderful evening. Alexis insists that Diane stay away from Max, Diane threatens to cause a scene if she does. Carly breaks the news about Michael to Morgan. Lulu tells Elizabeth that she can't stand seeing Maxie drool over Johnny. Spinelli tells Jason that the car is registered to Dr. Ian Devlin. Max sees Jerry and Alexis in a liplock underneath the table. Claudia sees Lulu plant a kiss on Johnny on the pier. Sonny goes to see Michael and says that he is going to kill the person who took a shot at him.moreless
  • Ep. #11536
    Ep. #11536
    Episode 267
    Nadine has a dream that she was being romanced by Nikolas. Lulu is amazed and tells Luke how good the place looks for the opening. Ric goes to see Anthony and says he's close to having him released. Jax's concern for Carly deepens as she is determined to be there when Michael wakes up. Jason tells Spinelli that they're going to find who shot Michael. Epiphany asks Elizabeth if she would like to have someone else tend to Michael in the I.C.U. Lucky invites Elizabeth to his escort to the re-opening to keep an eye on Luke. Luke doesn't think that Johnny would be foolish to hire someone to take out Sonny. Ric leaves and Anthony moves his hand to scratch his nose. Alexis tells Jax that he doesn't think Carly can accept the truth about Michael never waking up. Ian tells Jerry that he'll be the last person Sonny and Jason would ever suspect. Jason tells Spinelli, that it makes him mad that Michael's in a coma and whoever did it is walking around free, Claudia arrives wanting to discuss Michael's shooter. Logan realizes that he Lulu and Johnny are gonna be attending the same event. Spinelli shows Jason some footage, someone with doctors tags being on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11535
    Ep. #11535
    Episode 266
    Elizabeth tells Jax that Michael's coma is permanent. Claudia tells Johnny that if he wants Lulu, then go and get her. Lulu tells Logan that she can't be his girlfriend only his friend. Carly continues to blame Sonny for what happened to Michael, Sonny insists that he's not leaving his son. Robin asks Patrick if his feelings towards the baby have changed. Logan asks Lulu to admit that she has feelings for Johnny. Jason tells Carly and Sonny to focus on being parents for Michael. Elizabeth tells Jax to be there for Carly in her time of pain. Logan storms out of Kelly's thinking he'll never be with Lulu again. Sonny sits by Michael's bedside and tells him that he failed him in the worst possible way. Patrick and Robin share a kiss and end up making love. Claudia begins to see how much she and Jason have in common. Jax says if Carly thinks Michael is coming back then he believes her. Kate tells Sonny that she wishes Carly wouldn't take her anger out on him.moreless
  • Ep. #11534
    Ep. #11534
    Episode 265
    Lulu tells Johnny that she made sure that no one thinks he was involved in Michael's shooting. Carly loses it when she sees Claudia with Michael, Carly then throws Claudia's thing from Michael's hand and tells her to get out, Jax then wonders what's going on. Jason tells Elizabeth that he failed at protecting Michael and shouldn't be around a child. Alexis lays into Diane for sleeping with Max. Robin goes to the warehouse to check on Sonny and tells him that Michael needs him. Johnny and Lulu get into this huge argument about him not needing her help in defending him, she then storms out. Sonny decides to go and see Michael, Robin says that's what he would want. Claudia tells Johnny that she feels for Michael. Jax lets Jason read the book to Michael of the places that he was going to take him. Claudia learns that Johnny and Lulu are done for good this time. Lulu is surprised when she comes to Kelly's and sees that Logan has a table set for two. Jason and Elizabeth reach a difficult decision.moreless
  • Ep. #11533
    Ep. #11533
    Episode 264
    Robin lays into Claudia for the way she said that she got Patrick to get her pregnant on purpose. Carly slaps Sonny for saving Kate instead of his own son, she then says that he's no longer Michael's father. Nadine tells Leyla that Nikolas invited her to come and meet Spencer. Monica tells Jason that she forgives him and hopes he will forgive himself one day. Elizabeth calls Jason and tells him that Carly tells Sonny to stay away from Michael. Emily tells Nikolas to let her go so he can live. Diane comes looking for Sonny, Max tells her that should've been protecting Michael, the two end up kissing. Sonny returns to the warehouse, Kate arrives thinking she was going to find him there. Nadine walks away from Nikolas and winds up twisting her ankle. Alexis walks in on Diane and Max and screams. Claudia enters Michael's hospital room and apologizes for doing this to him, Carly walks in tells her to get out.moreless
