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  • Mon, Nov 23, 2009
    Mon, Nov 23, 2009
    Episode 11.24.09
    Franco meets Port Charles at his art opening. Franco takes Maxie home and begins to seduce her.
  • Mon, Nov 9, 2009
    Mon, Nov 9, 2009
    Episode 11.08.09
    Liz tells Lucky she's been sleeping with Nikolas! Carly kicks Jax out.
  • Mon, Nov 2, 2009
    Mon, Nov 2, 2009
    Episode 11.01.09
    Carly manages to escape Claudia, but Claudia catches up with her.
  • Mon, Oct 26, 2009
    Mon, Oct 26, 2009
    Episode 10.25.09
    Jason and Sam debate on giving Sonny the evidence against Claudia.
  • Fri, Oct 23, 2009
    Fri, Oct 23, 2009
    Episode 10.22.09
    Jason gets concrete evidence of Claudia's guilt in Michael's shooting.
  • Fri, Sep 18, 2009
    Fri, Sep 18, 2009
    Episode 09.19.09
    To silence Michael, Claudia is ready to bash him on the head with a tire iron. Jax tells Michael he's not responsible for his shooting, but does hint that he knows more.
  • Thu, Oct 1, 2009
    Thu, Oct 1, 2009
    Episode 09.01.09
    Luke is freed and finds Helena, who warns him of a rogue Cassadine. Michael tells Claudia he remembers her telling him of the shooting. Kiefer gets violent with Kristina.
  • August 7, 2009
    August 7, 2009
    Episode 08.07.09
    Spinelli asks Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage.
  • Ep. #12026
    Ep. #12026
    Episode 252
    Ethan gets into with someone after having a fender bender. Carly tries to assure Kristina about Sonny's nature. Edward waits for Maya Ward's arrival. Patrick visits Elizabeth after hearing from Steve that she plans to check herself out. Tracy explains to Luke that Ethan should spent time away from town somewhere on an island. Dante goes to Olivia saying if Sonny ever abused her while with him. Maya accuses Ethan of stalking her as she arrives at the mansion. Luke gets a call from an aquaintance and says he'll meet up with her later. Tracy tells Maya how much is it gonna take to get her out of her once and for all. Elizabeth is surprised when Steven and the kids greet her when she comes home. Olivia tells Carly she's gonna take the stand and is going to tell the truth. Luke tells Dante to re-investigate Kristina's assault. Lucky catches Maya looking around his home. Luke tells Tracy that he won't be going to the island and she thinks he's up to something and is shocked when that someone turns out to be Skye. Dante tells Kristina that he attacker will strike again, Kiefer comes in and Dante says if he knows anything about it.moreless
  • Ep. #12025
    Ep. #12025
    Episode 251
    Sam asks Jason if he believes Kristina and not Ethan. Luke tells Alexis there never gonna know the truth and has to reopen the case. Dante tells Morgan not to talk to Ronnie if he comes up to him ever again. Judge Carroll cautions everyone and sees Kristina crying and Sonny sees that she heard everything. Elizabeth tells Steve that she's checking herself out of Shady Brook. Tracy tells Nikolas that she's reserving her judgement on Ethan's guilt. Ethan thinks with everyone against him he should leave town for good. Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth and doesn't think she's ready to leave the hospital yet. Dante tells Carly that Morgan should avoid the cops. Luke tells Ethan not to leave and if so he'll track him down personally. Sonny tries to explain to Kristina, but she says that she believes Johnny about what he said on the stand. Diane tells Carly and Jason that the trial could be over and Sonny is pretty much convicted after what transpired.moreless
  • Ep. #12024
    Ep. #12024
    Episode 250
    Luke tells Kristina that even though the charges were dropped against Ethan, Sonny isn't going to let this go. Dante says to Johnny that he should focus on putting Sonny in prison. Jason tells Sonny that Claire heard every word he just said. Claire asks Jax for advice on to make Sonny go ballistic in court. Spinelli sees that Maxie is slipping away, Johnny says not to give up on her. Georgie tells Maxie she won't remember what she said if she goes with her. Morgan comes looking for Dante and Ronnie starts to ask him about Michael. Maxie tells Georgie that she wants to live and go and be with Spinelli. Dante gets Ronnie away from Morgan. Jason takes Sam to Kelly's and they run into Ethan who's hitting on a waitress. Alexis warns Luke to stay away from Kristina.moreless
  • Ep. #12023
    Ep. #12023
    Episode 249
    Alexis says that the charges are being dropped and Ethan is to be released. Carly comes home and tells Sonny that Michael knows about Kristina's attack. Claire tells Johnny she won't be needing him as a witness. Jason admits to Sonny and Carly that Michael confided to Kristina, Morgan and Molly about him killing Claudia. Spinelli apologizes for interrupting Lulu and Maxie's conversation. Luke tells Tracy that Kristina's attacker is still out there. Maxie gets a visit from Georgie's ghost and says it's up to here if she wants to live or die. Johnny clashes with Dante at the police station over the loyalty he has for his father. Morgan asks Dante if he really wants their dad in jail, Sonny walks in and sees them. Luke implores Kristina to tell the truth. Claire overhears Sonny murderous tirade against Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #12022
    Ep. #12022
    Episode 248
    Sonny asks Diane what the maximum sentence Ethan could get if convicted. Michael tell Carly he's certain that Kiefer attacked Kristina. Claire wonders how well Johnny will perform on the witness stand. Sonny decides to let Ethan live for the time being. Olivia helps Johnny by going over the questions Claire will be asking him. Lucky tries to give Ethan some insight into Luke. Kiefer loses it when he discovers Kristina doesn't want to press charges against Ethan. Diane tells Jason not to tell Sonny about Kristina lying and saying that it wasn't Ethan. Johnny gets mad when Claire goes over questions that aren't on the list. Alexis tells Lucky she wants to discuss the charges against Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #12021
    Ep. #12021
    Episode 247
    Luke appeals to Sonny on Ethan's behalf. Jax prevents Claire from discovering Michael's location. Carly shares with Jason about her suspicion that Kiefer beat Kristina. Robin and Patrick once again butt heads over Sonny. Lulu and Dante's romance remains strong.
  • Ep. #12020
    Ep. #12020
    Episode 246
    Dante takes the stand at Sonny's trial. Alexis lays into Kristina for badgering Kristina and calling her a liar. Patrick offers to do Robin's rounds while she visits with Maxie, but she says she needs to keep busy. Jason shares his feelings of doubt about Ethan's guilt with Lucky, she then thinks that Kristina is lying. Dante lashes out at Claire for involving Michael in Sonny's trial. Olivia sees Johnny going ballistic while going over the testimony questions, and says he can't testify against someone who treated his sister like garbage. Luke throws his support behind Ethan. Carly tells Jason there's not a doubt in her mind that Kristina is lying about her attacker. Lisa abolishes Mayor Floyd in his attempt to get Coleman and Alice to vote guilty. Robin goes for her surprise in the park but instead sees Patrick and Lisa together.moreless
  • Ep. #12019
    Ep. #12019
    Episode 245
    Ethan begs Kristina to tell the truth, but Sam comes in and calls the police. Jason shares his concerns for Kristina with Carly. Diane gives her opening statement at Sonny's trial. Lucky makes a clean break with Elizabeth and that he listened as Epiphany read the test results. Monica explains to Maxie she's on anti-biotics and can't have any stress. Lucky arrests Ethan for violating the restraining order. Nikolas brings Spencer to see Elizabeth, so she can explain to him about the baby. Tracy calls Ethan a fool for getting himself back in jail yet again. Spinelli shows Maxie a serious of photos from his laptop of their time together. Carly comes to visit Kristina and brings her stuff and talks with her about the time she slept with an older man. Luke returns home and says to Ethan that he's gotten himself in a dire situation.moreless
  • Ep. #12018
    Ep. #12018
    Episode 244
    Lulu helps Dante move into his loft, but their sudden romance is interrupted by a text from Maxie. Ethan pleads his innocence to Jason, but Sam tells him to leave. Kiefer comes by to see Kristina, and brings her a stuffed animal, and Alexis thanks for his support towards her. Carly finds Sonny disheveled saying he couldn't protect his daughter from a violent act. Claire asks Diane what's keeping Sonny, thinking he might've taken off by now. Alice, Lisa and Coleman report for jury duty at the courthouse. Maxie tells Lulu she refuses to wear an oxygen mask cause it reminds of what can happen to her. Alexis cautions Ethan that there's a restraining order against him and he'll be arrested if he comes near Kristina. Coleman does whatever possible to get excused but ends up on the jury in Sonny's case. Carly tells Jason that she found Sonny and hasn't seen him like this in a long time. Kristina is glad that Sam managed to cover up some of her bruises on her face. Lulu goes to Dante and says she's scared that Maxie could die. Robin tells Maxie that her vitals are problematic, and should be put on an oxygen mask. Ethan goes to see Kristina at the lake house and asks why she lied. Jason tells Carly there's something wrong with Kristina's story and maybe Ethan is innocent.moreless
  • Ep. #12017
    Ep. #12017
    Episode 243
    Sonny rebukes Jason for questioning Kristina. Lulu gets Ethan to stay and fight cause running will make him look guilty. Mac tells Alexis they only DNA that was found is that of Ethan's. Nikolas tells Elizabeth what she's going to do and if he'll be apart of the kid's life. Dante's entrance to the island prompts Michael to hide, Max and Milo do their best to keep him from discovering him. Claire tells Garrett she's going to assemble a jury for Sonny's trial. Alexis tells Sonny not to lay a hand on Ethan. Sam tells Jason not to doubt Kristina, but he says her story doesn't add up. Alice tells the Quartermaine's she won't be around cause she was summoned for jury duty. Lulu tells Jason not to do anything, cause she's starting to like Ethan. Kate goes to Jake's to get away from Crimson, but Coleman he got a jury duty notice. Nikolas comes home thinking it take Helena long before she began to settle in and says he's the baby's father and that the child should be raised as a real Cassadine. Kristina pleads with Alexis for Ethan to go free. Sam confronts Ethan in Luke's office and starts attacking him to teach him a lesson, Jason says if he hits her it's over. Helena vows the new baby will be the end of the Spencer's. Max tells Michael he did a good job in hiding out from Dante.moreless
  • Ep. #12016
    Ep. #12016
    Episode 242
    Ethan gets bailed out of jail. Alexis tells Jason as much as he wants to see Ethan suffer but asks not to kill him. Kiefer goes to see Kristina, and she says she doesn't think she can forgive him for this. Tracy tells Ethan that the vault is empty cause he wouldn't have gotten far on what was in it anyway. Spinelli doesn't go into Maxie's room, cause he sees Johnny in keeping her company. Jason tells Sam she couldn't have prevented something like this. Kristina tearfully tells Alexis that she lied, but says something different. Lucky asks Kiefer's who's with his parents a few questions to issue a timeline of Kristina's attack. Carly tells Jax that his friend Claire is here and to deal with her himself. Lulu tells Ethan that him running away is gonna make him look more guilty. Lucky arrives at the hospital in time to hear that Nikolas is the father no him. Helena instructs Alfred to set up a nursery that adjaced to her room. Jason finds a fault in the timeline in Kristina's fake claim that Ethan abused her.moreless
  • Ep. #12015
    Ep. #12015
    Episode 241
    Lucky sees that Sonny left the hospital, thinking he's going after Ethan. Helena learns Lucky is the father, and wants the tests altered. Kristina continues to lie about Ethan abusing her. Dante saves Ethan from Sonny's wrath. Ronnie tells Johnny that no charges are gonna be filed. Lucky tells Ethan that he has to bring him in. Sonny orders Jason to kill Ethan, Jason says how's he going to explain it to Luke. Tracy tries to get ahold of Luke, she says that she's going to enjoy seeing Ethan prosecuted. Jason tries to get Sonny to think about it cause Luke is one of his oldest friends. The lab tech calls Nikolas as per Helena's instructions saying the results won't be ready til tomorrow. Ethan tells Johnny that he was brought in for allegedly beating Kristina, and tried to explain he didn't do it. Sam admits to Alexis that Kristina came to her months before wanting to get on birth control, Alexis can't believe what she's hearing. Johnny goes to Jason saying that Ethan is innocent, and not to do anything unless he knows for sure. Molly tells Kiefer that Kristina is in the hospital and she identified Ethan as her attacker. Dante listens as Sonny tells Kristina he didn't want anything like this to happen to his kids.moreless
  • Ep. #12014
    Ep. #12014
    Episode 240
    Dante tries to get Sonny to tell him where Michael is. Steve confronts Helena at why the paternity results are so important to her. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want to be anywhere near her, cause they're not the same people they used to be. Sam confronts Ethan for bruising Kristina's arm. Kiefer breaks down as he kneels on Kristina's battered body, saying she drove him to do this. Jason asks if he walked in earlier would he have told him that Michael killed Claudia. Robin tells Epiphany to page Monica right away cause there may be some heart palpitations. Lulu and Maxie bring Maxie to the hospital, cause her coughing intensifies. Sam warns Ethan not to go near Kristina again. Monica tells Spinelli to keep it quiet and that Maxie should remain kept calm at all times. Alexis apologizes to Molly for Pizza Palace being closed, Molly then asks Dante when he comes the scoop on him testifying against his father. Luke tells Tracy that he fears something bad is gonna happen for Ethan. Ethan finds a bruised Kristina and helps her up and takes her to the hospital. Elizabeth gets a visit from Nikolas. Robin tells Patrick her worries regarding Maxie's health, Epiphany tell Patrick to look at an assault victim which turns out to be Kristina. Monica tells Maxie she has pneumonia and it's causing strain on her heart. Alexis and Sonny each get word that Kristina was brought in the hospital. The lab tech gives Helena the envelope containing the results. Kristina claims that Ethan is the one that abused her.moreless
  • Ep. #12013
    Ep. #12013
    Episode 239
    Kiefer angrily waits for Kristina to come home. Luke witness Ethan angry and grab Kristina's arm. Lulu wants nothing to interfere in her romance with Dante in his new loft. Claire cautions Carly and Jason that if Michael doesn't show up he'll be prosecuted for contempt. Maxie thanks Jason for coming, and Spinelli got hurt in the process. Michael sees his chance to leave and runs into Bernie, cause Jason asked him to come down just in case. Spinelli tells Jason that he feels he's not manly enough for Maxie. Kate tells Lulu she wants someone in the office and if not then she and Maxie are both fired. Ethan makes it clear to Kristina that he's not interested in her and that she should leave cause she's underage. Sam notices a mark on Kristina's arm and says Ethan did it to her. Claire tells Dante that he's the right person to go and find Michael. Kate tells Maxie that if she's not in the office soon then her career is over. Maxie faces some serious health problems while being reeled at by Kate. Kiefer confronts Kristina for blowing him off for Ethan. Lulu sees that Maxie's coughing is really bad. Sam goes to Ethan and says for him to stay away from her sister. Kiefer in a rage starts beating Kristina severely.moreless
  • Ep. #12012
    Ep. #12012
    Episode 238
    Lisa tells Patrick that she's moved on and she was only changing clothes. Michael tells Max and Milo that they don't have to pretend to be having fun for his benefit. Kristina asks a favor of Molly to hack into Ethan's e-mail and send him one from Jennifer cancelling their date for tonight. Dante goes to Carly wanting to know where Michael is, and she says he's really acting like a good brother in wanthing to send her kids father to prison. Mac arrives and Robin tells Maxie she had to call him here. Sonny wishes he could share the truth with Dante. Kristina calls Kiefer saying she can't come to the party, and makes Molly promise not to tell their mother about what she's doing tonight. Spinelli tells Johnny he blames himself for Maxie's troubles, and tells Mac he deserves his wrath. Dante tells Claire not to have Michael testify at Sonny's trial, which surprises Carly and Claire asks who's side he's really on. Michael arranges a surprise for Max and Milo. Spinelli admits to Maxie that the case he told her was fake. Lulu shows Dante some loft space, and he thinks he now has a place to alone with Lulu. Claire serves Carly and Sonny a subpoena for Michael to testify. Kiefer arrives at the Lakehouse irate at Kristina cancelling yelling and banging at the door. Michael makes a run for it while Max and Milo are distracted at doing the limbo. Ethan realizes that Kristina was behind getting his date cancelled and tells her she has to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #12011
    Ep. #12011
    Episode 237
    Jason and Sam have their hands full with Michael. Patrick sees Lisa and can't stop thinking of her half naked. Kristina comes asking Ethan for his help, but instead gives her something she didn't expect, Luke asks if she knows if he's not interested. Alexis and Diane clash with Claire. Spinelli becomes concerned when the battery in his laptop is almost dead, and Maxie's safety. Robin and Patrick get into it about him wanting to stay home and not going to Jake's. Ethan tries to let Kristina down gently. Michael sees Jason and Sam in a romantic moment and thinks this is his chance to get away. Johnny finds Spinelli and Maxie. Tracy comes to check on Lulu and says Dante will break his heart eventually. Johnny saves Maxie from hypothermia. Molly comes to talk to Diane about keeping the fact that Michael killed Claudia from Alexis. Jason brings Michael telling Sam he was taking the speedboat out and planning to go back to Port Charles to confess. Kiefer helps Kristina find something so she looks hot for the party. Johnny brings Maxie in the hospital, and covers by saying Spinelli sent him a text in where to find them. Tracy says she and Luke belong together and there's someone for her other then Dante. Kristina finds the perfect dress but keeps her intentions from Kiefer. Jason and Sam leave and Michael thinks he's home free, he runs into Max and Milo as he tries to make a break for it.moreless
  • Ep. #12010
    Ep. #12010
    Episode 236
    Sam and Jason manage to hide Michael to keep Dante from seeing him. Robin tells Patrick she's not up to going to Jake's tonight. Jax says that he wants Michael to go down to the island. Kristina tells Ethan for someone who insists on staying away he's always places where she is. Maxie tells Spinelli that she confronted Chef Robaire and concludes that he did seem suspicious. Dante surprises Lulu by arriving and intensely getting passionate. Kiefer tells Kristina of the plans he has for them cause he wants to make an impression on some people from Harvard and to dress accordingly. Jason convinces Carly to get Michael out of the country. Sonny tells Olivia about Dante's childhood. Spinelli's latest plan backfires. Ronnie interrupts Dante and Lulu's romantic evening. Spinelli and Maxie search for the location where the supposed killer takes his victims they come across the storm drain while tracking Diego. Robin finds Patrick talking to Lisa and is half naked. Sonny asks Dante what he was thinking bringing Ronnie to harrass Michael. The gate closes and Spinelli and Maxie see that they're trapped together. Carly tells Lulu that there maybe a part of Dante that wants Sonny to be his father and they'll one day connect.moreless
  • Ep. #12009
    Ep. #12009
    Episode 235
    Jason tells Johnny that he's lucky he has a paintball gun if he didn't he'd be dead right now. Luke tries to get Ethan to go down to Sydney, and and come back to town when this Johnny thing is in the past. Maxie accompanys Spinelli at the Metro Court to help him with his investigation. Johnny pulls a gun on Jason when he turns around. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she doesn't want him providing for her and the baby. Olivia learns that Carly is setting up this private party for Sonny. Sonny tells Dante to stay out of cause it doesn't concern him, Dante thinks something is off when Sonny explains how he killed Claudia. Jason and Sam come up with a plan to save Michael. Jax sees that the dinner Carly set up is for Sonny and not him. Tracy offers a solution to divorce Luke and marry Ethan to keep him in the U.S. Sonny asks Jason to take Michael to the islands til the trial is over. Elizabeth, Lucky and Nikolas begins a session with Lainey. Johnny tells Dante to leave Michael alone after he asks him questions if he's mentioned Claudia's murder. Tracy agrees to Luke's demands, but Luke says he's not giving her up for nobody not even Ethan. Maxie runs into Chef Robaire, but she says for him to get away from her. Lucky hopes he's not the father of Elizabeth's baby. Dante comes to Jason's to ask him about Sonny, leaving him and Sam figuring out what to tell him.moreless
  • Ep. #12008
    Ep. #12008
    Episode 234
    Jason tells Carly that his theory for the picture of Franco is cause he likes to remind him he's out there. Lucky confronts Johnny about the mask and how he got injured. Dante tells Sonny that he's going to take pleasure in putting him away. Claire pressures Dante to get details on Claudia's murder. Alexis and Diane are confined to one office til the renovations are finished. Michael tells Carly that he doesn't think it's fair that his father is gonna go away for something that he did. Luke asks Sonny how the arraignment went, and assures him that he'll keep Ethan in line. Claire learns that Michael confessed to killing Claudia. Alexis asks Nikolas what's gonna happen if it turns out if the baby is Lucky's. Steve brings Elizabeth some brownies and is immediately taken aback to her days with Nikolas, Lucky and Emily, Steve doesn't mean that it's a good idea to raise her kids by herself. Carly tells Michael that no matter the outcome of the trial he'll have his whole life ahead of him. Spinelli tells Jason that he may have an idea regarding Johnny. Steve tells Elizabeth to consider allowing the father of her child to help her. Lucky tells Ethan if he has a green card to stay in the U.S. Dante comes to the house telling Michael he's here to see him not Sonny about Claudia. Luke says there's no way he's going to arrest his brother. Jason surprises Johnny in his garage by shooting using a paintball gun. Sonny then asks him to leave, Dante realizes he already knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #12007
    Ep. #12007
    Episode 233
    Alexis tells Nikolas to reconsider setting up a trust cause it'll be leverage for Helena. Lucky tells Dante that Johnny was the person he was chasing. Carly hopes to have another special evening with Jax, but she's shocked that he's forgotten about last night, Jax waits til Carly leaves before he goes and tells Joey if she's been talking about him. Claire tells Jason that her coming saves her some time in getting a warrant for his arrest. Maxie sets up some romance for Spinelli at Jake's and sees Johnny come in and sees he's hurt. Jax and Carly argue over Sonny. Spinelli refuses to toast to Johnny's choice of destruction and will probably destroy himself, but Maxie sees Johnny attempt to make Sonny pay for Claudia's death. Ronnie says that the PCPD have started a task force and he, Dante and Lucky are gonna work together to bring down the mob. Carly sees that Jax isn't the least bit sorry for what he tried to do to Sonny. Lucky tells Jason that Johnny was the one that almost robbed Bernie's office. Helena tells the lab tech she wants the results first then she'll decide what Lucky and Nikolas should know, she then hears Nikolas outside the door. Ethan realizes Johnny was unsuccessful in his last escapade. Alexis tells Elizabeth that Nikolas set aside some assets for her unborn child. Carly goes to Jason and shows him a picture of Franco that was found in the proofs and says he's still after him.moreless
  • Ep. #12006
    Ep. #12006
    Episode 232
    Sonny tells Robin that he'll have to live with the fact that he shot his own son. Dante explains to Lulu that he can't believe he fell asleep just as they were about to have sex. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she doesn't ant him or Nikolas when she's having the test done. Johnny tells Ethan his plans to torch Bernie's office and his cut from the money in the vault will be half. Olivia interrupts Dante and Lulu romance. Kiefer tells Kristina that he plans to take her out clubbing tonight and to wear something sexy. Lucky tells Luke that they took his DNA, and Nikolas is all set to stand up and be a father, Luke asks Lucky what if the child is his and not his brothers. Sonny asks Kiefer to leave so he can speak to Kristina, she says that he stays. Helena gives explicit orders for the doctor to do as she says. Elizabeth tells Robin that Nikolas to marry her and be a father to. Epiphany gives the doctor a sample and Helena watches in delight. Kiefer tells Kristina that apparently Ethan found himself a new girl. Patrick goes to see Sonny, but he thanks him for what he did to Dante, and he tells Sonny he knew for a while he was Dante's father. Kristina tells Ethan he knows why he's being so distant is cause of what Sam told him. Lucky gets word of a possible breaking and entering and goes to investigate it. Nikolas sets up a trust fund for Elizabeth's baby. Elizabeth prepares to undergo a paternity test.moreless
  • Ep. #12005
    Ep. #12005
    Episode 231
    Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she wants the paternity to see who the father of her baby is. Jason tells Johnny the risk of stealing from Sonny, and Ethan for not knowing what he's getting into. Dante tells Claire if she can't trust him then take him off the witness list, Lulu says that she wants the truth to come out and render a fair verdict. Sonny asks Carly when she's going to dump cause he's waited a long time to end his feud with Jax for a long time. Molly asks Kristina why she's ignoring Kiefer's text message. Patrick tells Robin that he and Lisa were just messing around, cause she has a reputation. Luke overhears Ethan making a deal to work for Johnny. Molly tries to get Kristina to see how romantic Kiefer is. Lulu literally puts Dante on the witness stand and grills him about his past loves. Kiefer wants to know why Kristina won't talk to him and thought they cared about each other. Patrick explains to Robin that he's happy with what he has with her and Emma as Lisa watches with envy from at the bar. Jason tells Luke to get Ethan out of this before it gets worse. Carly tells Jax that what they shared is to make him see if it's worth by putting Sonny in prison. Helena lets herself into Elizabeth's room and tells her to sleep tight cause tomorrow she'll know if she's carrying the Cassadine heir.moreless
  • Ep. #12004
    Ep. #12004
    Episode 230
    Sonny's arraignment is suddenly interrupted by and accusations are then thrown at Jax for doing this to get Sonny sent to prison. Nikolas surprises Elizabeth by bringing Cameron and Jake to visit her. Johnny shoots and knocks over a crate and the gunmen and he and Ethan make a break for it. Lucky asks Jason if he plans on busting Sonny out if his bail is revoked. Patrick and Lisa reminisce about old times and end up challenging Coleman to a round of darts. Judge Carroll says to Sonny that he'll remain free until his trial, which delights Carly. Sam tells Jason that Sonny will remain out on bail. Lucky tells Luke that he's come to a conclusion about Elizabeth, Luke then says his cigar connection got busted and wants him to get him released. Jason tells Bernie that the whole shipment is here and accounted for except for one thing. Claire tells Dante that she's to have a word with him alone. Sonny's confidence that Claire has nothing and he'll get off. Ethan comes and presents Luke with a box of cigars. Lucky tells Elizabeth he'll still be a father to the kids but they can't have a future together. Jason comes and questions Ethan and Johnny about a box of cuban cigars that went missing from Sonny's shipment. Robin goes to look for Patrick and sees him having fun pouring shots down Lisa's throat.moreless
  • Ep. #12003
    Ep. #12003
    Episode 229
    Lucky enters Johnny's garage to find Luke coming out from behind a crate. Jason tells Spinelli they'll have to get Sonny out the country if his bail is revoked. Tracy tells Johnny that whatever he's selling Ethan definately isn't interested. Alexis joins Diane's counsel to prevent from going to jail on contempt charges. Luke tells Lucky that Sonny's shipment is here in the garage, and is worried about Ethan and Johnny's budding friendship. Dante takes the stand at Sonny's arraignment and is asked how he in fact got shot. Jason tells Sam that he'd like her to be the decoy and for Spinelli to fix it so Sonny exits from the front of the courthouse. Tracy tells Ethan he hopes he didn't fall for whatever Johnny was offering him, he assures that he knows when he's being played. Sam asks Jason if there's another way that doesn't involve him leaving town as well. Patrick and Robin clash over Sonny, Steve tells them both to fight it out and get it over with. Lucky tells Luke that he can't help but notice that she's slipping away. Lisa finds Patrick at Jake's and asks if she can join him. Ethan joins Johnny on the docks while people are opening fire at him. Jason explains the plan to Max that once Milo attacks Sam to get Sonny in a car and take off. Judge Carroll comes back and says he's made his decision.moreless
  • Ep. #12002
    Ep. #12002
    Episode 228
    Michael asks Jason if he would let Sonny go to prison for a crime that he did. Sam asks Ethan why he's encouraging Kristina's crush on him. Steve says for a while he thought Patrick was jealous of his date with Lisa. Johnny asks Olivia out to dinner. Dante is subpoenaed by Mac to testify at Sonny's bail hearing. Jax tells Everett Dawson that he wants results and that Claire is the person for the job. Sam is happy that Ethan is making Kristina, but thinks he setting off the wrong signals. Jason orders Max to keep Michael at the house and for him not to go to the courthouse. Kristina lays into Sam for what she said to Ethan about him backing off of her. Alexis realizes Jax had Claire appointed to prosecute Sonny's case and what he's up to. Johnny asks Lulu if she thinks that Dante will actually testify against Sonny. Patrick overhears Robin telling Dante about Stone, he interupts them and says he needs to talk to her. Sonny tells Jason that he can't go to prison and to set up a break so he can leave the country tonight. Kristina asks Michael if he's seriously considering going and confessing. Steve scolds Patrick for singing Dante's release papers, he admits to Robin he did it to keep her from talking to him again.moreless
  • Ep. #12001
    Ep. #12001
    Episode 227
    Johnny tells Michael that he should be at the courthouse supporting his father, Michael says that it what if his father didn't kill Claudia. Diane tells Sonny to change clothes cause what he's wearing won't do the the arraignment. Olivia sees Jax is having a nice conversation with someone who's not his wife. Lisa offers Epiphany she'll get what she wants but Epiphany says she will punish her if she doesn't follow through. Kiefer stops by but Kristina doesn't want to see him, Alexis asks what went down with them. Johnny tells Mike that he can't stand Sonny but doesn't wish anything on Michael at all. Kiefers sees Kristina and asks her if she ever plans to forgive him. Michael is uncomfortable letting Sonny take the blame for something that he did, Sonny says to let him do this. Kristina tells Kiefer that this violence has to end, Kiefer shakes his head when he sees her and Ethan together. Claire tells Alexis and Diane are shocked that she's taken over as the D.A. for the Corinthos case. Epiphany is ecstatic that Lisa came through on her word. Patrick is beside himself when he overhears Steve ask Lisa out.moreless
  • Ep. #12000
    Ep. #12000
    Episode 226
    Maxie demands to know Dante's intention towards Lulu, but he says that he does in fact love her. Johnny presents Olivia a necklace but asks how he can afford it. Lucky puts the shell casing in his back pocket while he continues to talk to Jason. Luke tells Lulu that he's hesitant against Dante cause the fact that he's a cop. Alexis wonders if something's wrong when she refuses to take Kiefer's phone call. Jason tells Spinelli to look up the security footage to see who hijacked Sonny's shipment. Diane tries to get Alexis to talk to Sonny, cause she can't afford to lose this case. Jason confronts Johnny at Olivia's and knows that he took the shipment at the pier earlier. Spinelli tells Maxie he didn't find clarity til when fell in love with her. Lulu goes to see Dante and asks if he's ever lied to her, and is mad that Maxie was already here grilling him about the same thing. Jason tells Lucky he found it was Johnny who stole the shipment and not Ethan. Dante wants to teach Lulu how to show when someone is lying. Luke is worried that Ethan will get sucked into the mob world. Olivia makes it clear to Johnny she wants no part of the mafia. Johnny goes to see Anthony and he likes seeing this side to his son, he offers to make Sonny pay with or without his father's help.moreless
  • Ep. #11999
    Ep. #11999
    Episode 225
    Max and Milo tell Ethan to get lost, and they see the person they were shooting at got away. Maxie sees that Lucky is the one that ran her off the road. Jason tells Dante whether he likes it or not, Sonny is his father and he won't give up on him. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Lucky forgave her even though she doesn't deserve it. Lulu wants the answer to Dante's question to Jason if he was going through with killing him. Ethan tells Luke that he thinks that Carlos hid from the gunfire and got he got caught in the middle of Sonny's business. Johnny comes in wanting to play some cards and insists that Ethan will be dealing, he then thanks him for creating that diversion that saved his life. Maxie attempts to give Lucky some advice about Elizabeth. Tracy tells Luke that Lulu will be in danger if she continues to pursue Dante. Jason tells Sonny about his run in with Dante on the hospital roof, and said he wasn't there to kill him. Nikolas wants to know the paternity of the baby, asks her if she wants to take on that early. Maxie tells Lucky that maybe he isn't ready to forgive Elizabeth just yet. Luke asks Ethan what really went down with Johnny earlier. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that it will be her choice and not to pressure her. Johnny finds himself at Olivia's and the two get intensly passionate. Ethan explains to Luke about him unintentionally saving Johnny's life during that shootout. Dante makes it clear to Sonny he wants nothing to do with him.moreless
  • Ep. #11998
    Ep. #11998
    Episode 224
    Lucky tells Helena to get out of Elizabeth's room and assures her that it's gonna be alright. Sonny tells Diane and Jason that he's pleading not guilty by self defense. Luke warns Nikolas if Helena harms any member of his family. Johnny sets out to make a statement to get back the Zacchara territory. Olivia tells Dante to not do what Carly asks by falsifying evidence to save Sonny. Ethan tells Lulu about Elizabeth's pregancy, she thinks she's destroying her brother's lives as they're chasing after her. Elizabeth asks Lucky if he in fact forgives her for what she did with Nikolas. Jason tells Carly that Dante tampering with evidence isn't going to happen, and that she'll have to testify that she lied in her previous statement. Helena visits Luke and says she has a reason to celebrate they have nothing to fight about. Lulu goes to see Dante and finds him missing from his hospital room. Ethan sees Max and Milo opening fire wondering if their shooting at his cigar connection. Sonny faces off with Olivia about things possibly being different if she hadn't lied to him. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Helena already visited her. Lucky swerves while trying to avoid another car which Maxie is driving.moreless
  • Ep. #11997
    Ep. #11997
    Episode 223
    Morgan tells Jason it'll be okay once Dante stops being a cop and works for their dad for real. Nikolas instructs Alexis to have some papers drawn up, to allow him custody of his kid which he thinks is his. Helena pushes Elizabeth over the edge. Sonny tells Olivia he may not have that much time before going to prison, and would like to get to know Dante. Carly tells Sam if she knew about the new plea agreement, which means they'll have to admit they lied in their previous statement. Lucky tells Luke he can't just abandon his feelings for Cameron and Jake, and can't abandon Elizabeth. Sonny tells Morgan that it's not that simple having Dante come work for him. Patrick comes to visit Elizabeth at Shadybrook, she admits that she needs to be okay before this baby is born. Nikolas tells Lucky he plans to propose to Elizabeth when she gets better. Jason wonders that Jake might someday learn that he's his son. Helena scolds Elizabeth for making the moves on another woman's husband. Diane tells Sonny has to prepare for Sam and Carly's testimonies to make it sound like a self defense plea. Carly takes matters into her own hands by visiting Dante in order to help Sonny. Jason warns Sonny he's making a huge mistake. Luke cautions Nikolas if Helena goes near anyone in his family there's going to be trouble. Lucky points a gun at Helena and says to get away from Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #11996
    Ep. #11996
    Episode 222
    Lucky tells Elizabeth what he and Nikolas discussed but she's reluctant to check into Shadybrook. Tracy tells Luke that she found out last night that Elizabeth is pregnant. Agent Rayner tells Dante that no matter what he will testify against his father. Robin and Patrick have an argument before heading off to work over their failed Valentine's Day, and Lisa hears them continue it while at the hospital. Diane tells Sonny that there's a definate chance he'll be found guilty and sent away. Olivia threatens a lawsuit after hearing Agent Rayner literally threaten her son. Lucky resolves to be there for Elizabeth. Dante tells Lulu that Agent Rayner can't wait to use his advantage for Olivia to be on the stand. Steve fills Robin in what happened with Elizabeth and Lainey wants her to commit herself. Sonny asks Luke what he did to bond with Ethan after learning he was his son. Elizabeth agrees to commit herself but is not doing this for her kids only. Michael goes to see Dante wanting to do a favor for him, to do what it takes to save their father, he then starts to get suspicious. Robin apologizes to Patrick for her snarky comments and what's happened to Elizabeth easily could've been her. Steve brings Elizabeth to Shadybrook, and says this baby is probably Nikolas's. Lucky tells Luke that despite who the father is he says that Elizabeth needs her. Morgan asks Dante if he can do anything to keep his father from going to prison. Elizabeth is thrown by a visit from Helena, and knows she's prpbably carrying the Cassadine heir.moreless
  • Ep. #11995
    Ep. #11995
    Episode 221
    Kelly tells Elizabeth that she's already 3 months along, Lucky and Nikolas are stunned. Steve comes in and says to Dante that he should refrain from having sex at this point, Dante tells Sonny and Olivia to leave the room. Jason and Sam enjoy what the kids left for them and learn that they're still in the apartment. Mac comes by and brings Alexis a Valentine's gift, which he offers to help eat. Dante tries to get Olivia to see that Sonny is working her to get back into her life. Molly and Kristina are overjoyed to discover Mac and Alexis kissing. Steve learns of his sister's pregnancy, and he, Lucky and Nikolas find her missing from her room. Lulu refuses to help Sonny connect with Dante. Olivia goes into Dante's room but wants him to listen to what she has to say and will do what he says when she's finished. Lucky finds Elizabeth sitting on the ledge on the hospital roof, and he manages to get her down. Morgan is mad at his family always falling apart and wants to be a whole family. Jax decides to beat Carly at her own game. Lucky and Nikolas agree that Elizabeth should be committed. Dante tells Sonny that despite joining the PCPD he's not going to stop til he brings him down.moreless
  • Ep. #11994
    Ep. #11994
    Episode 220
    Lucky rescues Elizabeth from hypothermia. Dante tells Mac he wants his word that him joining the PCPD has nothing to do with him being Sonny's kid. Maxie tells Lulu that she's afraid of having sex cause she's afraid of losing him, and secretly puts the condoms in her bag. Jason tells Sam not to say a word to Mac before Diane can get here. Dante is blown away at how beautiful Lulu is when she comes to see him and he tells her that he's still a cop. Jax informs Carly about his frustrations after walking in on her and Sonny. Diane is angry that she was called away from Max, Jason says he'll make it up to her if she gets Sam released tonight. Dante tells Lulu to worry about their problems and to focuse on right now, Lulu's speechless when Dante finds glow in the dark condoms. Nikolas sees Lucky bringing Elizabeth into the hospital, Matt tells him to wait out here. Spinelli arrives and is amazed at the evening she put together, she's relieved when he says he's in awe of everything she did. Carly lashes at Jax and confronts him by saying he can't take Josslyn out of her home. Sonny sets the record straight with Olivia. Lulu and Dante kiss passionately and they hear the heart monitors going off and share a laugh. Jason and Sam return to find the penthouse completely decorated, thinking Kristina and Molly had their hand. Elizabeth wakes up and tells Lucky the last thing she remembered, Kelly comes in gives her some unexpected news that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #11993
    Ep. #11993
    Episode 219
    Dante wishes he could do better for Lulu for Valentine's Day, since as of now he doesn't have a job. Jason learns that Michael is planning on confessing for what he did. Elizabeth finds herelf in a church which brings back memories for her and Lucky. Michael explains how he killed Claudia, Mac thinks he's here making a false confession. Sonny insists on taking the fall for Michael and tells Diane to put in a case for self defense. Lucky explains Elizabeth's track record with every guy she's ever been with. Helena says that Spencer isn't a suitable heir, and Nikolas should obtain one that to her expectations. Sam intervenes and Mac says to her that that Michael could face charges for making a false confession. Lulu tells Jax she wants to use his pull to get Dante reinstated on the police force, but Dante says it's a bad idea. Jason tells Michael that Sonny would rather him go to prison rather then him. Lucky explains to Ethan the day he found Elizabeth in the park all those years ago after she was raped. Carly tries to get Sonny to rethink about confessing cause he'll never make it in prison. Lulu comes home to see Maxie having the place decorated for Spinelli, but think he's not over her being with Franco. Mac offers Dante a job with the PCPD. Jax finds Carly in Sonny's arms. Lucky stumbles upon a lifeless Elizabeth in the church.moreless
  • Ep. #11992
    Ep. #11992
    Episode 218
    Lucky sees Elizabeth in Jason's arms, and says she didn't waste any time. Helena says to Nikolas that she's proud that he's become a true Cassadine, and couldn't be more prouder. Anthony tells Johnny that when he's ready to do so then he'll back every decision he makes. Sonny tries to explain his life story to Dante, regarding a cop named Deke that used to beat him. Anthony tells Johnny not to underestimate Sonny cause he knows every trick in the book. Patrick tells Robin there's no rescheduling in making out in the supply closet, Lisa sees what there doing and then rushes off. Helena pays Elizabeth a visit, and explains that she's here to thank her. Morgan tells Michael that he and Molly are looking at the possibility of Sonny going away for a long time. Jason tells Sam of his encounter with Lucky and his callous comments concerning Elizabeth, and is worried. Helena leaves Elizabeth a token of her esteem, she goes irate and Ethan arrives and tells her to leave. Carly tells Sonny to prioritize and for him not to go to prison. Lulu brings Dante some clothes thinking he'd be more comfortable in his own clothes. Agent Rayner tells Dante that his badge is on the line and that he needs to change his story. Lisa sends Epiphany into the supply closet where, she knows she'll lash at Robin and Patrick. Helena tells Nikolas about it being time about conceiving a true Cassadine heir. Morgan and Molly tells Jason that Michael is gonna confess to the police. Michael confesses to Mac that he killed Claudia and not Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #11991
    Ep. #11991
    Episode 217
    Jason tells Johnny that with him as a traitor he's out, but since he protected Michael, Sonny is letting him live. Nikolas finds Luke in his living room thinking it was long before he came to see him about him betraying Lucky. Maxie asks Spinelli if he would consider moving in with him, but wonders if it's the thing with Franco that's still on his mind. Elizabeth goes to find Luke and sees a flyer for a Valentine's Day thing at the Haunted Star and tells Ethan she hates the whole idea of it. Jason tells Johnny that if does move against Sonny he'll have no choice but to stop him. Spinelli admits to Maxie that he's still reeling after her tryst with Franco but forgives and wants her to forgive herself. Ethan asks Elizabeth the reason why she hates Valentine's, she said she ruined her past as well as a future with Lucky. Patrick tells Lisa that with his and Robin's schedule it leaves with any time each other or daughter. Luke tells Nikolas to stay out of his way and he'll do the same for him. Olivia tells Johnny that Dante still doesn't want to speak to her. Nikolas tells Ethan that Elizabeth was raped on Valentine's Day. Kristina comes asking Jason for money and knows Dante didn't shoot himself. Elizabeth and Sam have a run in with each other at Kelly's, and asked how Jason forgave her with what she did with Ric. Kristina tells Kiefer to get lost, and he then grabs her arm, Ethan intervenes. Johnny visits Anthony in prison to take over the Zacchara family. Elizabeth has a meltdown in Jason's arms. Helena pays Nikolas a surprise visit hoping she can help him.moreless
  • Ep. #11990
    Ep. #11990
    Episode 216
    Elizabeth goes to Luke to tell Lucky and convince him to give her a second chance. Lucky backs away and puts his gun away, and opens up to Ethan that he'd never thought this kind of thing would ever happen to him. Dante tells Jason that if he's here to kill him, he said that the gun went off accidentally. Sonny tells Carly that he and Dante can have a relationship. Maxie tells Lulu that there's no way Dante would get to know someone who tried to kill him. Morgan tells Jax that he loves Dante and wishes his father didn't have to shoot him. Ronnie wants Dante to tell the truth about the shooting, but he refuses. Lucky tells Elizabeth to leave and to let him go right now. Ronnie accuses Olivia of choosing Sonny over her own son. Lucky explains to Luke that he pulled a gun on Johnny tonight and pulled away at the last second. Jax says he'll pack and leave if she comes back to the house with Morgan tonight. Johnny tells Olivia that he knows what it's like to be in this kind of thing and isn't leaving her alone. Sonny tells Jason that Dante isn't to be harmed at all, Jason warns him that Dante still could destroy him.moreless
  • Ep. #11989
    Ep. #11989
    Episode 215
    Dante tells Sonny he lied to protect Michael, Morgan and Kristina, but not him, and wants nothing to do with him. Jax tells Michael that he would've done the same thing to protect his family. Carly explains to Jason that Jax knew that Dante was a cop and Sonny's kid for months. Elizabeth tells Lucky if there's a slight chance of working things out. Lulu tells Sonny to get away from Dante and out of his room altogether, cause he's a coldhearted murderer. Johnny and Olivia have a heated confrontation. Carly tells Sam to watch Josslyn while she goes to tell Sonny what Jax did. Lucky continues on his downward spiral, when asking Coleman to keep the drinks coming. Morgan tells Jax that Carly went to the hospital to talk to Sonny. Carly tell Jason for not to do what he's planning cause Morgan and Sonny won't forgive him. Maxie tells Lulu to fix herself up cause Kate needs her desperately. Johnny angrily tells Lucky he let Sonny slip through the PCPD's fingers as his sister lays on a slab in the M.E.'s office, they then get into it. Elizabeth does her best to explain to Cameron that she made a mistake and apologizing is not enough. Lulu starts to cry while showering. Sonny tells Carly that he's not going to give up on his son. Jason tells Maxie that she needs to leave, and Dante asks if he's here to kill him.moreless