  • Ep. #11532
    Ep. #11532
    Episode 263
    Carly remains in denial about Michael's condition and refuses to believe that he'll never wake up. Nikolas and Nadine put a train together for Spencer to play with, he then sees Emily watching them together. Alexis and Diane head to Jake's and discuss their attraction to bad men. Tracy wants to buy Johnny's share of the Haunted Star. Luke is worried that Lulu might end up like Michael if she continues to hang out with Johnny. Mike heads to find Sonny and lashes out at him for being with Michael, Mike then apologizes for his behaviour and that he needs to hear his voice. A drunk Patrick calls Robin and asks her if she needs anything. Nadine realizes that Emily is here and that's why Nikolas asked her to leave. Sonny arrives and asks Carly if he could spend some time with Michael. Claudia runs into Patrick and he defends Robin, and Claudia thinks that Robin trapped Patrick into having a baby. Jason visits Monica and tells her what happened to Michael, it completely devastates her. Sonny talks to Michael and tells him to fight to live. Det. Harper questions Sonny, and Carly learns that he protected Kate instead of Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #11531
    Ep. #11531
    Episode 262
    Claudia denies any involvement in Michael's shooting after Luke interrogates her. Nikolas apologizes to Nadine for his behaviour last night and thanks her for reminding him that he's a father. Alexis is determined to find and bring Michael's shooter to justice, Ric wants Alexis to do whatever it takes to protect the girls even if it means leaving Port Charles altogether. Carly and Jason are given an update on Michael's condition. Edward thinks Tracy is telling him what he wants to hear regarding Michael's condition. Kate tells Ric that she loves Sonny but she doesn't want to die for him. Bobbie goes to be with Carly by Micheal. Alexis tells Jerry to help her relocate to another city where Sonny's enemies can't find her. Elizabeth overhears Patrick tell Robin saying that Michael will never wake up. Nikolas introduces Spencer to Nadine while she's a Wyndemere. Alan tells Tracy that she should tell Monica about Michael. Jason breaks down in tears at Michael's bedside urging him to wake up. Claudia arrives for her meeting with Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion and Edward is determined to find out what it's about. Patrick tells Carly and Jason that Michael is in a permanent coma and may never wake up.moreless
  • Ep. #11530
    Ep. #11530
    Episode 261
    Jerry hits Dr. Devlin on his incompetence if the failed attempt on Sonny. Trevor tells Johnny the only way to save himself is to pin the shooting on Claudia. Robin tells Patrick that she's going to stay and observe Michael's operation. Jax leaves a message saying that he'll get home as soon as he can. Nikolas lashes out at Leyla for failing to get in touch with Dr. Devlin. Leyla warns Nadine that Nikolas is on a rampage. Carly lays into Sonny for putting Michael in the line of fire. Nadine hides and hears Nikolas tell Dr. Devlin that the medication he gave him stopped working. Jason tells everyone to focus on Michael and to stop the yelling. Maxie tells Spinelli that it's possible that Michael could die, and explains to him when B.J. died and she got her heart. Alexis tells Johnny if he would swear in a court of law, that Trevor would attempt to shoot Sonny. Michael survives the surgery but remains unconscious. Nadine accuses Nikolas of being selfish. Maxie and Spinelli go to the hospital chapel and pray for Michael. Nikolas watches over Spencer as he sleeps, and is rethinking to stop taking his medication.moreless
  • Ep. #11529
    Ep. #11529
    Episode 260
    Dr. Devlin realizes that he shot Michael. Jason tells Elizabeth that he wants to marry her. Sonny holds Michael while screaming for help. Alexis accuses Jerry of trying to kill her. Kate calls Carly and tells her of what happened to Michael. Epiphany tells Patrick that a victim of a bullet to the head is being brought in, Robin then realizes that it's Michael. Leyla turns down Cassius's invitation to dinner. Kate wants to go and be with Sonny, but Det. Harper won't let her since she's a witness. Dr. Devlin returns to work feeling bad with what happened. Spinelli breaks the news to Lulu of Michael's shooting. Jerry calls Jax and tells him to come home cause Michael was shot. Claudia lays into Dr. Devlin for hitting Michael instead of Sonny. Carly breaks down in Jason's arms after learning that the bullet is lodged in Michael's brain. Lulu thinks that Johnny is somehow responsible for what happened to Michael. Johnny takes Claudia and yells at her about what went wrong. Jax offers to fly the plane himself in order to get to Michael. Sonny takes his anger out on Jason when he's going to count on Spinelli, Carly then says Sonny that it's on him and that it's his fault.moreless