  • Ep. #11988
    Ep. #11988
    Episode 214
    Sonny tells Jason that he can't just walk away Dante now that he knows he his son. Carly tells Jax he hopes that what he did was worth losing his family over. Elizabeth lays into a woman bringing in her son, for being intimate with her boyfriend and not paying attention to her child. Dante gives his statement saying that him getting shot was an accident, Lucky and Lulu both know that he's lying. Ronnie tells Olivia that she's perjurying herself just to save Sonny. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she's taking a leave of absence so she can get her head on straight. Lucky asks Dante if keeping his badge is more important then lying to protect Sonny, he asks Lulu if she thinks what he did was wrong. Luke asks Sonny how he's been considering what he just out about Dante. Lucky calls Mac and says that Dante getting shot was an accident. Morgan comes to see Dante in the hospital, and asks him if getting to know him was all apart of his job in bringing his father down. Kristina tells Kiefer everything that Dominic who her father shot is her half brother one of Sonny's mistakes just like she was. Kristina tells Kiefer to leave if he's gonna insist that they have sex, he then slaps her across the face. Morgan comes home and Carly says that they're leaving, Jax tells him not to argue and to do what his mother says. Nikolas tells Lucky to talk to Elizabeth cause she had another outburst at work. Carly shows up with Morgan at Jason's and says they'e moving in. Michael blasts at Jax for lying to him when he said he'd help him, and him wanting his father to go to prison.moreless
  • Ep. #11987
    Ep. #11987
    Episode 213
    Jason tries to get Carly to get Sonny to leave town after his bail is posted. Olivia tells Jax to tell Carly, cause it's better if she doesn't hear from anyone else. Kristina thinks Michael is lying just to cover for Sonny, but says he came across Claudia and did what he did to protect his mother and sister. Diane tells Sonny that even though he didn't know that Dante was his kid, it doesn't help the fact that he shot a cop. Lulu tells Dante that everything that was said about him being Sonny's kid is true. Mac tells Lucky that he heard about Elizabeth and Nikolas, he says that he's been in the same situation, and for him to step up and move on. Dante lashes out at Olivia for lying to him. Ronnie comes to Jason's looking for the piece of evidence that went missing from the police station. Jax tells Carly he knew Dominic was an undercover cop. also had a play in Sonny's arrest. Alexis unwittingly adds to Michael's dilemma. Ronnie brings Olivia to the station to give the police her statement. Lucky goes to Dominic for his statement regarding the shooting at Sonny's house.moreless
  • Ep. #11986
    Ep. #11986
    Episode 212
    Michael goes to Jax about him wanting to go to the police and wanting to confess to Claudia murder. Luke is blown away at what Lulu says about Dominic being Sonny's kid with Olivia. Patrick tells Steve the job he did by reviving Dominic on the table. Carly goes to see Olivia and says that she's been there in protecting her own child. Sam takes action to help Sonny, by dressing as a hooker to get the evidence against, Jason and Diane think she got caught by Agent Rayner. Kristina can't believe that Sonny can shoot a cop and that it's his own son. Robin continues to lay into Patrick that things might've been different if he had told her the truth. Jason is relieved when Sam didn't get caught, and Agent Rayner tells the cop to cut the so called hooker loose. Luke tells Tracy and Ethan fears there's more trouble ahead for Lulu. Steve tells Robin that Dante's latest results and he's holding his own. Molly asks if anyone else believe that her uncle Sonny is guilty. Michael admits to Morgan, Kristina and Molly that he is Claudia's killer. Dante tells Lulu believes he was dreaming when Sonny told him he was his father.moreless
  • Ep. #11985
    Ep. #11985
    Episode 211
    Olivia gives Sonny grief for telling Dante about his true paternity. Johnny stands by Olivia in her time of need. Lulu cautions Jason if Sonny killed Dominic she'll tell the police everything. Mac and everyone else is stunned to learn from Agent Rayner that Sonny is Dante's father. Carly asks Jason why didn't he tell her about Dominic sooner, he wanted proof before he was sure. The F.B.I come into Sonny's house and look at what went down earlier. Lulu asks Matt where Dominic is, she then lashes at Sonny for shooting him, he says that he didn't know he was his son. Steve tells Patrick that he's taking over the surgery. Morgan tells Carly he hates Sonny for shooting Dominic. Jason urges Sonny to flee the country before he can be arrested, but he's not leaving his son, Jason calls Diane saying there's a situation. Lulu asks Olivia if what Sonny says is true, Steve says that he'll do whatever he can. Jax asks Morgan why would he save his life at the carnival, makes him a true friend. Lulu tells Nikolas how much she loves Dante. Ronnie arrests Sonny for Claudia's murder, he says to Olivia to explain to Dante that he's sorry. Dante has a dream about of him when he was younger confronting Sonny and him being shot by him.moreless
  • Ep. #11984
    Ep. #11984
    Episode 210
    Sonny is stunned when he realizes he shot his own son, Olivia tells Sonny to call 911. Johnny tells Lulu that Dominic probably changed his mind about arresting Sonny during the christening. Molly and Morgan set Sam and Jason and urges him to propose to her. Lucky struggles to cope with in the wake of his breakup with Elizabeth. Sonny insists on riding in the ambulance with Dante. Jane tells Jax that despite everything Sonny deserves his downfall. Lulu tries to call Dominic's phone but doesn't get an answer. Sam tells Molly that she's not getting married anytime soon, it'll have to be on her terms. Olivia tells Dante to hang in there and he'll fine once the doctor's look at him. Carly makes a toast and thanks everyone for being there for her daughter's christening, and for Jax for making this day go well. Epiphany drops a tray after hearing Sonny tell Steve that Dominic's father. Sonny calls Robin and tells her and Patrick to come to the hospital and keep it discreet. Kristina tells Michael if he told Jason about Dominic being undercover, he says that he's grateful that Jax is helping him. Robin lays into Patrick after realizing he knew about Dominic's paternity. Carly opens a box containing a DVD, Morgan and Molly sneak and peak, Jason hears Franco's voice and listens to his last message for him. Sonny sees that Dominic woke up wondering if he heard him say he was his father.moreless
  • Ep. #11983
    Ep. #11983
    Episode 209
    Jane arrives for the blessed event for Josslyn's christening. Lulu tells Lucky that Elizabeth wouldn't dare show here face. Carly hears Morgan talking with Michael about christened getting them into heaven. Ronnie tells Dominic that he's stalling so Sonny can get away. Jason tells Sonny that everything is set, and that Dominic will die for his betrayal. Jax opens up to Jane about Dominic being undercover an infiltrating Sonny's organization, Jane worries that Carly won't forgive her son after this comes out. Luke tells Elizabeth that he's not going to ream her out cause people make mistakes, but doesn't negate all what did for her son over the years, Lulu says why he's talking to her for. Lucky tells Jason that it's not fair to neglect his promise to Jake by not fulfilling being his father. Sonny calls Dominic and asks him to come over to his place. Michael asks Jax what's taking so long in stopping Sonny from being arrested. Maxie tells Spinelli that it's good that they're here for Lulu. Lulu thanks Lucky for showing up, and says she had no luck with Luke. Robin advises Nikolas to keep his distance from Elizabeth. Lulu and Carly wonder what's keeping both Sonny and Dominic. Dominic takes out his badge, just as Sonny takes out a gun and aims it at him, he opens fire and Olivia sees Dominic on the floor and she tells Sonny he just shot his own son.moreless
  • Ep. #11982
    Ep. #11982
    Episode 208
    Elizabeth returns to work, and can't quite focus and hallucinates hearing people saying what they think of her. Luke offers to go on the run and take the blame for whatever Lucky's planning to do. Johnny tells Olivia that Dominic spent months building a case against Sonny, and she calls whoever tried to get it thrown out. Carly tells Lulu to do whatever it takes to stand by Dominic. Elizabeth stands up and tells everyone to quite their whispering, and Nikolas stops her from making more of a fool of herself. Sonny asks Jason if there's any proof in what Michael said about Dominic. Ethan tells Tracy that Luke and Lucky have gone off galavanting somewhere, she asks if he's feeling left out of the father and son moment. Jason tells Sonny that something has been off lately and learned he helped Graciella take out the trash including the ashes from the fireplace. Ethan finds Lucky and says he would love to teach Nikolas a lesson, but for his sake he won't. Sonny admits to Jason that he felt something about Dominic from the minute he met him. Spinelli gives Jason and Sonny proof that Dominic is an undercover cop. Jax tells Michael to be patient and not to tell Carly anything. Tracy tells Luke that Ethan thinks he has no use to him. Ronnie reveals that Sonny's arrest warrant has come through. Sonny tells Jason that Dominic has to die. Agent Rayner calls Jax saying that Sonny can be arrested at any time. Olivia and Lulu see each other at a church both praying for Dominic's safety.moreless
  • Ep. #11981
    Ep. #11981
    Episode 207
    Jason tells Spinelli that he wants proof of what Michael says is true or not. Lulu wants answers from Dominic at why he told her to leave after he said he loves her. Steve tells everyone that Elizabeth won't be at work for a while. Michael wants to know if Jax is really doing his best to stop the investigation of if he's stallig. Carly asks Johnny if he plans to RSVP Josslyn's christening on Friday, he says it might be cause of what Claudia put her family through. Kiefer tells Kristina that he's made other plans and if she and him have anything in common. Jason wants Spinelli to go back when Dominic was arrested after a raid in a warehouse and was released the same night. Johnny tells Carly that he'd be honored to attend her daughters service. Jax tells Olivia how Carly's gonna feel once she finds out the truth about Dante being a cop and is busting the father of her children. Kristina calls Sam wanting her to come over and it's important, she arrives wanting Sam's help with getting new clothes. Olivia tells Carly that despite everything that's happened she wants to remain friends with her. Steve asks Robin just how bad was Lulu's meltdown was, Robin says she was pretty much putting Elizabeth down. Spinelli gets dire information regarding Dominic. Jason questions Max and Milo if they seen anything strange, but after talking with Graciella he starts to get suspicious.moreless
  • Ep. #11980
    Ep. #11980
    Episode 206
    Carly tells Jason that it's his chance to get Jake out of Elizabeth's care. Mike is brought into the hospital and Ethan explains to Robin and Patrick that he found him in an alley all beaten. Dominic tells Olivia that it's all coming together and the warrant should be in at any time. Sonny thinks Michael is lying about Dominic being an undercover cop, cause if he was he would've busted him by now. Lulu asks Nikolas if he forced Elizabeth to have this tordid affair. Olivia makes a call to find out who's in charge of Sonny's case. Dominic tells Jax that it would be best if he's keeps it hidden that he had part in Sonny's arrest. Sam hears Carly and Jason talking about Jake, and he says he's not his son. Robin calls Sonny and tells him that Mike is hurt and is at the hospital. Lulu and Elizabeth have an encounter and degrades in front of everyone about her affair with Nikolas. Michael interrupts Kristina and Kiefer's private moment, and tells his sister that Dominic is an undercover copJason tells Sam what she thinks of him getting to know his son. Olivia tells Agent Rayner to stop the bust and her son Dante is in fact Sonny's kid. Ethan asks Elizabeth if she's alright after what just happened. Michael goes to Jax saying Sonny is in trouble and that Dominic is actually a cop. Agent Rayer orders the warrant and wants this over and done with. Sonny goes to see Jason and to have him dig into Dominic's past. Jax agrees to help Michael but only if he looks out for Carly at Josslyn's christening and not to tell her about this conversation. Dominic asks Lulu to leave after getting call from Agent Rayner saying Sonny will be arrested on Friday.moreless
  • Ep. #11979
    Ep. #11979
    Episode 205
    Michael continues to overhear Dominic talk with Johnny about bringing Sonny down. Sonny fears Maxie will crack under Mac's questioning, Spinelli comes and tells Jason that Mac came and took Maxie to the station. Diane intervenes and tells Mac she should be interrogating his daughter without her lawyer present. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he found out about them when he saw them together at Wyndemere. Luke tells Tracy that Lucky will see that Elizabeth sleeping with Nikolas to be the ultimate betrayal. Lulu asks Epiphany if they're any A.A. meetings at the hospital and if there's been any pill that have been gone missing lately. Lucky asks Elizabeth when exactly did her affair with Nikolas start, and tells his brother he's a sorry excuse for a man. Dominic tells Olivia that Sonny will be arrested and it's only a matter of time before the warrant comes through. Jason tells Spinelli to go down to the police station to be there for Maxie. Carly drops by and gets caught in the middle of Lucky's outburst. Epiphany tells Lulu that if Lucky is back on taking pills he sure isn't getting them from the hospital. Carly goes to Jason that he can get his son back cause Elizabeth is cheating on Lucky. Lucky tells Luke that he confronted Elizabeth and doesn't feel anything towards her after the names he called her. Michael goes and tells Sonny that he learned Dominic is working undercover with the cops. Lulu learns the truth and lays into Nikolas for doing such a thing to his brother.moreless
  • Ep. #11978
    Ep. #11978
    Episode 204
    Sonny tells Michael that he was never in the running to take over his business and wants him to have a normal life. Jason wants Maxie to tell him everything she saw, she says what she saw proves Sonny killed Claudia. Lulu insists on Elizabeth talking to Lucky and to stage some sort of intervention. Lucky tells Luke that he saw Elizabeth and Nikolas having sex, and he's the only on he told so far. Jason tells Maxie to saying everything she told him to the police but not to say Michael was there with him. Lucky explains that he left after he saw Elizabeth with Nikolas and they didn't even know he was there. Sonny tells Carly that Michael threatened to get rid of Dominic, cause he's being left out. Lulu opens up to Dominic afraid of what's happening to her brother. Maxie agrees to lie to protect Michael. Michael goes ranting off to Jason after learning who Sonny is leaving his organization to. Luke tells Tracy the empty scotch bottles are cause of Lucky, after he found out that Elizabeth is cheating on him with Nikolas. Mac arrives wanting to talk with Maxie about the night Claudia died. Michael hears Dominic talking with Johnny and learns of his secret of him being a cop.moreless
  • Ep. #11977
    Ep. #11977
    Episode 203
    Jason learns Maxie seen Sonny on the night of Claudia's murder. Trac wants Ethan to explain the empty bottles of scotch and wonders if Luke is back in town. Michael tells Morgan that the only reason that Dominic's nice to him is to make himself look good for Sonny. Sonny tells Dominic that he wants him to take over when it's time for him to step down. Ethan tells Lulu that he thinks that Lucky is drinking again. Elizabeth and Nikolas end up sharing an elevator, she says that he doesn't have to resign from the hospital board to stay away from her. Patrick and Lisa explain to Chelsea that the surgery went smoothly. Lucky tells Jason that the reason he's telling him about the witness is cause he trusts him, Jason asks him if anythings bothering him. Carly invites the Edward, Monica and Tracy to Josslyn's christening. Lucky admits to Lulu that he's fallen off the wagon. Jason tells Sam that he's taken himself off of the case and that Maxie was outside Sonny's gate and possibly she seen something. Michael loses it after learing that he wants Dominic to take over the organization. Patrick apologizes to Lisa, cause he was talking with Justin and it reminds of him with his foot out the door, and if it's how she is. Ronnie asks Dominic that they don't have to wait to long for the, Dominic wants him to say that Franco admitted to killing Claudia. Michael flat out threatens to have him eliminated. Lulu tells Nikolas and Elizabeth that Lucky is drinking again. Spinelli and Maxie arrive and Jason asks her to tell him everything she seen that night. Luke sees that Lucky is drowning his sorrows, and Lucky says he got whathe wanted that he's just like him.moreless
  • Ep. #11976
    Ep. #11976
    Episode 202
    Jason tells Diane that Michael killed Claudia and destroying the cabin may have been a mistake. Carly tells Michael that the family needs to discuss the Christening for Josslyn. Lulu encounters Dominic and offers to pick up the stuff she dropped. Spinelli tells Maxie that there's no way that he's cheating on her just to settle things between them. Patrick gets a sobering reminder of his younger days, when someone is brought after been in an accident. Monica tells Tracy she received a letter from Rebecca saying that she's settling in nicely. Lisa tells Patrick that Chelsea's back is broken cause of the accident, and go to tell her the bad news. Edward then lashes at his daughter for taking a letter from Maya Ward, and says that they'll be moving in here, but Monica says that's not happening. Carly and Jax come up with possible godparents for Josslyn, but Jax leaves the decision for both up to Carly. Jason tells Michael that the night Claudia was killed he failed him. Tracy considers Maya's motives in contacting Edward, and thinks it's all about money, Monica humbily agrees. Carly asks Lulu to be Josslyn's god mother. Jason tells Johnny about Sonny's plan to frame Franco for Claudia's murder. Dominic struggles with his guilt over taking Sonny down. Kristina turns to Sam for advice about Kiefer, and what to do when someone gets violent, Sam says flat out for her to get out of the relationship. Lisa tells Chelsea that she'll need surgery to relieve the pressure, and Justin asks if she'll be home. Carly asks Jason to be her daughter's godfather, she then sees the painting, Jason says it might contain clues to what Franco's planning next. Lulu admits to Maxie that she's in love with Dominic and he then admits the same thing to Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #11975
    Ep. #11975
    Episode 201
    Lucky's out for revenge and convinces Nikolas to stay in town. Jason tells Spinelli that Sonny's hair must've been on Claudia's clothing, and to find some way so the blame won't go on him. Tracy stops Nathan and then tells Mike to leave, and lays into Nathan and says that Mike's a gambling addict and will probably have Sonny knocking on their door. Jason tells Sonny about the strand of hair was found and it matched his DNA. Johnny tells Lulu that he knows the truth about Dominic and he being Olivia's son and him being a cop and is gonna watch as he takes Sonny down. Kiefer is glad that Kristina came thinking he'd end up having to serenade her and presents her with heart necklace with their initials, and she enjoys it very much. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he persuaded Nikolas to stay and cause he pretty much needs him right now. Sonny tells Jason that he wants him off of this right now cause he could use a serious break for what he's been through with Franco. Lucky goes to the Haunted Star and Ethan tells him that Luke isn't here at the moment, Ethan then says that Lucky is sounding just like his father. Dominic forces himself to push Lulu away and tells her to leave. Lucky pours himself a glass of alcohol hoping it'll ease the pain. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he'll leave if she really wants him to, but says for him to stay. Sonny sees Olivia and Johnny on the pier together.moreless
  • Ep. #11974
    Ep. #11974
    Episode 200
    Dominic comes to the conclusion that Sonny killed Claudia after hearing Michael and Sonny talk. Patrick tells Lisa that with his skirt chasing days he'd never thought he'd find himself married and settling down. Jason asks Spinelli to make sure the DNA sample found at the cabin doesn't match Michael's. Lucky continues to watch and leaves before Elizabeth can see him. Spinelli makes a troubling discovery. Jason and Sam come home to see his apartment completely redone, and that Spinelli nor Maxie asked him first. Dominic tells Sonny that Michael pretty much threatened, and he's very concerned about him. Spinelli tells Maxie that Jason needs his services, and she asks if she could help. Lucky returns home completely disheveled after what he saw at Wyndemere. Maxie distracts Sly so Spinelli could slip in and get out unnoticed. Nikolas tells Elizabeth to put what happened behind her and to go home to Lucky. Lucky takes a baseball bat and takes his frustrations out before breaking down and starts to cry. Ronnie asks Dominic if he has something concrete on Sonny, he says it's obvious that he witnessed the whole thing, Ronnie says they have enough for a warrant for Sonny's arrest. Elizabeth comes by and Lucky says he just found the living room, and doesn't want her calling the police. Nikolas explains to Spencer that moving to Paris is a good thing and will start a new life together. Olivia suggests that Sonny leave the country, but he wants to know what she wants him to leave. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that the hair that was found wasn't Michael's it was Sonny's. Lucky goes and tries to get Nikolas to stay in town.moreless
  • Ep. #11973
    Ep. #11973
    Episode 199
    Jason is adamantly opposed to Sonny's plan on framing Franco for Claudia's murder, cause he's gone and to stay away. Carly tells Michael after he spaces out to look at her. Sly tells Mac that all they do is compare the DNA and then they'll find their killer. Lulu tells Nikolas that it's probably best if he left for a while. Michael says no to talking to a therapist thinking they'll call the police and turn him in, and says Max will gladly take him back to Port Charles. Dominic tells Mac that the person they need to talk to is Michael. Nikolas prepares to leave for Paris with Spencer and calls Elizabeth and says he's not returning. Sonny tells Jason to come up with a better solution other then framing Franco. Patrick tells Lisa the time that he met Jeff Burton at Jake's and pretty much made a fool of himself in front of him. Elizabeth goes to see Nikolas after learning that Audrey has her kids at the zoo. Michael tells Sly that he needs to see Claudia's body, Sonny intervenes and says no he doesn't. Jason tells Spinelli to hack into the PCPD, and to see if the forensic evidence found in the cabin connects to Michael, he finds that a hair was found. Lucky is told by Alfred that Nikolas is in the turret room, he goes and finds him and Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #11972
    Ep. #11972
    Episode 198
    Dominic asks Olivia flat out why Johnny knew and that she didn't bother to tell him. Nikolas comes looking for Elizabeth but runs into Steve instead, and he says they have to talk. Michael becomes unsettled when he and the family arrive at their cabin. Mac tells Sonny that the autopsy on Claudia came back and it concluded that she was murdered. Lulu confronts Elizabeth at the hospital and says she ran into Lucky and he overheard Nikolas profess his love to her. Johnny tells Dominic that he doesn't care about Sonny at all and wants him to pay for the way he treated his sister. Patrick tells Lisa that he wants her to scrub in on another surgery. Ethan intervenes when he hears Kiefer lashing at Kristina and tells him to back off, and says she could do so much better. Dominic goes to see Ronnie and that since Claudia's autopsy came in, their case should be almost over. Kristina tells Ethan that she wants him to teach her how to play poker. Sonny tells Dominic that this hit and run with Ronnie being involved with Franco's sick games. Patrick shares with Lisa when he and Robin got together, when they went out and bought a couch together. Steve tells Elizabeth that Nikolas stopped by earlier and they talked about his feelings for his little sister. Olivia and Johnny grow closer. Sonny begins to a plan to frame Franco for Claudia's murder. Michael's haunted by memories of killing Claudia when he brings in some wood from outside. Sly tells Mac that the splinters from Claudia are a match from the cabin.moreless
  • Ep. #11971
    Ep. #11971
    Episode 197
    Jason tells Carly that she know what he's doing when she asks him to see Josslyn. Sam asks Lucky if he would chose Elizabeth over Lulu, Lucky says she can't say that cause she's not a mother, and apologizes saying it was out of line. Johnny tells Olivia that he wants to know if the body that was found is Claudia's so he can give her a proper burial. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that if Lucky finds out about them sleeping together then she'll lose him. Michael tells Dominic that he sees right through him, and he's trying to get to Sonny. Maxie gives Lulu her expensive bag as a gift for still being alive. Jason explains to Carly he remains unsettled by thoughts of Franco. Lisa tells Patrick thanks for defending her to Steve and offers to take him out for drinks, Robin intervenes and says she knows what's going on here. Johnny tells Dominic that he knows he's an undercover cop while running into him at the hospital. Sam sees Spinelli covering up Franco's graffiti tag signs and says it's a good way to start. Lucky lays into Jason for him being a reminder of him always trusting the wrong people. Maxie tells Spinelli to stop gawking about Franco cause that's everyone can't stop thinking about, and it's time for a change of scenery. Jax announces a family trip to Stowe for a ski trip, but Michael says he's not going to go. Lucky asks Lulu if she's keeping something from him and if she knew that Nikolas is in love with Elizabeth. Patrick asks Robin if she needs a lift to the airport, she Robin says everything is taken care of. Spinelli tells Johnny that Claudia died from a blow to the head.moreless
  • Ep. #11970
    Ep. #11970
    Episode 196
    Jason tells Sam he can't get Franco out of his head, as he looks up and sees the burned window on his studio. Lucky confronts Nikolas at Wyndemere and his intentions on making moves on Elizabeth. Carly sees Lulu ralling into a desk clerk and says that nobody died last night and she needs time off from work. Sonny tells Michael that Claudia's body may have been found. Elizabeth tells Steve that Nikolas almost left town til she talked him out of it. Lisa tells Patrick and Robin that her patient regained mobility, Epiphany offers another case that just came in. Dominic tells Ronnie that Franco got away, and he found something that he missed before a book which names him as the murderer years ago. Steve tells Elizabeth a story of what happened to him that she's going through and why he left Memphis. Sonny scolds Jason for letting Franco get to him and should've taken him out when he had the chance. Robin tells Steve that Lisa went from another surgery after finishing one without taking a break, and goes to help her. Michael lays into Kristina when she calls their father a career criminal. Sam asks Lucky if he has to choose between Lulu or Elizabeth, and sees that Lulu is listening.moreless
  • Ep. #11969
    Ep. #11969
    Episode 195
    Jason realizes he's been played by Franco when the bomb Sam was standing on didn't go off. Elizabeth gets a call from Alfred saying that Nikolas planning an extended trip. Sonny tells Alexis that he regrets having Kristina hear him go off on Claudia. Nikolas tells Ethan that he's not chasing Rebecca he's just needed to get away. Kristina tells Kiefer that for Sonny she's just a possession, he tells her that he'll always be with her. Lucky lays into Jason for letting his sister die, he gets angrier even more when he realizes the bomb where Sam was held was a fake. Spinelli tells Maxie that there's no information on the explosion of the warehouse and prays that Lulu isn't dead. Alexis is thrilled that Sam is unharmed, and tells Sonny that it isn't over. Lucky sees Lulu being brought out by Dominic and he is glad his sister is alright. Alexis tells Molly that she's heard from Sam and she's okay. Elizabeth pleads with Nikolas not to leave town. Johnny learns that a body was found in the burned up warehouse. Jason warns Lucky before entering Franco's studio and it could be a trap, Franco takes the back stairs and watches as the place blows up from outside.moreless
  • Ep. #11968
    Ep. #11968
    Episode 194
    Michael tells Sonny that he almost called Lucky and confessed everything. Steve asks Robin about the incident with Lisa encountering someone holding a gun to a patient and her not reporting Jason's actions. Lulu screams for someone to come and rescue her. Franco shows Jason a picture of Sam in the plexiglass box. Dominic insists on looking at the old case file and maybe they'd find something that'll lead them to Sam and Lulu. Jason throws the cameras across the room and tells Franco's crew to leave. Alexis asks Sonny what's happened to Sam, and Kristina walks in and says it cause of him she's in trouble. Lucky and Dominic look over some photos from the Tribeca murder involving Franco. Jason explains to Franco that after his accident killing people is the only at first he was good at and how he met Sonny. Dominic sees something in the photo that looks kinda like a bridge. Franco yells at Jason for not doing something with his god gived talent, Jason chokes him, and he reveals where Sam and Lulu are, he tells Jason he can't save them both, and he'll come looking for him when one of them dies. Sonny tells Kristina that Sam can take care of herself. Jason calls Dominic and says Lulu's location and he has only 6 minutes to get to her. Franco makes a video confessing to shooting the man in Tribeca and feeling absolutely nothing. Jason arrives and sees Sam and that he has 17 seconds to disarm. Dominic hurries out of his car and goes into the warehouse to save Lulu.moreless
  • Ep. #11967
    Ep. #11967
    Episode 193
    Sonny realizes Franco has leverage over him, when he says he can do better then a photo. Dominic tells Maxie that she was the intended target and not Lulu, he then calls Jason and says Franco has Lulu. Elizabeth is relieved when Lucky is mad at Nikolas for professing his love for her and basically betraying him. Carly tells off Michael when he blames Jason for their situation. Lulu still remains tied to the chair as the timer continues to countdown. Lisa tells Patrick if he misses all the old thrills they had before. Franco wants Sonny to get Jason to meet him and he'll pick the place. Jason and Dominic find plans for a plexiglass room and fears that Lulu or Sam is in this, Sonny calls Jason saying Franco was just here in his office and to do something about him right away. Lulu manages to get one arm free, she puts it back cause Franco returns to the warehouse. Sonny tells Jason the message Franco's message, all of a sudden they hear an explosion. Carly and Michael reach an emotional breakthrough when says that Claudia was never supposed to die, and she embraces him. Maxie tells Spinelli that Lulu was taken and he's forcing Jason to choose between her and Sam. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Lucky overheard them earlier, but doesn't know that they're sleeping together. Jason figures out that Franco is at the studio, he arrives and Franco is impressed, and insists that he be searched.moreless
  • Ep. #11966
    Ep. #11966
    Episode 192
    Lucky continues to overhear Nikolas profess his love for Elizabeth. Jason demands the truth from Ronnie, he finally says that there's a warehouse in Brooklyn he would hang out. Michael wants to stay and Morgan should go with Jax and Carly. Lulu's in jeopardy. Dominic finds a paper with the numbers indicating a explosive device. Lisa walks in on Ronnie being held at gunpoint by Jason and goes to call security. Patrick then tells Lisa that Robin will handle it cause she and Jason used to date. Jax and Sonny clash over what's best for Michael. Dominic tells Jason that Franco is building a bomb. Maxie comes back to Crimson and sees Olivia there and learns that Lulu is nowhere to be found. Elizabeth worries that Lucky knows about her affair with Nikolas, when he reveals he was listening to what they were saying. Spinelli finds a warehouse that was rented to someone with the name "J. Depp". Max and Milo are interrupted with spraypainting on the glass outside the restaurant. Jason enters the warehouse full intend on finding Franco. Dominic tells Maxie that doesn't it seem weird that Lulu would just up and leave work, and wonders if Franco had abducted her. Franco is brought into Sonny's office by Milo and Max and he threatens to kill him for threatening with his evidence he has against Michael. Lulu is seen in tied to a chair with a bomb underneath with a timer.moreless
  • Ep. #11965
    Ep. #11965
    Episode 191
    Jason shoots the mirror and Franco makes a run for it. Jax calls the police saying that Carly has been abducted. Epiphany starts to see Elizabeth as she was before he life got complicated, Steven says he's impressed and wonders if Nikolas knows that she and him are over. Ronnie gives away nothing when Dominic questions him about his connection to Franco. Maxie tells Lulu that Sam was taken by Franco and Spinelli's been working around the clock helping Jason, Lulu thinks Crimson will be to blame since they brought him here in the first place. Morgan and Michael return home and asks what happened to their mother, and Jax doesn't want Michael calling Sonny. Steve tells Nikolas that he knows about him and Elizabeth and that he doesn't like it. Sonny asks Dominic what his cell phone number was on a file on Lucky's desk. Jason goes upstairs and sees what Franco did to Josslyn's room. Elizabeth approaches Nikolas and says for him to not threaten her brother again. Sonny cautions Dominic to never lie to him again. Lucky tells Jason that what if Franco goes after someone else that he cares about maybe even Jake. Michael calls Sonny and says that Jax is taking him, Morgan and Carly out of the country. Maxie lets herself in Franco's studio and Dominic comes in. Lucky goes to the hospital and overhears Nikolas professing his love for Elizabeth. Jason puts a gun to Ronnie and wants the truth about Franco and why he ran him down. Lulu ends up falling into Franco's clutches, but says she'll have to do since he wanted Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #11964
    Ep. #11964
    Episode 190
    Sam finds herself in a box and sees Franco taking pictures of her. Jason asks Lucky to meet with him and that Sam is missing, and to arrest him for Claudia's murder. Carly sees Michael holding Josslyn. Sonny asks Dominic to get Claudia's body back, and is confident he won't let him down. Ronnie tells Lulu that he's grateful for her calling 911 and getting him to the hospital in time. Lucky tells Jason he's been suspecting Franco for a while and the way Joey Limbo's body was posed. Franco reveals his plan for Jason to Sam about making him choose, he turns off the microphone and goes off to finish what he started. Johnny wakes up in a sweat and tells Olivia and says he had dream about his sister wanting to find her. Michael walks in and asks what Sonny was telling Dominic about. Mayor Floyd commends Lucky on Jason's arrest thinking it's the beginning to bring down organized crime. Sonny gets a call saying Jason was arrested. Carly hears rattling and immediately goes to check on Josslyn and dshe finds Franco standing over the crib. Lucky tells Jason that this went better then he imagined, and he didn't have to lie to Mac or the Mayor. Michael panics when he learns Claudia's body is missing, Sonny convinces him to stick to the plan. Franco takes Carly to his studio and for her to tell the police that Jason didn't kill Claudia and it was Michael. Dominic thinks the hit and run with Ronnie isn't a coincidence. Mac tells Lucky that something's wrong and there's no arrest report and Jason's nowhere to be found and he shows the information about the arrester tagger. Dominic tells Lulu he thinks there's a connection between Ronnie and Franco, he thinks he let a serial killer walk. Jax hears Josslyn crying and sees that the room is tagged. Sam is unaware that a bomb slowly counts down. Jason busts in the studio and Carly says that Franco is waiting for him.moreless
  • Ep. #11963
    Ep. #11963
    Episode 189
    Maxie's determined to make ammends with Spinelli by once again get him to cheat on her so they can move past the thing with Franco. Epiphany tells Patrick and Robin that they're New Year's Eve plans will have to wait since someone was brought into the E.R. Max comes by requesting Spinelli's services cause he's convinced that Diane is cheating on him while commuting back and from Philadelphia. Alexis explains to Mac that Molly's intentions were good, Mac asks her to the Metro Court for New Year's Eve. Elizabeth surprises Lucky by recreating an old memory, but uses Jake's since Luke's old club is closed. Kristina and Molly set up Alexis with Mac, and they believe they've succeeded. Lisa offers to scrub in on a surgery involving spinal curvature. Alexis and Mac encounter trouble when the car starts having problems. Kiefer tells Kristina that he's glad he's able to be with her tonight, and is forgiven for the times he screwed up. Matt asks Robin if she feels comfortable with Lisa and Patrick doing surgery together. Spinelli tells Max that he finds information saying that there's no indication of Diane having an affair, Diane shows up and Max says he's determined to prove of her transgressions, she explains she never cheated on him with anyone. Kiefer tells Kristina that she's made excuses in the past not to sleep with him and pushes away when he touches, he insults her and storms out. Elizabeth gets out her old guitar thinking Lucky would play something for her. Everyone wishes each other a Happy New Year. Franco is dressed and humbily has a dinner by himself.moreless
  • Ep. #11962
    Ep. #11962
    Episode 188
    Franco answers the door to get the flowers that are for Sam and sends the delivery man on his way. Dominic tells Lulu that he's taking her to the opera as to his promise he made. Lucky catches Michael drinking and driving, Michael says it doesn't change anything about Claudia. Olivia sees Johnny looking at her laying into Lisa about sitting with Sonny. Alexis tells Kristina and Molly that he like Mac just not in the way they want her too. Jason wants Spinelli to cross reference the places that Franco has been recently, Spinelli thinks that Jason should be with Sam tonight. Johnny tells Olivia that he knows who killed Claudia. Maxie shows up and Jason tells her that he doesn't have time for this right now. Lucky brings Michael home and is surprised by a birthday party, and tells that he was pulled over for drunk driving, Carly is told that he took over before the cop could arrest him and brought him home. Lulu thanks Dominic for a wonderful evening and the best date ever, and they share a kiss, and they get interrupted. Michael gets his car taken away cause of his reckless behaviour and will get it back when he's earned it. Jason gets suspicious when he doesn't find Sam in her penthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #11961
    Ep. #11961
    Episode 187
    Johnny arrives and gives Jason the photo he has and for him to say it's not what he thinks it's is. Lisa stops by the restaurant and Sonny says it's closed for a private party, she thinks it being a front for organized crime. Patrick and Robin prepare for a night on the town. Franco works out his frustrations why painting, and starts to get some things together. Lulu tells Maxie that Laura was the Santa and Luke was always the scrooge, Dominic arrives telling Lulu to get ready to go out. Jason tells Johnny the truth about Michael killing Claudia. Spinelli asks Sam how her Christmas was, cause he spent the day with Maxie but is still reeling over her and Franco. Patrick takes Robin to a room at the Metro Court. Kristina and Molly tell Sam that it's only a matter of time before their mother and Mac are together, they hide when Alexis shows up and she tells Sam to explain to her sisters that she and Mac are never gonna happen. Olivia seethes when she sees Sonny flirting with Lisa. Jason wonders why Franco sent Johnny the photo. Olivia hears Lisa tells Sonny how he could afford an estate on a restaurants manage's salary, but he says he owns the place. Sam gets ready to go in her hot tub, Franco then lets himself into her apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #11960
    Ep. #11960
    Episode 186
    Laura's spirit watches over her family on Christmas Eve. Patrick and Robin are glad to have a nice quiet Christmas together and no unexpected family drop ins. Ethan tries to get Luke to join in the fun at Lucky's. Carly tries to get her hands on the present Jax got her, she successfully gets Morgan to say where it's hidden. Spinelli has it out with Maxie after seeing the big tree seeing that it covers her guilt, Lulu is caught in the middle and is glad that Dominic and then takes her to her brother's house. Ethan tells Lucky that he did his best with Luke and isn't coming over. Morgan, Jax and Michael rush to Carly when she falls off the roof. Tracy comes to Lucky and Elizabeth's party thinking this is what she needs other then staying at her place. Mac drops Maxie's gift off and sees that she's very upset, and then says he's taking her to Robin's. Matt interrupts Robin and Patrick and arrives with Lisa to spread a little holiday to his brother. Kristina and Molly conspire to get Alexis and Mac together, they then share a kiss under the mistletoe. Lucky brings Luke to his place as Ethan is reading the Christmas story. Carly is touched when Michael and Morgan reveal their present of them with baby Josslyn.moreless
  • Ep. #11959
    Ep. #11959
    Episode 185
    Lucky sees Rebecca and Elizabeth arguing when he thought they were passed that. Sonny wants Kristina, Morgan and Michael over for a festive feast, but he should've planned it better cause his kids all have plans. Jason discovers that Franco wants to meet at a restaurant, he then receives an envelope containing Josslyn's hat. Dominic says to Lulu if she hadn't found Ronnie when she did he would be dead. Olivia comes to see Sonny regarding the bill concerning Claudia's party, and he asks her if she would like to stay for dinner. Jason goes to see Carly and gives her the hat saying it was left for him as a message for him. Lucky takes Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake to the lot to get a tree for Christmas. Nikolas brings flowers to Emily's grave and Rebecca overhears it from afar. Jason comes home to find that Sam has a tree decorated by the window, and says that Franco has officially made this personal. Rebecca meets someone named Aaron while on the plane that's ready to take off to Paris and they begin to hit it off. Sam tells Jason that he didn't invite Franco into his life cause he's seriously disturbed. Franco's studio is shown featuring a tree that has ornaments with pictures of the citizens of Port Charles.moreless
  • Ep. #11958
    Ep. #11958
    Episode 184
    Rebecca tells Lucky and the rest that she'll be leaving Port Charles and needs to do this for herself. Carly sees through Franco and the two headed coin he had to get her tree, he gets shaky when he sees Josslyn. Robin treats Ronnie and he fights her every step of the way. Sonny tells Jax that it's not too late and to use his connections to get the investigation buried. Franco tells Carly she can go ahead and have the tree and not to take her beautiful daughter for granted and opens up about his daughter who died and to say hi to her friend and he knows where to find him. Jason finds a formidable opponent in Franco. Lucky sees that Rebecca has no regrets and changed her mind about telling him something important. Robin thanks Steve for stepping in when he did, cause considering her H.I.V. status, Patrick comes to Robin and says that the patient wasn't infected at all. Jason tells Dominic that if Franco comes back to shoot him on sight. Lucky sees Luke buying a tree for the Haunted Star and catches him with contrabrand cigars. Lisa lays into Patrick for not telling her about Robin's health issues. Carly looks all over and can't find Josslyn's hat anywhere. Franco goes to see Ronnie in the hospital, and tells Lulu that it doesn't look good for him. Sam and Spinelli tell Jason they suspect Franco maybe a serial killer. Monica and Tracy argue over the star on top of the tree, Rebecca comes and says she's taking Monica up on her offer to go to Paris, Edward feels she should stay in town. Lulu finds the CO77X tag sign and calls Dominic that Ronnie was involved in a hit and run, he and Jason head over to the hospital. Patrick helps Lisa pick out a tree. Rebecca clashes with Elizabeth saying secrets have a way of coming out, and Lucky overhears it. Jason reads Ronnie's note that Franco wants him to choose. Franco enters the restaurant and says he has a package for Jason Morgan and he'll wait.moreless
  • Ep. #11957
    Ep. #11957
    Episode 183
    Rebecca's on the verge of spilling the beans to Lucky, but Elizabeth and Nikolas come in preventing her from doing that. Franco starts toying with Jason by staying one step ahead of him. Ronnie cautions Dominic that he shouldn't look into old cases using his password cause Sonny has moles in the PCPD. Carly brings Josslyn to visit Sonny saying what she would want for her daughter for Christmas. Jason tells Spinelli that Franco does in fact have Claudia's dead body. Elizabeth explains to Rebecca the time when she was raped while waiting for Lucky to show up, and Lucky remembers finding her in the woods. Kristina brings some cookies for Sonny and says that it wouldn't have been a good idea if he had been there. Jason tells Spinelli and Sam to stay out of sight and to get a tree. Franco asks Ronnie who meet in an alley the reason he wasn't arrested for that shooting years ago is cause he owed him. Sonny asks Kristina what she would like to do for the holidays, she suggests midnight mass Christmas Eve. Maxie urges Lulu to go for it with Dominic. Franco reminds Ronnie of their arrangement to watch his back always. Jason and Dominic enter Franco's studio, Jason finds the bracelet that Claudia was wearing that night. Lulu tells Steve that some car just ran that person over and didn't stop. Sonny asks Jax to call in some favors for Michael. Franco bumps into Carly at the Christmas tree lot both have eyes for the same tree.moreless
  • Ep. #11956
    Ep. #11956
    Episode 182
    Franco outlines a map and finds out where Claudia is buried. Jason warns Sonny of Franco's knowledge of Michael involved in Claudia's murder, Sonny asks why didn't he shoot Franco right there. Nikolas sees Lucky on the pier and that Rebecca wants to tell him something important. Dominic tells Olivia that he thinks that Michael knows about Claudia's murder. Spinelli asks Sam if all the men she slept with was considered cheating on Jason. Elizabeth begins to crack under pressure she feels and snaps at Epiphany, but Steven asks to speak to his little sister. Nikolas is relieved when Rebecca asks Lucky to play a game of pool at Jake's. Steve tells Elizabeth to prioritize her duties to prevent her from Epiphany's wrath. Sam assures Spinelli that there's no way that Maxie is gonna break up with him if he doesn't have an affair. Dominic can't decide if he should use Michael to bust Sonny. Epiphany tells Nikolas that Elizabeth didn't bother to sign and doesn't know when she'll be back. Sam tells both Spinelli and Maxie that infedelity is a bad idea and to deal with the situation together. Elizabeth hears Steve telling Nikolas and wonders what they're discussing. Ronnie tells Dominic that they need one major piece of evidence. Sonny warns Michael to keep his mouth shut around Lucky. Lucky tells Rebecca the time he and Luke hustled pool in pubs in Ireland years ago. Jason figures out Franco's next move, they go and see that someone dig up Claudia. Franco returns to his studio holding the bracelet that she wearing that night.moreless
  • Ep. #11955
    Ep. #11955
    Episode 181
    Ethan and Luke have it out, and says for him not to try to reach him. Dominic suspect Michael knows more then he's saying. Maxie confesses to Spinelli about sleeping with Franco, she's stunned cause he already knew that. Lucky tells Sonny he's gonna step down and the cop that replaces him isn't going to be so understanding. Patrick and Steve get into over the death of Lisa's patient. Kiefer helps Kristina and her family decorate the tree. Maxie has an unusual request for Spinelli for him to go and have an affair if not then it's over. Michael watches as she sees Carly and Jax put the lights on the tree. Alexis tells Diane that she can't join her practice cause of the criminals she defends. Jax presents Carly with a gift and she sees that it's a tree ornament Josslyn's name on it. Kiefer feels uncomfortable when Ethan arrives at the house. Lucky advises Dominic to focus on Michael. Steve tells Patrick that it's time they settle their differences by playing darts with Lisa and Robin. Luke tells Sonny he refuses to get between Michael and Lucky. Dominic does what Lucky wanted him to do and that's keep an eye on Michael. Spinelli tells Maxie that he doesn't want to stoop low to cheating on her with some random girl. Lucky warns Carly that the truth about Michael will come out. Michael tells Dominic that Sonny made sure that Claudia will never be found.moreless
  • Ep. #11954
    Ep. #11954
    Episode 180
    Dominic and Lucky read that there were several unsolved murders in Paris and the victims were posed like in Franco's photos. Tracy asks Luke why he doesn't open up to her, Nikolas then comes in and Luke tells him to get out. Robin offers to scrub in on Lisa's surgery thinking she'll be able to help. Jason shows Spinelli the compromising photo of Maxie, and it being the only way to see if the picture of Claudia's body was used with Franco's camera. Nikolas picks a fight with Luke and Lucky arrives and breaks it up and asks what is going on here. Maxie and Lulu set out on a mission by entering into Franco's studio and encounter Franco's agent Gillian. Lucky tells Luke that it looked like he and Nikolas were making peace and he's starting fights and calling him a liar. Sam tells Jason that she's afraid of what she thinks Franco is doing to him. Coleman and Kate enjoy a nice talk while he serves her a drink at Jake's. Patrick gets a visit from the woman's brother and he lays into him about he screwed up and let his sister. Lulu comes home and someone is seen in the shadows, she then screams, Dominic apologizes for scaring here and stayed around when Lucky left. Jason tells Maxie that he had no choice but to show Spinelli the picture Franco took of her. Steve steps in to explain to Mr. Kwon the condition of his sister cause she had severe spinal injuries. Robin asks Lisa where she worked before joining the staff at General Hospital. Maxie shows up at Spinelli's office and tells him to pick a magazine.moreless
  • Ep. #11953
    Ep. #11953
    Episode 179
    Franco tells Jason that he was in fact following him that night when Michael killed Claudia, Jason flat out asks Franco what he wants. Dominic realizes that Franco used his booking number as part of his tag sign. Nikolas thinks this is perfect that if Rebecca is with Lucky then they could be together, cause he feels it's more then an affair to him. Sonny works his charm on Olivia. Maxie tells Spinelli that she wants to spend time with him and reprioritize her life, but haven't made the best choices lately, Spinelli's upset that Maxie didn't tell him about Franco says that he has pressing matters to attend to. Franco tells Jason what's keeping hom from taking out his gun and blowing him away at this very moment, Jason sees he's trying hard to make this happen. Mac tells Dominic what's one of Sonny's men gonna feel if one of them seem him hanging cause he has contacts in this department. Jason tells Sam that Franco's completely nuts and is obsessed with him. Spinelli goes to confront Franco and he ends up using him to send a message to Jason a message to next time to show him some respect. Maxie tells Coleman that she thinks that Spinelli made that thing up so he cold leave. Spinelli gives Jason the message and says that Franco could've killed him. Maxie tells Lulu she's going back to Franco's studio to find the compromising photos of her. The woman calls Franco and says that Port Charles police are looking for him, he thinks that he has something better in mind.moreless
  • Ep. #11952
    Ep. #11952
    Episode 178
    Rebecca tells Ethan that she should be more careful when crossing the street from now on. Spinelli learns that Maxie has been unfaithful, but hears that she doesn't know everything, he leaves after being heartbroken. Lucky figures out the truth about Dominic, and asks if Olivia knows he's a cop. Jason asks Franco why he summoned him to his studio. Sonny asks Diane to get Claudia off the radar and to have her declared a missing person, she knows who this is about when Olivia walks in the room. Franco tells Jason that they're the same, and gets angry and then thought it was a test to tick him off, he thinks it's going to be more difficult. Rebecca asks to speak to Nikolas alone, he then sees that she desperately wants something. Steven tells Elizabeth that she made a mistake with a patient and for her to sign out and go home. Franco tells to come out and asks him if he saw him kill Claudia. Sonny pulls a fast one on Johnny by sending on "assignment". Lulu comes in saying she can explain everything but realizes that Lucky knows the truth about Dominic being a cop and tells Lucky that Luke cannot know. Jason asks Franco why he killed Joey Limbo, he says he was cleaning up his mess. Elizabeth opens up to Steve about her affair with Nikolas that being why she's so messed up. Rebecca wants to strike a deal with Nikolas by saying that she wants to be with Lucky and if he spoils it she'll bury him. Franco tells Jason that he control himself. Olivia walks into a nicely decrorated room and sees that Sonny arranged it for her. Lucky shows a photo and Dominic id's him as the tagger. Franco tells Jason that Michael got really messed up after killing his father's wife.moreless
  • Ep. #11951
    Ep. #11951
    Episode 177
    Franco prepares for Jason's arrival. Elizabeth goes to see Rebecca and sees her with Lucky, she says they've been talking about her. Dominic tells Lulu that he finally remembers where he seen that graffiti tag, cause some spray painted that same thing over in Manhattan. Max tells Jason that Franco returned to the studio and seen them and waved at them. Coleman refuses to serve Johnny cause he doesn't think drowning his sorrows is the right thing to do, he then calls Olivia. Dominic and Lulu team up to figure out who the tagger is. Ethan tells Nikolas that Rebecca is fine no thanks to him. Sam tells Spinelli that Jason is going to confront Franco. Rebecca meets Steve and she heard all about him from Monica and Edward about him being the new chief of staff, Elizabeth asks her what she plans to tell her brother about her. Johnny's conflicted about how to proceed with Olivia. Sam fears for Jason's life when he heads out to meet Franco. Sonny convinces Carly to keep quiet about Michael. Maxie comes by and is glad that Sam is here alone, Sam lets it's slip that Maxie slept with Franco unaware that Spinelli heard everything as he opens the door. Lucky catches Dominic in the restricted area and he says he better have a good reason for being in here. Jason comes in and he sees all the newspaper articles and a photo of him with Claudia's body, Franco shows himself saying that it took him long enough, and introduces himself.moreless
  • Ep. #11950
    Ep. #11950
    Episode 176
    Nikolas realizes he hit Rebecca and goes to check on her on the side of the road. Edward visits Elizabeth and asks why she hasn't come to terms with Rebecca. Sonny finds Dominic in Jax's office and him being place that he's not wanted. Michael tells Lucky that he's a traitor to his family and isn't telling anything about Claudia. Rebecca is brougt into the E.R. and Nikolas calls Elizabeth and says he hit her with his car. Jason brings Michael home and for him to sit down cause he's only going to tell him this once. Robin and Lisa argue on when Rebecca should be operated on. Patrick meets the new Cheif of Staff at General Hospital Steven Webber. Jason tells Michael that he felt embarrassed by him at the way he spoke to Lucky and to apologize to his mother. Elizabeth is glad that Steve is here cause she needs her big brother right now. Carly tells Jax that there's no way that Michael is going back to Sonny's. Patrick agrees with Robin to wait til the medication works before Rebecca can be operated on. Edward learns that Nikolas is the person that hit Rebecca, and wants him arrested, Lucky says Mac put him in charge of the investigation. Jason tells Sonny that Franco is the one that sent that photo, Sonny says to find this man and take him out if he's a threat to Michael. Jax makes a surprising decision by erasing Sonny's incriminating comments to save his own marriage. Michael says he's not confessing to anything. Rebecca wants to talk to Lucky cause it's really important.moreless
  • Ep. #11949
    Ep. #11949
    Episode 175
    Jax calls Dominic and says he has a recording of Sonny admitting to the crime. Maxie surprises Jason when she shows up at Franco's studio, Jason tells him not to underestimate Franco and he's capable of anything including murder. Lucky sees that Luke isn't going to tell him what he wants to say. Rebecca lays into Elizabeth for sleeping with Nikolas and being a vindictive tramp and cheating on Lucky. Lulu realizes that Jax knows that Dominic is a cop. Cameron tells Rebecca that he wants to hear Rebecca's story. Carly sees Morgan playing a game on Jax's phone, he says not for him to play on that. Spinelli enters and sees Maxie in the loft and apologizes cause he openly left the address for her to see. Luke gives Lucky some advice and before he can get a word out Ethan attacks Nikolas when he comes in. Jax gives Dominic what he needs to arrest Sonny. Rebecca threatens to expose Nikolas and Elizabeth's affair. Michael goes to Jake's and Coleman refuses to serve him and Michael says that his father wants to see him happy. Jax and Carly work their way towards a reconciliation. Jason tells Sam that Franco wanted him to see this place for a reason, and he'll come out will want him to find him. Coleman lets Jason know that Michael is here stirring up all kinds of trouble. Elizabeth calls Nikolas and tells him that Rebecca knows about them. Jason tells Michael to stop and to quit yelling at Lucky.moreless
  • Ep. #11948
    Ep. #11948
    Episode 174
    Jax tells Dominic that Olivia is on his way to see Sonny right now. Olivia tells Sonny she came here to talk not to have dinner with him. Jason finds the hooded jacket that the homeless man was wearing that night he waved at him. Rebecca continues to watch and sees Nikolas and Elizabeth together. Lucky asks Michael why he feels guilty for Claudia's disappearance. Tracy asks Ethan why he thinks that Luke is so down in the dumps, Luke arrives and says that it has to do with Lucky. Jason calls Sam to come over and help him, and she sees that Jason was right about Franco. Sonny charms Olivia, but Dominic ruins the moment. Spinelli tells Maxie that it's safe to come in cause Jason isn't home and is at Franco's studio right now as we speak. Sonny asks Dominic what his problem and why he can't kiss Olivia. Carly tells Jax that he was right and she should've got Michael to come clean about him killing Claudia. Franco watches from up above as Jason and Sam have a look around. Rebecca tells Ethan that he was right about Nikolas all along and was definately fooling herself. Jason settles in and waits for Franco. Lucky goes to see Nikolas and says that he's moving forward with his marriage to Elizabeth. Rebecca goest to see Elizabeth who's drunk and says she knows what she and Nikolas did tonight. Jason sees that the doorknob is rattling and prepares in case if it's Franco.moreless
  • Ep. #11947
    Ep. #11947
    Episode 173
    Jason and Spinelli try to figure out Franco's painting, and discover some numbers on it. Nikolas rejects Rebecca and tells her he will never love her. Olivia tells Jax that she's concerned for Dominic's safety if and when Sonny find out he's an undercover cop. Sonny tells Dominic that he's worried about Johnny being with Olivia and him possibly doing something crazy like Anthony would do. Elizabeth wants to know why Lucky is ending their engagement. Michael tells Carly that he went out to the cabin where he killed Claudia, she asks him why he did that. Sonny is told by Carly that Michael skipped class and is irate when he went back to the cabin. Lulu tells Dominic that whatever he decides to do with Sonny is his call, and explains the real reason that she invited him over here. Jason and Spinelli realizes the numbers indicate an address, and learns that warehouse was rented by someone using Jason Morgan's name. Elizabeth goes to see Nikolas and tells him that she still wants him to be her husband. Rebecca tells Lucky that it's officially over between her and Nikolas and make a total fool out of herelf. Jax calls Dominic and says there's a situation concerning Sonny and for him to come to his office right away. Jason enters the studio unaware he's being watched by Franco. Rebecca returns to Wyndemere and is shocked when she sees Nikolas and Elizabeth making love. Jax tells Dominic to go and stop Olivia from telling Sonny the truth about him. Lucky tells Carly that he's not buying her story of the night Josslyn was born, Michael says to leave her alone and Lucky gets suspicious when he mentions Claudia being dead.moreless
  • Ep. #11946
    Ep. #11946
    Episode 172
    Jason questions Maxie about Franco and says for her not to leave anything out. Lucky tells Nikolas that he's ending his engagement to Elizabeth. Dominic explains to Jax that the warrant is coming anytime soon cause there wasn't any sufficient evidence. Sonny sees Olivia and Johnny and apologizes for interrupted them. Lucky tells Nikolas that in his heart he can sense that something isn't right. Elizabeth tells Robin that how she thinks how Lucky will react when she betrayed him with his brother. Spinelli walks in as Jason tries to get her to remember if she heard anything, she goes to him and says she tired of their living arrangements. Jason tells Maxie if she's not goint to help in finding Franco then for her to get out. Kate tells Sonny that Olivia has always loved him. Rebecca tells Lucky that Nikolas seemed relieved after he ended things with her. Spinelli finds Maxie and apologizes for Jason yelling at her. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she has a beautiful dream and that it's never going to happen. Jason tells Spinelli that if Franco knows about Michael killing Claudia then he has to do something about it. Sonny becomes suspicious when Dominic badgers him with questions about Claudia's death. Jason thinks that Franco is trying to send him a message. Rebecca sets out to seduce Nikolas in the stables. Elizabeth is crushed when Lucky tells her the engagement is off.moreless
  • Ep. #11945
    Ep. #11945
    Episode 171
    Olivia tells Johnny he's the one she wants to be with. Sonny tells Dominic why he's questioning his authority. Jason and Sam want to find out more about Franco. Maxie takes the envelope from Spinelli before he can see the photos of her. Luke takes Luke and Lulu to Jake's to see where their business goes. Franco points a paintball gun and shoots at photos of the citizens of Port Charles. Kiefer sees Kristina and approaches her about flirting with Ethan. Blake welcomes everyone to another night of karaoke, Diane performs "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Your's" to Max. Carly comes in sees Kristina manhandling her. Ronnie tells Dominic that the recording isn't enought to issue a warrant. Jason takes the paper off and asks Sam what the message Franco is saying in the painting. Maxie asks Jason to promise not to tells Spinelli about the photos. Alexis and Mac they perform a duet and ends their song with a kiss. Olivia tells Johnny that the kiss with Sonny was a mistake and she wants to stay and be with him instead. Luke and Ethan sing down the house with their song. Carly tells Sonny that she seen Kristina and Kelly's and that Kiefer guy isn't good for her and should go and talk with her. Dominic asks Lulu to dance outside in the alley.moreless
  • Ep. #11944
    Ep. #11944
    Episode 170
    Olivia regrets letting Sonny kiss her and tells him that it was a mistake. Jason shows Maxie the photos he received, Maxie says that she didn't know what Franco was doing until it was too late. Robin opens up to Elizabeth and says that Nikolas to her about the affair. Dominic tells Jax that the evidence that he got is with his superiors and is getting a warrant soon. Patrick learns that Lisa is considering taking a postion as an orthapedic surgeon at General Hospital, Matt thinks that she could do some good here. Jax asks Olivia to keep his secret. Johnny tells Olivia that he's tried to walk away but he can't. Elizabeth tells Robin that she loves Lucky but can't get her mind off of Nikolas. Lucky admits to Nikolas that he's once considered calling off the engagement on more then one occasion. Maxie asks Jason why would Franco send the photos to him of all people, unless it isn't art but something else. Patrick gets Lisa to assist on the accident victim that came into the hospital. Jason tells Sam that Franco blindfolded Maxie and took her to his gallery, Sam wonders what his deal with Jason is. Maxie goes to Lucky and enlists his help in finding Franco. Sam tells Jason to attend the art showing and buy one of his pieces and to meet him too. Nikolas advises Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth. Spinelli sets his laptop on the desk and the envelope containing the photos of Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #11943
    Ep. #11943
    Episode 169
    Franco goes through the photos of Maxie in the chalk outlining. Jason tells Sam that he went back to the scene and that there's no way that the homeless man saw him kill those men. Lulu grabs the tape player from Dominic and hears a recorded conversation with Sonny and him. Franco tells his associate that he's going to use Maxie as bait. Maxie makes an admission to Spinelli that she's ruined her life, but she says that its' her job cause she didn't deliver Franco. Dominic debates turning incriminating evidence about Sonny. Elizabeth tells Diane of her plans to sell her house and build a house on a lot outside of town, and refuses to accept any money from Jason. Dominic decides to forward with turning him in after seeing him and Olivia together and calls Ronnie. Sam tells Spinelli that she and Jason would love to help on getting information on Franco. Lucky asks Elizabeth what he just walked in, cause it seemed a little tense. Spinelli traces Franco's passport and says he's been in the U.S. for almost two months. Dominic presents Ronnie with the tape recording thinking he has enough for a warrant. Franco tells his associate that to make it quick cause he'll be expecting company real soon. Jason receives an envelope containing pictures of Maxie in the chalk outlining.moreless
  • Ep. #11942
    Ep. #11942
    Episode 168
    Rebecca comes to the Quartermaine's just as Monica has given up thinking it'll be her, Alice, Edward and Tracy. Maxie tells Lulu that last night she slept with Frano, Lulu asks if she plans on telling Spinelli. Morgan schemes to bring Jax and Carly closer together. Molly tells Diane she can't stay for dinner and admits her plans to her about fixing her mother up with Mac. Matt brings Lisa to the house, Robin then feels threatened when she and Patrick embrace. Michael learns that Morgan sabatoged Carly's car so they can stay. Spinelli tells Diane the reason that he summoned her is cause of Max and cause of the accident he's unable to perform. Robin, Sam, Molly and play matchmaker between Alexis and Mac. Kristina asks Ethan if he ever celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia, he says he headed to have dinner with Luke and Tracy. Alexis shows up and she immediately thinks that something is up, and can see that everyone is doing, Mac and Alexis admit that they've been fixed up. Diane tells Milo to leave so she can talk to Max alone. Edward allows Ethan to stay for Thanksgiving cause he and Rebecca were there with him after the carnival incident.moreless
  • Ep. #11941
    Ep. #11941
    Episode 167
    Jason fears Franco will name him as the one who shot Joey Limbo. Lucky visits Anthony and tells him about Joey Limbo's death. Sonny takes Olivia back to her place, she finds Johnny already there. Spinelli asks Jason why would a famous artist dress up like a homeless man. Dominic tells Lulu that he's seen better art at the Metropolitan, and this Franco guy seems like a whack job. Maxie gives Franco a taste by blindfolding him and asks him what he senses. Lucky questions Sonny about the shooting and the unusual way that Joey's body was posed on his side pointing in a direction. Franco asks Maxie if she ever plans to marry her boyfriend, she says she tried but didn't go through with it. Johnny asks Olivia how she can keep lying about her son Dante being an undercover cop, she says that she constantly lives in fear cause he might end up dead. Franco and Maxie kiss passionately and they start to make love there in his studio. Spinelli leaves a message for Maxie, Lucky interrupts him asking why every gangster in Port Charles arrived to see Franco's work. Maxie realizes that Franco drove before he can asks him to do the photoshoot for Crimson. Olivia tells Johnny that he'll probably think he'll never trust or forgive her, but she didn't lie that she loved him, Johnny promises that he won't tell Sonny the truth but will watch as Sonny's put behind bars.moreless
  • Ep. #11940
    Ep. #11940
    Episode 166
    Sonny has Olivia attend the gallery opening with him, which gives him an alibi in the wake of the shooting. Dominic offers to be Lulu's escort and she realizes that he needs an alibi. Maxie sees someone in one of the exhibit's and realizes that it's Franco himself. Lucky comes and tells Jason that the shooting tonight, something was off about it. Luke tells Tracy he's glad that she brought him here tonight cause tonight is going to be interesting. Dominic tells Lulu that he's somehow drawn to Franco's art and it reminds him of something. Luke asks Franco what's the deal with the crime scene motif in his display. Jason learns that someone stood on Joey crushing his windpipe and killing him. Tracy asks Jax why Sonny is on the guest list, and he says it's only a matter of time before someone puts him away for good. Sonny asks Franco if he put alot of imagination in his art. Franco asks Maxie to introduce him to Jason, but Jason says no, Franco uses a familiar wave goodbye. Jason tells Spinelli that they have to leave. Franco whisks Maxie away to his studio, but has to wear a blindfold so she won't know the location. Jason instructs Spinelli to get the footage of Franco waving at him and it being similar to the homeless guy's and if that's a coincidence. Maxie slaps Franco after realizing she's laying in a chalk outlining, cause her sister was murdered Franco apologizes, but Maxie sees that his studio is pretty amazing.moreless
  • Ep. #11939
    Ep. #11939
    Episode 165
    Johnny wants Olivia that he does feel foolish that there was a cop under his nose this whole time. Joey instructs the men once Sonny and Jason are seperate from the car and no one is to get out of this alive. Lucky almost catches Elizabeth and Nikolas's and intimate moment, Elizabeth sees one of Nikolas's cuff links on the floor. Kate isn't pleased that the flowers are late for the big Franco exhibit, and tries to get Maxie to persuade Franco to do the shoot. Elizabeth manages to get the cuff link with her foot to keep Lucky from seeing it. Johnny learns that Olivia knew of Dominic's agenda by getting his job with Sonny, and wants to know why he didn't tell him the truth. Franco witness the shootout from the alley. Olivia admits to Johnny that Claudia knew the truth about her son and made her break up with him. Sam tells Spinelli that they're both grateful for getting the job to uphold security for the art show at Crimson tonight, Spinelli says that it's an important night for Maxie. Jason sees a man on the sidewalk waving to him as the limo containing him and Sonny drives away. Elizabeth nearly comes clean with Lucky, but he gets a page saying that there were shots fired. Sonny blames Anthony for the ambush and thanks Dominic for saving his life, Jason says there was a witness some homeless guy on the street. Jason tells Spinelli that he needs him here and needs to find the witness. Lucky tells Mac that after looking at the aftermath of the shootout that something is seriously off. Franco makes a phone call requesting someone's assitance. Spinelli finds a surveillance and Jason identifies him and it shows him looking into the camera and waving, and calls Sonny and says they should be out in public that'll mean they have nothing to hide. Franco says he has to go cause people are expecting him.moreless
  • Ep. #11938
    Ep. #11938
    Episode 164
    Johnny asks Olivia where she got the photo from. Lucky finds a "For Sale" sign thinking this is what he and Elizabeth need. Rebecca admits to Nikolas that she somehow knew the truth but couldn't face it. The mysterious man slam something down on a picture of Jason breaking the glass. Spinelli tells Maxie that he made a final walk through. Olivia tels Johnny that Dominic brought it and told her that he thinks that he took the picture out of grief. Sonny tells Dominic that Max and Milo will be taking them but won't be going in. Jason unburdens himself to Carly saying he doesn't have time to talk cause he has to get ready for a meeting. Elizabeth suggests selling the house that Jason got her for the downpayment for the property. Dominic explains his theory to Sonny and wants him to get concrete proof that he sent that picture to Jason. Maxie tells Spinelli that the artist has to arrive to do some work for Crimson, she'll have to make sure that happens. Lulu sees Johnny taking his frustration out on a payphone and asks why the hostility, and asks how she feels about Sonny knowing he had his sister killed, Dominic then arrives on the pier and asks if they're talking about him. Sonny asks Olivia if she's alright and warns her that Johnny might be unstable. Dominic tells Lulu to stay out of it and to let him do his job, Johnny overhears and learns Dominic's secret about him being Olivia's son Dante. Elizabeth comes home to find Nikolas in her living room, he asks if she feels about the Lucky the same way about him. Joey gives the men that when Sonny shows they're gonna welcome him with open arms, they're then distracted by a homeless man asking for spare change.moreless
  • Ep. #11937
    Ep. #11937
    Episode 163
    Nikolas hears Elizabeth tell Mike that Lucky is taking her on a hike in the woods. Dominic hides the photo before Johnny can see it. Robin meets Lisa Niles when she comes and she tells Patrick she wants to speak to Robin. Spinelli tells Jason that he's narrowed that make and model of camera that took the photo, Sam says to Jason to wait til the person contacts him. Lucky shows up and has some questions for Jason about the night Claudia disappeared and thinks he's covering up more then just a murder. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that things are working out with Rebecca and she doesn't lie about what she wants. Matt sees Robin with Lisa and tells Patrick that he's so dead. Elizabeth apologizes to Sam for judging her for being with Jason those years ago. Lucky explains to Jason that when he steps down another cop will bring murder charges against him and Sonny. Dominic shows Olivia the photo of Claudia's dead body, and she doesn't think Johnny wouldn't have taken it. Johnny asks Spinelli that he's not here to reminisce about Claudia but about something else instead. Jason tells Sam that Lucky didn't press him for answers. Patrick tells Matt that Robin and Lisa are getting along and that's a good thing. Nikolas is surprised at the snack that Rebecca had made up for him. Dominic tells Olivia that he'll get proof that Sonny killed Claudia. Nikolas confesses the truth that he did offer Ethan a million dollars to keep her away from him and says he's not free to love her cause he's in love with someone else. Anthony and Joey Limbo run through details of their evil plan of killing Sonny tomorrow. Johnny finds a photo of Claudi's dead body in Olivia's top drawer while looking for the corkscrew.moreless
  • Ep. #11936
    Ep. #11936
    Episode 162
    Luke tells Elizabeth that he saw her and Nikolas on the pier kissing shortly after the party at the casino. Jason tells Spinelli that he needs his help cause someone knows the truth and shows him the photo of Claudia he learns that Michael is the one that killed Claudia. Lulu asks Sonny if what if an undercover cop was secretly collecting evidence against, Sonny vows that will never happen. Nikolas is gracious at the thought of having an engagement party thrown for Lucky. Lucky tells Maxie that she's not a good liar, assures her she'll be subpoened and she will tell the truth. Elizabeth pleads with Luke not to tell Lucky about her affair with Nikolas. Patrick receives something from his ex-girlfriend Lisa thanking him for the consult, Robin asks him to explain the story behind the present refered as Naked Beer. Jason tells Spinelli to work his magic to find the person who sent the incriminating photo. Sonny tells Dominic to keep Lulu away from the business. Sam is startled when Spinelli shows her what Jason received. Lulu tells Dominic that she was considered telling Sonny the truth about him. Patrick fills Coleman, Matt and Mac of the story of he and Lisa being drinking buddies. Spinelli tells Maxie that he has to back out of Kate's big event cause something came up that requires his attention. Mac confides in Robin that he's been practicing at another for a future karaoke night at Jake's. Sonny tells Jason to find the person who sent it and to make sure that he doesn't get the chance to go to the police. Lulu is thrown when Dominic plants a passionate kiss on her. Jason tells Sam they need to go over that night again, cause he thinks he might've missed something. Luke tells Lucky that this thing that's worrying him has to do with Elizabeth and she isn't telling him everything. Dominic is assigned to the task of discovering who sent a photo to Jason. The actress who resembles Claudia and is wearing the same dress tells whoever took the picture if she can get up now, the mysterious man gets a phone call to attend Kate Howard's party Friday night.moreless
  • Ep. #11935
    Ep. #11935
    Episode 161
    Ethan goes to see Elizabeth at the hospital thinking she'll be able to get through to Rebecca. Nikolas apologizes for overstepping it a little by bringing up Lucky's sex life with Elizabeth. Jax explains that he's talking with Dominic about him not doing his guarding duties properly. Jason tells Sonny that he no longer wants to kill people anymore and wants to set a better example for Michael. Lucky sees Mac all chipper is cause he's still glad that Maxie didn't marry Spinelli, he then asks Lucky if he has anything to tie Sonny to Claudia's murder. Joey tells Anthony that Sonny reached out today through an old acquaintance Luke Spencer, and say for Joey to arrange a meeting and Sonny won't make it cause he'll be killed on the way. Lulu panics when she learns Luke is doing business with Sonny again and thinking he'll get busted to. Sonny tells Jason that this truce with Limbo better work. Lucky tells Mac that he's looking for a witness for someone that saw Sonny that night. Maxie tells Johnny that she knows what it's like to lose a sister cause she lost one herself, cause she mentioned the blood on the shirt to give him closure, Johnny says no one is to know about that. Jason visits Carly and says that he wants to stay away from the violence. Monica tells Nikolas that she's glas to see them and if they had a chance to go to Emily's grave today. Lucky gets a call and learns that Maxie let Kate's pool man in that night. Johnny tells Maxie with her being a witness and that pretty much makes her a threat. Rebecca goes to see Edward at the Quartermaines and he too is sitting and thiking of Emily, he says he has a solution concerning Nikolas. Jason tells Carly that if that it doesn't work then he'll figure something out. Luke tells Sonny that the meeting is a go, and for him to be ready. Rebecca explains to Nikolas that Edward wants to throw an engagement party for Elizabeth and Lucky. Lucky meets with Maxie on the pier and asks who she saw on the night Claudia vanished. Dominic walks in on Lulu speaking with Sonny. Jason receives an envelope and it contains a photo of Claudia and the murder weapon.moreless
  • Ep. #11934
    Ep. #11934
    Episode 160
    Lucky and Nikolas find them both delivering flowers to Emily's grave, they stand around and reminisce of their times together. Dominic want the results of the ashes, Ronnie says that it takes time. Carly tells Michael that he didn't kill Claudia, he says that there's no evidence and not to worry about it. Sonny questions Ronnie's loyalty and if he can get any evidence on Joey Limbo. Rebecca once again congratulates Elizabeth, she then reminds Rebecca that today is the anniversary of Emily's death. Maxie tells Lulu that she's seeing a change in Spinelli since the wedding that never happened, Maxie shows Lulu when he comes and gives her flowers. Sonny tells Luke that the fallout of Claudia's death is the reason he asked to meet with him. Rebecca asks Elizabeth why she's worried about Nikolas when she's engaged to Lucky. Maxie tells Spinelli that Kate doesn't allow flowers in the office area, and suggest he take them to her apartment. Ethan tells Michael to back off of Kristina, Michael tells him to leave before he makes matters worse. Luke tells Sonny that he remembers doing business with Joey, Sonny offer Luke to be the go between. Kristina asks Ethan for his number in case she needs a rescue from someone. Ronnie tells Dominic the results are in and a shirt fragment was found with Claudia and Sonny's blood on it. Elizabeth is torn over her feelings for Nikolas and Lucky, while visiting Emily at the Quartermaine mausoleum. Dominic dodges a bullet when Carly sees him and Jax together. The mysterious man is up to no good as he takes pictures of Claudia's dead body along with the piece of wood that killed her.moreless
  • Ep. #11933
    Ep. #11933
    Episode 159
    Nikolas asks Lucky if he and Rebecca can join him and Elizabeth for dinner. Sonny tells Carly that Michael going home with her isn't a good idea. Alexis apologizes for walking in on Sam and Jason, and gets temporarily locked in the room with them. Lucky allows Nikolas and Rebecca to be witnesses as he places the ring on Elizabeth's finger. Dominic asks Lulu if she was planning on telling Sonny who he really is, and if she does he's a dead man. Sam asks Jason just what are they hiding cause they're not doing anything wrong, he agrees and does want to be with her. Michael's living arrangement cause Sonny and Carly to fight. Jax comes back to the house and tells Carly he doesn't want to be seperated from his daughter. Sonny explains to Jason that he's not going to give up his son, Michael overhears Jason tells Sonny if he stays here it won't be long til he follows in his footsteps. Lulu explains to Dominic that Sonny has entrusted him guarding his children and working for him and what to expect when he finds out he's betraying him. Jax tells Carly that there the ones that can provide a stable home for Michael, and hope he does come home. Elizabeth lashes at Nikolas for interfering in what was supposed to be a romantic private dinner for two, and knew they were at the restaurant, Nikolas promises that he won't chase her anymore and won't show up where he's not expected. Sonny calls Carly and says she can come and get Michael. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she was about to tell him why she's been so upset before Nikolas and Rebecca walked in. Michael agrees to live where his parents tell him to for now. Elizabeth tells Lucky that they both belong together.moreless
  • Ep. #11932
    Ep. #11932
    Episode 158
    Jason tells Jax he refusing to get in the middle of his and Carly's marital disputes. Patrick seems distracted, and tells Matt and Robin that his ex-girlfriend is asking his help to consult on a case, and if Robin has any problems with that. Carly asks Alexis what would she do if this thing happened to any of her daughters. Nikolas tells Luke that if he wants to tell Lucky the truth then there's his chance. Michael sees Dominic helping out the housekeeper by offering to take out the trash, he confronts him and Michael thinks he's had everything handed to him cause he's spoiled. Kiefer apologizes to Kristina and says she shouldn't go home with the bruise on her lip and is taking her to the hospital. Carly comes to see Jason and sees that Jax is there talking to him asking Jason to talk to her for him. Robin asks Kristina how she got that bruise, Kiefer says that she tripped and fell. Luke tells Nikolas that he's alreaady crossed a line by making out with his brother's fiancee. Olivia realizes that she knows the truth about Dominic being her son Dante. Dominic gives Ronnie some ashes and to have them analyzed and hoping it'll prove Sonny killed Claudia. Carly tells Jason that all this is very hard for her, cause she found out what Jax did after giving birth to Josslyn. Alexis walks in on Sam and Jason making out on Sonny's desk. Carly goes to get Michael, but he says that he doesn't belong there. Lucky tells Elizabeth that whatever she's done they can get past it, Elizabeth says she loves him, and sees that Nikolas shows up with Rebecca at the same restaurant.moreless
  • Ep. #11931
    Ep. #11931
    Episode 157
    Carly tells Jane of Jax's betrayal and Jerry's involvement. Jax tells Alexis the only reason he lied is to protect Carly from losing the baby. Sonny tells Dominic not to walk in on him like that again and asks how long he was standing there. Jason tells Sam that he never wanted Michael anywhere near violence and any chance of having a normal life. Elizabeth has a fantasy of a "what if" and sees Lucky killing Nikolas. Max and Milo go to Kiefer and give him a fair warning, and Mike doesn't do anything and gives them the food they ordered. Anthony asks Johnny as he visits what happened to Claudia, Johnny explains that Sonny got word that Claudia had her hand in Michael's shooting, Anthony has an emotional breakdown over Claudia. Morgan is outraged at the thought of his mother sending Jax away when he wants him here. Lucky shows up to arrest Luke for complaints from the neighbors about the noise. Jax is thrilled that Jane shows up and she says to literally go and beg for Carly's forgiveness to use the talents to do so. Jason tells Carly that keeping Claudia's murder a secret might be a mistake. Anthony tells Johnny to find the person who did this and he'll crush them, Sonny then shows up to visit him. Jason explains to Carly if the truth comes out Michael will be known as the kid that killed his stepmother. Kiefer accuses Kristina of sending Sonny's men to threaten him, she tries to say that she didn't, Kiefer then slaps her across the face. Alexis comes to talk to Carly after hearing that she kicked Jax out of the house. Anthony asks Joey how long will it take to move against Sonny, Joey says he'll move with the plan in a week. Nikolas comes as Luke request, he tells him and says it's about Lucky, Luke says he knows about his fling with Elizabeth and for him to tell his brother.moreless
  • Ep. #11930
    Ep. #11930
    Episode 156
    Johnny asks what happened to Claudia and how did she in fact die. Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth and they start kissing in the hallway. Mayor Floyd asks Lucky why he's sticking up for a criminal like Sonny, and is going to be watching his investigation personally. Carly tells Jax he isn't going anywhere by bringing up the her and Sonny thing. Elizabeth hears Lucky talking with Mayor Floyd nearby and stop before he sees them. Rebecca sees Lucky arguing with Mayor Floyd over his loyalties to the PCPD and his fathers friend. Jason worries when Michael shows no guilt over his actions, Michael asks him if he feels guilty everytime he kills someone. Olivia goes to see Sonny, and wonders if she's thinking he's was getting what he deserved. Dominic runs into Lulu at Kelly's and says to watch it when she calls him officer. Jason is taken back to the time when he first held Michael after he was born, he tells Sam he's contemplating telling the police the truth. Michael tells Kristina why she's still hanging out with Kiefer, and the two guys get into it again. Rebecca tells Lucky she's glad he layed into the Mayor, Lucky says he's here to drop a picture off for Elizabeth and offers to help him find her. Jax tells Alexis that he and Carly had fight about him not telling her about Claudia being involved with Michael's shooting. Lucky finds Elizabeth saying he's been looking for her everywhere. Michael tells a stunned Sonny when he's going with Max and Milo to send Kiefer a message. Jane surprises Carly when she arrives and wonders why Jax isn't there with her and Josslyn. Sonny tells Michael it's not in his position to send his men. Elizabeth admits to Lucky that she's been sleeping with Nikolas and it started the night of the carnival, Lucky then takes a shot a his brother when he shows up.moreless
  • Ep. #11929
    Ep. #11929
    Episode 155
    Carly asks Jason how long he knew that Claudia was reponsible for getting Michael shot. Dominic asks Jax exactly what went down at the cabin and who in fact killed Claudia. Johnny tells Olivia that he found the wreckage last night and believes that Sonny killed Claudia, and explains that Maxie saw Sonny with a bloody handprint on his shirt while in the headlights of his car, even though Claudia was vindictive she was his sister and he loved her. Lucky tells Jason that he knows he didn't kill Claudia but knows who did, Elizabeth sees that Nikolas is here to see Lucky and wonders what he has to say to him that's so important. Jax says it doesn't matter who did cause Carly won't testify against that person anyways. Sonny comes by and wonders what's Dominic doing in Jax's house, Dominic says he's here for Morgan but he's already in school. Michael goes off on Johnny saying Claudia got what she deserved. Jason wonders if he did the right thing. Michael goes to Jason and tells him about his outburst on Johnny. Morgan is introduced to his baby sister Josslyn. Carly finds that she is unable to forgive Jax and tells him to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #11928
    Ep. #11928
    Episode 154
    Dominic tells Lulu that he's gonna hold her to their date. Johnny asks Sam what's taking so long bringing Claudia in. Luke comes to check on Lulu after hearing what happened. Jax begs Carly to tell the police the truth about the night at the cabin. A mysterious person keeps a close eye on Jason after the burial of Claudia. Sonny tells Michael to take his clothes and burn them, also to clean up real good. Elizabeth asks Nikolas if he called Lucky, he says he did and he was in the field. Det. Williams questions Carly of what happened during and after Claudia abducted her. Maxie tells Johnny that she saw Sonny earlier in his driveway with blood all over his shirt, and that sparks something of what might've happened. Jax can't believe that Carly didn't tell Det. Williams the truth about what Michael did. Ethan is grateful that Dominic saved Lulu but that doesn't mean he has to start being nice to the man. Tracy asks Luke what's the whole deal with Elizabeth and Nikolas. Carly doesn't know if she can forgive Jax's betrayal after learning he's known about Claudia since January. Dominic enters the burned cabin searching for possible evidence, he encounters Johnny and says that Sonny killed his sister. Sonny tells Michael that he wants to forget what happened and to move on. Dominic tells Johnny that they should work together and find out where Claudia is buried. The mysterious person's office has a picture of Jason standing over Claudia's body in a bag.moreless
  • Ep. #11927
    Ep. #11927
    Episode 153
    Claudia becomes obsessed with Carly's new daughter. Michael calls Sam to tell her that he found the wreckage but he loses the signal. Lulu asks Dominic how he's gonna feel when he sends Michael and Morgan's father to prison. Sonny explains to Olivia that tonight Kristina and Michael saw him for what he really is, some sort of monster. Jax comes to Sonny's asking if Michael is here, Sonny tells Jax if he's lost his son as well. Carly tells Claudia that she's not going to take her baby. Michael enters the cabin and takes an axe and strikes Claudia down dead, Sam and Jason arrive and see Claudia laying on the floor realizing what Michael did. Jason gives Carly her baby girl. Dominic tries to get Lulu to stay awake, Johnny arrives with a rescue team. Jason tells Michael to go over with his mother and see his new baby sister. Sonny gets a call from Jason saying that he found Carly and she's safe. Lulu becomes dazed and calls Dominic and officer, Johnny asks him what she meant, Dominic covers by saying that Lulu was probably out of it and didn't know what she was saying. Jason is shocked when Sonny tells Michael that he did good tonight by stopping Claudia, he tells Jason to bury her good and deep. Jax heads to the hospital to see Carly and the baby and he's introduced to Josslyn. Jason instructs Max and Milo to take the body and burn it and not to question him. Jax tells Carly that he called Jane and she's on her way but didn't fill her in on the details. Kelly tells Carly that she should be fully recovered in the next couple of weeks. Maxie is stranded in the middle of nowhere trying to get back to Kate's house. Michael tells Sonny that he took a life tonight and what exactly does that make him. Jason strikes a match and sets the cabin on fire and leaves. Maxie sees Sonny in the distance from her car with a bloody handprint on his shirt. Carly tells Jax what Michael did to Claudia, and that he killed her. Jason says that deep enough and Max and Milo bury Claudia.moreless
  • Ep. #11926
    Ep. #11926
    Episode 152
    Johnny and Dominic head down to check on Lulu who's leg is trapped, Dominic says for Johnny to go and get help. Jax tells Sonny that Michael and Morgan are better with him tonight. Jason enters the wrong cabin and almost shoots an innocent woman and her kids. Spinelli tells Sam that if he had trusted Jason's instincts the proof would've been found and the abduction wouldn't have happened. Carly tells Claudia that she's not touching her daughter, she tells Carly that she's all she has right now. Lulu tells Dominic to pass the time by waiting for Johnny about Laura and he time in Sunshine girls. Jason tells Sam that he almost shot and killed a mother and two kids tonight. Sonny tells Bernie to put more men on the rescue and doesn't want to hear any excuses but to get it done. Dominic tells Lulu that there's no way that he's leaving her, she says that she remembers that he's an undercover cop. Michael thinks this is all his fault and shouldn't have told the truth sooner. Morgan tells Jax that Michael isn't in his room and thinks he may have taken off to find Carly. Claudia delivers Carly's baby, Carly then asks why she isn't crying. Michael comes upon the car wreckage, and goes in search of finding his mother. Lulu learns more about Dominic and that his mother is Olivia Falconeri. Carly tells Claudia who's still holding her daughter to give the baby to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11925
    Ep. #11925
    Episode 151
    Dominic, Lulu and Spinelli try to locate Carly. Jason tells Lucky to get him out of here cause he can find Carly before it's too late. Sonny goes to Alexis wanting her help to get Jason out of jail, but she says no. Jax explains to Morgan that something happened at the party, Michael says that Claudia flipped out and took their mom hostage. Lulu wonders why Dominic is so interested in this case. Ronnie tells Dominic to focus on his job and a search could jeopardize both their covers. Johnny tells Jason that he can get him out of here to go after Carly if he doesn't kill Claudia. Carly searches finds shelter and prepares herself to deliver her unborn baby. Alexis agrees to help Sonny so to wait for Kristina to come to him. Jason is released and tells Spinelli he'll deal with Claudia in his own way. Johnny surprises Lulu and Dominic when they enter the Zacchara mansion. Sonny comes to take Morgan and Michael to his place for the night. Lulu falls into a pit filled with water and struggles to keep herself a float. Claudia comes into the room and sees Carly on the couch.moreless
  • Ep. #11924
    Ep. #11924
    Episode 150
    Sonny exposes Claudia for all that she has done. Carly is in dire straits when Claudia takes her hostage at gunpoint and leaves the Metro Court. Kristina is horrified to see Sonny's dark side, and Alexis realizes that her daughter heard Sonny yelling. Michael tells Lulu that he knew the truth and didn't tell anyone and now his mother and baby are now in danger. Claudia makes a desperate move.moreless
  • Ep. #11923
    Ep. #11923
    Episode 149
    Sonny plans quite a night with Claudia. Jason decides to kill Claudia whether Sonny asks him to or not. Robin asks Patrick if they're doing the right thing. Claudia throws a party that is full of surprises. Olivia tangles with Claudia.