  • Ep. #11528
    Ep. #11528
    Episode 259
    Trevor insists that Sonny be eliminated at once. Sonny insists that Max and Milo take the night off. Alexis goes to Sonny and asks if he had anything to with Randy's death, Alexis she was associated with Marianna and she left town in a hurry. Kate wants Michael to stop apologizing and that she knows it was an accident. Carly tells Jax that she won't be accompanying him to Houston, Jax then leaves heatedly. Spinelli tells Jason he can walk with his son and be proud. Claudia assures Johnny that this hit won't be traced back to us, and thinks it's risky using Luke as an alibi. Claudia tells Dr. Devlin to call her when the job is finished. Dr. Devlin takes aim at Sonny. Carly is livid to learn from Mercedes that Sonny asked Kate to bring Michael to the warehouse to watch a shipment of coffee be unloaded. Jerry assures Claudia that Ian will get the job done. Marty calls Carly saying that Claudia is making a rucus at the Metro Court. Jerry realizes that Michael is at the warehouse with Sonny. Jason tells Elizabeth that he wants a life with her and Jake. Jerry attempts to warn Ian but gets in an accident with Alexis. Sonny sees the shooter and gets Kate out of the way, but Michael is shot.moreless
  • Ep. #11527
    Ep. #11527
    Episode 258
    Jerry tells Dr. Devlin that he's not going to have the satisfaction of killing Sonny. Claudia tells Johnny that they'll need to have airtight alibi's. Sonny continues to turn over a new leaf. Sonny tells Kate that he sent his bodyguards home so that he can be sure that everything is by the book. Carly catches Michael playing a violent video game and takes it away from him. Jason tells Elizabeth that he should regain full motor function is his hand. Carly realizes that Kate is going to be running her magazine in her hotel, Carly thinks Jax is doing this cause he blames her for the miscarriage. Elizabeth is called to the hospital on an emergency. Sonny calls Michael and invites him to come to his warehouse to watch him work and that Kate will come and get him. Elizabeth learns that a kid was brought in with a head injury as she and Epiphany try to calm the distraught father down. Luke tells Claudia that if anything happens to Lulu he would take pleasure in killing Johnny. Jason realizes that Spinelli told Elizabeth that he was coming home today, and thanks him for it.moreless
  • Ep. #11526
    Ep. #11526
    Episode 257
    Patrick arrives for his dinner date with Robin, but she says she has nothing to wear that fits her cause she's beginning to show. Luke asks Johnny if he's financing so he can get closer to Lulu. Diane continues to tell the judge that a harsh sentence isn't proper, but the he disagrees. Sam stands up and asks if she could say something. Maxie asks Spinelli to make sure that the package she sent out does not get delivered, but he gets blocked out and Maxie thinks that he's rooting for Lulu to win. Carly stands her ground against Claudia's threats. Monica's verdict is revealed. Nadine asks Elizabeth if she's thinking about Emily. Monica thanks Diane for the good job that she did, she then goes and tells Sam how grateful she is for standing up for her. Emily tells Nikolas that she's delighted with what he said about Monica. Patrick and Robin head back to her place where she dozes off in his arms. Maxie kisses Spinelli when he saves her job by getting the package rerouted. Luke tells Tracy that Johnny is going to finance his reopening of the Haunted Star. Claudia realizes Johnny is head over heels for Lulu.moreless
  • Ep. #11525
    Ep. #11525
    Episode 256
    Jax wants Sonny to keep away from Michael and Morgan. Carly tells Sonny that he's fooling himself when he says that he can be a legitimate businessman. Monica prepares to go to her hearing for hitting Sam. Nikolas tells Alexis she should focus on Monica and not his medical problems. Johnny tells Claudia that Ric is working to have their father released, Claudia tells him not to make that happen. Monica enters the courtroom and encounters Sam. Sonny comes to check on Luke and waits for Alice to leave before he asks for a drink. The judge says that the court is not satisfied with Monica's plea agreement. Johnny approaches Luke and offers to finance the reopening of the Haunted Star. Carly spots Claudia at the Metro Court and says she's not wanted and asks her to leave. Nikolas stands up and says something on Monica's behalf as Nadine watches. Maxie enlists Spinelli's help thinking if she screws up again Kate will fire her.moreless