  • Ep. #11922
    Ep. #11922
    Episode 148
    Lucky sees Luke with a hangover and what caused him to hit the bottle, and he spoke with Laura about what to do with Elizabeth. Lulu gets an eyeful when she wakes up seeing Dominic getting dressed. Max tells Jason that Claudia left for the Metro Court and Sonny is still at the house cause he has business here. Anthony tells Johnny he's doing this to protect him so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire, and will be released after Jason and Sonny are taken out. Lucky tells Luke that even he wants a family with Elizabeth, and Cameron and Jake are his sons no matter what. Dominic's relieved to realize his secret is still safe, when Lulu has no recollection of being on the pier last night. Lucky tells Nikolas of the argument that he and Luke had just now about his relationship. Michael tells Sam that he did tell Jason and she knows the reason why he doesn't trust Claudia. Carly goes to the new place that Jason is working out of and wants to know the dirt he has on Claudia. Sonny gives Dominic and assignment to make sure that Claudia is taken to the hotel and right to her room. Jax tells Sonny that he's not going to let him jeopardize Carly's health. Elizabeth apologizes to Lucky for last night and he says that Nikolas told him, but it's only cause they're previous marriage went sour cause of his addiction. Johnny attempts to escape to get to Claudia but is stopped by Joey and his men. Claudia tells Olivia that tonight she's giving Sonny a gift by telling him about Dominic being Dante. Sonny listens to the recording of Claudia ordering the hit on him in the coffee warehouse. Lulu remembers that she found out something about Dominic.moreless
  • Ep. #11921
    Ep. #11921
    Episode 147
    Rebecca tells Lucky that she wants to go to the Haunted Star tonight. Ethan can't believe Nikolas is reeling in Rebecca they way he is. Johnny tells Michael he's grateful for coming to him with what he knows. Lulu comes on the pier, and sees Dominic talking to someone and learns that he's a cop. Jason tells Sam that Jerry was sent by Claudia to find Michael possibly to make sure that he didn't come hom. Rebecca has a fantasy of Nikolas coming up to her and planting a kiss while on the roulette table. Dominic sees that Lulu had a little too much to drink tonight. Luke sees as Lucky leaves with Elizabeth, that Nikolas can't keep his eye off of her. Rebecca tells Nikolas that he doesn't have to put up so much money for her to gamble. Tracy tells Luke that Bernie Abrahms called cause there's a party for Claudia at the Metro Court. Jason tells Johnny that Sonny's plane had to make an emergency landing to avoid a storm. Lucky apologizes to Elizabeth for springing the engagement party the way he did. Ethan makes a scene and says that Nikolas offered to give him a million dollars to take her off his hands. Luke breaks up a fight between Ethan and Nikolas as they quarreled over Rebecca. Elizabeth stops herself from making love to Lucky after thinking of Nikolas. Carly asks Michael why he thinks that Sonny won't want to throw a party for Claudia. Lulu admits to Dominic while drunk that she's thought of being with him all the time. Sam encourages Jason to do whatever he feels is right. Joey arrives at the garage and points a gun at Johnny. Lucky calls Laura and asks what he should do about Elizabeth. Luke sees Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11920
    Ep. #11920
    Episode 146
    Sam tells Jason that they now have the proof they need to nail Claudia. Kristina tells Michael that he should tell Sonny of what he's remembering. Olivia walks into Jake's and sees Kate and Dominic talking at a nearby table. Jax tells Carly that she's supposed to be resting since there's only a few weeks left til the baby comes. Sonny calls Carly wanting the Metro Court restaurant for a surprise birthday for Claudia. Patrick tells Robin that he never trusted Claudia after that night when she was brought into the E.R. Olivia tells Kate that she better not open her mouth and blow Dante's cover, Dante explains that if his cover is blown then he's as good as dead. Kristina gets more pressure from Kiefer to sleep with him again. Sonny tells Claudia that it'll be the biggest birthday bash Port Charles has ever seen. Alexis commends Kiefer on the flowers that he sent to Kristina it being a thoughtful gesture. Claudia says to Sonny to have Kristina over at his house and maybe even teach her how to cook to see what a great father she has. Johnny tells Dominic that if Claudia starts to hit on him again to give him a heads up. Jason apologizes to Spinelli for the way he yelled at him, and is glad that he stood up to him the way he did and thinks he should stay away for a little while til this is overwith. Carly asks Jax why he doesn't want her at the Metro Court for Claudia's party. Michael tells Johnny that Claudia's time is running out and he's the only one that can save her. Jax tells Olivia that he wants her to take over the party arrangements, even though Carly still wants to do it. Sonny and Claudia experience some turbulence while en route back home.moreless
  • Ep. #11919
    Ep. #11919
    Episode 145
    Sonny wakes up after having a dream of back in the warehouse when Michael was shot. Kate comes by and tells Olivia that she better do something or someone could end up dead including her son. Carly comes in and wonders what Jax and Michael are discussing. A new menace lurks for Jason. Spinelli doesn't condone Jason to frame Claudia for a crime they can't even prove that she helped commit. Lulu asks Dominic why didn't he approach someone he thought was his father when he was a kid. Jason angrily tells Spinelli that he doesn't need his help and to get out. Kristina asks Dominic if he's seen her boyfriend Kiefer, cause she was supposed to meet with him at Kelly's. Kate explains to Olivia that she needs to tell Dante the truth that Sonny is his father. Michael remembers the truth about Claudia. Jason and Sam ask Patrick and Robin whatever happened to the contents in Ian Devlin's locker. Kate goes into Jake's and asks Coleman to give her a beer cause she's had a bad day, and runs into Dante and says he needs to go back to Brooklyn. Jason and Sam go through discs hoping to find what they need. Claudia continues to impress Sonny with her work skills. Jason and Sam hear Claudia and Jerry's voice ordering Sonny's death. A unknown office is shown having pictures of Jason and several crime scene photos.moreless
  • Ep. #11918
    Ep. #11918
    Episode 144
    Tracy tells Luke that it's gonna take a lot more then romantic gestures to get back in her good graces again. Alexis asks Jason that while he's investigating Ian Devlin to do his best to keep Sam out of it. Spinelli thinks what Dominic wants him to do is a very unusual request, Lulu then stops by with the sex costume that he got for him and Maxie. Ethan tries to compliment on how beautiful Rebecca looks tonight, but she says she's on to him. Carly thinks something is off when Michael says he remembers Jerry say that wanted him to get well. Luke warns Ethan about working with Nikolas. Spinelli asks Johnny if Lulu will ever fall for Dominic's attempt at wooing her. Jason tells Sam that he doesn't have to go after Ian's accomplice. Sonny and Claudia handle the situation when an associate pulls a gun them. Tracy asks Lulu what she knows about the Ethan/Nikolas/Rebecca fight earlier and what it was about. Spinelli asks Dominic to leave cause he has pending matters to attend to tonight. Carly tells Olivia that he's gonna open Sonny's eyes to that lunatic that he married. Dominic is introduced to Lulu's father Luke Spencer, Luke tells Ethan that it's Lulu's call if she wants to see Dominic or not. Jax asks Michael what he really remembers about Jerry. Jason gets one step closer to nailing Claudia when he and Sam find a DVD that's one week before Michael got shot. Olivia asks Johnny if he was discreet and that if anybody seen him come in her building. Spinelli decodes the disk and hears to Ian talking to someone and thinks that person is Claudia.moreless
  • Ep. #11917
    Ep. #11917
    Episode 143
    Dominic shows Ronnie information about Sonny's meeting in San Juan and it being serious if it means him going there in person, shows him the graffiti on the wall and it being familiar to him. Patrick tells Robin about the pregnant woman that was brought in last night by Jason. Jason tells Spinelli that they found some of Ian's files and could lead them to the person involved in Michael's shooting and they need to get definate proof that it was Claudia. Carly is startled cause Sonny usually calls her before he thinks of leaving town. Diane sees Max up and about and doing well, and says that he's meeting a friend, she tells him that she doesn't think of him as a love puppet. Jax tells Alexis that he's willing to face the consequences of telling Carly about Jerry's involvement with Michael. Jason tells Spinelli to have the files transfered to a conference room at the hospital, so it'll be easier for them. Michael tells Carly that Sonny probably left to get some space cause he pretty much went off on him the other day. Sonny tells Claudia that if she doesn't to risk going to the meeting, and he won't hold it against her. Dominic turns to Spinelli for help to do some research to find out what that graffiti tag means. Max tells Diane that she didn't exactly come to talk to him at the carnival cause she was busy with her case and leaving for Philadelphia, and Louise was the only one who visited him. Michael has a memory about Jerry and shares it with Jax. Sam and Jason search the hospital files to find dirt on Ian with the help of Sam and Jason. Spinelli thinks that the thing on the wall might just be a prank from kids.moreless
  • Ep. #11916
    Ep. #11916
    Episode 142
    Johnny and Olivia act on their feelings and he tells her that he loves her Sam and Jason come across an unconscious pregnant woman on the floor upstairs. Lucky announces to everyone that he and Elizabeth are getting married again. Jax asks Patrick if he ever regretted getting married, he says that his old life is over and wouldn't trade Emma or Robin for anything. Luke notices that this whole remarriage thing doesn't look like a happily ever after to Elizabeth. Nikolas tells Helena that he should've left her to die in Greece, Rebecca then comes in and says that what she and Nikolas have is special. Michael asks Kristina why she wasn't at school today, she then admits that she slept with Kiefer the other night. Olivia asks Johnny to promise to keep their relationship a secret. Luke makes an announcement welcoming Ethan into the family, Lesley shows him the pictures that she took to send to Laura in France. Dominic goes to Olivia's and tells Johnny that Sonny and Claudia are out of the country. Jason and Sam bring the woman in the hospital and they hope that she doesn't lose the baby. Alexis tells Kristina that she signed for the flowers and that they're for her from Kiefer. Jason tells Patrick he and Sam were searching a home that Ian Devlin lived in while he was in town. Jax tells Dominic that there's no need to thank him for getting him back on the case just as long as he sends Sonny to prison. Kristina tells Alexis that if Kiefer wants to have sex she'll tell him that she's gonna wait first.moreless
  • Ep. #11915
    Ep. #11915
    Episode 141
    Jason asks Johnny if he's denying the fact that Claudia might be guilty of having Michael shot. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Helena doesn't have any proof that they had an affair. Helena asked to speak with Ethan alone, but he refuses to listen to what she has to say, so he and Lucky leave the room. Dominic refuses to give into Claudia's threats. Michael comes in and tells Olivia to stop bashing his father's wife. Claudia is mad when Dominic says there's no way he's sleeping with her. Luke hears Tracy arguing with Helena about her possibly being working with this Valentin. Dominic asks Lulu if she wonders if he slept with Claudia or not, he says that he turned her down. Olivia goes to see Anthony as per his request and asks why he would have any interest in him, he said if his son would be better off if he killed her. Johnny tells Claudia that she's just setting her up for a disappointment if she wants to convince Sonny to have a child. Nikolas and Elizabeth reach a new understanding to stay friends and to keep their distance from each other. Helena warns Luke about Valentin not being dead and out there wreaking havoc. Johnny confronts Anthony and asks him why was Olivia was here and what he said to her. Elizabeth prepares to tell Lucky that she can't remarry him, but she's surprised to see Bobbie, Lesley and Audrey in the living room and say he's has something to tell them. Jason and Sam search a strangers house for evidence and get trapped in the basement, they then hear a scream and a body falls on the floor upstairs. Sonny asks Claudia if she'd like to go to Puerto Rico with him as he goes there on a business trip.moreless
  • Ep. #11914
    Ep. #11914
    Episode 140
    Sonny asks Claudia why she's providing Dominic with information, she says that she's just doing her part. Helena tells Elizabeth that she reminds her of Laura, Luke walks in asking what he's interrupting. Carly tells Jax that she's glad that he was okay with Sonny being there at the hospital with her. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she can deal with Helena being in the hospital, Lucky says that his brother is the only person that can unleash the hell on his family. Johnny comes to Olivia saying he went to Claudia last night and knows he did something that made her break up with him. Jason and Sam are arrested and brought into the police station. Diane asks Alexis how Max is doing, thinking she's been dumped and he's now involved with Louise Addison. Maxie and Spinelli scold Jason for his attempt at solicitation, they apologize when he was with Sam. Luke asks Elizabeth how Helena is doing, and asks to leave them alone cause he needs to speak to her. Lulu asks Dominic if he actually believes that Claudia was just seducing him just to get him to knock her up. Johnny tries to get Olivia to trust him and he'll fix it, Claudia looks in the door and sees them kissing, Claudia says to Olivia that it's over. Elizabeth tells Rebecca that she has no idea the kind of trouble that Helena can cause. Luke starts to tamper with Helena's I.V. and questions her about Valentin, Nikolas warns her that this better not be a setup. Diane asks Alexis to join her law firm, she declines cause she likes what she does. Jason gets a step closer to uncovering the truth. Olivia tells Claudia that there's no way that she'll end up pregnant with Dante's kid. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Helena knows everything about them and is going to tell Lucky. Claudia tells Dominic exactly how Sonny is gonna react when he finds out who he is. Olivia comes to Sonny and says that she has to tell him the truth, Michael listens outside.moreless
  • Ep. #11913
    Ep. #11913
    Episode 139
    Nikolas sees that Elizabeth is back, and he says that he's checking Helena into the hospital to find the source of her poisoning. Ronnie tells Dante that he's officially back on Corinthos case, and someone must've pulled some serious strings. Jax sees Sonny sitting by Carly's bedside. Alexis is glad that Luke is back and wonders why he called her to the Haunted Star. Luke questions Alexis tells Luke that she's heard all about Valentin from Mikkos and he did a lot of bad stuff over the years and thinks that he's working with Helena. Jason tells Spinelli that Ian must've stashed that recorder somewhere and thinks of going to look at the motel where he stayed at again. Ronnie thinks whoever pulled those favors for Dante also wants Sonny buried. Lucky can't believe that after what Helena did to Luke he should bring her here to General Hospital. Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she needed to leave town just to keep away from him. Olivia learns that Dante is back on the case and someone made sure of it, she then figures out and goes and confronts Jax. Helena sees Rebecca and sees the changes and she's looking even more like Emily. Anthony orders Joey to take out Sonny and his organization, also to take out Claudia and Dominic, but to leave his son Johnny alone. Luke cautions Ethan that taking Rebecca away from Nikolas will only unleash his bad side. Claudia tells Sonny she heard about Carly from Johnny, and will accept that he doesn't want to have another child. Helena asks Elizabeth if Lucky knows that she and Nikolas are becoming lovers. Sam and Jason endure a case of mistaken identity when an undercover cop arrests them for solicitation.moreless
  • Ep. #11912
    Ep. #11912
    Episode 138
    Sam realizes Alexis thinks she's a bad influence on Molly and Kristina. Kelly tells Carly that they're steps to be taken if she does go into premature labor. Kiefer assures Kristina that he's not going to get mad if she disappoints him. Jason tells Claudia that she'll have a lot to worry about if her voice is in fact on that recording that Dr. Devlin made. Carly asks Kelly what the chances are if her baby is born to soon. Kristina is confused when Kiefer gets a call from his father and has to leave to pick him up. Carly thanks Johnny and Coleman for being there for her. Olivia apologizes to Dante on how upset he is for being taken off the case, and says it'll be best if someone else takes Sonny down, he realizes that he hasn't backed off at all. Michael finds Kristina crying on the pier and thinks that Kiefer hurt her, but says that it's her mother wanting her to be perfect, and at least Carly gives him room to breathe. Jason tells Sam that he thinks he got to Claudia, and wants to know the truth about why she's crying, she says that Alexis hates her. Johnny comes to see Claudia, and wants her to hear what he has to say he was there when Carly went into labor, but knows she did something to Olivia, but is still his sister and loves her. Alexis tells Kristina that Molly walked in on Sam and Jason about to make love. Dominic tells Lulu about Claudia trying to sleep with him. Kelly tells Carly that the labor has stopped, but she's not home free, avoid stress or the labor could start again.moreless
  • Ep. #11912
    Ep. #11912
    Episode 137
    Coleman comes out and he tells him that Carly is in labor, he then says he's gonna call Jax, Carly is worried cause the baby is coming several weeks early. Olivia tells Jax that it's over and Dante's cover was compromised and was reassigned. Molly asks Sam why does she want to make people that she and Jason aren't going out. Michael remains tortured by his memories. Luke returns to the Haunted Star with Ethan and Tracy says that they've been replaced by new people. Carly goes into labor and is taken to the hospital by Johnny and Coleman. Kristina calls Kiefer says that she's has everything taken care of their night together, Alexis says what exactly does she have prepared. Molly thinks Jason is the reason Sam isn't going public that something might go wrong and she'll lose him again. Epiphany asks Johnny how long has Carly been in labor for. Olivia tells Jax that he sees Sonny has a danger to his family with Carly and her pregnancy. Kelly evaluates Carly and doesn't see any sign of fetal distress. Kristina tells Kiefer that he'll have to wait a month before they can have sex. Jason tells Claudia to stay away from Michael, and says Ian Devlin recorded all of his business dealings including the hit that got Michael shot. Sonny gives Dominic advice never to get married and not to have kids, he then figures out why Claudia is trying to seduce him. Jax hurries and learns that Carly is in labor and Kelly says that there's a good chance the baby will be born tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11911
    Ep. #11911
    Episode 136
    Ronnie tells Dominic that if he goes anywhere near Sonny, he'll have him arrested for obstruction of justtice. Robin feels embarrassed for having Patrick and Louise looking at him. Jason learns of Lucky's engagement to Elizabeth, and he's hurt when Sam says tells Lucky nothing going on with her and Jason. Claudia gives Dominic an ultimatum and threatens to reveal his secret. Olivia sticks to her guns when Johnny wants answers. Sonny asks Claudia what she's doing with a hotel room key at the Metro Court, Carly would like to know that answer herelf. Louise then trips over one of Emma's toys while leaving the house. Claudia spins a story for Sonny by saying she got the room for Johnny and paid for it herself. Johnny sees Carly going to Jake's and secretly paying for something she shouldn't be eating from Coleman, and he calls her on it. Lulu returns and Dominic says that he missed her and where has she been, she says it was a family emergency. Lucky lets Sam go when he finds her at the warehouse. Michael thinks the only reason he was asked to come over was about the whole Kiefer thing, Sonny offers to teach him how he dealt with his own demons. Robin and Patrick finally get some alone time. Dominic tells Lulu about a time that changed his outlook on life about a person he looked up to died by order of a hit. Molly catches Jason and Sam in a compromising position. Claudia asks Dominic how he got out of jail so quickly, he says they didn't have enough to hold him.moreless
  • Ep. #11910
    Ep. #11910
    Episode 135
    Sam distracts Alexis while Kristina hides her birth control pills. Maxie tells Robin to give what Patrick wants or else Louise will. Ronnie overhears that Claudia almost spotted Dante's hidden wire. Spinelli tells Jason that he's located the box contains the items from Dr. Devlin's pocket. Olivia tells Sonny that he's lasted this long without him in her life and it's gonna stay that way. Claudia tells Dominic she knows who his real mother is, she'll keep quiet if he sleeps with her. Jason tells Spinelli he's isn't going tonight and he needs him here. Johnny finds himself at Jake's and soon sees Olivia when she walks in, and tells Coleman to keep the drinks coming. Patrick decides to go up and sing, but sees that the bartendar does it first. Carly tells Sonny that he needs to talk to Alexis, cause apparently Kiefer went off on Michael the other day. Claudia tells Dominic that not only Sonny will kill him but so will her father, he then wonders why she wants to sleep with him so badly. Jason tells Spinelli that he doesn't care if he gets arrested it's him that he's worried about. Robin comes home to find some wild outfits to help her spice things up. The police intervene and get Dominic out of the room before his wire is found. Spinelli helps Sam and Jason by diverting all the security cameras to make the entry easy. Ronnie tells Dominic is cover is blown and he's officially off the case. Patrick comes home and sees Robin, she's embarrassed when Louise comes in as well. Lucky catches Sam and in the police-evidence warehouse. Dominic says he won't rest til Sonny is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.moreless
  • Ep. #11909
    Ep. #11909
    Episode 134
    Kristina tells Sam to promise not to tell Alexis that she's getting birth control and is going to have sex and is worried when she sees Kelly at the clinic. Claudia puts her plan to seduce Dominic in motion and calls Olivia and asks if the room she reserved is ready. Ronnie tells Dominic to make sure that he gets Sonny to incriminate himself. Dominic admits that he likes Morgan and is gonna crush him by having his father arrested. Patrick tells Matt that his wild days are over with and focusin on his life with Robin and Emma, Louise tels Patrick that she went to school with one of his old school friends. Olivia tells Carly she feels bad after suddenly breaking it off with Johnny yesterday. Claudia tells Sonny if she meant what he said that if she was pregnant they would raise it together. Alexis tells Michael he needs to control his rage issues after hitting Kiefer. Johnny tells Sonny that he had a fight with Claudia in front of Dominic yesterday about Olivia. Robin realizes just what a wild life Patrick had before she met him. Kelly assures Kristina that her appointment and the clinic will be confidential. Carly overhears Alexis's conversation with Michael on the pier and says to come to her and not speak harshly to her kid. Dominic writes down and warns Olivia that he's wearing a wire, he gets a call from Claudia to come to her hotel room he then wonders what she could be up to this time. Sonny questions Olivia's reason for breaking it off with Johnny. Robin hears as Patrick and Louise leave for Jake's. Dominic stops Claudia from unbuttoning his shirt before she could see his wire.moreless
  • Ep. #11908
    Ep. #11908
    Episode 133
    Johnny demands answers from Claudia on what she did to Olivia and what made her break it off with him. Jason tells Sam that Sonny told him to back off of Claudia, which makes him very mad. Jax tells Olivia to let Dante bring Sonny down and offers for the time being to transfer her to another hotel, Olivia says she can't leave her son right now. Morgan offers Michael a solution to tell everyone what he remembers, so they can figure it out and he won't get mad anymore. Dominic tells Johnny to back off of Claudia after threatening to make her disappear. Michael starts to explain that he hears people talking and tries to put the words together. Kiefer comes to get her and Molly and Michael wonders why she would call him. Mischa lets Lulu and Ethan in so they can rescue Luke. Helena asks Luke if this is too much for him to handle regarding Valentin, Luke stops when he hears footsteps approaching the room. Helena tells Luke not to leave her as Ethan and Luke. Carly tells Michael that she wants to hear more about his memories. Dominic rejects Claudia's attempt and says they can never happen. Spinelli comes back from his un-honeymoon with Maxie early and Jason gives him an assignment to find out what Dr. Devlin had with him the night he died. Kristina apologizes to Kiefer about what Michael did to him, Alexis hears them at the door and tells them to come in and sees the bruise on his face and learns it's cause of Michael. Luke, Ethan, Lulu, Helena and Mischa are stopped by a group of gunmen. Nikolas arrives asking what's exactly going on in his family's house. Johnny tells Olivia that whatever Claudia has on her, he'll give his sister up if it means they can be together. Dominic tells Ronnie he and the guys did a good job picking up Tommy, Ronnie says they don't have enough on Sonny. Helena warns Nikolas about Valentin and him setting out on destroying the Cassadines.moreless
  • Ep. #11907
    Ep. #11907
    Episode 132
    Claudia isn't going to abandon her baby plans so easily. Olivia breaks up with Johnny and claims she is still in love with Sonny. Carly announces she's come up with a name for her daughter, Josslyn John Jacks, Michael's surprised she didn't use the name Jason. Nikolas becomes alarmed and takes the drawing that Spencer drew before Lucky can read what's on the other side. Johnny tells Olivia that she wants the truth and doesn't believe she doesn't love him anymore. Tommy agrees to what Dominic wants, he tells Tommy to knock him out and make it look real. Johnny makes Olivia see something and plants a kiss on her, she backs away and says for him to leave. Mischa can't assure Lulu and Ethan that Luke is in fact still alive. Helena tells Luke that Mikkos had another son named Valentin, and has been biding his time plotting against the Cassadines. Olivia tells Jax that Kate is the reason that Claudia knows that Dominic is Dante and that his father is Sonny and threw away the man she loved cause of his sister. Sonny isn't exactly pleased with Dominic not following through with the order to take out Tommy, Jason then steps up and saying he did save Morgan's life. Michael breaks a glass and tells Carly and Kristina to stop talking about him. Claudia lures Dominic to the house, and he wonders what her agenda is, Johnny steps in and tells her what she's doing with Dominic.moreless
  • Ep. #11906
    Ep. #11906
    Episode 131
    Nikolas asks Alfred to show him the letter that Elizabeth left for him. Olivia tells Claudia to go ahead and tell Sonny whatever she likes. Jason tells Sam that Michael came to see him asking questions about him not trusting Claudia. Sonny asks Dominic why he feels uncomfortable pulling t he trigger and ending Tommy's life, and wonders if there's some other agenda he has going on. Lulu and Ethan set out to find Luke, but are then caught by men with guns. Nikolas opens up to Robin about his fling with Elizabeth. Olivia stops Claudia and asks exactly what she wants from her. Sonny gives the order to Johnny instead of Dominic. Ethan and Lulu are told to leave the premises right away. Carly says that she's being interventioned cause she snuck a doughnut, Jax says it's about the baby and they need to pick a name for their daughter, Molly, Morgan, Kristina each give they're choices. Claudia says she'll spill Olivia's secrets if she doesn't leave Johnny. Robin tells Nikolas that the letter states that Elizabeth clearly needs space. Spencer comes down and starts to write on the letter from Elizabeth. Ethan tries to work his charm and cozy up to the nurse, she then warns them saying they're in danger. Lucky says Elizabeth went away with Audrey with the boys, Spencer shows the picture and Nikolas sees that it's on the letter that Elizabeth wrote. Sonny tells Jason that Dominic is gonna take care of the leak Tommy. Olivia does what Claudia asks and breaks it off with Johnny. Dominic takes Tommy to a deserted island to kill him under Sonny's orders, but says he's NYPD and that he's his ticket to safety.moreless
  • Ep. #11905
    Ep. #11905
    Episode 130
    Michael questions Claudia about the memories he's been having, Claudia tries to get him to believe that it's probably just a fake memory. Kiefer apologizes for getting agressive with Kristina, she asks what's wrong with him and making him do this to her all the time. Elizabeth insists on going to the park with Nikolas then going back to his place. Sonny asks Dominic to find a leak in their organization, and who's giving information to the police and to bring them to him. Kate leaves so Olivia and Johnny can be alone, since with Maxie and Lulu off someone has to run Crimson. Nikolas returns home and sees Rebecca darkened her hair and is having a dinner being made and served in the turret room, and is finally learning how trust herself as well as him, he apologizes and says he can't do this right now. Dominic tells Ronnie that he needs help and that Sonny and Jason knows that there's a leak in the organization, Ronnie thinks he should give them someone else. Lucky tells Elizabeth she shouldn't beat herself up about stuff that he forgave her for years ago. Nikolas tells Rebecca that he has to meet up with someone for business reasons. Dominic says he's not going to frame some innocent guy just to save his own neck, Ronnie says to name Tommy Soto, maybe they can pin a murder charge on Sonny. Sonny tells Claudia that them trying to have a child has to be put on hold for a while. Sam meet with Kristina and confides in her that she's ready to sleep with Kiefer and needs some sort of protection, Sam wants her to hear her out first. Claudia says to Olivia to do what she asks or she'll go to Sonny and tell him about his son Dante who's parading as his new soldier Dominic. Sonny orders Dominic to take Tommy for a drive and then eliminate him.moreless
  • Ep. #11904
    Ep. #11904
    Episode 129
    Carly says that Jason came just in time cause Michael just remembered something, Michael then lies and says that it's nothing. Claudia tells Olivia that she's glad that she's here cause this is something she needs to hear. Dominic tells Claudia to use him as some sort of leverage to get to Olivia. Sonny tells Alexis that he wishes that he spent more time with his daughter, cause he loves as much as Michael and Morgan. Kristina stops herself and tells Kiefer that she can't do this. Sam comes in and asks Kiefer what he's doing in her sister's bedroom. Molly tells Sonny that she's doing a paper on what it's like to be arrested, and wants his input. Luke is freed from his cell by a mysterious savior and goes looking for Helena. Kristina lays into Sam for just walking into her room without knocking, Sam if she's having sex with Kiefer. Mischa tells Helena that she needs to save her strength. Dante makes a call and says there's been a problem. Jason meets with Johnny and says there's a leak in the organization and what he knows about it. Luke finds Helena and she tries to warn that there's impending danger coming, he then sees that she's really sick and isn't faking it, someone knocks out Luke from behind. Olivia asks Kate if she's mentioned anything to Claudia about her knowing about Dante, and thinks she may have figured out the truth. Alexis tells Carly that Molly told Sonny about his criminal, and how are they gonna explain it to them. Jason tells Sonny that there's no way that Johnny tipped off the police, Sonny says then who else could it have been. Michael approaches Claudia and says it about her visiting him and what she said while he was in a coma. Kristina arrives at the Metro Court and the room Kiefer rented and feels uncomfortable and grabs her and says she's not backing out of this. Michael tells Claudia that there's one memory that keeps coming back to him about her being responsible for him getting shot.moreless
  • Ep. #11903
    Ep. #11903
    Episode 128
    Ethan explains that he needs to get out of town, Lulu then doesn't believe and wants to know what's going on. Dominic comes to take Michael to school, he says that he doesn't a babysitter and can take care of himself. Kate apologizes to Olivia for her drunken stooper at Jake's last night. Kristina approaches Sonny and says that he doesn't have to have a baby cause of her. Ethan realizes that Lulu got the same text message that he did. Claudia once again sees Olivia and Kate talking and tries to hear what they're talking about. Alexis goes to Elizabeth concerned about Nikolas's recent behaviour, Nikolas says he doesn't like people talking about him behind his back. Dominic compromises and says he doesn't have to take him to school, as long as he's careful driving. Sonny learns that Kristina heard him tell Mike and practically blamed her for his son's death. Lucky comes and tells Lulu and Ethan he and Elizabeth are engagesd once again, and wants to have a BBQ tomorrow night and wants everyone there. Nikolas gets a call from Helena and tries to figure out what she's saying cause there's too much static. Sonny tells Kristina that if she'll let him, he'd like to be a father to her. Lulu insists on going with Ethan, but he says he wants her to stay here. Olivia and Dominic try to convince Kate to keep their secret. A woman takes the phone away from Helena and says that she needs her rest. Michael has a memory flash of Carly at the institute telling him to wake up and come back to his family. Kristina calls Kiefer and asks him to meet her at her place. Luke does his best to escape where he's being held by digging through the bars. Lulu joins Ethan on the plan and says she has experience in dealing with the Cassadines. Claudia approaches Dominic and says he has to her what she has to say cause it's important. Kiefer asks Kristina what brought this one, she says that she wants him. Carly says to Michael that the memory of his mother was real, that means the one with Claudia was real. Dominic tells Claudia that whatever she has to say to him to get it over with.moreless
  • Ep. #11902
    Ep. #11902
    Episode 127
    Claudia visits Anthony and tells him of her plans to have another baby with Sonny. Spinelli and Maxie's reception continues. Dante tells Olivia that she has nothing to worry about, since Kate hasn't seen him since he was littleLulu bets Ethan that he doesn't have the guts to get up there and sing, he calls her on it and gets up and surprises her. Coleman continues to woo Kate and she reminds him she isn't interested. Kiefer shows up at Jake's hoping to spend some alone time with Kristina. Patrick tells Robin that he wants to get up there and belt out a tune with his wife. Dominic walks by and Kate tells Coleman that he looks familiar. Claudia storms out of the jail after Anthony says Sonny will never be over that Olivia woman. Kate almost blows Dominic's cover, but it's stopped as Morgan and Molly get on stage and perform "ABC" for the crowd. Sonny tells Claudia that he can't be with her tonight cause he has an important meeting with Bernie. Carly and Alexis were blown away by their kids performance. Milo announces Patrick and Mac and then sing "Macho Man", Coleman stops them and then invites some girls and performs it himself and everyone is up and dancing along with them. Ethan goes to Nikolas saying that he's worried about Luke and thinks that he's in real trouble and Helena could be involved. Lulu and Ethan receive surprising text messages from Luke. Sonny tells Mike that he's uncomfortable doing something, he says he doesn't want to have another but he doesn't as Kristina overhears Sonny saying it was his daughter who killed her other kid. Claudia learns a bit of information while listening to Kate and Olivia argue and that Dominic is Dante.moreless
  • Ep. #11901
    Ep. #11901
    Episode 126
    After hearing Spinelli's explain that he can't marry Maxie, Mac passes out with a smile on his face. Robin tells Maxie that since she and Spinelli didn't get married they deserve to continue since they said their love in front of everyone, the guests start to throw rice on them as they leave. Dominic asks Lule for a lift to Jakes's. Spinelli and Maxie get into the the car and don't hesitate at making out in the backseat. Alexis is uncomfortable at Ethan teaching her daughter how to cheat at cards. Kristina tells Molly she shouldn't have told Kiefer about the party at Jake's, and doesn't think he'll show up. Kate surprises Maxie by arriving, Maxie says she didn't get married, but that doesn't mean they aren't. Olivia gets Dominic out of there, and if Kate sees him his cover his blown and recognizes him as Dante. Spinelli asks Jason to go on stage and give a toast to him and his non bride. Dominic leans into kiss Lulu but she pushes him away. Jason catches Maxie's garter, and Sam ends up with the bouquet, Spinelli couldn't be more happier. Patrick asks Matt to help him figure out what Robin has planned, everyone then sings "I Want to Know What Love Is" as Maxie and Spinelli dance.moreless
  • Ep. #11900
    Ep. #11900
    Episode 125
    Maxie awakens from a horrible nightmare on her wedding day, and Robin and Lulu says to get up and get dressed. Mac tells Patrick that this is gonna be the worst day for his family, thinking Spinelli isn't right for Maxie. Sam asks Molly just how serious Kristina and Kiefer really are. Spinelli tells Jason that he accidentally deleted his vows from the computer, and doesn't know what to do next. Kristina tells Kiefer that she can't go out today cause she has a reading to do at a wedding. Maxie tells Lulu and Robin the reason that she didn't invite Felicia is cause of the whole spectacle at Georgie's memorial. Jason tells Spinelli to speak the words from his heart cause that is all it takes. The wedding guests start to arrive. Mac tells Spinelli if he wants to do what's best for Maxie then to call off the wedding. Dominic tells Morgan that he's staying with Sonny, and he can still hang out together, he then sees as Olivia and Johnny arrive together. Jason tells Spinelli who's nervous to do what he did the night he sang at Jake's, by focusing on Maxie. Robin gives Maxie a pep talk about her finding her soul mate in Spinelli. Jason tells Spinelli this is it, as he sees Maxie looking beautiful and about to walk down the aisle, Mac tells him to watch out for his daughter, he then says his vows and stuns everyone by saying that he can't marry Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #11899
    Ep. #11899
    Episode 124
    Michael starts to wonder the stuff that he's starting to remember isn't even real, and how his mother is gonna react to skipping his first day of school. Olivia tries to reasurre the person booking the Metro Court for a convention, that nothing bad will happen, Johnny the comes in and collapses and says he came to see her. Dominic sees his badge on the table and is incredibly nervous that Sonny will see it, Jax then grabs it and puts it in his pocket. Robin tells Maxie that at one time that she didn't want to marry Patrick. Patrick tells Spinelli to steer clear of Mac at least for the time being. Carly asks Claudia if Sonny knows about her trying for another baby. Sonny asks Dominic asks him to come and recuperate at his place so he can keep an eye on him. Michael takes a look in the mirror after remembering what that fortune teller said at the carnival. Patrick and Robin hear Mac ranting at his daughter's choice of a husband, he calms down til he sees a monk and says Spinelli is under arrest. Michael tells Carly he skipped school cause he's starting to remember things that didn't happen. Jax tells Dominic that he knows that he's Dante and he's out to bust Sonny and he offers his help to do that. Claudia is thrown when Sonny says that Dominic will be staying with them. Mac asks Maxie it isn't too late to back out, and he barely could stand seeing Spinelli kissing Maxie. Jax tells Dante that while living at Sonny's he'll have access to evidence. Claudia tells Dominic when he arrives she wants him out of her house. Michael has another memory of Claudia admitting that she sent the gunman and it's cause of her he got shot. Maxie admits to Jason that she doesn't want to marry Spinelli, Jason says she has to tell him and he'll understand cause it won't be fair for eiter of them, a distraught Spinelli overhears everything.moreless
  • Ep. #11898
    Ep. #11898
    Episode 123
    Mac tells Robin that he's considering arresting Spinelli for breaking and entering last night, Robin says the only person is Maxie who can stop the wedding. Claudia tells Johnny that she and Sonny are gonna try to have another baby. Maxie can't come up with a good reason not to go through with the wedding, after Lulu says she rearranged Kate's schedule and she being on a plane to Tokyo right now. Olivia threatens Sonny at how he would like if she used his son against him. Carly tells Jax that she's not hungry and is worried about Michael and how he's handling things at Madison. Michael has a hard first day at his new school, and Kristina asks how things are going so far. Olivia tells Sonny that if he gets Claudia pregnant again then she'll pity all three of them. Dominic asks Ronnie he's gonna blow his cover if he keeps showing up at his room like this. Patrick tells Mac that Spinelli loves Maxie and he treats her with respect. Jason agrees to wear the so called pink tie as to Spinelli's request. Michael storms off after an encounter with Kiefer and having a memory that Sam said something to him while he was in a coma. Matt comes to Crimson and says that he's here to rescue her by taking her away to an island til this thing blows over, Maxie says she's marrying Spinelli tomorrow. Spinelli goes to Patrick and asks how he got Mac to like him. Michael learns that Sam never came to the institute, and thinks all the memories weren't real. Maxie goes to Robin asking how she's making it work with Patrick.moreless
  • Ep. #11897
    Ep. #11897
    Episode 122
    Sam tells Michael that she didn't give any specifics to Jason on his memory flashes. Lulu asks Dominic where the detective's badge came from, and doesn't believe one word of his answer. Spinelli show Maxie an ideal spot for their nuptuals, she sees and isn't exactly impressed, he then asks if she wants to get married. Sam tells Michael that they're not sure what to make of Claudia apologizing. Ethan asks Nikolas what the catch is and thinks that he's setting him up when he tries to cash the cheque, Ethan wants to know the real reason why he's really paying him, he tells him to take his money and shove it. Elizabeth finds herself at Jake's bar and Coleman asks what's her reason for drinking tonight. Claudia tells Sonny to go ahead and to do what he has to do by making Anthony believe that Johnny's life is in danger, Jason asks if he's really okay with this. Dominic tells Lulu that the police badge is in fact "stolen". Jason tells Michael that he'll do what he can in order to help him. Ethan goes to Lulu and tells her that Nikolas needs someone to talk to cause he's desperately on edge. Spinelli finds the solution to his and Maxie's problems in finding a location for their wedding. Elizabeth admits to Olivia that she slept with Nikolas. Claudia tells Sonny that if he does this it'll make everything right. Maxie is in awe when Spinelli shows her a fantastic location, and they're all cheerful and they have a place to get married at. Olivia goes to check on Johnny in the hospital. Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at Jake's.moreless
  • Ep. #11896
    Ep. #11896
    Episode 121
    Jason tells Robin that Michael is starting to remember stuff that people said when people came to see him while he was in a coma. Olivia finds Dante in Johnny's room. Sonny tells Anthony he'll be forced to retaliate if he makes another move on the people that he loves. Dante tells Olivia to consider breaking it off with Johnny cause he'll kill her when he finds out she betrayed him. Lucky notices that Elizabeth seems a little distracted, and to think good things cause they just got engaged. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she doesn't think Elizabeth or Lucky blame him for anything and love him anyway, she then asks him what's really wrong. Olivia says she'll go back to Brooklyn on one condition if Dante goes with her. Lulu goes to see Johnny, and Dominic asks Lulu to help him go back to General Hospital, Epiphany lays into him and says she'll have him watched til it's okay for him to leave, Lulu has some fun by telling Epiphany that Dominic needs help getting undressed. Sonny tells Jason that Anthony has been officially taken care of. Ronnie gives Dominic his police badge in the hospital as a reminder of what his true mission is. Nikolas gives Ethan a cheque for a million dollars, and says for him to keep Rebecca away from him. Elizabeth feels uncomfortable when Lucky wants to have sex, but he says that they can wait. Sonny tells Jason to forget about Johnny, and if Anthony goes after anyone that's not under his protection, Johnny will be no more as Claudia comes in and hears everything.moreless
  • Ep. #11895
    Ep. #11895
    Episode 120
    Johnny asks Olivia why shouldn't he trust Dominic, she says just to watch himself. Michael asks Jax if he's the reason he got shot cause he ordered a hit on Sonny, Jax says he'd never order any hit on Sonny. Claudia continues to overhear Sam tells Jason that Michael is starting to remember what people have said while he was in a coma. Jason tells Sam that it's crazy that Michael is making an assumption. Jax tells Michael that he's gonna explain everything as soon as Carly has the baby and it won't any longer, Carly comes in and wants to know what he meant. Lucky finds Nikolas again in the Turret thinking he spends too much time up there. Rebecca tells Elizabeth her plans to enroll in nursing school cause being around Edward made her think of changing careers. Jason assures Carly to trust and if he finds something she should know he'll tell her. Claudia's hurt when Johnny pushes her away. Alfred tells Nikolas of Elizabeth's invitation to her place, but he says he and Rebecca have other plans. Sonny tests Dominic's loyalty by asking him to take out Johnny Zacchara. Anthony receives a visit from Sonny and says Johnny will pay the price if he makes a move on his territory again. Dominic visits Johnny in his room and says he should've been at the warehouse but he took his place instead. Elizabeth's jealousy over Nikolas and Rebecca flares.moreless
  • Ep. #11894
    Ep. #11894
    Episode 119

    Nikolas tells Elizabeth that can she really marry Lucky after he and her had sex last night. Claudia tells Olivia to leave when Sonny takes her to see Johnny, Olivia says she ain't leaving anywhere. Robin tells Maxie that it's natural for her to have pre-wedding jitters, Maxis says it's more then that. Carly and Jax learn about the shooting, Michael asks Jax how he always assumes the worst. Jason tells Spinelli that if he wants Johnny to be his best man then it's okay with him. Morgan visits Dominic and asks him when he can get out, and asks if he'd like to stay at his place and recuperate. Lucky and Elizabeth start their counselling session with Lainey. Maxie is gonna try and keep from getting pregnant by getting on birth control. Olivia tells Dante not to get so attached to Morgan like that, and it's good that Carly and Jax said no. Sam tells Michael she can't make any promises and she'll see what she can do. Carly lays into Sonny for not telling him his warehouses were hit and Johnny and Spinelli were almost killed. Olivia tells Johnny not to trust Dominic. Ronnie tells Dominic he can't get emotionally involved and his job is to put Sonny in prison. Michael confronts Jax with his suspicions about his involvment in his shooting, and thinks he got shot cause he was trying to kill his father. Elizabeth can't get her mind off of Nikolas.

  • Ep. #11893
    Ep. #11893
    Episode 118
    Spinelli and Maxie hold a meeting in Jason's apartment about the wedding planning, Kristina, Molly, Patrick and Robin get an eyeful when Sam and Jason come downstairs. Nikolas dreams of making love to Elizabeth and wakes up and sees Rebecca, she says she knows why he's up here. Carly tells Michael that Jax made some calls to get him into the same school as Kristina, Jax sees some hostility and asks Michael what he did. Edward tells Ethan that he's been waiting for him to come visit, he thanks him for getting him out of that car after it crashed. Elizabeth doesn't think they should rush into marriage thinking Cameron will be disappointed. Jason politely asks everyone to leave. Carly thinks that yesterday at the carnival stirred up some memories after he was shot, Michael continues to avoid Jax. Molly has a little talk with Jason about his relationship with Sam. Edward tells Ethan that he'll help but there's a catch, Tracy arrives and asks if he's alright and apologizes that she wasn't here, Monica looks at his chart and sees some improvement. Michael tracks down Ramona the fortune teller, and to for her to explain these visions he's having. Morgan tells Jax and Carly the incentive that he needs is to let Dominic recuperate here at the house when he's released from the hospital, cause he likes hanging out with him. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Jake's test results came back and it's only a bump on the head. Molly tells Sam that she talked to Jason cause she wants her to be happy. Jason tells Spinelli that what happened this morning can't happen again then next time to ask permission. Tracy tells Ethan she'll like him even more if he takes Rebecca and leaves. Spinelli asks Jason if he believes that he and Maxie are making a mistake. Nikolas offers Elizabeth his bitter congratulations.moreless
  • Ep. #11892
    Ep. #11892
    Episode 117
    Claudia has a heated confrontation with Anthony and slaps him and says she would never put her brother in danger. Sonny tells Olivia that Johnny was shot this evening, she then hurries to his side. Johnny tells Jason that he overheard one of the men and that Anthony was responsible, Spinelli tells Jason to let Johnny rest before asking any more questions. Lucky tells Lulu that he asked Elizabeth to marry him, she's then thrown when she hasn't given him an answer yet. Claudia tells Anthony that Johnny and Spinelli know that he was responsible for what went down. Maxie and Sam learn of Spinelli's impending danger tonight, Maxie thinks that she now owes Johnny for saving her fiancee. Olivia tells Johnny that she cames as soon as she heard. Elizabeth asks herself what she's just done, thinking this is what she does when Lucky proposes marriage to her, she thinks she should tell Lucky the truth but Nikolas is against the idea. Sonny tells Jason that he has a plan of using Dominic to stick it to Anthony. Johnny's monitors go off when Claudia and Olivia have a fight. Lulu comes to see Dominic and he tells her to come on and could use a visit from her, he then says that Johnny was shot tonight. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli and Maxie aren't here and they're alone for the night. Olivia apologizes for getting into a fight with Claudia and causing a scare like that. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she's done some thinking and is accepting his proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #11891
    Ep. #11891
    Episode 116
    Michael asks Sam to come over and not to tell Jason. Patrick tells Olivia that he expects Dante to make a full recovery and she doesn't have to tell Sonny that he's his son. Ethan tells Rebecca that going with him is a mistake, Rebecca says that she can speak for herself. Elizabeth explains to Lucky that they dealt with the whole marriage thing twice already and ended badly. Spinelli tells Johnny that there were no casualties at the carnival, and says Claudia shouldn't know about the shooting at the warehouse. Bernie tells Claudia that Anthony organized a takedown of three buildings on Sonny's territory and he brother was a casualtie and was shot multiple times. Lucky realizes Elizabeth is thinking he'll turn to pills or alcohol again. Patrick offers Olivia some options in telling Sonny the truth cause it could backfire and end up betraying both Dante and Sonny. Ronnie comes to see Dante and says it couldn't have went better in him saving Morgan from the speeding car, Jason comes by. Michael admits to Sam that he's been having memory flashes of Jax apologizing and thinks he had his part in his shooting and doesn't want Carly to know. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she'll think long and hard about his proposal. Jason is grateful for Dominic saving Morgan and if he needs anything for him not to hesitate to ask. Anthony lays into his associate for the shooting of his son. Claudia slaps Spinelli about not telling him about Johnny and if he dies the whole town will feel her pain. Dante thanks Olivia for not blowing his cover and that she's his mother. Jason asks Spinelli if he's alright and to explain what went down, Spinelli says the gunmen where taking orders from Anthony Zacchara, Jason says for Spinelli not to run errands for the organization anymore cause he depends on him as a friend. Nikolas asks Elizabeth what she said regarding the recent marriage proposal, she feels she can't tell Lucky that she loves him but not in the way he wants to. Ethan tells Lucky that Nikolas is planning a whole revenge tactic. Claudia confronts Anthony in prison about what he did to her brother.moreless
  • Ep. #11890
    Ep. #11890
    Episode 115
    Robin presents proof to Mac that Andrea laced Edward's drink with digitalis which caused his cardiac arrest. Elizabeth stops the kiss with Nikolas, thinking that someone might see them, Jason then steps away before even he is seen. Dominic tells Patrick to leave his mother out of this and not to contact her. Edward remembers Andrea not leaving his side at the kick off party and begging him to have a drink with her, Robin says that Andrea's attempt to kill him ending up her getting killed instead. Olivia changes her mind about telling Sonny the truth about Dominic, instead she says she learned he offered to pay his medical bills. Jason goes and tells Sam she went to go check on Jake and seen Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing, and it wasn't a friendly one. Olivia insists on being tested and to test Morgan as well as Kristina and Sonny to see if they're matches for her son. Mac insists on following the forensic evidence and thinking it'll clear Alexis on the attempted murder charges. Olivia tells Patrick that she had reasons why she didn't tell Sonny that Dante is his son, and if he needs the transplant she will tell. Kiefer stops by and gives Kristina a new phone. Lucky tells Nikolas that he wants to spend his life with Elizabeth again. Sam and Jason inch closer and are honest with one another. Kiefer gets forceful with Kristina and asks why she's playing these games with him. Michael has an unsettling memory about Jax and realizes that Jerry had his hand in his shooting. Lucky without hesitation proposes marriage to Elizabeth. Ethan tells Rebecca that if she goes home with Nikolas she'll regret it. Michael calls Sam and says that he has something important to tell him and can't tell Jason. Patrick arrives and says he has Dominic's test results.moreless
  • Ep. #11889
    Ep. #11889
    Episode 114
    Kristina is seen underneath the ride, and is barely conscious. Jason learns from Lulu that Edward had a heart attack and crashed his car in the carnival. Patrick tells Sonny and Olivia that Dominic may need a kidney transplant. Michael has another memory of Claudia apologizing to him while he was in a coma. Nikolas continue to overhear Rebecca tell Edward that she loves him and not to die. Sonny calls Bernie and asks for the contact information on Dominic right away. Rebecca tells Edward that she wants him to stay and is grateful that he got to Edward and helped Nikolas carry him up to the hospital. Milo sits by Max's bedside, Louise asks if there's been any changes, Max wakes up and asks why he's in the hospital. Jason asks Sam what if Edward was drunk when he was driving that car that caused the prize tent to fall on Jake. Elizabeth and Lucky receive news about Jake. Patrick learns Olivia's secret and that Dominic is actually her son Dante. Robin goes through Andrea's purse and finds a bottle of digitalis and thinks that caused Edward's heart attack. Mac questions Rebecca if how Edward seemed earlier at the mansion. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he's grateful for being able to be there for Jake and is glad that she's in his life. Jason is glad that Rebecca was here to authorize his surgery, and Rebecca asks if it's okay if he told Edward he was here. Kristina tells Michael that someone found her before he did and she got a good look at her shoes. Edward wakes up and asks Rebecca what has he done. Jason sees Nikolas kissing Elizabeth. Kristina looks at Claudia's shoes and those being of the person that found her. Robin has news for Mac and says Edward wasn't drunk, and someone was trying to kill him. Olivia tells Sonny that she knows exactly what she has to do.moreless
  • Ep. #11888
    Ep. #11888
    Episode 113
    Dominic suffers injuries while attempting to save Morgan. Johnny gets Spinelli out of the line of fire. Morgan tells Sonny and Carly that Dominic got him out of the way. Andrea and Alexis continue their argument, she then gets pinned when Edwards cars stops near the ferris wheel. Ethan manages to open the car door to check on Edward, and Robin sees that he had a heart attack. Lucky, Lucky and Jason search a turned over booth looking for Jake. Lulu alerts Epiphany that people are hurt down at the carnival, Matt and a bunch of E.M.T's. Molly refuses to go anywhere til she knows that Kristina is alright. Elizabeth is relieved that Jake got out unscathed. Jax tells Olivia to keep quiet or Sonny will see right through him. Lulu brings Molly into the E.R. and Claudia promises to stay by the ride when Kristina is found. Sonny thanks Dominic for saving Morgan's life. Nikolas and Ethan help carry Edward up to the hospital. Mac tells a frantic Alexis to check the E.R. to see if her daughters were brought in. Johnny learns that his father orchaestrated the taking of Sonny's territory. Louise tells Milo of Max's heroics and that he might have spinal injuries. Johnny explains to Spinelli that if he doesn't help him out then they're both dead. Nikolas explains to Rebecca that it's up to her regarding since Monica and Tracy aren't here. Jason comforts Elizabeth after hearing that Jake has a skull fracture. The M.E. shows something that was found next to Andrea's body. Jason feels helpless and couldn't prevent Jake's injuries. Spinelli is unable to get through since the 911 operators are all busy. Alexis learns that Molly is safe but Kristina is still missing. Nikolas listens as Rebecca tells an unconscious Edward that he's was very kind when she and him first met. Johnny collapses and Spinelli tends to him and asks him to hold on. Patrick comes out and Sonny tells him he'll take care of the costs for Dominic, Patrick asks where he can contact Dominic's mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11887
    Ep. #11887
    Episode 112
    Claudia insists on taking Kristina on the ferris wheel, Michael stops them and tells Kristina that her mother's looking for her. Jason and Sam can't believe that Edward is the one that's meeting Deidre at the Metro Court. Sonny warns Coleman and lets Morgan win that Yankees batting helmet. Nikolas practically admits to Ethan that he's planning on dumping Rebecca and to go right ahead and tell her cause she won't believe him. Jason tells Sam now that the case is closed that she'd like to go to the carnival with him. Patrick and Robin approach Edward, and he denies ever having a room at the hotel on the night of Brianna's murder. Ethan tells Elizabeth that she knows what Nikolas is doing to Rebecca is wrong and to stop him. Dominic makes a bet with Lulu that if he can get the bell to ring at the test of strength she'll have to stop avoiding him, Lulu pays Alice to make sure it doesn't ring. she then walks off leaving them to fend for themselves. Sonny literally bumps into Olivia spilling her popcorn. Michael gets an interesting reading from the fortune teller, saying that he's apart of the blessed and the cursed. Andrea tells Alexis in front of Molly and Kristina to enjoy her last day of freedom cause she'll be placed under arrest soon. Spinelli takes the call and tells Maxie that Bernie wants him to go and get some papers and will be back in no time. Anthony tells his associate to make sure his men take down Sonny's territory and to take out anyone that gets in the way. Edward gets into his car and suffers a heart attack while driving. Jason and Sam enjoy the carnival together and then plays and sees the shooting gallery is rigged and Coleman just gives him the prize for Sam. Spinelli's in the wrong place at the wrong time as Anthony's men corner him in the warehouse. Elizabeth sees that Jake has wandered off and Jason goes after him. Edward passes out at the wheel, and presses his foot on the gas pedal and lurges towards the carnival. Morgan sees the speeding car coming towards himmoreless
  • Ep. #11886
    Ep. #11886
    Episode 111
    Dominic brings Morgan and Molly to the carnival. Jason and Sam hope that Spinelli doesn't hurt himself. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that this revenge ploy he has against Rebecca wil hurt him, he assures her he knows what he's doing. Andrea's quest to poison Edward continues, it's foiled again when Monica pours it out. Max tells Diane that he's feeling neglected and decide to go and enjoy the carnival solo. Patrick is in the dunk tank and Robin and Matt have they're try, but Lulu finds out the game is rigged. Ethan takes one good look at Rebecca and says she must be wearing someone else's clothes. Sam gets information on the person she's investigating and that she charged a room at the Metro Court on her credit card. Sonny says that Molly can choose the first ride everyone goes on, he then takes a balloon from a clown and sees that it's Spinelli. Anthony tells his associate that Sonny better hold onto those he loves realy tight. Molly figures out and throws a ball and dunks Patrick. Monica offers to drop Edward off on her way to the airport, he says that he has his own car. Andrea tells Mac that the sooner Alexis is behind bars the better. Molly ends up on a roll dunking Ethan, Johnny and Dominic. Jason and Sam wait outside Deidre's hotel room and sees that she's expecting someone to join her. Kristina gets her fortune told at the carnival and the future looks grim. Andrea manages to slip the digitalis into Edward's martini once again. Matt apologizes to Lulu and says that he has to work and can't go back to the carnival, Dominic sees the opportunity to take her. Several men gather in an alley and prepare their guns for a possible showdown. Andrea looks as Edward drinks the poisoned martini with delight that she succeeded. Nikolas and Ethan get into it at the ball throwing booth. Kristina tells Kiefer that the fortune teller that her life is in danger today, Claudia sees them kiss and says Sonny wouldn't like it if he seen it.moreless
  • Ep. #11885
    Ep. #11885
    Episode 110
    Robin tells Patrick that she found a witness that can place Andrea in the Metro Court and that it's Edward Quartermaine, Spinelli checked and found his bartab he had that night of Brianna's death. Alexis makes it clear to Kristina that she can't be alone with Michael ever again. Rebecca comes down and Nikolas sees her in that red dress, unaware that it's one that Emily used to wear. Michael comes by to get Kristina and Alexis tells him exactly what she told her and doesn't want him driving Kristina to the carnival. Andrea runs into Edward at the bar and when he takes a call pours the digitalis in his martini. Carly starts to hyperventilate at the thought of Jason and Sam getting back together. Maxie comes to the office and asks Spinelli what time will he be picking her up tonight, he regrets that he has to work and says to go on and have fun without him, he opens up and says he's afraid of clowns. Dominic tells Lulu this is perfect and he doesn't have to call her and asks if she wants to go with him tonight, Matt shows up and asks her out. Carly advises Jason to be truthful with Sam. Andrea's attempt to get rid of Edward is foiled, when he sees the woman he's waiting for come off the elevator and spills the drink. Lulu tells Matt that she'd love to go to the carnival with him. Elizabeth sees and realizes that Emily had a dress just like it, and learns from Rebecca that Nikolas got it for her. Alexis tells Jax that she told Kristina that she has to be supervised when with Michael. Olivia is thrown when Lulu tells Carly about Dominic always hitting on her, Dominic shows up and sees them all sitting together. Patrick and Robin go to talk to Edward and sees him with a woman. Spinelli explains to Jason and Sam that he's dressed as a clown to face his fears. Anthony tells someone he's talking to that he's gonna send a little surprise for the people of Port Charles at the carnival.moreless
  • Ep. #11884
    Ep. #11884
    Episode 109
    Spinelli tells Maxie they can't leave when his dream that Sam and Jason are reuniting. Patrick tells Edward not to overdo it at the carnival, Andrea lingers with that bottle in her hand and Matt says she ain't fooling anyone. Michael says that he heard people talking and heard Jax talking saying he was sorry about something. Sonny tells Kristina that he wasn't there for her and if anyone's to blame it's him, as Claudia continues to eavesdrop. Elizabeth is confused to see Nikolas kissing Rebecca like everything is fine. Matt tells Patrick that he saw Andrea watching him talk to Edward. Sam leaves and Maxie tells Jason to go on after her. Max interrupts Sonny and says there's a business thing they need to discuss. Nikolas invites Rebecca to the carnival with Elizabeth, Cameron and Spencer tomorrow. Michael is outraged when learning that Dominic was hired by Sonny to protect him and Morgan, although Morgan is rather excited at the idea. Johnny invites Olivia to the carnival, she says yes cause she practically arranged the whole thing. Jason tells Spinelli that Sam helped him find Kristina and Michael and that's all. Nikolas tells Alfred not to question his motives and will make Rebecca tried to take Emily's place. Michael tells Dominic that he doesn't want him guarding him and doesn't need a babysitter, and says for Michael and Carly that it's safe to come back in the room. Spinelli asks Jason to be his best man at his wedding, Jason asks where does the so called pink tie come in. Elizabeth tells Lucky if he knows about Rebecca and doesn't think he can forgive Rebecca that quickly. Monica asks Edward to work the room while the carnival is taking place. Andrea asks a lawyer for advice if there was a witness to a crime and suddenly died and couldn't testify. Andrea reads the bottle of digitalis and learns it could cause cardiac arrest if administered properly.moreless
  • Ep. #11883
    Ep. #11883
    Episode 108
    Alexis is just glad that Kristina is home safe and wonders why she fled the country and why she didn't go to her. Morgan is glad that Michael is home, Michael then apologizes to Carly for the way he acted and will promise not to do that again. Patrick tells Matt and Elizabeth that Robin's been working on her theory of Andrea being the real killer. Maxie listens as Spinelli is rehearsing what he's going to say to Jason. Andrea becomes nervous when Edward says that she just went right by him at the Metro Court and it being the same night of Mayor Floyd's mistress being found dead. Kristina explains that she got into a fight with Kiefer and she went back and seen her with another girl and got jealous and drove, then caused the accident, Alexis that's far from it being finished. Alexis asks Molly how she knew about Kristina causing the accident, she says she overheard her and Diane talking in the living room. Michael thinks he should return to the Quartermaine's until at least she has the baby, but Morgan says that he should stay here with the family, Michael then agrees to stay. Sonny is glad that Claudia says that what Kristina did was just an accident. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina has to face Sonny and Claudia and own up to what she did, Kristina says that she must face her father. Jason tells Sonny that the reason that he didn't check in is cause he ran into Jerry and he almost killed him, the weird thing is that Jerry told him that Claudia was innocent. Claudia goes and shares her news with Johnny that Jerry had the opportunity to reveal the truth but didn't and says she's in the clear. Jax says tells Olivia he'll exposes the truth about Claudia after Carly has her baby. Michael tells Jax that he ran into Jerry in Mexico but they escaped his clutches, Carly walks in and Jax says something that triggers a memory of what he said to him while he was in a coma. Andrea sees a vial on a medicine cart and she takes it thinking it's what she needs. Maxie and Spinelli catch Jason and Sam sharing an intimate moment.moreless
  • Ep. #11882
    Ep. #11882
    Episode 107
    Claudia eavesdrops on Sonny and Alexis and she's angry when they decide not to let Kristina pay for what she did. Jason tells Michael that he's not gonna literally force him to come back to Port Charles. Morgan comes downstairs and asks Carly and Jax if he could wait with them til Michael comes home. Sam tells Kristina she needs to take responsibility for her actions, and not let her own mother take the blame for something Alexis did. Olivia tells Dante to get out of town cause it won't be long til Sonny or Jason find out he's undercover, Dante says that he knows what he's doing. Michael tells Jason that it's his life if he wants to stay in Mexico. Alexis says that she noticed that Kristina acting out the minute that Michael woke up. Claudia goes to Johnny saying that she knows that Kristina ran her off the road and Alexis covered it up and says they won't get away with this. Jason comes back and tells Sam and Kristina that Michael's at the boat shack and is staying here. Dante is speechless when Sonny tells Carly and Jax he's appointed him as Morgan and Michael's guard. Kiefer brings Molly some cookies and asks if she knows when Kristina is coming home, he then tells Alexis if it's okay if he continues seeing her daughter. Michael and Kristina almost catch Sam and Jason in a moment, Jason asks if he's coming back or if he's here to say goodbye. Sonny tells Claudia about Kristina unaware that she already knows the truth. Carly tells Jax that there's something about Dominic she can't put her finger on and wonders if he knows. Jason makes Michael and Kristina promise not to tell Carly about Jerry shooting him.moreless
  • Ep. #11881
    Ep. #11881
    Episode 106
    Sam and Jason find Michael and Kristina, as the guy is punching Michael for stealing his watch. Maxie and Lulu read the headline of Giselle being arrested on extortion charges, they keep it from Kate thinking that she'll will make a deal and bring her down. Patrick catches Andrea eavesdropping on Robin and Alexis's conversation. Sonny tells Johnny to apologize to his sister for the things that he just said to her. Andrea goes online and searches for poisons. Morgan tells Molly not to talk to Kiefer anymore cause he thinks that he's a bully. Carly gets word from Jason that he found Michael and Kristina so Jax doesn't have to go down to Cancun. Sonny walks in on Diane and Max and he says to let him know before he walks in. A girl goes up to Kiefer and asks why he's listening to Kristina's and gets forceful and grabs her arm. Kate tells Lulu and Maxie that she had part in Giselle's downfall and knew they suspected her, and not to worry they're jobs are secure. Michael realizes that Jerry shot Jason and left him for dead. Johnny tells Claudia to go back to Sonny and her fake marriage. Kiefer comes to talk to Carly and Jax, Morgan says he's here cause he found out Kristina's coming home and doesn't want her to find out what jerk he is. Patrick warns Robin not to antagonize Andrea, Robin says that he thinks that Andrea will come after her cause she accused her. Kristina tells Jason that Michael went for a walk, Jason realizes that Michael's gone, and finds him back at the rental place and says that he ain't leaving. Sam tells Kristina that the charges against Michael have been dropped and Alexis confessed. Claudia overhears Alexis and Sonny and learns that Kristina was the one and not Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #11880
    Ep. #11880
    Episode 105
    Spinelli catches Maxie for trying to sneak a kiss, and says that they should wait til they're married. Sonny sees that there's some animosity towards Claudia and Johnny when he doesn't seem happy to see his sister. Diane confronts Alexis about a deal that was offered to her, Nikolas walks in and says that it was him that spoke to the judge, that got Alexis some leniency and says he should've focused on his family instead of Rebecca. Michael offers to help pay Kristina that other money she needs to get home by using the hotels money. Maxie asks Spinelli if he really wants to wait til they're wedding night to make passionate love. Jax informs Olivia that he asked Spinelli to trace an e-mail, but made an excuse and thinks he wants Jason to bring them home. Sonny asks Claudia what is Johnny's attitude towards her, Carly arrives with Morgan and says they're on the way to the Country club. Robin promises Patrick that if they can't find anything that implicates Andrea then she'll leave it to the profressionals. Alexis can't believe it when Nikolas is turning into a true Cassadine before her eyes. Mac comes to talk to Spinelli and learns that Maxie spent the night, Maxie asks what the problem is after all they are engaged. Johnny tells Claudia the problem is that she sent Jerry Jacks a sociopath after Michael and Kristina. Mac tries to talk some sense into Maxie by saying that Spinelli isn't right for her. Robin and Patrick go to Jax with the theory of Andrea framing Alexis for Brianna's murder. Molly asks Morgan if he's heard from Michael or Kristina lately. Kiefer apologizes to Sonny for the way that he handled things with Michael that day, Sonny tells Kiefer that he read him at day one and doesn't want him around his daughter. Dominic lets himself into Sonny's place and takes something, Max drops Diane on the couch and points his gun at him. Jax pressures Spinelli for the whereabouts of Michael and Kristina. Carly sees Kiefer talking to Morgan and Molly, and she says for him not to heed Sonny's warning. Dominic shows Ronnie what he took from Sonny's desk.moreless
  • Ep. #11879
    Ep. #11879
    Episode 104
    Tracy asks Ethan she's surprised that he's still in town after Rebecca spilled the beans about they're little con game, Lulu tells Ethan that she's digusted at everyone was right about him, she then runs into Dominic as she leaves. Rebecca stops Nikolas and pushes him away after he seems a little agressive. Maxie tells Spinelli that there's no way she's going to live with Jason after they get married. Kristina confesses everything to Michael that she's the one that drove Claudia off the road that night. Michael tells Kristina that she should go home back to her life and he'll continue being on the run cause his life back home is nothing but a big mess. Olivia calls and leaves a message for Ronnie if he's had any luck in getting Dante reassigned, Johnny then shows up with flowers and an apology for the way he acted, Olivia says that they shouldn't see each other anymore. Sam and Jason give into their feelings and make love once again. Nikolas wants Rebecca to pay and shows his dark side.moreless
  • Ep. #11878
    Ep. #11878
    Episode 103
    Nikolas only has revenge on his mind when dealing with Rebecca and tries to get her to believe that he wants her back. Jason and Sam's passion intensifies. Morgan asks Sonny if Dominic to another Yankees game, he says sure and will make sure they have the best seats in the house. Kristina feels bad that she never got to tells Kiefer how she felt, she uses the phone to call him and he pays a woman at the country club to answer and say that he's busy. Carly and Jax are beside themselves when Morgan says that Claudia is actually a pretty decent person. Sam feels awkward and Jason offers to help but she says no and she leaves the room. Michael wonders why she changed her mind about Kiefer and asked whatever he did for her. Edward tells Nikolas that he's not wanted on the property, Nikolas tells Rebecca to come to Wyndemere tonight. Dominic overhears Sonny tells Claudia that he's never been sleeping with Olivia and is glad that it didn't happen and for her to check her off as something she'd worry about. Rebecca tells Ethan that he did her a big favor by telling Lucky the truth. Nikolas runs into Elizabeth and says she's right he should let go of the past, and thanks for the barbeque yesterday. Rebecca arrives and she and Nikolas share a glass of wine. Elizabeth sits in her bathtub thinking of her kiss from Nikolas yesterday. Olivia tells Dante that she's been telling him for weeks that nothing was going on with Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #11877
    Ep. #11877
    Episode 102
    Elizabeth reads Nikolas the riot act, and doesn't want to be his rebound girl and she's his friend and doesn't want him to take her down with him. Claudia sees that Sonny wants to start a scholarship in their child's memory. Jax figures out the truth about Dominic, and assures Olivia that he wasn't going to reveal it right there at Kelly's in front of Carly. Carly tells Dominic that Morgan doesn't take to anyone so quickly and has a connection with him and thinks that she knows why, it's cause he works for Sonny. Olivia tells Jax that Dante is about to make the biggest bust of his career, not knowing that he'll be arresting his own father. Sam and Jason are reminded of their time together. Claudia tells Sonny that she wants to try and have another baby. Carly tells Dominic that he looks like a decent guy and deserves so much better then ending up being a criminal. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she wanted him to kiss her. Lucky returns home with the kids and the ice cream after nearly getting caught in the rain, and he says that he has a wonderful idea. Carly is surprised by the acceptance Jax has that of Dominic, and tells Jax he thought he couldn't stand him. Nikolas shows up at the Quartermaine's and approaches Rebecca, and apologizes for the way he acted and if she really intended on telling him everything the other night, and says that he thinks this could be a fresh start for them. Dominic and Sonny that he once both played short stop in baseball. Jason stops Sam from wringing the cloth and they intensely get intimate.moreless
  • Ep. #11876
    Ep. #11876
    Episode 101
    Sonny comes home to see Claudia in a rocking chair, she says she forgot that she ordered and it came today. Dominic punches Johnny when he starts going on about Olivia, he retaliates by punching Dominic to make things even between them. Jason starts to feel a bit better, but Sam says that he should still take it easy. Nikolas arrives for the barbeque at Lucky and Elizabeth and says that he infatuated himself with Rebecca and it's time to move on. Jax agrees to keep Olivia's secret, she says thanks and will keep his secret in Jerry and Claudia being behind Michael's shooting. Sonny makes a decision about his future. Olivia tells Jax not to tell Carly anything about this cause she's cetain she'll go running to Sonny with it. Sam asks Jason why he brought up Hawaii, he says that he was dreaming about it. Morgan runs into Dominic when Carly brings him at Kelly's wanting ice cream, he asks how Carly is doing. Jason thanks Sam for that time she convinced him to have the surgery that saved his life. Nikolas and Elizabeth get close while getting caught in the rain. Olivia comes in and drops her purse at the sight of Dante sitting at a table with Carly and Morgan, Jax walks in an also sees them together.moreless
  • Ep. #11875
    Ep. #11875
    Episode 100
    Nikolas tells Molly that he'll put a good word in for with Alexis, despite that she's in big trouble for sneaking out to Wyndemere last night. Lulu arrives at the hospital and asks Robin for her help, Matt makes an observation that she glued her hand to her head, Lulu thinks that cutting her hair isn't an option. Rebecca wakes up having no recollection after yesterday and sees Dominic sleeping in the chair and slowly she remembers getting drunk at Jake's. Kate rushes to Jax's office thinking that if something isn't done Crimson will be in trouble. Rebecca comes downstairs with Dominic and Nikolas goes up and says that she sure does move fast. Lucky asks Elizabeth if she's spoken with Nikolas this morning. Nikolas tells Alexis that Molly was really helpful last night and put things in perspective for him. Kate tells Jax she was afraid he'd pull out after learning that she taken Trevor's money and she's being blackmailed by Giselle, he wonders why she didn't come to him sooner. Rebecca faces off with both Alexis and Nikolas. Olivia goes to Ronnie saying she needs to get Dante out of Port Charles, Carly walks into the laundromat and wonders what the conversation is about, when Ronnie leaves she asks Olivia what's really going on. Dominic asks Lulu if everything is alright, but doesn't let on about her predicament. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that last night can never happen again, and it would devastate Lucky if he found out. Jax overhears and learns that Olivia had a son with Sonny and doesn't know about it. Ronnie tells Johnny that Anthony may be in lockdown but he's secretly recruiting people. Monica tells Rebecca that Ethan is a grifter and she's just an angry woman who went down a wrong path and wants to invite her into the Quartermaine's. Matt tells Lulu his own experience of gluing his lips shut as part of a fraternity thing. Jax tells Olivia what he overheard and that she has a son named Dante and he's a cop in Brooklyn and asks how much longer she's gonna keep that a secret from Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #11874
    Ep. #11874
    Episode 99
    Jerry enters the room and sees it empty, Sam and Jason quietly hide up in the rafters, Jason sees as his blood drops on the floor and is relieved that Jerry doesn't see it. Carly tells Spinelli that they got an e-mail from Michael and Kristina. Lucky walks in the room but doesn't see Elizabeth and Nikolas kissing. Alexis admits the truth to Sonny that Kristina did in fact run Claudia off the road, Sonny asks why didn't she just come to him, Alexis says Kristina was probably afraid. Robin goes over her theory with Patrick that Andrea tracked Brianna and managed to get her alone for a brief period of time and did away with her, and asks Patrick to help renact the whole scene, Patrick points that Andrea is at the front door. Spinelli asks Carly and Jax for advice for their experience in the field of marriage. Molly hears Nikolas on the Turret and asks him who he's talking to. Sonny wants to go alone, and Jax doesn't think that it's a good idea. Andrea wants Robin to tell her the real reason she was her house earlier today, Patrick comes up with a cover to keep Robin from accusing her of murder. Alexis lays into Molly for going off to Wyndemere alone. Jason becomes delirious as his fever spikes, and tells Sam thanks for bringing him to Hawaii. Spinelli traces down the location of Michael and Kristina, and sees everyone arguing and lies and says that he failed in finding them. Nikolas promises Molly that he'll do whatever he can to be sure that Kristina is alright. Diane tells Spinelli that this better be important if she had to get out of bed to do so, he says he lied and said he didn't find the kids when in fact that he did. Andrea goes to the hospital and asks a nurse if she can see Robin's schedule so she can see when she's available. Sonny doesn't buy for a second that Spinelli was unable to locate his kids. Mac calls Alexis and says the second paint found on her second car was a match to Claudia's car.moreless
  • Ep. #11873
    Ep. #11873
    Episode 98
    Elizabeth has tough words for Nikolas, but she says she isn't leaving even if he is drunk. Olivia tells Dominic to stay and she wants him to hear what she has to say to Sonny. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he tried so hard with Nadine and then was suckered in when it came to Rebecca. Lucky tells Rebecca that she brought this on herself. Alexis asks Jax if he's heard from Michael or Kristina or at least Jason, Carly refuses the help of a private investigator. Lucky has no sympathy for Rebecca whatsoever even after she tries to explain to him that the whole plan changed. Sam wants Jason to promise her that he's going to make it. Dominic refuses to stay in the room when Olivia brings up her and Johnny, and says not to come to her apartment or send his people with messages. Carly tells Alexis that Jason could check in unexpected, Alexis says that Sam hasn't called either which means somethings up, Carly lays into Alexis for not telling the truth sooner. Michael tells Kristina that he's a little nervous in going out with that girl Marita he met earlier today. Nikolas thinks that his whole life is in shambles. Dominic heads over to Jake's and meets Rebecca who's sitting at the bar, she then starts flirting with him. Sonny tells Alexis that he knows that she's covering for they're daughter, he and Carly each get e-mails from Kristina and Michael. Nikolas and Elizabeth start to get intimate with each other. Dominic takes Rebecca back to her place and ends up crying on his shoulder over Nikolas. Lucky comes arrives at Wyndemere and learns that Elizabeth is also there up in the Turret. Jerry comes back and sees that Jason is gone and isn't dead as he'd hoped.moreless
  • Ep. #11872
    Ep. #11872
    Episode 97
    Nikolas presents a cheque to Rebecca for one million dollars, she says that it started out to be about the money, he then flies into a rage against and tells her to get out of his house. Johnny tells Sonny that it's almost as if Dominic wanted to be arrested, Sonny asked how the meeting with Anthony went. Sam gets Jason out of the rubble and into a room and he says for Sam to get the bullet that's in his leg. Sonny leaves a message for Dominic to come to his house right away. Jason asks Sam if she found Michael and Kristina, she said something about an internet cafe. Rebecca refuses to leave til she tells Nikolas her side of the story and assures him that the cancer scare was in fact real and not fake. Sam tells Jason that Jerry had her handcuffed to a chair, and took of the person that Jerry had brought for her, and came and found him in the rubble. Sonny tells Dominic that Johnny should've been the one arrested and not him. Rebecca comes to the Quartermaine's and confesses to Edward and Monica, Tracy is intrigued and knew all along she was a con, Edward tells Rebecca why he liked her from the start and now he knows why. Nikolas gets drunk and goes up and sits on one of the tourrets at Wyndemere, and goes and literally destroys the living room. Tracy tells her to leave, but Edward says that Rebecca isn't going anywhere since she still owes him $10,000. Elizabeth sees the living room in shambles and Nikolas outside drinking himself to death, he tells her that he's finally becoming a Cassadine. Rebecca goes to Jake's and slaps Lucky for telling Nikolas. Dante comes in and sees Sonny and Olivia together.moreless
  • Ep. #11871
    Ep. #11871
    Episode 96
    Jason is show unconscious in the debris after being left there by Jerry. Rebecca tells Elizabeth that she has in fact fallen in love with Nikolas. Olivia tells Johnny why didn't he come in and say hi when he seen her with Dominic. Morgan pleads with Carly to let Dominic take him to the Yankee game. Nikolas is devastated to learn the truth about Rebecca, and asks Ethan and Rebecca are in fact lovers, Lucky then confirms that they are or at least were. Jason struggles to get free while holding his wounded shoulder. Olivia goes behind Dante's back and calls and meets with Ronnie about getting him reassigned. Jax tells Morgan that he's able to take him to the game and tells Dominic that he knows who he works for. Jason starts to hallucinate seeing Michael and screams for him to come back when he disappears. Michael and Kristina realize they could actually make this thing work, Michael then meets a beautiful girl who wants to rent a waverunner. Ronnie tells Dante that Olivia is right and Sonny isn't the person to be messing with. Rebecca calls and leaves a message for Ethan saying that she plans to tell Nikolas everything. Lucky tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is sort of calm after learning the truth. Jason hallucinates seeing both Kristina and Carly. Nikolas instructs Alfred to unpack his bags and to hold off all guests except Rebecca. Sam finds Jason in the nick of time and tells him that Michael and Kristina got away from Jerry. Dante confronts Olivia about going to Ronnie and trying to get him taken off the investigation. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she thinks that Rebecca was actually sincere and is really falling in love with Nikolas. Rebecca comes to Wyndemere and sees Nikolas all dissheveled and asks what's wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #11870
    Ep. #11870
    Episode 95
    Nikolas surprises Rebecca with breakfast and invites to go on a trip with him to Greece and would like him to get to know Spencer. Kiefer approaches Morgan and angrily tells him where Michael is and knows he's been e-mailing, Dominic intervenes and rescues Morgan. Carly tells Olivia to fill in for someone at work cause Marty is relentless. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she was right all along about Rebecca and her reasons for being in Port Charles is to scam money from Nikolas and the Quartermaine's. Johnny goes to visit Anthony in jail, and he tells him that he's proud that he's starting to take part in his brother-in-laws business, Johnny says that he might be his son but he's nothing like him. Robin takes Emma to Mayor Floyd's house, hoping that it'll warm some hearts and they encounter one of their housekeepers. Morgan brings Dominic home and tells Carly that he got in trouble and Dominic saved him, Olivia then sees that it's her son Dante. Lucky explains to Elizabeth that it's the perfect and would've went great if Ethan hadn't told him everything. Johnny tells Spinelli thanks for coming so quickly, but the meeting has nothing to do with wanting to steal Maxie from him and enlists his help in bringing down his father by having him transfered to anoter facility. Olivia learns from Carly that Dominic had her, Michael and Morgan at gunpoint, and follows him to the laundromat and asks how Robin is gonna feel. Robin tells Patrick that everything went great and that Emma's charm helped reel in the housekeeper and she could be subponead. Lucky goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas that Rebecca has been lying to him when she first came to town. Johnny tells Olivia that he saw her at the laundromat with Dominic in a rather intense conversation and asks what it was about. Morgan tells Carly that he invited Dominic to go to Yankee with him. Nikolas begins to wonder if what he and Rebecca had was real or apart of her scam.moreless
  • Ep. #11869
    Ep. #11869
    Episode 94
    Dante tells Mac that he's this close to blowing his undercover and is this close to bringing Sonny down. Jerry gets up and sees that Jason is trapped under some debris, he picks up a gun and shoots him in the shoulder. Kristina gets away, Michael takes out Jerry's guard and makes a run for it himself. Jason tells Jerry that he wants proof that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Lulu apologizes to Maxie and Spinelli and says she had no idea Kate would completely take over the planning. Tracy tells Ethan that she can give him a lot if she can tell him exactly what Rebecca is up to. Olivia lies saying that she has a parking ticket just to try to get into see Dante, she then follows him after he leaves the station.Dante meets up with Ronnie at they're meeting place, Olivia comes in and says that she doesn't like this whole undercover thing and it could get himself killed. Maxie agrees that it's a great idea in allowing Lulu to help with the wedding planning. Diane telephones Johnny and tells him that Dominic was reluctant to tell that the drugs were Sonny's. Jerry tells Jason that he doesn't want proof when in fact he wants an excuse to kill Claudia. Robin's on a quest to catch a killer. Ronnie tells Dante that he should've mentioned that his mother was dating Johnny Zacchara. Ethan reveals his true agenda to Lucky and that he was scamming to get the Quartermaine and Cassadine money but the plans changed. Jerry admits that he's taking great pleasure in watching Jason suffer, he shoots him again and then hits the road.moreless
  • Ep. #11868
    Ep. #11868
    Episode 93
    Jason arrives at the church and he and Jerry engage in a shootout. Spinelli and Maxie relish in their newfound engagement, she insists on having a long one. Lucky brings Dominic into the station about the drug shipment. Kate tells Olivia that she notices Sonny's car is always near her place, cause it's on her way to work and if she plans to tell him about Dante, Olivia says that he's to never find out. Robin tells Maxie that she may know the reason she's marrying Spinelli cause she's pregnant, Spinelli then passes out. Michael tells Kristina that they're Jerry's prisoners. Johnny calls Diane and says that Dominic is being brought in and goes ahead and tells Mac that she's his lawyer. Jason finds Jerry and demands that he tell him where Sam is, Jerry gets away and Jason tries to shoot at him but. Diane explains to Dominic that she can't help him if he doesn't tell her everything. Kate tells Maxie that Lulu told her about the wedding and she wants it to be a Crimson event and has already selected the wedding date, Spinelli stands his grounds when Jason won't be invited, Maxie says that there's no need cause she and Spinelli already picked a date. Dominic tells the ADA to call the number he asked her to write down. Johnny tells Olivia everything that went down at the warehouse. Mac discovers Dominic's secret, Dante then says that he's his best chance in bringing down Sonny Corinthos. Kristina causes a scene and Michael takes out the guard and he tells her to run. Jerry and Jason continue they're fight and it causes a structure to collapse.moreless
  • Ep. #11867
    Ep. #11867
    Episode 92
    Olivia tells Dante that she can't stand pretending that she doesn't know him. Jason calls Sam and says that he's on his way to Veracruz after hitting a dead end in Cancun. Kiefer apologizes to Molly for his outburst and for throwing the glass across the room, Alexis comes home and asks what's going on. Sonny comes and tells Olivia that he knows that Johnny is here, but she says that she isn't. Michael is taken back by something Kristina says and remembers Jerry being in the room when he was in a coma. Sam falls into Jerry's clutches and he tells her to be quiet or Kristina will find her anatomy all over the place. Michael and Kristina realize what's going on here. Mac tells Spinelli that there's no way he's gonna let him marry Maxie not now, not ever, Maxie rebels against Mac for trying to run her life. Johnny arrives and Claudia asks if he's still sleeping with that slut Olivia, Dante says he shouldn't talk about someone her brother is seeing. Sonny tells Olivia that she's not convincing him and not exactly everyone else. Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth for them tying one on too many the other night. Maxie tells Mac that Spinelli doesn't need his permission since she's of age and for him to ask her again, he does and she humbily accepts. Elizabeth reminds Nikolas of the time where she, Emily, him and Lucky on a brass bed and doesn't anything to ruin they're friendship. Molly tells Alexis that she's afraid of what'll happen to her if she goes to jail. Jerry instructs Sam to call Jason and instruct him to come the place they're at now, she yells Jerry's name. Mac threatens to arrest Spinelli if he puts the ring on Maxie's finger, Patrick and Robin tell Mac to leave and then come back later. Dominic tells Johnny to hide while he deals with the police himself, Lucky and two cops come in and places him under arrest. Kristina and Michael attempt to go out, but some guy says that he doesn't them going anywhere. Sam's "customer" arrives and hopes she's all what Jerry told him about.moreless
  • Ep. #11866
    Ep. #11866
    Episode 91
    Jerry rescues Michael and Kristina, and goes back and he shoots both gang members, he says he's just happen to be in the area when he found them. Sonny asks Spinelli to call Jason and isn't going to take no for an answer, as he leaves he gives Spinelli advice if he plans on asking for Maxie's with his babbling then he's going to be kicked to the curb. Lulu asks Maxie what she's going to do with Spinelli bent on asking Mac for her hand in marriage. Jax surprises Carly with some juice and apple slices as well as some chocolate kisses. Sonny sees Kiefer harrassing Morgan and Molly and he's asking where Kristina is. Olivia tells Carly that her son found she's sleeping with someone the same age as him. Robin tells Maxie to sit back and do nothing and lets the cards fall where they may, Mac will say no to Spinelli and they can still be together and not be married. Sonny asks Molly if it's serious with Kristina and this Kiefer guy. Sam comes across the dead bodies of the gang members in the dumpster in the alley. Dante tells Olivia to end it with Johnny cause he's the same age as him, Olivia says that she and him enjoy each other's company. Kristina tells Michael to tell Jerry the real reason why there in Veracruz about them being on the run. Kiefer comes back and tells Molly if she ever hears from Kristina to let him know cause he wants to help her. Spinelli arrives and Mac asks what he's doing here. Sam asks the cafe owner if he seen Michael and Kristina, he says he did and they left with a nicely dressed gentleman and tells her where they were headed. Spinelli finally asks Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage. Sam snoops around and Jerry puts a gun to her head. Dante reveals that he's a cop that infiltrated the Corinthos organization, Sonny then knocks on the door asking to speak to Olivia.moreless
  • Ep. #11865
    Ep. #11865
    Episode 90
    Michael sees Kristina writing a postcard to Molly, but says she can't cause it'll lead people to where they are. Morgan asks Carly if she's heard from Jason and if Michael was found. Molly tells Alexis that she knows what's going on cause of what she read on the internet about her. Robin tells Patrick that she summoned Andrea to the hospital hoping it'll prove that she could've killed Brianna, Andrea shows up and Robin throws something at her and she catches it with her left arm. Sam tells Spinelli that Jason is working on things in Cancun, Jerry lingers in the background. Rebecca tells Edward that she doesn't want last night to happen again, but he's distracted when he looks at a family photo album with pictures of Lila. Max comes over to see Carly and brings a deck of cards hoping it'll help her calm down, Carly thinks something is up and wants him to admit that. Sam tells Spinelli that if he's really serious about marrying Maxie then to go to Mac and asks his permission. Robin tells Andrea that the reason that she called her to the hospital hoping to mend some fences. Sam is shocked when Spinelli tells her that Alexis confessed to running Claudia off the road and is a suspect in Brianna's murder. Diane comes to the house and pleads with Alexis to come clean and tell the police that it was Kristina who did it, Molly overhears everything. Michael sends an e-mail to Morgan telling him that he's fine and not to reply cause Spinelli can track them. Carly busts Jax and he admits that did send Max and Morgan to help her keep calm. Molly tells Morgan that she overheard Alexis tells Diane that Kristina did it and not Michael. Robin asks Mac and says he's investigating the wrong person for murder and says she may have something, but Mac reminds her when she falsely accused Mayor Floyd. Jerry comes to Michael and Kristina's aid when they're approached by a Mexican gang. Spinelli tells Max and Diane that he's going to asks Mac's permission to marry Maxie.moreless
  • Ep. #11864
    Ep. #11864
    Episode 89
    Dominic asks just what is going on here, Johnny tells him to leave and Olivia doesn't let on that the person is actually her son Dante. Ethan tells Rebecca that Port Charles isn't what he expected and that things have changed in the plan. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that they'll have nothing more then friendship. Johnny asks Olivia if she's worried that Dominic is gonna go and tell Sonny he saw him here. Sonny tells Claudia that she can have his respect and to come back home with him. Sam calls Spinelli and asks him to do some research for her and find a local place where Michael would use a computer. Mike is glad that Lulu can fill in for one of his waitresses, she then sees Dominic walk into Kelly's thinking it was the last she would see of him today. Robin proves her theory to Patrick when Alexis catches a set of keys with her left arm. Ethan apologizes to Rebecca about pressuring her about giving him money and wants to know if she can depend on him. Sonny asks Lulu if Dominic is bothering Lulu, but she says he's bummed over his mother dating a younger guy. Jerry stays one step ahead of Sam. Claudia calls Jerry and asks how his search for Michael and Kristina is going, Johnny comes in and can't believe that she contacted Jerry Jacks and says she deserves whatever she gets and to not ever call him again and she's on her own. Sam tells Spinelli that he doesn't have to marry Maxie in order to seal their love. Olivia sees Sonny and Dominic at Kelly's, Sonny asks her to pull up a chair. Sam arrives at the cafe and just missed Michael and Kristina by minutes and sees they were looking at the online Port Charles herald.moreless
  • Ep. #11863
    Ep. #11863
    Episode 88
    Claudia tells Sonny about her dream of holding their son. Sam's one step closer to finding Michael and Kristina. Johnny and Olivia have a delightful romantic afternoon together. Nikolas raises the stakes in his pool game against Rebecca if he wins she has to move back in Wyndemere with him. Mac tells Alexis if she has any proof that the e-mails that were found were forged or planted. Sonny decides to take things slow with Claudia. Patrick tells Robin that Michael is in the clear cause Alexis confessed. Andrea and Mayor Floyd come to the station, regarding Alexis's eratic behaviour when she came to their house. Epiphany sees a gunshot wound and needs to report it to the police, but Dominic says not to for Lulu's sake. Johnny asks Olivia if she has any other photos of Dante other then the one on her drawer. Robin asks Elizabeth if she wants to get together with the other women and have a girls night out. Nikolas asks Rebecca if she's trying to lose on purpose, Ethan comes in and sees them dancing together. Alexis approaches Mayor Floyd and tries to get him to help her. Nikolas brings Rebecca home and Edward catches them before they went upstairs and says that he's not welcome and should leave, Edward then blackmails Rebecca by threatening to tell Nikolas she came to him for money. Patrick finds Robin in the lad looking at Brianna Hughes files in case she might've missed something. Elizabeth runs into Ethan at Jake's and says he and Lucky got into it with someone that was hitting on Lulu. Rebecca is shocked when Ethan tells her that he doesn't care about the money anymore and all he wants is her.moreless
  • Ep. #11862
    Ep. #11862
    Episode 87
    Jason tells Sam he doesn't think they should seperate when searching for Michael. Lulu tends to Dominic's bruises and Ethan and Lucky tell him to stay away from their sister, Nikolas shows up and agrees he should keep his distance from her. Johnny tells Claudia that he saw Sonny and Olivia kissing. Rebecca says that Lulu can do whatever she wants and her brothers have no say. Sonny admits to Claudia that he doesn't know how he feels about her. Coleman is amazed that Dominic took a beating and still got the girl. Kristina confesses to Michael that she would constantly lie to Alexis and then go out clubbing with her friends even drank. Sonny tells Olivia that she can't deny the connection between them, Olivia then says for him to leave. Lulu takes Dominic to the hospital just for precaution. Things go from bad to worse for Alexis.moreless
  • Ep. #11861
    Ep. #11861
    Episode 86
    Jerry calls Claudia regarding his fee, she says that Alexis confessed and he should turn around and come back, Jerry tells her it's not possible. Ethan and Lucky assault Dominic again after referring to he and Lulu getting engaged. Jason tells Sam he is thinking of certain place that Michael and Kristina may be headed to. Lulu tends to Dominic's bruises and Ethan and Lucky tell him to stay away from their sister, Nikolas shows up and agrees he should keep his distance from her. Johnny tells Claudia that he saw Sonny and Olivia kissing. Rebecca says that Lulu can do whatever she wants and her brothers should have no say in who she hangs around with. Sonny admits to Claudia that he doesn't know how he feels about her. Coleman is amazed that Dominic took a beating and still got the girl. Kristina confesses to Michael that she would constantly lie to Alexis and then go out clubbing with her friends even drank. Sonny tells Olivia that she can't deny the connection between them, Olivia then says for him to leave. Lulu takes Dominic to the hospital just for precaution. Things go from bad to worse for Alexis, but Dominic wants to leave and Epiphany says he's not til she gives him the okay. Claudia has a dream that she's holding the baby and Sonny walks in and sees them, she then wakes up and starts to cry.moreless
  • Ep. #11860
    Ep. #11860
    Episode 85
    Jax tells Alexis that he's not going to let her do this, he then calls Carly and says that Alexis is confessing. Jerry asks Claudia where would he start looking for Michael, Johnny overhears her on the phone but doesn't tell him who she's really talking to. Jason and Sam are approached by a cop and says their under arrest. Lulu goes to Coleman wanting to organize another karaoke night, cause of Spinelli and him proposing to Maxie, she then encounters "Dominic". Sonny thinks there's more to it cause he doesn't believe that Alexis would do something like this. The cop realizes who he's captured and thinking he's hit the mother load. Olivia comes to see Carly and not realizing that Sonny is there she gets all frantic and drops some papers on the floor. Mac tells Diane that Alexis confessed and needs a lawyer, Diane asks Alexis if she did cause the accident, she then says she didn't but Kristina did. Sam recognizes the necklace that the cop shows them as the one she gave Kristina for Christmas. Ethan asks Lulu if this Dominic guy is bothering him. Michael and Kristina are pulled over and she gives the patrolman a sob story about heading out of town to have an abortion. Carly tells Olivia that Sonny is going to continue to persue him. Jerry goes to an old acquaintance to track Michael's car. Jax tells Carly and they realize that Alexis confessed to protect Kristina. "Dominic" gets into it with Lucky and Ethan at Jake's and Lulu screams for them to stop. Jason and Sam miss Michael and Kristina, they think they're at the next town buying bus tickets.moreless
  • Ep. #11859
    Ep. #11859
    Episode 84
    Edward declines Nikolas's help and learns that Tracy wants them to rot. Michael and Kristina break into a lobster restaurant, thinking they'll be better off. Jason's car breaks down and sees under the hood that Spinelli had tinkered with it. Sonny sees Claudia getting dressed and she says she can't stay here cause of this being the last place they're baby was alive. Maxie stops Spinelli from asking Mac for her hand in marriage. Alexis asks Carly any hiding places that Michael could've taken Kristina, Carly lays into her for all the bad stuff that she's gotten away with. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she can't leave Edward behind bars while she goes free. Spinelli gets a call from Jason how to fix his car so they can continue with the search for Michael, Spinelli says the wires on the thing have to be cut in sequence or else the engine will shut down for good. Tracy tells Alice that she can smell a hustle a mile away, and Rebecca thanks her for not bailing them cause it gave her and Edward some time to bond. Lulu tells Spinelli that now may not be the best time to ask Mac for Maxie's hand. Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina ran away with Michael. Sam manages to fix the car and she and Jason then head off. Sonny tells Carly that he feels responsible for Michael taking off cause he lashed at him. Dale tells Mac that forensics went over the second car and sees a scratch, Alexis realizes Kristina did it, she then confesses to running Claudia off the road herself. Claudia contacts Jerry Jacks for help in getting Michael and bringing him to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11858
    Ep. #11858
    Episode 83
    Nikolas tells Elizabeth and says that Rebecca is not living with him anymore and is now at the Quartermaines. Morgan reads a e-mail from Michael saying he's left town, Jax brings Carly home and asks what's wrong. Jason tells Spinelli to focus and to look at footage hoping to find a shot of the whole accident. Alexis asks Sam if she's digging up information to frame Kristina so she can score points with Jason. Edward bring Rebecca in the living room and tells Monica and Tracy that she's agreed to move into the house and Tracy asks why Edward brought her here. Rebecca sees Ethan out on the patio in one of the lawn chairs. Molly comes out and tells Sam and Alexis that Kristina isn't in her room and the bed hasn't been slept in. Morgan tells Carly that she can't call Michael cause he's worried about him upsetting her. Nikolas comes to see Rebecca but Edward says he isn't going anywhere near her. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Rebecca wouldn't live with the Quartermaines unless she was being blackmailed and also she's hiding something. Spinelli asks Diane for advice in the matters of the heart. Maxie tells Lulu that if she tells Mac that she wants to marry Spinelli he'll have a fit. Jason learns from Morgan that Michael ran away, and calls Sam and she says Krisina ran with him. Diane tells Spinelli that it'll be a mistake in forcing Maxie to make an immediate decision. Alexis calls Mac and tells him about Michael and Kristina leaving town. Jason promises Morgan that he's gonna prove Michael's innocence and bring him home. Edward is rude to a cop when he's asked to step out of his vehicle and it lands him and Rebecca in jail, and Nikolas comes to help them. Alexis spills the beans about Michael and Kristina to Carly and Jax. Maxie avoids telling Mac on proposing to Spinelli, she then sees Spinelli coming in and going towards Mac.moreless
  • Ep. #11857
    Ep. #11857
    Episode 82
    Alexis tells Sam that Kristina doesn't even have a license to drive, and if she did cause and accident she would tell her. Carly tells Jason and Jax that she's certain that it wasn't Michael's car that caused Claudia's accident. Olivia sees that Dante is talking to Mike about renting a room upstairs, he introduces himself as Dominic Perelli. Michael tells Sonny that he's willing to own up to his bad choices. Johnny tells Claudia that Michael says that he was responsible for her accident. Kristina hides when Edward comes in the room and blasts Sonny for taking Michael away from the family years ago and tells him to get out. Carly makes a statement to Mac about Alexis and what she's done in the past. Jason tells Sonny that Carly says that Michael wasn't the one that drove CLaudia off the road. Olivia tells Johnny that she knows about Ian Devlin and Jerry Jacks being responsible for Michael's shooting for months. Sam learns that a white compact car was used in the accident and she tells Jason that it was the kind that Kristina drives. Carly tells Jax that Alexis caused the accident and is framing Michael for it. Kristina reveals her plans to Michael. Johnny asks Olivia why she didn't say anything and why would Jerry tell Jax everything. Sonny asks a favor from Claudia to say that the car that hit her wasn't Michael's, Claudia then obliges. Kristina tells Michael that she insists on going with him, and the two then head off.moreless
  • Ep. #11856
    Ep. #11856
    Episode 81
    Kristina explains to Sam that she found Kiefer with another girl and that's the reason she was upset while driving. Jason brings Robin to the station hoping she can get Mac to release Michael. Claudia tells Sonny that they're son is dying and obviously god didn't answer his prayers. Johnny comes looking for Sonny and Jax takes him outside and explains that Michael was arrested and doesn't want Carly to know. Michael is released and Jason thanks Robin and assures her that he doesn't think he caused the accident. Sonny apologizes to Claudia for not being there for the results of the amnio, cause he thought it was Ric's baby. Jax tells Carly that Claudia's baby may not make it after all. Jason takes Michael back to the Quartermaine mansion and says that maybe he didn't cause Claudia's accident. Claudia asks Johnny that she needs her brother and to find out who killed her baby. Kelly agrees with Jax in not telling Carly cause her blood pressure is dangerously high and could lead to a stroke. Johnny tells Sonny that Michael confessed that he ran Claudia off the road. Sam explains to Alexis that they're might've been another car, Kristina sneaks out of the house. Jax tells Jason not tell Carly cause it'll kill her. Elizabeth goes to see Claudia and says she knows what it's like cause she had two miscarriages. Carly turns on the tv and learns Michael was arrested and the monitors start going off. Sonny goes to see Michael and wants him to say that he ran Claudia off the road and says that he did. Carly tells Jason and Jax that she saw the car that night and it wasn't Michael's. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina took the car and went to the country and drove on the same road and was pretty much a wreck. Kristina overhears Sonny tell Michael that Claudia's baby didn't make it tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11855
    Ep. #11855
    Episode 80
    Jason is determined to help Michael by getting him not to talk to Mac, but he says he's making matters worse. Robin tells Matt that Claudia's surgery is progressing smoothly. Alexis tells Diane that she was driving on the same street but didn't cause the accident. Mac tells Michael that he did the right thing by coming forward and telling the truth. Kelly tells Carly that if she wants this baby to be in a relaxed environment and if she doesn't she could have a stroke and put the baby at risk. Diane tells Alexis if other evidence resurfaces, she's still considered a suspect. Olivia tells Dante what was he doing talking to Sonny at the hospital, Dante reveals that Sonny is his new boss, she says that there's no way that she's working for him. Diane gets a call from Jason to come to the police station cause Michael's in trouble. Kristina listens as Sam tells Alexis that she had Spinelli delete the footage from the cameras at the Mayor's house. Diane arrives and tells Mac that she is requesting Michael be released, he says he can't cause Michael drove away from the accident site. Johnny runs into a Morgan and cries and worries that Carly will die. Elizabeth sees some bad rhythm in Claudia's baby's heartbeat. Claudia tells Johnny as he wakes up how her baby is doing. Dante tells Ronnie that he lets the drug shipping info slide cause his wife was in an accident. Alexis tells Sam that Michael just confessed to causing the accident, Kristina comes out and tells her if she's going to let him take the blame for something she might've done. Claudia's dreams are shattered when Kelly her baby sustained injuries in the crash and isn't going to survive. Jason tells Mac that he's not locking Michael up. Sam asks Kristina if she caused the car crash.moreless
  • Ep. #11854
    Ep. #11854
    Episode 79
    Jax comes home and Morgan says that his mother just collapsed, Jax says to call 911 right away. Diane brings Alexis to the station, Andrea arrives and says Alexis was just at her house and she lies and says about wanting to continue her affair with husband. Michael tells Kristina that he didn't pay attention to the oncoming car cause he kept going. Dante hides as Olivia opens the door to let Jason, he says the baby was definately Sonny's and it could die. Claudia would rather risk her own life then that of her baby. Jax says that he wants Morgan in the ambulance with him while riding with Carly to the hospital. Dante tells Olivia that the only person that's going back to Bensonhurst it's gonna be her. Robin is worried about Patrick's finger when he's preparing to operate on Claudia. Johnny tells Claudia that she can have another baby, and it isn't worth risking her life. Diane tells Alexis that she doesn't think talking to Andrea is a good idea and to let her handle it. Kelly says to Jax that it's possible that Carly had a stroke, but will no more when her test results come back. Morgan tells Michael to go and talk to their mother, but Michael says he can't cause it's all his fault. Carly wakes up and Jax says that Morgan called the paramedics. Patrick tells Matt that he wants him to perform the surgery, cause he's his last hope. Kelly tells Carly that her test results aren't good. Morgan tells Jason that Michael went to turn himself in. Matt overhears Johnny tells Patrick that if Claudia dies he would do him bodily harm. Jason goes to stop Michael from turning himself in to the police. Kristina listens as Diane tell Alexis if it's possible she cause the accident. Olivia sees Dante talking with Sonny in the waiting room.moreless
  • Ep. #11853
    Ep. #11853
    Episode 78
    Patrick assures Sonny they're gonna their best to save Claudia and the baby. Edward tells Michael that whatever trouble he's in he'll get him out of it cause he's family, Tracy says he should be disowned for the damage he caused tonight at the Country Club. Johnny tells Sonny that dishing out money for a specialist isn't gonna make up for his behaviour. Jason explains to Sam that if Michael did cause the accident then it would literally destroy him. Alexis asks Kristina why she thinks there was a second car involved. Lucky tells Mac that he found some set of tire tracks, Mac says they should look for the other driver that caused Claudia to get run off the road. Jason and Sam sit down and try to figure out who the driver of the other car might be, Sam says the more the look it doesn't look good for Michael. Olivia opens up and tells Carly that she and Sonny kissed and realizes made the biggest mistake she ever made. Kristina makes a confession to Alexis that she wasn't with Ashley but with Kiefer at the club, she then gives Kristina a reprieve since she was honest. Patrick brings Robin in on to consult and thinks they may have to this intervenesly. Dante wants to know why when Olivia asks him to leave town right away. Alexis tells Sam about her plan to go to the Mayor's house, and was caught on camera, and asks her to get Spinelli to erase that footage. Sonny tells Jason that he's the baby's father and that his son might die. Diane comes to Alexis's office cause Mac called saying she's going to need a good lawyer. Michael tells Kristina that he was cut off by a car and pursued it and could've caused the accident. Carly then collapses and Morgan rushes to see if she's alright.moreless
  • Ep. #11852
    Ep. #11852
    Episode 77
    Claudia gets into a horrific car accident, and Carly goes and sees it's Claudia. Michael calls Jason and thinks he may he have caused an accident. Sonny says that if he were the father Claudia would've been eager to tell him. Spinelli tries again at proposes, but Maxie doesn't give him an answer. Michael tells Jason that he can't remember how long he's been driving for. Carly thinks she better get Claudia out of the car before it explodes. Johnny tells Sonny that he was there when Claudia got the test results and that the baby is in fact his. Kristina calls Kiefer and tells him she thinks she cause a collision by driving a car off the road, he says he'll protect her by being her alibi. Carly gets Claudia out of the car in time then it blows up. Maxie tells Spinelli that marriage is pretty much not her thing. Sonny learns of the accident Claudia was in, and is being brought in and Carly tells him she saw the whole accident. Edward overhears Jason promising that he'll take care of the problem, and tells Michael that he might need his help. Sam becomes suspicious of Kristina when she spills a drink after Alexis mentions the horrific accident. Sonny tells Patrick and Elizabeth to do whatever it takes to save the baby. Epiphany calls Johnny and tells him Claudia was in an accident and sustained injuries. Jason tells Sam that he thinks Michael had something to do with it, Sam says she has an idea that Kristina did it. Edward tells Michael that he can protect him cause the Quartermaine's has a lot of pull in this town. Patrick tells Claudia that the baby has life threatening head trauma, Johnny asks if the baby and his sister could die.moreless
  • Ep. #11851
    Ep. #11851
    Episode 76
    Kristina asks Kiefer why he hit her, he apologizes. Claudia gets the results of her paternity test. Sonny confronts the president of the country club for insulting Michael and gets him to apologize. Spinelli starts to propose and Maxie starts to cough, and changes the subject and looks at the architecture of a building in the distance, and that she was promoted to junior editor. Claudia tells Johnny that she got the results back and Sonny is the father and there's no question about it. Kristina pushes Kiefer away when he gets too forceful, he tell her to quit jerking him around and leaves. Molly asks Kristina about the bruise on her face, she lies and says she walked into a door. Michael tells Sonny about the guy Kiefer, Sonny offers to pay him a visit, Carly says that it's enough. Kristina goes to see Kiefer and he sees her with Tara, and says the party is for seniors only. Alexis decides to take Molly's advice and go out and do something about it. Carly goes out in the woods in search for Morgan's St. Christopher's medal. An emotional Kristina drives after her encounter with Kiefer. Tracy tells Michael that she got a call from Chip Howell and what Sonny said to make him shake in his boots, Michael says it letting him know he's a Corinthos and takes off. Claudia sets off to tell Sonny after he tells Ric the news first. Spinelli decides to do it again, but a helicopter gets in the way and Maxie doesn't hear anything, Spinelli then drops the box with the ring in it. Sonny makes another play for Olivia, cause he thinks that Ric is the father of Claudia's baby and he can be with her now. Carly witnesses a huge car crash in front of her.moreless
  • Ep. #11850
    Ep. #11850
    Episode 75
    Carly is thrilled when Jax takes her to the new house and is delighted at how wonderful it looks. Mr. Howell tells Michael that roughhousing is to be done not on the premisis. Spinelli continues his jackal cast on the Crimson computer, Jason interrupts and asks what he's doing. Michael tells Kristina that he's not a Quartermaine and that Sonny is their father, and gets into it with Kiefer after refering Sonny as a gangster. Kelly starts the amnio extraction. Kristina tells Mr. Howell that Michael had brain surgery and isn't fully recovered. Alexis goes to see Olivia wanting her advice regarding the things happened in her life as of late. Spinelli plans a romantic rendezvous for Maxie by reciting a poem as a clue to the whereabouts. Michael tells Kristina to go on with Kiefer and no need to babysit her brain damaged brother. Maxie thinks she's figured out the clue that Spinelli wants to meet at Wyndemere. Mr. Howell calls Carly and says that there's been a problem with Michael. Spinelli thinks he's hit a snag when he doesn't have a ring for Maxie. Nikolas tells Maxie that Spinelli isn't here, Maxie doesn't know what to do now. Jason tells Spinelli that he doesn't need him, cause he's got this. Carly tells Mr. Howell that he took Kiefer's word over Michael's, she calls Sonny requesting his help is resolving this. Maxie figures out where Spinelli wants to meet and hurries right over there. Kelly opens the test results and Claudia asks what they say. Kiefer slaps Kiefer when she refuses to have sex with him. Sonny arrives with Max and Milo and says is there a problem.moreless
  • Ep. #11849
    Ep. #11849
    Episode 74
    Sonny asks Johnny to answer the question about his sister baby probably being Ric's. Rebecca tells Edward that she's already moved in with Nikolas. Kristina takes Michael to the Country Club, but Kiefer shows up and sorta spoils his fun. Edward tells Rebecca that he didn't apporve of Emily being with Nikolas, cause his family is a long line of murderers. Lulu realizes that Maxie is actually considering marrying Spinelli. Claudia lets it slip that Sonny was with Olivia last night. Sonny and Spinelli enlists Max's help and tells him that he proposed to Maxie this morning after they're blissful evening. Edward makes it perfectly clear to Rebecca that if she wants the money she has to move into this house. Ethan goes to talk to Nikolas about Rebecca. Johnny clash over Olivia and asks him if he's sleeping with her, Olivia tells them both not to talk about her personal life behind her back. Kiefer doesn't listen to Michael and goes ahead and picks Kristina up and puts her in the pool even when she didn't want to get wet. Rebecca returns to Wyndemere to find Ethan talking to Nikolas and asks what's going on. Kate condemns Maxie for changing a location to a photoshoot. Max tells Diane that Spinelli needs some romantic advice, Diane says Maxie fleeing is in fact his answer. Kate surprises Maxie when she says that she hasn't been fired but is promoted to junior editor of Crimson. Diane tells Spinelli to plan the most romantic evening and it's possible that Maxie will say yes. Spinelli uses a megaphone to summon Maxie. Michael gets into with Kiefer when he continues to call him names. Kelly shows Sonny the ultrasound and the baby's heartbeat.moreless
  • Ep. #11848
    Ep. #11848
    Episode 73
    Spinelli wakes up and Maxie assures him that what happened wasn't a dream, and they go at it again and Jason has trouble sleeping cause of it. Andrea tells Patrick and Robin that she has a confession to make. Jason tells Johnny that "Dominic" wants to wok for Sonny, he then arrives and tells Johnny it's good to see him again. Ethan warns Rebecca that he wants that money right away. Nikolas tells Alfred that Rebecca has had a change of heart and doesn't want the money. Sonny tells Claudia that today is her amniocentesis and if the baby is Ric's then the marriage is over, Claudia says that's what so he can go to be with Olivia. Andrea explains that the Hughes family has dropped the suit, cause it turns out the hospital wasn't responsible and to pass it on to Matt. Kristina arrives and Michael is thrown when she brings her friend Kiefer. "Dominic" tries to make inroads with Jason, who doesn't know what to do. Maxie gets blindsided by Spinelli's marriage proposal, so he asks again and she doesn't know what to say. Ethan tells Rebecca to remember the deal that they made, and she's taking too long. Maxie says that she'll give him the answer that he deserves and that she's late for work and has to hurry. Michael gloats after beating Kiefer in tennis and he promises to wipe the floor with him next time. Ethan tells Edward that he has some information for him regarding Rebecca and he'll be interested. Lulu tells Maxie she barely made it, Maxie said that Spinelli proposed to her this morning. Johnny tells Claudia that she knows what day it is and is here for her. Spinelli tells Jason that last night was a bit triumph, and he asked Maxie to marry him. Edward agrees to give Rebecca the 10,000 dollars if she moves into the Quartermaine mansion. Jason tells Spinelli to give what he has with Maxie some time and cause the love will still be there.moreless
  • Ep. #11847
    Ep. #11847
    Episode 72
    Dominic suggests that he and Claudia should help each other. Jason catches Sam as she hurts her ankle while going upstairs. Olivia pushes Sonny away and tells him to get out. Spinelli starts to sing "I Wanna Know What Love Is" but starts feeling nervous, Maxie stands in front of him, Spinelli finds his voice and wows everyone at Jake's by serenading Maxie. Jason tells Sam to do a search of a Zacchara employee named Dominic Perelli. Diane tells Max that what Spinelli did just now, was the most romantic thing ever. Ethan sees Rebecca and Nikolas kissing on the pier while waiting for the launch to go to Wyndemere. Patrick tells Robin that they should've won that contest, but admits he was a bit off key but she was wonderful. Max gets an inspired idea and tells Diane to wait just a minute. Dante meets up with Ronnie and says that Sonny just hire him after all. Claudia confronts Sonny about being with Olivia and hopes that he enjoyed her brother's leftovers. Diane is thrilled when Max gets up and lip synchs a Sinatra song, Diane says it's the thought that counts. Ethan puts the pressure on Rebecca and says he wants 10 grand by noon tomorrow or he tells Nikolas everything. Spinelli and Maxie head back to his place and start to make passionate love, Jason tells Sam that something must've went right at Karaoke night. Sonny tells Dominic that if his tip is false then he'd put a bullet right between his eyes, if not then he lives.moreless
  • Ep. #11846
    Ep. #11846
    Episode 71
    Jason pays a visit to Anthony Zacchara and says that he wants proof that Claudia had Michael shot then he'll get Sonny to listen to anything he has to say. Claudia's troubles continue to mount. Dominic tells Sonny that he knows the Zacchara organization inside and out. Spinelli gets on stage and tells everyone that he's not quite prepared to sing tonight. Max tells Diane not to talk about work while they're enjoying themselves. Claudia asks Sonny why is Dominic here in the house, Dominic says that he's here to ask for a job. Johnny thinks that he and Olivia need to reassess and maybe they'll end up right where they are now. Ethan is increasingly growing jealous of Nikolas and tells Rebecca that he wouldn't hesitate to go and tell him everything. Sonny and Claudia get into an argument. Maxie gets Lulu and Rebecca to go up and sing a song hoping it'll build Spinelli's confidence, and Diane joins in the fun. Jason tells Johnny he went to see his father, and says he's not do this whole defection camp and says he has to choose one side or the other. Maxie says to focus on her and they're won't be a problem. Sonny asks Claudia why she doesn't want Dominic in the house and working for him. Diane encourages Spinelli to tell Maxie the truth. Jason finds Dominic at his door and asks what he was doing at Sonny's, he says that Sonny will let him in if he names a traitor. Spinelli finally hits the stage, and immediately gets nervous. Jason gets Sam to help him with something and sees she's been busy herself. Sonny comes to see Olivia and the the two get into a huge argument and end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #11845
    Ep. #11845
    Episode 70
    Spinelli doesn't know what to do when his microphone is ruined. Sonny thinks that the favor that Diane suggests won't be so bad. Carly wakes up thinking something is wrong, Jax says that Morgan is in his room on the computer and he's fine. Dante asks Olivia who the mystery man she's gonna be spending the evening with. Coleman makes another attempt at getting Patrick to sing on stage. Johnny thinks Olivia still has a thing for Sonny. Lucky asks Ethan why he cares when he says Rebecca and Ethan shouldn't be together. Alexis asks Mac what evidence he has. Ronnie asks Dante at his progress with Sonny, he explains his minor mishap. Robin tells Patrick that if she sings then he's got to. Alexis meets Louise her replacement at the D.A.'s office. Dante comes into Sonny's and Carly recognizes him as the person who grabbed Morgan and her that night, he then asks him to hire him to work for him. Jason gets a mysterious phone call and goes to visit Anthony. Patrick and Robin hit the stage and perform "I've Had the Time of Your Life".moreless
  • Ep. #11844
    Ep. #11844
    Episode 69
    Diane warns Alexis that the e-mails have been made public, and she's shocked when Diane reads some of them. Ethan tells Rebecca that there's no way she's moving in with Nikolas, cause they're will be no way of contacting her. Maxie is stunned when Spinelli's voice sounds good and tells Jason why he didn't tell her about this. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he's getting things prepared when Rebecca comes. Epiphany tells Matt that he's been taken off the surgery he's about to perform. Alexis reads some of the e-mails and she doesn't talk like that, and someone is out to frame her for Brianna's murder. Andrea tells Patrick that if someone did murder Brianna then the wrongful death malpractice suit needs to be dropped immediately. Spinelli starts to reconsider going through with his deception. Maxie tells Coleman that she's looking forward to karaoke night tonight, cause Spinelli is sounding perfect, Matt then asks her what she sees in him. Lulu tries to get Nikolas to come to Jake's tonight, Rebecca then arrives and he says that he and Rebecca will be unable to attend. Alexis explains to Molly and Kristina that some certain e-mails are circulating and she never sent them. Rebecca is against Nikolas having to pay her to live with him. Jason agrees to accompany Spinelli to Jake's, but cops come and say they have to bring him in for questioning by the police regarding the dead Zacchara soldiers. Diane tries to explain to Jason about spending a week in jail will be good for Alexis. Lucky tells Ethan the sooner he's out of their family the better. Mac tells Alexis that she's no longer the D.A. and if she doesn't resign she'll be fired.moreless
  • Ep. #11843
    Ep. #11843
    Episode 68
    Andrea plants unsavory e-mails in Alexis's computer and she realizes that she's not alone, and hurries and gets out of there. Olivia lays into Dominic or Dante for startling her. Patrick tells Spinelli to focus on his computer talents and not singing cause it's not for him. Johnny tells Jason that the man that scared Morgan and Carly isn't here. Sonny tells Carly about going behind his back in getting Michael that temporary license. Kristina believes the worst about Alexis when she reads the planted e-mails, Alexis then comes home and says that Molly's sleepover is back on. Johnny tells Jason that they're were set up and try to think who could've called the police. Sonny has a closer tie to his enemy then he could ever imagine. Dante tells Olivia that the family worries about her, and basically never knewing his own father. Patrick tells Spinelli that he'll work with him about improving his singing voice, and for him to look into Andrea's records. Jason calls Sonny and says that things went badly tonight. Maxie comes back and is honest with Spinelli and says his singing is terrible. Dante sees Claudia on the pier and she asks what's the real reason that he's still in town. Michael shows Morgan his newly acquired temporary license and can take him for a spin from now on. Sonny tells Jason to keep searching for the person who grabbed his family. Robin asks Patrick why he doesn't consider signing up to sing at Jake's, they then see Andrea as she arrives. Andrea calls Alexis and tells her to come to the Metro Court at once. Dante overhears Claudia talking about his mother and learns she was involved with Sonny at one point. Andrea makes a spectacle with Alexis and makes sure that Patrick and Robin hear her. Claudia sees Dante and tells Sonny she felt the baby kick.moreless
  • Ep. #11842
    Ep. #11842
    Episode 67
    Jason comes home and hears Spinelli vocalizing in the shower, and tells Maxie when she arrives he wants it to stop. Michel tells Morgan that they're about to pass the tree that was involved in the accident that Jason was in. Carly makes an unexpected move, and doesn't yell at Michael for taking Morgan for a spin, Michael's stunned that she didn't lash out. Sonny has a job for Jason and Johnny. Claudia lays into Johnny for not doing what Sonny asked and didn't finish the job, Olivia arrives and makes it her business when Sonny's yelling at Johnny. Dominic asks Kristina's help in getting into Sonny's cause he's hoping that he can work for him, Molly comes home and asks Kristina who the person she's talking to. Andrea continues to listen in on Patrick and Robin brainstorming about her being the prime suspect. Maxie tells Spinelli that he doesn't have to serenade him at Jake's, instead here in his room, Spinelli's then hurt when he overhears Maxie on the phone leaving a message for Patrick about him possibly making a fool of himself. Johnny leads Jason to a Zacchara hideout that his family used occasionally. Andrea lets herself into Alexis's place after watching her leave unaware that Kristina is still inside. Carly delights Michael when she comes with his temporary license. Jason and Johnny shoot everyone in the cabin and realize that there's one person missing. Olivia goes to unlock her door when Dominic grabs her from behind.moreless
  • Ep. #11841
    Ep. #11841
    Episode 66
    Jax gives Carly advice on how to deal with Michael, Morgan asks if he can go and see Michael today. Kristina reads to Molly all the stuff on the internet about their mother. Olivia calls Johnny and says she should be over in a little while. Johnny tells Dominic that if he wants to work for Sonny and get shot then to go right ahead. Edward tells Michael that he'll delightfully have a physical therapist come to the house, but he sees that he kinda over did it a bit. Coleman tells Patrick that he's gonna do Karaoke night at Jake's and he wants him to be the first performer, Patrick refuses. Robin tells Toussaint that she's glad he's back and sees that he's the hospital security guard. Olivia arrives just as Dominic leaves, she says that she'll be going home to have dinner with her son and family and doesn't think they would like him. Spinelli is gladly excited to tell Maxie how he feels through song, Maxie then lays into Coleman for what he's done to Spinelli thinking that he'll sound terrible. Kristina thinks Alexis is a hypocrite. Robin points the finger at a different murder suspect the mayor's wife Andrea. Micheal delights Edward and Monica that he wants to stay at the mansion. Robin tells Patrick about her theory of who could've killed Brianna, as Andrea listens in. Edward is probably regretting ever letting Michael drive the car Sonny got him. Carly learns that Michael went for a drive and tells Edward that he doesn't know how. Kristina is startled by Dominic as he approaches hermoreless
  • Ep. #11840
    Ep. #11840
    Episode 65
    Claudia tells Jax to explain to Carly what exactly what he wants from her. Nikolas tells Rebecca that she doesn't have to answer right and can think about it. Michael continues to overhear Sonny tells Jason that he will never learn the business. Ethan tells Elizabeth that he's glad that he longer has to deal with Holly or a big brother that can't stand him and asks her if he should stick it out or hit the road. Patrick and Robin share their theory with Alexis about Mayor Floyd not killing Brianna and someone else did. Michael is shocked when he hears Sonny agrees that sending him away may not be so bad. Ethan tells Elizabeth that he needs a connection to someone other, she then insists on calling him a cab. Spinelli goes looking for his phone and explains to Maxie that vital information is on that thing, Coleman then says that he has it right here. Michael comes down and asks Sonny not to send him away. Ethan calls Rebecca and says for her to come to her room right away. Coleman asks Maxie what he can do to improve business so they'll spend more in here, and is intrigued at what Spinelli does thinking he's on to something. Claudia tells Johnny that Jax knows that she's responsible for Michael's shooting. Lulu is thrown when Nikolas tells her that Rebecca agreed to move in. Diane tells Alexis that what she summoned her for better be important. Ethan accuses Rebecca of wanting Nikolas for real and taking Emily's place. Michael says he'll go to the Quartermaine's but he in fact hates all of this. Diane and Alexis toast to rebuilding cause it's the best solution. Ethan tells Rebecca that he'll tell everyone that she's taking everyone for a ride if she doesn't follow the plan, when Ethan dozes off she tells him that things got more complicated. Carly and Jax explain to Morgan that he's going to be living at his the Quartermaine's and he could see him whenever he wants. Jason tells Edward, Monica and Tracy to stop the yelling and tells Michael that if he can't stand it don't hesitate to call him.moreless
  • Ep. #11839
    Ep. #11839
    Episode 64
    Spinelli tells Jason to help him before he can be seduced by Maxie. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that since Rebecca is here all the time, and what would be wrong with her living with him. Sonny refuses to entertain the idea of sending Michael away. Ethan wants Rebecca and him to go into the city, Rebeccas thinks Elizabeth will suspect something if they just disappear. Spinelli tells Jason that he may have found a solution. Ethan hides as Nikolas comes to look for Rebecca, and watches and Rebecca tells Nikolas that there's no other place she'd rather be. Patrick tells Johnny that the whole malpractice suit is actually a murder case and that he and Matt will be cleared. Jax tells Olivia that the Quartermaines aren't his choice to care for Michael, but will do cause it's stable. Michael accuses Alexis of disliking him and didn't allow him over at any of his sisters b'day parties, Alexis says it's cause of his fathers environment. Kristina refuses to forgive Alexis for her past discretions. Michael fills Sonny in on the antics that went down with Mayor Floyd revealing his night with Alexis. Jax tells Olivia that he has a secret weapon and needs her to make a phone call. Ethan arrives to drown his sorrows. Maxie wants her and Spinelli to get a room above Jake's but Patrick asks them to compare their notes to Robin's. Kristina refuses to have a united front with her mother and says she's all alone. Claudia comes and learns that it's Jax that wants to meet with her, Jax then blackmails her by threatening to tell Sonny everything. A druken Ethan leaves a message for Lucky to come to Jake's cause he has some information for him. Nikolas tells Rebecca that she wants her to move in. Jason explains to Sonny that Michael is safer safer with the Quartermaines then with his father. Carly walks in on the meeting Jax is having with Claudia and asks what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #11838
    Ep. #11838
    Episode 63
    Jason says to Monica that Edward is right and should move in for Michael cause he wants a stable environment for him. Rebecca shows Nikolas her idea of a fun night. Alexis has her dirty laundry aired in public by Mayor Floyd of they're one night stand. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she thinks he's still mad at her for making him think he was Jake's father. Carly tells Michael that there's no way that he's driving the car that Sonny got him. Lulu and Ethan walk in and tells Lucky that they're all family here. Kristina wants to step up and say something but she doesn't think it's a good idea. Maxie wants answers from Spinelli and why he ran out before things got more intimate. Patrick tells Alexis that Robin took her to get a cab, she's says she's grateful. Jason asks Monica and Edward to be patient, they assure him they won't let him down. Sonny tells Carly that Michael will just get into with her, and he'll handle it. Spinelli tells Maxie that even though he desires her alot he doesn't want to have sex. Ethan spies on Nikolas and Rebecca while they're watching a horror movie and screams when she sees his face when the lightning flashes. Mac tells Mayor Floyd that his wife Andrea posted bail and his lawyer is waiting for him. Michael goes to see Kristina and is glad that she called cause he would've flipped on his mom for sure if he didn't get out of there. Carly shows Jason what Sonny got for Michael and tells him to get rid of it but Jason he's not going to do that. Maxie and Spinelli share a kiss. Patrick and Robin fear they've made a horrible mistake. Elizabeth sees Nikolas watching a movie alone in the dark and needs his help about Lucky. Ethan tells Rebecca that he thinks she's forgetting that Nikolas is the mark.moreless
  • Ep. #11837
    Ep. #11837
    Episode 62
    Robin and Patrick tells Alexis and Mac they're here to report a murder, and think Brianna was attacked twice. Claudia wants an explanation in why Kristina in the room with Dominic. Spinelli explains that it wasn't Mayor Floyd that led to Brianna's death, Alexis asks who it was. Sonny tells Michael flat out that he'll never be like him. Lulu arranges for Ethan to meet the rest of the family but Lucky asks why she brought him here. Carly is stunned to learn from Jason that Michael wanted him to teach him about the business. Claudia tells Kristina that she won't tell Sonny that she was in the house. Johnny gets in and tells Dominic to get outta town and fast, Dominic says why would he do that. Alexis decides to do some more investigating. Carly goes and tells Edward and Monica that she wants Michael to come live with them. Lucky tells Lulu that he wanted a warning that she was bringing Ethan. Sonny tells Max that there's something that he wants them to do. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want Ethan anywhere around Cameron or Jake, he then sees Jason with Jake. Edward couldn't be happier that Carly came to her senses, Monica tells him not to give his hopes up. Johnny and Olivia spend some time together, and says that she fixed a ton of mistakes Marty made at the hotel. Jason faces a tough decision. Spinelli puts the brakes on romance with Maxie. Sonny goes overboard to gain Michael's forgiveness by getting him a car. Mayor Floyd is ambushed by a press conference at the police department, and says that Alexis won't prosecute him cause they were lovers, Kristina is shocked. Edward tells Jason that if he wants to set an example then to come and live her with Michael. Carly is speechless when she sees the car Sonny got Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #11836
    Ep. #11836
    Episode 61
    Ric stops Andrea from trashing Matt any longer. Jason tells Michael to enjoy the life that he has and not get involved with his father's business. Kristina tells Dominic that she's hiding from Alexis and doesn't want her to find her here. Maxie finds Spinelli in the arms of Mercedes and assumes that they're hooking up, Spinelli says it was only a platonic embrace. Carly fills Jax in on what she, Morgan and Michael ran into some guy in the woods. Dominic tells Kristina what he needs, she then agrees to help him. Sonny wants Alexis to admit that she's want to cut Kristina out of his life. Johnny tells Michael that what Jason says is right, Michael asks Jason if he could do it all again. Nikolas agrees to sponsor Cameron and suggests if Rebecca could make a donation too, he thinks that Elizabeth doesn't like the idea and to give her the benefit of the doubt. Ric tells Diane that he would love to take her down but he's leaving Port Charles. Kristina gives Dominic what he needs but doesn't bring the car keys. Claudia tells a furious Johnny that she's hiding Dominic in her bedroom. Sonny clashes with Michael and says he'll never learn the business. Spinelli tells Patrick and Robin that Brianna was being given rather large sums of money. Diane tells Alexis that Ric is leaving town, Alexis realizes that Molly will be devastated. Claudia is thrilled when Ric says that he's heading to Los Angeles, but he says if that baby is his then he'll take it. Carly decides Michael isn't safe with Sonny and will take him to the Quartermaines. Claudia finds Dominic with Kristina. Johnny overhears Sonny and Michael's heated argument and him wanting his son to have a better life.moreless
  • Ep. #11835
    Ep. #11835
    Episode 60
    Andrea confesses to Robin and Patrick that she hired a P.I. to follow her husband and suspected the affair. Michael offers to help Jason track down this guy together. Sam tells Kristina that she's waiting for Alexis so she can tell her about her stealing her mother's car. Alexis arrives and Sam learns that Kristina was seen at Jake's with Michael. Claudia hides Dominic in her bedroom and scrambles to cover her tracks, Dominic threatens to take Claudia down with him. Matt lashes out at Epiphany and Maxie overhears him ranting when he can't have access to his office. Toussaint catches Maxie attempting to break into Matt's office and he can't wait to hear her excuse. Claudia tells Dominic not to threaten her and that she can bury him, Dominic says that Johnny saved Jason's life by pushing him out of the way. Michael gets angry when Jason refuses to listen about joining the business. Robin and Patrick go to the Mayor's office and wait hoping to get some answers. Matt overhears Maxie and Toussaint's conversation and immediately intervenes. Jason tells Sam that he knew about Michael being at Jake's but didn't know Kristina was there too. Claudia wants an explanation from Johnny in why he saved Jason instead of letting him die. Michael tells Kristina that he thought taking that guy down was his way into his father's business, Alexis arrives and they wonder what to do if she catches Kristina there. Maxie makes things straight and says Matt was a jerk and isn't interested and owes Spinelli an apology. Epiphany explains to Toussaint that a reunion of his group the Saint is possible. Jason tells Sam he doesn't want Michael in the mob period. Mayor Floyd tells Patrick and Robin that he was gonna ask his wife for a divorce and wonders how Brianna really died. Andrea tells Ric that Garrett could be Governor if he's re-elected as Mayor one more time. Michael goes to Johnny and says he knows his garage is a front and wants to learn what he knows. Andrea slaps Matt cause of his incompetence during the surgery. Kristina comes face-to-face with Dominic and says for her not to make a sound.moreless
  • Ep. #11834
    Ep. #11834
    Episode 59
    Carly calls Michael and says that Morgan followed him to Sonny's. Sonny tells Claudia that he will find out who orchestrated that ambush and they'll be eliminated. Dominic learns that Morgan is Sonny's kid and he's struck gold. Nikolas and Rebecca's passion becomes intense. Sonny calls Johnny but Olivia answers instead, he says for Johnny to be at his house. Rebecca has a dream of Emily telling her that Nikolas belongs to her and always will. Dominic tells Morgan that maybe they can help each other. Andrea tells Ric that their plan is spiraling out of control. Carly finds Dominic and tells him to get away from her son, he points a gun and her and says that he'll shoot. Claudia defends Johnny to Sonny. Michael and Carly head out to look for Morgan. Patrick and Robin set out to solve a murder mystery, they ask Maxie about Spinelli's investigation, she said that Andrea hired Sam to find out what the Mayor was up to. Michael ambushes Dominic, but he get the upper hand and tells Carly to lower her flashlight. Andrea tells Ric that she can contain what her husband has done, but she'll need his help to do that. Rebecca insists on going home, but Nikolas wants her to stay so he can wake up in his arms. Carly tells Michael as Dominic as he walks away not to go after him. Dominic shows Claudia the bullet wound when he comes to Sonny's and says he wants her to repay the favor.moreless
  • Ep. #11833
    Ep. #11833
    Episode 58
    Nikolas teaches Rebecca to waltz and to pretend that she's a princess, she then rushes off. Michael needs to be restrained by Jax, Morgan tells Michael to stop cause mom might get sick. Johnny gets Jason out of the way before the snipers opens fire on him. Jax tells Carly that maybe Michael is better off not living with them. Sonny tells Claudia that he swore that he would have sex again, and lets her now that it won't happen. Rebecca tells Ethan that maybe their plan wasn't a good idea, cause she never felt like this before. Alfred tells Nikolas that he saw Rebecca heading for the launch and asks if the evening was bad, Nikolas said it was a success. Morgan's life could be in danger. Claudia is freaked after a phone call. Johnny and Jason return and says there's was massive gun fire. Nikolas catches up with Rebecca on the pier and says to her that he knows that she felt something, Lucky and Lulu arrive and sees them. Johnny tells Claudia that the people opened fire on both of them and are lucky to get out of there alive, Olivia shows up and is glad that Johnny is alright. Morgan tells Carly and Jax that Michael left to go to Sonny's. Michael tells Sonny that he had it out with his mother and can't go an hour without going off on someone and asks if he can live with him. Nikolas takes Rebecca back to Wyndemere, and to give him fair warning if she wants to leave again. Jax explains to Jason what happened with Carly and Michael, Jason thinks Michael shouldn't live with Sonny. Carly discovers Morgan missing and sees the window open. Dominic grabs Morgan when he tries to make his way to Sonny's.moreless
  • Ep. #11832
    Ep. #11832
    Episode 57
    Nikolas is speechless at the sight of Rebecca in the same dress Emily wore the night at the Bacchanalia. Carly is glad that Michael is at physical therapy cause she would be hovering over him. Sonny tells Jason that he won't tolerate any disrespect in the organization and doesn't want to put any of his children in danger again and if it'll be a problem taking out Johnny if. Kristina tells Kiefer that she's not leaving Michael when he could be relapsing into a coma, he then wakes up and hits Kiefer in the face. Olivia asks Johnny if she's interrupting anything between him and Claudia. Lulu comes to check on Michael and Carly says that he's doing much better as of late. Michael tells Kiefer to hit the road and tells Kristina that it's the most fun he's had in over a year. Nikolas tells Rebecca that Monica told him that Emily wouldn't like this and isn't gonna grieve for her forever. Lulu tells Carly about Ethan her new half brother. Alexis sees Kristina and Michael at Jake's and asks them what they are doing here. Olivia worries that Sonny is purposely putting Johnny in danger. Jason tells Johnny if that if he doesn't want to get his hands dirty then to tell him right now. Alexis calls Carly and tells them where they are and takes Kristina and Michael home. Johnny and Jason engage in their stakeout, Johnny hopes that he's not taken out when the time comes. Nikolas asks Rebecca to dance, but she admits that she can't waltz. Michael gets angry and takes it out on Carly ends up pushing her on the couch, Jax brings Morgan home and restrains Michael. Sonny and Claudia's anger turns to passion. Johnny sees the red laser from the sniper on Jason's back.moreless
  • Ep. #11831
    Ep. #11831
    Episode 56
    Claudia makes plans to try to silence Jason once and for all, Jason sees her on the phone, she worries heard what she said. Nikolas tells Rebecca that he can't see her anymore, and should've stayed away in the first place. Andrea tells Patrick that she had to stand by her unfaithful husband for his re-election campaign, and this Brianna thing could ruin his career. Olivia gets intimate with Johnny. Sonny seethes when he sees Olivia and Johnny together, and tells him he thought he made things clear. Michael insists on going to his physical therapy session alone, Carly obliges and has faith in her son, Jax says she made the right decision. Sonny tells Johnny that he's going to divide his organization and would like him to go with Jason. Elizabeth tells Lucky to get out what Tracy said after finding Ethan and Rebecca together, Elizabeth has a theory about Ethan and Rebecca being together and needs to prove it. Monica finds Rebecca at the Quartermaine crypt and apologizes, she asks Rebecca if she wants to talk. Robin and Patrick realize that Andrea was lying about not knowing about her husband's affair with Brianna. Monica goes to Nikolas and says she found a distraught Rebecca at Emily's grave. Andrea tells Mayor Floyd that if he wants to stay in office then to keep his mouth shut and let her do the talking. Sonny tells Claudia to tell Johnny to treat him some respect and others he cares about. Michael goes to Jake's instead of his physical therapy, Johnny hears him try to order a beer. Olivia turns to Carly for help and reveals to her about her relationship with Johnny. Elizabeth sees Rebecca and Ethan talking and tells Lucky and she's convinced now that something is up with them. Michael sees as Kristina and her friend Kiefer order drinks with fake I.D.'s. Nikolas calls Rebecca and asks her to be straight with him, and has a special evening planned for them. Michael winds up in a barroom brawl, and Kiefer knocks him out and Kristina is then worried. Claudia gives Johnny instructions to let Jason die when they're ambushed.moreless
  • Ep. #11830
    Ep. #11830
    Episode 55
    Patrick tells Epiphany that he would like everything on Brianna Hughes. Rebecca lays into Ethan for almost blowing the whole plan last night, Tracy catches Ethan and Rebecca together why their so agressive. Maxie is hoping to spend some more quality time with Spinelli now that Kate is away for a while, but he's determined to find out what happened to Brianna. Alexis asks Max to hope he could get through to Diane in dropping the malpractice suit, Max says that it would be appropriate. Nikolas tells Elizabeth about his dream about Rebecca and Emily telling him not to do it. Diane suspects that Alexis is up to something when she sees Max in her office. Robin and Patrick try to find out what happened to Brianna. Maxie and Spinelli try solving a mystery by breaking into Mayor Floyd's office to look for clues, but Mayor Floyd and Mac come and they're worried they'll be discovered. Tracy thinks Rebecca is up to something, Ethan changes the subject by saying he thinks Luke is in trouble. Robin and Patrick attempt to re-enact what happened in the shower, Matt sees them and can't wait to hear their explanation. Ethan explains to Lulu and Lucky about his concern for Luke and doesn't think that he ran to help Holly. Mac spots Spinelli and Maxie hiding in the corner of the Mayor's office. Epiphany lays her ground with Nikolas and isn't intimidated by him and threatens to go to the board about his flirting with Rebecca. Ethan is surprised that Lulu and Lucky aren't concerned for Luke, Lulu explains that their father does this thing all the time. Mac goes to Robin and talk with Maxie and find out what's going on. Maxie assures Spinelli that if Mac wanted to arrest him he would've done it then and there. Spinelli tells Robin his theory about Brianna being murdered. Patrick meets a woman in his office and says she wants the malpractice thing settled and introduces herself and the Mayor's wife Andrea.moreless
  • Ep. #11829
    Ep. #11829
    Episode 54
    Coleman tells Johnny to calm down and to back off of Matt. Michael feels trapped when he doesn't have a say in where he lives. Alexis tells Diane she doesn't think Mayor Floyd would go far as to hire the mob to take out Matt. Jason tells Sam about Michael attacking him and doesn't think that he can defend himself. Spinelli tells Maxie that he feels ashamed that Johnny had to come to his rescue yet again. Matt goads Johnny and he hits him again, Olivia intervenes before things get way worse, Patrick and Robin then show up. Sonny tells Michael that he can come visit whenever he wants but for now to live with his mother. Jason confides in Sam about his concerns for Michael. Nikolas tells Rebecca if she's been to the Quartermaine's yet, she says she should but insists on waiting. Diane hears Patrick says that he's responsible for Brianna's death. Michael confesses his worries to Kristina that he'll end up attacking someone he loves. Ric arrives and tells Sonny that Claudia would want to hear what he has to say. Jason sees Spinelli all bruised and goes to correct the problem, Sam then says that she was tailing Brianna cause she was hired by Mayor Floyd's wife Andrea, Spinelli thinks that Brianna was murdered. Sonny tells Ric that if this baby is his then he can do whatever he wants until then Claudia stays with him. Jax shares his worries with Carly that what if next time Michael comes after her or the baby. Ethan tells Rebecca that he's calling the shots from now on and he can blow her out of the water anytime he wants, the two then share a kiss. Diane tells Patrick that he's being issued as a co-defendant in the Brianna Hughes's case, Patrick slams the door and the noise wakes up Emma.moreless
  • Ep. #11828
    Ep. #11828
    Episode 53
    Michael and Kristina almost get into a head on collision. Carly apologizes to Jason and says she knows it ain't her fault. Sonny has a change of heart towards Claudia and tells her not to leave. Johnny tells Coleman to get hims something to drink. Maxie and Spinelli head back to his P.I office to figure out why Kate is being blackmailed, Spinelli is worried about Sam and should be back working on the paperwork of her infidelity case as someone lingers outside the door, Maxie and Spinelli head to Jake's for drinks the person lets himself in. Johnny plays the piano hoping to forget his worries. Michael shows up at Sonny's and tells him that he wants to live with him, Sonny calls Carly and says Michael just showed up. Maxie is stunned when Spinelli orders whiskey instead of his regular orange pop. Alexis tells Diane she didn't ask to meet with to discuss shoes, and asks her to drop the malpractice suit against Matt. Jason pays Kristina a visit and knows she's the one who drove Michael and it wasn't hard to figure out. Michael tells Claudia he ran away cause he had a fight with his mother, she then gives him some advice. A druken Matt hits on Maxie wants to collect on their date that she owes him, but she says she isn't interested. Rebecca tells Ethan that they plan isn't working and they should've did it her way in the beginning, Nikolas then walks in and Rebecca says they're talking about the Texas Hold'em game. Spinelli is punched by Matt, Johnny then steps up and holds him while Coleman calls Robin and Patrick. Jason comes to Sam's rescue as knocks out the guy, Sam tells him that he's a cop that works for Mayor Floyd.moreless
  • Ep. #11827
    Ep. #11827
    Episode 52
    Kristina comes to visit Michael and she gives him a marijuana joint, but he hides it when Carly comes into the room. Matt tries to get Brianna stabilized, but ends up losing her. Claudia is relieved when she hears the baby's heartbeat. Sonny is convinced that the baby could be Ric's and to back off of Claudia til he gets proof, and if it is Ric's then she's out of here. Lulu and Maxie arrive at the Spa to meet Spinelli and to see what Kate is up to, Kate arrives and everyone quickly hides. Matt tells the nurse that Brianna died on the operating table. Michael tells Carly that she has to remain calm for the baby, she says she won't be til he's home. Olivia comes to see Sonny and that she seen how much his kids mean to him and there's something she has to tell him, that she caught Ric and Claudia in an intense moment and that baby could not be his as Claudia overhears at the door. Jason asks Kristina where Michael is, and catches her with a marijuana joint. Jax and Morgan welcomes Michael home, he then notices some changes to the house. Matt lashes out at Patrick, Diane then arrives cause Brianna's family retained her and they're suing him and the hospital for malpractice. Claudia bursts in and says that she's heard enough and is getting back at her cause she told her to stay away from Johnny. Michael can't believe how much he's missed since he was in a coma. Spinelli, Maxie and Lulu attempt to eavesdrop on Kate, but the attendant says it's time for Spinelli body buffing treatment, so it's up to Lulu and Maxie. Matt doesn't have a bit of doubt that he didn't screw up in that E.R. Sonny tells Claudia that if he wants to leave then to go right ahead. Lulu spots Giselle coming out of a room and Maxie wonders why she's here. Kristina comes for Michael and the two take off. Giselle threatens to expose Kate and how she got Crimson funded, Maxie learns that Kate is being blackmailed. Matt lashes out at Robin and Patrick when they try to comfort him. Carly tells Jason that she and Michael fought cause he feels left out and that he has to find him. Michael tells Kristina to watch as she swerves the car.moreless
  • Ep. #11826
    Ep. #11826
    Episode 51
    Alexis comes to the hospital to question Brianna about the attack, Robin and Patrick says that she's having tests done. Jason sees Michael throwing stuff at Elizabeth and tries to get him to calm down. Kelly tells Claudia that she can't find the baby's heartbeat and is gonna set up another ultrasound. Lulu and Maxie explain to Spinelli not to expose Kate cause she could get fired, and they would be out of work. Morgan tells Jax and Carly that he can't wait til Michael comes home today. Alexis tells Mayor Floyd that she has a maid who heard the whole struggle and tells him to start talking. Jason calms Michael down after a violent outburst, Michael then punches Jason in the face. Patrick is hesitant to let Matt perform emergency surgery on Mayor Floyd's mistress cause he doesn't have the experience then he does. Jason tells Sonny that Michael off on Elizabeth but he didn't hurt her. Claudia tells Johnny that she might have a dead baby in her and is probably what he wanted in the first place. Alexis runs into Jax in the park and wants to know if Jerry had another accomplice in Michael's shooting. Matt encounters a problem while operating on Brianna. Carly brings Morgan to see Michael and hears him talking to Sonny on the phone and he says he wants to live with him, he then sees Carly and Morgan. Patrick tells Robin while he's in the park with Emma that he thinks that Matt will have no complications. Kelly performs another ultrasound on Claudia but she doesn't seem to find the baby's heartbeat again.moreless
  • Ep. 11825
    Ep. 11825
    Episode 50
    Nikolas drops a bomb on Monica that Rebecca is Emily's twin sister, and Rebecca was startling surprised or if she's out to get what Emily had. Patrick gets a call from Olivia to come to the Metro Court and to be discreet. Maxie goes to Jason and says that she was only trying to protect Spinelli. Helena eavesdrops on Ethan and Rebecca and learns they're whole scam. Luke gets a urgent call from Holly asking to come to Dubuai right away, Tracy takes the phone and says for her to find another sucker. Jason asks Maxie what is it that Johnny heard. Robin and Patrick show up and see Mayor Floyd in a room with a woman that isn't his wife and that she should be treated immediately. Tracy tells Ethan that Holly called makes it clear to Luke that if he goes after her then to keep walking. Jason learns from Maxie that Johnny hear the recording inplicating Claudia, Rebecca shows up and asks to speak to him alone. Mayor Floyd quickly ducks out of the room, Robin is disgusted at the thought of his public image is more important then the well being of the woman he was with. Elizabeth and Lucky are shocked to learn that Rebecca is Emily's twin and thinks that his revelation explains everything, Elizabeth is more suspicious then ever of Rebecca. Luke tells Ethan that why would he want to leave when he has everthing he wants here in Port Charles. Jason tells Johnny to stay out of his cause he'll find what he needs on his sister. Helena confronts Rebecca and says she knows about her scam, and Luke listens and Helena says that he shouldn't have heard that. Ethan comes to the house and Lucky shows him why he wanted to leave the place. Monica tells Rebecca that she made a promise to look after Paige's daughter and that's who she's going to do, and isn't replacing Emily and is inviting her into the family. Ethan gets the DNA results back and Lucky says that their dad will break his heart. Luke is knocked out by Helena's bodyguard and says it's been a while since he was at her mercy.moreless
  • Ep. #11824
    Ep. #11824
    Episode 49
    Ethan says to Nikolas that he's here to ask him to join a Texas Hold'em poker game at the Haunted Star, after Ethan leaves Nikolas presents Rebecca with proof that she's Emily's twin sister. Ric lets Sonny know where exactly has he been when his wife is laying in bed, Sonny doesn't understand why he's hovering. Patrick feels bad that he can drink wine, and Robin can't cause of her antidepressants, Patrick then gets a call saying that Michael was found. Carly tells Michael that she overheard Claudia telling Johnny that she's the reason that he left the hospital, Michael explains that he started to remember hearing Claudia say that she was sorry. Jax tells Olivia that he grows more concerned about Carly's pregnancy. Rebecca reads the file and gives a performance fooling Nikolas completely, and runs off in tears. Alexis comes home and spends some time with Kristina, she says that they're was a misunderstanding with Jason earlier, Alexis wants her to explain. Sonny tells Olivia that he doesn't trust either Ric or Claudia. Jax learns that Michael is starting to remember Claudia's voice while he was in a coma. Patrick comes home and sees that Robin ate already, and sits down and the two start to get intimate, Robin says that she's glad that she can feel like this again. Sonny sees Ric leaving Claudia's room and goes in and asks her, why does he keep coming in here. Nikolas takes Rebecca to the Quartermaine mausoleum. Michael sleeps and remembers hearing Jax's voice too. Sonny asks Claudia to take an amnio to prove that it's his kid.moreless
  • Ep. #11823
    Ep. #11823
    Episode 48
    Jax and Sonny fear the worst after Carly and Claudia fall down the stairs at the hospital. Jason tells Kristina that he's not leaving and knows that Michael is there. Rebecca assures Ethan that they're cover isn't blown and that he should'nt have come here to her room. Michael stands up and says to Kristina that Jason isn't leaving, Sam shows up and tells her sister to put some clothes on, Jason tries to get Michael to get him to come back to the hospital. Alexis shows Nikolas valid proof that Paige Bowen gave birth to twins. Epiphany tells Jax that she understands about Carly's high risk pregnancy and for him to relax. Claudia tells Sonny as she lays on a stretcher to stay with him. Rebecca assures Ethan that he'll get his cut, and they reminisce on how they met in a bar when they're plans were grounded and told each other their life story. Carly asks if he baby is okay, Kelly says that she's waiting for the ultrasound results. Alexis tries to make Nikolas realize that Rebecca chose Port Charles of all places. Ethan reminds Rebecca to bring Emily's family to her, by letting them notice, he says to do what she's doing so far. Jason tells Carly that he found Michael at Kristina's house and is trying to get him to go back. Carly gets the news that her and the baby aren't at risk. Ric comes to see Claudia after hearing about her accident and asks if she and the baby are alright, Claudia starts to have cramps. Carly tells Sonny that she overheard Claudia tell Johnny that she was the reason Michael left the hospital. Jason tells Michael of Carly's accident, but he thinks it's a plot to get him to come back, Michael humbily agrees to what Jason says. Elizabeth tells Sonny that Claudia collapsed and could be miscarrying. Nikolas walks in on Rebecca and sees Ethan in her room. Carly tells Michael that she's not going to give him a lecture, she's just glad he's okay. Sonny asks Ric about his interest in Claudia's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11822
    Ep. #11822
    Episode 47
    Sonny asks Claudia is here in Michael's room and why he isn't in his room. Jason brings Kristina back to his place, and he then says he's gonna call Alexis, Kristina says she'll lie her way out of this one. Toussaint says to Michael that there's no way he's going anywhere. Helena tells Rebecca that she finds her amusing and to drop her partner and join her. Toussaint reaquaints himself with Epiphany and asks to take a look at this kid, they check and he's disappeared. Nikolas arrives and tells Ethan that he's waiting for Lucky, Lucky reveals that Ethan is his brother. Rebecca pretty tells Helena to get lost and she goes to meet Nikolas. Agent Rayner gives Alexis some shocking information about Rebecca. Sonny goes to Elizabeth for some answers on Michael's whereabouts. Carly learns that Michael is gone and could end up having a set back in his recovery. Michael surprises Kristina and says he's done with the hospital and ain't going back. Jason runs into Toussaint and glad to see him he says to Jason that Michael was here a half hour ago and next thing he was gone, Jason calls Spinelli to do some checking for him on who left in the last hour. Nikolas gets a call from Alexis, she says to meet her at the Metro Court. Kristina asks Michael why he fled from the hospital, he says that he was under so much pressure. Alexis tells Nikolas there's no doubt that Rebecca is Emily's twin sister. Rebecca's partner turns out to be Ethan, and the two share a kiss. Claudia tells Johnny that Michael remember hear voice, Carly overhears them talking. Claudia and Carly's get into it and they both fall down the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #11821
    Ep. #11821
    Episode 46
    Rebecca tells Nikolas that she's glad that she followed her instincts. Jason tells Michael that he's only making things worse by lashing out at people who are trying to help. Claudia sees as Sonny and Carly embrace, and quickly leaves before she's seen. Alexis thinks that it's now possible that Rebecca and Emily have a connection, and wonders who her birth parents are. Helena lets herself into Rebecca's room and looks around. Claudia worries about Michael's memory of her visits. Claudia wants to put distance between Sonny and Carly and goes to Jax to get his help in doing so. Michael feels that after his outburst that he's never going to get out of the hospital. Alexis accidentally interrupts Rebecca and Nikolas in the barn, which causes Rebecca to leave. Jax has a special dinner for Carly when she arrives at the hotel and says that Claudia came to see him. Patrick is glad that Robin is her old self at work again. Jason tells Sonny that Michael went off on Robin, and he thinks that Carly can't handle him living with her right now. Rebecca comes face-to-face with Helena and says they have a lot to talk about, she thinks Alexis is half right and she is working a scam and not with her. Patrick grows concerned about Robin and says he wants her to come home so they can be there for each other. Jason makes a call in the alley and sees Kristina drinking and gets out of there. Claudia and Sonny find that Michael is missing from his room. Michael makes an attempt to leave the hospital and runs into Toussaint.moreless
  • Ep. #11820
    Ep. #11820
    Episode 45
    Monica watches as Michael is pushing himself in physical therapy and his determination to get out of the hospital. Nikolas picks something that Rebecca dropped on the floor. Carly tells Jason that she's going to show Michael that no one loves him more than her. Monica tells Michael that if he does infact push himself he's gonna end up right back where he started. Sonny tells Claudia to that she can't redecorate the living and that he wants Michael to remember it the way it was, Claudia says that Michael is beginning to remember her. Epiphany reminds Nikolas and Rebecca about behaviour in the workplace after seeing them flirting once again. Alexis says that at least Rebecca is wearing what Emily would today, Elizabeth notices the same thing. Claudia is determined to keep Michael close by. Robin tells Patrick that she brought Emma to work so she can spend with her. Elizabeth is certain that Rebecca is up to something and waits for Rebecca in the lounge and says that her going after Nikolas is cruel. Claudia sees Johnny and Olivia together, and tells her to stay away from her brother. Alfred tells Nikolas that with the recent problems at Wyndemere to not invite Rebecca here for a while. Agent Rayner gives Alexis some information on Rebecca, and will depending how their date goes. Ethan and Luke decide to have a DNA test, that way no one can tamper with them not even Tracy. Tracy then arrives and tells to cut the charm and what he's up to this time and that he's hiding something. Rebecca shows up and Nikolas sees her wearing a white dress. Johnny tells Claudia not to interfere in his life and let him be with whoever he wants. Carly and Sonny vow to keep a united front for Michael. Robin talks to Michael about his physical therapy moving too fast, he then takes his anger out on her and yells and tells her to get out, Jason comes in and tells him to stop. Alexis learns from Agent Rayner that Rebecca was illegally adopted and was a blackmarket baby. Nikolas and Rebecca make love in the stables.moreless
  • Ep. #11819
    Ep. #11819
    Episode 44
    Morgan asks Michael why he doesn't want to come live with Carly and Jax and help raise their brother or sister. Jason has the power to blow Claudia out of the water. Luke tells Lucky to direct his anger at him and not at Holly. Sonny tells Jason that he wants to see the proof that he has on Claudia. Johnny comes to Spinelli's office and sees Maxie and Spinelli accidentally plays the recording. Jax tells Carly that what if Michael starts yelling at him or even Morgan and it could put stress on her and the baby. Lulu explains to Ethan that despite everything Holly is still her mother and carried her. Lucky storms off after an argument with Luke. Ethan arrives and says that he's willing to work on not hating Holly, but learns that she's leaving town. Johnny and Maxie re-enter Spinelli's office to get rid of any evidence against his sister. Spinelli comes to Sonny's wanting to speak with Jason and Sonny learns that he has evidence incriminating Claudia. Claudia comes to the hospital and encounters Carly and she says she ain't going anywhere near Michael. Lucky tells Lulu she's probably already heard about Ethan, and that he's the person he always is. Ethan tells Holly he doesn't her to be in his life, and just said thanks for having him. Spinelli says that Johnny came to his place of business. Sonny tells Jason to take Johnny and gain his trust. Tracy walks in and tells Holly that she believed that she was leaving town and didn't mention she was taking Luke with her, Luke tells Tracy that he ain't leaving her for Holly. Lucky and Ethan engage in a fight on the pier. Michael tells Claudia that he's starting to remember things.moreless
  • Ep. #11818
    Ep. #11818
    Episode 43
    Jason gives Spinelli something to analyze and it could be proof that Claudia was behind Michael's shooting. Lulu says it would be great if Ethan was his brother now Luke can have a someone that's not pissed at him. Holly explains that she didn't tell Luke about Ethan since he and Laura were married and had a child. Morgan is excited about seeing Michael, Carly prepares him that if he yells at him it's cause of the injury that's all. Spinelli compares Claudia's voice to the one on the tape. Michael calls and asks Sonny to come to the hospital cause he has to tell him something, Michael says that he doesn't want to stay with Carly and Jax, Claudia says that maybe that is best that he stays with them. Lulu urges Lucky to try and forgive Luke. Elizabeth hears from Lucky that Ethan could be his brother. Carly and Jax bring Morgan to see Michael. Carly and Sonny try to deal with his living arrangements. Morgan brings to Michael his favorite game, and the two start to catch up. Jason gets the news that he's been waiting for and Spinelli says that the voice on the tape is in fact Claudia's. Ethan turns his back on Holly after hearing the truth, Holly asks Luke if he hates her too. Carly and Jax see Michael and Morgan having a good time together, Michael thanks his mother for bringing him by. Ethan meets up with Lulu and says that Holly says that he's Luke's son, and doesn't think her mother isn't going to be thrilled.moreless
  • Ep. #11817
    Ep. #11817
    Episode 42
    Jason listens in on Michael and Claudia having a good conversation, and Michael tells Jason why he didn't tell him about her. Sonny asks Patrick when will Michael's angry outbursts will stop. Robin asks Holly why would she lie about something when there was a time when she was nice person. Luke asks Ethan when the first time he thought he was his son. Jason tells Claudia not to get involved in Michael's life when she's the one that got him shot. Jax tells Carly that they can't be intimate til after the baby is born. Maxie returns from Manhattan, which delights Spinelli and she says that she took Kate's PDA, so he can take something off of it, Spinelli is impressed and that she could make a good P.I. Luke offers Ethan to do a DNA test by mail so that way no one can compromise anything, Lucky arrives and Luke says the last time he saw Holly was when she was in jail. Carly goes to Kelly to write her a note saying she can have sex with Jax. Sonny tells Michael not to take his frustrations at his mother, Claudia says that she is expecting a child and Michael is cool with it, which devastates Carly. Jason tells Sam that he is on a mission to prove Claudia's guilt, Sam gets a call to Fredo's whereabouts. Spinelli thinks what they found could be very useful. Jason confronts Fredo, he says that Claudia hired him to wire a car to kill Jerry Jacks and he has proof. Carly tells Jax what she saw Michael and Claudia together and that's what upset her. Holly comes clean with Luke and Ethan and says that Ethan is Luke's son.moreless
  • Ep. #11816
    Ep. #11816
    Episode 41
    Luke and Holly are brought into the station, Tracy arrives and says that despite everything Luke is innocent. Ethan arrives at Robin's house, and says he might be her brother. Mac tells Holly that Robin will be excited to see her, Holly is nervous that Robin is back at home. Claudia asks Patrick is Michael will be able to remember anything someone said to him while he was in a coma. Michael asks Jason about the shooting and who did it to him. Robin cautions Ethan not to believe everything Holly says and she doesn't think that Robert is his father. Carly prepares to take some things over to Michael, and is going to make him realize that she never gave up on him. Jason tells Michael that Dr. Ian Devlin shot at him and now he's dead and promises that he'll uncover the truth. Robin asks Ethan for his b'day so she can check if he's indeed her brother. Olivia comes and drops off Michael's insurance forms, and hears Claudia talking to Patrick about Michael possibly remembering. Mac tells Holly that she'll put in a call to Diane, and to work things out with Tracy. Jax and Carly argue about Michael's health. Tracy tells Holly that she'll drop the charges if she leaves town and no tearful goodbyes. Robin says that it's not possible he's her brother and that Holly lied to him. Olivia tells Jax she saw Claudia rambling on to Patrick and almost dropped her right then and there. Patrick tells Carly that giving Michael space right now is the best thing for him. Jason tells Sam that he's going to track down Fredo and get him to talk. Claudia comes into Michael's room and asks if he remembers her, he's shocked to learn that he married his dad, Jason listens on them at the door. Ethan tells Luke that Robin did her research and thinks there's no way Robert could be his father, Luke starts to wonder the possibility that it could be him. Holly asks Robin to help her stop something she thinks will cause pain.moreless
  • Ep. #11815
    Ep. #11815
    Episode 40
    Claudia gives Johnny a gun, fearing the wrath of Sonny. Jax comes into Michael's room, and Michael has a dream of someone saying "she's sorry", he says that it was more like a memory. Lucky and Elizabeth walk in and see Rebecca on a chair and wearing Emily's clothes, Nikolas walks in and she says he should be concerned. Sonny tells Olivia that what she's doing with Johnny is wrong since she's half his age. Patrick is thrilled to have his family back. Claudia comes home to find Ric sitting in the living room, and she says she doesn't to go another round with him today. Michael tells Jax that he's going to be living with them and wants to stay with his father. Sonny warns Johnny to stay away from Olivia. Patrick sees as Robin and Emma start to bond. Alexis asks Agent Rayner for a favor to find whatever he can on Rebecca Shaw, cause she believes that Helena hired her and redid her face with plastic surgery. Elizabeth confronts Rebecca about her sudden change in taste in clothes, and is dressing like Emily does everyday. Lulu comes to Michael's aid after he collapses, but he says he can get up himself. Johnny asks Olivia if she would like to have dinner or even a beer with him. Ric has an offer for Claudia, Sonny comes and asks what he's doing in his house.moreless
  • Ep. #11814
    Ep. #11814
    Episode 39
    Robin calls Patrick and says she finished her treatment and is being released. Edward clashes with Sonny and Carly when he insists Michael will live with the Quartermaine's. Michael tells Edward, Sonny and Carly to stop fighting and that he'll decide what he wants. Jason says to do what's best is to do as Michael says. Ethan is irate at Holly for giving birth to him and then tossing him aside to the next family she could find. Spinelli tells Lulu that Johnny found comfort in Olivia. Luke tells Holly why the heck would she want to make him believe that he was Ethan's father when all along it was Robert. Maxie tells Johnny that sleeping with him would've been a mistake not to mention her losing Spinelli. Patrick and Robin meet up at Chez Loir and apologizes for putting through all that pain. Michael explains to Jason that he didn't where that burst of anger came from, Jason says that he acted the same way. Sonny tells Edward that they have a compromise for his access to Michael. Johnny and Olivia have no regrets about their night together. Robin tells Patrick that she's ready to go home. Monica explains to Michael that she's here and is willing to listen and is willing to make things right, and goes and tells everyone that Michael should stay with the parents that he knows. Ethan says that there's no reason to stay now, especially with all the games that Holly played when she came to town, Lulu walks in and learns that Ethan isn't her brother after all, Lulu goes after him when he storms off. Patrick brings Robin home and she sees that he kept things clean with help, and goes and holds Emma. Sonny tells Michael they're gonna stick with the arrangement they had before, Michael angrily tells Carly she may get Sonny to do what she wants but won't with him. Holly tearfully apologizes and leaves the Haunted Star.moreless
  • Ep. #11813
    Ep. #11813
    Episode 38
    Carly is devastated by Michael's harsh words, she then goes to Jason and says how can Michael hate her so much. Sonny tells Claudia that the reason that he's angry is cause her brother is taking advantage of Olivia and tells her about their tryst. Alexis walks in on Nikolas and Rebecca, and says she usually wore black and leather and now blue like Emily. Holly evades Lucky's questions about Ethan being Luke's son. Jason tells Carly that Michael does love her and to just give him some time to heal. Lulu tells Michael at least he has parents like Sonny and Carly that want him. Luke tells Tracy that the answer is no he wouldn't leave her for Holly, Tracy cautions Luke that if he does go off after Holly for him not to bother coming back. Mike tells Sonny that he saw Edward in Michael's room wanting him to live at the Quartermaine's. Maxie and Spinelli go into the lobby and are surprised, as Claudia confronts Olivia about sleeping with Johnny and to stay away from him altogether. Edward tells Michael if he's made a decision about his offer to live at the mansion, he said he would if Lulu was there living with him. Carly agrees to stay away, and if Jason would talk to him for her. Carly objects to the idea of Michael living with the Quartermaine's. Nikolas and Rebecca come back all soaking wet and end up in a kiss. Holly says that this game isn't fun any more, and reveals that Ethan is her son, but Luke isn't and that it's Robert Scorpio.moreless
  • Ep. #11812
    Ep. #11812
    Episode 37
    Edward and Monica continue to argue about whether or not Michael should stay here in the mansion, Tracy and Luke argue as well as Holly walks in. Elizabeth and Nikolas that Rebecca is wearing blue scrubs and for a second looked like Emily. Maxie sees Spinelli under Kate's desk installing some listening devices so he can hear what Kate is up to. Michael angrily tells Patrick not to talk about his condition to Carly. Lucky tells Lulu that it won't be long before Ethan and Holly take off with Tracy's money, Ethan comes on the pier and heard everything. Holly tells Luke and the Quartermaine's that she'll reveal all the minute she gets her money. Kate asks Maxie where Johnny is cause they need to discuss their next assignment. Johnny thanks Olivia for a wonderful night despite Sonny finding them together. Tracy gives Holly a check for 2 million dollars and for her to leave, Holly reveals she's here to steal Luke away from her. Patrick explains to Carly that Michael's emotions have to settle and needs to stay here a few more weeks. Luke tells Elizabeth that he tried his best to be a father to Luke and Lulu, but if Ethan is his son he won't his children any less. Monica tells Michael that she wasn't there when Jason woke up and doesn't mean that she didn't love him. Spinelli hears Olivia tells Kate that she slept with Johnny. Mike intervenes and tells Edward that Michael isn't living with the Quartermaine's. Ethan asks Luke if he would ever leave Tracy for Holly, Tracy wants the answer to that question herself. Lucky goes to Holly wanting the truth and if Ethan is Luke's son.moreless
  • Ep. #11811
    Ep. #11811
    Episode 36
    Luke wants to take Holly somewhere private so they can talk, Ethan insists on going to. Michael asks Carly to be careful cause she wouldn't want to hurt the baby that was going to replace him. Sonny comes in and asks Jax why he's ragging on Michael and that he doesn't need this. Jason opens up to Sam about his fears for Michael, cause Edward and Monica came in his room and started on Sonny. Johnny and Olivia find comfort in each other's arms and end up in a room above Jake's. Jason tells Sam that he was in the same position that Michael when he woke up surrounded by people that he didn't know. Carly is hurt by Michael's anger towards her, when he says that he doesn't want her to stay with him, Sonny then says for him not to be mad at his mother, but to be mad at him. Patick insists that Luke, Holly and Ethan have numerous tests done so they can get answers. Jax tells Carly to give Michael some time and he'll come around, Carly insists on going back to the hospital and convince Michael that she didn't abandon him. Olivia shows Johnny that she's not just a one night stand, and offers to make him dinner. Sonny explains to Michael the night at the warehouse and was shot in the head with the a bullet that was meant for him, Michael then forgives Sonny. Holly asks Ethan and Luke to leave. Carly goes to see Michael and talks while he sleeps, but wakes up after she leaves. Sonny goes to see Olivia and says that he told Michael everything and sees that Johnny walks in the room half naked.moreless
  • Ep. #11810
    Ep. #11810
    Episode 35
    Monica tells Edward they just stood and watched as Sonny took a Quartermaine out of this house, Tracy and Luke seperately come to the mansion thinking Holly came there. Jason tells Monica that Michael's awake and she and Edward head to the hospital. Holly thanks Patrick for letting him stay with him at his house while Robin's away. Lulu asks Ethan what would he do if Luke is his father. Carly tells Michael that she and Jax are building a house, and when he's ready he can come stay with them. Claudia tells Johnny she thinks she's one step closer to being in the clear. Olivia hurries to the hospital and asks Sonny if it's true about Michael waking up. Johnny is disgusted at Claudia and all she can think about is saving her own skin and her baby's as well. Jax takes Carly out the room when she starts feeling a bit dizzy. Jason wants to keep the truth from Michael. Kelly tells Carly that the baby is okay but she's concerned about her stress level. Patrick tells Matt that he let Holly stay at the house cause they became friends when they met several years ago, Patrick then gets Michael's test results. Monica and Edward tell Sonny that they'll do what it takes to get Michael away from him and that his last name will be changed back to Quartermaine. Tracy tells Luke that if he goes after Holly then for him not to come back at all, he says he won't if she admits to rigging the DNA test. Olivia and Johnny both find themselves at Jake's drowning their sorrows. Patrick tells everyone that Michael's condition is getting stronger and could be permanent. Lulu tells Tracy is there a problem her hanging out with Ethan, and aks if he's her brother. Jason tells Sonny that he knows how much he wants to tell Michael but thinks that he needs more time. Michael asks Carly if she never gave up on him then why wasn't she here when he woke up. Luke and Ethan demand the truth from Holly. Tracy confesses to Lulu that she bribed a technician and doesn't know the real results. Michael finds out that his mother is pregnant, and he thinks he was being replaced by a new baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11809
    Ep. #11809
    Episode 34
    Luke is delighted to see Holly, and she says they should make a toast, he says what for friends or family. Claudia tells Sonny that Jason handled the Ric situation. Michael asks Lulu why he's in a hospital and asks what happened to him, Patrick then walks in and says that there's a lot of people here for him. Carly doesn't want to go to the hospital cause Michael's there. Alexis tells Rebecca why in fact she was in Greece, and reads her itinerary to Nikolas, Alexis asks Rebecca about a two week gap where she did nothing and what she did during that time. Luke flat out tells Holly if Ethan is their son together. Lulu leaves Carly a message, but then calls Sonny and tells him that Michael is awake. Holly tells Luke that she was about to reveal herself in Singapore and didn't cause of Tracy, Tracy arrives and tells Holly to stay away from her husband. Rebecca makes a deal with Alexis that she'll stay away from Nikolas for two weeks and to continue her digging and if she doesn't find anything then to leave them alone. Sonny and Jason come to the hospital and are glad when they see that he's awake and alert. Max tells Claudia that Michael is up, but Jason said for her to stay at the house. Ethan reveals to Lulu that Luke could be his father too. Patrick tells Sonny not to tell Michael the information cause it's possible that he could fall back in a coma. Jason goes to tell Carly the news. Johnny learns about Michael, and Claudia says that he visited him frequently and said she was sorry and is worried that he might remember. Holly comes to Patrick and asks if he has a warm bed for an old friend. Carly shows up and immediately embraces him and dreamt of this moment.moreless
  • Ep. #11808
    Ep. #11808
    Episode 33
    Luke, Ethan and Tracy head back to Port Charles thinking their trip was a total bust, Luke wants answers to see about Ethan's true paternity. Lulu comes to the Haunted Star and sees Johnny and he's thinking of selling his shares to Sonny, and tells Lulu about Michael's procedure. Jason tells Ric that wherever he goes he always sees him and Claudia together, Claudia starts to have pains and Jason sees that Ric is concerned for the baby. Edward tells Monica that Michael comes from a background and will come back to them, Monica says that she feels he'll never wake up. Jax brings Olivia to talk with Carly, but she says it's not to make her give up on Michael. Luke and Ethan decide to play a game if Tracy wins she has to answer a question truthfully. Rebecca consoles Edward after getting some news. Jason tells Ric that since Claudia is alright, he doesn't need her hanging around her right now. Jax says that he's not leaving and that they're in this together. Nikolas overhears Rebecca talking to Edward and give him some sense of stability and that it's Emily being here. Carly tries to accept that Michael will never wake up and leaves his hospital room. Olivia sees Sonny in the chapel and he says that it's too late for him. Alexis tells Nikolas that why doesn't he just go ahead and sign over everything to Helena right now, and asks Rebecca what she was doing in Greece. Jason tells Claudia that she knew that Sonny wouldn't hire the mother of his child. Lulu goes to see Michael and apologizes for not coming sooner, he grabs her hand and opens his eyes. Holly surprises Luke with a visit.moreless
  • Ep. #11807
    Ep. #11807
    Episode 32
    Luke and Ethan arrive in Singapore and he shares with Ethan some stories he endured when he, Laura and Lucky were on the run, as some lingers nearby. Sonny tells Claudia that he'll forget the threats he's made towards her if she tells him the truth. Monica tells Jason that she thinks that Michael will never wake up, Carly overhears this and wants to know why she's saying that. Lucky tells Elizabeth that Luke headed off to Singapore and says that he had the idea that Ethan was his son. Robin sits in with a group conducted by Dr. Brown and she hears different stories from other mothers who went through post partum depression. Jax sees Carly all upset and asks what Jason said to her get her all stressed. Claudia tells Sonny that if she was responsible for what happened to Michael she would've had an abortion. Luke shares with Ethan the time he met Holly for the first time, Ethan then thinks that this place they're at is where he was conceived, Tracy comes in demanding where Holly is. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Luke handled things in the past his own way, and didn't take things well. Ric threatens Claudia's and he'll take the baby if it is his. Patrick comes in and tells Carly that there should've been some activity in Michael cause the anethesia wore off hours ago and the electro lodes were firing at a precise time. Tracy is grabbed by thugs wanting her jewelry, but she refuses to give them, she breaks free and Luke and Ethan knock them out. Sonny tells Jason that he's not running away from Claudia, and admits that he knows she lying cause he looked in her eyes. Robin shares with everyone that she's looking forward to going home and holding Emma. Jax tells Olivia to hold off on Michael's room cause it looks like the operation wasn't a success after all. Tracy yells that if Holly hears her she's not going to let her take advantage of Luke again. Ric says that he will execute the paternity test to see if the baby is his, Jason then walks in.moreless
  • Ep. #11806
    Ep. #11806
    Episode 31
    Epiphany tells Nikolas and Rebecca that their constant flirting has got to stop. Jax gives Carly some healthy food cause it'll be good for the baby. Luke sees as Ethan angrily talks with someone on the phone, and says that he wouldn't care about Holly if he wasn't sure she was his mother. Jax tells Olivia to get Michael's room cause Carly is convinced that he's coming back to them. Diane and Alexis discuss her lack of technique of shopping for shoes and head to the boutique and run into Max and instead heads off for a romantic interlude. Kate fires Lulu and Maxie when they fail to uncover the leak. Epiphany says that it's sexual harrassment, and if it's not to do it on their own time. Lulu says that Maxie is a great asset and tries to get Kate to see that, but says they're both done, Spinelli arrives and says that he cracked the case, and he and Maxie and Lulu watch the footage and learn who the leak is. Tracy wonders why Ethan is still in town, Luke then gets a call from Holly but hears some commotion in the background. Bobbie comes in and checks on Carly and she says that Michael is still the same, and Monica concurs. Edward apologizes to Rebecca and asks where Michael's room is. Diane realizes that her blouse is ripped, and calls Alexis for help. Edward tells Rebecca that he failed Michael and couldn've went to the best schools. Kate is apalled that Clarice is the one taking the layouts and makes a call and that she's being fired. Spinelli discovers that Clarice is innocent and the real culprit still walks the halls of Crimson. Rebecca and Nikolas head up to room 421 and immediately get intimate. Luke and Ethan head to Singapore to save Holly, Tracy refuses to let them use the E.L.Q jet. Alexis walks in on Rebecca and Nikolas. Mike comes to the hospital and asks Carly and Jax when they think Michael would wake up. Lulu and Maxie are shocked when Kate is shown to be the real traitor. Tracy then makes plans to head to Singapore herself. Patrick says to Carly that Michael should be awake by now.moreless
  • Ep. #11805
    Ep. #11805
    Episode 30
    Carly asks Patrick that if Michael's heart stops again will he be able to bring him back. Lulu tells Ethan that Tracy is probably laying into Luke about the kiss she planted on him earlier. Spinelli tells Maxie that he may have an idea of the phase two of his plan. Jason tells Sam that he almost told Carly right then and there that he thinks that Claudia had her part in Michael's shooting. Sonny tells Claudia that she shouldn't be stressing since she's pregnant and all. Spinelli begins to look at footage of the Metro Court to find the spy that's stealing from Crimson, Kate asks Maxie how it's coming along and if it blows up so does hers and Lulu's jobs. Maxie begins to lose faith in Spinelli. Luke spies on Tracy talking with Johnny on the pier about him getting Lulu away from Ethan, Johnny asks what the deal is when she wanted him to break up with her in the first place. Jax tells Carly that the breaking ground for their house starts next week and Diane is making a lot of progress. Luke then heads back to the Haunted Star and fills Ethan in that the whole scam is on Tracy and nothing more. Jason tells Sam that he can't react to whatever Claudia does and must figure out why she's acting like this and has no physical proof. Jax tells Claudia that she's making Carly very uncomfortable, Sonny then goes to check on Carly. Ethan tells Luke that it's possible that Tracy switched the DNA results to prove he wasn't his son. Spinelli finds proof that Maxie's portfolio was copied and then the original returned to the office. Tracy tries to convince Lulu that she should start seeing someone else and that Ethan could be the biggest mistake of her life. Ethan tells Luke that the results are correct and that he is not his son. Kate is revealed to be the person that's stealing her own layouts, and on the phone doing what the person asks. Luke tells Ethan that he has a sure fire way to find out if Tracy is lying and did rig the test. Ric overhears Claudia praying in the chapel. Luke tries to call Holly and but gets cut off, Tracy thinks it's all part of her scheme. Michael comes out of surgery but is far from alright. Carly and Jax gives Morgan news that Michael had surgery tonight and might wake up.moreless
  • Ep. #11804
    Ep. #11804
    Episode 29
    Tracy learns that Lulu did in fact kiss Ethan, and asks Luke what he's going to do about it. Rebecca says that she should take Alexis up on her offer to leave town, Nikolas says that he'll just go after her. Patrick and Matt work to get Michael's heart started again when he goes into v-fib. Nikolas tells Rebecca that Alexis is very protective of her family and explains that Helena killed her mother when she was little and she saw the whole thing. Epiphany tells everyone in the waiting room that Michael's heart stopped for a few minutes but Patrick got him stabilized and is continuing with the surgery. Spinelli sees that the person took the bait and took the layout so he and Maxie head off after it. Olivia tells Sonny she thought he was going to handle the situation with Claudia. Sonny tells Jason that if Claudia is responsible for having Michael shot then he'll find proof. Jason opens up to Carly and says that he wants Michael to be okay. Jason sees as Claudia and Johnny are having a private conversation. Jason sees that his yelling at Claudia is stressing Carly out and abruptly stops. Sam comes to check on Jason and asks if everything is alright, Jason says that Michael is still in surgery. Maxie and Spinelli are surprised by where their chase leads them right back to the Metro Court and finds it back on her desk. Jax tells Sonny that Carly has made a decision about Michael. Tracy tells Luke that since Ethan and him aren't father and son there's no reason for him to stay. Lulu asks Ethan that he wonders what Tracy and Luke are talking about right now. Jason tells Sam that he told Carly to let Patrick finish the surgery and to see whatever happens.moreless
  • Ep. #11803
    Ep. #11803
    Episode 28
    Mike walks in on Nikolas and Rebecca in a compromising position and sees that he's taken liking to Rebecca. Luke instructs Lulu to make Tracy believe that she's getting "involved" with Ethan. Everyone waits patiently for the outcome of Michael's surgery. Patrick and Matt continue to do their best to keep Michael from flatlining. Maxie shows Spinelli something that she presented to Kate and is worried if it's leaked elsewhere she'll be fired, Spinelli tells Maxie that her layout is impressive. Tracy walks in and Luke says that he was just talking to Lulu, Tracy gets a call concerning E.L.Q business and will come and talk to Luke later. Alexis calls Nikolas and says he'd better hurry to the hospital. Maxie is amazed when Spinelli attaches a tracking device on her portfolio. Kate tells Johnny that he and Maxie are going out tonight. Epiphany is outraged that Alexis went over her head and used her influence to get Rebecca's employment records, Alexis tells Nikolas that she found out that Rebecca spent time in Greece and probably was with Helena at that time. Johnny says that as for tonight that it isn't happening, Kate knows what's going on. Lulu is glad that she'll be on this caper with her father. Olivia comes and Jax needs her advice cause Claudia barged her way into the waiting room. Ethan tells Luke that he's back from the Quartermaines and what's the plan to do next. Alexis tells Nikolas that Rebecca is dangerous and he should stay away. Maxie and Spinelli go on a stakeout and end up making out in the car. Carly makes it clear that Claudia isn't apart of Michael's life and never will be. Alexis tries to pay Rebecca to leave town, Nikolas says he wouldn't care if she was working for Helena or not. Lulu plants a kiss on Ethan and Tracy says for them to stop. Everyone is then quiet when Carly walks into the room.moreless
  • Ep. #11802
    Ep. #11802
    Episode 27
    Patrick tells Jax that he can threaten with as many lawsuits as he can, Sonny arrives and Jax says that Michael has to be operated on right away. Nikolas tells Rebecca that the massage is great, she says there's another thing that he needs. Spinelli apologizes to Lulu for accusing her of working with Maxie to on false intentions. Luke and Ethan get the results of the DNA test and that he isn't his son and aren't related at all, Luke says that Ethan can stay and work for him and tells Tracy he thinks that Ethan isn't scamming anyone. Rebecca tries walking on Nikolas's back but ends up falling backwards and spilling paint on him, they then continue with their painting of the room. Carly tells Jason that she has no idea what to do. Spinelli tries to help Maxie at work but needs concentration. Ethan tells Lulu that Luke had a setback and he and Lucky got into it earlier. Claudia comes to the hospital and Sonny thinks there's something wrong with the baby. Kate walks in and asks Maxie why she's letting Spinelli use the company computer, Spinelli says he's setting up firewalls, Kate says that he has 24 hours to fix the problem or her and Lulu are fired. Carly tells Sonny she wants Patrick to perform the surgery on Michael today, Sonny then asks to spend some time alone with her and his son. Matt tells Patrick that he's going to jeopardize his career by operating on Michael. Lulu condones Ethan by having her father's back and probably isn't a deadbeat after all. Spinelli tells Maxie that he may have found the problem and may save hers and Lulu's jobs. Elizabeth comes and says that it's time for Michael to go into surgery. Rebecca and Nikolas look at how great the room looks, and they share a kiss. Luke asks Lulu to be more polite to Ethan especially when Tracy is around.moreless
  • Ep. #11801
    Ep. #11801
    Episode 26
    Rebecca asks Nikolas for his help in painting her room above Kelly's. Jason goes into see Michael to see how he's doing and Patrick says that the numbers are deteriorating and should be operated on and soon. Maxie comes wanting Spinelli's assistance but he's hesitant in believing anything she has to say. Luke tells Lucky that it's possible that Ethan could be his son, Lucky is then irate at the thought of telling Lulu about this. Jax comes home and says so and Carly will be today as well, Jason says that Patrick thinks Dr. Hensen should perform the surgery in the next few hours. Elizabeth thanks Patrick for that advice last night and looks like her and Lucky are going to be together again. Lucky tells Luke that if he loves Lulu then he would keep those DNA results to himself. Nikolas arrives to get started right away and helping Rebecca move the furniture in the middle of the room. Spinelli accuses Maxie of bringing Lulu into her deception, but Lulu assures him that it's real. Dr. Hensen is angry at Patrick for going behind her back like that and insists they should wait til she returns. Jax tells Jason that the surgery won't happen today cause Patrick is no longer on the case. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he had a fight with his father, and wants to focus on Jake's party. Luke wants to know the truth so he, Tracy and Ethan head to the hospital to see if the results are in. Carly tells Jason that she was given a list of dietary needs that can lower her chances by 25 percent. Nikolas pulls a muscle and Rebecca tells him to lay down and take his clothes off. Luke asks Epiphany if the results are in, she is then shocked as she looks at the results. Jason tells Carly to be strong and Dr. Hensen was called away and Patrick thinks Michael won't wait and will never wake up.moreless
  • Ep. #11800
    Ep. #11800
    Episode 25
    Rebecca and Nikolas intimacy intensifies. Sonny tells Olivia that he still hasn't met her son Dante. Claudia sees as Ric walks into the room and says she thinks she's losing the baby. Ethan secretly goes into the cash box but instead finds it empty, Luke then catches him and Ethan says that they should destroy the DNA results before even reading them, Luke says to give him a reason to. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she's glad that he's here with her and how can they get it right this time. Rebecca admits to Nikolas that she's wanted this for a while and after tonight who will she be herself or Emily, and suggests that they both sober up and if he's still interested then he knows where to find her. Luke tells Ethan that even if the DNA comes back and he is his son nothing's going to change, Tracy then comes to the Haunted Star and asks Ethan if he's still conning Luke. Sonny tells Olivia that he already feels trapped with Claudia being pregnant and all. Claudia allows Ric to help her get to the hospital, she tells Kelly to get Ric out of here at once. Rebecca comes back and says the guy on the launch can't take her back to the pier cause the storm is bad and asks Nikolas if she can stay in one of the guest rooms, Rebecca comes down wearing one of Emily's nightgowns. Sonny explains to Olivia that if Claudia is in fact guilty then she'll have to deal with dire consequences. Epiphany gets ahold of Sonny and says that Claudia was admitted to the hospital. Luke tells Ethan his life story when he grew up in a brothel down in Florida ran by his Aunt Ruby. Tracy tries to get Epiphany to give her the results with no luck and says that only Luke or Ethan can do that. Sonny asks Kelly if Claudia is losing the baby, Kelly says that the baby is fine as Ric overhears from the door. Luke tells Ethan that he'd like to teach him what he knows cause he has a rare talent. Elizabeth and Lucky decide to give it another try. Nikolas has a flash back to the Bacchanalia and trying to revive Emily, Rebecca asks him if he had a nightmare.moreless
  • Ep. #11799
    Ep. #11799
    Episode 24
    Nikolas apologizes to Rebecca and Lucky and says he shouldn't have walked in like that. Claudia tells Sonny that Jax wants him to focus on their baby instead of Carly's. Sam tells Jason she's grateful that he was there at the right time and that her assignment was pretty much a bust. Patrick goes to Elizabeth and asks her to watch Emma since he and Matt both have surgeries. Rebecca admits to Lucky that she only did what she did to make Nikolas mad, and says to Lucky that he's a nice guy but she's just not interested. Johnny saves Maxie when she gets attacked, Spinelli then arrives and learns that Maxie's assailant was subdued by him and he apologizes to her when he thought she was lying. Lucky comes by and Elizabeth is surprised to see him. Spinelli meets Dale and says that Maxie hired him to stalk her and immediately feels foolish for rushing over for no reason. Olivia comes to Sonny's as to his request and says that he doesn't want his sons to lose Carly if she carries her pregnancy and she wants to tell me where she is. Spinelli comes to Maxie's place demanding the truth of whether or not she set up the whole "stalker" thing. Jason tells Sam how can he tell Sonny that he's convinced that Claudia had her part in Michael's shooting. Rebecca comes to Wyndemere, Nikolas that he's drunk and angry and shouldn't be here right now, but she says not til he hears what she has to say. Maxie admits her misdeeds to Spinelli and says she'll do what it takes to get her back in her life, but he says he's not going to stand around waiting for her next manipulation and leaves. Lucky tells Elizabeth that the reason he didn't sleep with Rebecca is cause he still loves her. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she and Lucky didn't have sex, cause he wants Elizabeth. Sonny goes to return Olivia's phone and tells Claudia to do whatever she wants and will be back, she then calls and tells Fredo to leave the country and she starts having massive cramps.moreless
  • Ep. #11798
    Ep. #11798
    Episode 23
    Sam tells Spinelli that they have their first client, he then informs her that Maxie also requested their services. Coleman tells Nikolas and Elizabeth that Rebecca and Lucky seen them kiss and that's why they split. Matt asks Patrick how Emma is, Patrick thanks him for moving in and lending him a hand. Ric sees that Claudia is talking to Kelly about wanting an amniocentices to determine paternity of her child, Claudia tells Ric he's not going to stake claim on her baby. Maxie then makes a promise to Dale to pretend to "stalk" her and she'll put in a good word with him to Kate. Sonny asks Jax to talk with Carly about the dangerous risk she's in cause she's carrying the baby, and Jason will find Jerry cause there's still questions that have to be answered regarding Michael's shooting. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he'll go and talk with Lucky that it was his fault, Elizabeth admits that she liked the kiss more then he did. Claudia tells Johnny that Ric is a problem and asks her brother to kill him. Rebecca and Lucky go and get comfortable in her room and engage in a passionate kiss. Coleman sees and overhears there plan to lift some wallets. Jax makes a proposition to Claudia. Matt tells Patrick that there's a six percent chance the procedure will fail. Maxie encounters someone on the pier and thinks Dale sent him and doesn't realize that he really wants to rob her. Nikolas catches Lucky and Rebecca in an intimate moment.moreless
  • Ep. #11797
    Ep. #11797
    Episode 22
    Maxie goes to Jason attempting one more time to try to get him to get Spinelli to forgive her and if so then he'll get her off his back, Jason says that she really hurt Spinelli. Jax tells Patrick that he wants him back on Michael's case. Lucky tells Nikolas that he's not fooling anyone with that kiss he planted on Elizabeth and knows that it was to get to Rebecca and him. Ethan tells Luke that if him and Holly are his parents then that means that he abandoned him, and since Lucky didn't turn into the son he always wanted. Lulu goes to see Spinelli at the P.I. office and says that she and Johnny broke up cause of their own problems and should consider taking Maxie back. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that the "kiss" was a brilliant move and then what do they do next. Rebecca makes a mysterious phone call and says that she's doing her best, Lucky then comes and ready to take her out on that boat. Nikolas takes Elizabeth to Jake's and that his plan to make Rebecca jealous completely backfired. Patrick tells Jax that it's not his call to have him back on and only Michael's parents can authorize that. Jason says to Spinelli that he told him before he's not going to need to carry and concealed and weapon and is good enough to do his job without one. Tracy arrives and says that Ethan better be sincere and if he doesn't want to know that Luke is his father then to get on that plane. Jax goes to Jason and asks for Carly's sake not to go after Jerry. Luke offers Ethan a compromise that he takes the DNA test and is his son, and if he wants to leave he'll buy the ticket himself. Spinelli returns to the office and sees Maxie waiting for him, she says that she's being stalked by someone who seen her at one of those publicity appearances. Winnifred tells Spinelli that it's pretty convenient that Maxie is being stalked just shortly after he washed his hands of her. Luke and Ethan go to the hospital and ask Epiphany that they would take a test, Tracy says they want to see if they're father and son, Epiphany then has a good laugh. Jax tells Jason that once Carly is okay then he can track Jerry down and do whatever he does.moreless
  • Ep. #11796
    Ep. #11796
    Episode 21
    Jax tells Olivia that he got Carly settled at a place in South Carolina a facility researches with high risk pregnancies. Luke tells Tracy that he told Ethan that it's possible he could be his father, and he told him to go to hell and left. Jax and Sonny come to blows over Carly after asking him to let her terminate the pregnancy. Matt offers to move in with Patrick and take care of Emma while Robin is getting treatment. Rebecca tells Lucky that what if he's doing this to make his ex-wife jealous. Ethan stops by Crimson and says that he's going to fly back to Sydney. Tracy tells Luke that if Ethan refuses to acknowledge that he could be his son then to just let him go cause it might be a scam. Johnny approaches Claudia that he got a call from Fredo about the bomb that he had put on Jerry's car and ended up injuring him and Jason. Patrick and Matt encounter some problems and is glad when Elizabeth comes by to help them. Maxie is puzzled at why Lulu would save her after making a big mistake, Johnny then stops by as to Maxie's request and Lulu sees from the distance. Lucky tells Luke that whatever he did to get rid of Ethan worked cause he saw him on the pier and is heading back to Australia. Kate wants Johnny to get fitted for another appearance with Maxie. Nikolas sees Rebecca on the pier and says that Lucky is taking her to the beach after her shift. Jax tells Sonny to get out of his hotel and never come back again. Rebecca tells Elizabeth that if she doesn't like dating Lucky then to get over it. Luke goes to the airport and asks Ethan what he thinks the DNA test will reveal. Lucky comes to take Rebecca, Nikolas then kisses Elizabeth in front of them.moreless
  • Ep. #11795
    Ep. #11795
    Episode 20
    Sonny learns that Carly has a blood clotting disorder and that carrying the baby could kill her, Sonny says that it isn't safe for to be pregnant. Luke tells Tracy that he's going to tell Ethan straight out if he's in fact his son, Ethan comes back and says that Edward donated the scotch to the Haunted Star. Jason tells Claudia that someone tried to kill Jerry but he never said that it was her, Claudia then starts to feel some sharp pains. Dr. Brown has all of Robin's loved ones explain how her behaviour hasn't been alright as of late. Luke tells Ethan to take out his wallet and show him the picture of him and Robert, Ethan says that Holly gave it to him. Robin lays into everyone and tells them to get out and doesn't want anyone of them there, Maxie tearfully leaves and says to Robin needs help, Mac then tells Robin that she needs treatment right away. Kelly explains to Robin that they miss their powerwalks and their time during the Night Shift. Max and Milo arrive to look after Carly as per Sonny's request but Jax says they aren't needed. Maxie goes to Johnny after her fight with Robin, she then sees that Spinelli is with him, Lulu then arrives but she's there to give Johnny his CD's back. Sonny wants Jason to try and talk some sense into Carly about terminating her pregnancy. Dr. Brown insists on Robin being an in hospital patient to treat her post partum depression, Robin and Patrick say their goodbyes. Jason tells Diane that he thinks that Claudia is responsible for Michael getting shot. Luke tells Ethan that the only way to find out is by having a DNA test done, and he thinks it's possible when Ethan refuses.moreless
  • Ep. #11794
    Ep. #11794
    Episode 19
    Patrick lays into Robin for not putting the brake on Emma's stroller. Monica looks after Carly who collapsed on the floor and thinks that Kelly should be notified. Olivia walks in on Claudia about to slap Ric across the face. Maxie learns that Jason was brought in to the E.R. and encourages him to wake up, she's then shaken when he grabs her arm and wakes up. Dr. Hensen tells Sonny that with this operation Michael could have an ever more setback, Sonny then sits by Michael's bedside. Nikolas talks to Elizabeth about Lucky and Rebecca going out, she says that she and Lucky agreed to see other people, she wants Nikolas to admit that he's drawn to Rebecca cause she looks like Emily. Kelly tells Carly that it would be wise for her not to continue with this pregnancy. Olivia tells Claudia how Sonny's gonna feel when he finds out that her baby isn't even his. Mac hurries after hearing what happened to Emma, Robin continues to apologizes. Jason is angry to learn that Jerry up and walked out of the hospital, and goes to see Carly. Spinelli comes to the hospital after hearing about Jason and Maxie is glad that he calls her Maximista. Kelly tells Patrick that Robin stopped taking her antidepressants. Jax overhears Carly and Jason talking about her bloodclotting and the result could be in her death. Mac tells Robin that what happened was an accident and is not going to let anything happen to his niece. Spinelli tells Maxie that they can't go back to things were, cause it's based on a fantasy. Jax approaches Carly and says that he knows and says he wants this child more then anything but not if it means losing her. Patrick tells Kelly that he's going to need her assistance in helping Robin. Claudia calls one of her associates for the bad job they did on the explosion and hopes that she can't be linked to it. Jason goes to Claudia for answers cause Jerry wouldn't rig his own car to explode. Nikolas watches Rebecca and Lucky kiss after coming home from the concert.moreless
  • Ep. #11793
    Ep. #11793
    Episode 18
    Carly refuses to think about terminating the pregnancy. Alexis finds Jerry and Jason at the garage after the explosion. Kelly tells Carly that she does have that ZBT and could have a stroke or even death and asks her to come into the hospital so they can figure something out and keeps it from Jax. Mike tells Nikolas that even thought that Rebecca looks like Emily she's her own person completely different. Robin insists on picking up Emma and leaving Patrick to get to work at the hospital. Sonny tells Ric that if he's innocent then to prove it. Alexis calls and tells Jax to come to the hospital cause his brother Jerry was involved in an accident. Rebecca won't accept Nikolas's apology about assuming that she and Helena are working together when he approaches her at Kelly's and winds up keeping her date with Lucky. Ric tells Sonny to watch his back when it comes to Claudia. Robin goes to get Emma and thinks to herself that she can do this. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Alexis accused Rebecca of being Helena's pawn, Elizabeth asks him if he believes Rebecca. Matt treats both Jason and Jerry when they're brought in to the hospital. Kelly tells Carly that her only safety is to terminate the pregnancy cause she could develop a bloodclot that cause a stroke or an aneurysm. Monica tells Patrick that she insists on being here for her son since he's been brought in many times. Jax sees that Jerry is missing. Kelly tells Carly that she should avoid emotional stress. Epiphany tells Carly that Jason was brought into the E.R., and she immediately goes to see him. Dr. Hensen explains to Sonny the procedure that Michael is going to have, and Sonny asks what the chances are that he'll wake up. Kelly tells Robin that she shouldn't be off her antidepressants, and she offers her help but Robin refuses and Emma's stroller starts to fall down the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #11792
    Ep. #11792
    Episode 17
    Carly takes the phone after Kelly tells Jax that the baby is fine, Kelly then suggest that she comes in the hospital. Spinelli tells Jason that Jerry withdrew money about two hours ago, Sonny then wants Jason to find him right now so he'll know if Claudia or Ric was responsible. Patrick catches Robin in a lie and tells her that he knows cause he ran into Dr. Brown and that she avoided her therapy. Jerry tells Alexis that she's still a sight, Alexis says that he has a lot of nerve coming back to town. Sonny tells Jason that Claudia is pregnant, Jason says that it could be a way to save her own neck. Luke asks Tracy why she's so negative about Ethan cause at least he's honest about being a swindler, and why he could be his son and could be the result of Holly Sutton and Ethan being in on it together. Claudia quickly leaves the house after Alexis and Jerry do. Patrick and Robin go to Dr. Brown's office and attend they're first therapy session together. Sam offers her help but Jason insists on handling Jerry by himself, Sam has a theory of him blaming Claudia could be a lie, Jason then says that Claudia is pregnant. Claudia orders Fredo to wire a car to explode and to make sure that no one survives, Ric overhears and tells Claudia that was pretty ominus. Dr. Brown asks Patrick if he ever thought of washing his hands of Robin and taking off with Emma. Sonny explains Claudia's pregnancy to Carly. Jax tells Alexis that Carly is never to find out about Jerry's part and hopes that he'll leave and not return. Ric commends Claudia on getting heself an insurance policy by getting herself pregnant. Luke tells Tracy the more he thinks about it the more he likes the idea that Ethan could be his son. Spinelli calls Jason and says that Jerry's car is parked in the 10 Street garage. Carly gets bad news from Kelly. Jason tells Jerry they're gonna go for a ride and takes the keys and presses the button and the car blows up.moreless
  • Ep. #11791
    Ep. #11791
    Episode 16
    Carly keeps the seriousness of her pregnancy complications to herself and doesn't tell Jax. Maxie goes to Jason to try to get Spinelli to forgive her, but he says he won't manipulate him that way. Patrick is unaware that Robin threw out her antidepressants and stopped seeing Dr. Brown. Luke plays a game of Q&A with Ethan and asks him who is biological parents are, he then says that the adoption records are sealed and doesn't know who they are, Tracy arrives and asks why they should believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Spinelli comes to Lulu to try to get business for his and Sam's P.I business, and after learning that Maxie isn't here, he opens up and reveals that he misses Maxie. Robin goes to Dr. Brown office but turns around and walks away. Ethan reveals that he came into Port Charles cause Luke is here. Carly tells Kelly that she took a pregnancy test and it said that she was pregnant and will do whatever it takes to have the baby. Tracy asks Luke if he believes what Ethan said about his foster parents. Jason tells Jax that he knows that Jerry is responsible for Michael getting shot and how he got a DVD revealing his part in it, Jason wants to know where he can find Jerry. Alexis sees Robin all alone on the pier and asks if she could join her and she explains what she went through when she gave birth to Molly. Tracy asks Luke if he believes that Ethan is his son, cause it's either him or Robert Scorpio. Dr. Brown tells Patrick that Robin didn't make her therapy session. Jason tells Jax that Michael was his stepson and that he doesn't deserve justice. Patrick comes home and hears from Robin that her session with Dr. Brown really helped her, and immediately knows that he's lying. Jax gets a call from Kelly and that she has the results and he asks if anything is wrong with the baby. Spinelli gets a lead on Jerry's whereabouts and that he's here in town. Alexis comes face-to-face with Jerry while she goes to Sonny's.moreless
  • Ep. #11790
    Ep. #11790
    Episode 15
    Jax is happy to learn of Carly's pregnancy, Carly says that after her miscarriage she didn't want to get his hopes up. Rebecca explains that the scar on her forehead is from an accident she had when she was little. Sonny takes the phone and says to the "doctor" that Claudia won't make any decisions without him. Patrick and Robin manage to get through with operating on a man with a cranial problem without arguing with each other. Rebecca is then irate that Nikolas says that he wants to believe her, Rebecca says that she is done with all the accusations. Helena comes to the Haunted Star and meet Ethan, Luke then walks in on Ethan trying to rob her and has a knife to her throat. Nikolas tells Alexis that if Rebecca is innocent then he'll regret what he just did. Luke tells Helena not to kill Ethan, Helena the sees a resemblance between then and how they act with each other. Sonny tells Olivia while on the pier that Claudia is pregnant, and that he doesn't want another child. Claudia tells Johnny she fears for her life if Sonny were to find out about her part in Michael's shooting. Patrick and Robin return home with their takeout and spend some time with Emma. Helena tells Luke that it's possible that Ethan could be his son, Luke says that it's completely ridiculous, Luke then begins to wonder if what Helena says could be true. Alexis is told by Jax that Carly is pregnant. Sonny tells Claudia that he doesn't want her to have an abortion and they're gonna have it. Helena takes a knife to the painting, which contains a birth certificate. Lucky helps Rebecca find her lost pair of sunglasses on the pier, Nikolas spots them and then looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #11789
    Ep. #11789
    Episode 14
    Nikolas sees Rebecca and Helena having a private conversation, until Rebecca gets "agressive" and Helena knows that Nikolas is listening. Epiphany is so irate that she can't figure out this new software at the newly renovated General Hospital. Jason tells Carly that she is indeed pregnant, Carly's then worried that if she carries it to term that it'll kill her. The janitor empties the trash which contains Robin's antidepressants that she threw away. Patrick tells Robin that he spoke to Coleman for a while, and says that he wants her to be open with him from now on. Matt tells Elizabeth that there's no way that Patrick and Robin can operate on a head trauma patient. Jax confronts Jerry about his role in Michael's shooting and says that he protected him after the Metro Court hostage crisis. Rebecca says that she was on her way to work when his grandmother stopped him, Nikolas then asks Rebecca why she would give Helena the time of day. Jason tells Carly to take the tests to make sure if she can or cannot have this baby. Sonny asks Luke to help track down Jerry Jacks and wants to know if he was working with Ric or Claudia. Claudia tells Johnny that she's pregnant. Alexis is certain that Rebecca and Helena are in cahoots after walking in on Nikolas and her kissing. Robin and Patrick agree to work together while operating on Mr. Flynn's hematoma, but a problem endures. Carly tells Jason that she'll tell him that she's pregnant if she knows that it's safe. Alexis brushes back Rebecca's hair and tells Nikolas that scar was from plastic surgery. Jax comes home and finds the pregnancy test and asks if it's true if they're having a baby. Sonny walks in on Claudia on the phone talking about having an "abortion".moreless
  • Ep. #11788
    Ep. #11788
    Episode 13
    Carly tells Jax that she sprained her ankle last night but doesn't tell him that she could be pregnant. Jerry quietly stakes out in a limo doing some little surveillance. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he wishes that he'd confronted Robin while she was embracing Brad. Robin stops taking her antidepressants against her doctor's orders. Olivia tells Carly what she's waiting for but to go ahead and take the pregnancy test. Robin returns to Dr. Brown's office for another therapy session. Sonny tells Claudia that the more he sees it Ric's story is starting to make sense about her being involved and if she is in fact responsible he tells Claudia that she'll have to pay. Maxie comes home and sees that Lulu divided the apartment and she says that she should stay on her side. Robin opens up to Dr. Brown that she and Patrick had a bit of spectacle at work yesterday, and she should've told him about Brad a while ago. Spinelli shows up and Maxie is sad that he didn't call her Maximista, and says he'll leave if she doesn't have an emergency. Patrick warns Matt to stay away from his patients. Claudia tells Johnny that Jerry is alive and has the one remaining DVD. Spinelli tells Maxie the next time she has computer problems to go to Crimson tech support and that he's unavailable. Dr. Brown says that if she goes off the medication she's going to crash literally. Patrick goes to Jake's and says that he's not ready to give up on Robin. Jax walks in and sees Jerry at Michael's bedside talking to him. Robin tells Elizabeth that she wants them to be friends again, Robin then takes the pill bottle and throws it in the trash. Carly asks Jason to read that test and to tell him if she's pregnant or not.moreless
  • Ep. #11787
    Ep. #11787
    Episode 12
    Claudia tells Johnny that her being pregnant with Sonny's baby is the only solution. Sonny overhears Johnny and asks why he thinks Claudia needs protection. Robin slaps Patrick after telling her that he saw her and that Brad guy kissing. Jerry tells Ric that he shouldn't have played his game when it was intended for Claudia only. Helena is amazed and says that the only way that she could look like Emily if she was designed that way. Carly explains to Jason that Jax is the only possible father of her baby, if she's indeed pregnant. Alexis tells Helena that for once she agrees with her. Robin tells Patrick that she only went and had a drink and went to the movies with Brad and didn't have sex. Spinelli tells Jason he has proof that Jerry is alive cause he's the one siphoning money from Devlin's account. Jerry warns Ric that he'd better not betray him or else. Helena tells Nikolas that he has something of hers locked in a bank, and Nikolas realizes that it's a painting. Jason tells Sam that Jerry is still alive. Sonny wants to know what angle that Claudia is working this time. Johnny goes to Ric and tells him not to point the finger at his sister anymore and that he stays alive and Claudia stays safe. Robin tells Patrick said that what Carly said is true and she destroys everything and hates what this has done to them. Helena tells Nikolas that until she gets her property his life will be miserable. Alexis accuses Rebecca of being Helena's plant. Claudia is shocked when she sees Jerry alive and on the pier, and he says that he found all the DVD's and they were destroyed all but one. Sonny tells Jason to find Jerry and get the truth out him anyway he can. Carly starts to walk up the stairs and feels dizzy and falls.moreless
  • Ep. #11786
    Ep. #11786
    Episode 11
    Alexis thinks that Rebecca can answer why Helena's back in town, and tells Nikolas that maybe she's already seen her. Monica and Edward insist that they take Rebecca to the Quartermaine mansion for her protection. Ric threatens to call the police, Johnny says that he doesn't have the DVD cause it wasn't in the safe. Jason tells Claudia that he's here to talk with her. Olivia tells Carly that she can't fool around with her health and could die altogether. Lucky goes to warn Luke that Helena's back. Claire tells Ric that she doesn't know who took it from the safe, Ric wants a list of people that was in this office cause his life depends on it. Tracy talks with Luke concerning Ethan, and how he just happened to show up in this town, Ethan intervenes, and Tracy asks him who sent him and why he's here. Ric fills in Claire that the DVD contains Jerry Jacks confessing that Claudia had her part in Michael's shooting. Claudia tries to convince Jason that she is innocent, Jason says that she's not doing a good job and if she is responsible he'll make her pay. Diane asks Carly if she's in fact ill after seeing one of her dizzy spells. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Robin feels guilty about cheating on him with that guy in Rochester. Tracy asks Ethan how he knows Holly Sutton. Matt tells Robin that she's starting not to behave like herself and should continue with her medication. Alexis tells Nikolas that it can't be a coincidence that someone that looks like Emily arrives in Port Charles and Helena possibly planting her here. Luke fills Ethan on who Helena is and their so called relationship. Johnny tells Claudia that someone apparently came to Claire's office and took it cause Ric doesn't have it. Jerry tells Ric that he's here to stop him. Patrick tells Robin in front of everyone at the hospital that she went and slept with some guy. Helena shows up and is introduced to Rebecca at Wyndemere.moreless
  • Ep. #11785
    Ep. #11785
    Episode 10
    Patrick and Monica are delighted at how the newly renovated General Hospital looks like, Epiphany then lays into two interns for arriving late thinking nothing has changed. Bobbie sees Carly in one of her dizzy spells and asks if everything is alright. Claudia tells Johnny that Ric could've left a copy of the DVD with Claire Lundquist and asks him to break into her office, Sonny interrupts and Claudia says that she "almost" told Johnny about what Ric accused her of. Alexis is delighted of the re-opening of the hospital. Lucky comes by and sees that Luke is suffering from a hang over and thinks he should be there for Lulu by stepping up, Ethan says that he would be proud to have Luke as a father. Nikolas sees Rebecca on the pier and says that he came on the early launch. Carly tells Olivia that Kelly told her that if she carried a baby to term it could kill her. Tracy asks Lulu what she found on Ethan, and why he's really in town. Robin sees Elizabeth and Patrick together and she says that she's still able to practice medicine. Alexis applauds Nikolas at the renovation and thinks that he's spending too much time with Rebecca. Robin tells Kelly she did what she asked and went to spend some time with Patrick and Emma and found them with Elizabeth and her sons. Ric tackles Claudia on the pier and asks how she erased that DVD. Edward thinks that Tracy has enough evidence that Ethan is Luke's son and wants her to tell Luke right now. Sonny asks Carly who she would believe either Ric over Claudia. Nikolas and Monica cut the ribbon and the lights go out and the alarms starts to ring. Carly is upset over what to do about her pregnancy dilemma, by taking a pregnancy test that Olivia got for her. Ric catches Johnny in Claire's office and he says the DVD is gone. Helena appears on the computer screen and stuns Nikolas when she says that until she meets her demans no deed of his will go unpunished.moreless
  • Ep. #11784
    Ep. #11784
    Episode 9
    Ethan lashes at Lulu at how he found where he was living. Nikolas is glad when Rebecca tells him that her results show that she's cancer free, and insists taking her out to celebrate. Sonny doesn't believe Ric's claim that his wife Claudia had anything to do with Michael's shooting, Ric then provides proof. Spinelli attacks Johnny on the pier at the thought of treating Lulu like another fling, and continues his rant at Maxie. Kelly tells Carly that from what she read she doesn't think she should have another pregnancy. Jason thinks that Ric is covering for Claudia cause he's about to be blown out of the water. Lulu tells Ethan that she thinks that there's more to him being in Port Charles, cause he could've conned many other people somewhere else. Rebecca gets a call and goes to take it in the back room and Nikolas hears part of the conversation. Spinelli tells Maxie that he thinks that she's a good person and didn't mean to hurt anyone and has feelings for Johnny. Kelly tells Carly that if she's indeed pregnant, the medication to treat her blood clots isn't good for the fetus. Ric accuses Claudia of Michael's murder when the evidence is destroyed. Spinelli warns Johnny to treat Maxie good or he'll come after him. Rebecca explains that she was talking with some ungrateful friend from back home in Seattle. Lulu tells Maxie to pack up her things and get out of the apartment right now. Sonny says that he's going to look into it and if either of them run then he'll have his answer. Ric tells Jason that Claudia is the person responsible and he's too blind to see it. Sonny tells Claudia that if Ric is telling the truth then there won't be a place she can hide from him. Helena enters the renovated nurses station at General Hospital and starts working on her plan.moreless
  • Ep. #11783
    Ep. #11783
    Episode 8
    Claudia continues to hear as Jason tells Sonny that someone has been withdrawing money from Ian Devlin's account. Nikolas apologizes to Rebecca for spotaneously kissing her, Rebecca says that she didn't tell him to stop. Johnny admits to Lulu that he and Maxie almost made love during the snowstorm. Tracy tells Spinelli that she wants answers on Ethan's paternity, Ethan arrives and says that she should ask him herself. Lucky accuses Nikolas of exploiting Rebecca, Rebecca says that it isn't the case. Lulu lashes out at Maxie for kissing her boyfriend and calls her a slut. Claudia interrupts Sonny's meeting with Jason and says that she'll go upstairs, Jason says that the numbered account that Spinelli is trying to trace belongs to Ric. Carly has a dizzy spell, leading Olivia to believe she could be pregnant, Carly says that it's next to impossible for her to ever get pregnant again, and doesn't want to give her hopes up that she could be, Carly then makes an appointment with Dr. Lee. Sonny calls Ric and asks to see him, Ric says that he has something to tell him to, and has the DVD in his hands. Tracy tells Lulu that she's glad that she threw Johnny and needs her help in getting the goods on Ethan and what he's up to. Ric arrives at Sonny's and Jason then starts on how he was at the warehouse to get rid of any evidence. Rebecca gets the results from her biopsy. Spinelli is devastated when he sees Maxie and Johnny kiss. Lulu goes to Etha's room for a rematch, Ethan then lays into her on how she found him. Ric tells Sonny that his wife Claudia is responsible for Michael's shooting.moreless
  • Ep. #11782
    Ep. #11782
    Episode 7
    Lulu tries to get through to Nikolas in not focusing all this attention on Rebecca. Sam tells Jason that her application for a license was denied cause of lack of experience. Sonny doesn't believe when Claudia says that she's doing yoga. Spinelli comes downstairs and says that Bernie is the person that they need and did his research and found out that he was once a P.I. Maxie thinks that Matt and her on their gallery opening was a total disaster, but Kate says that it was very successful and thinks they should go out again. Jason convinces Bernie to lend his name to Sam and Spinelli's private eye business. Tracy tells Rebecca what she thinks of her and Nikolas says to apologize to her, Tracy asks Nikolas why Rebecca is still in town. Johnny tells Claudia that they have to get enough evidence against Ric to keep him from showing that DVD to Sonny. Matt says to Kate that his work won't be a problem if he goes on a real date with Maxie, but then makes her look foolish and Maxie vows revenge. Ric comes by and tells Sonny that he has information about Michael's shooting. Claudia tells Johnny that he'll have to distract Ric just in time so that Sonny can get her pregnant, Johnny wants no part in Claudia's plan. Jason tells Sonny that Bernie found some new information that Ian Devlin didn't work alone, as Claudia overhears and gets really nervous.moreless
  • Ep. #11781
    Ep. #11781
    Episode 6
    Rebecca tells Nikolas that Monica asked to speak with her about her cancer. Jax grabs the phone before Jerry can tell Carly his hand in Michael's shooting, Jax tells Jerry not to contact them again. Claudia sees Olivia and Sonny and immediately assumes the worst, Sonny says that they're only straightening a picture that was crooked. Edward and Tracy continue their talk about Ethan possibly being Luke's son, Ethan then walks in with Lulu, Tracy says that she forbids her dating Ethan. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he saw Robin being consoled by Jason on the pier and thinks she's sleeping with Jason now. Edward brings up the theory that Ethan knows that Luke is his father and is out for revenge. Monica tells Rebecca that she had Alan to lean on for support when she had her mammogram. Patrick tells Robin to be a bit more civil to Elizabeth for all that she's done for her. Kelly tells Claudia that she can find out that she's pregnant about ten days after consemption. Edward is delighted to see Rebecca at the house and wonders when she'll be staying with them instead of taht room about Kelly's, Nikolas saves her and says they're going riding this afternoon. Carly collapses in Sonny's arms after feeling dizzy, and Sonny says for her to take care of herself. Claudia clashes with Olivia and says she knows that she can't stand that she married Sonny instead of her. Kelly finds Robin in the park and tries to get her to come to her yoga class and tells her to take the medication and to figure out what she can do. Tracy tells Lulu that she maybe and Ethan may have an agenda. Robin comes to get Emma and bring her to the park and learns that Patrick already did. Elizabeth arrives with Jake and Cameron which delights Patrick very much.moreless
  • Ep. #11780
    Ep. #11780
    Episode 5
    Carly and Jax talk with Dr. Hansen about the procedure for Michael, she says that he's rapidly deterioriating. Robin feels ambushed when Patrick brings Dr. Brown to her hospital room. Tracy comes to the Haunted Star, and looks in Ethan's wallet and sees a old picture of Luke and Robert. Matt comes by Crimson looking for Lulu to finish what they talked about earlier. Jason tells Maxie that he's not the right person to talk to Robin about her going to therapy. Tracy asks Ethan how much is it gonna take to get him out of town, Ethan says that he's not for sale at the moment, Lucky shows up and threatens to take him downtown if he doesn't have his work visa. Patrick tells Elizabeth that the Robin avoiding her therapy is either of her condition or she probably doesn't want to go. Kate tells Maxie that she wants her and Johnny to go to a gallery opening in Soho, Lulu suggests that Maxie takes Matt instead. Carly sits by Michael's bedside and wonders if he should have the surgery and risk his own life. Jason tells Robin that he's here for her if she wants it. Jax tells Olivia that he can't imagine that his own brother Jerry being responsible for what happened to Michael. Maxie makes a suggestion that she take Ethan, but Lulu says that Ethan is here to take her out on their first date. Olivia asks Jax if his mother knows that Jerry is still alive. Kate agrees for Maxie to take Matt against her better judgement. Edward comes as to Tracy's request and discusses she may think that Luke has an illegitimate son and Ethan could be her stepson. Carly intercepts Jerry's phone call to Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #11779
    Ep. #11779
    Episode 4
    Nikolas listens as he continues to hear Rebecca talking while sedated. Jason tells Carly that Ian Devlin says there was more involved. Maxie comes all the way to the hospital thinking there was some sort of emergency, but is disappointed when it was Matt who's still complaining that she turned him down. Patrick sees Robin in the freezing water, he jumps in and brings her out and is able to revive her and she asks where Emma was. Sonny tells Claudia that him being with her helped him a bit. Epiphany explains to procedure of a core biopsy to Nikolas, he then asks if the patient can say anything while the person is out of it. Jason tells Carly while someone is shown lingering in the background that he doesn't like the idea of someone that hurt Michael walking around free. Robin is rushed into Mercy hospital, Maxie then slaps Matt at his insinuation that Robin tried to commit suicide. Jason catches Ric sneaking around the warehouse and vows to kill him if he's hiding any information about Michael's shooting. Patrick asks Robin if her falling off the pier was accident or if she did it on purpose. Carly tells Sonny to keep Claudia away from the facility and Michael. Maxie tells Jason that Robin was in the water, Jason says that it's ridiculous that she would try to kill herself. Patrick tells Robin that he spoke with Dr. Brown and filled the prescription for antidepressants, Robin takes a step forward and takes on right away.moreless
  • Ep. #11778
    Ep. #11778
    Episode 3
    Carly tells Claudia that she's not going to let her get to Michael to score points with Sonny. Nikolas tells Rebecca that there's an opening for her biopsy this evening, but she says she's not having it. Patrick tells Jason to tell him what Robin has been telling him, he says she hasn't told him anything. Jason tells Maxie that he needs her help, and wants her to remind him of the night that Ian Devlin died cause he's not sure he acted alone. Rebecca tells Nikolas that it's probably a cyst or even a thyroid and her family doesn't have a history of breast caner. Patrick tells Tricia as she wakes up that she's going to need surgery, but she says no and wants to die and to just let her. Sonny tells Robin to go ahead and take her medication so she can be there for Emma. Robin rips up the prescription and throws the remains on the pier. Jason reminds Maxie that it's been a year today since the shooting. Mike congratulates Sonny on Kristina making the honor, Sonny says he didn't know cause Alexis cancelled the last three visits. Jason recalls what Devlin said that night "There's more". Epiphany sees Nikolas in the waiting room and says that she once had a breast core biopsy. Rebecca insists on going under during the procedure. Claudia decides that she must have a child with Sonny, she then pokes holes in his condoms. Robin sees a girl on the pier named Emma, and says that her mother didn't want her. Carly goes back to the warehouse and the image of Michael getting shot comes back and Jason shows up and comforts her. Patrick comes on the pier but he's unable to find Robin. Rebecca lays unconscious and tells Nikolas, that Nikolas cannot find out.moreless
  • Ep. #11777
    Ep. #11777
    Episode 2
    Patrick, Elizabeth and Epiphany treat a woman who was in a car crash and learns that she had a baby recently and was driving under the influence. Olivia almost tells Sonny about Dante but doesn't. Jason arrives and sees Johnny strangling Ric and doesn't immediately come to his rescue, Jason tells Claudia what that was all about. Jax tells Carly that the procedure could kill Michael. Dr. Brown that it's the second time she says she doesn't want to be a mother. Lulu tells Ethan that he hustled her and Luke says that he will spot her and to fight like a Spencer and get back what's rightfully hers, he then notices that the cash box at the Haunted Star is empty and wants to look in Lulu's bag that she's holding on to. Jason tells Claudia what Ric has on her and if she doesn't tell him then she can explain it to Sonny. Patrick is determined to find out why a woman passed out at the wheel when she wasn't drunk. Robin balks at the idea of taking an antidepressant, Dr. Brown insists that they meet everyday. Claudia tells Sonny that Ric is in fact blackmailing her. Ethan tells Luke why he let Lulu walk out when he knew she stole that money, Luke says that this happened on his watch and Ethan puts the money he hustled from her in the cash box. Patrick asks Jason if he's heard from Robin since she's not back from her session yet. Olivia tells Jax that if he needs to tell Carly, Jax says that he's not. Carly discovers Claudia sitting by Michael's bedside.moreless
  • Ep. #11776
    Ep. #11776
    Episode 1
    Robin apologizes to Elizabeth for lashing at her for constantly bringing up her daughter. Jax explains that he destroyed the DVD cause things should stay buried, Olivia asks Jax that this specialist that he's bringing in , is he doing it for Carly or cause he feels guilty that his brother Jerry is responsible. Claudia comes downstairs cause Ric is watching the DVD at full volume, and is waiting to show Sonny after her little stunt the other day with the sleeping pills. Patrick offers to do her consult while she goes to her therapy session, and to give her a lift, Robin then tells Patrick that he thinks that she's going to flake out and head back to Rochester. Kate overhears Carly and Sonny talking about Michael waking up and asks if it's true. Ethan comes to Crimson as to Lulu's request as a possible escort for Maxie, Maxie is totally against the idea. Maxie tells Kate that she wants Ethan to replace Johnny on the PR dates, but Kate says no, Ethan leaves and Maxie sees that all the petty cash is missing, Lulu immediately assumes that it was Ethan. Luke sees Ethan counting all that money and he asked where he got it, Ethan said that he acquired it somewhere else. Robin is confused and tells Dr. Brown that she doesn't want to be a mother. Lulu confronts Ethan for stealing from Crimson, Ethan then gives Lulu the opportunity to win her money back. Ric walks in on Claudia asking Johnny for help, and realizes that it's possible that her brother was involved in this the whole time. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he has no idea who he's married to anymore. Olivia goes to see Sonny at the pier and after talking with him, she says that he deserves to know.moreless